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TABLE OF CONTENT 1) Problem Identification 2 1.1. Different actors involved.. 2 2) Agenda setting....2 2.1. Introduction 2 2.2. Problem discussion..

2 2.3. Acuteness of Problem..3 2.4. Actors discussion in detail..3 2.5. Implications.5 2.6. Solutions..5 3) Policy Formulation.6 4) Policy legitimating..6 4.1. Reasons for adopting.6 4.2. Benefits..6 5) Policy Implementation.7



Problem name: Downfalls in Tourism Industry. Different actors: Involvements of different actors are: Lack of coordination between different government directorates and department PTDC and ministry of tourism acting divergently Terrorism Lack of proper marketing Natural disasters Bad laws and order situation in country Media

AGENDA SETTING: Introduction: Pakistan being a tourist country with multiple attracting places all over it. The diverse culture, traditions, historical places, beautiful valleys are all factors behind Pakistan being an attractive tourist spot. There are historical places such as Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Taxila, which attract archeologists from all over the globe to come and visit the wonderful historic civilizations which are a part of Pakistan. Other than that the valleys of Pakistan have been able to attract tourists for a long period of time. There are valleys such as Swat, Hunza , Naran, Kaghan and beautiful hills like Murree, Nathia Gali, Changa Gali etc. Problem Discussion: In the past few years, Pakistan has faced significantly challenges to the growing development of tourism industry. Following are the few tragedy events that have put devastating negative impact on the goodwill of the country: 9/11 tragedy that reduces tourism arrivals in the year 2001 Natural disasters like horrific earthquake that destroy the major infrastructure of the tourism sector in the year 2005. The floods in the year 2010 Taliban capturing the swat valley and further destroying the sector of tourism.

Acuteness of Problem: The acuteness of the problem can be seen from all such things which are still important but now remain not important for tourist because now tourist fear to come to such places like Northern areas of Pakistan still remains a place of great tourist attraction. The beautiful hills, the lush green valleys, shimmering lakes and flowing waterfalls brought many a tourist from all over the world to Pakistan. But now the scenario is totally change is like: Decline in contribution toward foreign Exchange by tourism. No more a booming industry No further reason of employment for local people. Still a source of maintaining friendly relationship with other countries but is now hard to attain. War on terrorism leads to be the main factor behind this entire downfall Local as well as foreign media negative projection toward Pakistan showing it to be unsafe and dangerous country than in real.

Actors Affecting: 1) Lack of coordination between different government directorates and department: The different government directorates and department are not coordinating properly which leads to the result in delay in implementation of any policy which is made for improvement of tourism, as well as the sluggishness in the mind of authorities to take an initiative on their own. That in reality cause delay in starting good project and implementation of policies. 2) PTDC and Ministry of Tourism acting divergently: Pakistan tourism Development Corporation and ministry move divergently. For example, ministry as a purely government body ant PTDC as an private organization , if any initiative is put before them, they put that party in a question box that why they have not taken permission before taking that initiative. On the other hand if that party takes no initiative they again start questioning on that party that why they are doing nothing. In short actions require permission before it where as inaction is a reason of causing reprimand. So this is what issue faced by this sector in Pakistan.

3) Terrorism: War on terrorism has changed the life in Pakistan totally. Local people fear to go out of their house when they see any bomb blast on news or hear any destructive sound in their home. so this will be nearly impossible that people living abroad are not scared to come to such country. Life after such frequent bomb blasting has ruined the tourism industry the people that are providing services to the tourist faces more income crises as this was an assault on their very income. Following are the some examples that show how businesses are totally ruined after war on terror: Security threats to some hotels in Peshawar cause them to remain shut because of life risk. An attractive tourist point named khan klub was brought to the point of closure. To stop citizens to go to life risky areas government issues NTA.

4) Lack of Proper Marketing: There is no proper marketing done specially for this purpose. As marketing, advertisement create awareness among people it is necessary for increasing tourism in Pakistan. So immediate and aggressive marketing is needed to attract international tourism. 5) Natural disasters: Natural disasters like earthquake in 2005 and devastating floods in 2010 which kills millions of people in Pakistan has negatively affected the tourism sector. Tourist is afraid to travel such countries where they see life risk. These natural disasters have collapsed tourism industry that was already not working well due to bad laws and order situation. Swat valley is an example that has being destroyed by both terrorism and heavy rain falls and floods. 277 people in which 6 tourist lost their lives in such rainfalls and floods. 6) Bad laws and order situation in country: Due to bomb blasting situation in the country there is a declining trend in the tourist inflows, while increased in the tourist going back to abroad. As tourists drop their plans when they see deteriorating law and order as well as security issues. 7) Media: Media is playing overtly negative role in this case. A complaint continuously felt by the local public and its regime is that the media has done a very poor job at handling details of the war on terror in the country. According to them, old days of PTV and STN was best when such channels provides limited news in detail when one cannot call that as ignorance and one feel secure and comfortable environment in its own country. That

