By Ozzie Freedom

Book 1-A: Introduction
Version 6.0

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Water4Gas Book 1-A


Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom

Water4Gas Book 1-A


..................................................................................................................................96 Water4Gas Book 1-A 4 ......................................22 Chapter 5 MORE ON SAFETY.............83 Chapter 13 USEFUL RESOURCES.........................................................................................................13 Chapter 4 WELCOME TO “FREE ENERGY!”...........................Water4Gas..........82 Chapter 12 GLOSSARY.......................Book 1-A Chapter 1 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS...........74 Chapter 10 IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO IT Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Table of Contents -......................................................................................................................................... INTELLIGENT SKEPTICISM..........................80 Chapter 11 WHAT'S NEXT?.................................42 Chapter 7 HOW THE OPERATION ALL WORKS.....................................................................................................53 Chapter 9 ON SAVINGS AND FINANCING...41 Chapter 6 RESPONSIBILITY & CAUSE.........44 Chapter 8 WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?..................................................................................................................9 Chapter 3 STUPID SKEPTICISM VS................................................................7 Chapter 2 DISCLAIMERS....

Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom

In VOLUME B of this book (Book 1-B) you will have:

Water4Gas Book 1-A


Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom


Water4Gas Book 1-A


Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom

This book has been written in the USA by Ozzie Freedom with information from Bill and Tom Lang and others, and is dedicated to the betterment of the future of all Mankind. But none of us could have done it alone... Warm thanks owed to all the great gentlemen of past and present who have assisted in the development of Hydrogen and Water-Fuel technology and super-efficiency engines. These people have done it with YOU and YOUR ENVIRONMENT in mind, and very importantly promoted PUBLIC AWARENESS of the possibilities. Below is a very partial list, in Alphabetical order:  Alex Schiffer  Alexander von Humboldt  Andrew Batty  Andriah Puharich  Antoine LaVoisier  Archie Blue  Bill and Tom Lang  Bill Williams  Bob Boyce  Carl Cella  Carter Blankenship III  Charles H. Garrett  Charles Nelson Pogue  Charles T. Weber  Chuck Henderson  Daniel D. Dingel  Daniel Hoffman  Dennis Lee  Denny Klein  Dr. Ruggero Santilli  Drunvalo Melchizedek  Dustin “Smack/Eletrik” P.  Ernest Rutherford  Ferdinand von Zeppelin  Francisco Pacheco  Frank Robert  George Wiseman  Harold Urey  Hector Pierre Vaes  Henry "Dad" Garrett  Henry Cavendish  Henry M. Paine  Herman P. Anderson  Ilya Velbov  Isaac de Rivas  Jacques Charles  James A. Robey  James Dewar  Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir  Jean-Louis Naudin  Jerry W. Decker  Jerry Young  Jim Cornell  Jim Tarantola and his team  “Joe” (inventor of Joe Cell)  Joe “HHO Games” Shea  John Ernst Worrell Keely  Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac  Juan Carlos Aguero  Jules Verne  Ken Rasmussen  LateNite Leroy  Leroy Pea  Luther Wattles  Mark Oliphant  Michael A. Peavey  Michael Faraday  Nakamatsu Yoshiro

Water4Gas Book 1-A


clients and supporters from around the world.Water4GasDVD. affiliates.Ozzie Freedom Water4Gas Book 1-A 8 . THANK YOU GUYS . Wyles  William A. Kelly  Paul Harteck  Paul Pantone  Paul Zigouras  Rev. for Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom  Nikola Tesla  Paracelsus (T. manufacturers. Rhodes  William Nicholson  Yull Brown SPECIAL THANKS ALSO TO:  Water4Gas  And to anyone else who helps or has helped in any way. Erren  Rudolph W. Von Hohenheim)  Patrick J.I couldn't have made it alone! . Gunnerman  Sam Leslie Leach  Sang Nam Kim    Stanley and Stephen Meyer Ted Holbrook  Steven Horvarth Walter E. shape or form. editing and producing the Water4Gas DVD set . William Cecil  Robert Boyle  Robert Zweig  Rodger Billings  Ron Barker  Rudolf A.  Thanks to Nitsan Simantov of www.Water4Gas.Nitsan.

for any particular Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 2 DISCLAIMERS THIS BOOK HAS EXPERIMENTAL INFORMATION PROVIDED AS-IS FOR PROOF-OF-CONCEPT PURPOSES THE VIEWS. IDEAS AND INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS BOOK REPRESENT THE AUTHOR’S OPINIONS AND HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED BY ANY AUTHORITATIVE BODY ON SCIENCE. THE TECHNOLOGY DESCRIBED AND ILLUSTRATED IN THIS BOOK IS PURELY EXPERIMENTAL.Water4Gas. as well as on the Publisher's web site. Since the information in this book. HEALTH OR ECONOMY. Use of this Technology. the Author and Publisher(s) shall not be held liable to you for damages. as well as related devices or information. where applicable. YOUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Water4Gas Technology is based on public domain and Open Source philosophy and cannot be patented as far as the Author knows. there is no warranty expressed or implied concerning the suitability of Water4Gas Technology or related information. There is no warranty that Water4Gas Technology is fit for a particular purpose or area. executives. related knowledge or any device thereof. Compliance with any law. including tax write-off information and warranty protection information. including but not limited to loss or personal injury or losses sustained by the user or third parties or a failure of the Technology to operate. Water4Gas Book 1-A 9 . merchants and mechanics are responsible for their own job and no warranty is given by the Author or Publisher(s) for their performance or work ethics. therefore no specific results can be guaranteed for any model of vehicle. suppliers. You are charged with the responsibility of experimenting. All manufacturers. Such service is provided AS-IS without warranty of any kind. incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use Water4Gas technology. TECH SUPPORT (WHEN AVAILABLE) MAY OR MAY NOT BE PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR OR PUBLISHER(S) AS A FREE SERVICE OF GOODWILL. or for any other purpose or application. distributors and affiliates shall not be held responsible for how your use Water4Gas Technology. even if such holder or other party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. properly using and maintaining the workability of Water4Gas Technology. installing. special. No commitment is either expressed or implied that Tech Support will be available for any period or length of time. including any general. Although careful precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book. are provided AS-IS. The Author and Publisher(s) and their employees. is your responsibility. generator. or that it will be helpful in solving any technical problems. circumstance or geographical area. The Technology is not intended for use in violation of local laws and regulations which may be applicable to your geographical area. marine vessel. is at your very own risk.

it can be seen that the Technology is purely experimental and is totally in the hands of the reader or user. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OFFERED ABOVE. add the fact that any of the Water4Gas devices are temporarily attached to the vehicle – for experimenting – and can be removed quickly at any given time.. This technological field is constantly evolving. Such permission includes the permission to replicate the devices and methods illustrated in this book. visitor. To this. Water4Gas is not a specific product – but a general concept or a set of ideas on how to save the environment and possibly save some money too. DO NOT USE THIS BOOK OR ANY OF THE LINKS PROVIDED IN IT. Members. vendor.Water4Gas. this book gives several versions and options. providing you with the opportunity to protect the environment and help the economy of your Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom You are hereby given permission to replicate and sell. and such behavior would result in immediate exclusion from access and participation. THE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER(S) EXPRESSLY WISH TO HAVE ONLY SATISFIED STUDENTS AND AFFILIATIONS. patent or trademark belonging to a third party. manufacturer or mechanic. Affiliates and Vendors are charged with the responsibility of honorably representing the Technology and its users.g. related materials or information may be promoted or distributed in order to ridicule the Technology or to lower its public image or usability in any way. OR IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS OR RESERVATIONS REGARDING THE VALIDITY OF THE TECHNOLOGY. as well as possible legal action submitted against the offender. system or service relating to Water4Gas Technology BUT NOT THE INFORMATIONAL PRODUCTS (e. It's not a factory item with a finite set of specifications. this book/s and the DVD’s) AND/OR LOGOS AND/OR TRADEMARKS of the Author and Publisher(s). The Author and Publisher(s) retain the freedom to change and improve Water4Gas Technology. therefore CHANGES SHOULD BE EXPECTED for the good of all. Experimenters. It is permissible and very agreeable to generate extra income selling the Technology to others or to voluntarily help others to use the Technology. its informational products and delivery methods at any given time. For these reasons. The Publisher(s) retain their right and the choice to refuse service and/or support to any reader. Being a Water4Gas experimenter and user is an honorary status. However. even if only by a little bit. OR IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO TAKE THE RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF BEING AN EXPERIMENTER. NO PART of the Technology. you must communicate directly with their respective owners to obtain usage permission. affiliate. without requirement for further written permission. Each Water4Gas Book 1-A 10 . regardless of their payment or refund (if any). as well as permission for full free use (including alterations) of the related manufacturing data and replication data. LEGALITY WARNING! DO NOT TAKE THIS TEXT AS LEGAL ADVICE! The text below has the Author's interpretation of basic laws and an expression of his opinions on issues of legality. Every experimenter is free to make changes and versions of Water4Gas Technology. Additionally. any device. Maybe it will never be. Water4Gas Technology cannot be sent for government “approval” because the average experimenter is going to change it while experimenting. as well as the Author and the Publisher(s). In case of intellectual property.

let the mechanic ASSIST you but not do the entire job for you. If you happen to need HELP from a mechanic. or any other internal. in the past few years the Water4Gas books have already been used by developers and inventors as an inspiration for further developments. Some cities would limit what type of EXTERNAL “cosmetics” you can add to the outer walls (this could be likened to the prohibition to attach crazy flashing lights to a public-road vehicle). etc. In short. let him/her do that. non-permanent attachment. or you take the viewpoint of temporary attachment.EXPERIMENTAL: 2. let it be the experimenter's project at their very own risk – he or she must (in my humble opinion) sign a liability waiver releasing the mechanic of any liability. Additionally – and you may verify this with your lawyer – legalities of the road are very different from legalities of the sea. Water4Gas Book 1-A 11 . If you want to remove the device or system before a smog test. But no city or landlord may prevent you from placing a temporary room divider. So we basically have the following three principles: 1. and if he or she is only comfortable with the mechanical attachment. For instance if the experimenter is comfortable with the electrical connections. The tester doesn't want to bother with experiments and he's right – it's not his job and not his expertise to evaluate experimental technology.” but in the broader context of inspiration and general education on what can be done. It's like adding a removable awning or a removable glass door to your porch – you don't need a building permit since you haven't modified the Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom such attachment is a TEMPORARY ATTACHMENT. Not the mechanic.CAVEAT This technology is experimental and ever-changing.Water4Gas. Besides. farm equipment and energy generators. let him or her do that. in the fields of HEATING/COOKING with water-fuel. The responsibility must always stay with the experimenter – you. let him make his own decisions. As in Roman times. In case your mechanic is leery of losing his license because HE believes that the Technology might be illegal. It's not a modification but a temporary attachment. the Buyer takes all the risk. not a modification of the vehicle. Therefore it can be seen that this Technology and knowledge should not be taken in the limited scope of “you-must-do-this-to-your-vehicle. EMPTOR (Latin for "Let the buyer beware"): There must be no liability on the merchant or the mechanic. efficiency enhancements of GENERATORS AND BOAT ENGINES. Bottom line: either you take the viewpoint of an experiment done by the individual which CANNOT therefore be approved as a product.TEMPORARY: 3. go ahead and do that. The experimenter (the owner of the vehicle or property) must take the ENTIRE RISK in writing. either way you haven't modified the vehicle and you are welcome to experiment.

Does the fact that you cannot EXPLAIN tea defy the workability of tea??? What do you think? If you think it defies workability.htm Abstract: American vehicle owners and aftermarket enthusiasts have the help and protection of a lobbying organization named SEMA – Specialty Equipment Market Association. if you drink a glass of tea and it relieves your thirst every time. Water4Gas Book 1-A 12 . they cannot deny warranty only because you have installed an aftermarket GPS. or a pollution reducer.. advocates that hacking or modding (modifying) your vehicle does NOT automatically cancel your warranty.” they would give you five TOTALLY DIFFERENT explanations. Sounds obvious? It wasn't obvious before the Magnuson-Moss Act. if you find scientific inaccuracies anywhere in this book.Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975 (in short “Magnuson-Moss Act”) which protects consumers from being wrongfully denied warranty coverage by new car dealers or manufacturers (whoever covers the warranty or warranties). the term “scientific truth” means: (a) -what worked? (b) -what didn't work? . So what does that mean for us? That we cannot use this term??? For us.” Here's a real-life example: Today I was told that our usage of the term “Brown's Gas” is very far from scientific Get that book at www. Can you explain how tea works. then don't read this book any further. Whether we can or cannot explain it “properly” is not the issue. Their main achievement as far as the sale and use of aftermarket products is the Magnuson-Moss Warranty . Inc. Because this book comes from the Land of Results and not from the Land of Theories. please bear in mind that these descriptions and explanations are aimed at simplicity and ease of application rather than “scientific truth. It is only a record of the Author's findings and actual Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom WARRANTY PROTECTION The book “Car Hacks & Mods For Dummies” by Wiley Publishing. in other words. then (for you) it is a workable technique to relieve thirst.. Our scientific truth is simply this: RESULTS=SCIENTIFIC TRUTH For example. For example. retailers and distributors in North America. Therefore. if your axle has broken down. and asked them for their expert opinion on “Brown's Gas. Oh well. our knowledge and certainty is based solely on RESULTS. to the fullest extent of micro-organisms and chemical reactions between sub-atomic particles inside your super-complex body? I don't think so.Water4Gas. WHAT WE KNOW AND WHAT WE DON'T This book does not pretend to be a scientific research or scientific teaching. In the article “Keeping Your Mod's Warranty Intact” the book tells you how and what to do – and what NOT to do (such as messing with the VIN number). or a better radio. SEMA represents the aftermarket products manufacturers. wholesalers.or.water4gas. The self-appointed “expert” claimed that if you took the world's top-5 scientists and researchers on the subject.

My Water4Gas books turned water-fuel into a very popular subject. So they insist on repeating Step 1 above. So far – excellent! But with the good comes the bad and Stupid Skepticism is one aspect of the story. Which in turn makes them more dumb and more stubborn and mind-stuck. let me correct. it’s one of those chicken-and-egg package deals in which you don’t know what started it all – and it doesn’t really matter. so they do talk. climate change... 3. actually I endorse it! In any field of science. Since they are dumb and unethical. Some people are just like that. These people are dumb and unethical. And it really doesn’t matter whether the subject is hydrogen. social reform. Stupid Skepticism is when someone allows himself to open a big mouth on something he doesn't understand and have never really tried.Water4Gas.. 1. INTELLIGENT SKEPTICISM I DON’T MIND INTELLIGENT SKEPTICISM… No. and even more so in this controversial field of water-fuel and alternative energy.. alternative nutrition or baby hamsters. 2. They will criticize things they don't understand. Water4Gas Book 1-A 13 . they don’t understand WHAT they are talking about. they think it’s OK to talk about something they don’t understand. and everybody and his sister feel that they should talk about it. But you Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 3 STUPID SKEPTICISM VS. which leads to Step 2 and so on and so on and on… A classic chicken-and-egg infinite cycle. and also unethical enough NOT to test something of great value or importance.

” The real Media today is an immense ocean of talkers.Those who KNOW. Stop! Wait – what is “Media” today? Time Warner? Washington Post? This would be a very limited scope of view. including every major daily newspaper. And billions of people search the Internet for news and read other people’s opinions and reviews. The media. Because the Media today is all online on the Internet. And these skeptics sub-divide into two more types as well: “C” . This “Media” only splits into two major streams. Water4Gas Book 1-A 14 .com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom THE MEDIA In the last couple of years. is different.Stupid Skeptics.Water4Gas. 2. Therefore. And these sub-divide into two more types: “A” . every blogger and every comment to a blogger and every comment to the comment becomes “news” and “reviews” and “this is what people say. An ocean with its own streams and waves. however. there has been a lot of talk about Water4Gas and the public has split into believers and non believers. “D” . SKEPTICS. when any issue is brought up for discussion: 1. my dear reader. from previous experience and scholarly examination. INSTANT SUPPORTERS.Intelligent Skeptics.Blind Believers. But stick with me a minute and I’ll show you how to filter this ocean and how to put some order in its streams. “B” .

Unless you’re “A” and already KNOW. Of course they will support the subject. If they speak. Dumb Ass can be a highly educated professor or a completely uneducated person – it’s not an education thing. Mr. They have DONE it. both type “A” and type “B. Fatty Bottom might get lucky one day and come across a tough trainer or tough nutritionist who will MAKE her change the regime of her life and shed not just 20 pounds. Because “A” and “B” and “C” will do their thing and there’s no reason to talk much to them. As I said. It’s the mindset – not the status! ♦ The “D” people. Let’s examine what makes a stupid and what an intelligent skeptic.Water4Gas. and she’ll be slim.. and whatever comes their way on TV or in the street. Mr.. but ALL of the ugly fat that she has on. they SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE – and instantly so. support everything that they like.and she wouldn't even need to change her diet or her lifestyle. Let’s look at Mrs. they tested it and tasted it. and then he talks (crap) about it. or he can be a street sweeper. and then he is stubborn and thinks that he couldn’t have been wrong. They know what it does.| You have to understand something – Mr.. She’s an instant believer and she will follow the (bad) lead. ♦ Type “B”. Dumb Ass can be rich and Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom So we have four types: A Those who KNOW B Blind Believers C Stupid Skeptics D Intelligent Skeptics Let’s take them one by one: ♦ Instant Supporters. and they know out of first-hand experience and that’s a great thing to have.” actively or passively doubt what they hear or read or even see with their own eyes. both type “C” and type “D. they speak and act from previous experience. the Intelligent Skeptics. he’s stuck in a vicious cycle of being dumb-ass about something. are those I want to address. Dumb Ass. ♦ Skeptics. What DO they like? Well.. Water4Gas Book 1-A 15 . Fatty Bottom – she has a dream to become slim. if you’re an Intelligent Skeptic – type “D” – then I want to tell you something very important. the Blind Believers. so of course he keeps talking crap about something he does not understand. ♦ Type “C” are the Stupid Skeptic.” actively or passively support what they hear and read. But Mrs. ♦ The “A” are those who KNOW. they have a dream. beautiful and (I hope) much healthier too. and she hears or reads about a magic pill that promises to shed 20 pounds of ugly fat in a week.

you will be able to decide very quickly and easily whether it was good. 3. To accept data blindly might lead to disaster. EXAMINE it to the point that you acquire FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. As a general rule. Water4Gas Book 1-A 16 . Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN INTELLIGENT SKEPTIC To be an Intelligent Skeptic is the best position when you approach a subject you don’t already KNOW about from first-hand experience. TASTE it. go ahead and TEST any good promise THAT APPEALS TO YOUR INTELLIGENT MIND. Mr. bad or so-so. Skepticism is a very sane thing to keep and to do. For example I wouldn’t buy real estate on Mars from people who don’t have an office on Mars and have no idea when they will (that’s not a joke – search “Mars real estate” and you’ll see – there are people who carry the prestigious title “Certified Martian Residential Specialist” and sell residential properties there). 2. here’s what I advise you to do: 1.Water4Gas. agree. participate) into something you do like – but always from a skeptic’s standpoint – always TEST it. Then. But go ahead and “buy” (purchase. Keep your skepticism and practice it because it’s the right thing to do/keep. Intelligent Skeptic. It is natural and necessary to your self-preservation.

