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For reference: Jersey City v. Hague, 115 Atlantic Reporter 2nd, page 8 (A 2nd ) ***************************************************** Start ***************************************************** {01:21:29.750} [Howard] Somebody sent this to me and its going to back up what Ive been telling you to a great extent. It might help us to get a hold of the Gettysburg Address and reading it. I remember the first lines of it but I dont remember all of it. They were the only ones that were ever really published and made to be important. The rest of it was never thought to be so important. But apparently President Lincoln had a lot to say in that address about this government and what it meant and what it stood for but you might try to remember thatand you can go look this up yourself and prove that Im rightthe United States still exists in theory but it does not exist in practice. It was replaced in 1871 by a new corporation that was created by Congress to replace the old corporation of the United States of America. The new one was called the United States leaving off the of America. It is the shadow government that has been running things ever since 1871 and it is running it under the revised statutes which were issued by Congress but never actually passed into law by Congress in 1871. There was a major change following the so-called Civil War or War Between the States or whatever people want to put on it but in President Lincolns Gettysburg address somebody wrote a summary of basically what he was explaining related to the public trust and he calls this the Declaration of Public Trust of the United States of America which did exist at this time presented as a presidential proclamation on November 19, 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln resolving that this government of the people by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth. Well, that was a nice thought on his part. It appears now to be self-destructing so it will perish from this earth one day soon. {it may be destructing because of a group of revolutionaries that have been destructing governments for hundreds of yearsi.e., were next. English Civil War French RevolutionAmerican Civil WarRussian Revolution (Moses Mordecai Levi Marx, Friedrich Engels, Theodor Herzl, Levi Baruch, Lenin, Stalin, Moses Hess, Trotsky (Leiba Bronstein), etc. WWIWW2UNDe Wittless ClintonsDisaster in the BushesObamanationMexican InvasionWWIII

(distributed war in progress) Triumph of the Masonic/Frankish (Jacob Franknot French)/Reck-a-feller/bankster world government???. isotopes & radionuclides for everybodyshortened life for most.} But anyway, it was not intended that it ever do that providing that it didnt fall into the hands of complete corruption like it has. Anyway, he went on to say: This proclamation is to all nations and to all mankind and for all mankind declaring that there exists on the earth a people self-governed by a grand and noble public trust, which has ever since been known as the Gettysburg Address. That was a proclamation by Abraham Lincoln. It can be found in the writings and proclamations of Abraham Lincoln if you know where to look that up. He went on to say in explaining the address: Every living thing has three powers which make it viable or give it the capacity to live and survive. A resource of energyI dont know how many times we talk about thatand a physical, mental, and spiritual design to make possible an essential use of that energy. A will to fulfill the highest potential of its innate endowment of energy, an exclusive capacity to achieveby producing a beneficial output which is a multiple and/or presuationwhat ever that isof the inputin other words, the result. A trust is merely an idea of a task to be performed or a goal to be achieved (its a legal fiction until people supply its necessary loyalty, will and labor to manifest its principal and the purposes). The T in the word, trust, will always be capitalized to emphasize that the word, trust, is here used as a noun. A declaration of trust is a written statement of agreement or contract that expressly declares the exact way in which people called trustees are to be engaged to manifest (carry out or execute)thats the job of the trustee to carry out or execute the trustand the principles and purpose of the trust and give it its life, locomotion and effect. Once the trustees are chosen and receive their position and assume their duties as officers of the trust to play out their bit parts notice theyre not real important people. They only play out a bit part. These morons today in government think theyre very important. They dont realize that they only have a bit part. Anyway, to play out their bit parts and actors for the trust a record or a log of the activities of the trust is kept which then provides a bibliography or history of the trust called its minutes. Congress and all these courts, everything keeps a record of all the stuff they do and it sort of proves that theyre operating as a trust, doesnt it. It goes on to say, which asserts and bears witness of its legal existence for all people to examine and challenge. The trustees may not use or engage the trust to do anything which will impair or tend to impair the liability of the trust. Oh yeah? It would be wonderful if they understood that, wouldnt it? Every trust is actually modeled after living things. A person who endows the trust with principles and purpose and institutes energy for it is called the grantor or trustor of the trust. That which the grantor endows a trust is called the body or corpus of the trust. Thats the written part that explains what its all about. A person who supplies the will and locomotion to fulfill the highest potential of the innate endowment of principles, purpose and energy of the trust is called a trustee. Hes the one whos supposed to do all the work and maintain everything. It goes on to say: a person who benefits from the production, fruitation, or value, output of the trust is called a beneficiary of the trust. The trustees may not use or engage a trust to act in conflict of the interests with the principals and purpose and/or endowment of the grantor or in conflict with the interests of the beneficiaries. Gee, if we only knew this a hundred years ago when Abraham wrote it maybe the people would have been intelligent from a hundred years ago until today. As it is we have little intelligence. We have education thanks to our wonderful government. ~ (Scorpion) That was a corruption of intelligence created by the government {slave training} called education. Anyway, they go on to say: It is well known and traditionally accepted that every trust consists of 7 elements or stages of construction which imitate the same 7 stages of human experience from

