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Dodging The Disease Epidemic

by Emanuel van den Bemd.

Table of Contents
Introduction Chapter 1 - Foods to avoid Chapter 2 - Common deficiencies Chapter 3 - Atherosclerosis Chapter 4 - Osteoporosis and osteopenia Chapter 5 - The flu and colds Chapter 6 - Cancer Chapter 7 - Diabetes Chapter 8 - Alternative therapies Conclusion


It is commonly believed that heart disease and cancer, as well as all new-age diseases, are somehow inherited, inevitable, irreversible and incurable. That there are no alternatives to the standard prescribed medical drugs, surgery and vaccines and that we may as well resign ourselves to a life of drug-based palliative treatments that promise little more than temporary relief from the symptoms which can never return us to vibrant good health. Modern chronic degenerative diseases were virtually unknown 100 years ago. They were curiosities and should never have become the epidemics they are today. Very few people now escape these diseases since our diet has become profoundly denatured and we are being bombarded with chemicals, pesticides, medical drugs and vaccines. Doctors continue to claim that they have no idea what causes it ...except perhaps it's our parents who are to blame for passing on inferior genes. This shifts the blame from doctors and exonerates them from ever having to address the scourge which effects everyone from the newborn to the old. It is a deliberate lie. Most people are born with a perfectly good set of fully functioning genes. The inherited genetic expression of every person is only 5% and the remaining 95 % of expression is epigenetic and that is environmental... not inherited! Epigenetic traits can persist from generation to generation if and when environmental factors dont change. 50% of the population now have heart disease, 30% get cancer, 20% get neurological and skeletal diseases and 20% suffer from endocrine and fertility disabilities. These chronic diseases are not inherited, they are acquired environmentally. Common sense tells us that we are being poisoned by corporate food production, chemicals, medicines and vaccines. Yet all those man-made chemicalised agents which impact negatively on our health are conveniently referred to as 'safe'.... they are anything but safe! I have written this booklet because it is not yet too late to avoid the pitfalls that has created this mess. The exciting good news is that it can all be reversed! Our bodies, unlike machines, are designed to self-heal. They have the capacity to maintain, replace and restore damage when the right nutritional building blocks are provided in abundance. To remain healthy throughout our lives we have to take personal responsibility for our own welfare. Medical and corporate institutions have a vested interest in maintaining us indefinitely on drugs and poor quality foods which keep us ill and addicted to them. Tobacco does the same.

It is claimed that we, in the western world, are living longer. It is fraud...statistical sleight-of-hand. Infant mortality and war casualties are at a record low which causes the average life-span to rise and skews the statistics.The very low birth-rate alters the proportion of elderly to the young and just makes it 'look' as though there is a preponderance of people who are living longer. This booklet offers everyone a basic guide and understanding on how to succeed in self-care and sustained health freedom without the fear of being a victim of the medical merry-go-round from which there is little reprieve.

Chapter 1 Foods to avoid

Most people are not aware that they suffer from a hidden and steadily advancing chronic disease which is not from ageing but from covert malnutrition, a form of starvation. It is an insidious process which starts well before birth and is not recognised until a sub-clinical condition suddenly causes one of many chronic or acute illnesses to occur. It is generally not realised, even by the health professionals, that our food lacks essential minerals and complexes brought about by the use of artificial fertilisers on our soils. It is the basis for a food supply that has become increasingly denatured, refined, processed, chemicalised and pesticide-ridden. Yet we are all made to believe that we eat 'healthy' food. Government endorsement claims all this food to be 'safe' and nutritious and compliant with the WHO's Codex Alimentarius Guidelines as recommended by the FDA...bodies which are funded by corporate self-interest. While we allow the government to get away with the pretence that we are 'Clean, Green and Healthy', no progress will be made in combatting the global epidemic of chronic degenerative disease and millions will die prematurely at the hands of the corporate juggernauts of which the pharmaceutical, medical and food producers are an integral part. The nutritional information on food labels is of little benefit. The list only conveys high-energy food components, (protein, fats, sugar, sodium), but lacks information on the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and complexes that our bodies desperately need. The cunning behind this useless information belies a scientific dishonesty to trick the public into a false sense of nutritional security. Foods that MUST be avoided: 1. White sugar. 2. White flour. 3. White table salt. 4. White rice. 5. Fat-free and/or homogenised milk. 6. Any genetically modified produce. 7. All artificial sweeteners. 8. All unfermented soy. 9. All mains supply recycled water. 10. All trans fats and low smoke-point cooking oils. White sugar, white flour, white table salt and white rice contain little nutrition and therefore do not provide the body with any essential building blocks. They consist of an overload of calories and tend to behave as free radical scavengers. These refined products are easily replaced by other more nourishing sweeteners, wholemeal flour and wholegrain rice. Table salt should be replaced by Himalayan salt, rock or sea salt and kelp. Homogenised milk is dangerous because the micronized fat particles enter directly into the blood stream without being digested by enzymes. Pasteurisation destroys the enzymes required to digest the components in milk. Cream is good for you! It