The thing to do is DECLARE AS STUPID SKEPTICS. ANY AND ALL WHO SPEAK CRAP BLINDLY. part of the Stupid Skepticism against myself and Water4Gas – which is not one and the same – was that I was earning money selling books so of course I had a “hidden reason” to say that the technology works. He’s just stupid on one subject. Don’t treat him like a dog either!!! He can be a great father or a fabulous guitar teacher. Dumb Ass when you see him. but seriously dumb on the subject at hand. and say it without being polite or diplomatic. There is a fast growing number of students and experimenters. 4. During 2008. He’s not a bad person. 5. 3.Water4Gas. He hasn’t got any. Don’t talk to his senses. Maybe he just had a bad day. When you encounter stupid skepticism. Not on the subject at hand anyway. Acquiring first hand experience and information is the best way to go. Or a bad millennium. MASSIVE TOOL #1 Now more specifically for Water4Gas. 5. I have created a massive tool to handle skepticism. Don’t take my word that “Water4Gas works” but test it. Say: “Hey you. In 2009 I decided to end this by releasing my entire book set PLUS new books – to 55 million Intelligent Skeptics who would be willing to check it out FREE1 OF CHARGE. IDENTIFY Mr. the best way to become type “A” who really KNOWS something and can speak intelligently about it. Mr. Or a hundred subjects. truly type “D” people. Attack stupidity with wisdom. lies with truth. and suffer stupidity like an illness that never leaves. who have decided to take a bite at it and examine the possibilities. 2. you must be educated yourself. Water4Gas Book 1-A 17 . Skeptic! Did you actually TRY this thing you’re talking about? Did you actually DO it?” 6. 1 At the time of writing – there is a 55 mil cap on this project. raise your voice and call it by its name. Never let yourself turn BLINDLY into type “A” because it’s simply impossible – through blind acceptance you will only become type “B” – a blind and not-sobright believer. HOW TO DEAL WITH STUPID SKEPTICS Now how do you deal with Stupid Skeptics? Fight them into understanding? Force the truth down their stupid throats and through their thick skulls? It’s not a very wise thing to do. They are stuck in a very low mode of life. The easy thing to do is just the following: Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom 4.

a giant research that took over 3 years of my life to complete. No more blind believing OR blind skepticism – because now you can taste and test this rare knowledge for yourself and gain first hand experience.000 copies. you can still TEST and examine what it does for Water4Gas Book 1-A 18 . and the nearly 3000 pages of scientific works referenced in Water4Gas Book 6. and combines many years of research – observe the 80-odd gentlemen acknowledged at the beginning of Water4Gas Book 1-A. in their online version. I’d be happy. And you don’t have to do it with your own two hands to acquire first hand experience – if you give the books to your mechanic and he does it for you. have sold 55. that would be perfectly OK with me. and alternative energy at large. but the information is all free to use without Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Why 55 millions? It was a simple play with numbers. Yes. if you learn the information from my books and then go and take India or Jamaica by storm and never pay me a dime.Water4Gas. get them all at Water4Gas. As long as you have a chance to practice Intelligent Skepticism on the subject of Water4Gas. if you have this book but not the other books in the Water4Gas series. For example. By the way. Complete sets with ALL the information I have to date. I decided to give away 55 MILLION book SETS to the world. I may never see a penny out of you. or you buy a product from a company. or if you buy some water-fuel product from somebody that never heard my name. Multiplied 1000 fold. The original Water4Gas manuals. I may still make small profits here and there.

com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Water4Gas Book 1-A 19 .Water4Gas.

but in principal I have no problem with you or anybody else earning good money by selling products/services and organizing local activities and workshops. open-minded skeptic: “Read this book! Go and get it from Water4Gas. and to educate the world that skepticism and criticism regarding water-fuel and Water4Gas stem from lack of understanding of some very basic rules of physics. a community website has been built at Water4Gas. we “pay forward” .Water4Gas. Ralph Waldo Emerson and others. the negative voices about Water4Gas technology and what is erroneously called “free energy” can be traced to lack of understanding – and that's why this book is in your hands now. that educates in story form how we should pay our debts to society by helping now! Try it out – or teach your mechanic – and decide for yourself what is possible and what not. such as Bill and Tom Lang. Read it from an Intelligent Skeptic’s point of view and may it change your life and your energy forever – Flourish and Prosper! 2. The answer to the clever. For everybody in the gray area. first-hand experience. and recently from the great movie “Pay It Forward” starring Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey. wooden-headed skeptic: “You have the wrong ideas that probably came from somebody else who didn't know himself – or was lying! If you have never tried water-fuel technology and only repeat another naysayer who says it's impossible – have the decency to shut up until you have sincerely tried it yourself!” 5. The answer to the dumb. In that spirit. to support the worldwide public who's interested in saving energy and the Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom MASSIVE TOOL #2 Now what about those who sincerely tried but have failed? I'm going to show you that they most probably gave up too soon. as well as the entire Water4Gas book series.” 4. 6. like any social network) until one gets results he can consider positive. whether privately or as small businesses. Instead. 3. or (when you've had success and gained knowledge) help the beginners among us. Joe Shea and many others. is to answer basic questions about water-fuel. Jim helping those who actually need help. SUMMARY 1. The term has been borrowed from Benjamin Franklin. Community tools have been built especially to help and be helped (public to to help you communicate LOCALLY with other experimenters. In any case. I'm offering this book to you. If you look closely you will see that Water4Gas Book 1-A 20 . But we shouldn't tell them that they are stupid!!! I had a hard time in 2006. they simply need help. but not directly back to those who have helped us. I have dedicated as many of my personal funds and work hours as I could. or get help online from others. and could have given up if not for the technical support and moral support of my good friends in the industry. I would like to “pay forward” what I owe them. The secondary use of this book. Some restrictions may apply to this community. Specifically.

com) gives education far beyond the normal standards of book and DVD publishing. but leads you by the hand from whatever your starting point – to Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Water4Gas book series (as well as the DVD set Water4GasDVD. Adjusted Reality Water4Gas Book 1-A 21 .Water4Gas. It doesn't leave room for guesswork.

Is it free? No. go to your food market or your restaurant or your kitchen. the food you see.  Now look at the nearest piece of food. and have a look at your food. But can you ALSO put a bucket outside and collect some rain water. if any at all.000 years ago. to get themselves into a box and get artificial sun tan. But let me tell you right away: this is the most ridicules notion that has ever been conceived by anyone! Free energy . And the farmer has been using as much FREE sunlight and FREE rain/river as he could capture... This “absolute truth” is strongly agreed upon: free energy is impossible. backwards. there is no free lunch. Why not get out to the sun. But it is obvious that you can get free sunlight almost anywhere. so they could easily cross the Persian Gulf with their merchant ships. Otherwise our food would become very costly. has been grown in the sun (outside or in a greenhouse).org says that the Arabs had invented the sail 4. and so forth. I find it hilarious that some people pay good money. to push upon their sails. or time and effort to grow it in your own garden or field.Water4Gas. and ask people this question: “Is it possible to have free energy?” How many people will answer positively? Not too many. Remember free rain versus paid water from tap or bottles? Remember free sunlight versus artificial light? Well. not the government) and free energy from the sun – for how many thousands of years? According to WikiPedia.. for how many thousands of years? WikiPedia. all the time.. for the most part. for free? Can you see where this is leading to?  Now let's look at sunlight. Farmers have been getting free water (from the sky/river.. In fact it is recommended by doctors that you must spend at least 10 minutes a day in the (free and natural) sun. get fresh air AND free sunlight? I guess they have their reasons. whatever that may be. or two well as many other free things – are ALL AROUND US..  Sailors have been using free energy from the Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 4 WELCOME TO “FREE ENERGY!” “BUT NOTHING IS FREE!” Do this simple experiment: go down to the street or around your workplace. Open your fridge.000 years or more. agriculture has been around for  Now look around you: how many more things in life – energy or materials or other things – are actually free for us or for the people who serve us? I bet you’ll find more things. it took either money to get it. Have a good look at the following examples and THINK with them:  Can you open the tap and get some water to water your house plants? Sure. nothing is free. But let’s go one step. Water4Gas Book 1-A 22 . out of all places in our sunny Los Angeles. for your good health.

Here's the cycle of action: Electrolysis: 2 H2O --> 2 H2 + O2 (2 molecules of water turn into 2 atoms of Hydrogen. on vehicles or generators with all types of internal combustion engines. Electrolysis of water means using an electric current to dissociate the water molecules.Water4Gas. So you see. that in most cases today we use this “perfect fuel” as an ADDITIVE gas – as you will see we use it to supplement the gasoline (or any other standard liquid or gas fuel) and make it burn better. but a fact of life that has been with us since the early Dawn of Man. A totally balanced mixture of hydrogen fuel and oxygen is easily obtained by water electrolysis – which is why the device is called Electrolyzer. some inventors have figured out practical ways to harness the moon energy – simply by extracting energy from the rising and dropping tides. bio-diesel and other old as 1863 and probably much earlier! You cannot get anything. and the result is a pair of gases ready to burn beautifully – a perfect fuel. etc. hybrids. This device.2 atoms of Hydrogen and the Oxygen pair turn back to pure water. free energy is not an impossible “miracle” for science fiction movies. Water4Gas is one of the most PRACTICAL “free-energy” devices. marked by extraordinary simplicity and effectiveness. Did you know that even the moon provides free energy? Yes. though. This includes gasoline and diesels. It is noteworthy. The inventor is anonymous and this technology is Public Domain. anywhere near this good. sun. This technology dates back to the 19th century . releasing some energy in the process!) The first recorded successes in decomposing water using electrolysis: In Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Today billions of people know about free energy from wind. “BUT FREE ENERGY IS IMPOSSIBLE!” Let me congratulate you! Because by choosing to read this book. you have entered the world of those who use very simple water-to-energy converters. between other benefits. for several times the cost. plus one Oxygen pair) Combustion (the burning of the above gases): 2 H2 + O2 --> 2 H2O (the same in reverse . BY THE END OF READING THIS CHAPTER YOU WILL KNOW HOW FREE ENERGY IS OBTAINED FROM UNDER OUR SHINING HOODS. rivers. and core of Water4Gas technology (as you will see later). The device you see in the photo is meant to be installed as a gas saving device and pollution preventer. Dutch chemist Adriaan Paets van Troostwijk (1752–1837) and medical doctor Jan Rudolph Deiman (1743-1808) used an electrostatic machine and a Leyden jar for the first Water4Gas Book 1-A 23 . flex-fuel (alcohol). It burns perfectly because the exact amount of oxygen needed to burn hydrogen is already contained in the water! We get a perfect balance of hydrogen and oxygen without sweat. revolves around "splitting" water so it can be turned into energy.

if the complete science of water splitting is of interest to you:  www. in its gaseous state. HHO burns beautifully and provides TONS of energy. you may encounter many rumors that may or may not be true. In 1800 it was done by renowned English chemist William Nicholson (1753-1815) and English surgeon Sir Anthony Carlisle (1768-1842). The knowledge about Brown’s Gas and HHO is expanding and evolving as we continue our research.htm (movie with Wiseman's lecture) A word regarding the trademark “HHO” In the course of researching and experimenting. Canada. He has a very interesting explanation that you may want to read. is called HHO. William A Rhodes and Professor Yull and did a search. This combination. I visited the US trademark search tool http://tess2. or in other words two “H” (Hydrogen) for each “O” (Oxygen). The device shown above is called Water4Gas Electrolyzer. They say that Brown's gas has a certain stoichiometric (balanced or optimal in its ingredients) mix of hydrogen and oxygen atoms created by electrolyzing of separates two water particles (molecules) into a different arrangement: 2 atoms of Hydrogen. plus one Oxygen pair.uspto. The search results are shown below: Water4Gas Book 1-A 24 . Some call it "Hydrogen Generator" but it does not produce Hydrogen! It produces what we call "HHO" .Water4Gas. One of the people who knows about Brown’s Gas more than other researchers is George Wiseman of Eagle Some experimenters say that Brown's Gas is not HHO but a proprietary form of HHO. Also called Rhodes' Gas or Brown’s Gas after its famous researchers. respectively.htm (information and books)  The device uses little electricity and very little water… Brown's Gas is a science all by its own and I do not pretend to be an expert on Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom electrolysis of water. One of those rumors still in circulation claims that you and I may not use the term HHO because it is trademarked.

I searched “Brown's Gas” and it's free. Any good encyclopedia should also have it explained. 3. 1. 2. An Electrolyzer (the entire device in the diagram) uses an electric current to separate water into its components – hydrogen and oxygen. HOW DOES AN ELECTROLYZER PRODUCE HYDROGEN FROM WATER? The simplified explanation and diagram (below. in case you were wondering. 4. Water4Gas Book 1-A 25 . Department of Energy.a subsidiary of Headwaters™ Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom HHO in the abandoned trademark is not related to Brown's Gas! It is an abbreviation of some company name “Headwaters Heavy Oil™” . it will be given in the next section. edited) is provided by the U. The hydrogen is collected at the cathode. If you're interested in a more detailed explanation. 5. And in the only live trademark that has “HHO” in it (77638526). Oxygen is collected at the anode.S. there is a clear-cut disclaimer that says: “NO CLAIM IS MADE TO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO USE "HHO GENERATOR" APART FROM THE MARK AS SHOWN.Water4Gas.” And. The electricity passes through the water and exists via the anode (the positively charged electrode). The electricity enters the water at the cathode (a negatively charged electrode). too.

The most noticeable property of Brown's gas is implosion upon ignition. and in particular. and has a high initial flammability Due to these characteristics. by volume) created by electrolysis of water.e. Brown's gas Water4Gas Book 1-A 26 . electrolysis of water produces a hydrogen gas at cathode and an oxygen gas at anode. generates cold flame with tremendous energy potential upon ignition.Water4Gas. According to this third theory. Accordingly. unlike general gases. both referring back to the Brown's Gas books published by Eagle Research www. and is harmless to the human body even when inhaled. Generally." Brown's gas has several characteristic Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom BROWN'S GAS THEORY Source: International Patent App. and the captured mixed gas is generally known as "Brown's gas." The characteristics of Brown's gas disclosed to date are as follows.S.htm Brown's gas is a mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen (2:1. i. It is thought that Brown's gas also contains considerable water vapor. it is thought that Brown's gas is a special “water gas” in which the hydrogen gas. diffuses rapidly in air. is odorless.high temperature to an extent that can sublimate (change directly from solid to vapor without first melting) tungsten – a metal that has the highest melting point of all metals! According to the classic theory (the first theory). These gases are captured at the same time without being separated. Brown's gas is essentially easy to handle. Brown's gas is not steam but "electrically expanded water. WO 2005/049051 A1 and U. Brown's gas is a special and highly efficient medium that transmits electrical energy to the atomic structure of a material and exhibits special effects that are often unobtainable by any other means. which makes it safer than other combustible gases. and the third gas bubbles are mixed. Brown's gas is a simple mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen generated by electrolysis of water. Brown's gas is lighter than air. Brown's gas is known to have ultra. Experimental results acquired to date show that a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen generated by a Brown's gas generator has remarkably larger reactivity than an equal amount of another mixture of oxygen and hydrogen. in addition to a molecular hydrogen gas at the cathode and a molecular oxygen gas at the anode. The second theory about Brown's gas is that Brown's gas is a mixture of diatomic (each molecule made up of two atoms) hydrogen/oxygen and monatomic (element consisting of a single atom) hydrogen/oxygen. which cannot explain the special characteristics of Brown's gas. Further. the oxygen gas. For this reason. The recently published third theory is that electrolysis of water produces third gas bubbles between a cathode and an anode. new theories about the entity of Brown's gas have been recently introduced.. Brown's gas contains high energy.water4gas. Patent Application US2007/0104797 A1.

in particular. They are in their monatomic state .or in water vapor . and b) We have the perfect balance of ingredients . It has the same Oxygen and Hydrogen elements and in the same proportions as in water .is the fact that the Hydrogen and Oxygen have not formed into O2 and H2 molecules. that HHO is NOT water vapor. like those gases that you might get from a factory supply. The reasons: a) We have the monatomic state which is perfect for the burning process. It has a forth state called Brown's Gas (HHO).AND HYDROGEN? As mentioned above HHO. we must first break apart each atom pair into separate H and O atoms.8 times more energy when we burn the Hydrogen with the Oxygen. comprises (by volume) two parts Hydrogen gas and one part Oxygen gas. Brown's Gas is NOT Oxygen plus Hydrogen. we will get 3. or when produced by Electrolyzers that separate Hydrogen from Oxygen and LEAVE THEM SEPARATED (not Water4Gas). WHAT IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BROWN'S GAS .a single atom per molecule! In this state. these gas mixture comes in the form of O2 and H2. when purchased commercially. It's so perfect that it feels like winning the lottery! Did you know: Pound for pound HHO IS 3 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN GASOLINE! Water4Gas Book 1-A 27 .Water4Gas. however the problem is that before they can react together (the burning process) to make H2O. and thus. It IS a combustible gas mixture.therefore Brown's gas is sometimes mistaken to be "water vapor" or something similar. unlike "mono-atomic" or monatomic in which we have single. This is the STABLE STATE for these gases. the molecules of both gases form molecules of TWO ATOMS EACH. Ordinary Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. That is. O2 and H2. In other words it can be done. or Brown's Gas. What we call "diatomic" structure. NONPAIRED atoms. What William Rhodes and Professor Yull Brown discovered was. but it does not pay for itself. They discovered that water has more than the usual three states. unlike a waste fuel producing Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom has received interest as a next generation fuel. liquid (we call it "water") and gas (we call it "water vapor"). research into utility of Brown's gas as a fuel has been actively conducted. namely solid (which we call "ice"). which is an UNSTABLE STATE.just the right amount of Oxygen necessary for the Hydrogen to fully and effectively burn.and highly valuable for our energy needs . Now let's try to burn these atom pairs. What makes Brown's gas unique .they want to pair up. Now here's the real problem: the energy we need to do break them apart makes the process non efficient. as a clean fuel that produces no pollutants. they are not stable . It's very different. When individual atoms are separate as molecules (charged ions) of one atom each.

it doesn't matter for the purpose of our discussion. Some say it has its origins in the fog of WW II. We're talking about a NO HYDROGEN STORAGE system in which we store WATER and turn it into hydrogen on an as-needed basis. where it is said to have been used on U. Water4Gas is not all about water and not all about hydrogen (more on that in just a minute). Therefore. water vapor was used to boost engine power. . Nevertheless. THE VAPORIZER . then we'll get 15-25% Water4Gas Book 1-A 28 .Hydrogen On Demand and that's very important to understand. What we do in Water4Gas is something usually called H.D. and this will be shown in great detail in these books. What matters is that it's STORED and that's not very safe and not very efficient. HOW CAN SUCH SIMPLE DEVICES IMPROVE FUEL ECONOMY? A Hungarian Water4Gas experimenter named Endre offered the following explanation: "I found a Hungarian inventor's patent called METHOD AND WATER INJECTOR FOR INCREASING OUTPUT OF FOUR-CYCLED PETROL ENGINE.AND THE USEFULNESS OF WATER VAPOR We also have a simpler device that does not have anything to do with Brown's Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY” AND WATER4GAS? First let me say. aircrafts during that war. This H2O Water4Gas device (“Vaporizer”) shown here is a technology some 85 years old . and has most of the principal benefits of its bigger brother.we have official US patents from the 1920’s describing this technology as the common knowledge of those days! The device simply adds water vapor to the normal mixture of fuel and air.Water4Gas. they noticed a dramatic increase in the power and performance of their engines. this technology has never reached the civilian public.S. For reasons that remain obscure. the HHO device. what we are doing here regarding hydrogen is different than “Hydrogen Technology” and the well publicized “Hydrogen Economy” because the mainstream hydrogen tech and application is about STORED hydrogen.O. especially during takeoff when the aircrafts were overloaded with bombs and extra fuel for long-range flights. even if not as powerful. The stored hydrogen can come from a factory or some natural source. One story has it that as pilots flew their aircraft close to the surface of the water.* “He has that if we add water (max 25%) to engine.

