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An insight into handling human activities.

Each individual is an animated being and is responsible for any activity taking place in this world. Inert objects cannot act on its own. Animated living entities are more important than unanimated inert objects. Each animated living being has his set of qualities, talents, limitations and threats and is trying to survive in this world. Activities carried by the living entity can benefit or harm the mankind in the long run depending upon the intention behind an activity.

An intention behind an activity decides whether the activity is good or bad. If the intention is for the benefit of all living entities then the living being is said to be in mode of goodness. If the intention is selfish and without understanding its long term reactions it is in the mode of passion. If the intention is to harm and destroy then it is in the mode of ignorance or darkness. Every living entity reaps the reactions of his action depending upon his intention behind his action. This is the strict law of nature.

Why did the concept of money come into the society? How was the system of tax originally followed? Why was economic activity introduced? Is unemployment an illogical concept? Is human negative qualities the real cause for world problems? Is poverty because of fate or because of immature distribution system? Does human life have a higher goal than material pursuit?

Barter system had a limitation. When two heavy products where exchanged with each other one of the party had to carry the load two times and more over the transportation facilities where very less during ancient days. So intelligent brains brought a mediator called currency so that the transaction could be easy. But deluded/ corrupt brains thought that by having more and more money they can not only ,dominate others but also enjoy all luxuries of life by enslaving other. Even here the problem is not money but human qualities to cheat dominate and exploit others ,without themselves contributing to the society or by making others feel that their job is more important than other job and claiming more income.

Money is inert, inert objects cannot function on its own. Every work requires certain qualities and talents which nature has bestowed to every individual and the same divine energy animates each of us so the divine is the real doer of all activities and not us in real. When humans beings come out of their negative and passionate qualities like kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, mada, Matsarya then thoughts produced by us will be free from contamination and we will be able to work smoothly for every ones growth together.

Tax was collected in form of grains and products by the kings for sake of protecting the public during famine, droughts and rainy season. Today money being collected as tax cannot help us during difficult times since we cannot eat money. Storing food grains and other essential commodities of life is the only solution for this. System of tax followed today is illogical and without proper understanding. Hording, speculation and adulteration are all results of demoniac nature present in us.

Every activity in some way helps or affects the society in some manner. When humans forgot that the divine within us is the real doer of all activities they started claiming some material products in return as a reward for each of their work. When the same is followed by many greed, jealously, competition, and exploitation and deceit spoiled the smooth functioning of society. Every activity is divine when it is done as a service to divine and every little thing in this creation is divine.

Activity which are done for sake of some return is called an economic activity and termed as useful activity by the present ignorant society and spiritually called karma. Activity done with a sense of service, love and devotion without cheating anyone is called non economic activity and termed as useless activity by the present materialistic society and spiritually called dharma. Karma makes us come back again and again to earth and dharma helps us raise spiritually and attain liberation. Economic activity came up because we humans had the desire to exploit and enjoy the natural resources.

Economic activity spoils human qualities as it involves cheating, exploitation and greed thus spoils our peaceful existence on earth. Non economic activity gives peace and happiness and creates harmony amongst living entities when done with love and affection. Spirituality can only develop with non economic activity and not with economic activity as spirituality involves developing divine qualities which are called useless in the present material world. Peaceful existence is the aim of life and economic activity deviates us form this path.

Every individual is driven by his qualities to do some or other activity. So, no one is unemployed as a fact but it is true that many individuals with good talent are not rewarded for their actions and thus they seem to be unemployed. Service minded people are called unemployed in the present society. Any activity done with an intention to get some material benefit is termed as employment in the present society.

Negative qualities like greed, jealousy, an intention that others should not be happy and prosperous, domination, aggression, violence, exploitation are the real cause of problem in the society. The false EGO in the humans make us fight, dominate, and cheat and deceive each other in the present world. Realizing the divine within us is the only solution to all this problem. Spirituality is the key for unity and peaceful life.

Poverty is because of once fate in some cases and in major circumstances it is because of improper distribution system. A very learned person can also be poor if he is highly spiritual and does all his activities as a offering to the divine. It is the duty of government to arrange for proper distribution of material things. Firstly every piece of work done should be honored equally without any sort of discrimination. This ensures proper money power in the hands of public.

People should learn to limit their needs to the extent of basic necessity, if not they would have to depend on others for money during difficult situations. Attitude of service to the community should be inculcated right from childhood in children. Doing things as a service is the easiest way to tackle poverty. Feed the needy and destitute so that they need not beg for their living. Moral values of life should be concentrated more than material growth for peace in the society. Understanding life and its ultimate futility will automatically help us develop divine qualities .

Our journey in this world does not stop with this birth and it continues to the other dimensions of the universe. Administrative laws and rules set with this understanding will be beneficial for the whole society Taking aid of the scriptures and its message, if we are able to live a peaceful life then why not follow it for the upliftment of the society. Living beings are divine and only this understanding can bring unity amongst us.

Neutrality between material Compassion towards fellow beings Pure love for GOD and his creation WAY TO ULITIMATE PEACE Thank you