contains several fat soluble vitamins and when they are removed, the milk industry robs you of essential components present in the cream. Raw, unpasteurised fullcream milk is by far the best for everyone's health. Milk is sterile and the problem of infection is minimal. To sterilise everything is counterproductive as we all need to be challenged by live microbes otherwise our immune defences fail. Genetically modified food is dead food as the original DNA has been altered so that essential components that contribute to reproduction are missing. GM foods have had pesticides incorporated into it's DNA which makes them much more dangerous than the sprays used topically in the past. Main's-supply recycled water has an arsenal of toxic agents remaining after treatment. Besides numerous traces of man-made chemicals that are not removed, it often contains added chlorine, fluorine and aluminium which are known to be neurotoxic and many estrogens impacting negatively on thyroid function, libido and fertility in both sexes. Drink pure water. Avoid chemical/artificial sweeteners. They are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and neurotoxic (damage the nervous system). Replace refined carbohydrates with high potency super foods that contain an array of essential nutrients that are missing from the so-called 'balanced' diet. The body gets quickly satisfied when provided with the right nutrients and needs less food. Trans fats which occur in non-butter spreads and low-smoke point oils should be avoided at all times. Trans fats are poisonous foreign chemicals to the body and can not be metabolised. Animals instinctively know not to eat them. Unfermented soy interferes with thyroid function, causing subclinical hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance lowers libido and sexual competence in both sexes and lowers sperm counts in males. It also effects bone formation, strength and flexibility, contributing to osteoporosis by affecting vitamin D3 production.

Chapter 2 Common deficiencies

Dietary deficiencies are now so wide-spread and numerous that only the basic ones can be listed. Since we went away from organically-based fertilisers such as guano (sea bird droppings) and replaced it with NPK, (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium), lime and super-phosphate which are largely devoid of micro and trace elements and bioavailable complexes, we are exposing generations to a plant-based diet which does not provide us with the essential building blocks for good health. As a result, chronic disease is inevitable. Chronic disease responds extra well to potent, high-quality supplementation and super foods. However, many supplements are of low quality and low potency and have little or no restorative clinical effect. This is deliberately done to obstruct the normal healing process. Some vitamins are increasingly sold as analogues (synthetic copies) and are deliberately designed not to work very well. They can even be damaging since the body can not utilise them to good effect. The term 'medicine' is a misnomer. Medicines are meant to heal but doctor's chemical prescription 'drugs' do not heal, they merely mask the symptoms. Drugs are therefore NOT 'medicines'. Natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and concentrated super-foods are true 'medicines' as they provide all the essential elements for healing....prescription drugs do not. The following is a list of the main nutritional deficiencies encountered in our daily lives largely due to our denatured diet. It highlights the need for additional, high potency supplementation. These figures do not refer to the percentage of people that are deficient, they refer to the averaged deficiencies encountered in most people on a standard so-called 'balanced diet'. Calcium: 40% deficiency. Chromium: 90% deficiency. Copper: 75% deficiency. Omega 3: very common deficiency. Iron: most common among women. Magnesium: 75-90% deficiency. Niacin: common deficiency. Vitamin B5: 45% deficiency. Vitamin B6: 70-90% deficiency. Selenium: 50% deficiency. Vitamin A: 50% deficiency. Vitamin D3: almost everyone, especially in winter and in people with dark skins. Vitamin C: 20-50% deficiency. Vitamin E: 15-25% deficiency. Vitamin K: very common deficiency in women and the new-born. Despite this list being just the tip of the nutritional iceberg, the message should be clear enough to set alarm bells ringing for those who have been blinded by the

propaganda that most people eat well and that their diet provides all the nutrition they need to be healthy and stay disease free. The Government knows about these deficiencies because they issue yearly breakdowns of the nutritional contents of the food eaten, which clearly shows that most of the foods are seriously deficient and do not match the minimum DRI (daily recommended intake) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), whose determinations are close to malnutrition levels, especially for those who are stressed for one reason or another. The fact that the government ignores the connection between nutritional incompetence and chronic disease, then introduces draconian Codex Alimentarius minimal food intake recommendations, shows a callous disregard for the health of the people that amounts to criminal negligence leading to chronic illness and premature death.

