Breach of Contract and Intent to Injure

I swear to and before my creator that everything stated in the following document/s to be true and accurate. I'm writing this non-fiction story to share personal experience with dis-honourable men and the companies they were representing at the time. The statute of limitations has passed for me to bring any pleadings before the courts regarding the obvious breach of contract and intent to injure that I am going to share with the world. There is however no such statute of limitations for me to share the truths of my experience with all of the parties that played a role, intentionally causing myself and my family injury. Let me introduce myself, my parents gifted me the names Michael-David, our family name is Webb. I was birthed from my mother Pamela-Mae of the family Webb-(Barr) at sometime during the twenty first day of November during the year nineteen hundred and sixty nine on the corporation of Toronto Ontario Canada. Now lets fast forward thirty six years. During the year two thousand and five I acquired a class A drivers license and its counterpart Z endorsement with the intentions to not only add to my expansive skill set but also quite obviously, to help feed my young family. I spent a couple of months seeking employ-ment through most of the larger transport companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area. I finally landed a job with a smaller transport company that was quite close to my domicile at the time, there is no need to share this company’s name because our relationship remained very professional throughout my experience with them save a couple of instances with their maintenance department, at the end of our probationary period we amicably parted ways. Most of their equipment was quite frightening. During my time at the fore-mentioned company one of my sisters informed me about a family friend that was the general manager of a driver contracting agency, this was fantastic news because I really liked the idea of contracting on a day by day, job by job basis but more important for me was the company by company aspect of contracting, not all companies nor their equipment are created equal. Not to mention the freedom from a Monday to Friday punch clock, and again the agency was really close to my domicile, all of these freedoms helped me get past the bottom of the barrel money offered by most of these types of agencies. We went through all the motions required by all transport company’s, drivers abstract, medical screening, criminal search and voila I was a contracting driver. The agency I signed on with is INTER-LINK CONTRACT SERVICES, 1142316 ONTARIO Inc. Located at 6 Collinsgrove Road, Scarborough, ON M1E 3S4. The family friend I mentioned is named Vijay Doobay. I went through a bit of a learning curve with the agency figuring out who their clients were and which of these clients I was willing to drive for, after a couple of months it was fairly simple to decide on the clients that I enjoyed driving for. I had chosen to take any routes for what was probably their best client, CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM. My decision was based purely on the quality of their equipment and partly on the type of routes, mostly night runs between Ajax, ON and Ottawa, ON. Based mostly out of the Ajax warehouse HARMONY LOGISTICS hauling goods to various major grocery stores, the dispatcher for HARMONY LOGISTICS at that time was Steve Elford. Things were rolling along quite fine for the next couple of years, no pun intended. Between two thousand and five and two thousand and seven I rolled nearly one hundred thousand miles in CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM trucks with nearly zero issues, save my first week, a minor spacial awareness issue during a u-turn which left not even a scratch on the equipment, the guard-rail did not fair as well. There were also other clients that I drove for during these two years, again with zero
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Breach of Contract and Intent to Injure

