Safety Training Observation Programme (STOP) Version 1.

1 Date: 29-Dec-2003 System Requirements ============== - Hardware * Recommend RAM 64 MB or more - Software * Windows 98/Me/2000/XP * Microsoft Access 2000/XP * Winzip Installing the Software ============== 1. Create a folder in your C drive with the name STOP. 2. Browse the floppy disk and locate Copy it to the new folder you created. 3. Right click on the file (in your C drive stop folder). Selec t Winzip and click on Extract to here. Files included in the Programme ===================== Two files are included in the programme - stop.mdb and stop_data.mdb stop_data.mdb is where the actual data goes. This file is very critical for you. Avoid opening/modifying this file. stop.mdb is the file which you work always. This contains the reports an d stop observations. How to use the Programme ================= The Programme contains mainly two kinds of users. - STOP Observer - Administrator STOP Observer (normal user) ----------------This user can - record new stop observations - close his/her observations - analyze the STOP observations - generate reports This user cannot - add a new location/observer/division/department - close another observer's STOP observation. STOP Administrator User Name: ADMINISTRATOR PAssword : stop1 ---------------------This user can - record new stop observations - close any STOP observation - add a new location/observer/division/department - analyze the STOP observations - generate reports

Closeout a STOP Observations (Users can closeout their STOP Observations. (Only for Administrator) 5. While adding all the above. Using the Compact/Repair process will release these additional space . Company Info . Division (Only Administrator can d o this).Compact/Repair the Database. At present only the company name is requried.Open the report which you need from the program . Adding New Observer. Monthly and Annual. How to output Report to Word =================== . Reports menu gives the Reports on Weekly.. Location. Analysis menu gives the analysis on various basis. Modules Includes ------------------1. Change Password .For changing the Administrator Password (Only for Administr ator) For changing the observer password. .Right click and choose Export. See note at the bottom for explanation.Name of the Company and details can be added here. use the Observers option in the file men u 6. Eg.. then the observer name will not be displayed in the box in New STOP Observation form 4. Adding New STOP Observations (Any user can add STOP Observation) 2. . the space will not be released by th e database. Som etimes though you have deleted the records. you have to check the Column . If you have added a new observer and didn't check the Is Active Box aga inst that observer.Give the file name and click Export .to di splay the item in the respective box while recording a new STOP Observation. Department.Is Active . 7.Select Rich Text Format from file type and choose the location where you need to save the file. Compact/Repair process will reduce the extra space occupied by the Database. Ad ministrator can closeout any Open Observation) 3.

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