Chapter 3 Atherosclerosis
Plaque, or hardening of the arteries, or calcification, is the underlying cause of all the chronic degenerative diseases plaguing mankind and it is getting worse. Solve that problem and all chronic diseases will disappear with it. The only things that stand in the way of vibrant good health are the politicians, the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and the corporate food producers who all comply with the United Nation's Depopulation Agenda 21, which aims to eliminate 90% of the World's population by supporting global corporate interests that make trillions from poisoning the public with denatured food, prescription medicines and vaccines. The extent of the criminal agendas behind the facade of humanitarian concerns that the UN and WHO falsely proclaim is mind-boggling. All the chronic environmental diseases of which atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) forms the basis, could be a thing of the past. A mere stroke of the pen and a willingness to implement a determined effort to distribute nutritious food, super foods and high quality optimum supplemental nutrition in place of the denatured junk-food, toxic medical drugs, poisonous vaccines, dodgy polluted drinking water plus an end to modern medical quackery and then humanity will experience a health rebirth the likes of which the world has never seen before. One can dream of a time when doctors stop ripping off the most vulnerable, refrain from being the greatest iatrogenic killers the world has ever seen and adhere to the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath of not to harm, which they abandoned long ago. What causes atherosclerosis? It is quite simple. So simple, in fact, that it seems ludicrous that it has never been explained properly before. Plaque or calcium deposits are concretions that have developed in blood vessels. Cholesterol has nothing to do with plaque! Cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease! Cholesterol and the statin drugs is a money making scam!! How does calcium become lodged in our arteries, when calcium belongs in hard tissue such as bones? When we are subjected to an overload of free radicals (oxidative stressors) and our antioxidants (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) are in short supply, vessels and organs are attacked and damaged. Free radicals are electrically-charged toxic substances that flow through our blood circulation. It does not matter what exactly the charged substance is as they all do damage to vessel walls and organs to some degree. They are oxidative particles and they set up a rusting process in the body. They scavenge anything that will neutralise them with an opposite charge. In an attempt to avoid a catastrophic rupture, which can happen in the case of an aneurism (bulging vessel), a clotting mechanism is set off by causing platelets to adhere and develop a plug to protect the weakened area. This clot consists of a fibrin network, some lipids, calcium and some heavy metals which in time hardens into plaque. The clot blocks the calcium/magnesium pump which causes the build-up

of intracellular calcium and stops the flow of energy and oxygen in and out of the cells. The cells swell because of the failure of the sodium/potassium exchange and this restricts the blood flow through the vessels. This combination of clot formation, calcification and swelling increases blood pressure as the vessels become insensitive to the nitric oxide which provides the stimulus for vessel flexibility. This disease process of calcification goes on for years before the stage is reached that the artery becomes so narrow that a solid clot develops causing a stroke, heart attack or thrombosis. Summary of the main factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease: 1.Plaque are calcium concretions that result from vascular damage caused by an overload of oxidative stressors (free radicals) in the absence of sufficient antioxidants which neutralise their devastating effects due to obstructive and restrictive effects which raises blood pressure and reduces circulatory efficiency. 2. Plaque is not only intracellular calcium but also a combination of spent platelets, fibrin, heavy metals, cis and trans fats and very little cholesterol. 3. Plaque interferes with the movement of calcium/magnesium and sodium/potassium across cell membranes and blocks energy transfer which destroys the cells. Toxic heavy metals affect electrolyte balance. This situation leads to arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), poor energy and oxygen transfer in and out of cells, which causes vessels to swell (oedema) reducing vessel diameter which raises blood pressure even further. 4. Inflammation goes hand in hand with chronic diseases resulting in an increase in the fibrinogen to globulin ratio which affects several crucial factors. a. Fibrinogen increases blood viscosity and slows blood flow. b. Fibrinogen causes rouleaux (red cells adhere and stack, like coins). These cells can not oxygenate adequately and tend to block the small arterioles and venules resulting in the anoxic (purple/blue) appearance of people suffering from advanced cardio vascular disease. c. Fibrinogen increases the chances of forming fibrin clots, closing off the blood vessels completely resulting in strokes, thrombosis, and heart attacks which can lead to infarcts and cardiac arrests. Although it is taken for granted that bypasses, stents and drug therapies are the obvious and preferred way to address these life-threatening conditions, it is my experience that these invasive procedures and drug therapies are neither permanent nor effective solutions. To reverse and cure these cardio-vascular and chronic diseases it is necessary to address the plaque and thrombin problem which are the physical factors that caused the obstructions in the first place. This can be successfully achieved by using natural nutrition-based proteolytic enzymes, Nattokinase and Serrapeptase which are very effective at dissolving fibrin clots (thrombosis) and breaking up the matrix that constitutes the framework for plaque and helps it to disintergrate. They also reduce blood viscosity which improves circulation. To successfully address the calcium concretion (plaque), we need to detoxify the heavy metals that interfere with the electrolyte balance and the energy transfer in and out of cells. Chelating agents such as Zeolite and EDTA detoxify heavy metals that interfere with the calcium/ magnesium pump. To reverse and kickstart the energy utilisation of the mitochondria in cells, the use of coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides) is an excellent alternative way of energising cells through the ketogenic-energy cycle