issues, I have always fulfilled my contractual obligations with every client. Which brings me to how and when Steve Elford acting on behalf of CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM and HARMONY LOGISTICS, and also Vijay Doobay acting on behalf of INTER-LINK CONTRACT SERVICES not only breached our contract but also intentionally and maliciously acted to cause myself and my family injury. When contracting through an agency, most agencies and their clients require that when a driver is hired for a run, said driver is required as per the contract to remain on-site for a minimum of four hours after the requested departure time of the shipment. Now, after the contractual obligation of the four hour minimum wait period is over the hired driver can request his time card be signed and leave the site having fulfilled his contractual obligations. As all big riggers know, when you are given a day cab run, ninety nine percent of the time, your run is going to swallow every hour you are legally allowed to drive in that days log book. On the fifteenth day of July in the year two thousand and seven, I was contracted to hook on to a fifty three foot trailer loaded with goods bound for Ottawa, ON. Route number 1052, with power unit number 5608 that had a hub reading of 250096 at nineteen hundred hours that evening, having rolled to Ottawa and back for nearly two years, I know that it is a minimum twelve hour shift as does every dispatcher anywhere in the G.T.A. I sat at HARMONY LOGISTICS from nineteen hundred hours until midnight on this particular evening waiting for my load, one hour longer than I was required to wait, nearly falling asleep a few times already I called on the evening dispatcher to have him sign my time card so I could return home and get some sleep. At some point during my journey home Steve Elford called my cell phone asking me if it was possible for me to return to HARMONY LOGISTICS and take the load east as it was now ready to be hooked onto and dragged away. I reminded Steve Elford that I had fulfilled my obligations for the evening, and besides that fact, being nearly one o'clock in the AM said twelve hour run has now become an eighteen hour run, in a day cab. Clearly not allowed by the Ministry of Transportation anywhere on this continent. Our conversation ended with this, “sorry Steve”, “that’s OK, thanks Mike.” A couple of days went by and I became curious as to why I had not been called by Vijay for more work, so I dropped by the office in Scarborough to have Vijay inform me that I've been added to the CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM do not use list. Well isn't that a great big fuck you very much for continually fulfilling all of my duties as a safe and professional tractor trailer operator, each and every time Steve Elford called upon me. I was appalled at such an act of outright disrespect from a man that I had always treated with complete respect and honour. I'll expand, Steve Elford was a very large man, not muscular large, obese large, and during the two years I worked with him, every single company driver, his co-workers, would greet him with “whats up TINY.” Never once did I greet him with anything but “Hi Steve”, “how are you Steve”, “thank you Steve”. But such respect and honour is repaid with an inability to continue to earn a living for my family. I knew absolutely nothing about law at this time so I decided to move on and try my hand in the residential and commercial moving industry, I landed a bottom of the barrel contract with a local bottom of the barrel moving and storage company, myself and a couple of friends were quite fond of calling the company Sesame Street. Most of the residential moves I did over the next year were really, really disgusting, you wouldn't believe the filth some people live in, at times I was genuinely concerned for my health. Even with the worst contract you can obtain in the industry, the money made on some moves was incredible, but not everything is worth any money. Looking back it was the most stressful job I've ever had, beyond some peoples dirt, you are also dealing with a crew of workers, some smart,
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Breach of Contract and Intent to Injure

some not so much. Once I had fulfilled the contract I had signed I again decided to move on and try to get back into agency contracting. I returned to INTER-LINK CONTRACT SERVICES and asked Vijay Doobay about what steps are required from me to be removed from the CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM do not use list, Vijay directed me to seek out Steve Elford and ask him how to proceed from this point. After tracking Steve Elford down at a new warehouse, same company, Steve Elford informed me that I would have to contact Gord Karpf who at that time was the manager of recruiting, licensing and permits at CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM. Over the next six or eight weeks I left Gord Karpf several messages asking him to return my call, he never called me back ever, another honourable man. I once again presented myself in front of Steve Elford and told him about my futile attempts to speak with Gord Karpf and I was beginning to feel quite foolish running around the G.T.A. trying to be removed from a list that I did not deserve to be included in. Steve Elford then finally told me that I could only be added to, or removed from said do not use list only with Vijay Doobay's and INTER-LINK CONTRACT SERVICES consent. Wow, so the entire charade has been shared by Steve Elford and Vijay Doobay equally since the very beginning. Vijay Doobay sat in front of me straight face each and every time pretending he had no idea what the problem was, yet another honourable gentleman shoving blades into peoples backs. On behalf of myself and my family I would like to offer a personal Thank You to INTERLINK CONTRACT SERVICES, 1142316 ONTARIO Inc., and Vijay Doobay; also a great big Thank You to Steve Elford, and CANADA CARTAGE SYSTEM. Not only did you directly effect my ability to feed my family as intended, you also turned a safe and professional driver away from the entire transport industry. As mentioned earlier, I knew nothing of law back then, but right now is another story, as I am in pursuit of a cabal of criminals that posses PhD’s. So I will ask you to please, please, pretty please send some lawyers my way, I'm in dire need of practice and I would love nothing more than to swear all to be true in front of an Officer of the Courts. Also I'll remind you that I opened this document/s with the statement that everything to follow is true and accurate, which implies that I can most certainly prove that my recollection of personal experience with all of you to be 100% true.


Truly & Sincerely;

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