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Brief History and Role 1. INHS Jeevanti started out as an MI Room to the Naval Detachment that moved into Mormugao Harbour after the liberation of Goa. Thereafter the medical facilities kept on expanding with the development of Goa as a major Naval Station, and on 18 Apr 1966 INHS Jeevanti was commissioned with a total of 18 beds. 2. Today INHS Jeevanti is an 89 bedded hospital with all the major specialities and provides comprehensive medical care to the Goa Naval Area and the various Army units in Goa. 3. The motto of INHS Jeevanti is We Care

Facilities Available 4. The following full fledged departments are functioning with corresponding specialists to look after out patients as well as in patients:(i). Medicine (ii) Surgery (iii). Gynecology (iv) ENT (v) Ophthalmology (vi) Dental Surgery (vii) Pediatrician (viii) Anesthesiology (ix) Pathology 5. In addition the hospital has a class III SHO. INHS Asvini, Mumbai is the tertiary referral case centre for the hospital.

INHS Jeevanti Community Outreach Programme 6. Events conducted from 01 May 10 31 Jul 10 (a) Audio-visual lectures on childhood Asthma conducted in NCS, and both Kendriya Vidyalaya in first week of May 10. (b) Blood Donation camp in association with Goa Medical College was held at INHS Jeevanti in Jun 2010. (c) A talk to Goa Naval Area on Manage your heart by Surg Capt Ravi Kalra, Senior Advisor Cardiology organized on 28 Jul 10. (d) A cancer screening camp for women conducted 31 Jul 2010 for the Naval community. (e) Publication of INHS Jeevanti magazine for community of Goa Naval Area.

Major Works completed 7. Refurbished Stainless steel operationalised on 01 Mar 10.

Projects due to start in 2010 8. Construction of a new modern in-living Block for Sailors will commence in 2010.

Projects proposed and forwarded 9. The following facilities have been proposed under the programme of better facilities to the clientele. (a) Oil fired Incinerator. (b) 04 bedded ICU complex. (c) MNS Officers mess. (d) SIL/ DIL quarters and recreational areas.

List of photographs (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Heritage Photo of the hospital Latest photograph of Hospital Surgery in Progress in the OT NICU Photos Blood Donation Camp Refurbished OT


Heritage Photo of the hospital (1967)


Latest photo INHS Jeevanti


Surgery in Progress in the OT


NICU Photos


Blood Donation Camp



Refurbished OT


Naval Aero Medical Centre The Naval Aero Medical Centre was established in 2005 at Goa, as the central agency for addressing aero medical issues, peculiar to the Navy, that arise from time to time. The centre functions under an Officer-in-Charge. Its functions include aero-medical evaluation of aircrew, aircraft and equipment assembles. It also provides consultancy to Naval Air Stations, co-ordinates and does independent research, conducts important regular training courses for Aviators and Medical Officers in Spatial Disorientation and Operational Aerospace Medicine respectively. Presently NAMC operates from an old heritage but completely refurbished building that once housed INHS Jeevanti. Future plans include moving out to a brand new modern complex which will house state of the art simulators for aircrew training.