One of the recommendations of Jayakar Committee was to establish a Central Road Research Institute to carryout research activities in various aspects of Road Engineering. Hence CRRI was established at New Delhi in 1950 as a constituent laboratory of the council of scientific and Industrial Research. The major R&D programmes of CRRI relate to the entire spectrum of pavement design and performance, rural roads, traffic and transportation engineering management and rehabilitation of pavements CRRI has carried out innovative research work or utilization of waste materials like fly ash for road construction and embankments. CRRI has well equipped in house laboratory for testing fly ash / soil/ concrete samples.

Functions of CRRI :1. 2. 3. Carryout research in fundamental and applied research on road materials and construction Provides technical advice to state govt. and Industries in various problems concerning roads Devises suitable equipments for various tests such as time measurements of irregularities of road surfaces, impact factors, automatic recording of traffic and tests on soils. Aims at economic durability of roads. Co-ordinate the activities of road and testing centres locate at Chennai, Lucknow and Patna. CRRI has the research wings in the field of soil, roads, rigid pavements, traffic engineering and economic research on flexible pavements.

4. 5.

This was constituted by an act in parliament in 1995. It is responsible for in development, maintenance and management of national highways entrusted on it. NHAI is mandated to implement the National Highway Development Project which is India’s largest ever highway project. Its objectives are as follows :1. 2. 3. To provide world class roads and uninterrupted traffic flow. Major initiative for capacity enhancement of NHAI Four / six laning of around 13,146 km.

Total cost of NHDP is 56. Chennai. The ministry also evolves a national policy on road safety and prepare and implement the annual road safety plans. It involves upgradation of four/six laning of about 13. NHAI has been assigned this task . and Kolkata by the Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) and North South East West Corridors connecting Kanyakumari and Srinigar and Porbandar with Silchar. It also collects compiles and analyses road accidents and takes steps for developing a road safety culture in the country.4. It is also responsible for implementing projects of an National Highways which are not part of NHDP and whose length is 1000 km. in developing SH and also interstate connectivity of economic important. about Road transport. entrusted with the policy formulating and administrating for Govt. The ministry is primarily responsible for planning.000 Crore rupees. MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS :This is an apex organization under the central ministry of road transport. It also forms committees and sub committees to take up technical activities. It also work in collaboration with the ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The ministry also evolves standards specifications for roads and bridges in the country overall it serves as repository of technical knowledge on roads and bridges. Mumbai. It also provides research schemes and correlate.000 km of NH at Rs 54. collect compile and differentiate research information. NATIONAL HIGHWAY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (NHDP) :This has been initiated to upgrade the existing highways to connect the four metropolitan cities Delhi. It also extends technical and financial support to state govt. Length of GQ is 5846 km and NSEW corridor is 7300 km. NG and transport research with a view of increasing the mobility and efficiency of the road transport system in the country. It also recommends suitable financial allocations for research by Central and State Governments. HIGHWAY RESEARCH BOARD (HRB) 1973 :This was created to give proper direction and guidance to road research activities in India. development and maintenance of NH in the country. Both the projects are scheduled to be completed by 2007.000 crores. The issues relating to national highways in the country are dealt with by the transport wing.

ROAD INFORMATION SYSTEM (RIS) :This was developed by NHAI for GQ for the length of 5846 km. The State Government. RIS is useful in policy formulation.e. CORE SYSTEM :1. Funds for maintenance of NH are being allocated to the extent possible considering the resource position. core system and support modules. locating transshipment hubs and protecting the assets. investment programming. The central government is also responsible for keeping the entire NH network is traffic worthy condition. Environmental management system (EMS) : to maintain information related to each climate zone in NHAI network and data on vehicle and noise generated. estimating potential toll revenues. establishing benchmark indicators. Pavement management system (PMS) : to maintain information related to pavements such as condition. Ministry of Road transport and Highways has been keeping an initiative to formulate maintenance norms for all categories of roads. evaluating policies and programming. including NH. structure.which is one of the most ambitious road building programme and one of the monumental projects in the history of modern India. Asset management system (AMS) : useful in asset manage system such as carriage way inventory. investment programming and budgeting. highway development planning. history. highway development planning. Location Referencing system (LBS) : provides a common locational referencing system for NH network. asset condition on the Geographical Information system (GIS) interface along with economic modeling with HDM – IV software. identifying black spots. road inventory. estimating cost of operation and maintenance . off carriageway features. condition. pavement. which compiles of computerized time series database NH attributes like traffic analysis. . IMPROVEMENT IN RIDING QUALITY PROGRAMME (IRQP):This is a short term programme for improving the riding quality of other national highways which aims at covering the entire NH network in 5 years. etc. This also includes preparation of 5 year plans and Annual plans and guiding the state PWDs for project preparation. approving the works and monitoring the execution of works and the responsibilities of the central govt. 3. 2. are executing the works on behalf of the Central governments. way side amenities. RIS comprises of two components / groups i. 4. through which the NH are passing.

