33 Jedi Teachings to Live By

Jedi Religion is a very non-dogmatic, non-organized religion. As such, there are few if any rules that can be expected to be followed by all believers. However, this also allows for wisdom to be put forth by members of the community for believers to study, accept or reject as they see fit.

1. Jedi believe in the Living Force.
Jedi believe in an invisible universal energy called ‘the Force’, also known as the 'Living Force', the 'good side', or the 'light side'. The Force is a living spiritual presence that surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds all the matter in the universe together. The Force is the soul of all living things; it exists everywhere. Jedi believe that Force allows people to have free will and choice, but that destiny also plays a part in their lives.

2. Jedi believe that there is a dark side but refuse to dwell on it.
Jedi believe that the dark side exists, but refuse to dwell on it, or follow it, or use it in any way. The dark side is a negative energy, also known as the ‘negative power’ or ‘dark energy’. The dark side is considered to be evil, negative, the opposite of good, and is never to be followed or used by the Jedi.

3. Jedi serve the Living Force.
Jedi serve the Living Force and never serve the dark side, in any way, shape or form. Jedi are serious about their service to the Force, and are not thrill seekers or adventure seekers. They are serious about following the Jedi teachings in their own lives, because the Jedi teachings lead to personal growth, and help them to be conscious of their connection to the Living Force, which is within.

4. Certain Jedi are stronger with the Force than others.
Jedi, in general, are individuals who are strong with the Force. The Force is with them. However, the Jedi believe that the Force is extra strong in certain Jedi, much more so than in others.

5. Jedi live in the present moment.
Jedi live in the here and now, and don't have stress about the future or the past. This isn't as easy as it might seem because the mind always rushes to the future or past. Contact with the Living Force always occurs in the present moment. The mind is our tool, and we need to stop the incessant thinking and mental chatter that comes from the mind in order to be conscious of the present moment, and to live in the present moment. We need to control the mind, and not let the mind control us.

6. Jedi can feel the Force.
Jedi are Force sensitive people, and are experts at feeling energy. Our senses and our scattered minds can block us from feeling the Force, but it's always there. Jedi are equally sensitive to dark energy or negative energy, and know how to avoid it and to protect themselves from it.

clear mind and to meditate daily. the food we eat. Jedi are a 'feeling people' and believe in using and trusting their feelings and intuition. Jedi stay physically fit for many reasons. Jedi avoid acting on dark side emotions like fear. Jedi are peaceful warriors. Jedi protect and defend the helpless. Jedi have patience. Meditation is clearly a part of the Jedi lifestyle. like sponges. and not just from our physical brain. anger. 12. since thoughts can originate from many sources across the Universe. We even absorb things from those who are around us. Not every thought that 'pops' into our head is actually ours. 14. but we don't have to act on that feeling of anger or rage. Jedi believe in practicing awareness and are mindful of their thoughts. and balance because when dueling with a lightsaber. A positive mental attitude is healthy for both the mind and body. aggression and hate. Jedi try to protect others if possible. we must always be mindful of our thoughts. Jedi believe that a calm mind can be achieved through meditation and contemplation. Jedi trust their feelings or intuitions. etc.7. It’s a good form of cardiovascular exercise too. and not to react with anger. Lightsaber dueling is the Jedi's sport of choice. The real lightsaber only exists in the Star Wars Universe. Fitness effects your mental health and over-all well being. but the level of fitness depends on the individual. and things we drink can influence our thoughts. and need to be cleaned out daily. Jedi are intuitive and are in touch with the core of their being. It’s hard to think about the past or the future if you are dueling with a lightsaber! Lightsaber practice actually has a multitude of benefits. Most Jedi know at least one form of martial arts or self-defense. but we can always choose to control our actions. 9. Jedi choose to act with patience. So. 8. get contaminated from the world. Our minds. focused. We can't control which emotions we will feel. We have to be able to discern the thoughts and remove the bad ones or negative. Dueling helps improve a Jedi’s coordination. Jedi practice meditation to achieve a calm mind. Jedi need to meditate often in order to clear their minds. flexibility. Jedi keep their thoughts positive. 10. Fitness is a part of Jedi philosophy. so it's important to keep a calm. Jedi duel with lightsaber replicas to practice living in the present moment. Jedi stay physically fit in order to accomplish their mission in life. Even the food we eat. and from our environments. Jedi practice awareness and are mindful of their thoughts. We might feel anger from time to time. but for the Jedi the lightsaber is a powerful . 13. Jedi are also aware that being prepared and trained gives them the advantage if they do have to protect themselves and others. it becomes an extension of you. 11. fear-based ones.