What we have done is we've researched today’s technology and SIMPLIFIED the technology using readily available hardware parts and materials. “WHAT IS HAPPENING INSIDE MY ENGINE???” Adding Brown's Gas to the fuel/air mixture has the immediate effect of increasing the octane rating of any fuel. “Because.500 Celsius. the point where the piston is at the highest point of its motion). so combustion becomes more efficient – as well as SMOOTH. Each piston transfers more energy during its combustion cycle. maintain and even replicate our Water4Gas technology if you choose to. but by introducing HHO simply and effectively we create the effect of using the same bad gasoline/diesel fuel in a more economical way. to bring you devices that are both very simple. In this case. Low grade gasoline (what's called “Regular” or 87 octane in my area) ignites faster than higher octane fuels." [*Probably Hungarian Patent # P9100058 by Bágyi Miklós] THE SYSTEM APPROACH There are other Water4Gas devices that do auxiliary functions to help the process of fuel efficiency and harmful emissions reduction. The important concept is that a single device by itself doesn’t always make a significant effect. but it pays off in results. “Then ignition and in that moment the inner temp is around 2. but it has to be triggered by something. and more work for me to teach. and those will be discussed one by one. making it perform like a high octane fuel! A higher octane rating means stronger horse power due to combustion occurring much closer to TDC. You see. “Octane Rating” means how much that fuel can be compressed before it ignites. making it less efficient because the explosion of gas fumes pushes the piston down and out of sequence (it's too early so it goes a bit in reverse) and therefore the “pinging” noise and we get less power from “Regular” gasoline. More efficient combustion translates to less fuel being needed to produce the same power. very affordable and at the same time very costeffective. so several devices working TOGETHER AS A SYSTEM may achieve much better results. Free energy does exist. Water4Gas Book 1-A 29 . to the pulverized water the fuel it collides and unite as a water will be the core and the fuel (because of its density) will become the water shell. It takes less compression to ignite. It’s more work for you to do. Our developments also make it easy for you to use. This fact causes the gasoline to ignite before TDC (Top Dead Center.Water4Gas. this technology does not mean we're running on water. the special interaction between water and fuel is how it happens. As they travel to the combustion chamber and the piston makes the pressure and Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom better mileage. Brown's gas or water vapor causes regular low-grade fuel to ignite more slowly (and more evenly over the combustion cycle). At this temp the water splits to hydrogen and oxygen and reignites. the water explodes to steam and therefore the fuel gets atomized. It supplements and actually CORRECTS the behavior of normal fuel. where it has a chance to turn into mechanical torque (rotary push) the right way and without pinging.

in this book. then 18. let's focus on what WE can do to be ahead of the game. you get free energy from the sun. only 12. ways to improve the efficiency of internal combustion inside the engine. But let's have a closer look. Department of Energy. Since this is a DIY book.” quoting “Advanced technologies and energy efficiency. And that's what we're working with. WikiPedia.” The diagram above explains a bit more: if 100% is what we put in at the gas says: “The average automobile engine is only about 18% efficient. after driveline losses.shtml I visited that website and found that. But did you pay for the panel? One way or another.6%: “Only about 15% of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories. you paid for it. such as air conditioning. Therefore. IS IT REALLY FREE ENERGY? What is “Free Energy”? What is “free” anyway? Well. it's not 18% but only 15% (in the text) and in the diagram below the same website says 12. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling. So the energy is free. We talked about that. Great. We are discussing. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom SO. Look at the bottom of the diagram again – it says that ENGINE losses are 62. Fuel Economy Guide” published by the U. 2009. To actually turn the wheels. in this sense.fueleconomy. However.6% of the energy is left.Water4Gas. but not the whole process. it's not totally free – nothing is..4%. and billions of dollars are invested by vehicle engineers to try and improve their designs. Water4Gas Book 1-A 30 . according to the government. There are many areas that can be improved in any vehicle design.2% is all that's left after engine+transmission+accessories losses. the potential to improve fuel efficiency with advanced technologies is enormous.. We're limited to this area. “free” means anything that we don't have to pay for! Who cares where it's coming from. For example: you have a solar

the amount that you get back. 75.20% But this is unachievable of course. are Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Our ENGINES. We'll take 37.60 worth of energy to move your vehicle and its systems. which is a shame but let's just understand this and leave it to be discussed in other books. And we. we'd harmful be doubling emissions. Carbon deposits is a bigger problem than just “dirt inside the engine. the current scene is this: a planet called Earth is inhabited with nearly 7 billion people.” So we buy and consume HUGE amounts of energy. as a species. plus… (2) Harmful. then.40 to: (1) Heat. (doubling etc. polluting the Earth at a deadly pace. 62. accept and believe that our nearly 1 billion cars carry the “best possible technology.4% Engine Losses – I choose to ignore 17.6% efficiency as our base number. In Water4Gas Book 2 we'll look at attempts to bite a little bit out of that.80% In a perfect world there would be no engine losses. noisy and unpleasant.” and we'll elaborate on that in a moment..6% efficient according to the government diagram: 100% minus 64. (4) Carbon deposits and vibrations that wreck your engine and transmission. However.60% step ahead 24. we focus here on engine performance and not the car as a whole: CURRENT BETTER IDEAL Lost to inefficient If we could combustion and reduce the waste turns into heat. but it would be a big 37. mileage?) Without hydrogen we get only this portion It's not ideal. because there's not much I can do about that. but The VEHICLE as a whole is only 12. Unwillingly YOU ARE WASTING $62. efficiency noise. for the sake of discussion because obviously it is only an average between many engines. Remember. stinking emissions.00% In “CURRENT” column of the diagram we see the everyday reality of modern internalcombustion-engine vehicles. (3) Inefficient combustion and “pinging” that make your ride rough. However. Water4Gas Book 1-A 31 .40% by 37. The diagram below shows the existing REALITY versus the IDEAL we should strive for. effectively out of the engine. vibration. 100. While depleting our pockets and savings faster than you can blink an eye.6%. is $37.2% losses to standby/idling time. cars and trucks: let's say you fuel your vehicle with a $100 worth of gasoline or diesel fuel.Water4Gas..6% efficient.

4 percent of wasted energy. But if we reduced waste from – meaning double the efficiency. Unfortunately that's impossible. we agree with it every time we start driving. It would have been an impossibility if we would try and reduce the waste from 62. recycling has been around for at least 4.which will never happen. we see a more realistic goal. because we do not need HHO to drive the car .WasteOnline. you can see that it isn't such a big miracle. what about the energy taken from the battery/alternator? Won't that be so high that it would outweigh the energy you're getting from the hydrogen being produced?” Good question.Water4Gas. Because let's admit it.. The now common (sometimes mandatory) art of recycling is nothing new. according to www. One thing is absolutely obvious now – you can clearly see that we did not take 100% efficiency and doubled it to 200% thereby defying the laws of physics.6% – the diagram shows that now the good part (green) would be doubled to 75. both in cash and in environmental benefits.. Water4Gas Book 1-A 32 .” Sometimes I try and answer this question with the simple analogy of a match: we are using HHO like a match to the fire – we “throw a match to light the oil” ..4% to 24. Back in the “BETTER” column in the middle of the diagram.would it still qualify as a fantastic “miracle?” I personally believe it can be achieved in many applications. or ride the city bus. By taking it out of that waste band that we normally live with.000 years! You can throw away that plastic bottle and accept the waste – or you can recycle it – and earn “free” plastic. At first glance. the goal of double mileage (or double TIME of fuel-operated generators/compressors) seems to defy the laws of physics. If we could reduce the bad products of our engines (in red) by or pay (indirectly) for the truck that brings milk for our kids. It's plain stupid to think like that.. 100 percent??? 100% of what? One good question that I get from technical people who are aware of energy balances and calculations: “Ozzie.we only need it to boost the way REGULAR FUEL is being burned.. Bottom Line Are you getting the bigger picture now? Now THIS is how you get “free energy” in engines – you tap into the 62. But when you analyze it as shown in the diagram.8% . Although recycling costs energy and time.the HHO is the “match” that helps the oil ignite and burn – but not the oil itself. However. if properly managed recycling pays for itself. The answer is simply this: “THE ENERGY TAKEN FROM THE BATTERY OR ALTERNATOR IS NEGLIGIBLE DUE TO THE UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY WE'RE USING.4% to 0%. Not a lot of electrical energy is consumed. or ride the train. Does this saved cash mean “free cash” for you? It is for Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom The IDEAL scene is shown in right-hand column of the diagram: no losses. We can relate this to recycling.

Water4Gas. Assisted by the extreme heat of fuel combustion.” When you look at the changes occurring in such a vehicle.cannot do much lubrication. and may even block small fuel passages through fuel injector nozzles. The same has been reported by 18-wheel truck drivers that had more than 1 MILLION miles on their engines – they reported uniformly that their old engines “feel like Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom And that is exactly what we do by “salvaging” some of the fuel normally wasted. The process of tapping into the wasted energy band is both “green” and financially profitable. they are build deliberately with "hone marks" which are tiny scratches on the cylinder walls. it will help eliminate wear on the pistons- Water4Gas Book 1-A 33 . is not the beauty of the engine's guts. you're using Water4Gas to clean it up). Clean hone marks are vital for proper engine lubrication! The problem with carbon deposits. fuel pump and fuel lines. The inside walls of any cylinder are not smooth. Actually. THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEANING CARBON DEPOSITS When we combust (burn) carbon-based fuel such as all those used by gasoline and diesel engines. Water4Gas will not re-paint your car or fix the seat covers (and it wouldn't fix broken pistons either). That's the black soot that collects and hardens on the cylinder head. resulting in smoother operation with less noise and less wear. very hard coating and we get what's called "glazed cylinders". The blow-by gases get into the wrong parts of the engine.and never come off unless you take the engine apart and scrape it off (unless. loss of lubrication oil. Now we'll be getting "bypass gases" or "blow-by gases" (gases and gasoline blowing past the piston rings). It creates friction as the fuel passes through. contaminate more spaces and passages (as well as the clean oil) and the engine's performance deteriorates quickly. When the fuel explodes in the cylinder. simply because the rings cannot seal without lubrication. These scratches are there to carry AND HOLD oil up the cylinder walls. missing the "hone marks" to reside in and flow through. unburned carbons are forced up against the piston's upper surface and against the cylinder walls.even the best of oils . It gives new life to "old" engines. engine knocking and overheating. but the clogging of these tiny scratches. one by-product of such combustion is carbon. Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber affect engine performance by reducing fuel efficiency. you realize that the vehicle itself wasn't junk after all – it was just very dirty inside. then. feeling as young and smooth as the day they were born. of course." It not only cleans the engine. but keeps it clean ever after. the unburned fuel carbon transforms into a shiny. pistons and valves. Water4Gas has the ability to clean carbon deposits that have already formed and hardened "forever. I've seen "ancient" 21-year old cars spring back to life. but as far as engine life goes. In these parts it appears as a brown layer that forms on all surfaces. it is considered that the majority of engine wear and tear is caused by friction from carbon deposits! Another ill effect is the build up of varnish (dirt) in the fuel injectors. It sticks to these surfaces . cylinder walls. Now the oil .

Are you excited yet? ENERGY FACTS:   Water “conceals” a lot of energy Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom valves-cylinders. So if you want to talk absolutes.860 gallons of Brown's Gas created in the example above. the energy in a pound of Hydrogen is only 80% . this is not 100% free.. Currently only 4% of this hydrogen is being produced by electrolysis (worldwide) and the rest comes from natural gas (48%). When using electrolysis to separate it to HHO first. Well. To follow up on the 1. each Gallon of water expands into gigantic proportions – 1. while such little water is being consumed per mile. a gallon of water could be consumed in several months of normal driving. of which 9 million tons of hydrogen is used by the USA. he still needed some sand. It reminds of an old story my father used to tell me about this guy who tried to turn sand into gold. HOW MUCH WATER IS NEEDED? Very little.. I'm excited. didn't he? If we keep this analogy.S. it is possible to save money on fuel AND maintenance with a small monthly investment of time and money (less than 1 dollar for water and catalyst). When ignited (by spark.with home made Water4Gas technology. In other words. Compared to the energy of one pound of gasoline (let's call it 100%). that gallon could be consumed in several weeks of driving. If you use water only (vaporizing the water by slow bubbling it and then sucking it into the engine).860 Gallons of highly combustible gas! That's why so much effect on the engine. 99.Water4Gas. an implosion of that amount would result is the release of 1. Let's examine how much. Plus the initial cost in parts and installation (you'll get full details in the second part of this book). and allow smooth passage of fuel thought the system. Department of Energy. Still very little. but you'll agree with me that you may get a fat return out of a small investment. oil (30%) and coal (18%).    Water4Gas Book 1-A 34 . According to the U. According to my calculations. Brown's Gas implodes.859 parts of vacuum (imagine the energy released by combusting 1. the world economy consumes about 42 million tons of hydrogen per year. flame or compression).95% of Brown's Gas turns into energy upon ignition. I believe it can potentially double the life of any engine.while Brown's Gas of the same weight has a whopping 300% of the energy! When separating water into its Brown's Gas state. this technology is not sand into gold – it is water into gold! Not in the future but today .859 gallons of highly inflammable gas) PLUS one part reverted back to 1 gallon of water.

Water4Gas Book 1-A 35 ." Got that? Now why exactly would an auto maker want Water4Gas technology. will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light. of an intensity of which coal is not capable. the potential backlash of consumers who learn that the manufacturer invested money to make the product obsolete faster. however. which will then have become a powerful and manageable Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom EARLY VISIONS “Water!” cried says that it is "the process of a product becoming obsolete and/or non-functional after a certain period or amount of use.. “and decomposed doubtless. and charge a higher price than they would otherwise be willing to pay. “water as fuel for steamers and engines! water to heat water!” “Yes.” replied Cyrus Harding. Let's be real and understand their side too. The purpose of planned obsolescence is to hide the real cost per use from the consumer.THEN WHY DIDN'T THE AUTO INDUSTRY ADOPT THIS TECH? Good question!!! Say. have you ever heard the term "Planned Obsolescence?" WikiPedia. “Yes.. I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel. WHY THE TIME HAS COME FOR THIS TECHNOLOGY QUESTION: IF IT'S SO GOOD . the product fails and the consumer is under pressure to purchase again. appear to agree and become complete at the same time. by electricity. my friends.” published in 1874 and filmed at least 7 times between 1916 and 2005. by some inexplicable laws.. “The mysterious island.. but water decomposed into its primitive elements. that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it.” ~Jules Verne.Water4Gas. used singly or together. for all great discoveries.. if it makes their vehicles break down too slow for what they consider “good profit?” Why would they want a simple technology that makes “old” cars young again? They don't see any future benefit. There is..

green gas. 1.E like hell (when under high pressure). shall we? In June 2005. then delivering it in huge trucks and storing it unsafely in high-pressure gas tanks. in my humble opinion hydrogen pressure tanks in cars and in fuel stations are a huge safety hazard – this stuff is E. And even worse. Brown's Gas.Water4Gas.” Look at the definition of “Planned Obsolescence” again.665 MPG! No.but let's have a look at both options.O.02 grams of Hydrogen. water-fuel (or WaterFuel). The world now knows that Hydrogen is powerful.S. Hydrogen-On-Demand is much better for the environment. Their MPG performance is not as great as expected. It gets even worse when you hear about Hydrogen factories – they pollute the environment so badly. You do the caring with me now. this is not a typo. As explained above. Unfortunately.I. They ran a test car for 13 miles on.L. I don't want my family sitting right on top of a potential bomb on the way to a picnic or birthday party! Right now. It is MUCH safer for the driver and passengers because no hydrogen is stored. No. Switzerland – using Hydrogen – for an eye-popping 12.” The solution is Hydrogen-On-Demand systems. HHO has great advantages over pure Hydrogen – and is the only one of these two that qualifies for “free energy” . Hydrogen-powered as well as hybrid cars have not matured yet. is a prime time for Water4Gas technology.. Too bad! WikiPedia. today. I care. But in the past it was not widely known to the public.V. a world record MPG has been achieved by students of the Federal Polytechnical School of Zurich.. by “understand” I don't mean “agree” or “be complacent. And we do not use fossil fuels to make it.P. hydroxy (short for hydrOxygen) or di-hydroxy. etc. It's been here for many years. that the ecological apparent advantage of “clean” cars is immediately exposed as a fallacy. Do you see in it any caring for the environment? Do you see caring for you. it's very different from pure says: “A reduction in carbon dioxide emission connected with hydrogen fuel is directly achieved only if the energy used to make hydrogen is obtained from non carbon-based sources.. Conclusion: Change must come from you and me. Don't wait for Big Industry to care. and everybody's talking about it. HHO gas mentioned above goes by many other names. rather than producing it in an expensive and polluting factory.X. the hard working consumer? I don't. These are systems or devices such as Water4Gas (no matter what brand name they carry) that offer the safest and most economical solution: with this technology we can produce Hydrogen when we need it. Water4Gas Book 1-A 36 . but rather utilize some excess electrical power normally available from the vehicle's electrical Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom However. Not that it's new. such as: Oxy-Hydrogen.

They have about 10 super-expensive cars on the road. Period. You see. Water4Gas. Sometimes our email lines get jammed with hundreds of energy inventions and invention updates! With this speed and sharing spirit in mind. are not behind. cellphones and the Internet. on the other hand. Duh!! I love Honda. new homes and home appliances (to heat ourselves and operate the house energy lines using water energy)..Water4Gas. where everybody will eventually win because we’ll be saving the planet from destruction and energy depletion. but… Watching the news the other day I found out that Honda has released ONE million-dollar car to ONE lucky Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Today. Let's save the trees. and ONE fueling station near the Munich Airport. both for small and big business. The reporter mentioned that the infrastructure needed for this car does not exist yet (which will take years to build). They’re correct. On the contrary! They will have so much more to do now: new car models as well as retrofits. we have very fast communication by email. How affordable and practical is that??? Wake up. The type of “Free energy” we've discussed does not mean that whole industries have to close down.. The headlines are full of such exciting news. it will become clear to you why this technology is now unstoppable. We’re at least 7-8 years ahead of the game! And if you’re like me and can’t afford a new car yet. my friend.. guys! How about a $100-$300 technology TODAY. Change is inevitable! Water is the fuel of the future. Inventions and notes from clever engineers and experimenters fly back and forth between those who like sharing their knowledge. We take it bit by bit so that individuals have enough time to absorb the new facts of life and the science behind this tech. “BUT BMW HAS A WATER CAR!” People come up to me and say: “Didn't you hear . then our simple but powerful add-on products give you an advantage you can afford! Water4Gas Book 1-A 37 . A quiet revolution is already happening. But what are the EXACT FACTS behind these news? Doing an online research I've discovered that BMW has indeed been working on a water car for over 30(!) years – and have come up with some super-complicated technology that will take another 20 or 30 years to become common and affordable. HHO torches and much. In a later chapter I will show how even the Petrol Industry can profit from Water4Gas technology ON AN ABSOLUTELY IMMEDIATE BASIS. But we mean no revolution. new power plants. and so that businesses have enough time to rearrange themselves around this evolving market. right this minute?! Why do you wise guys have to complicate everything? In simplicity there is so much more power – and more business too. much more. Exchanging knowledge is the order of the day. we.. save the oceans and above all save the atmosphere! And there's a lot of money to be made.BMW has their own water car!” or “Honda is releasing a water car!” and so forth.

something CAN be done about it!” You see. start driving. to reduce gas prices and abate air pollution. I used to read an old comedy book about such air taxation. And we do it using WATER and simple technology. endorsements and serious legal protection. Water4Gas Book 1-A 38 . cheap.” We are tired of hearing what can be done. And how does a government preserve itself? By taxing you and everything you do.” Chris Lehmann of The Washington Post says: “Rifkin is arguing that the hydrogen economy revolution will produce something far larger than the sum of its parts. We can only guess here. your belief level rises – step by step. they would do so. 20 or 40 years into the future. we will upend [turn upside down] the presently uneven pattern of globalization.” We want to see a cost effective.” In their Future Vision. written in the early 50's.Water4Gas. THEN WHY DOESN'T MY GOVERNMENT ENDORSE HYDROGEN ON DEMAND?” I get this question a lot. the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority describe their view of future of water fuel in the next 40 years: “In the future. You an I can only guess. “Free energy” is hard to believe until it’s actually happening under your own hood or inside your own home. a government's deepest desire is to sustain itself. immediate solution to the “energy crisis. etc. Our mission is to help you start doing it NOW. grant moneys for further a matter of hours or days you start thinking: “Hey. The idea behind Water4Gas technology is to provide you with something you can install NOW. If they could tax the air you breathe. reliable. OUR MISSION I his review of Jeremy Rifkin's book “The Hydrogen Economy. If only they could tax Hydrogen-On-Demand. By making the scarce resource of fuel … suddenly plentiful. We all try to self-preserve and a government is no different in this regard.S. Not a new idea – in my childhood in Israel. and democratic. my dear reader.Hydrogen energy and fuel cell power will be clean. If somebody could invent a way to help the government tax Hydrogen-On-Demand. water will replace fossil fuels as the primary resource for hydrogen. abundant. I think he'd better make sure that they pay back with Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom “BUT IF IT'S WONDERFUL. Until you see it in your energy bills. Maybe it's not a bad idea at all. and the next thing you know . --. So start with this first step. To my mind. in my humble opinion of course. affordable and an integral part of all sectors of the economy in all regions of the U. they would definitely endorse it.

Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom

The purpose of Water4Gas is not to be the end of the road, the highest technology. On the contrary, it is MEANT to be a SUPER-SIMPLE entry-level tech, a door opener. Something the average person could build with a few basic tools and start learning first hand about water-fuel technology, its boundaries and possibilities. I have seen technology much better than the technology described and illustrated in this book. However, it was obviously very complicated and expensive, and in many cases covered by thick layers of secrecy. The excuse is, sometimes, something like: “I have invested my life savings and therefore I cannot tell you about my secret technology.” Considering many factors, and looking at many options and devices for several years, I have come to the conclusion that the world is not ready to embrace complex and expensive technologies regarding water-fuel. The belief level is too low. The public needs an ENTRY LEVEL technology and knowledge that are: 1. Simple enough to play with at home or at the neighborhood/town level, 2. Affordable enough so enough people can give it a try. 3. Simplicity and affordability also mean that enough people can start a small business and distribute the technology in low tech, low income areas of the world.

“Water Car: How to Turn Water Into Hydrogen Fuel!” is an exciting book - the first book ever written on the history of running cars on water. It has been published by James A. Robey, Curator of the world's first Water Fuel Museum ( and This unique museum used to be located near downtown Lexington, Kentucky. Closed down on August 30, 2006 due to lack of funding. The museum housed one of the world's few documented water cars, a 1971 Ford LTD converted to run on water by Tennessee inventor Herman P. Anderson. I hope Robey finds the funds to re-open the museum, and if you do like me and order a copy of this book, it will surely help on this line. You will also receive with the book several video interviews with watercar inventors such as Herman Anderson and Bob Boyce, in which they explain how to build their water cars and what it took to get there.

Did you know? (from Robey's website): “In 1800 water was turned into hydrogen and oxygen, using a battery.
Water4Gas Book 1-A 39

Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom

“In 1805 the first car with an internal combustion engine burned hydrogen from water. “Jules Verne wrote in 1875 that WATER would be the fuel of the future.”
James A. Robey is not only a curator and publicist who has his own weekly radio show at but he is also a great supporter and educator regarding WaterFuel technology. Robey supports this young independent industry and deserves our support in return – order his book/DVD bundle by sending $22.00 (USA) or $30.00 (International), shipping and handling included, either to: Water Fuel Museum P.O. Box 55558 Lexington KY 40555 - or to their PayPal account: Thank you Mr. Robey, I enjoyed reading your book and watching your DVD! (Ozzie)

Another interesting read is “Suppressed Inventions” by Jonathan Eisen. The book is not only about water cars, but interestingly the introduction begins with the suppression of the famous watercar inventor Archie Blue, and continues with the unnamed Australian inventor who ran his Ford Cortina on nothing but water. Jonathan Eisen opens large boxes full of secrets and tells it all with names, dates and places, including names of organizations, photographs and photocopies of intriguing classified documents, and much more. I got my copy online and you can get your own copy at:

Water4Gas Book 1-A


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Is HHO safe? Is HHO production safe? Will it hurt or endanger the engine? These are frequent questions asked by those who are new to Water4Gas technology. We already covered a lot of safety issues inside previous chapters, so let's focus here and recoup the subject briefly. HHO is:

Much safer than gasoline when considering spillage. Gasoline, when spilled, is obviously heavier than air and will collect at lower areas. Gasoline evaporation rate is relatively slow, posing a fire hazard long after it has been spilled. But being lighter than air, when HHO is “spilled” for any reason or accidental leakage, it will dissipate very rapidly into the atmosphere – without exerting any polluting toxins or chemicals – and without causing a fire hazard.

An environmentally friendly fuel, that returns to water when combusted and does NOT pollute the environment by itself – and reduces pollution of fossil fuel combustion – a great safety point for passengers and workers. The way it interacts with all hydrocarbon fuels, HHO cause a lower temperature ignition point, therefore it adds that much safety to the overall operation conditions of a vehicle's engine or stationary generator/compressor.

Due to the presence of oxygen, HHO is unstable and not safe to store. The oxygen is a great advantage for combustion, but not for storage. Even at low concentration of oxygen, a mixture of hydrogen and (a small percentage of) oxygen is too volatile to store safely, especially if somebody tried to compress it – which is a big no-no! That's why we are ONLY producing hydrogen on demand with Water4Gas Electrolyzers. We never store it and every “drop” of HHO is consumed immediately.

Never let anybody (yourself or a student, etc.) play with HHO “to see if it will explode” because I can assure you that it WILL indeed explode, with a very loud and violent bang. HHO technology at large, as well as Water4Gas devices, are very safe WHEN ALL THE PRECAUTIONS given in these books are followed without fail. It's no different than any other powerful technology of any kind whatsoever. Examine other technologies: Would you put your kids on a roller coaster built OR maintained by half-minded engineers? Would you buy a house built by constructors who are known to “cut corners” on materials and procedures? Well, HHO is no different in this regard.

Water4Gas Book 1-A


verified and documented by NASA.S. But it is not commonly realized that Hydrogen-On-Demand can be used by domestic oil fields to make petrol drilling. and also copied into online petitions (such as www. many respectable scientists. only in recent years the Internet has enabled enormous amount of discussion and the exchange of research papers between inventors and experimenters. This is the technology for producing hydrogen from water. Congress and U.petitiononline. decrease emissions and reduce noise and heat. as an opinion leader on and offline petitions. time and time again. and as an urgently needed boost to environmental Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 6 RESPONSIBILITY & CAUSE INFLICT CHANGE The following letter can be duplicated and sent from you to your congressman or congresswoman. Use it as-is or edit as you find fit. to increase engine and www. Patent Office (with hundreds of Patents worldwide). Government. automotive engineers and thousands of private experimenters. but also that it can be done immediately and affordably. Hydrogen-On-Demand has been around since the 1800’s and has been extensively researched. Such adoption must be done as a remedy to our economy – FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN OIL. to embrace and support the technology of Hydrogen-On-Demand.S. Although this technology is ancient. leading to an equally enormous rise in public awareness that Hydrogen-OnDemand can be used to remedy our economy and to protect the environment at the same time. production and transportation cheaper and more environment-friendly. Water4Gas Book 1-A 42 . Department of Transportation.S. It has been shown. It has become public knowledge that not only it can be done.Water4Gas. on demand. to all governments of the world. MAKING IT THE BEST FRIEND OF OUR PETROL INDUSTRY – especially now that they are facing growing competition from alternative energy industries such as wind and solar. U. onboard vehicles and generators. Both to be done as an example by the U. U. OPEN LETTER TO THE DISTINGUISHED MEMBERS OF THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I am writing to strongly urge you to adopt as firm policy of U.

to allow Hydrogen-On-Demand to qualify for tax deductibility. Ozzie Freedom of Sunland. Change is inevitable – but we petition to make it smooth and agreeable in America. and the undersigned members of the Hydrogen-On-Demand community. quiet roads and streets. economy and National Security. There is no need “to study this further” since the technology is very well documented already. to allow and support backyard tinkering that actually promotes the goals of national economy. California. Economy. We are petitioning for clean air. in the United States and throughout the world Water4Gas Book 1-A 43 . On the other hand. the environment and National Security – by validating and supporting Hydrogen-On-Demand in America.Water4Gas. otherwise Hydrogen-On-Demand would be picked by Eastern countries. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Dependency on foreign oil has clearly become a hazard to National Security. You can be a hero for billions of Americans and citizens of the world – as well as help U. Therefore. 3) Add a paragraph to the Motor Vehicle Code. resulting in increased fuel efficiency and decreased harmful emissions. National Security and the betterment of the environment. we cannot wait another day since the environmental clock is ticking at a noisier and quicker pace every day we wait. oil fields and other businesses can use but don’t have to pay for. I urge you to take any action necessary to ensure that: 1) Efforts made by private citizens experimenting with Hydrogen-On-Demand are validated and supported – these citizens are contributing their own time and money to provide research that automakers. Every delay would be detrimental to our survival as a nation and as a species. 4) Add a paragraph to the Federal Tax Code. 2) Congress and Government fully validate the scientifically proven fact that supplemental hydrogen promotes complete combustion of fossil fuels. leaving America far behind in the field of energy – the most important field of technology. and the right to distribute energy knowledge and products.

Water4Gas. truck.021. and with guidance from my Water4Gas books and DVD's.249 that shows sample HHO applications): Water4Gas Book 1-A 44 .com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 7 HOW THE OPERATION ALL WORKS BASIC PRINCIPLES  Now that you understand the principle. farm equipment or any other application (my illustration below is based on the front page of US Patent 7. generator. you are welcome to experiment with your car. boat.

Water4Gas. It starts with you and others receiving the knowledge and trying it out. And we wish to work with like-minded people! You can freely use this knowledge for business and there is no need to ask for permission. Our philosophy is simple and non-compromising: No secrets – No complexities – No greed. To help you make a living while you help us make water cars a reality. Then our central hub of information receives VOLUNTARY feedbacks and experimentation notes from experimenters around the world: Water4Gas Book 1-A 45 .. the Hydrogen-On-Demand industry keeps changing and evolving.Water4Gas. 1. Check the website www. 2. and it pays to stay tuned and keep learning..multiplied) The following diagrams describe the exchange of knowledge within this operation. My books and DVD's give you the general education but I cannot go into the specifics of every application of every country. depending on the vehicle or for the latest activities and opportunities. some specific knowledge and expertise may be Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom  It is recommended that you exchange notes and learn from other experimenters. we are offering money making opportunities connected with this operation. The variety of vehicles and generators is great and.    Positive Feedback (it comes back. Additionally.

com – look in the PRODUCTS section. every part of it. as shown below.Water4Gas. It actually comprises FIVE systems so you have to realize when you look at the big picture that not all the parts are necessarily used in one installation. You will still need this book for maintenance.Water4Gas. You can build this system. This way. This book will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to do it. and the accompanying Water4Gas books to extract optimum economy out of your system. If on the other hand you cannot afford the time to collect items and build it yourself. RECOMMENDED SYSTEM(S) Below you will find detailed descriptions and photographs of my core experimental system. the combined knowledge and conclusions flow BACK to all our students. or all at once. you have access to the Free Marketplace – go shop for a ready made system: www. each and every new and old experimenter gets to learn from hundreds (and eventually thousands) of other Water4Gas experimenters: 4. In the next phase. There are five combinations and they will be explained one by one throughout the book. yourself and with simple Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom 3. The exchange of knowledge in this manner benefits everybody involved. Water4Gas Book 1-A 46 .

) In short. The photo below shows the typical contents of our recommended system. each manufacturer around the world may develop their own version based on local needs and availability of hardware. This book should be your guideline. but DO make adaptations using your common sense. Basically we're talking about a Do-It-Yourself version of Hydrogen-On-Demand technology. However. Again. change later! The chapter “Building An Electrolyzer” and the other building chapters in this book show and describe the exact parts. It matches the parts list given at the end of this book: Water4Gas Book 1-A 47 . If for instance the exact electrical fuse is not available in your country or state. catalog numbers and procedures to make this system. The photo below shows the Water4Gas DIY system that I have developed and recommended to replicate. use an equivalent component. So by experimenting and feedbacking you’re helping us to enlarge our knowledge base – and the knowledge base of water-to-energy owned collectively by Mankind.Water4Gas. It's not that hard to figure out and you can always ask for help from our community.2007. We don’t have access to all the car models that have ever been mass-produced. Feel free to change and adapt as necessary. Any input you feed back to us from your experience would be collected. not to mention kit cars and special modifications. (FEEDBACK IS VOLUNTARY! You don't have to share your knowledge. However. the “kit” shown is aimed to help you with practical application of this technology in YOUR own car – for the benefit of yourself and your environment. With every application and actual use. we made it into an easy-to-follow path. and this book describes the system that Bill and Tom Lang have developed and I have further refined into this book and the manufacturing data. MAY BE CRITICAL to the safety or workability of the technology. but not your Holy Bible. or as we used to call it in 2006. such as the length of hose. you'll be participating in the development of future free Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Since there could be various versions of the system. back in 2006. Study first. The experimental kit sent AS A FREE SAMPLE to my club members. as much as you can. analyzed and released for the benefit of all Water4Gas readers. So take this as a path to follow. the type of metal used and other factors that MUST be kept for your safety and the safety of the user – read this book carefully before you decide to make changes! What seems like a “small” change to you. like “TYPICAL SYSTEM” or “Recommended System”. so be it. there are certain MANDATORY precautions and safety measures. was very primitive as you can see: By creating a universal standard. “PAK” or Practical Application Kit. you can make it yourself cheaply and easily – or shop for a ready made kit in the PRODUCTS section of www.Water4Gas. We sometimes call it Practical Application Kit (PAK) because it is an entire set of hardware for installing and experimenting WaterFuel technology in your car – with which you can SEE and FEEL the benefits of the technology. let's call it some generic WHAT’S IN A TYPICAL SYSTEM? I stress the word TYPICAL because not everybody makes them exactly the same.

com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Water4Gas Book 1-A 48 .Water4Gas.

com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom The list below describes the sections TYPICAL kit. Two vacuum line hoses. in thousands of miles of day-to-day road tests. operate and tune your very own Water4Gas system – “Just Add Water!” Water4Gas Book 1-A 49 . and more can be obtained cheaply most grocery stores in the world. Another converted jar lid (can be metallic or plastic) that makes your Vaporizer. so give them an extra good wrap when shipping by mail. (There were two incidents that the U. this design produces MORE HHO . Postal Service broke jars even though they were marked “Fragile” and wrapped well. there could be differences depending on who made them and where. based on our experience and the numerous feedbacks we have received so far. But when you build one.S. with SPIRALED electrodes rather than flat ones. or shop for one. and one jar for the Vaporizer (and possibly other uses discussed later). • A converted jar lid (made of durable white plastic) with electrodes. Vacuum line T-connector. etc. Helps you hook up the Electrolyzer or Vaporizer to the Intake Manifold of the car. We’ve never seen any of these jars break or crack. Once inserted into a jar. MAP Sensor Enhancer – a must have for great fuel economy as you will see.Water4Gas. Also shown are quick splice connectors for easy electrical installation. The typical kit comprises the following: • Two quart-size highly durable glass jars (durable plastic option will be given later). Catalyst (sometimes called “Electrolyte” but actually the electrolyte is the term for the catalyst PLUS WATER). a great companion to your Hydrogen-On-Demand system. This is a very unique design. The typical kit should have a bag of catalyst to get you started. and flex protective tubing.) Normally one jar is used for the Electrolyzer.for LESS current drawn out of the car's battery. Fuse holder + installation wiring with ready-to-hook-terminals. which means it is the list recommended by Water4Gas for beginners. Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for better gas economy. 3. • • • • • • • • • • Basically everything you need to successfully install. protects your engine and saves energy. It completes the kit to be ‘Just Add Water. it becomes your Electrolyzer.5 feet each (no shorter – it's one of the safety features in the system!) Installation hardware: Bungee cords and cable straps for easy installations. This is the SAFE household Baking Soda (Sodium Citrate can also be used and is very safe too). Due to the magnetic forces created by the spirals.8 oz and is enough for 6-10 months of normal driving. valves. PCV Enhancer: another companion to any Hydrogen-On-Demand system that improves the PCV function.’ The catalyst helps the electric power separate water into HHO. Distilled water alone does not conduct electricity so nothing would happen without the catalyst. wiring terminals. The typical bag is 3.

Will boost performance in all cars. and its immediate benefits opened my eyes and my appetite for the more advanced systems and applications. It can be suspected as drugs and I don't blame them. Therefore. 5) DRINKING WATER MAKER A unique use of BOTH JARS with distilled water. This unique system. Works with Pure Baking Soda (or Sodium Citrate) in distilled water. 4) ADVANCED HHO BOOSTING SYSTEM This system is the best of the five systems and consists of the Electrolyzer (with wiring. when shipping abroad or across any point of customs check or security check. catalyst as well as filtered water (no hydrogen peroxide). exclude the catalyst from this kit. Works best in newer cars (1996 and newer). I have learned by experience that the small addition of Baking Soda to the kit can stop it from passing through borders. catalyst as well as tap water and hydrogen peroxide (cheap non-hazardous liquid from your drugstore or dollar store). Instructions will be given to you. Has much stronger capability to boost MPG in newer cars than just the Vaporizer or HHO Generator. enhanced by the PCV Enhancer. rivals drinking water chargers costing as much as $5900. the wiring harness. hoses and installation accessories). You will need to add a small aquarium pump and cellphone Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom NOTE ON SHIPPING BAKING SODA: in the “old” times of 2006-2007 I used to sell and ship these kits around the world. Works with Pure Baking Soda (or Sodium Citrate) dissolved in distilled water. the vacuum hoses and installation accessories. This revolutionary use of this simple everyday hardware has been reported to improve fuel economy in certain engines. Very simple. Your client experimenter can obtain Baking Soda or Sodium Citrate locally and cheaply. Works with tap water. plus one hose and installation accessories. in my humble opinion. Not as powerful as system #1 but can still boost engine performance and more importantly reduce emissions.Water4Gas. You will need to add a small aquarium pump and cellphone charger. Has a better chance of boosting MPG. 2) WATER VAPOR BOOSTER Consists of the Vaporizer. and you will find this system very interesting. Water4Gas Book 1-A 50 . FIVE SYSTEMS IN ONE 1) HHO/BROWN'S GAS GENERATOR (Some people call it "Hydrogen Generator" but as I said HHO is more powerful) Consists of the Electrolyzer. This is the simple system that Tom Lang installed in my old truck in 2006. easy to make and maintain. See book 5 for full details. 3) CHARGED WATER SYSTEM A unique invention making use of BOTH JARS with distilled water. Fuel Heater and above all MAP Sensor Enhancer.

It is very important to note here that Water4Gas system is not only a “system of devices. Therefore “satisfactory results” automatically means. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom IMPORTANT NOTE ON TUNING – OR “HOW TO GET BETTER MILEAGE NO MATTER WHAT” We've been looking at hardware. Water4Gas Book 1-A 51 . And it was also realized by observing the experience of those who DID get great mileage. 2. in the short term. instruments and additives – that must be considered part of the “system” if we want results. Most people including myself are interested. or in other words devices. so tuning must be done properly – aided by proper how-to knowledge. And those who gave up too early have turned sour and now believe that Water4Gas technology “does not work. There is the PHYSICAL system which is the devices and physical hardware shown above.” These devices will not work without proper application and more importantly proper TUNING. but it must also be IMPLEMENTED. The methods to fine-tune any Water4Gas system for maximal results are described in great detail in Water4Gas Book 2 so there's no need to go into detail now. for your free use. AND there is also the TUNING – the methods. first of all. But you must understand that the “system” approach we took in 2007 was based on the following realizations: 1. that it also takes PERSISTENCE. There must be a SYSTEM or in other words many parts working together. Some people had success on their very first day and that was nice. You will get ALL the knowledge I have. 5. And we want it to be “real” and stable. but others didn't. In short: Water4Gas system comprises more than just devices and some connecting hoses and wires. fixed it and finally were happy to see great results. By “tuning” I mean methods of making fine adjustments to the physical system(s) such as those shown above. Tuning and proper application must be done to gain satisfactory results. and continuing to do so until you get satisfactory results. better mileage. in an immediate improvement of our vehicle's fuel economy. 4.Water4Gas. those who did not give up and used other people for helping them through – or just continued on their own to debug their systems – have found out what THEY were doing wrong. the knowledge is here.” However. 3.

that my very first answer would always be: NEVER GIVE UP!! Back in the early days of Water4Gas.Water4Gas. I did NOT have immediate success with my own mileage. such as Ray Warren of Linn County. So let's just say. everybody would do it.” ~Elbert Hubbard. If it were easy. or whether you learn from it. because you won't. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Some Water4Gas experimenters. So. American philosopher (1856-1915) “Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon. that Water4Gas requires four ingredients: Devices + Knowledge + Tuning + Persistence “There is no failure except in no longer trying. USA (from 15 MPG to 30 MPG in town) and Art Green of Norfolk. It's whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction.” ~Barack Obama. it takes commitment. whether you choose to persevere. USA (from 20 to 40 MPG on The Highway and in Town from 8 to 20 MPG) published their story through local TV news and became local heroes. and left one unexpended [not exhausted] effort that might have saved the world. and it comes with plenty of failure along the way.” ~Jane Addams. 44th US President (1961--) Water4Gas Book 1-A 52 . I had to pay mainly with time and PERSISTENCE. But it's not. how would you answer the question “How to get better mileage no matter what?” I can tell you right now. Virginia. Nobel Peace Prize winner (1860-1935) “Making your mark on the world is hard. my friend. But after learning to tune my system for mileage (the knowledge is all here in my books for you) I got great mileage. simply. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure. It takes patience.

