British Airways was founded as Aircraft Transport and Travel. After World War I, the company launched its first daily international scheduled air service between London and Paris. Following are view by the UK government in 1939, British Airways and its competitor, Imperial Airways, were nationalized to form British Overseas Airways (BOAC). BOAC continued to operate long haul services, while continental European and domestic flights were flown by a new airline, British European Airways(BEA).BOAC introduced its services to New York in 1946, followed by Japan in 1948, Chicago in 1954 and the west coast of the US in 1957. BEA also developed a domestic network in the UK, including Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester during this time. BEA established a charter airline, BEA Airtours in 1970. In 1972, the businesses of BOAC and BEA were combined under the newly formed British Airways Board, with both the airlines coming together as British Airways, in1974.The new airline launched its first supersonic passenger service in conjunction with Air France in 1976. In 1987, British Airways was privatized and announced a merger with British Caledonian. The company formed British Airways CitiExpress in 2002 by combining two wholly owned subsidiaries, British Regional Airlines and Brymon Airways. British Airways also merged the operations of two other wholly owned regional subsidiaries, British Airways Regional and Manx Airlines, with British Airways CitiExpress, thereby creating a single wholly owned regional subsidiary airline. In 2003, British Airways Holidays launched its first programs following its re-integration with British Airways. Also in 2003, the company sold its German subsidiary, Dba, to Intro Verwaltungsgesellschaft, a Germany based low fare airline company. British Airways sold its stake in the Australian airline Qantas to a private player in an effort to pay its debt in 2004. In the following year, British Airways sold its stake in London Eye to Tussauds for £95 million ($190.7 million). The company's wholly owned subsidiary, British Airways CitiExpress was renamed as BA Connect in 2006. In the same year, British Airways and Malev Hungarian Airlines signed an agreement to begin code sharing on each other's flights. In the same year, British Airways sold its 14.6% shareholding in the WNS Holdings, an India based business services provider. During the same period, British Airways sold its Travel Clinic business, a provider of travel health treatment business to travelling public, to MASTA (Medical Advisory Services for Travellers Abroad). In the same year, British Airways launched a new service from London

During the same period. British Airways started its flights to New York from Paris and Brussels in 2008. with its first commercial flight from Paris Orly to New York JFK. British Airways and Iberia signed a joint business agreement in 2008. Microwave Landing System. The company started to operate 62 flights each week from the Gatwick. During the same period. In March 2009. British Airways introduced a new advanced technology. British Airways started its services from London to New York. Also in 2006. Switzerland and Norway while continuing to operate as separate legal entities. and another 55 weekly flights from Heathrow. L'Avion. British Airways launched new flights between London (Gatwick) and Newquay. Later in the year. American Airlines. British Airways launched its new subsidiary airline.(Heathrow) to Calgary in Canada. BA CityFlyer. British Airways expanded its operations at London City Airport with the launch of its new subsidiary. In the same year. Later in the year. a European regional airline carrier. the company purchased American Airline's stake in Iberia Airlines. In the same month. British Airways sold the regional operation of its subsidiary airline BA Connect to Flybe. the three airlines will cooperate commercially on flights between the US. In the same year. Further in 2008. view British Airways timetable and book flights. British Airways reached an agreement to sell the regional operation of its subsidiary airline BA Connect to Flybe. In the same year. Mexico and Canada. British Airways opened luxurious new lounge for . to reduce the delays and disruption caused by fog and poor visibility at Heathrow Airport. Under the agreement. held talks with a view to merge the two companies. OpenSkies. inviting suppliers to offer alternative fuel samples for testing on a Rolls-Royce RB211engine from a British Airways Boeing 747. Also in 2008. British Airways launched a low-cost airfare sale to London starting at $478 roundtrip from New York and also launched its popular 'Europe For Free' hotel program offering low-cost fares. UK. They will expand their codeshare arrangements on flights within and beyond the EU and US. the company introduced an application for the new Apple iPhone 3G on which customers can access realtime arrival and departure information. British Airways and Iberia. a Spain based airline group. significantly increasing the number of destination.The company operates daily services between Paris and New York on Boeing 757 aircraft. in 2007. The companies initiated a joint tender process. Rolls-Royce and British Airways announced the start of a scientific test program to investigate the viability of alternative fuels for the aviation industry. and the European Union. British Airways was de-listed from the New York Stock Exchange. British Airways purchased French airline. In 2008.

com launched Metrotwin Mumbai. . the European Union approved the planned merger between British Airways and Iberia. The site helps travelers find their ‘home from home’ in London and New York. Mexico with two direct flights a week from London Gatwick to Cancun. In the following month. with recommendations from expert bloggers and local communities. In the same month. Sweden’s second largest city. British Airways launched its first service from London Heathrow to Las Vegas. and provides alerts. British Airways ordered 24 of the new Boeing 787aircrafts which will join its long haul fleet from 2012. The company signed an agreement with Boeing for the latest version of its real time aircraft health and performance monitoring service in March 2010. the company took the delivery of Airbus A318s that will operate the new longhaul service from London City to New York. In September 2009.premium passengers and top tier "Oneworld" members in May 2009. British Airways’ social media site Metrotwin. the Mumbai blog. In the following month. performance trends and diagnostic information which will be analyzed by the airline’s engineers and used to proactively maintain and manage British Airways’s fleet of Boeing long haul aircraft. the UK and continental Europe. in August 2010. the US. Also in July 2010. British Airways announced its plans of starting flights to Cancun. In September 2010. The service receives health and performance data. British Airways announced the launch of services to Gothenburg. British Airways and Indian carrier Kingfisher Airlines agreed to start code sharing on each other’s flights across India. Sri Lanka. transmitted from aircraft in flight. In June 2010.