conception to death. This correspondence between human experience and trust structure occurs primarily because a trust is a legal process intended to imitate the person, grantor, who decreed it and to do in life and in perpetuity what he cannot do himself because of his death. Now if you think about the preamble to the Constitution it said, We the People of the United States remember, they didnt say the people of America so it wasnt us that did this. It was some of the American people who created this government and the preamble says, We the People of the United Statesmeaning the corporation called government, United States of America do ordain this Constitution for ourselves and our posterity. There is the perpetuity. It was intended to continue on and not to be ruined. Anyway, the next statement is about the 7 stages of a trust and they are: 1. the gestation corresponding to the principal causes and propositions set forth in the trust 2. the childhood corresponding to the experimenting, testing and the discovery of purpose 3. the adolescence 4. the maturing of purpose by endowment of energy or adulthood corresponding to the responsibility loyalty, and humanization 5. The productivity and fruitation 6. The legacy corresponding to the beneficial output 7. the death of the person corresponding to the perpetuity of the trust. Continuing on, therefore, he says, a trust is an artificial personIve said this for years and a lot of people that have trusts disagree with me. Its the same thing as a corporation, an artificial person, a fiction. Well, heres somebody else putting it together in the same words. They are artificial persons, fictions, therefore a trust is an artificial person animated by bit players in the trustees or actors called trustees according to a script, conceptual endowment of principal purpose and design and financing a) in financial endowment provided by a person or persons called grantors for the benefit of value received by people called the beneficiaries. The United States Public Trust is identically the same as any other kind of a trust. The details of the United States Public Trust are development upon the absolute foundation of the essential ideas and ideals given under the accord of the 7 absolute elements of a universal public trust and the trustee cannot violate them for any reason whatsoever without weakening or destroying the credibility of the public loyalty or hence liability of the United States Public Trust. And its dying, isnt it? People are losing faith in this government because of the disloyalty of the people in government, the corruption of everything around us is definitely disloyalty. Anyway, the detailing of the United States Public Trust hereinafter called simply the Public Trust is done pursuant to the 7 absolute elements and insofar as it is possible in harmony with the necessities set forth in the Declaration of Independence of 1776. The detailing process consists of prescribing specific duties that will be performed by the trustees of the Public Trust and by defining the procedures, policies, agreements, contracts, legal relationships and other activities of the Public Trust. These details will change from time to time but that part which is considered to be fundamentally and essentially invariable is known as the United States Constitution. That is the trust instrument that created the Public Trust, as Ive said before. The variable part of the fundamental structure of the Public Trust is known as the amendments to the United States Constitution because more amendments were allowed in the Constitution to be made than just the first ten amendments. So it was variable. The fundamental content of the Gettysburg Address is timeless and absolute. It can be found in quietly or expressly given in the Magna Charta. And,