 You may notice a calmer.  Possibly reduce the operating temperature of the engine and the waste heat going into the environment. NONE OF THE STATEMENTS IN THIS BOOK HAVE BEEN VERIFIED BY ANY AUTHORITY OR SCIENTIFIC BODY (BUT BOOK 6 WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH MANY SUCH REFERENCES). but I can say with certainly that high mileage requires more tuning and experimenting (and that's why you should read these books).NOBODY! .  Remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon buildup. YOU AND I AND MOST EVERYBODY ELSE ARE INTERESTED PRIMARILY IN SAVING FUEL SO WE CAN SAVE MONEY ON AN IMMEDIATE BASIS. I have seen instances of amazing mileage. THE TECHNOLOGY IS PURELY EXPERIMENTAL AND YOU LIKE ME ARE AN EXPERIMENTER EVEN WHEN YOU PURCHASE SOMETHING FROM A FRIEND OR COMPANY. THAT'S OK. your Water4Gas system may produce the following immediate results for your vehicle or boat:  Improve your gas mileage.AND THAT INCLUDES THE GREATEST OF EXPERTS ON WATER FUEL. AND I TRULY RESPECT THEM ALL. quieter and much smoother engine operation and smoother Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 8 WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? ALTHOUGH WATER FUEL HAS MANY OTHER BENEFITS AS DESCRIBED IN PREVIOUS CHAPTERS.Water4Gas. This is due to the effect water has on the combustion cycle inside your engine. ALL ECONOMY/PERFORMANCE NUMBERS QUOTED HERE ARE BASED ON MY OWN OPINIONS AND ARE NOT – AND NEVER WILL BE – A PROMISE OF ANY SORT!!! AS STATED ABOVE. both for city and highway driving conditions.  Enhance engine power and performance. HOWEVER. Water4Gas Book 1-A 53 . NOBODY CAN GUARANTEE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY (OR PERFORMANCE) FOR ANY VEHICLE OR ANY OTHER APPLICATION SUCH AS HEATING .  Drastically reduce harmful exhaust emission that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming. I’M A FAMILY DRIVER – WHAT CAN WATER4GAS DO FOR ME? According to our own road tests and many thank-you letters from around the world. THEREFORE.

showed that the oil stayed cleaner for long Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom  Enjoy a longer life expectancy of your engine. USA.  Pride and satisfaction: I enjoy advising my friends and family on gas economy and environmental protection. have reported (to me personally) steady fuel mileage gains that saved them money weekly. neighbors. dramatically. family. but they don't have to. Engine temperature was observed to be 10 degrees lower. according to periodical lab tests. in Tennessee and Nevada. you can share your knowledge as part of your charity.000 and 20. In today's crazy gasoline prices. engine oil. So many drivers and truck/fleet owners are struggling today. You too can feel a great deal of pride and satisfaction by sharing your newly acquired knowledge with your friends. But for you. community/church members and co-workers. Soot emissions was visibly lower. In my own cars I drive between 10. the financial benefits are amplified.Water4Gas. Water4Gas Book 1-A 54 . Additionally. You can! If you are a volunteer or a minister and work for the community.000 miles before changing oil. I believe this technology is more valuable than free food. both drivers reported that their over-1-million-miles engines felt “like new” and could pull better and faster. Since they had both built and installed their own Water4Gas systems after reading earlier versions of this book. these savings helped to cover their immediate costs in a very short while. Once the word comes out they will come to YOU for advice. especially the pistons and valves. Save Money Two large Water4Gas experiments with driver-owned 18-wheeler trucks. Cleaner and cooler engines that have an easy time uphill – it all means longer engine life.  It's up to you if you want to turn your new knowledge and experience into an income source. engine oil cleanliness and lubrication quality will be extended by 1000's of miles. I’M A TRUCKER/TAXI/COMMERCIAL DRIVER – WHAT CAN WATER4GAS DO FOR ME? You can have all of the benefits listed above for the family driver. Additionally.

their installations and troubleshooting. Their very next question.000's in direct financial savings. Only after you have gained substantial experience and certainty on the subject of Water4Gas systems. Save Time Additionally. Come to my shop at so-and-so and get your system installed. The best way to promote yourself as a Water4Gas mechanic. Since Water4Gas technology is Public Domain – which simply means you don't have to pay anybody any royalties – you can go into business selling and installing systems. they will ask about the price. and then by the number of years you think you'll be using the current fleet. and I have seen this hundreds of times. BOOK 3 HAS THE SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES FOR BIG RIG TRUCKS. reported to me more specifically that with Water4Gas their old trucks pulled significantly better UPHILL with Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom In my estimation (looking at current prices of replacing trucks and engines). in my opinion. I think you should first experiment with several cars and trucks of your own. Even a “small” saving adds up very quickly in a fleet environment. MECHANIC As a mechanic. That said. too. Extra business comes from servicing the systems you have installed AS WELL AS other mechanic jobs that would inevitably come from those clients. is drive around with a Water4Gas sign/sticker.Water4Gas. Once they see the system and understand that it's doable. higher torque means higher speed under heavy load so you may save time. would be: “Right here with me. And they need YOUR service. Most people I meet want to be clients. Both Jerry Young and Carter Blankenship III. not do-it-yourself mechanics. and show YOUR OWN system to everybody who asks. the truckers from Nevada and Tennessee. All this means that you can stay afloat at hard times. you may consider going into business with this technology. extended engine life could translate into $1. Attention: Fleet Manager! How many commercial trucks do you have? Multiply the savings by the number of trucks. and keep more money in your pocket at not-so-hard times. there is MUCH greater demand for Water4Gas systems – fully installed for the client – than the demand for kits and parts.” Water4Gas Book 1-A 55 . of course. would be: “Where can I get a system installed?” Your answer.

I’M A MAYOR/GOVERNOR – WHAT CAN WATER4GAS DO FOR ME? Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger [source: Ronn Motors. which are developing much needed alternative. It benefits the State of California to support green technologies. During this visit. You may choose to give small discounts (or free service) to those clients who agree to carry your Water4Gas sticker and show their cars to others who ask to peep under the on June 30. USA. The word gets around town very fast. The Governor requested Ronn Maxwell bring the Scorpion™ to the steps of the Capital building in Sacramento. 2009 Water4Gas Book 1-A 56 . June 30. Texas. They developed and are selling the Scorpion™ which is an HHO-enhanced sports car. During a press conference.” You only need to do this a few times yourself. The Governor of California. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. so later on you'll be busy installing rather than promoting yourself. showed great interest in this product. eco-friendly energy technologies. who decided to incorporate Water4Gas technology in his auto repair business.Water4Gas. the Governor proclaimed his ongoing support for small boutique companies such as Ronn Motor Company. Alabama. 2009] Ronn Motors is a manufacturer of exotic cars from Horseshoe Bay. Speed TV produced a segment on the Scorpion™ and this spotlight on Ronn Motor Company was featured on the front page of Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom You can add: “We will service it for you or – if you want – I can show you how to fill in water and perform other simple maintenance so you don't have to come to me every time. The photo shows a mechanic in New Orleans. Below is a small quote from the company's website: California Governor Schwarzenegger read an article in Men's Journal which proclaimed the Scorpion™ as "God's Own Supercar".

Brazil has done it – and now you can do it too. as a President I would advise you to: 1. this is useful not only to Presidents. Today it pays to be green. Reduce your country's dependency on foreign oil. 2. In these “green” times. and many others. was experimenting with all sorts of alternative fuel options. Less workers’ sick days = stronger economy! 3.S. 5. Prime Ministers and heads of Government. was interviewed saying that some people around town didn't believe it. the Mayor of a small town called Honea Path (south of Greenville in Anderson County). I’M A PRESIDENT – WHAT CAN WATER4GAS DO FOR ME? The “Fuel Economy Guide” published by the U.shtml carries the following text: “a more fuel-efficient vehicle can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. This is just another way to help your citizens and taxpayers. I believe. King reported that his SUV gained an 8 MPG increase. Water4Gas Book 1-A 57 . The United States uses more than 20 million barrels of oil per Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Mayor Lollis Meyers A TV network from Greenville.with Water4Gas systems. but also to all international politicians and international opinion leaders: United Nations Secretary. Mayor Lollis Meyers decided to equip his entire police force fleet . Judging by the looks of the devices shown on TV. you gain political power and popularity in the worldwide public view. Department of Energy http://www.fueleconomy. Chief of Police.7 billion a week—that’s money that could be used to fuel our own economy. Clean up the air in the cities. while setting a good example. 4. two thirds of which is used for transportation. More than half of the oil used to produce the gasoline you put in your tank is imported. Provide work for your people – export this technology. aired a TV news cover story about Water4Gas. Petroleum imports cost us about $5.Water4Gas. Apparently. heads of official institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). and naturally he was skeptical too in the beginning. in an attempt to save his taxpayers the most amount of money. the technology was learned right out of my too. USA. The Mayor was reported to intend installing Water4Gas in his personal car. even better and faster due to modern technology.six vehicles . David King. South Carolina.” Therefore. By helping to prevent global warming.

some today have engines as big as 13. Water4Gas Book 1-A 58 . that take almost 300 gallons in one tank! Harvesters. Forage and tillage equipment – some of the larger self-propelled machines have engines as big as 19 Liter with 800 HP. but did you know that some factory-standard lawn mowers have 6-cylinder. and the engines are much simpler and easier to maintain than modern cars. You can experiment and see what fuel economy you may gain. But the issues are there whether you confront them or not. • • • • • • In the farm and farming zones.well. every penny counts. some of which are 375-Horse-Power beasts. 360-Horsepower engines? All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's). Lawn mowers – if you're like me you probably see in your mind a nice little tool.Water4Gas.. And emissions reduction could be a great addition to support your health in the farm. Water4Gas technology can be adapted to any farm equipment powered by an internal combustion engine. various utility vehicles such as old (or adapted) trucks that are not road legal anymore. we already discussed that in length. and farming/gardening equipment sellers. with the purpose of reducing costs AND emissions. More on generators in a second. and other such types. In many parts of the world there are smog tests to pass or fail.. And we don't consider farms as major polluters in terms of smog. don't speak much in terms of MPG or fuel Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom I'M A FARMER/GARDENER Farmer Farmers. Self-propelled sprayers. In a struggling economy.5 Liter with 530 HP. Combines (see photo). Water4Gas technology can also be adapted to stationary gas/diesel generators operated in many farms as the primary or secondary source of electricity. while keeping the horsepower: • Tractors. And reduction in maintenance. one of the great advantages is that there are low legal restrictions (or none) on modifying your equipment as you see fit.

emissions. Depending on your locality. with low-cost Water4Gas technology. like a bicycle's dynamo) coupled to a small or large fuel-operated engine. but have you ever seen a gardener wearing a serious gas mask? • • Think about the health benefits to you and your employees. Yet. a lot can be done to gain economy while losing emissions. I think about this every time the modern day gardener disturbs my sleep and my clean air. Gardening equipment have lesser (or null) emissions regulations in may parts of the world. • Your marketing gains a unique edge = better business survival. Water4Gas Book 1-A 59 . Additionally. I guess because they incorporate “small” engines – but whoever considers them “small” is forgetting that the gardener is right there by the machine. • I OPERATE A GEN-SET A generators is sometimes called “gen-set” because it is a set of electrical generator (to produce electricity. you'll be influencing and changing the mindset of the public to be greener.Water4Gas. What's more. and less polluting. etc. the gardener trying to market yourself. why don't you implement Water4Gas technology in ALL your engine-driven equipment? Regardless of your equipment. and (2) in the process of lobbying for such subsidies. Even if they don't give anything today. expose your “green edge” to local news channels and it may go further than you think. Gen-sets are very popular (millions sold worldwide) but are subject to little regulations regarding noise. inhaling its exhaust fumes for hours a day. Your own fuel economy and maintenance. Effects you can create with a combination of the technology itself and cleverly marketing yourself: • The equipment may become a bit quieter. you'll be “greener” than the average gardener. here's an anticipated scenario: (1) things are changing fast in this direction of green incentives of all sorts and more doors are opening today that were closed yesterday. you'll be gaining popularity and a good Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Gardener And you. Some gardeners wear ear protection. so stand out and brag about it. state or Agricultural Department. You don't have to spend a lot of money and time – activate your “green” politician to do most of the lobbying for you – she or he will be gaining their fame too. you may be able to get agricultural/environmental subsidies from the city.

and put one of his gen-sets aside. The experimenter accepted the argument. it doesn't matter for our discussion here since it's the engine part we're dealing with. One gen-set hooked up to an Electrolyzer: An observer remarked that it was not an apple-to-apple comparison since the gen-sets could have been different even though they were new and looking like identical twins. so instead its fuel economy is measured in RUN TIME TO EMPTY that the machine can achieve on a certain amount of its regular fuel. using the Water4Gas Electrolyzer. How much economy? When we talk about gen-sets. He now ran several tests IN PAIRS: first he would run the gen-set on a certain amount of fuel. In many cases 12 volts is supplied right out of the gen-set by a special outlet. A stationary installation should be easier than car installation. and started testing them for run time using an accurately measured amount of fuel. To be more informative. he hooked up the single Water4Gas Electrolyzer to the air input Water4Gas Book 1-A 60 . but rather to a hydraulic pump or an air pump (compressor). Then. and electricity for the Electrolyzer is right there (on gen-sets). recording its exact run time on a large digital stopwatch. tests must include time measurements under various load conditions which are the equivalent of various road speed in cars. However. One Water4Gas experimenter bought two brand-new Yamaha™ gensets to a public meeting we held in a Los Angeles park.Water4Gas. But let me first show you a test that I have witnessed in August 2008. there's no MPG to measure. so no battery is necessary. Such tests have landed on my desk showing positive Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Some generators are not gen-sets in the sense defined above because the engine is not hooked up to an electrical generator.

93% .2% on the average. A couple of months before that.was in half power. 276 seconds with Water4Gas compared to 181 seconds without it – indicating better fuel economy improvement of 52. and 25% in idle.----18 run time to empty Idle speed without HHO----400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas------20 min run time to empty Idle speed with HHO----400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas------24 min run time to empty Idle speed with HHO----400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas + 1oz Lucas Fuel Add. I estimate that it would be no less than 25%-30% better economy. Water4Gas Book 1-A 61 .Water4Gas. As you can see in the photos.-----26 min run time to empty 100% POWER = 3. However. Observe the photo above: to the right.6% gain in half power. averaging 18. and repeated the test. but now he recorded its exact run time on the second stopwatch. no fuel additives. consuming roughly 60 Watts from this 990-Watt gen-set (6% load) could bring the gains down a bit. Carter Blankenship III has conducted his own extensive test series and sent me this report: TEST SUBJECT--STATIONARY Briggs & Straton 18 HP Twin Cylinder RPM 100% POWER without HHO----400ml of 100% POWER with HHO----400ml of 100% POWER with HHO----400ml of min run time to empty 50% 50% 50% min Model #422707---3. A stock EF1000iS gen-set was used. no changes or upgrades other than a single Electrolyzer.600 RPM 50% POWER = 1. there was a run time gain of 23.25.5%. run time to empty 97 OCT unleaded gas----11 min run time to empty 97 OCT unleaded gas + 1 oz Lucas Fuel Add. Blankenship used an 18-HP “Briggs & Stratton” generator (I think it's 570 cc) hooked up to a single Water4Gas Electrolyzer (then with Electrolyzer + Lucas™ fuel additive). As can be Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom of that same gen-set. I calculated the time difference recorded. but you're welcome to do the own math of course. This was the average between a 15% gain in full power. the highest fuel economy gain .800 RPM Idle speed = 800--900 RPM Used your new design for this test!!! Just messing around with a smaller engine for about 6 hours but had very promising results with 1 cell system !! CARTER BLANKENSHIP III BLANKENSHIP TRUCKING Fairview.5 min run time to empty POWER with HHO-----400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas-----17 min run time to empty POWER with HHO-----400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas + 1 oz Lucas Fuel Add. the 12 Volts was taken from an external battery.----12 POWER without HHO-----400ml of 97 OCT unleaded gas----13. 29.600 97 OCT unleaded gas----10 min. Without the Lucas additive. and it was significantly longer time with the Electrolyzer hooked up. Tennessee Let me sum this test up for you.64%.

With 40 mpg it's not a champion in gas savings. where friends of mine who studied Water4Gas technology were invited to perform an experiment in an oil-drilling A drilling project of this caliber takes 10 days of non-stop drilling (the continual drilling is one of several measures taken to prevent the hole from collapsing inward and destroying itself).water4gas.htm -– although still a small automaker at the time of writing – is setting a milestone in the approach of auto makers to Water4Gas technology. 10-day drilling session would consume a staggering amount of diesel fuel – 17. My simple calculation shows that a 24-hour.” What's makes Ronn Motors' Scorpion™ special is an HHO system that they incorporated to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions. in some remote location. they encountered Water4Gas Book 1-A 62 . but Ronn Motors are the first auto manufacturer to include a Hydrogen-On-Demand system as a standard part of the automobile. I have second-hand information so I'm going to tell you the story the best I have ran a story in June 2008 about the Scorpion™ and declared. This also opens the door for other automakers to say yes to offering these water car devices standard on their automobiles as well.280 gallons! My friends built a large prototype Electrolyzer. Their Scorpion™ exotic car exceeds current and future US standards for automobile gas mileage. GreenTechGazette. and a sexy looks. The drilling machine is powered by a 19-liter turbo-diesel generator. The story happened in the Great State of Texas. then scheduled a date and set out to install the cell on that generator. the Scorpion™ can certainly be considered a high-class “supercar. With zero to 60 mph acceleration in under 4 seconds. A very thirsty machine. when under load.. not enemies or Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom AUTOMAKER Ronn Motors http://www. Point of stress: Water4Gas technology and its followers are GOOD friends of the petrol industry's. The onboard computer figures out the right gas to HHO mix and optimizes it under various driving conditions. quite dramatically I think: “This could be the end of the catalytic convertor as we know it. The oil rig wasn't producing oil yet – it was a drilling site to reach for new oil. When they arrived at the drilling site. was “drinking” diesel fuel at a rate of 72 gallons of diesel fuel PER HOUR.. I've been told that this generator.” OIL TYCOON/OIL FIELD Let me tell you a story.

but since the site was remote and time was an issue. A stationary generator's fuel consumption cannot be measured in miles but in time – you either measure time directly . If it only costs them half of what I'm paying in California for diesel fuel (my assumption).11% (according to the report – I have NOT verified it!) which is not bad under less-than-perfect conditions. The average of several test that day showed that the single Electrolyzer succeeded to boost the diesel's fuel economy by 11. First of all..Water4Gas.000! For one drilling session! How much could they save in a year in just ONE oil field? How much in a year in all their sites across Texas? Who knows. They ran several tests and compared the diesel generator's performance. but when they actually arrived they found only 19 volts available. Now calculate how many gallons they could have saved if the entire drilling session was done with HHO. they decided to just install the Electrolyzer and see what happens. but it far exceeds the cost of a simple Electrolyzer plus long will it work on one gallon (for example). And there were a couple other small Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom several technical problems. so they optimized the device to work on 24 volts. under its normal load.919 gallons. or otherwise (if you a Gallons Per Hour gauge) how many gallons does it consume in 1 hour. this means savings of roughly $3. don't you think? Sunset over an active oil field I've visited on the border of Texas and New Mexico Water4Gas Book 1-A 63 . the generator was supposed to supply 24 volts for the Electrolyzer operation.. My calculation shows a savings of 1.