knowledge. Jedi believe in destiny. Jedi don't believe in coincidences. Jedi use the Force for good works. and helping others who are in need. and do not consider themselves better than others. and then let that compassion gravitate outwards to the whole creation. Jedi believe in destiny. so we need to trust the Force. Jedi do not obsessively mourn those who pass. and missing of that person. so we certainly believe in promoting them. and try to solve problems without fighting. Jedi believe in life after death. Jedi can't understand how others feel when they are injured by injustice. . agility. Jedi believe that the soul survives death. Jedi are against being arrogant and consider arrogance to be a flaw. Everything really belongs to the Force anyhow. There is a 'soul-plan' for every person. skill and living in the present moment. Jedi embrace humility. which means protecting and preserving the basic rights of others. Jedi are the guardians of peace and justice. and to use the Force.symbol that represents alertness. Jedi trust in the will of the Force and accept the fact that nothing happens by accident. Jedi have compassion. because without it. there is perfection. Jedi trust the Force to take care of our departed loved ones and 'let go'. The fear of loss of one's attachments leads to the dark side. Jedi have special powers and are encouraged to learn the ways of the Force. Things happen when they are meant to happen. and not be so attached to people and possessions. Jedi are humble. We need to have love and compassion for ourselves first and foremost. 18. Jedi believe in peace and justice. There will always be some mourning. 19. nothing happens by accident. Jedi believe in 'letting go' of their attachments. so a 'letting go' and 'trusting in the will of the Force' attitude needs to be developed gradually to overcome this fear of loss. Jedi deeply believe in finding peaceful solutions to problems if possible. 20. Jedi are expert negotiators. defense. and destructive. Jedi embrace justice. 15. 21. which is only natural. and humbly believe in training and in personal growth. Empathy is important too. negative. Compassion is central to a Jedi's life. 16. But Jedi avoid the extremes of mourning that can be so debilitating. mindfulness. 17. but it's hard to understand these things from our level. but only for good works like training. Jedi don't claim to know it all. Jedi work on 'letting go' of their attachments and train themselves on this. and that there is some method to what happens in the Universe. discipline. and believe that they can always work on improving themselves.

Our satisfaction comes from our personal connection to the Living Force. 24. and are selfless. inner strength. so that their minds are clear. Jedi are responsible for balancing their own minds. a Jedi must determine what his/her mission will be by deep soul searching and meditation. wholesome. and not wait around for a Chosen One to do it. and stay on the light side. Jedi work for mutual advantage or Symbiosis. This makes it extremely important to always be aware and mindful about what we are thinking about. material things. increasing positive energy flow. 26. Jedi believe in service to others. Sometimes this requires great discipline. you decide it for yourself. Jedi believe in the law of attraction which is basically this: whatever you ask for. Some of the practical benefits of serving others include diminishing egotistical thinking. but don’t trust politicians in general. happiness. Only our daily. then the Force flowing through us will be clear and natural. If we lose the awareness of our connection to the Force. Then you prioritize or decide how important it is for you to accomplish your mission. our consciousness will seem negative and dark. . If our minds are negative. and re-connecting us with other human beings. You determine and choose what your mission will be. patience. Jedi firmly believe in democracy. giving. and a strong sense of duty for accomplishing the mission. The Force will bring us whatever we continue to think about. and conscious connection to the Living Force brings lasting peace and happiness. we will be full of goodness and light. and the Jedi believe in volunteerism and in service. this will serve "to bring balance to the Force" within us so that the light side is dominant. Jedi try to live in harmony with those around them. and of their many promises in order to get elected or re-elected.22. you will receive. Jedi believe in democracy. 23. The Jedi are like this too. Jedi believe that they need to bring balance to the Force within. But first. The path of the Jedi teaches us the importance of service. and what we are asking for. giving without expecting anything back in return. Jedi are devoted to accomplishing their mission in life. Jedi are always mindful of the Force. positive. There is a lot of joy in serving others. even if we are unconscious of it. 28. the Force is always giving. incredible focus. fame and wealth don't bring lasting peace. Jedi believe in the law of attraction. and believe in mutual trust and respect. Jedi are cautious of politicians. but usually don’t trust politicians. Jedi are devoted to their mission in life. 25. 27. and satisfaction. and firmly believe. removing energy blockages. then we slowly lose our happiness. Why? Because that’s the way of the Force. then the Force flowing through us will seem negative too. good. Jedi believe that they need to bring balance to the Force within. sacrifice. If our minds are clear and wholesome.

Jedi like to make people smile and laugh.29. Jedi can see the future through the Force. but they don't take themselves too seriously. 32. especially in bad situations. Self-Realization. Feeling Force disturbances usually happen after there has been some type of disaster. or GodRealization. Actually. 31. The words 'Jedi Order' gives connotations that the Jedi Path was something like a religion in the Star Wars Universe. Religions call it by different names like Enlightenment. but it's the same thing. Future seeing abilities are sometimes a result of meditation. The highest purpose of life is to train on becoming One with the Living Force. Jedi are serious people.” The purpose of the Jedi teachings were “to reconnect” a Jedi to the Force. 33. The pure and true meaning of the word religion comes from the Latin word “religio” which was derived from the Latin word “re-ligare” or “to reconnect. 30. but we have lost our conscious awareness of this connection. Jedi have a keen sense of humor. they can feel disturbances in the Force. . Jedi believe in and are a part of the Jedi Order. we are always connected to the Force. If Jedi are mindful and are consciously connected to the Force. Jedi can feel disturbances in the Force. Jedi can see both near term and long-term future events. Through the Force. and/or a loss of life. Jedi train on Oneness or union with the Living Force. This is considered "Immortality".

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