ScienceDirect’s advanced functionality reveals science past and present – fully integrated for the first time

The intuitive ScienceDirect user interface, with its sophisticated search options and personalization features, makes it fast and efficient to search back to volume 1, issue 1. Articles are available in fully searchable PDF format with citations, abstracts and references in rekeyed HTML. Users can cross-search ScienceDirect Backfiles articles against the other journals, handbooks, book series and reference works on the platform, to yield the most comprehensive and relevant results. References are live-linked to the full-text articles on ScienceDirect, to over 2,000 publishers via CrossRef and to 60 million abstracts from 13 abstract databases. ScienceDirect Backfiles are also available for local loading onto the library systems of ScienceDirect OnSite customers.

ScienceDirect Backfiles: save money, save time — save space!
· Loading articles back to the very first issue of publication ensures that with ScienceDirect Backfiles, your collection is truly complete. · You can purchase the entire collection or subject specific packages. · A one-time purchase with no annual fees for as long as you remain a ScienceDirect subscriber.

For more information and to request a free trial, please contact your nearest Elsevier Regional Sales Office.
· Once the one-time fee has been paid, users will have unlimited desktop access to search, browse and download articles. · ScienceDirect Backfiles have a cheaper cost per article than if you scanned each individually. · Major savings on storage and administration costs associated with maintaining paper archives – reclaim valuable shelf space. · End users save time and avoid the print journal paper trail.

Take advantage of ScienceDirect Backfiles pricing options
Currently ScienceDirect contains content going back to 1995 for almost all titles. The standard license package includes access to content for five years. You can purchase additional ScienceDirect Backfiles packages with a one-time payment, rather than an annually recurring license fee. This means that once the one-time fee has been paid, users will have unlimited desktop access to search, browse and download articles in each subject field. If you compare the cost of scanning archival material and making it available at your institute, you’ll see that purchasing ScienceDirect Backfiles is the most economical option — it is far less expensive than individual scanning, and is 1.5% of the cost of pay-per-view. Plus it offers the full functionality of ScienceDirect.

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ScienceDirect Backfiles
Research of the past for the scientists of today

Value for money
You can purchase the entire ScienceDirect Backfiles collection or pre-defined, subject specific clusters — you’ll know exactly what you’re buying before committing any budget. All current ScienceDirect subscribers will have FREE access to the abstracts of all backfiles as they become available — automatically giving you a vast retrospective abstract database of more than eight million records! Visit for an updated overview of which collections have been released or will be launched soon. You can view the list of titles and the range of years covered per collection as the lists become available. If you would like to be alerted automatically when a specific subject area becomes available, please send a message to, and specify your subject fields of interest to you.






Spanning more than 180 years Over eight million articles of which four million are prior to 1995 Coverage from volume 1, issue 1

· ScienceDirect’s intuitive and advanced search functions make it fast and easy to search articles. · Fills the gaps in your archives without the cost of buying individual issues. . ensuring that your collection is comprehensive and complete. The pre-1995 volumes and issues from these new titles are now available as supplementary packages. Customers who have already purchased an original ScienceDirect Backfiles package are eligible to purchase the supplement at a special price. This major initiative is rolled out in manageable subject-specific packages. to ensure that the scientific research community will have continuing functional access to the electronic versions of journal articles. The ScienceDirect Backfiles Program supports these recommendations. money and up to 3 km /2 mi of storage space Ensure your collection is comprehensive and complete Fill the gaps in your archives without the cost of buying individual issues Lighten your physical archive by up to five metric tons of paper! Imagine having the ability to search a historical archive of over eight million articles back to volume 1. Towards Electronic Journals: Realities for Scientists. The project is part of Elsevier’s ongoing commitment to knowledge preservation. With some of the oldest titles in the collection dating back over 180 years. · For medium and large-size institutions a return on investment can happen in less than a year. · Articles are in fully searchable PDF format with citations. Elsevier embarked on an extensive program to make its entire journal list prior to 1995 available electronically through ScienceDirect. · Many articles are online for the first time. the ScienceDirect Backfiles initiative makes available a body of scientific work that has long been difficult to access. In perspective With the ScienceDirect Backfiles. Introducing the ScienceDirect Backfiles Program The Supplements As Elsevier constantly seeks to expand content on offer to its customers. · Convenient electronic access saves time and increases efficiency. bringing newfound access to fundamental knowledge. · · · · Save time. When journals become available electronically. ScienceDirect Backfiles: standing on the shoulders of giants Benefits of Online Access Benefits for the Librarian · Brings out-of-print titles back to the desktop. Econometrics and Finance* Energy and Power Engineering and Technology Environmental Sciences* FEBS Letters High Energy/Nuclear Physics and Astronomy* Immunology and Microbiology* The Lancet Materials Science Mathematics* Medicine and Dentistry* Neuroscience* Nursing and Health Professions Pharmacology.. Benefits for the Researcher · Find and trace Nobel Prize-winning research from its genesis to the breakthroughs that followed. abstracts and references. Special Libraries Association 2000. · ScienceDirect subscribers can provide their users with a vast retrospective abstract database free of charge. issue 1 — in digital format with direct desktop access from a single platform. New ScienceDirect Backfiles customers can purchase the content as one package. Toxicology and Pharmaceutics* Physics General* Psychology* Social Science* Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine * includes supplement In January 2001. older articles will be ignored because they are not available electronically…older articles are often read for research purposes. sometimes you have to take a step back · Save space by lightening your physical archives by up to five metric tons of paper and 3 km /2 mi of storage space. King. Articles are full-text searchable with HTML summaries and reference lists. Ask your account manager for a breakeven analysis.. it has acquired new titles since January 2001. the entire ScienceDirect collection contains: · over eight million articles · height of 3 km /2 mi · nine times the height of the Empire State Building 20% of university researchers search online for articles over five years old.* “Most of the older articles are not available electronically. and Publishers.The danger is that.Backfiles Packages Agricultural and Biological Sciences* Biochemistry. Genetics and Molecular Biology* Business. they are rarely made available retrospectively. enabling direct linking to the cited articles. Librarians. In order to move forward.” *Carol Tenopir & Donald W. . newer articles may be read for casual interest. This is exactly what the ScienceDirect Backfiles program offers you. Management and Accounting* Cell Press Titles Chemistry* Computer Sciences* Decision Sciences Earth and Planetary Sciences* Economics. in the future.

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