boy, Ill tell you what, if you ever read the Magna Charta and read even the first three paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address youll see a similarity between all of them. Anyway, in the Magna Charta, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution the 7 absolute elements of a universal public trust were set forth by President Lincolns Gettysburg Address and he laid it out in that address. And you know what? Theres an interesting little article here that goes on to say that the understanding of this has not been taught to the peopleits been ignored purposely, of course. But even though its been ignored as far as educating the masses and the people over the years the high courts of this country have not lost sight of that purpose of government. The problem in getting something to the high courts, its very expensive. Its very awkward to do because lawyers are adverse to such things because lawyers are involved in the corruption. They generally dont want to take it there. Only under extreme circumstances where some particular people in governmentnot just somebody but some particular people in governmentmay have gone too far with government functions. Will they bring these things up? Most of the cases that I have found have been in the line of extortion. If government people were making more money and not sharing it with the rest of the people in government they were pursued by government and brought to trial. Other than that many of the activities of government go completely unaddressed but theyre extortion. They are extorting the private property and, of course, there is no liberty, as Thomas Jefferson said, without property. Our properties have been completely confiscated from us although we get to use them. We dont have any rights in the control of them. And the most important part of ownership of property is control of the property. Use is a secondary element to control. We have use in America of property but its under the control of government which means they have taken the most important right of property away from us. ~{According to Blackstone, there is 1. possession, 2. right of property, and 3. right of possession. They keep right of property and thus control the property} This registration that I keep talking about of our private properties, which is not authorized by the Constitution for government to be involved in doing. Every bit of this registration is a breach of the Public Trust, is a dishonest and disloyal act to force the private individual or trick the private individual into registering his private property. Its been going on for so long, the American people have remained so stupid that it has been such commonplace that most of the population of this country actually believed that you have to do this. {just a little tender DLC - deceptive lawyer coercion} and they just do itdownright stupid but stupidity breeds stupidity which breeds the next generation of stupidity which breeds the next generation of stupidity. And if you started out long ago to hide information, to hide knowledge, that generation got a little more stupid, the next generation got more stupid and so on down the line {run away stupidity} to where we are today. We have a fantastic amount of ~useless education and very little knowledge. Stupidity is rampant especially among educated people {Reck-a-feller idiot savants}. Some people with a little education have more common sense to recognize these things than what educated people do. Anyway, there is a court case and Ive talked about this before but Im going to reiterate it because it falls right in line with what that explanation of the Gettysburg Address sort of laid out about the Public Trust. This was a New Jersey Supreme Court case and it seems to be the ruling one that a number of other ones have relied upon but there are numerous ones cited in this case of past history citing the same identical statements that they made. This was Driscoll v. Burlington-Bristol Bridge Company. It can be found at 86 Atlantic Reporter 2nd, p 201. Anyway, its the New Jersey Supreme Court 1952 case which is not that old. Its since the 1938 Erie Railroad decision which means that despite the fact that they changed a lot of things in this

country through that decision and they mixed equity and international law together and condensed it into a series of law called commercial law which we use today predominately and avoided most of the basis of old common law through it. The real law hasnt changed, not when you understand this case. Anyway, it was 86 Atlantic Reporter 2nd , page 201. And way back in the case they summarize all the explanation about the case. The bridge company made a bad deal with a bunch of shysters to sell the thing for a bunch of bonds that would be paid off by the people who used the bridge and the tolls collected from the people and thats where the corruption comes in. They were passing this horrendous price onto the people and not being honest in their dealings. And the little summary of that is the facts as herein summarized clearly prove that the acquisition of the bridge by the bridge commission was fraught with fraud and corruption and the lengthy record which we have reviewed page by page and from which this statement of facts has been condensed demonstrates even more conclusively the viciousness of the transaction. We are in complete accordthis was the whole court working together, there was nobody objectingin complete accord among the judges with the determination of the trial court that the purchase of the bridge was accomplished in a manner plainly contrary to public policy and therefore illegal all because of the manner in which they did it which put the burden upon the American people that would use the bridge. Thats the summary of the entire case. But heres what the court said about the people who did this: In New Jersey the county council or town council or city council that most people have in most places is called the Board of Chosen Freeholderstheyre not called the city council or the town council. There are many different departments of government and commissions of government and such all over this country in every little government that we have. In New Jersey they call them commissions more so than departments. So heres their statement. The members of the Board of Chosen Freeholders and of the bridge commission are public officers holding positions of public trust. They stand in a fiduciary relationship to the people whom they have been elected or appointed to serve. And then they list a whole bunch of court cases from New Jerseys past history and they even throw in a couple of US Supreme Court cases. And this one, Trist (Burke) v. Child 88 US Rpts. It starts at page 441 and these same comments that I just read are on page 450. Thats a US Supreme Court case. Theyve said it too. Now, thats an old case, much older than this case but theyre just bringing the history forward of what this government is supposed to really be about by citing these older cases. Anyway, they go on to say: As fiduciaries and trustees of the public weal they are under an inescapable obligation to serve the public with the highest fidelity in discharging the duties of their office. They are required to display such intelligence and skill as they are capable of, to be diligent and conscientious, to exercise their discretion, not arbitrarily, but reasonably and above all to display good faith, honest and integrity. Another ha ha, and a half a dozen more court cases are cited under that, repeating that very same statement in these other previous cases. The next statement they made was referring to the government officials: they must be impervious to corrupting influence. They should stay the hell away from lawyers, then, shouldnt they? And they must transact their business frankly and openly in the light of public scrutiny so that the public may know and be able to judge them and their work fairly. When public officials do not so conduct themselves and discharge their duties, their actions are inamenable to and inconsistent with the public interest and not only are they individually deserving of censure and reproach but the transactions which they have entered into are contrary to public policy, illegal and should be set aside to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the protecting of the rights of the innocent parties.