We do not teach HHO torch technology here. explain thermodynamics (as usual) BUT THEN SHOW the HHO advantage and its special applications. but it is a subject that any experimenter can understand better after trying out Water4Gas technology. We talked about the way Water4Gas technology works to create “free energy” not out of thin air (which would break the law of thermodynamics.but WHERE it is at work and where it is not applicable. but will also teach them to think outside the rigid box of confined “laws of physics. can be made less polluting.  There are many other uses in industry for HHO as evident from a vast array of Patents and scientific documentation – see Book 6 for more details.”  Teach a new profession: “Practical Water Fuel in the Twenty-First Century” Water4Gas Book 1-A 64 .  Glass and Jewelry can benefit from HHO torches.Water4Gas.htm You cannot produce these machines at home but.water4gas. More details – and machines you can buy – at www. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Do I have to continue? Let me stress this one more time: a closer look shows us that Water4Gas technology and its followers are nothing but GOOD FRIENDS of the petrol industry! INDUSTRY  Wherever diesel and gasoline generators are being used. no cost savings can be overlooked. In today's struggle to survive fierce competition from the East. DEMONSTRATE how electrolysis works (as usual). again. they can be made more efficient and save operation costs.  Using Water4Gas technology all internal combustion engines. today. TEACHER  Help your students think outside of the box. as well as other fuel-burning processes. For example: it can be shown that the second law of thermodynamics has validity in its own right – but also shown that the question is not if it's true or false .com/1/watertorch. This will not only teach students that improving the economics of energy IS possible. you will have much deeper understanding by experimenting with Water4Gas technology or studying its basics. but by tapping into the waste band. is very important since factories are being fined heavier penalties for polluting the environment. WELDER HHO welding machines have remarkable advantages over acetylene torches.

 Less maintenance at sea! Water4Gas Book 1-A 65 . for example. who will possibly shed more light onto your own line of research. Observe the details and pointers in Book 6. BOAT  On-board generators as well as the boat's engine(s) itself can be enhanced with Water4Gas Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom SCIENTIST Water4Gas technology and experimentation can help you think outside of the box just as I explained to teachers.Water4Gas.  Mileage  Power  Cooler and quieter engine/generator. By going into the world of Water-Fuel you will have very enlightening meetings with scientists and researchers.

Water4Gas. It doesn't have to be great mileage and HHO. Make a deal with a local Water4Gas installer. every small difference adds up. I’M A CAR DEALER – WHAT CAN WATER4GAS DO FOR ME? You the car dealer are one of the smartest businessmen in town. Add a Vaporizer to every car at a very minimal cost (possibly under $10 in hardware plus 1 hour of labor). 3. create one if they don't exist! Water4Gas Book 1-A 66 .com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom HOSPITAL. you have to be. Water4Gas technology can be fitted to both. It's enough to start with: 1. 2. Perform and display before/after sample smog tests. can get better fuel economy. SCHOOL Generators can improved and be made more quiet by implementing Water4Gas technology. Converting all the cars in your lot to Water4Gas-enhanced cars will give you an obvious marketing edge. In a competitive market like yours. and the RV's engine itself. I will only give you some ideas and you will no doubt be able to turn them into gold. RECREATIONAL VEHICLE Generators. Since I don't have to teach you anything about business and competition. and long usage of the stationary generator. Over long distances.

less vibrations. As you can see. cooler combustion temperatures. available time and mainly the availability of mechanics that work closely with (or in) your dealership or car lot. your involvement in the technology can be minimal. RACING In the sports world. but certainly you don't have to. Don't ask me about legalities – read the first chapter.. to gain a serious edge you must move first. • Cleaner oils. and that's OK. a second gained can determine your losing or winning. Your technological involvement depends on your inclination. The action is up to you. can add up to lesser maintenance. If you're in the leading league. maintenance matters. You can think with these ideas.. In the lower ranks it can determine if you're even in the race – or not at all.Water4Gas. cleaner engines. For illustration purposes In the motorized sports (racing or just for fun). a fraction of a second can sometimes get you the medal. Let the buyer upgrade to better technology if she's interested – use this book series for education – and send them with YOUR coupon to that installer. Can you add a Vaporizer to a new car? Can you add it to a leased car? Let me ask you back: “Why not?” and the answer to this one question will determine the rest of your usage of Water4Gas technology for your business benefit. You can do a lot more if you want. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom 4. 67 Water4Gas Book 1-A . It's not just racing time but also how much time is needed between days. The conservative dealer will wait for others to move first.

CO2 emissions each year. attention to your sponsor. Unlike other forms of vehicle pollution.7 billion tons) of Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom • • • Think about the time saved and the money saved.S. is of any “green” nature. and man-made emissions of greenhouse gases are very likely the cause of most of the observed global warming over the last 50 years.” the U.S. CO2 is the most important humanmade GHG. Fuel saved? I don't think it's feasible to gain much. you may gain both popularity. and highway vehicles account for 26% (1. However.Water4Gas. as well as possibly winning a race due to several minutes saved on maintenance while on the track. in calmer races it is definitely possible to gain fuel economy to (a) save $ and (2) save filling up time – in a long race it can mean winning the race if all the edge you need is in those few minutes that you don't lose. Maintenance costs saved is a factor. If the race as a whole. Are you still looking for a sponsor? Think with the above points. contributing to global climate change. or your sponsorship in particular. CO2 emissions cannot be reduced by pollution Water4Gas Book 1-A 68 . Burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere. Every gallon of gasoline your vehicle burns puts about 20 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere—the average vehicle emits around 6 to 9 tons of CO2 each year. • • WHAT CAN WATER4GAS DO FOR PLANET EARTH Reduce Climate Change In their publication “Fuel Economy Guide. not with the aggressive driving habits necessary on some of the tracks. and greater press coverage. Department of Energy talk about the importance of Reducing Climate Change: Climate change is widely viewed as the most significant long-term threat to the global environment.

After looking As can be seen from this EPA diagram. To my mind. They can only be reduced by burning less fuel or by burning fuel that contains less carbon. but I couldn't understand it. The difference between 25 miles per gallon and 20 miles per gallon can prevent the emission of 10 tons of CO2 over a vehicle’s lifetime. to the left) on the EPA's website. kind of like pointing at the empty half of a glass: Water4Gas Book 1-A 69 . it's all true but but is inverted – it's a negative representation of facts. I realized why it was hard to grasp. not industries) comes from our vehicles. Does this alarm you? It does me.Water4Gas.FuelEconomy. Environmental Protection Agency) confirms and repeats the information from the Department of Energy. the EPA ( Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom control technologies. most of the CO2 (from our households.S. One of the most important things you can do to reduce your contribution to climate change is to buy a vehicle with better fuel economy. At www. I saw the CO2 graph (below.

. Before Water4Gas: After Water4Gas: Water4Gas Book 1-A 70 .Water4Gas. It shows that a moderate improvement in mileage goes hand-by-hand with a moderate reduction in CO2 emissions. after installation. I now observed the numbers again. I went to my records regarding smog test before/after Water4Gas installation. and I saw ZERO in the CO2 column.Reduce your annual CO2!” Now it makes Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom So I fed the graph into my graphic software and mirrored it (see to the right) – now it's easier to grasp on the positive note: “Up your mileage . an old Ford F-250. Examine the smog reports on the next page. However. The photo is not of the actual vehicle but of the same model and about the same year. or dramatic drop in CO2 to near zero.. I've seen this in other smog tests – they showed either zero. not even as new and definitely not after decades of hard work on the road.. You would never expect such a vehicle to emit zero CO2.

and this dependency will increase as domestic resources are used up. Of course this is not a scientific test – the effect of HHO on any engine's emissions can be shown with the proper equipment such as Gas Analyzer. The smog picture below should become HISTORY. They also state that most of the world's oil reserves are concentrated in the Middle East.9 trillion from 2004 to 2008 – and each major shock was followed by a recession. and about two-thirds are controlled by OPEC members. through personal experience. then pulling their attention to the obvious fact that nobody around got a headache or nausea or any of the bad effects of car exhaust. but to make it real to the customer. So says this Federal Agency. what effect he just created by having a system installed on his car or truck. My friend's purpose is not to “prove” it. Oil price shocks and price manipulation by OPEC have cost US economy dearly – about $1. not I. Reduce your country's dependency on foreign oil The EPA says that over half of the oil used by the USA is imported (57%). and with limited funds and limited time because that's all we Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Prevent emissions – clean up the air!!! My of my friends likes to finish each Electrolyzer installation by closing the garage doors and continue to chat with the customer for a long while WHILE THE CLIENT'S ENGINE IS STILL RUNNING. In the street we would all feel better if every car would be like that. Water4Gas Book 1-A 71 .Water4Gas.

but we can reduce cartel market control and the economic impact of price shocks by reducing our demand. In essence. We want to help YOU participate in and contribute to this dependency reduction process. too! Water4Gas Book 1-A 72 . realize what the EPA is doing: they talk about REDUCTION rather than ELIMINATION of oil use. The Agency also asks us to help improve what they call “energy security” by selecting a vehicle that uses less petroleum AND by getting the best fuel economy possible out of your current car.Water4Gas. and I think that's very sensible at this time. Gradual reduction can go a long way and create less negative effects than violent or sudden change.” Well put. Looking at this graph (also from the EPA) makes me think that it's all a money game: Can Water4Gas prevent wars caused by your country's oil dependency??? Let's hope and pray that it would do Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom EPA: “We may never eliminate our need to import oil.

Water4Gas Book 1-A 73 . One bright day in Los Angeles I've been driving my 21-year old truck on the 101 highway..” Think about it. When I opened the window for some “fresh” air. and at that moment I thought to myself: “If only these people would install Water4Gas for the mere sake of LESS NOISE. after having one of my first Water4Gas systems installed. what struck me was not air quality.Water4Gas.. and that is less noise in our Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Final Note Let me finish here with one more benefit for the health of Mankind that not too many of us are aware of. but the noise coming from the many trucks and cars. we would have quieter streets and a bit more piece of mind in this great city. My old clunker truck has been made quiet with $2 worth of hardware (Vaporizer).

040 in Europe?!) If you are two.Water4Gas. this gives you a potential saving.. how much salt is in the air. over the life span of the car. Your guess is as good as Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 9 ON SAVINGS AND FINANCING HOW MUCH HARD-EARNED-MONEY ARE YOU THROWING AWAY? The following text is a GUIDE for crunching fuel economy numbers – it MUST NOT be taken as a promise of any kind! It is a basic lesson in fuel economy calculations and nothing more! Let's say you drive a vehicle that does 20 miles per gallon and you cover 2. then you should know what I'm talking about. or if you are the fleet manager responsible for the economics of many trucks. Some users would not be happy with this “small” savings.000 miles per month.600. the ethics of your mechanics.260 per year in gasoline ($5.600 yearly out of your pocket. Water4Gas Book 1-A 74 . buses or transportation vans. At $3 per gallon (for example) this amounts to $3. three or four drivers in the family. driving habits.5% fuel saved (very basic in my opinion). Can we calculate the savings in maintenance? I think it is nearly impossible due to the huge number of variants: parts quality. of $15.800 in our European example). your savings per year per vehicle would be $450 ($1. And what if you have a fleet with 50 average drivers in your company. fuel quality. oil quality. driving 50 average cars? Then your savings will multiply to $753.072. type of vehicle. Department of Transportation calculated that the average life span of a car is 12 years.000 a year(?!) Let's check what would happen if you could save 35% of fuel – you could be saving $1.. That means you are consuming 100 gallons of gasoline a month. When oil prices peaked I've had reports from Europe about fuels equivalent to $11-$12 per gallon. and according to this sample math one driver might spend as much as $14. your yearly savings would multiply. breakdown time. while others would be exhilarated to cover their costs in a reasonable time AND gain environmental benefits as well as future savings. What can you do with $753. The U. maintenance philosophies. Now let's water it down from 35% to only 12. and many more variants. Assuming you're driving the average car.600 in free money? If you have several boats in your marine club.S.

then you can't pay and that's it. the working man said: “You know my friend. and the deal repeated again. but I'm sorry to tell you. It was 10 pounds. so the user can start enjoying it before he can actually pay for it. The working man approached his wealthy friend and offered to repeat the deal: he would buy his hat for 5 pound. unlike previous times. and the wealthy man would buy a new hat again. This time. very happy with his end of the deal: a “near-new” hat for half price. the wealthy man continued: Water4Gas Book 1-A 75 . that hat started falling apart. He was. to pay for something.” He stopped and waited for reply. after another year of everyday use. one may be considering. every Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom FINANCING Why financing? Let's examine the option to finance your (or somebody else's) Water4Gas system. but look – you pay twice as much!” The wealthy man nodded his head in understanding. There was a wealthy guy who had a hard-working school friend. I know you have money. again. he was very happy to wear a nearnew hat that had only cost him half price! However. you have been getting a very bad deal all these years. you always buy a hat for 10 pounds. why finance anything? If you can't pay for it. through a special effort of the individual or company. off his head) for half that price – 5 pounds. I appreciate the favor as I have for many years. and I always buy a hat for 5 pounds. but I'm not going to. Now we could go into heavyweight business calculations and banking methods and all of that. By “financing” is meant to pay for something with some other people's money. and the working man got the old one. but I think you are getting the short end of the deal. This happened again and again. Instead. Look. An additional definition could be obtaining the money beforehand. The wealthy man one day mentioned that he was going to replace his hat. So.. As in the first time. looked at the worker's eyes and then he said: “I like you very much my friend. The wealthy man bought himself a new 10-pound hat. for many years. When the working man replied with a frown of puzzlement. new. One day they were sitting together in the park. I want to shed light on financing by telling you a lightweight story.Water4Gas. so he offered his wealthy friend to buy it off his hands (err. he thanked his wealthy friend for the favor. The working man asked how much it cost.

just to start your creative cog wheels turning: • • • Reduce expenses for a while (general expenses. or vehicle-related if you keep separate budgets) and save for your first Water4Gas system. Borrow (but you knew that :) Make a deal with a professional Water4Gas installer to get a reduced price (or a free system) for the valuable exchange of you driving around with a large sticker or sign that promotes the installer's business. is to find some businessman or businesswoman. many years ago. But then. in my view. He realized that the only edge that the “wealthy” man had on him (as far as the hat went) was only 5 pounds. Give them good reasons: doing the right thing. and I'm speaking from experience! Make and install a very basic system. Get a grant. and invest this saving later in a professional installation or system upgrade. (I dedicated a chapter to this subject in Water4Gas Book 2-B) The best of all. I ONLY ADDED 5 MORE POUNDS of my own cash in order to get a brand new hat. The finance guy doesn't have to be you.Water4Gas. safeguard the environment. You just have to come up with creative solutions. Although he was not young anymore. in any region of the world. but I believe there are many grants that are available these days for environmental protection and alternative energy development/experimenting. Make a deal of some sort with an environmental protection group. Ask your company. You'll have to search for the right grant or grants. I'm sure. I add 5 pounds. when you gave me 5 pounds. What about those who cannot afford the initial investment in professional installations? I think that financing is not an impossibility. save the $ you don't spend on fuel. but also that he should think outside the box and be creative about money. This is just an initial idea and you must work on the details. to teach them what you know about Hydrogen-On-Demand in exchange for financing. your city or your government to pay for your system. for the first hat you had bought from me. ONE TIME. etc. what happens? The very same thing: I give you my hat. Let me give you a few sample ideas. I get a new hat. my friend. and there's a whole training available on the Internet on where and how to get grants. You'll have to show your system to many people.” The hard working man caught his head. to finance drivers who are willing to pay back out of their monthly savings (out of what they save in fuel). ONLY THE FIRST TIME I PAID 10 POUNDS. or a firm. • • • • • Water4Gas Book 1-A 76 . he changed his (financial) ways and was “poor” no longer. And every year. This man realized not only the power of clever financing. Think it's impossible? Think again – it only depends how much you believe in change – they will feel it too when you talk to the right people. while at the very same time you've been always wearing an OLD HAT for the SAME 5 pounds a year. as well as local rules and regulations on such financing. This type of financing is called “pay-as-you-save” and can become very popular when there is scarcity of cash. but that's free Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom “You see. Now can you SEE what is happening here? All these years I've been wearing a NEW HAT for 5 pounds a year.

One great place to organize such groups is www. sick days. Offer this to business heads and see what they say. too. telling people about a new group forming locally for the advancement of Hydrogen-On-Demand in the community. Don't invest a dime – just invite people to meet up some place and take it from there. you don't have to know much – my Water4Gas DVD's www. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom If you just want to be a client of such financing and there's nobody around to finance you yet. Some lobbying is required on this line. national debt for imported oil (not to mention the high price of economic dependability). Can you see some possibilities now? Take these ideas and develop your own versions and local adaptations. And WHY do you? Because of your beautiful eyes? No. and much more! This may sound like a horrible question to ask. When Hydrogen-On-Demand is validated and and save some money or credit that you can exchange for a system (or parts to build your own).com are permitted for public viewing – even for a fee – so you can sell tickets and save money to finance yourself. Keep the meetings regular (Saturday was the best day in my area). It's not just economical – it could be lots of fun. be the first to establish this in your town and get free financing and possibly more. hospitals.Water4Gas. in your spare time. • Teach Hydrogen-On-Demand privately or to groups. wherever you are in the world. it inevitably grows. I know from experience that it can grow very fast. Become an affiliate with www. Water4Gas Book 1-A 77 .Water4GasDVD.Water4Gas. • • • The principle of “creative financing” is this: use creativity to cover for lack of money! One idea that keeps going around is “use other people's money” but that's not going to work without “thinking outside the box. but let’s a have a real hard look at it: HOW MANY SOLDIERS CAN YOU SAVE FROM DEATH OR INJURY by not having to protect petroleum supplies from abroad? Thousands!!! Horrible but true! And you’ll be helping tremendously on this but a note in the grocery shop or local gas station can be just as effective. More on that in Water4Gas Book 2-B. but I believe it is possible and even important.” Remember: there's more than enough money lying around – just think creatively and find it. It’s because by using a “green” machine you’ll be actually HELPING YOUR NATIONAL ECONOMY by reducing costs on air and sea pollution. Starting a local activity can be as easy as putting a free ad in the local newspaper or grocery store. LET YOUR GOVERNMENT PAY FOR YOUR CAR UPGRADE! I believe that you DESERVE to get your costs back from the government.

