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1.0 Overview of study The study tends to investigate students toward drink buying decision in alpha collage technology.

This chapter we will discuss about the issue of buying soft drink decision. This research to find out the various factors influencing a purchase of a soft drink in among of students of alpha college technology . I also need to study the factors that are now driving the students purchasing decision. Also, due to the increase in the competition there is a need to determine the awareness levels for the various brands amongst the students . Due to these changes in the beverage market there is a need to identify and evaluate the reasons for the shift in the students purchasing pattern. This study aims to determine the factors influencing the consumer decision while buying soft drinks in the age group students. Besides that students may focus on the specification quality of a product/service, or how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. Producers might measure the conformance quality, or degree to which the product or service was produced correctly. A good quality product creates customer delight and in turn, delighted customer remains loyal and talks favorably to other about the company and its product

Background of study

This study uniquely offer a specific understanding on factor affect consumer(students) buying decision to find out the various factors influencing the students buying decision while buying soft drink. That have a lot of factor need to investigate by me such as quality, brand, quality and so. In Malaysia that many type of drink are offered to the consumer so in this case we do the investigate to help consumer to making buying decision according with that factor are list in above. For Sharon Drew Morgen (2006) Buying decision Sounds like a simple question, right? Sounds like all prospects have to do is to see they've got a problem, find a good solution (your product, hopefully), and plunk their money down.that Background talks about various factors that have led us to undertake this study and how and to whom this report will benefit. Objectives talks of types of data the research project will generate and how these data is relevant. I also need to study the factors that are now driving the consumers purchasing decision. Also due to the increase in the competition there is a need to determine the awareness levels for the various brands amongst the consumers(students). I have long believed that pride, brand, quality is a powerful emotion and is a critical factor in students to take action to buying a soft drink.

Problem statement Define the factors can affect the students buying decision buying soft drink The main question of research is the is the have factors can influence the students when they buying a soft drink?

1. To evaluate how the factors can influence the students responses decision purchasing 2. To recognize and investigate how many people are influence by the brand, quality, price and promotion when buying a product. 3. To assess the theoretical relationships between buying decision with the price, promotion and so on

Research question 1. What factors can be affect the alpha students to buying a soft drink 2. How far the quality, price, promotion, and brand can influence student in buying decision. 3. The perception of the students when they choosing a soft drink

Objective of the study The study will explore the factors are affect the students in buying decision. The factor will affect the students buying decision is the brand of the product, price, promotion and lastly is quality.

Research Objective Investigate how the brand can influence students of alpha college technology in buying decision The perception of students in seremban when choose a soft drink To identify the factors that affect the students in buying decision

Scope of study

Subjects This research is conducted to determine the opinion of a survey of students buying soft drink decision in seremban 2. The propose to do the research is to investigate the factors brand, quality, promotion and price affect students to in buying a soft drink.

Respondent The respondents of this research is the students in alpha collage technology, the total of the respondents are selected is around 50 student

Location The location for me to do the research is seremban 2 alpha collage technology .

Limitation of study When do the research that have a some of limitation I found out. The limitation is

Time The researcher need more time to collect and analysis that data, with that the data will my accuracy. Respondent Some of the respondents did not Seriously to answering the questionnaire.

Significant of the study The main reason the researcher do a research about that topic and explore and found out a lot of knowledge about the factor are effect the students of buying a soft drink.

The factors of brand influence the students buying a soft drink Brand of the soft drink are important to affect student buying decision. The students almost choose the most popular brand of soft drink for example coca cola. The coca cola is the top brand so almost students choose the coca cola compare with the Pepsi,brsides that the brand of Pepsi more fast come out in market so it trust able by the consumer compare with the other brand of drink The factor of price The students will choose the cheap price drink. This is because the students no ability everyday buy expensive drink. So they preferred to buy the cheap and standard quality drink . The factor promotion The promotion from the soft drink company are also is a factor can attract more students to buy it coz the promotion price is cheap with normally price, and package more attractive. It mean promotion also is a factors which can attract students to buy it.

The factor of quality Price, promotion, brand import but most important is quality. Without quality the students will no buy the product. didnt have good quality the price lower also dont have people to buy so that factors are overall affect the students buying decision