Thats us, the stupid American people. Theyre supposed to be looking out for us. Were not even supposed to understand all of this. Theyre supposed to understand it. They get away with corrupting it because we dont understand it. But it is their job to maintain honesty and integrity, to look out for us for our benefit and theyre not doing it. There was a couple of court cases cited underneath of that statement too. Then, the court went on to say: These obligations are not mere theoretical concepts or idealistic abstractions of no practical force and effect but they are imposed by the common law upon public officers and assumed by them as a matter of law upon their entering public office. The enforcement of these obligations is essential to the soundness and efficiency of our government which exists for the benefit of the people who are its sovereign. And then they cite the Constitution of New Jersey. They go on to say: Constitution of 1947, Article 1, Part 2: The citizen is not at the mercy of his servants holding positions of public trust nor is he helpless to secure relief from their machinations (meaning wrongdoings) except through the medium of the ballotwhich is what were always told isnt it? Vote somebody else in there. Yeah, get a new scum bag to replace the old scum bag. The ballot doesnt seem to do us much good, does it. Or the pressure of public opinion or criminal prosecution. He may secure relief in the civil courts either through an action brought in his own nameand then they cite a couple of court casesor through proceedings instituted on his behalf by the governorfat chance of thator by the attorney general. Real big fat chance of that, but they quote a court case where thats been done. It goes on to say: Under the former practice of the great prerogative Ritz Acts, especially certiorari, they were general available to the aggrieved citizen by Article 4, Section 5, Part 4, of the Constitution of 1947 of New Jersey: The relief theretofore granted in such matters as a matter of judicial discretion became a matter of right. Well, gee willigers, do you mean they actually picked up in 1947 on what they were supposed to do since they were established in the beginning? Anyway, that one quotes another New Jersey court case and thats an old one, Ward v. Keenan, three New Jersey cases, New Jersey Reports, page 298. Anyway, then they make a really interesting statement here and this is what frustrates me that it has not come to be in the past. The nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance and corruption in public office cannot prevail against an aroused citizenry who have it in their power to end the misconception of some public officials that their obligations are fully met so long as they obey the letter of the law and avoid its penal sanctions, that the shortcomings of some public officers may not make them accountable in our criminal courts does not mean that they nefarious acts cannot be successfully attacked through the process in the civil courts of bringing this kind of a case, a breach of trust and breach of fiduciary duty upon government officials. An aroused citizenry can do something about this. Im hoping to arouse the citizenry and if necessary go out and kick some butt, pushing people around. Do something, get off of your lazy butt. Put a little time into studying this stuff that were talking about. Look it up yourself. Dont trust me. I might not fully understand it as well as you may fully understand it. You may read it and get a better grasp of it than Ive got. You may be more capable of going into court than I am. You may feel less capable than I feel of going into courts. So what? We need to go into court