ITS FUEL SYSTEM AND ITS SENSORS ARE IN GOOD SHAPE. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom PASS SMOG TEST WITHOUT A CATALYTIC INVERTER?? First of all listen to me. there is no promise that passing smog is possible if you just installed a Hydrogen-On-Demand system of any sort!!! If your engine is ruined (broken piston. Water4Gas Book 1-A 78 . the story below was emailed to me by somebody I know very well and I believe it's a true story because later I heard similar stories from others: “A friend of mine installed one [a simple water-fuel device] on an old Cadillac. and there is no easy way to calculate the exact savings. His catalytic converter had gone bad so he removed it and took it in for emissions testing.Water4Gas.) then it must be fixed. Water4Gas technology has the power to clean out the emissions dramatically WHEN THE ENGINE. However. bad plug. broken timing belt. Not having to replace a catalytic converter (as well as other costly parts) will result inevitably in savings that you may not see on an immediate basis. The engine would break down less. Back in 2006. After the test the mechanic came out and said "Boy you sure have a great catalytic converter on that car!" Why am I telling you this between all these financial calculations? Because you have to realize that Water4Gas technology has more to contribute than just savings at the pump.

com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom But if you check your yearly maintenance bills. nobody can guarantee that any of your vehicles will pass the smog test or never break down just because it has any water technology. • • Water4Gas Book 1-A 79 .” And in another place they say: “a device fitted onto the tailpipe of a car to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it sends out into the air. it is illegal to remove or disable a catalytic converter for any reason other than its immediate replacement. Again. would render this gadget obsolete.” While this is true. especially in a commercial says that in the USA and many other jurisdictions. In a certain vehicle it might be non-functional but neither the vehicle owner nor the smog checker would know it or think about it. if achieved.Water4Gas. That's not the point. as well as extra vibrations and heat caused by inefficient combustion. provided that there was some other system being used that causes complete combustion. WikiPedia. it is also an admission of the auto maker in his inability to make the engine burn its input fuel in a complete manner! Complete or near-complete combustion. But HHO may help with problems related to unburned gasoline and contaminated oil. The point I'm trying to make is the interaction between Water4Gas and the vehicle's engine: • WikiPedia says: “A catalytic converter provides an environment for a chemical reaction wherein toxic combustion by-products are converted to less-toxic substances. you may notice a significant decrease. It also says that vehicles without functioning catalytic converters generally fail emission inspections. whether you drive in the USA or not. I will NEVER tell you to remove or not maintain your catalytic converter.

ask for help. go through the motion of trial and error until I get it right. I'm a busy person. installed and fine-tuned for you? Search for “FULL SERVICE. not a shop by itself. 6.If you just need all the parts so you can build the system from a kit. and Most importantly you're helping yourself and your family to save money on energy! Water4Gas Book 1-A 80 . I am referring you by organizing the information into a catalog. select "Do-It-Yourself PARTS".” Well. Start selecting by your vehicle type (passenger car. 3. The place to complain about services and products is with the Independent Vendor who sold you the product. for a stronger economy. or Water4Gas. meaning systems built. It leads you to many INDEPENDENT VENDORS who are NOT me. If you cannot decide what is right for you. etc. So I can definitely understand what some of my readers mean when they say: “Ozzie. 2. . the solution is very simple: 1. Save our economy from dependency on foreign oil. truck. Shop responsibly! 7. 5. and so on. By using this Product Selection Guide you're helping to: Clean the atmosphere. Ozzie freedom. Browse the various listings and observe the differences in details and prices. . Are you interested in a "full service" for your vehicle or fleet. Examine the offers and find one that matches your need: .Water4Gas.To have a system built for you by a professional company.” 8. Select the items or system(s) you and look at the PRODUCTS section.Water4Gas. I'm only trying to guide you through a maze of products and vendors in a relatively young industry. go to the next major category "Professional Systems".If you need specific parts ready made. I'd like to know about it (submit a review) but please remember that Water4Gas only referred you. boat. but I do not sell. such as enhancers or other devices. But even I don't always have the time or the necessary skills to do everything myself. select "DoIt-Yourself KITS". Visit my website www. Remember that you are using our “Product Selection Guide” which is an online catalog. Build small businesses all over the Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 10 IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO IT YOURSELF I am an HHO experimenter.) 4. I just don't have the time to gather all the parts. as help and guidance.

Water4Gas PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE REFERS YOU TO THIRD PARTY ONLINE SHOPS OF INDEPENDENT VENDORS.Water4Gas. AND (2) WATCHING Water4Gas DVD'S You are welcome to shop around the world and around the Internet for other manufacturers and other systems. However. since Water4Gas books and DVD’s provide you with basic education on the technology. you will be a better shopper with more knowledge to guide you. Good luck with your experimentation!   Water4Gas Book 1-A 81 . I will never limit you to buy only from Water4Gas readers/experimenters – your freedom of choice is very important to me. TO EXPERIMENT WITH HYDROGEN ON DEMAND. YOU STILL NEED THE EDUCATIONAL PART WHICH YOU CAN GET BY (1) READING Water4Gas BOOKS. at your own risk of course.Water4GasDVD.  Water4Gas is a great adventure. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom NOTES:  SHOP RESPONSIBLY.

whether for a fee or free-of-charge. You can manufacture Water4Gas systems and part kits for others.Water4Gas. as you like. You can also chose to make various other things that the world needs in this field such as ready-made charged water. as well as many other ways to use this technology in business. YOUR HELP NEEDED .htm I'm sure that reading this book and experimenting with the technology has enhanced your belief that water-fuel and the conversion of water-to-energy are DOABLE.Water4Gas.Water4Gas. Water4Gas Water4Gas Book 1-A 82 .. • • • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION AND SUPPORT!!! “Check out Water4Gas. maintenance of” Ozzie Freedom Founder. Your next step is to make full use of the knowledge you now have. You can use it in many ways: • You can teach this knowledge! TEACHERS – did you know that I've permitted my Water4Gas DVD's for public showing? You're welcome to show them in your school or town. Now you can take one or both lines of action: 1. installation services. and earn WITHOUT HAVING TO MANUFACTURE OR DELIVER ANYTHING! You can help the MOVEMENT by contributing in various ways to our ACTIVISM – visit www. for your benefit and for the benefit of your environment. If you're not signed up yet to receive the complete series. You can promote Water4Gas DVD's and many other products by becoming an affiliate.. please do so by joining Water4Gas at Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 11 WHAT'S NEXT? I'M GLAD YOU HAVE THIS BOOK! This is only one book out of a complete series. or.HELP US AND MAKE $$$ TOO Additional sources of income for you: help us spread the good word about Water4Gas! The world MUST be informed about this technology! Enjoy this exciting new technology – and tell your friends about your Water4Gas system and knowledge. Get ready-made systems (or professional installation) from to see what's cooking and what's needed today.Water4Gas. Make yourself a system to install in your car or and discover money-making programs and opportunities.

not to mention installation. plus a set of fuel economy enhancers. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 12 GLOSSARY UNIT CONVERTER Miles to kilometers? Grams? Ounces? Would you like a SIMPLE conversion tool that does not need to be purchased or installed? Visit the simple converter www. But that was a very limited view as can be seen now from my books and DVD's. Much like the trademark Xerox™ (trademark of Xerox™ corporation) has become a term for all photocopy machines and processes. fuel additives and other techniques. In the public's mind. that was once unfamiliar with Hydrogen-on-demand (HOD) or any doable “water-fuel” technology – that it CAN be done by the common man. and today too. for the most HOW DO YOU DEFINE 'WATER4GAS'? The term “Water4Gas” has evolved through the years. videos and the term Water4Gas caught on and became a household name for anything from “water car. and my Water4Gas DIY books. mileage or the very extensive collection of converters at www.the higher and more expensive HOD technology and products and therefore I insisted that the DIY tech should be positioned as a door opener and not as a replacement or a rival technology or product. to all sorts of versions of HOD systems. the purpose of this do-it-yourself (DIY) tech has been only to be an eye opener – to educate the general public.. Consists of an Electrolyzer (or several Electrolyzer cells) installed on board a vehicle or any other ICE [internal combustion engine]. DIY cannot be everything for everybody. Water4Gas became the most common term for water fuel.htm or www.Water4Gas. Water4Gas Book 1-A 83 .flowmeterdirectory. During 2006-2007. promoting Bill Lang's experimental kits. Being simple and affordable and easy to replicate. Late 2007 and all during 2008. books.unitconversion." From the start. The official definition from those early days used to say: "Water4Gas: A combined technology to convert water to energy. Water4Gas was the home-made glass jar Electrolyzer and nothing else. It started in 2006 as my trademark for my website.” an obscure term in itself. anywhere in the world.digitaldutch. the term Water4Gas used to describe low-cost DIY technology to produce hydrogen on demand. Some folks started naming age-old technologies such as Dennis Klein's by the name Water4Gas. because not everybody wants or is able to make technical things by herself or himself. I intended this tech to open the doors for the big guys .

It is readily soluble in water. anodes made with these elements will endure electrolysis for many years. Electrical energy (electrical current. due to lower carbon contents.. Platinum: precious metallic elements used for many purposes.or fuel assistance . etc. Acetone: A highly flammable. yet the industry as a whole deserves support for the sake of the economy and the planet. In the proper structures and combinations. aimed at different applications. but we do not use Tantalum although it's also highly resistive to corrosion. that became popular especially between truckers. dimethyl ketone. and other names. See definition of Multi-Cell.Water4Gas. DEFINITIONS BY ABC 6-Pack: A unique Multi-Cell Water4Gas system. Therefore. Some portions of the technology are not public domain and are protected by Patents and other methods of profit protection. Strong and durable under water. DEFINITIONS OF IMPORTANT METALS Titanium. Read more about these Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Nowadays. Stainless Steel: Steel containing chromium to make it resistant to corrosion. since Water4Gas has expanded its scope into representing and actively supporting the entire HOD industry. with carbon (and other materials depending on the specific formula) added for strength. AC: Alternating current. etc. Maybe it's due of its price or something else. 316L: Grade of stainless steel. Platinized Niobium (wires): These are actually Copper wires. and since everybody's invited to ride the wave. Niobium (commonly known as columbium). ether. Its most familiar household use is as the active ingredient in nail polish remover. these metals are useful for creating highly durable anodes. We use 316L to prevent fast oxidation of the Electrolyzer's electrodes. flexibility. it would be more appropriate to define Water4Gas as any technology to produce fuel . Also known as propanone. caused by the oxygen product of the electrolysis process. the term Water4Gas. Water4Gas Book 1-A 84 . colorless solvent. A bit softer than the 302/304 grade. 302/304: Grade of stainless steel. In our interest. yet even more durable under water during electrolysis for the very same reason. Steel: An alloy (combination of metals and/or minerals) which contains iron as the main constituent.from water. products and related services such as HOD installations and mileage tuning. and itself serves as an important solvent (actually the strongest consumer-grade solvent available to us). ethanol. covered with a thick layer (almost 20% of the diameter) of Niobium and then plated again with a thin layer (less than 1% of the diameter) of Platinum on the outside. with each such grade actually constituting a formula of different additives. It has many "grades". voltage) which alternates cyclically between positive and negative in polarity. now in actual fact describes all sorts of Hydrogen-On-Demand or Water-Fuel technology. too.

resistor. etc. flame or compression). In an Electrolyzer. How many electrical particles flowing in a conductor (wire. in simple words. Yull Brown but also goes by many other names: Rhode’s Gas. Now a diffuser.860 Gallons of highly combustible gas! When ignited (by spark. as well as the welding of various metals inexpensively (compared to the commonly used welding with acetylene). they were telling me that the guys in the hardware store didn't know. That's all. etc. but also good for cutting metal.) and is a user friendly alternative to other catalysts. No sugar or leavening stuff please. hydroxy. Non toxic (used in food. I found it cheap and useful as a diffuser. WaterFuel or water fuel. Named after Prof. if you chop its thin edge (about 1/3 off) does that too. Brown's Gas is great not only for supplemental fuel for engines. an aquarium stone. etc) per unit of time. A popular catalyst for Electrolyzers. Atom: Once thought to be the smallest part of an element or substance. Note: the only "baking soda" suitable for electrolysis is PURE SODIUM BICARBONATE.Korea by the way has very good technology of HHO generators for industry. Atomize: Making liquid or substance into a mist. normally routed back into the intake via the PCV valve. Anode: The positive-charged pole (wire or plate) in an Electrolyzer or battery. is just like that aquarium stone that makes lots of bubbles out of the air hose. Biofuel could be liquid. Blow by (gas): Gases that skip past the piston rings in an engine. Use Xylene instead! Ampere (amp): A measure for electrical flow. for dental health. etc. environment friendly. William A. this is where the oxygen is being produced. watergas or water gas. in our case) made from "biomass" biological sources such as corn or wood that have completed their life cycle. green gas. Baking Soda: The household name for Sodium Bicarbonate. The electrode with the positive voltage. however recently we've found that its side effects drive most experimenters to steer away from Acetone as a fuel is made of "sub-atomic particles" such as electrons . Dr. Bio fuel or Biofuel: Fuel (for Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Also used to make plastic. Rhodes. each Gallon of water expands into gigantic proportions – 1. fibers. The product of the Electrolyzer. after it earlier researcher. di-hydroxy. Brown's Gas implodes. When separating water into its Brown's Gas state. In Korea they call it “Brown Gas” . but it does the job. drugs and other chemicals. brazing (joining metals at high temperatures). also called HHO (Hydrogen-HydrogenOxygen).859 parts of vacuum energy (imagine the energy released by Water4Gas Book 1-A 85 . soldering. Brown's Gas: A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Pure Acetone used to be considered a major fuel saving additive. Anchor: So many readers have asked what this mysterious "anchor" was..that can probably be broken down further. gas or solid. An implosion of that amount would result is the release of 1. The anchor. Alternatively replace the 'anchor' with any diffuser you can put your hands on: an irrigation tip of some sort. Today we know it's not so . oxy-hydrogen. An anchor is one of those pieces of plastic that you stick into a hole in the wall to hold a screw. Well it's so simple that it sounds stupid. Not tiny bubbles.. To my amazement.

in other words it doesn't pulse. Current: (in electricity) the movement of electrons through a conductor. Even if it changes all the time. Bubbler: A safety-enhancing device (or part of a device) to bubble air through water in an Electrolyzer. It closes automatically when the flow stops or is reversed. It could be a standalone device. 99. Check Valve: A device that allows flow of gas or liquid in one direction only. CNG: Compressed Natural Gas (Methane). a single device can have several cells. In Water4Gas Electrolyzers where electrodes are spiraled to save energy. usually through a hose or piping system. In an Electrolyzer. D17: Refers to document D17. in other words it keeps its positive and negative.Water4Gas. Cathode: The negative-charged pole (wire. Catalyst: A material used to induce or enhance the chemical reaction between other materials without being changed in the process. Refer to DVD 3 for Water4Gas Book 1-A 86 . DC: Direct current. "electrons" are those particles of the copper Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom combusting 1. By a certain arrangement of electrodes (when plates are used). The document is available on the Internet (search Google for "Dealing with the Vehicle Computer" WITH the quote marks). DEMSE: Dual-Edge MAP Sensor Enhancer.: definition. and is also somewhat "stable". It tells you how to build this EFIE alternative. which are leaving their place and moving along between other atoms in the copper. A dual-knob device to adjust the air-to-fuel ratio in the mixture. plate) in an Electrolyzer or battery. however in our DIY Electrolyzer and also in our Vaporizer.95% of Brown's Gas turns into energy upon ignition. it could still be called DC if it has those characteristics. each device (one jar) would constitute one cell. Electrical energy (electrical current.pdf written by Patrick Kelly titled "Dealing with the Vehicle Computer". called D17 for lack of a better name. Measured in Amperes. voltage) which does not alternate in polarity. Carb: Carburetor. If for instance the conductor is copper. def. Cell (or Electrolyzer cell): Defined as one unit in an electrolysis system (a series of individual cells). In other words. this is where the hydrogen is being produced. the bubbler is built-in so no external bubbler is necessary. used for tying or stabilizing objects. Bungee: Type of stretchy cord with anchors at each end.859 gallons of highly inflammable gas) PLUS one part reverted back to 1 gallon of water. The electrode with the negative voltage.

Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. as in 'Joe cell'. Switch type that can switch two circuits separately (that's the "double pole"). In our case the process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. A numerical expression of the ratio between waste and actual work done. FuelSaver-MPG and Distilled water: Water that has been "purified" of its contaminants. chemical changes occur at the two electrodes. That's a common mistake – the catalyst in our case would be the Sodium Bicarbonate ("baking soda") and the electrolyte would be the solution.water4gas. Sometimes called 'Powertrain Control Module' (PCM).com Electrolyzer cell: A single cell in an Electrolyzer or part of MultiCell system: an anode and a cathode immersed in an electrolyte. Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. Common misnomers are 'hydrogen generator' and 'fuel cell'. We sometimes refer to the catalyst as electrolyte. The modern science of wasting gasoline. Sometimes called 'cell'.com Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom building it. usually a separation of oxygen from hydrogen or other substances it is chemically bonded with. Rain water and filtered water are not distilled water!!! DIY: Do It Yourself. Electrolysis: When a direct current is passed through a liquid which contains ions (an electrolyte).Water4Gas. I'll give you a very simple definition: If it stinks – it's emissions. An Electrolyzer can have one cell or many. Manufactured by Eagle Research. a device to correct the stoichiometric level programmed into a car in order to accommodate WaterFuel technology.water4gas.water4gas. EFIE: Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. or the mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and water. Electrolyte: A solution of catalyst (see definition) in water in an Electrolyzer.water4gas. and can be obtained though our online catalog at Electrode: A conductor (such as metal wire or plate) which dips into an electrolyte and allows the current (electrons) to flow to and from the electrolyte. EFI: Electronic Fuel Injection. Also see 'cell'. Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. Double Throw. collecting many inputs from sensors around the car and controlling all functions of the engine such as fuel injection and heat management. Harmful Water4Gas Book 1-A 87 . ECU: 'Engine Control Unit' or 'Electronic Control Unit'. and DVD 6 for tuning. rather than forward motion. Efficiency: The ratio of total output power to input power expressed as a percentage. It's the heart of the engine management system in a modern Emissions: Let's not go into science formulas here. Your car's computer. noise and vibration. A device or machine that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen thus producing Brown's Gas or HHO. For example a low-efficiency car engine uses most of its input to produce heat. Electrolyzer: Water Fuel Cell (WFC). DPDT: Double Pole. and is capable of making an electrical connection in each of its "throws" (sides of its motion). acids and minerals such as salt.

If the cat sniffs it but won't touch it. change your thinking about it and you'll see many instances and opportunities of free energy. if a paid-for instrument or process.. it requires MORE petroleum import for every gallon of ethanol we use. Per this definition. Solar energy is one good example: you pay for the solar device (hopefully not an arm and a leg) and from that point on the sun gives you (not free yet) energy.however that viewpoint has a major flaw. See. Water4Gas Book 1-A 88 . don't forget to tell your professor to have another look. a hungry yet healthy cat will not touch a spoiled fish. not iron. Free energy: Energy you did not have to pay for. But see. they are hostile to life and we should not agree with those anymore! Energy: The capacity to do mechanical (such as motion) or electrical work (such as light or sound). simply because you don't have top pay for it from that point in Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom emissions. it is a flammable. the fish goes to the garbage. colorless. Yes. Yet the only term to describe female side is FIP. then IN THE BOTTOM LINE (in other words after your costs have been paid for) what you're getting now can surely be considered free energy. it starts to produce TRULY “FREE” ENERGY. any energy or energy savings derived CHEAPLY from water is considered “free. UK (5%?). Exothermic: (of chemical reaction or compound) Releasing energy. by the way. drinking alcohol or grain alcohol. Get it? Another example is Water4Gas technology – our “free energy” comes simply and directly from REDUCTION OF WASTE in our poorly-designed engines. Brazil (25%!). so pay attention when ordering or buying in the hardware store. er. but that is a misleading concept because the body senses it one way or another. we have become numb to harmful. immediately after your return (for possibly a short while before you become numb again) you'll be able to sniff all those "odorless" harmful emissions! Standards of government-permissible emissions are way too high health-wise. slightly toxic chemical compound. brings you energy or extra energy you don't have to pay for. Now if you would thoroughly cleanse your body and move to a very clean village up the mountains for a while. Produced from edible crops such as corn/sugar/maize. They are right . If you have been conditioned to believe that free energy is not possible. very hostile emissions. The word means "outside heating". even if you can't smell anything "fishy". Old-school chefs will give a piece of the day's fish to the house cat. With only 2/3 of the energy of gasoline. There are emissions that are so called "odorless". All “free energy” methods and devices are based on this same basic principle – of becoming somewhat more efficient in extracting energy out of natural sources. Sweden and others.” economically speaking. Also known as ethyl alcohol.Water4Gas. And. Ethanol: One of the reasons you've been losing mileage in recent years. FIP: Female Iron Pipe. It's a common concept between conventional scientists and "energy experts" that free energy is physically impossible. FE: Fuel Economy.. the moment the solar device has finished paying for itself. usually in the form of HEAT. or just a change of usage to an existing instrument. Since we have oceans of water. For the fuel heater we use brass. It will always be marked on the product.from their point of view . it is now used as a fuel additive enforced on drivers across the USA (10% blends).

