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Foundations For Occupying The Church
Frustrated and fed up with the economic climate (crisis), a group of concerned individuals gathered at a park in Manhattan’s financial district. This group’s focus and purpose centered on fighting the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over democratic process. Seemingly overnight, a grassroots movement that became known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS) spread like wildfire throughout the United States and the world igniting an inextinguishable flame in a faction of people who had come together under the auspice of human liberation and economic dignity. Moved and no doubt amazed at their definitive focus and purpose, I was surprised at how the world stopped and took notice. Social networking sites were trending while mainstream media outlets buzzed about this new cause that had been born; or should I say re-born. Shortly after the inception of OWS, I began writing the book Occupy the Church. Like OWS, I had a desire to share my views and introduce innovative concepts of occupying space, industry and consciousness. However, unlike OWS, for me, this was not a movement but rather a mandate (Luke 19:13). Prophetically, I envision a people, the church, overcoming their fears and reclaiming their collective and collaborative voice. These people would shun the lesser mentality that had been bestowed upon them by oppressive hierarchs and reject the superficial systems that were put in place to keep them enslaved. These people would understand the true meaning of Jeremiah 1:5; Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations. I envision a people who not only recognize their greatness but also know and understand that their contribution matters. Not only do their contributions matter, but they are relevant and much needed if we are ever going to eradicate the snares and pitfalls that have kept us (the people) bound and unproductive citizens in the Kingdom of God.


For this cause alone, I write this vision as a prophetic roadmap for the Kingdom’s re-occupation of the church that will engage every relevant sector and issue in society. In order to do this, we must explore some foundational constructs and truths that will be necessary for you and I to fully embrace if we are going to be able to execute the best practices and repositioning necessary to manifest our collective definitive purpose in the earth. Love: The Currency of the Kingdom Our nations, the world and the church are facing an unprecedented economic crisis. This is not a monetary crisis in the way that it is perceived by most but rather a character crisis. Love, the authentic currency of the Kingdom and the measuring rod of our character, has been replaced by hate that is fueled by selfhatred, envy and greed. It is astounding how at this point in history, we have become yet again stripped morally to the point of insanity that we can witness injustice and not be moved to take a stand or action for fear of economic loss. Seemingly our actions and or involvements are measured by potential monetary intake and maintenance. This isolating mentality has negatively disrupted all of our lives and caused us to drift away from the contribution our definitive purpose toward the greater good. In this human condition, it is imperative that we begin to understand that we are the very ‘money’ that we seek to obtain and keep at any cost. When I use the word ‘money,’ I am not referring to the traditional perception of money as in dollar bills and coins. I am defining money or ‘currency’ as anything that flows and can be exchanged or traded. In this case, the currency is love. So, money is synonymous with love. Love is the currency of the Kingdom of God as is service, innovation and collaboration. When we serve, innovate, collaborate and most importantly love, we exemplify the very essence of the Kingdom of God (righteousness, peace and joy). These intangible currencies are the values required to experience and inhabit God’s manifested Kingdom here in the earth.


We must be cognizant of the true precepts of the enemy whose primary purpose is to kill, steal and destroy our definitive purpose as a collective and individually. One of the most successful wiles of the enemy is to blind us to the truth concerning the realization of money. Nevertheless, we can ‘outwit’ him by first allowing our minds to be renewed (Romans 12:2) then by looking to God and the currency of His Kingdom; thereby focusing our energies on them so that they will become tangible assets thus catapulting us towards ‘re-occupying’ that which has been predestined by God. Looking Back, Looking Forward, Looking to the Kingdom of God Before I share with you the ways that we can all outwit the enemy through manifesting the Kingdom of God (here in the earth), it is important to look back at some of the recent events of our time that have clearly been initiated by the enemy in an attempt to get us to invest in his currency rather than God’s currency. September 11, 2011 marked the tenth anniversary of the horrific and tragic attacks on the United States by Al-Qaeda terrorists. Under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden, America’s symbols of economic, military and infrastructural strength were shaken. While the deaths of so many shocked and devastated us as a country, even more devastation seemed to rock financial markets resulting in the suspension of credit and lending to the majority. This left many people to contend with the burden of heavy debt and little to no income. Suddenly, people could not spend money and buy material things let alone necessities. A recession was declared and the country seems to have been frozen ever since. As of late, many are rising up with public outcries against those financial systems (OWS) with an ongoing backlash by those who are tired of their financial livelihoods being controlled by others. They are trying to break free from the mental and physical chains of the enemy’s currency.


With all that had taken place, I found myself at a mental impasse. To ease my mind of the horrific events that had taken place, which had left an indelible mark upon my memory and no doubt the memory of countless, others, I turned to two written sources. Of course, my first source of reference was the Word of God. However, my second source of literary comfort came from the writings of Napoleon Hill’s work entitled Outwitting the Devil. Hill, most famously known for Think and Grow Rich, along with Sharon Lechter discusses a conversation that he (Hill) undertook with enemy. Yes, THE enemy who is also known as Satan, Beelzebub, Slew foot and the Governor of Hades to name a few of his aliases. To have a conversation with the enemy is a far cry from the teachings of most Believers - a thought that would probably be frowned upon by most. Yet, an intelligent stroll down the halls of antiquity reveals a multiplicity of conversations between the enemy who is revered as the perceived antithesis of God and the archenemy of the Creator of the Universe. Let us not forget Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-5) and most notably Christ, himself (Luke 1:1-13). Notwithstanding, the conversation, between Hill and the enemy, carries great relevance because this enemy is the mental manipulator of God’s greatest creation: you and me. Like Eve, Christ and Job who also had his struggles with the enemy, we have the right to converse with and question this enemy of our minds. This will be our opportunity to prove to the enemy that the actions of the past, present and the future all lead to one purpose; the manifestation of God’s Kingdom in the earth as all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). So I implore you to converse with the enemy. Learn of his exploits and the tricks of his trade. As well, I encourage you not to enter into this conversation blindly. You must know and understand your definitive purpose in the earth, as this conversation will prove the enemy of your soul to be a liar. It will prove that the physical and mental bondage to his


