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2010 -2011
Pa g e 1

Words starting with V are comparatively less. My name - Veronica Ka Suen Lui is one of them. V can associate with Vision, Variety and Victory. My icon has the form of an eye, representing my vision. The lightening symbol inside is representing the sudden flash of ideas. There are variations of the symbols inside the eye, including ruler, cursor, play button, camera and brush, each representing my enthusiasm on different categories.

I love colours & details.

My design are always colourful and attractive, with great details that easily catches audiences attention. I am a current graduate from Higher Diploma in MultiMedia Design & Technology of Polytechnic University.

P age 3


C o m pe t it io n

Feb 2011

Victoria Harbour icon design

T h e ic o n w as de s ign e d t o e n t e r t h e E y e - o n Vic t o r ia c o m pe t it io n . T h e c o n c e pt is t o c o m bin e m an an d n at u r e , f o r m an d c o n t e x t , ar t if ac t s an d n at u r e , als o C h in e s e an d W e s t e r n c u lt u r e an d c r e at e s h ar m o n y in be t w e e n . T h e f o r m o f t h e ic o n is bas e d o n C h in e s e c alligr aph y , w h ic h is t h e f ir s t c h ar ac t e r o f Vic t o r ia Har bo u r .


B r ain s t o r m in g

I de a G e n e r at io n

Page 4

P age 5


Comp et i t i on

Feb 2011


C o m pe t it io n

Feb 2011

Ex p l o r a t i o n on form a n d col our

Final Design

Panel explaining design & graphic details

Page 6

P age 7


Comp et i t i on

Feb 2011

B o o k le t

C lie n t : T ai Ho n F an Nu r s e r y S c h o o l

Au g 2 0 0 9

Graduation Booklet design

This is a memorial booklet for kindergarten graduates of the school, including basic information, their photos, art works and graduation comments.The Client requested to design separate page layouts for boys and girls apart from the book cover and back. I use school bus as one of the main element as school bus is always a place for relax and gathering for school kids, also it symbolized that they are going to leave the school for entering another phase of their life, primary school.

Ide a G e n e r at io n

Panel explaining applications

Girls page

Boys page

Page 8

P age 9


Cl i en t : T a i H on Fan Nur s er y School

Aug 2009


Cover & back

Inside spreads

Page 10

P age 1 1


C l i e n t : Kooki

D ec 2009

W e bs it e

C lie n t : P iz z a Hu t

O c t - De c 2 0 1 0

Company Website Design

Kooki is a cookie shop in Sai Kong.The owner is a fonder of simplicity. Pages were rather simple with large words for better readibility for people with presbyopia as it is common among regular customers of the shop. Orange and chatreuse with a touch of black and white as the main colour tone matched with the interior design and logo of Kooki. I try to make the product page more interesting by displaying photos like putting randomly on the desk for users to browse casually rather than looking at ordinary catalog. Website address:

Seasonal Website Project

This is a group project of 4 with an imaginary client: Pizza Hut, which sales of take away is much higher than dine-in during christmas time. We bellieve christmas is a great chance to gather for a feast, somehow we are too embrassed to invite friends to party out of sudden and afraid of out of conversation during the gathering. The promotion all starts with a photo. Our website allow users to retouch photos and share easily to recall happy moments between friends. Together with a tailor-made event management system and online menu for pre-ordering, We aim to encourage teenagers aged 18-25 to dine-in rather than take away during christmas.

W e bs it e F lo w

Opening a nimation

Ide a G e n e r at io n

Screen layouts of the website

Page 12

P age 1 3


C l i en t : Pi zza Hut

Oct-D ec 2010

I n t e r ac t iv e Applic at io n

Group project

F e b- M ay 2 0 1 0

Interactive Narrative Application

This is an application featuring serveral interactions like mouse-click or microphone, to narrate our own version of a story in Aesops fable - the ant and the grasshopper with some assigned objects that are not in the story originally. I mainly in charge of the visual presentation, including character design and scenes design. As the group co-ordinator, I organize and manage the whole project utilizing the manpower of 5.

C h ar ac t e r De s ign
As the main character are insects which is quite disgusting in nature, the art direction we choose is spooky but cute, to dilute some uncomfortable feeling brought by insects.

Worker ant


Army ant


Screen layouts of the website


Fire ant

Flying ant

Ant queen

Page 14

P age 1 5

I nt e r a ct i ve A p p l i ca t i on

Group project

Feb-May 2 010

I n t e r ac t iv e Applic at io n

Group project

F e b- M ay 2 0 1 0

The story started with the ants working hard to store food for winter, they were attracted by the music performance of the grasshopper on their way as in the original story, then it comes the queen ant and scolded the ants. Feeling disturbed, the grasshopper got angry and kidnapped the queen ant. In order to bring back the queen ant, the ants must store enough food for the grasshopper. Users as the ants have to solve puzzles to continue their joruney to the grasshoppers house. They have to evolve into other kinds like fire ant or termites by using some specific items.

