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The building control functions were switched to and from KDA to KMC until 1979. given legal cover under SBCO 1979. soundness and implementation of the approved designs/specifications are the responsibility of professionals licensed by KBCA under Karachi Building & Town Planning Regulations 2002. Keep quality control in the construction activities. KBCA is a supervisory and regulatory body and its prime function is approving building plans and NoObjection Certificates (NOCs) that are in conformation with Building & Town Planning Regulations. fixation/approval of unit price. KBCA’s jurisdiction is in the whole of Karachi except S. To issue licenses to builders. . After KBCA’s establishment. Sukkur. Hyderabad and Mirpurkhaas. Due to many different bodies being assigned to overlook functions related to building and town planning activities and absence of Rules & Regulations pertaining to sale of units by builders to the public. SBCA has its headquarters in Civic Centre on Hasan Square.History: Before independence. The quality. Karachi. KBCA was created to accomplish the following: Ensure the stability of structures. KBCA was bifurcated into KBCA (KMC) and KBCA (KMD). 5. Issuance of NOCs for sale and advertisement for Public Sale Projects to the builders and developers i. The functions of KBCA are summarized below: To regulate Town Planning and Building Control in accordance with Master Plan and Environmental Control (Building & Town Planning) Regulations. To take legal action against the builders and developers who are involved in the unauthorized construction and violations of building plan/NOC.I. To resolve public complaints against builders and developers regarding public sale projects within the purview of approved plans and specifications. the Municipal Corporation was responsible for the regulation of buildings and related activities Karachi limits. Approval of all type of building plans under the jurisdiction of KBCA. KDA and KMC came under its jurisdiction. In 1979 Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA) was established under Sindh Building Control Ordinance 1979.e. time period and specifications of construction and development. Karachi. The Bombay Town Planning Act 1915 and Cantonment Board Act 1924 were the two acts that provided legal coverage to building control functions. developers and professionals under Karachi Building & Town Planning Regulations 2002.T. Ten years after independence the Karachi Developmental Authority 1957 was established under the Presidential Order No. and Cantonment areas.E. Regulate the building and town planning regulations. The two were again unified in 1996 and KDA Director General became its Chief Executive. SBCA was initially founded in February 2011 and it comprises of major cities like Larkana. declare and demolish dangerous buildings in different parts of the city. One of the body’s primary functions was to carry out town expansion and approve building plans. To identify. In October 1991. Approval of structural designs of the buildings. Safeguard the interest of the general public. many cases of fraud were reported in throughout the 70’s. In March 2011 the Sindh government issued a notification that turned KBCA in to Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). To take action against the builders for violation of approved building plans.

Manzoor Qadir was appointed Director General (DG) SBCA. the former chief controller of KBCA.kbca.pk . The organizational structure of SBCA is given below: Source: KBCA website http://www. deputy directors and directors respectively. The officials that belonged to 17th.Structure: Under the new body SBCA. 18th and 19th grades were appointed as assistant directors.gov.

lack of good demolition machinery being available and a lack of police support. assigned its own police station. Also keeping in mind that KBCA has now been changed to SBCA and covers many cities each city should be allocated a certain police force depending on the size and population of the area. For such purposes KBCA should have a strong and efficient police force at its disposal. . Although the judiciary has ordered the removal of such encroachers however the organization still faces difficulty in carrying out the orders. after repeated demands. One such example is the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) ground in Karachi being used as a charged parking facility by encroachers. However that is not enough as a large police force is necessary to combat and neutralize the encroachers’ efforts to remain in the area and illegally occupy lands or buildings. Only in July 2011 was KBCA. Police Support Lack of police personnel and support available to KBCA also makes it very difficult to handle the encroachment problem.Problems: All the problems we found through our secondary research were related to illegal land encroachments. Illegal Land Encroachment One of the most serious issues facing KBCA is the illegal occupation of land. This problem usually occurs in congested areas where buildings are built very close to one another. This problem has been generated on part by KBCA itself because when give authorization in the past of constructing buildings it did not consider the congestion aspect. Commercialization of Residential Areas There are many areas that were once residential however now they have become mostly commercial due to powerful MNC lobbying in areas such as those in the vicinity of Tipu Sultan Road. Similarly Hindu Temples in Thatta have remained in the hands of illegal occupants for a long time and as of now the situation remains unresolved. This has led to traffic congestion in the area and complaints from residents about illegal utilization of land for commercial purposes. Unavailability of Demolition Machinery Due to a lack of good machinery being available it has become very difficult to demolish old buildings in a way so that nearby buildings do not get harmed. Many a times these encroachers are carrying weapons and it becomes very difficult to evict them from the occupied site. KBCA faces stiff resistance from these companies in matters related to land eviction as these companies have a lot of influence and powerful lobbing takes place to halt KBCA’s efforts. They had also setup a restaurant named Mela in the ground. commercialization of residential areas.

However we are sure that MIS can help a big organization like KBCA run more effectively. Although even KBCA has a lot of data stored with it all of the problems we discussed earlier were not related to data management.All the above mentioned problems that we found were experienced by the organization in the external environment i. We are yet to find a problem that can be solved by implementing an MIS solution. they were related to the operational aspect of the company.e. Conclusion . We will propose our solution to the organization once we have visited and talked to the staff at KBCA and observed how the mechanics within the organization work.

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