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A Second Chance By Ral Carpentier


SCENE I INT: Bedroom.

Theres a bedroom on one side, and kitchen or living room on the other side. The bedroom side is lit up, and the other room is dark. Theres a young couple in bed. Obviously just finished being intimate. MICHELLE So, was it good for you, Brandon? (giggles) As if I didnt know.

BRANDON You were terrific Michelle! I cant believe how good it was. How about you? MICHELLE mmmmmmmmm BRANDON Wow, that was great! MICHELLE Better than miss Prissy? BRANDON Miss Prissy? You know. MICHELLE Your little sweetheart. Youll have a fight

BRANDON Dont let her hear you say that, honey. on your hands. MICHELLE Im not afraid of her. BRANDON But she is very jealous.

MICHELLE Its not my fault she doesnt know how to keep her man. on the other hand, know how. (She rubs his chest. He kisses her and responds to her touch. His cell phone rings. He looks at the caller ID.)



MICHELLE Who is it? I dont know. BRANDON It just says private caller. MICHELLE Dont answer it, babe. BRANDON What if its my boss? I should. (He kisses her again and answers the phone. Its his girlfriend.) Hello? JENNI!! (Straightens out, as if she just appeared in the room. Michelle gets playful with him, knowing whos on the line.) How are you?........No I cant today.........Im sort of busy all day.........Look...Ive been meaning to ask you if we can just chill for a while...........well I mean, weve been seeing each other for a long time now, and it would be nice if we could see other people too. Just play the field for a while, you know?.............Well, sometimes I feel tied down.............No, theres no one else. Just thought it might be good for us............Look, its not about that..........No, youre not. I just wanna gather my thoughts, and take some time........Please dont cry..........Just give me a little time.............Ill call you, OK?..........Bye. (He hangs up reluctantly.) MICHELLE (Waiving) Bye Jenni. (giggles) You dont need her anymore, youve got me baby. BRANDON I know, hun. MICHELLE So...what did she say? BRANDON She asked me if I was breaking up with her because I think shes too much of a prude. A prude? mean? MICHELLE What is she, 50 years old? What does that even


BRANDON I dont know. I think it might mean too proper, or something like that. MICHELLE Well if thats what it means, then shes right. miss goody-two-shoes. BRANDON Be nice. MICHELLE Youve been with her for too long. you. Everyone says so. (playful) behind my back. BRANDON Who me? (smiling and being playful back. Michelle gets out of bed and begins to dress.) MICHELLE Well, I dont know what youre doing, but Ive gotta run. BRANDON I think Ill just take a nap. MICHELLE my strong man tired? Bet I know why. (giggles) BRANDON Where are you going? MICHELLE My friend is meeting me at the mall. Were gonna get our teeth whitened. I wanna look super good for my man. BRANDON Nice. MICHELLE I might even try on some lingerie. interested, you know. (giggles) BRANDON That sounds great, babe. MICHELLE See you tonight? I need to keep you Shes not good for And dont you go playing Shes a


BRANDON Tonight at 8:00. (She kisses him.) MICHELLE Bye honey. (As she exits.) Bye. BRANDON Buy something for me. (He lays back down and drifts off to sleep.)


SCENE II The lighting changes to indicate a dream sequence. Brandon dreams of himself as a middle-aged man, married to Michelle. The bedroom goes dark and the other room is lit. Brandon and Michelle are in the other room as a married, middle-aged couple. Theyre both tending to their individual business of paying bills, getting ready to go out, etc. (Almost all of the bickering is done matter-of-factly.) BRANDON Michelle? MICHELLE What? BRANDON Did you pay the electric bill? MICHELLE Yes, for the third time, Brandon. Dont you listen to a word I say? Dont have to answer that, I know you dont. BRANDON Just want to make sure everything is taken care of before the end of the month, thats all. OK, Mr. Earnest Diligent. Prude huh? names. MICHELLE Youre such a boring prude.