Opening animation Stills from the application

Page 16

P age 1 7

2 d An im at io n

Personal Project

Apr 2 0 1 1

VERONIKA introduction Animation

I believe name is an important element to present oneself, I choose to create a simple motto out of the letters of my name and embedded the letters subtly in the animation while telling the story of myself. The story illustrated my gain on ideas, knowledge and art sense in MM school life, grown up a bit, have some works to show, and now is reaching for a chance to continue my design path. The main character is derived from my personal logo. Its main feature is the eye, so I make use of its blinking motion to link up the animation. The bumper best illustrated the main point of my animation, nothing can best describe me but my name.


Page 18

P age 1 9

2d Animation

Personal Project

Apr 2011

Vide o

Group project: Art Director

Feb 2011

Welcome to PolyU promotion Video

We choose to present the diversity of PolyU in the video through a series of activities carrying out by 4 characters with distinct personality,bringing out the message that PolyU can satisfy students with different needs, including play, study, sport and dine. Different colours assigned to the characters to distinguish them clearly and the costumes were carefully chosen to reflect their personality. We chose activities with actions that can link up with each other to preserve the continuity. We created a scrolling banner with light-painting words by stop-motion as the ending of the video.

Page 20

P age 2 1

Vi d e o

Group project: Art Director

Feb 2011

3 d An im at io n

Personal project

Apr 2 0 1 1

Ruf ina -

the pirate squirrel

3d Animation

Two favourite elements of mine - squirrel and pirate combined in the design to show my personality. Squirrel symbolized curious and playful while pirate express desire for freedom and adventures. Rufinas hairstyle and dressing style resembles mine. The story shows Rufinas great observation on others needs and bring out a good deed is never lost. I make use of mental ray and final gathering to render the scenes to establish a sun in the middle sky environment. The clay model style gives warmth and kindness matching with the surreal character.

Page 22

P age 2 3

3 d A n i m a t i on

Personal project

Apr 2011

M ix e d m e dia

Group project: Art Director Client: Lung Hang Youth S.P.O.T. of HKFYG

No v - De c 2 0 1 0

Ucaf Promotion Video

The video aimed to arouse the teenagers interest on Ucaf, a newly developed place provided by Lung Hang Youth S.P.O.T., they wish to serve as a relaxing platform for teenagers to communicate. In this project, we try to combine video and stop-motion footages with 3d elements to show the fun and interesting side of Ucaf.

Page 24

P age 2 5

2 d A n i m a t i on

Personal project

Feb-May 2011

An im at io n

Personal project

F e b- M ay 2 0 1 1

Happy Remedy Animation

The World Health Organization projects that by the year of 2020, depression will become the second largest killer of the world, but people are not aware of the causes, syndromes and cures of the disease. Nevertheless, depression can be diagnosed at early stage. One of the possible self-help treatments is to keep track of activities that can cheer up oneself. I would like to make use of animation as the medium to spread out a solution that everyone can prepare and make themselves a customized prescription before depression defeats them. The animation brings audiences into a imaginative world that people living there showed depression syndromes. Black clouds are used to represent depression. A boy learnt to collect happiness, stored them and fought off depression at last.

C h a ra ct er Desi g n


Page 26

P age 2 7

A n i m a t i on

Personal project

Feb-May 2011

An im at io n

Group project: Art Director

June-Jul 2010

How does the brain work? Animation

This is an 1 minute 2D flash animation for primary 3-6 children teaching them how the brain works. We focus on explaining the role and work of the brain when we see things. We make use of metaphors to present the process in an interesting way. The story is about the journey of 2 brothers inside the brain, which is like a factory. As the art director of the group of 4, I am responsible for overall art style, the scenes and props design and animation, and also the voice-over of Sam the younger brother.

One minute around the brain

Luk & Sam


Concept artworks

Page 28

P age 2 9

A ni m a t i on

Group project: Art Director

June-Jul 2010

2 d An im at io n

Personal Project

Au g 2 0 1 0

Gasby Moving Rubber CM Animation

I use robot as the main character instead of human to emphaize on the power of Gasby products. Gasby products can satisfy the robots grooming desire and allow him to have different facinating hairstyle when using different moving rubber gel. Moving rubber gel have colourful package, the hair colour matches with the gel to enhance the fun and coherence.

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P age 3 1

3 D a r t w o rks


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P age 3 3

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P age 3 5

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P age 3 7


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P age 3 9

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