besides the glucose-insulin pathway. With the use of potent superfoods and optimum levels of supplemental antioxidants, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids, these obstructions can be effectively cleared. The plaque will slowly dissolve and the calcium that leeches from the plaque will return to the bone where it belongs. The effects of this reversal can be felt quite rapidly in many people through the improvement to their circulation, the return of warm and pink extremities, the cessation of pins and needles, the end of angina, the improvement of eye-sight, memory, sexual function and the return of libido. All chronic diseases including atherosclerosis are plagued by micro-organisms which cause inflammation since they involve the breakdown of tissue (apoptosis) on which organisms feed. Ionic (colloidal) silver is by far the most effective antibiotic and antiseptic. It can be drunk, sprayed under the tongue or breathed into the lungs and applied topically. It is nontoxic, even at high concentrations. Royalty have saved themselves over the centuries from many epidemics, including the plague, by dining off silverware. They were saturated with silver which made them look blue, hence the term 'blue-bloods'. The general public, who had no access to silver, died in great numbers as a result of a loss of immunity caused by global environmental factors.. Drugs which are normally prescribed and recommended, such as statins, alpha and beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, anticoagulants and analgesics and pain killers all have 3 things in common. 1. They suppress the disease symptoms giving the impression of a cure. 2. They block normal metabolic function which disables the organs and makes the process of repair impossible. 3. They have numerous damaging effects making the underlying disease process continually worse by overloading the patient with marauding free radicals and denying them the antioxidents to neutralise their oxidative toxic effects. Such is the criminal paradigm that the whole of modern allopathic (drug-based) medicine relies on.

Chapter 4 Osteoporosis and osteopenia

Osteoporosis, much like atherosclerosis, is closely connected to cardiovascular disease. Calcium from the hard tissue of bone is transferred to the soft tissue lining vessels in the form of plaque. It is widespread and makes no exceptions as to who will be smitten by it. Almost everyone has it to some degree although they are unaware of it. It is largely, but not exclusively, due to the lack of sunshine which contributes to the lack of Vitamin D3 production and the dietary availability of Vitamin K2. This lack already manifests itself before and at birth when a baby's fontanel is slow to close. The battered baby syndrome of bruises and broken limbs is a manifestation of covert ricketts. Other signs of Vitamin D3 deficiency is a collapsed sternum, bandy legs, easily broken limbs, stiff joints, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, spurs, a stoop, rapid shrivelling in advancing age, declining flexibility, calcification, loss of bone density, arthritis, curvature and dislocations of the spine and the need for prosthesis as in joint replacements, dental caries and gum disease. Taking drugs like Fosamax and Fluoride does not fix the problem because they make bone more rigid and brittle causing them to wear down rapidly and fracture more easily due to the loss of flexibility. These drugs do not provide the essential missing growth factors and only make matters worse since osteoporosis is the result of not one but many deficiencies. Too much emphasis is placed on the need for calcium to get healthy bone growth, but other metabolites (nutrients) are equally important and are low or absent in our daily diet, such as Magnesium, Manganese, Strontium, Boron, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Silica, Collagen 1, 2, and 3, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin, MSM and Glucosamine in optimum amounts. Synthetic and pseudo-estrogens in our diet, the contraceptive pill and HRT have a serious detrimental effect on healthy bone maintenance.