In this regard (harmful by-products of fuel burning). short for Amazing GOOP® by Eclectic Products. or how many hours of operation for a lawnmower or generator) can be obtained for the amount of fuel we put in. or generates a substance (as in "hydrogen generator"). Goop™: A brand name. Commonly called 'Fuel Economy' and measured by miles per gallon or kilometers per Electrolyzer inputs electricity and (in our use) outputs hydrogen. water is not "fuel" because when "burned" it reverts back to water vapor and oxygen that feeds back into the atmosphere. Inc. inc. GPH: Gallons Per Hour. Calling an Electrolyzer "fuel cell" (or HHO fuel cell. while also minimizing harmful emissions resulting from poor engine design and inefficient use. the public itself is a common and undeniable source of new words. GP-7™: An advanced fuel additive for 2-stroke engines. Sometimes called 'Genset'. thus causing finer air/fuel mixture droplets. thus producing electric energy that can be used to drive a car or do other useful work. GST: Gas Saving Technique for vehicles using WATER or Hydrogen-On-Demand. devices and additives all working together to maximize your fuel economy. in the case of cars. when treated in a certain way such as by burning or by combustion in an engine. so if so many people call an Electrolyzer "fuel cell". Affordable Fuel Heaters can be obtained though our online catalog at www. When mentioned in Water4Gas literature. that is highly durable under high temperature (150-160° F) and under water. Reduces surface tension of the liquid fuel. usually electricity.) is obviously a misnomer . When the fuel is burned it is destroyed and leaves us with problematic pollutants. Very useful and popular glue. time will tell. at a certain point you stop correcting them and it becomes a new term. Fuel Heater: A device to safely heat up the fuel. while a fuel cell normally takes in hydrogen and out comes electricity! Those are totally separate technologies. resulting in better and fuller combustion of that mixture. Many fuel cell designs may be obtained though our online catalog at Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Fuel: Any substance (liquid. The product of splitting water (H2O) into its components. nearing 2010? I am not sure.water4gas. etc. Water4Gas Book 1-A 89 . Common name for Brown's Generator: A device that generates some sort of mechanical or electrical energy. However. Where does it stand now. Fuel cell: A device which produces electricity by using fuel (such as hydrogen) and a chemical which reacts with it at two electrical Fuel efficiency: Defined by the amount of work (how much motion. Green Gas: Another name for Brown's Gas. HHO: Hydrogen+Hydrogen+Oxygen. using electrical power or better yet recirculated heat from the engine. The term has been coined by Ozzie Freedom to describe a set of methods.water4gas. we refer to stationary engines that are used to convert liquid fuel to other types of energy. solid or gas) that releases its stored heat energy and turns it into actual heat and motion energy. by Torco™ Racing Fuels.

tractors. so pay attention when ordering or buying in the hardware store. trucks. Some folks say "MAP Sensor" when they mean MAP Sensor Enhancer. Mixture: Other than the normal English definition of 'mixture'. In the metric system it would be expressed in KPL or kilometers per liter. we use this term for the mixture of air and fuel. The most common expression of fuel economy. boats. MAP Sensor Enhancer: An electronic device that enhances fuel economy via the MAP Sensor . Lean (mixture): Less fuel and more air in the air/fuel mixture. One of the inputs the ECU takes into consideration when determining the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine. one inside the other. It's called HOD whether it's a DIY or purchased from a developer – many system designs offered at our online catalog www. It will always be marked on the product. LED: Light Emitting Diode. even if model 1996 or newer. Molecule: Compound of two or more atoms. Some people such as Bill Williams claimed to have run a vehicle exclusively on a Joe cell. Knocking: Also called "pinging" . In accordance with common wisdom of modern Methane: Natural gas or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). kWh: Kilowatt hour(s). Powerful yet relatively expensive and hard to replicate.if the car has such a sensor. caused by improper combustion. Joe Cell: Type of Electrolyzer constructed of a series stainless steel tubing. ICE: Internal Combustion Engine. the smallest independent unit of chemical compounds. please use proper Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom HOD: Hydrogen On Demand. generators and lawn mowers for the past 200 years. the higher the better. It's part of the engine that comes with the car! Not included in every car design. in a carburetor or fuel injection system of ICE.banging noise in the engine. Yet the only term to describe male side is MIP.Water4Gas. The atom consists of one proton and one Hydrogen: The lightest and most abundant element. MAP (sensor): Manifold Air Pressure (sensor).7 parts air to 1 part gasoline. The most common type of engine in cars. Some Water4Gas Book 1-A 90 . A gaseous diatomic element (in simple words: gas that always has particles in pairs). motorcycles.water4gas. MPG: Miles Per Gallon. not iron. MAF: Mass Air Flow. But with supplemental hydrogen it can be significantly leaner.water4gas. light airplanes. Hydroxy: Another name for Brown's Gas. Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. the mixture must be 14. A system to generate hydrogen on board the vehicle/generator only when the engine is running without storing any of it. MIP: Male Iron Pipe. For the fuel heater we use brass.

mL or ml: milliliter.water4gas. or OBD: A generic term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. Nitrogen oxides are produced in the emissions of vehicle exhausts and from power stations. Here's a simple conversion between those: -if you have MPG and you want miles per litre . they are thus considered pollutants.mass (weight) or volume.multiply by 1. one thousandth of a liter. in other words its anti-knock capability.601 -if you have MPG and you want KPL . can impair visibility. On-Board Diagnostics. Oxygen: A non-metallic gaseous element that makes up 21% of the atmosphere. In the atmosphere. While there are differences between Nitrogen: An odorless. [EPA] O2: Oxygen. In some newer models OBD-II is replaced or supplemented with what's called CAN (Controller Area Network) where on board devices can talk to each other without going through the ECU. Which gets very confusing sometimes. including its usage of energy in various conditions. not necessarily a better fuel for a certain job. NOx: Gases consisting of one molecule of nitrogen and varying numbers of oxygen molecules. which gets confusing. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or a repair technician access to state of health information for various vehicle sub-systems.839 (in other words 1 MPG = 0.545 -if you have miles per litre and you want KPL . Odometer: Mileage or kilometer gauge. Oxygen sensor or O2 sensor: An electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen (O2) in the gas or liquid being analyzed. When you use the unit converters (see top of glossary) to convert ounces to grams or liters. be sure to use the proper setting for your calculations . Several multi-cell designs can be obtained though our online catalog at www.divide by 2. In modern Water4Gas Book 1-A 91 . gaseous element that makes up 78% of the earth's atmosphere. Octane rating: A number representing the ability of gasoline to control pre-detonation. We refer to it as a generic term for the entire "program" running the vehicle. Multi-Cell: A HOD system built from several cells for better thermal efficiency (good solution to thermal runaway) and higher HHO production.35 KPL) mV: milliVolts. and have health consequences.Water4Gas. Oz or Ounce: An imperial (non-metric) measuring Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom use miles per liter. nitrogen oxides can contribute to formation of photochemical ozone (smog). and is a constituent of all living tissue. On board: Mounted on (or in) a vehicle. OBD-I generally refers to pre-1996 vehicles and the more advanced (and more pervasive) system OBD-II refers to models 1996 and newer. When we speak of ounces we're usually talking about liquid volume. Used in science labs. It is used both for volume and (but a different unit!!!) for mass or weight.divide by 4. It is almost inert (limited in ability to react chemically) in its gaseous form.

and apart from it's resistance that's different from one to the other. the sensor will detect the mixture as being too lean. These byproducts of combustion form acid and sludge in the crankcase and cause smoke. which means the resistance is spread evenly as you turn the knob. which is good for audio amplifiers use. a one-way valve that ensures continual re-circulates junk from a gasoline internal combustion engine's crankcase. lye.water4gas.7:1 on a typical vehicle. or lean. and into the crankcase. Ping or pinging: Also called "knocking" . past the piston rings (much more if you have worn-out rings) during a piston's power stroke. More details in PCV. A device that controls the amount of power delivered to an Electrolyzer (also used for controlling electrical motors and other devices).the breathing part of the engine. Quite toxic and corrosive. naturally. We do it Water4Gas Book 1-A 92 .. PWM: Pulse Width Modulator. And. A "side effect" of oxygen sensors is that they can disrupt fuel-saving technologies that create a lean fuel-air mixture. And this is where the PCV Enhancer comes into the picture. However. Regardless of its shape. Sometimes.. that's the official definition anyway. when actually it is either rich. a device can be inserted inline with the sensor. has much more user friendly alternatives such as Baking Soda and Sodium Citrate. PCV Enhancer: A device to clean the blow-by gases (see PCV) so they do not re-enter the engine. pots come in two electrically different versions that are very important to understand.banging noise in the engine. Potassium Hydroxide: NaOH. Well.Water4Gas. whether rotary or slide. they do not help mileage either when the PCV system "re-circulates" this junk back into the intake manifold . caused by improper combustion. PCV Valve: Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve.any type of a variable Petrol: A mixture of various hydrocarbons used as a fuel (in the USA we call it 'gas'). which tricks the engine computer into thinking the mixture is stoichiometric. If the engine burns too lean due to any modifications (such as adding oxygen from an Electrolyzer). Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. There's the nonlinear (or "logarithmic") type. There are ways that the oxygen sensor can be overcome. [source:] Oxyhydrogen or oxy-hydrogen: Another name for Brown's Gas. In Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom vehicles it is a small sensor inserted into the exhaust system to measure the concentration of oxygen remaining in the exhaust gas to allow the ECU to control the efficiency of the combustion process in the engine. this modification will not be automatically corrected by the oxygen sensor. and therefore. PCV: Positive Crankcase Ventilation. A common catalyst used in Electrolyzers. blow by gases are a whole lot of junk: burnt and un-burnt fuel and oil escaping from the cylinder. Pot: Short for potentiometer . The air entering the engine should NOT have sludge added to it! It must breathe clean air in order to work properly. so that the air-fuel mixture continues to stay within the stoichiometric (see definition) ratio of 14. for the MAP Sensor Enhancer we want the LINEAR type. a system using a PCV valve to evacuate "blow by gases" and moisture from the crankcase of an internal combustion engine. and the engine computer will adjust the injector pulse duration.

the mixture should be ideal at 14. in slang. usually hand-held. When an electric current is flowing in a spiral conductor (wire). A common catalyst used in Electrolyzers. Not as cheap as Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) but keeps the Electrolyzer cleaner. it creates a magnetic vortex (rapidly spinning flow. SPDT: Single Pole. In accordance with common wisdom of modern automakers. for dental health. resulting in very high (and uncontrolled) electrical current. Another good reason to use PWM in HHO production is to excite the electrodes many times a second. Can be obtained though our online catalog at Rich (mixture): More fuel and less air in the air/fuel mixture. The difference between 'coil' and 'spiral' is that a coil can be winding upon Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom by changing the ratio of ON time to OFF time. that reads and sometimes reprograms vehicle computer error codes. resulting in a more efficient. Double Throw. even a drop adds up to a river. etc. Spiral: a coiled shape. Usually ends up in fire or severe damage. But with supplemental hydrogen it can be significantly leaner. has much more user friendly alternatives such as Baking Soda and Sodium Citrate. Water4Gas Book 1-A 93 . then its so-called "Stoichiometric" balance would now be 25:1 (for example).7 parts air to 1 part gasoline. over time in general. In fact if you were to design it in a slightly different way (ignition timing and valve timing are major players in this game). thus creating an effect of reduced overall energy. like a whirlpool).com Scanner: An electronic device. Switch type that can switch one circuit (hence "single pole"). Therefore ANY number beyond the very minimum really needed can be considered "rich". between many other codes and vehicle conditions such as temperature.Water4Gas. I know it's not conventional wisdom but in a decaying planet we must try to prevent ANY waste of energy. Non toxic (used in food. Scangauge-II: The most popular scanner between "mileage seekers" due to its ease of use and its capability to display instant or averaged MPG. Short (circuit): Electricity taking a "shortcut" due to a (greatly) reduced resistance than the proper path. Stoichiometric: Describing a (fuel/air) mixture of "proper" proportions. less heat producing electrolysis.) and is a user friendly alternative to other catalysts. like the thread of a screw or like a coil spring. A car can drive just as nicely on 25:1. Thermal Runaway: Might happen in an Electrolyzers. etc) and is a user friendly alternative to other catalysts. delivered to the Electrolyzer. Can be obtained from the Internet or though one of the vendors on our online catalog at www. Non toxic (used as food ingredient in ice cream. A popular catalyst for Electrolyzers. Sodium Citrate: An optional catalyst for Electrolyzers. refers to a situation where an increase in temperature changes the conditions in a way that causes a further increase in temperature leading to a destructive result.water4gas. Quite toxic and corrosive. and is capable of making an electrical connection in each of its "throws" (sides of its motion).7:1 but in actual fact these are arbitrary numbers. known as lye or caustic soda. cream cheese. According to automotive conventional wisdom it should be 14. Sodium Hydroxide: NaOH. Sodium Bicarbonate: Baking Soda. but a spiral is spread out through space.water4gas.

Water Gas.water does not conduct electricity. How much do we have? Some calculations showed that we have not less than a staggering 326.000.water4gas.000.000. Vaporization: The physical change of going from a solid or a liquid into a gaseous state. However. named after its famous researcher Professor Yull Brown. as well as many seas. or maximal fuel economy.000.000. Vaporizer: A device that adds water vapor to the air/fuel mixture of a vehicle's engine in order to boost its power. In its pure state such as distilled water – H2O molecule shown in the diagram . cover 71.000. Water: An oxide (chemical bond with oxygen) of hydrogen.water4gas. water can be be electrolyzed (hence separated) into its hydrogen and oxygen components. named after the Italian physicist Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (1745–1827). The combined signal (with the offset) is fed back to the ECU. Very deep Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Tower: A common name for the Water4Gas Electrolyzer core.000 liters – right here on our little planet. Can be obtained though our online catalog at www.000.” The measurement unit is Volt. Voltage: Measure of electrical tension or “pressure.” solid which we call “ice.260. If we could make the dream of turning water into energy a common reality. VDC: Volts Direct Current. used for holding the wire electrodes in place. What is not normally realized is that water has a very significant forth state called Brown's Gas (see definition). VAC: Volts Alternating Current. Watergas. making water one of the most abundant compounds on Earth. we would have all the energy we need for millions of years! I believe we can do this with EXISTING technology – read Water4Gas Book 6 “Water-Fuel DREAM or SCIENCE?” and see what the scientists say. namely liquid which we simply call “water. Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. WaterFuel or Water-Fuel: Usually these are more names for Brown's Gas.000. lakes and glaciers. I see it in the broader view of ANY method of using water to Water4Gas Book 1-A 94 .000 gallons of water or in other words 326 million trillion gallons . or Tuner: Auto mechanic that specializes in tuning vehicles and engines for best performance. Water is an amazing substance that absorbs and releases energy in very interesting ways.” and a gaseous state which is water vapor or or you can do it yourself for under $5. Voltage offset: Voltage added to the output signal of the oxygen sensor.000.1.11% of the Earth's surface.Water4Gas.000. improve combustion (and in many cases also fuel economy) and reduce harmful emissions. and has at least FOUR states – but only the first three are taught in our schools. But with a relatively small amount of electricity and a little help from a catalyst.

Or. I'm still not sure if HHO and Brown's Gas are one and the same. A simple multiplication of the number of Watt (which expresses how many electrons flow in a given unit of time) by the number of hours that this number of Watts is applied. More details in Water4Gas Book 6 “Water-Fuel DREAM or SCIENCE?” Yull Brown spent many years demonstrating the viability of his technology and convincing others of its commercial value: how to use Brown's Gas for welding. multiply Volts by Amps.Water4Gas. Born 1922 in Bulgaria as Ilya Velbov. Watt(s): A measurement unit of electrical power. Recommended reading – for your further research – and for better understanding of the terms. however it is certain that HHO gas and Brown's gas are in the public's mind the best memorial to Yull Brown's tremendous work. in the case of a battery. At the time of writing. Brown died at Westmead Hospital in Auburn. Named after Scottish engineer and inventor James Watt (1736-1819).014. and this is where you would normally find it – on the shelf of your paint department or paint store. after years of experimenting myself with HHO gas. with his loved ones at his side. Water4Gas Book 1-A 95 .com Xylene: Most will say it is a paint thinner or cleaner. See Australian Patent # 4159/73 from 1973. WFC or Water Fuel Cell: Common name for Electrolyzer. An aromatic compound having the formula C6H4(CH3)2. Expresses how many electrons flow in a given unit of time.777 from March 29. Read Water4Gas Book 6 “Water-Fuel DREAM or SCIENCE?” for the eye-opening details. To find the "wattage" or in a simple word electrical Power. how many hours can the battery provide those Watts before it's depleted. Later in July 1973 (then also in 1974) he filed for his first electrolysis patents in Australia. to fuel a vehicle and more. 1998. Rhodes filed for his patents on the subject of water electrolysis (US Patent # 3.get free from www. Brown moved to Australia in 1958 and worked as a laboratory technician.262. not potential power (voltage) but actual work done.water4gas. and US Patent # 4. Can be obtained though our online catalog at www. to reduce nuclear and toxic waste to harmless carbon. and another one in 1967). But FireNet International (UK) says it is actually part of gasoline: "Dimethylbenzene. Trained as electrical engineer.872. Watt-hour: a unit of work. experimenting and patenting his knowledge on what we now call Brown's Gas. on May 22. July 1966." Yull Brown: Professor Yull Brown is famous for researching. 7 years after William A.water4gas. Australia. Xylene is a major component of Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom enhance fuel or AS FUEL. Patents and science associated with Water4Gas technology: Book 6 “Water-Fuel DREAM or SCIENCE?” .

Trouble Codes.htm READERS HELPING READERS Tech Support The website Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom CHAPTER 13 USEFUL RESOURCES NEED VEHICLE-SPECIFIC INFORMATION? In case you fix or at least diagnose the vehicle yourself. The principle of tech support as it outlines at the time of writing (mid 2009) is that you can get help from other readers WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD SUCCESS AND EXPERIENCE. Diagrams with Part Numbers. Factory Repair Procedures. you may find this resource very has the latest contact and instructions in the Support/Contact ALLDATA gives you all you need: • • • • • • • DETAILED WIRING DIAGRAMS. Water4Gas Forums (Discussion Groups) and Local Communities Exchange notes with other experimenters with your vehicle type.Water4Gas. Updated and original – better and deeper information than a printed manual! www. Research Tools and much more. Factory Diagnostic Flow Charts.Water4Gas. in your area or worldwide! Find our new discussion/help forums at Water4Gas Book 1-A 96 . For one low fee.Water4Gas. and as you grow and get more experience you may choose to help others too.

there is a total of 10 discs in the set. You will be able to FOLLOW OZZIE'S HANDS AND TOOLS as he builds every part of the simple system right before your eyes. Order the complete set from www. Every little part is shown and (an independent company located in Los Angeles) now offers the new 10-disc DVD Set that follows the materials of this book. Ships internationally. LOCAL audiences (not TV/web broadcast) and your local mechanics with this set. troubleshooting and more.Water4Gas. Show it to your politicians. journalists and opinion leaders. With three extra CD's for worldwide parts Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom GET ALMOST-LIVE TRAINING FROM OZZIE FREEDOM Water4GasDVD. The new Water4Gas set includes seven full-length DVD's (80-90minutes each). jampacked with information and how-to' Water4Gas Book 1-A 97 . It is permissible and recommended to teach school classes. With this Water4Gas DVD Set you will be able to sit in the comfort of your living room and WATCH OZZIE FREEDOM as he shows you every little detail.

COM . SHAPE OR FORM!!! SEND YOUR FRIENDS TO GET THEIR OWN COPY FROM WATER4GAS. GIVEN AWAY OR DISTRIBUTED IN ANY The DVD seller www. THIS BOOK MAY NOT BE SOLD. Ozzie Freedom www. are proprietary to their respective companies).com/sponsor (see ad next page) Water4Gas Book 1-A 98 .com -and above all- www. trademarks and logos that may be mentioned or linked from this book. Water4Gas technology is FREE TO USE for all your private AND commercial uses (third party products.THANK YOU! Dear Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom THIS BOOK IS COPYRIGHTED TO OZZIE FREEDOM.OzzieFreedom. Although this book is copyrighted. The distribution of this book was made possible thanks to generous sponsorships by the following: The author.Water4Gas. Copyright © 2006-2010 Ozzie Freedom Water4Gas Book 1-A 99 .

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