“Wine Store Database”

*) “System Requirements”:

Before we built the wine store, our client told us what it should do and what features they wanted. Let's take a look at the scope and aims of the wine store that would typically be gathered from interviews, studying workflow, and so on. The wine store sells wines from wineries that are located in regions throughout Australia. The wine store is open to the public: anonymous users have limited access to the application, and users can make purchases if they become members. The wine store carries thousands of wines, and the details of each wine include its name, vintage (year of release), the winery that makes it, grape varieties, and, in some cases, an expert review of the wine. The wine store doesn't do much more than manage members, wines, and ordering. It doesn't have a reporting module, an administration interface, or any content management features. It is not designed to be a fully functional application but only to illustrate most of the fundamental techniques discussed throughout the book.

*) Entities and their attributes: Wine wine id wine name Year Descrip tion Wine Type Wine type id wine type Items item id qty price Inventory Inventory id Cost date handed on hand Winery Winery id Winery name Orders Order id Date Credit card Expiry date Instructo rs Users User name Password Customer cust id first name surname Birth code Grape Variety Variety id Variety Region Countries Region id Region name Country id Country Titles Title id Title addres city Zip code state phone .

.*) “The Wine Store entity-relationship model (ER model)”: This model is derived from the system requirements listed and is derived following the process described above also includes a description used in the figure.

Similarly. there are two inventories. For example. Each wine has one or more grape variety entries." Each inventory for a wine represents the on-hand stock of a wine. there are two inventories. Each winery is located in one region." or "Sparkling. a "Cabernet Sauvignon" is different from a "Sauvignon Cabernet. if the same wine has two or more vintages from different years." "White. a wine of wine name "Archibald" might be made of the grape variety entries "Sauvignon" and "Cabernet. For example. If a wine is available at two prices. Each order contains one or more items." The order of the entries is important. Each wine is made by one winery. these are treated as two or more distinct wines. if the stock arrived at the warehouse at two different times. Each wine may have one or more inventories. Each customer has a title (such as "Mr. Each item is a specific quantity of wine at a specific price.*) Explanation:            The wine store model can be summarized as follows: A customer at the online wine store purchases wines by placing one or more orders.   . Each customer has exactly one set of user details." A wine has a vintage year. A wine is of a type such as "Red." or "Dr") and lives in a country.

*) Wine Store database Relational model: In this we have mapped our Wine store Entity relationship model (ER model) into relational model As: Wine: Wine id Wine name year Description Wine type id --------------Cw1 Fw1 Lw1 Winery id ------------1 2 3 W1 W2 W3 Wine type: Wine type id Cw1 Fw1 Lw1 Apple wine Elderberry wine Beer 2012 2012 2011 Country wine Local wine French wine Wine type Country wine French wine Local wine .

Items: Item id Itm1 Itm2 Itm3 Itm4 Inventory: Inventory id Ivt1 Ivt2 Ivt3 Ivt4 Date added 4-06-2011 2-12-2010 6-03-2012 9-02-2012 cost 4500$ 6500$ 6800$ 8540$ On hand 1000$ 1000$ 1000$ 1000$ Wine id -----------W1 W2 W3 W4 qty 6 4 1 3 price 45000$ 652$ 452$ 2001$ Wine id -----------W1 W2 W3 W4 Order id ------------Ord1 Ord2 Ord3 Ord4 .

Winery: Winery id 1 2 3 4 Orders: Order id Ord1 Ord2 Ord3 Ord4 Users: User name Abdullah Qamar John Red Smith Parker Ahmed ibm Password ******* ******** ******* ******** Date 4-06-2011 2-12-2010 6-03-2012 9-02-2012 Credit card 2398-8162 6510-6258 0751-3830 3212-8624 Expiry date 12-12-2013 12-12-2013 12-03-2013 12-02-2013 Instructors Smith John Khan Sami Cust id ---------Cst1 Cst2 Cst3 Cst4 Winery name Orlando Lindemans Penfolds Hardy Brothers Region id --------------1 2 1 1 .

Customer: Cust id First name Sur addres name City zip state phone Birth code code Country Title id id ---------Crt1 Crt2 Crt3 Crt4 -------Tle1 Tle2 Tle3 Tle4 User name --------Abdulah Qamar John Red Smith Parker Ahmed ibm Cst1 Cst2 Cst3 Cst4 Khan Raja Ali Sami Noor John Ibm Ms Pkr87 Str25 Krt65 Lrt85 Isb Rwp Lbn Kgp 460 382 850 142 Pak Pak Eur Afr 6520 3820 Brt1 Brt2 46051 Brt3 56804 Brt4 Grape Variety: Variety id Vrd1 Vrd2 Vrd3 Vrd4 Variety Acolon Aspiran limnio Blatina .

Region: Region id 1 2 3 Region name Barrosa Valley Yarra Valley Margaret River Countries: Country id Crt1 Crt2 Crt3 Crt4 Country Pakistan Europe Egypt Libyan .

Titles: Title id Tle1 Tle2 Tle3 Tle4 Title Red grapes Blue grapes Green grapes Sour grapes Blending Grape Variety: Wine id W1 W2 W3 W4 Variety id Vrd1 Vrd2 Vrd3 Vrd4 .

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