Chapter 5 The flu and colds

Medical authorities, drug companies and politicians use a raft of fear tactics when it comes to the flu, colds and pneumonia. These respiratory infections can be easily avoided or overcome with optimum amounts of Vitamin D3, Liposomal Vitamin C and by using colloidal silver which is the most effective natural antibiotic/antiseptic available to mankind. But there is little profit to be made from these successful remedies. The medical establishment depends on people becoming ill as there is no profit to be made from healthy people who practice self-care. People do not die from colds or the flu but from a secondary infection caused primarily by pneumonia (pneumococcus) of which they are usually the carrier and when immune defences are down these germs are able to replicate rapidly by thriving on the breakdown products of cell destruction. The medical industry takes advantage of these infections by blowing the dangers of viruses out of all proportion. They deliberately release highly dangerous laboratory-engineered variants to start global epidemics as a means to cull the world's population. The advise given on how to avoid or protect people from infection amounts to total nonsense. It is ludicrous to think that we can dodge trillions of viruses floating in the air, especially in confined spaces. Handwashing, the use of face masks, tissues to cough and sneeze into, do nothing to stop germs from spreading far and wide. A strong immune defence is the only way to ward off these infections. Vaccinations to combat viruses never work . They are too non-specific and extremely dangerous. It is a deliberate attempt by the World Health Organisation to damage each person's delicate immune system and a global offensive to destroy group immunity. All vaccinations are well known by immunological experts to be ineffective and life-threatening regardless of the propaganda claims. Not only do the attenuated (weakened) viruses, or genetically engineered replicas, not match the real virus in circulation but their mode of entry by injection by-passes all the natural hurdles such as the immune system in the bowel, the leucocytes and macrophages in the lymph system and antibodies that normally protect us from disease-causing germs.. Besides those factors, most vaccines are contaminated with cancer-causing, sterilising, nerve-damaging and endocrine-destroying agents such as Formalin, Mercury, Aluminium, Polysorb, Squalene, HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) and others not disclosed because of what they term 'sensitive information'... in other words, they are all covert biological weapons used to lower mass resilience against a host of agents of mass destruction. Finally, it should be realised that vaccines are a violation of one's physical integrity. It is a covert form of medical invasion and is ultimately designed to exterminate much of humanity. The UN and WHO make no secret of their 90% depopulation Agenda 21, which aims to make the masses compliant into accepting a form of selfdestruction of which the public are completely unaware. The sinister nature of this coercive so-called 'health-care' system which is really 'sickness-care' needs to be exposed. Health authorities recommend ever more money be spent on all kinds of invasive treatments which so far has only resulted in an exponential increase in disease that shows no sign of abating. Yet the holy grail of medicine goes on, and no one seems capable of saving us from a relentless push

towards more chronic disease and a degenerating abyss. So much money is spent on palliatives, anti-inflammatories and painkillers as well as other over-the-counter drugs, that one needs to ask where this crazy mentality is leading us. All those drugs only suppress the symptoms and aggrevate and prolong those medical conditions. Our forebears used to confine those with a fever into a warm bed with hotties so that they would overcome the germs by sweating them out at high temperatures. They were right!! Germs multiply less well at high temperatures, while the use of anti-inflammatories lowers the temperature prolonging germ survival and the illness.. Again, it is a deliberate move by the pharmaceutical and medical industry to cash in on an increasingly sick, vulnerable and immunologically fragile society which they themselves have purposely engineered.

Chapter 6 Cancer
The ongoing propaganda promises miracle breakthroughs for cancer that are never likely to eventuate. It is shameful and the failure rate is monumental, but it is deliberate. As with cardiovascular disease, the number of victims keeps on increasing and the disease claims ever more victims and lives each year. Again, like all chronic degenerative diseases, cancer stems from a free radical (oxidative) overload and an inadequate supply of antioxidants with a subsequent loss of oxygen and energy distribution to parts of the body with inadequate blood supply. Cancer can quite easily be avoided and reversed. However, when it spreads (metastisizes) it becomes more difficult to reverse. Billions of dollars are wasted by researchers persuing an imaginary enemy up a blind ally which usually leads to a dead end. Many naturopaths have successfully treated all kinds of cancer with high potency nutrients, supplements and whole food super-foods. Modern medical quackery dismisses and ignores the science and the chemistry behind the underlying nutritional needs to overcome and avoid chronic diseases. Denying people highpotency dietary support amounts to medical negligence of the criminal kind. Cancer was virtually unknown 100 years ago, so what has the medical profession been doing for the last century? Although they will claim it has nothing to do with them, that it is people's life-styles or their heredity to blame. By pretending to be healers and coercing their patients to become permanent pill-poppers, they are guilty by association for not guiding their charges to avoid denatured food, chemicalised drinking water, pollutants, including the numerous prescribed toxic medical drugs and life-threatening vaccines which they blithely prescribe with the stroke of a pen. As a professional body they are a disgrace. They keep their mouths shut when social and corporate control is being exercised on behalf of political agendas that support corporate greed and institutionalised depopulation eugenics. For cancer, the same solutions are appropriate as they are for atherosclerosis. All chronic diseases have as their origins the lack of the same biochemical components that provide optimium metabolic conditions. To address cancer, atherosclerosis must be addressed at the same time. It needs a copious supply of oxygenated blood carrying complex nutrients and energy requirements to build new tissue and help change the undifferentiated cancer cells back to the natural differentiated form. Cancers morph into a primitive state to survive which enables them to multiply without restriction. This is referred to as a dyscrasia and this process can be reversed by providing well-oxygenated blood in an alkaline environment. It is well known that cancer can not survive in well-oxygenated conditions. It is also known that Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) found in most fruit pips destroys cancer cells because of their harmless cyanide content. Large amounts are to be found naturally in both apricot kernels and loquat kernels. Scare-mongering about overdosing on Laetrile is unfounded. Cancer cells are ferrocious carbohydrate (sugar and starch) metabolisers. Cancer patients lose weight rapidly because they can not get enough energy from carbohydrates alone so they utilise fats and proteins as well. The best strategy is to avoid carbohydrates and common fats as much as possible and provide an alternative energy source that can be found in coconut oil which has the highest