The NH have a total length of around 66. Toll Management system TOMS c. others 315 km. Performance monitoring system . NHDP PHASE 2 :.5. maintenance and management of NH entrusted to it and for matters connected or incidental thereto. Consultancy firms NATIONAL HIGHWAYS AUTHORITY OF INDIA DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS (NHAI & NHDP) :- AND NATIONAL HIGHWAYS The NHAI was constituted by an act of parliament in 1988 and this became operational in 1995. Traffic management system (TMS) : provides traffic information system to assist in the prioritization of projects and design of rehabilitation works. 34.This was approved by cabinet committee an Economic Affairs (CCEA) in December 2000 at an estimated cost of Rs. NHAI is responsible for the development. It has traffic survey stations.5846 km. . The development of NH is the responsibility of the Govt. Truck and four operators 8. GOI has launched major initiatives to upgrade and strengthen NH through various phases of NHDP as detailed follows :NHDP PHASE 1 :. Highway builders and toll companies 6. 2. State police 9. of India. Accident management system (ACMS) : maintains accident information on NHAI network.000 crores comprising GQ. Others : a. Corporate houses 4. etc. 30.333 crores comprising NSEW corridor 1616 km. Financial institutions 5.This was approved in December 2003 by CCEA at an estimated cost of Rs. 7. NSEW corridor – 981 km. Planning commission 3. Bridge management system BMS b. NH 486 km. port connectivity 356 km. 6. AADT and traffic loading. Academic and research institutes 10. Ministries of central and State government. Equipment manufacturers 7. Document Management system – DMS d.PMTS USERS OF RIS :1.600 km to serve as the arterial and network of the country.

CCEA has approved on November 2006 for 1000 km of expressways at an estimated cost of Rs.000 3.207 crores. 10TH PLAN OUTLAY AND EXPENDITURE :Sr.laning Strengthening Riding quality improvement Bye pass construction Major. 16680 crs . No. The plan will soon be presented to the government for approval.000 km of highway that were not part of Phase I.This phase calls for improvements to city road networks by adding ring roads to enable easier connectivity with national highways to important cities.680 crores. NHDP PHASE 5 :.5 7039 . C.15 NHAI 4848.335 crores. or III.NHDP PHASE 3 :. minor bridges ROB / RUB B. 2. A.16. 6.The government is considering widening 20. Phase IV will convert existing single lane highways into two lanes with paved shoulders. State projects 2 . 4. II. GOI approved in April 2007 upgradation and 4 laning of 8074 km at an estimated cost of Rs 54. 5.33 4. NHDP PHASE 6 :.CCEA has approved in 2006 six laning of 6500 km of existing 4 lane highways under NHDP phase 5 on DBFO basis.58 1. Six laning of 6500 km includes 5700 km of GQ and other sections. CCEA has approved on December 2007 for 700 km of Ring Roads. 3. Border Roads Organization 335. Bypasses and flyovers and selected stretches at an estimated cost of Rs. improvements will be made to stretches of national highways that require additional flyovers and bypasses given population and housing growth along the highways and increasing traffic. NHDP PHASE 7 :. Project name Outlay (Crores) Approved crores Actual expenditure (Crores) 777.GOT approved in 2005 upgradation and 4 laning of 4035 km of NH on BOT basis at an estimated cost of Rs 22.000 100 350 950 1550. In addition. NHDP PHASE 4 :.3 438 21289.200 1200 2.laning 4 .

2. 2006 708. Project name 1.Physical targets and achievements during 10th plan period :Sr. NHAI and BRO. ROB/RUB 144 The list includes Annual targets for PWDs. 4. Target for 2006-07 Achievement Dec.89 1006. 3.1 2 lane widening 1157 km 4 lane widening 1323 km Strengthening 534 km Riding quality improvement 2087 km Byepass construction Major/minor Bridges.71 655.109 520 1555 25 10034 6500 21 1009 2 5470 31755 8928 6344 187 16325 380 179 195 8 6 962 596 346 15 20 33097 9703 6885 210 16351 . 55 NHDP AND NHAI projects status as on 31-07-2008 :km Total length Already 4 laned Under implementation Contracts under implementation Balance length for award GQ 5846 5691 155 17 - NHDP NSEW NHDP NHDP NHDP Port Others Total connectivity NHAI 7300 2696 3625 143 821 12. 5.No. 6.62 334.

Jharkhand 12.Length of NH in the country in some states:Name of the state 1. Orissa 16. Karnataka 11. Bihar 5. Andhra pradesh 3. Himachal Pradesh 9. Bengal Length 2836 2184 1512 1245 1805 4670 3704 4462 2524 km Stretched under NHDP – 3 in North East Region :Stretch 1. Mizoram Length 124 314 50 112 140 Stretch 2. Assam 4. Tamilnadu 18. Nagaland length 116 9 22 136 28 . Assam Nagaland Border 3. Gujarat 7. Haryana 8. Bhandera – Assam 6. Nagaland – Manipur border 9. Maharashtra 15. Silchar – Assam – Mizoram Border 7. Jammu & Kashmir 10. Kerala 13. Shillong 10. Assam Meghalaya Border to Assam Tripura Border 4. Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar Assam 8. Madhya Pradesh 14. Uttar Pradesh Length 4472 3642 3245 1208 3843 1457 4176 1567 5824 km Name of the state 2. Punjab 17. Chattisgarh 6. Bainata-Charoli bhandera 5.

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