currency of hate and greed can be loosened from us through the gaining of real currency - God’s eternal love. Herein exists the realization of your eternal life in Christ. Kingdom Intelligence: 7 Questions to Outwitting the Enemy The following seven questions are designed to initiate a conversation with the enemy that will lead to the knowledge of how to defeat him in every area of our lives. These are also a means of helping to bring us closer to manifesting the Kingdom of God here in the earth. The precedence that is established in addressing The Prince of this World (and our world system) is the reality that the enemy is already defeated in every area of our lives. Entering into the conversation with this truth accompanied by scripture faith and action will aid us in thwarting the plans and attacks of the enemy that is to distract us from evolving into the men and women God has created us to become. The 7 Questions: 1. What are you? 2. Which fears serve you most? 3. How much of mankind is under your control? Why? 4. How do you control mankind? 5. How do you gain this control? 6. What is your most powerful weapon just now? 7. How do we overcome? Here is an example. 1 - What are you? Satan’s Answer:


“I consist of negative energy and I live in the minds of people who fear me. I am no beast with a forked tongue, pitchfork, and spiked tail. One of my most clever devices for mind control is fear; the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age and death.”1 No, Satan, the Lord rebukes you. Zechariah 3:2 reminds us the LORD said to Satan, "The LORD rebuke you, Satan! The LORD, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is not this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?” 2 Timothy 1:7 – “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Romans 10:17 – “So, then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Rebuttal: Fear is a mind killer. The acronym often used to describe fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) bodes true as we are being bombarded with a culture of political extremists who are attacking our nation and president under the auspices of ‘freedom’ and ‘morality’ touted in an Evangelical conservative context. As of late, the Seven Mountains Movement has made its way into the mainstream. This is a newly formed global Protestant reformation aiming to be a Christian organization grounded in biblical doctrine. As of note, this group projects the total erosion of secular society by “taking back” control of seven key sectors: education, government, media, business, arts and entertainment, religion and the family. And let us not forget the Tea Party Movement that has gained great momentum most notably affiliated with Grand Old Party (GOP) candidates, Ron Paul and

Hill, Napoleon and Sharon Lechter, Outwitting the Devil, (Sterling June 2011)


Michele Bachman who spew questionable messages that overtly tease of the racism, hate and self-hatred of yester years. Each of these groups and the various others that are springing up all have common ideologies, change and freedom. However, fear is not and should never be the basis for change and reform. We do not approach our nation’s crisis with fear, but instead approach it with power predicated on the omnipotence of our Divine Creator. We approach it with love as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. Remember that Christ briefly disconnected himself with His total divinity, separated Himself from the Father via death, and negotiated the greatest transaction of all times; the redemption of man’s souls. We approach this crisis with a sound mind as demonstrated by the Omniscience of our God that has all Infinite Intelligence from all times at the same time, ultimately giving us the assurance that “everything is going to work for your good.” The above, in part, is an excerpt from the conversation Napoleon Hill had with the enemy of his soul. Following the aforementioned example, continue with the next six questions by interrogating him (the enemy), documenting his answer then exposing his lies with the use of scripture. Once you have accomplished these things, you will begin to recognize and embrace the truth of who you are and that truth resides inside of you. You will begin to fully understand that your definitive purpose has been inside of you all along. Yet due to our inability and or fear to trust that still small voice within, like Eve, we look outside of ourselves for validation. We are not a people who settle for less. We are not a people who are impoverished and sustained by Governmental subsidies. We are not a people who are burdened with sickness brought on by worry, depression and the lack of financial stability. Rather we are victors and we are victorious. We are businessmen and businesswomen equipped with the ability to innovate, collaborate and most importantly love. Resting within us are the answers to some


of the world’s most complex questions. We possess the knowledge and the wisdom to be financially stable and business astute. God has given us the acumen to navigate the terrains that He has ordained we occupy. Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?” (Isaiah 21:11). In this text, the Babylonians subdued the Edomites as well as the Jews. They inquired of the prophet as to how long their subjection would last. A befitting ending to this chapter as I have come to share with you that the subjection to oppression, depression or whatever the issue is that has been stifling your progression and keeping you from walking into the fullness of who God has ordained you to be has now ended. If we will fully embrace the power of God’s currency of love and submit ourselves to service, innovation and collaboration, we will gain insight on how to navigate throughout culture and emerge triumphant. Through strategic undertakings and the wise counsel of learned individuals, the church (the people) will begin to abound and rise as an edifice of wealth, power, integrity and knowledge. Like Eve, we too, will encounter our share of serpents, men/women/organizations, whose purpose is to distract and cause us to detour from our definitive and focused paths. But know that in this day God has raised up some Watchmen. Watchmen that have sat perched on the walls gaining expertise in specific areas of society; Watchmen who are ready and willing to share their wisdom that will thrust us closer to the will of God for all of our lives which is the manifested Kingdom of God in the Earth. With this, it is with great hope that I have peaked your interest and desire to continue on this journey as we prepare to Occupy The Church!