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[Pluralsight- training] Windows Azure Diagnostics (2012) | 461 MB Genre: Video Training Windows Azure Diagnostics is a foundational course

for Windows Azure Development , and mastering this is very important for success with Windows Azure Platform. This course starts by walking through key components of Windows Azure Diagnostic s, showcasing a basic hello world demo. Then it covers important topics like wor king in Full IIS mode, integrating with Enterprise Libray Logging Application Bl ock, configuration precedence, and capturing data buffers, including integration with Log4Net. Finally, Niraj shares various tips and tricks including On-Demand transfer, IntelliTrace, PowerShell, Database Trace Listeners, among others. Thi s course is strongly recommended for any serious development on Windows Azure. Windows Azure Diagnostics Introduction 00:36:19 Introduction 00:38 Understanding Windows Azure Diagnostics 02:39 Getting Started 03:24 Demo: Configuring Diagnostic Monitor Trace Listener 11:33 Demo: Scheduling Transfers Using Diagnostics.wadcfg 10:58 Demo: Adding Full IIS Support 06:01 Summary 01:06 Windows Azure Diagnostics Integration with Enterprise Library Logging Applicatio n Block 00:48:45 Introduction 00:55 Integration Approach 05:31 Demo: Enterprise Library Integration with Logging Application Block 10:41 Demo: Setting absolute path for ConfigurationSource 07:27 Demo: Publish to Windows Azure 06:34 Demo: Setting Log Filters at Runtime 17:01 Summary 00:36 Windows Azure Diagnostics Configuration Precedence 00:20:46 Introduction 00:51 Configuration Precedence Hierarchy 02:23 Demo: Static Configuration 04:52 Demo: Dynamic code driven configuration 03:18 Demo: Remote updates using DeploymentDiagnosticManager 08:16 Summary 01:06 Capturing Windows Azure Diagnostics Data Buffers 00:45:09 Introduction 00:43 Understanding Windows Azure Diagnostics Data Buffers 04:09 Demo: Capturing Windows Event Log 09:08 Demo: Capturing Performance Counters 04:36 Demo: Capturing Crash Dumps 05:54 Demo: Capturing Diagnostics Infrastructure Logs 02:19 Demo: Capturing Failed IIS Request Logs 07:49 Demo: Using Custom Logging with Log4Net 10:00 Summary 00:31 Windows Azure Diagnostics Tips And Tricks 00:47:30 Introduction 00:34 WAD Tips And Tricks 06:09 Demo: Capturing IntelliTrace from an Azure Instance 05:27 Demo: Using Database Trace Listener with SQL Azure 07:38 Demo: Performing On Demand Transfer 09:55 Demo: Working with WAD PowerShell Cmdlets 17:14 Summary 00:33

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