feeling of being unaware was better because of the fact that one were not repeatedly bombarded with pictures of dead bodies and people in pain looking for their loved ones. As today there is an constantly bombardment of hundreds and thousands of pictures of not only dying people but unnecessary details about people who dont necessarily deserve time and attention. All this results in spreading wrong image of country around the world everywhere. People leaving abroad feel unsecure to visit Pakistan because they believe on what they see on news and listen. Implications: Following are the implications: Tourist not prefer to visit Pakistan . People working for tourism in villages, valleys lost their jobs and are unemployed. Decline In contribution toward foreign exchange from tourism industry Attractive resorts lost their attractiveness. Tourist wants to come to Pakistan but they see more life risk and security issues because of the wrong image building. Media is a third leading factor in collapse of this industry after war on terror and natural disaster. One industry of Pakistan is totally collapsed.

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Solutions: Following are the some solutions that can help improve tourism with in Pakistan: Timely and accurate coordination between different government department and directorates. This will lead to ensure coordination and timely implementation of the projects and policies. The department of culture, tourism and archeology should be brought under umbrella of one ministry. PTDC and ministry of tourism should understand their responsibilities and their roles. Should start encouraging and rewarding employees or the staff coming up with new initiatives and idea for the improvement of tourism. Make the approval or formal procedures easy so that good projects start with in time frame without delays. Decreasing the fear among tourists regarding terrorism and life risk by ensuring proper security, briefing no go area for tourist, showing documentaries in which they ensure that development regarding such critical issues is going in progress and will provide surety that there will be no such tragedies again. Convincing them by showing different interviews taken with different people who are satisfied and happy with the security systems. Through immediate and aggressive marking attracting more international and even domestic tourists to different tourist places. Aligning thinking between the provinces and the center concerning major tourism events.




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6) Starting the trend of inter-ministerial meeting for promoting tourism. because it is must to sort out issues that arises with time to time. As tourism sector is interconnected with other sectors without their involvements or concerned ministries like finance, culture, religion, foreign affairs interior communication etc tourism sector cannot get the desire results. 7) Supportive role must be perform by media not to impact people mind badly by playing negative role and reporting news so horribly that seems to be end of life or world. 8) Government should play a leading role in developing this industry of tourism once again, as it is a source of income for many poor people and also help our economic sector to flourish.

POLICY FORMULATION: A policy should be made in such a manner that Promote tourism sector by limiting government role to a point of facilitation and regulation and formulate a facilitative policy for private sector to operate, set standards and monitor implementation of rules and regulation.

POLICY LEGTIMATION: A policy stated above will make the role of government limited only to the extent of facilitation and regulation. That will provide facility and instructions to private sector. The private sector then will operate according to that instructions or rule provided by the government and will set standards that they have to meet, monitor the ways of achieving that standards and implementing at final to reach at level that is necessary to promote tourism under the rules and regulations provided by the government. As private sector is more efficient, flexible than the public sectors. They provide better quality and they are more performance based. Under this policy there will be less coordination problems as was under ministry of tourism as they were not performing their duty properly by not properly advertising the tourism sector to the world, and also by not moving in same tract with the PTDC. There will be proper implementation of every policy as private sector will try to work more efficiently than the government sector related with tourism. Good projects and initiatives will start at right time and right allocation of budget which will not only promote tourism but also develop such areas of tourism.

BENEFITS UNDER POLICY: More efficient working for promoting tourism Allocation of budget will be done more properly. Will make better marketing of tourist resorts and tourism sector and showing tourism as a way of promoting peace and harmony. Eliminate divergence of tracks among departments that leads to project failure Eliminate monopoly in tourism industry if any exist Proper monitoring can be done Implementations of rules and regulation in better way to enhance this tourism sector. Alleviation in the business of tourism by working on performance base criteria.

POLICY IMPLEMENTATION: Policy can be implemented by the approval of Government Federal government ministries Federal ministries Economic affair division Provincial tourism ministry Inter-provincial coordination( PTDC) Fund providing executive agencies.