against these people. Weve got to go after them for things like they are making a profit off of bonding and securitizing our birth certificates and controlling our body. That is as against public policy and illegal as anything the silly little bridge commission did in this case. Has anything been done about it? Nope. They are doing the same thing with our land deeds. There is no authority whatsoever that can be proven to require the recording of your private land deed on property that you bought and paid for. Now, if the government bought and paid for it for you then they have a rule, all government property has to be recorded so that they can keep track of what the government has an interest in. Thats fine. I dont deny the government the right to do that. They should know what theyre doing but they shouldnt know what were doing. They should be protecting our right to private property without any interference or extension of taxation upon our private property. Every bit of that is a breach of their public trust. The concept of income tax if legitimately operated would apply as weve talked many times to people who have privileges from government to people who do imports and exports. Theyre the only authorities granted in the Constitution to Congress to tax the property of income. If you dont have a privilege from the government which is a legitimate privilege that government has a right to do and its spelled out in the Constitution what they can control. They can control gambling and license you to be in the gambling business. They can control securities and stocks and bonds and things like that, make to have a license to do that, kind of a business. And they can secure a license for you to be in the business of manufacturing and selling alcohol, manufacturing drugs under the pretense that tobacco is in control of drugs. I dont know if you know or not but tobacco has never officially been declared a drug, not officially, only be a bunch of moron doctors that dont know any better. But alcohol, tobacco, covering all drugs, and firearms and firearms covers all types of explosives more so than guns. As a matter of fact, there is an interesting definition of what a firearm really is and its a sawed off shotgun. Its not much more than that because thats the only kind of things that government would have a right to step in on and control your use of because a sawed off shotgun is far more dangerous and deadly than a machine gun. You could kill fifty people with a sawed of shotgun the way the pellets come splattering out all over the place whereas with a machine gun youd probably end up on your butt. You pull the trigger and dont balance yourself properly itll knock you over backwards. Most people are that stupid too, they would do just that. Now, some people are very good with firearms and guns. It might not happen to some but a lot of people would end up sitting on their behind because they wouldnt even know how to stand something to hold something that was rapid fire. Im not worried about those people. Theyll shoot holes in Gods heaven as theyre falling backwards. But government does has the rightat least they claim to under the Constitutionto regulate those types of things and if they can regulate it they can tax it. So, if youre involved in a business making a profit off of those regulatable activities government can impose an income tax on the profit that youre making. Beyond that government has no authority whatsoever to create other pretend privileges and then impose the tax. So every bit of that pretend privilege such as social security and income tax upon private working people is another breach of their fiduciary duty and definitely a disregard of the mandates of the Constitution which is a breach of their public trust and their fiduciary duty. Weve not gone after them in the proper manner at all. Weve done nothing correctly. All weve done is cry and scream and holler that we dont like what theyre doing. Weve gone into court and put up the dumbest arguments in most of the cases that Ive read. The only I read that brought up the argument about the privilege of government being the taxable authority was the Long case in Tennessee several years ago. Its the only one that brought that up in the case and that was only the written parts of

the case. It was not in anything that was publicized about the case, that United States v. Long, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, back in the late nineties I believe it was. Thats the only case that it was brought up in short, maybe, of Georges case in Connecticut a number of years ago which touched on that issue by bringing up the part of Title 26 of the US Code that says that income earned from within the United States is taxable in 864 (c)(2) said, income earned from without the United States was not taxable and George argued that his income was not earned within the United States because he didnt work for the government or earn his money through any privilege given by the government and they threw the case out of court. At the sentencing, by the way, he was appointed a lawyer who would not bring this stuff up and argue it in the court. Shows you what scum the lawyers are. Theyre the major corruption, not part of it. They are a big bit of the corruption. [Dave] Yeah, that was in his allocution.

[Howard] He brought that up in the allocution, the final time in the court before sentencing that they give you a chance to speak for yourself and your lawyer is out of the picture for the money and he brought that all up and the court effectively dismissed the case for him. They sentenced him to ten years in jail and struck the sentence and told him to go homehe was free. And strangely enough out in the hall right after that this little squirt lawyer came out and jumped up in Georges face, wrapped his legs around Georges waist, put his arm around Georges neck and took his other fist and started pounding on Georges face. A US marshal saw it happen and came running up and pulled the lawyer off of George and then asked George if he wanted to have him arrested and charge him and George being such an easy going nice guy said, no, hes just a little bit upsethe didnt win, let him go. George was too nice. Anyway, these kinds of cases that were finding and there are dozens of them. A couple of weeks back we went over some cases out of American Jurisprudence that identified the public trust that government is out of several different cases. They didnt go into it in depth of explanation as this case does but this case refers to quite a number of cases that have gone into this kind of an in depth explanation of the position of government workers. One of the cases stated that all government officials and employees at all levels are trustees of the public trust. So nobody in government is left out in any level. And then another one of the cases went into an explanation, if they are doing work for the government even though theyre private contractors they still come under the same duties of trust. I guess we could bother to go after the Federal Reserve Bank but I think thats a waste. I think you ought to go after congressmen for creating the Federal Reserve Bank and even though these in office today didnt do it they are carrying on the conduct of the breach of the trust by allowing it to continue so theyre just as guilty. They become what is known as co-conspirators. There are so many different ways that we can prove all this today with the things weve learned by the mistakes weve made in arguing things that weve done in the courts. We can go back to those things that we brought up in the past and show that those things were a breach of the trust. Thats why we were arguing with them because they were wrong in what they were doing. We just didnt argue in the right manner to bring it into court in the proper way and through the proper complaints and motions and thats why we didnt win the cases in most cases. A few have on but on strange little circumstances and little particularities of the procedurelittle technicalities. They didnt say, may I before they moved forward. Those few wins were a drop in the bucket in comparison to all the losses that weve suffered by people who arent actively trying to do this but did stand up and try to do something on their own in some of