content of medium-size triglycerides. This mechanism is referred to as ketogenesis and it provides alternative energy which can be succesfully used to counter Diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and cancer. There are numerous ways to protect against cancer. Avoid as much as possible any produce that has been grown with chemical fertilisers in depleted soils and where toxic sprays have been used. Don't eat refined, chemicalised, processed, over-heated, irradiated or microwaved food. Avoid all artificial sweetners, all GM (genetically modified) and unfermented soy products. Stay clear of iodised table salt and anything containing aluminium as easy-flow or anti-caking agents. Eat mainly organic vegetables and fruit in a raw state or in stir-frying but making sure that they are cooked quickly because all digestive enzymes are destroyed when heated above 65 deg C. Ensure that multi-vitamins, minerals and ionic trace elements are bio-available and as close to natural as possible. Most of the essential nutrients can be found in an array of superfoods but they need to be in a concentrated form in order to provide optimum nutrition for those who are physically and metabolically stressed as in the case of chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, otherwise they contribute too little to have any chance of reversing or curing cancer. Don't drink any recycled mains-water because it contains numerous manmade chemicals as well as added aluminium, chlorine, fluorine and estrogenic complexes. Drink pure water with a little amount of broadspectrum bio-available trace colloidal elements. All cancers are caused by the same mechanism of free-radical overload and the lack of anti-oxidants to neutralise their destructive effect. It is for that reason that the treatments which have the greatest chance of success depend on high potency, optimum nutrition and avoidance of all chemicals, medical drugs and vaccines, radiation and radio-active substances. The 5 main types of cancer are breast, prostate, lung, cervical and skin cancer. Breast cancer can be completely avoided or cured without surgical intervention. Breast screening (mammograms) and hormonal medications contribute to the formation of cancerous breast lesions. Thermography is the only preferred option to mammography as it is entirely safe and it does not damage DNA through ionising radiation. The most effective combined treatments against breast cancer are: 1. High potency melatonin. 2. Intravenous Vitamin C. 3. Oral lipospheric (liposomal) Vitamin C. 4. High potency Vitamin D3. 5. Cesium chloride and DMSO. 6. Laetrile. 7. Potassium bicarbonate. 8. Coconut oil, organic. ( providing medium chain triglycerides)

9. High potency multivitamins and trace elements. 10. Colloidal silver 11. CoQ10. 12. Digestive and pancreatic enzymes. 13. Zeolite. 14. DCA. (dichloroacetate) Prostate cancer is again the damaging effects of free radicals and causes the inflammatory process contributing to the blocking of the urethra. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the worst possible treatments often leading to metastasis, incontinence, bone cancer, loss of libido, sterility and sexual function. All other natural and nutritional options are preferable. They invariably consist of : 1. Saw Palmetto. 2. High potency superfoods. 3. Lipospheric Vitamin C. 4. High potency Vitamin D3. 5. Cesium chloride and DMSO. 6. Laetrile. 7. Potassium bicarbonate. 8. Coconut oil, organic. 9. High potency multivitamins and trace elements 10. Colloidal silver. 11. CoQ10. 12. Digestive and pancreatic enzymes. 13.Zeolite. 14. DCA. (dichloroacetate) The PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test to determine the presence of prostate cancer is highly unreliable and not specific, giving many false-positive and falsenegative results often leading to unnecessary treatments, surgery and drugs with a fatal outcome. Cervical cancer is caused, not by papilloma viruses, but by the same mechanism of invasive free-radical overload with a deficit of antioxidants. Vaccinating against a few of the many papilloma strains, falsely believed to be the cause of cervical cancer, only exacerbates the problem by addressing the symptoms rather than the cause. Bacteria and viruses have the innate ability to become resistant through mutation and the mixed flora adjusts to the changing environment posing an even greater threat. The same natural nutritional treatments are paramount in avoiding as well as reversing cervical cancer as this cancer, like all other cancers, are acquired through subclinical malnutrition deficiencies bordering on physiological and metabolic starvation which forces normal cells into a primitive undifferentiated form. 1. Colloidal silver. 2. High potency multivitamins and trace elements. 3. Lipospheric Vitamin C. 4. High potency Vitamin D3. 5. Cesium chloride and DMSO. 6. MSM. 7. Laetrile. 8. Potassium bicarbonate. 9. Coconut oil.

