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National Campaign Program Chair Candidacy Statements

Peter Bozzo I would like to announce my candidacy for the position of program chair for the National Campaign at the IOP. My main objectives as chairperson would be to create an environment of political energy and activism across the campus, particularly as we enter the lull that follows the excitement of the election season; in addition, I would like to foster inter-organizational connections across campus that would make the National Campaign more relevant and active in encouraging political participation among many groups. Now that the presidential campaign is over, there are many opportunities for the National Campaign to organize events surrounding general political occurrences. We could hold events to watch Congressional hearings or presidential speeches and could have discussions about various policy issues or proposals; at present, there are few organizations on campus that consistently provide a bipartisan forum for discussion on a broad range of general political topics, and the National Campaign could help to fill this void. I would also like to encourage connections between the National Campaign and the Office of Career Services; because one of the National Campaign’s affirmed goals is to foster a focus on career development, we could arrange Political Career Days and help students to volunteer or intern at various political offices by creating a public-service jobs database. Interactions with PBHA programs could produce similar mutual benefits; PBHA focuses primarily on charity work, but the National Campaign could provide an advocacy group that attempts to influence policy relating to the work PBHA organizations perform and the people that these organizations aid. Finally, I think that the National Campaign could work with the policy group programs at the IOP to create a group that addresses issues of campaign and election reform, particularly in terms of making absentee ballot request forms accessible online by the next presidential election. In this manner, my platform for chairperson of the National Campaign involves a bipartisan focus on fostering political awareness, as well as an expanded effort to integrate the National Campaign within the many other active groups that share its goals across the Harvard campus. Anita Joseph With the campus buzzing from the captivating 2008 election season, the National Campaign is in a great position to bring Harvard students to a new level of political engagement. As an H-Vote Yard Captain I helped coordinate voter registration, the H-Vote freshman study break and several tabling events. This experience has given me a good idea of how this program works and succeeds. A key goal I have is to increase the "political literacy" of the student body. To that end, I would like to hold fun study breaks tied to major bills up for vote in Congress. Afterwards, students would have the opportunity to send a form letter to their local representative urging a "yes" or a "no" on the bill. We can also implement simple steps to make politics a part of day-today life-for instance, we could work with the appropriate administrators to put placards with relevant political news and questions on the dining tables to stimulate political conversation over meals. As National Campaign Chair, I would also continue efforts that are still works-inprogress, like codifying the structure of H-Vote so it can be replicated in two years, and helping other colleges set up political programs patterned after the IOP's programs. Organizationally, I want to keep H-Vote-ers involved with the National Campaign. The program's

greatest strength this fall was our engaging, motivated members. I mentioned some broad objectives, but I would respond to next semester's National Campaign team to set goals that excite us all. Theodora Skeadas I am really interested in running for chairman of the National Campaign, because I’ve been working this fall with H-Vote, and I’m really enjoying it! I was the Dorm Captain for Mower, a freshman dorm, and I really enjoyed rallying up my dorm by door-knocking, handing out voter registration forms and absentee ballot request forms, and learning about the election process in general. The best part for me was really just getting my friends excited about politics and the upcoming election, and when I requested more information about the National Campaign, I was told that it’s a consortium of colleges that works to rally young people to become more excited about politics. From the sound of it, I really think I’d enjoy the job! Politically, I’m an Independent, so I like how the National Campaign, and the IOP in general, is non-partisan. Also, I worked closely with a current chairman, Alice Gissinger throughout the fall and I enjoyed helping her in various activities. For example, I helped sort through absentee ballots and find individual requirements for each state. Also, I helped people register in general for the election, and I found it really exciting. I’d love to be a chairman of the National Campaign because I truly enjoy getting people excited about politics, and I really think I’d enjoy the job. Thanks so much!