BRANDON Youve always been good at calling other people

MICHELLE I call them as I see them. BRANDON And how do you see me, dearest? MICHELLE Ive been seeing you for over 25 years. see you? How do you see me? How do you think I


BRANDON As my wife, who isnt as happy with me as she once was. MICHELLE Oh, and youre totally satisfied with me? BRANDON Its not about being totally satisfied. it work and appreciating what we have. Its about making

MICHELLE Its just the constant nagging about whether I paid this or did that... BRANDON You want them to shut the power off on us? want? Is that what you

MICHELLE They wont shut anything off. I paid it this month, so relax. BRANDON Youve become quite huffy in your old age. that happened? MICHELLE Many years of being married to you, my dear. being married to you. BRANDON What happened to us, Michelle? MICHELLE Nothings happened. We just have different interests thats all. What do you expect after years and years of marriage, and living with the same person. I guess you have a point. than that. Like...? BRANDON Were we really meant for each other, do you think? MICHELLE Doesnt matter much now, does it? After years of marriage, its kind of tough to imagine life without the security the other provides. BRANDON But maybe its something deeper MICHELLE How do you think

Many years of

7. BRANDON But if were not happy... MICHELLE You know as well as I do that youd be miserable without me making you breakfast or washing your sox. And Id be just as miserable not being financially secure from your job. There comes a time when you just stay together just because. In love or not. BRANDON I guess youre right. MICHELLE So, what are you doing today? BRANDON I thought we were going to do something together. MICHELLE I know, but my friend called me and she has nobody to go to the mall with. So, I kind of have to go. BRANDON Which friend is that? MICHELLE Prissy. Prissy? BRANDON Oh you mean the pretty one? Yes, the pretty

MICHELLE How nice of you to notice she was pretty. one. BRANDON Youre pretty too, dear.

MICHELLE Im sure you mean that from the bottom of your heart. BRANDON You reminded me this morning that I didnt have a heart. Do you remember that, or have you lost your short-term memory yet? MICHELLE Well at least Im only losing my memory and not my stamina. BRANDON (sarcastic) Got anymore?

Good one.


MICHELLE I do, but Im running late. I have to go. There are some steaks in the freezer. If Im not here by 6 oclock, start without me. BRANDON What are you girls going to pick up? Going to Miss Goodys. OK. MICHELLE Gotta pick up some shoes.

BRANDON You girls have a good time. MICHELLE

You too. BRANDON Dont forget to buy something for me. (She exits, as he continues to work on paying the bills. Jenny enters as a middle-aged woman.) JENNI Hi Brandon. (He notices her and is overwhelmed with surprise and joy.) BRANDON Jenni? (beat) JENNI!!! (He runs to her.) JENNI How have you been, my sweet? BRANDON Ive been pretty well, considering. How about yourself?

JENNI Well, I guess I can say the same. Life has a way of getting humdrum and routine some days. But other than that, Ive been well. BRANDON Ive missed you Jenni. JENNI Oh, Ive missed you much. BRANDON Its wonderful to see you. Youre as beautiful as you ever were.

9. JENNI And I must say youve aged rather well yourself. (He leads her to a chair or sofa.)

Thank you.

BRANDON You were always too kind. Please sit and tell me all about whats been happening with you. Theres so much to say. So many years to catch up on. JENNI I know. BRANDON Wow...I cant believe youre actually here. thinking of you so much. Ive been

JENNI Ive been thinking of you too, Brandon. Thinking about how nice it would be to be with you. But fantasies and dreams dont always come true. BRANDON Yes I know. JENNI Hows your life with Michelle? care of you. I hope shes taking good

BRANDON Im not the happiest man in the world, if thats what youre asking. I didnt realize it then, but I know now that Ive made a big mistake in my life. I should never have let you go. I loved you, and I believe I still do. (He kisses her.) JENNI I still love you, Brandon. But Im married as well. BRANDON Are you happy? JENNI I wish I could say yes for sure. But Ive chosen a life with him and I have to remain loyal to him and my family. wish you hadnt left me, Brandon. Why did you do it?

BRANDON Because I was a stupid fool! I couldnt think further than my superficial needs. But now youre here. JENNI But I cant stay, my sweet. I have a family and responsibilities. I have a whole life time of memories with one man, and I cant leave that behind.


BRANDON But, we can still be friends. JENNI You know as well as I do that thats only a dream that will never happen. You have your life and I have mine. BRANDON But it doesnt have to be that way. I love you. I always have. Ive left you once and I wont leave you again. JENNI I cant. We cant. BRANDON You dont have to leave your husband, and I dont have to leave my wife. They dont have to know about us. JENNI Youre asking me to do something that goes against my convictions. I simply cant be with you. Weve had our time together, and it didnt work. Now its in the past. But it was a mistake. to fix it. BRANDON I made a terrible mistake and I want

JENNI But Brandon, it cant be fixed. You made a decision way back when we were younger. That decision paved the way to the life that we know now. It cant be undone. BRANDON Id give anything to relive that moment. Instead of leaving you, I would go to you and carry you away with me. JENNI Ive forgiven you, sweetie. I hold no grudge against you. I know that it was a decision that was destined to be, and its not your fault. BRANDON Please.

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