10. CoQ10. 11. Digestive and pancreatic enzymes. 12. Zeolite. 13. DCA. (dichloroacetate) Skin cancer. Contrary to the popular myth, skin cancer is NOT caused by too much sunshine. The reverse is true. Too little sunshine results in a deficiency of Vitamin D3 production which bears a direct relationship to the likelihood of skin cancers developing. Again, nutritional incompetence is the cause of this epitherial cell starvation. Surgically removing these lesions is the worst possible method of treatment since the tendency for the numerous afflicted cells to disseminate amounts to medical negligence when these cancerous cells can so easily be destroyed with a small amount of inexpensive black salve/bloodroot paste. The same supplements as listed for other cancers applies to skin cancer as well. Collagen 1,2 and 3 is also recommended. Lung cancer. Priority is to stop smoking and to apply all the recommended supplementation listed above for other cancers. Here is a basic list of agents that provide the optimum treatment for cancer: 1. Sodium bicarbonate or Potassium bicarbonate. Take on an empty stomach in capsule form so that the bicarbonate is not neutralised by the stomach acid. This helps to alkalise the blood and a saliva indicator test can be done to ascertain the level of acidity in the body. Potassium bicarbonate is even better than sodium bicarbonate as it provides potassium which is low in western diets while sodium overload is common due to the overuse of table salt. 2. Cesium chloride. This is an even stronger alkaliser. Needs supervision by a doctor or naturopath. 3. Laetrile, Vitamin B17 (amygdalin). Present in apricot and loquat kernels in high levels. A complex safe form of cyanide which kills cancer cells but poses no danger to intact healthy cells nor to the cancer victim. 4. Zeolite. This is an excellent heavy metal and radioactive isotope-absorbing agent helpful in restoring electrolyte balance across cell walls where the calcium/magnesium and sodium/potassium pumps assist in the efficient transfer and utilisation of energy by the mitochondria activated by Coenzyme Q 10. Zeolite is also an excellent anti-microbial agent and is very useful in combating any underlying microbial infection which all chronic degenerative diseases are prone to. 5. Digestive and pancreatic enzymes. Every cell in the body depends on enzymeassisted reactions. By overheating food, enzymes are destroyed causing the pancreas to be exhausted. Malabsorption syndromes and pancreas exhaustion leads to diabetes and contributes to the development of other chronic diseases. 6. Coconut oil. This oil provides a safe alternative energy source through the utilisation of high levels of medium-chain triglycerides and overcomes the problems associated with high sugar and starch-based energy supplies which feed cancer cells. 7. High quality and high potency mulitvitamins, minerals and 70+ trace elements. Many are missing from our common denatured unbalanced diets. Be aware that many popular vitamin preparations are synthetic, of extreme low potency and contain a number of fillers and bulkers that are potentially toxic and contribute little to

restoring or maintaining vibrant good health. 8. Vitamins. High potency Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, and Liposomal Vitamin C. These are anti-cancer vitamins and are particularly important antioxidants needed to restore the rapid utilisation and loss due to cancer. Potent levels of Vitamin C (liposomal) provide high levels of hydrogen peroxide to cells, which is lethal to cancer. 9. Diatomacious Earth. Helps detoxify and cleanse the bowel which improves digestion and absorption and provides a source of silica required for healthy bones and skin. 10. Omega 3. Fish oil or Krill oil. Provides essential fatty acids. 11. Nattokinase. A fibrinolysin which dissolves blood clots and improves blood circulation by making the blood less viscous.. This assists the energy distribution throughout the body and helps to dispose of toxic waste which results from the destructive nature of cancer. 12.MSM. (methyl sulphonyl methane) and DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide). Both substances provide methylation and transport oxygen to cells. These provide enhanced energy transfer to cells while the improved oxygen carrying ability of sulphur provides oxygen which is lethal to cancer. 13. Superfoods: Chlorella, Spirulina, Acai, Noni, Mangosteen and Goji. Best taken in concentrated form. 14. Colloidal Silver (Ionic silver). This is the best all-round antibiotic/antiseptic with no side effects or known development of resistance. Important in keeping germs from becoming aggressive when the body is in a state of immune weakness. Regardless of what doctors tell us about cancer, how it is caused and how it is to be treated, cancer is always the result of long-standing sub-clinical malnutrition causing an overload of free-radical oxidative stressors and a deficiency of anti-oxidants needed to neutralise their damaging effects. Athlete's average life-span is almost 10 years lower than the general population. This is because they suffer the effects of long-term physical and mental stress which produces a massive overload of free-radicals not able to be neutralised by an adequate supply of anti-oxidants. Doctors live on average almost 20 years shorter than the general public. It is claimed that it is solely due to the pressure of their profession. While that may be part of the reason, a more likely contributing factor is that most doctors are seriously undernourished and continuously carry a massive free-radical toxic overload because of their indulgence in a drug and vaccine-based iatrogenic paradigm.

