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The Year of Social Recruiting

Presented by Andy Headworth, Sirona Consulting

13th December 2011

Andy Headworth
• Established in 2003 • Consult about recruitment • Strategy • Process • Online Recruitment • Social Recruiting • Corporates and Recruiters • Published author of “Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies”


When I mention social media........

Social media IS mainstream – TV Adverts

Global stage

Things have changed

“We have lots and lots of people, what we’re missing is talent.”

Kristen Weirick Global Leader of Recruiting, Employer Branding and Onboarding at Cargill


Clients have learned how to pick them

They don’t have to send you a CV to be a candidate!

The perfect storm is upon you
Clients • Up skilled • Technology • Employer brand • Social media Recruiters • Arrogant or lazy • No vision, only next invoice • Poor/no recruiting skills • Social media? We have job boards! Candidates • New expectations • Tired of ‘untruths’ • ‘TripAdvisor mentality’ • Social savvy


Talent shortage

Social media

To survive...... Big will get bigger (RPO – cost) ; Niche will add value as market specialists; but generic mid-range recruitment agencies will cease to exist! (and quicker than you think)

Video time ☺

The Social UK


7m 15m

58% of UK white collar workers are on LinkedIn =7m

September 2011

What the job seekers are saying…..

Take note employers

Find and be found

63% of job seekers use a search engine to find a job
source Enhance Media March 2011

Why social media for recruitment? Positioning the brand Transparency and authenticity of brand Aids values based recruitment Reduce candidate acquisition costs Create own recruitment communities Increasing candidate applications Positioning within your target markets Extend the reach of your brand Different channels of engagement Raising quality of hires Candidate sourcing Career site traffic

Adding a social layer doesn’t have to be complex

A social recruiting strategy is needed

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Ready for the commitment? Listen – Brand; Reputation; Sentiment Define objectives & internal guidelines Platforms | Tools | Voice People & Plan Training Time management Measurement – ROI Monitoring




A REAL recruitment challenge!

They wanted a wider, more diverse and talented group of writers who had a real passion for The Street and its characters. >> A 3 week employer branded social recruiting campaign designed to tie-in with existing storylines and characters in Coronation Street.

Corrie on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Writers groups were targeted with messages about the opportunity with links to the other social networking media. Discussions of plotlines were set up to encourage involvement. Videos of classic Corrie storylines were uploaded to inspire (and remind) applicants of the quality of characters and stories that the series is renowned for. They created a series of ‘micro ad tweets’ – writing 30+ ads, all in 140 characters to Tweet out.

The Corrie writer results

A lively, passionate and active Social Community of over 300 members on Twitter The ‘Micro Ad Tweets’ were the most re-tweeted 900 applications >> pool of 20 talented Storyliners created The quality of applicants was far higher than anticipated by ITV A small band of rejected applicants even created their own Facebook group of ‘Story Disassociates’ – where they continued discussing their programme ideas. The employer branded copy tone/theme was carried through across all communications to the applicants – the successful and the unsuccessful – throughout the post-application process.

And the ‘social networking’ community out there is still growing, in anticipation of the next time this opportunity opens again!

It’s called social for a reason

Build relationships not a CV bookshelf [The best recruiters always have!]

The misconception


Social recruiting is ALL about ENGAGEMENT
Facebook is about YOUR Fans Twitter is about YOUR Followers Blogs are about YOUR Readers YouTube is about YOUR Subscribers

Give them content that is valuable to THEM and the platform they are on

How do you engage people?
Participate Find good people to follow Learn the language Comment Share Converse Own content Ask questions Respectful and polite

This is recruitment engagement!

8.6 % engagement

5.1 % engagement

Reputation is EVERYTHING
Name Website address Products Key people Competitors Keywords/phrases



Courteous Aware



Social recruiting confusion


Managing Social

Boolean and Social







Keywords 100% Do what it says on the tin

People Companies Skills Updates Boolean Flip

People Companies Updates Groups

Personal Company Groups Jobs

Community Network Jobs Engagement X-Ray



Researching Sourcing Tracking Engaging Communicating Informing Learning Recruiting

Twitter basics

Brand or name?


Twitter basics

Finding people to follow



• Forget the concept of a social network • It is a content management platform and you are the publishers • Give them something to ‘like’ ........ not a page full of jobs!! • Engagement – videos; photos & text in that order! • Create a jobs tab using Work4Labs, Broadbean, BeKnown etc

Facebook Pages

Google Plus

“The fastest growing social network in history”







Google Plus Circles – think candidates

Google+ Pages
Search Criteria
Relationship Looking For Gender Activity Education Employer Occupation Following Followers Country State City

Social has spawned some interesting search engines
Real-time search engine Visual search engine Real-time search engine Social search engine Meta search engine

People search engine People search engine


Smartphone penetration is 47% (MMA) 40% of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone (Nielsen) 11% now have some form of tablet device (IAB) Have you got a mobile recruiting website for your business?

How do you communicate with your candidates?

Tweet Direct Message

Message Facetime Chat Message; Circles Huddle; Hangout Message Company updates Inmail Message Audio Skype Video Skype RSS Feeds

“If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words”
Cicero 80BC

Foursquare – aka stalking ☺


Questions? 01903 206249 / 07788 726019