the courts and failed and people that studied and are involved in these activities for the last forty or fifty years even beyond me becoming involved have failed because they didnt fully understand the whole concept of the institution of this government. Its starting to come to light. The Constitution is a very important document. It controls what they do. It is not our Constitution. It doesnt pertain to us. It only guides them. It lays down the purpose and the endowment of the creators of it for the purpose of its execution and it was not intended to be aborted as has been done to it. [Dave] And its only applicable in the four fiction areas, not on the actual state.

[Howard] It applies to the states. There are certain portions in it that apply to the states. They have authority over the state governments but only to the states not to the people that live in the territory that the state is located in. The state is the capital area where the government is located and its little political subdivisions like the county, the town that the county government is operating from. That is government. They have jurisdiction over those people but they dont have jurisdiction over the private sector. And if the major government couldnt have jurisdiction over the private sector then these little penny ante governments like state and county and city and town governments couldnt havethey couldnt get what the big government didnt have to give them. So they had no authority over the private people. The problem is the private people have allowed these lawyers to lead us into giving our property and letting them acquire the jurisdiction and authority over our property of our body, our land, our chattels like automobiles and guns and puppy dogs and every other damned thing that we register just because they said we have to and we were dumb enough to fall for it. It can be taken back but it appears that the only way to get it done is to go after the official that did it for breach of his public trust and fiduciary duty to act with the highest level of honesty and integrity which he did not by breaching the concepts of constitutional mandates like the Fifth Amendment which applies to the states through the 14th Amendment that says that government shall not take your private property for their public use without just compensation. IF they made you record your land deed which you bought forlets arbitrarily say you paid $100,000 for itif they didnt pay you $100,000 for that land deed then they took it without just compensation. You know they didnt pay you. They charged you to record it and we were dumb enough to pay it. We not only gave our property away but we paid them to take it. Think about that. If you think Im wrong about the stupidity just think about that. How stupid could we have been? We even paid them for the birth registration for our newborn children and gave the children to them to control and regulate. And if you dont believe that they control and regulate the children go look up that case in Baltimore City called the laetrile case. Dr. Harrison was getting laetrile from Mexico and selling it to some of the patients that came into his drugstore and they arrested him, wiped everything off the shelf, put him out of business completely and charged him with violations of FDA laws of selling a drug that wasnt approved by the FDA. Well, he hired a lawyer. He went into the US District Court in Baltimore City and he tried to argue that a persons body is their own property and only they have the right to determine what they put into it, not the government. And the court ruled that the persons body is the property of the state and only the state has the right to determine what goes into your body. Now, how did the state get your body? By registration of the birth certificate, thats the only way they could have gotten it. And they got it without just compensation. They didnt pay the parents for the value of this child.


Had no full disclosure.

[Howard] Well, that goes without saying. If we knew better we wouldnt have done these stupid things so naturally there was no disclosure. We dont know better. It shows you how we have been educated to be stupid. And enough of my pep talk for tonight. Next week well get a little bit deeper into some of the duties of a trustee because its still important that we learn and understand these things and as Im doing this Im marking parts in the book as I read it during the week and showing the parts that I want my girls to type up and getting it ready to give to them. As soon as I get all this stuff laid out that is relevant to what we need, not the whole pile of stuff thats in the book because a lot of its not relevant. What is relevant we will have it typed up and I will put it on people_looking_for_the_truth to be downloaded free. Some people send in a donation and ask me for copies. I havent got it all together to send those copies out to them. You will be getting them as soon as I get this together.