Chapter 7 Diabetes
Diabetes is on the rise and is just another manifestation of cellular and organ malnutrition. It does not necessarily develop as a result of obesity. Obesity is not an illness. It is a symptom of an excessive intake of refined carbohydrates (empty calories). There are 3 main reasons why Type 2 diabetes develops. 1. Malabsorption. Because the processed foods lack the enzymes required for food digestion, the pancreas which also produces insulin becomes exhausted from having to compensate for enzyme deficiencies in the food. 2. Both the manner in which produce is grown from depleted soils and the refining and processing of food contribute to the lack of chromium in our diet which curbs insulin activity and is referred to as insulin resistance. 3. The excessive intake of refined carbohydrates exacerbates the demands made on insulin production. Diabetes can be reversed or contained naturally merely by addressing the causes and by supplemental digestive and pancreatic enzymes, chromium picolinate and pre- and pro-biotics. In addition, superfoods and other nutritional agents provide the many building blocks required for optimum physiological health. To provide for an alternative energy pathway, so as to avoid ketogenisis caused by hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), it is recommended to take coconut oil as a source of medium-chain triglycerides (fat-burning energy source).

Chapter 8 Alternative therapies

Main stream medicine scoffs at alternative treatments. Medicine is not a science but an ideology held by those indoctrinated to believe that their methods hold all the patents to good health and the solutions to all illness. This is why, over many centuries, medicine has never tolerated any dissent despite each generation of doctors having proven that their paradigm is outrageously flawed. Drug-based medicine and vaccines is their 'holy grail' and everyone is expected to partake. One very important factor in favour of natural healing methods is the dynamics of energy-based healing. Although Eastern cultures did not have the benefit of advanced physiological biochemistry, they made excellent use of the ability to shunt and balance energy levels throughout the body from places of abundance to places of deficit by activation of electrical impulses through accupuncture, gua sha, massage and various other manipulations including physiotherapy. It stands to reason therefore, that these alternative healing methods are far superior to allopathic drug-based treatments provided the patient has access to proper levels of high quality broadspectrum nutrition. If sound nutrition is lacking, the effect of re-allocating energy levels to ailing parts of the body will only give temporary relief which will fade as that energy tends to drain away causing it to go into deficit once again. It is for this reason that drug-based medicine can legitimately claim that alternative and spiritual healing is only a temporary phenomenon while the drug treatments claim relief as long as the patients continue to take the prescription drugs designed to numb the effected parts. This is sleight-of-hand and fraudulent medicine. Optimum nutrition is paramount and anything that interferes with that can soon change everyone into a permanent cripple on daily doses of health-sapping prescription drugs. Whatever treatment is employed, there are three factors that are more important than anything else for optimum good health. 1. Avoid all chemicals, drugs and vaccines. 2. Embrace high-quality nutrition. 3. Ensure optimum bowel and liver function. Without efficient bowel absorption and effective liver detoxification, serious obstructions and blockages occur which if not cleared adequately will lead to serious chronic disease.

Physiological biochemistry is an essential pre-requisite to understanding life and all it's intricately related reactions. It is a legitimate sophisticated science applicable to nutrition and metabolic processes which depend entirely on the circular relationship between all living and non-living matter. The unfortunate thing is that medical doctors learn precious little about the subject and are therefore completely out of touch with the importance of nutrition and energy distribution as being essential to the healing dynamics of patients. It is high time that the medical industry was exposed for refusing to live up to the promise of effective and affordable health care. What they are providing is 'sickness care' and they are overcharging patients for that! Those who really need care for chronic degenerative diseases should be given it for free. Free alternative treatments which include targeted optimum nutrition and alternative natural therapies. I encourage you to become your own healer and make it a resounding success. It is through understanding and applying sound reasoning that the confidence in selfhealing achieves it's ultimate reward. You will find that in time it will manifest an entirely new consciousness that enables you to open a new chapter in your life and encourage others to do the same. This is not a rapid process. It has taken many years to become chronically ill, but one can expect to make progress towards good health without the constant fears of illness and having to depend on drugs and vaccines. There is no need for people to suffer long-term chronic diseases. Nature's bounty is designed to provide our health-retaining nutritional needs to keep us illness-free and improve health for the sick and elderly to which they have a legitimate right. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist and have researched chronic degenerative diseases extensively. I have come to the conclusion that the anomaly that has subjected the masses to medical slavery has neither justification nor legitimacy. Emanuel van den Bemd. ANZMLSc. (Medical Laboratory Scientist.)