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Paul Ferrera Mission Statement

The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket is dedicated to enhancing the student experience at The Pennsylvania State University. We have unyielding passion for the Commonwealth Campus System and the outcomes it produces. We promise to work tirelessly to better all campuses and increase student success.

Jeffrey Pytlewski

Presidential Candidate

Vice-Presidential Candidate

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Table of Contents
Mission Statement..1 Table of Contents....2 Opening Message.3 Organizational Goals. 3 Transparency....3 Regional Meetings..3 Student Needs Survey......4 Relationships that Matter5 UFS/ACUE.5 UPUA5 Central Staff..6 The Committees...6 Academic Affairs7, 8 Student Affairs....9 Governmental Affairs....10 Student Life....11, 12 THON......12 Caucuses13 Geography...13 Commonalities..14 Closing Message....14 Showcause Budget15 Resumes.16, 17


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Opening Message
As a community, Penn State has been through a very challenging time this past year. Even through these times, students have remained strong and have held true to the Penn State principals. Additionally, major decreases in state support are forcing University leaders to make difficult decisions. In times like these, it is imperative to have strong student leaders to represent YOUR voice to the administration. We have 5 years of combined student government experience; we have worked and established working relationships with numerous University Vice-Presidents, Deans, and faculty leaders; and we have fought tirelessly in the past for initiatives in which we believe. Below, we have laid out our ideas, thoughts, and goals for CCSG. We encourage you to read them thoroughly, think about them critically, and engage in a conversation about the direction we hope to take the organization.

Transparency seems to be an over used term today, but the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes transparent communication can increase accountability and decrease misunderstandings among colleagues. We are dedicated to assuring all actions taken and decisions made are arrived at through open and honest discussions. As such, we would commit to working with all campus presidents to find the most effective and efficient ways we could communicate. YOU, students at the campuses, are the ones who face problems at your campuses every day. We need to hear from you to represent you. This is why the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket understands and values open and transparent communication.

Regional Meetings
This past year, user the leadership of the Peter Khoury, Justin Cortes, and Hazleton President Zena Lewoc, CCSG held the first ever Council weekend at a commonwealth campus. The weekend went off without a hitch and was an amazing opportunity for CCSG members to visit a campus other than University Park. Although holding Council weekends at commonwealth campuses requires additional planning and extra travel, the

Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes the value produced is worth the work. Our commonwealth boasts 19 beautiful campuses, with each being distinct in its own way. The Ferrera/Pytlewski believes that having CCSG members experience different campus environments can lead to a greater understanding of issues facing other students. This is why the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket would pledge to continue the new tradition to Council weekends at campus locations.

Student Needs Survey

Assuring CCSG reaches out to all constituents

The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes it is greatly important to reach out to students in order to assess the needs of the Commonwealth as quickly and effectively as possible. Our administration wishes to solve as many student problems as possible, but the only way to address these problems is to reach out to all students on all campuses. This would be accomplished through a comprehensive student needs survey. While on the executive board of Penn State Altoona student government in Fall 2010, Ferrera implemented this form of survey as one of student government's first initiatives in the academic year. Ferrera tasked each student government member to go out into campus community and ask ten fellow students what issues they have with the campus or the university as a whole. The rationale for administering the survey was simple; all student government representatives are elected to represent their constituents and the easiest way to gauge those students interests is to speak to them directly. After the survey was completed, Ferrera then compiled these results and shared student government's finding with Altoona's Director of student affairs and Chancellor. Working with the campus administration, Student government then used these results to enact change in the upcoming year. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes that if every campus participated in this survey, we would be able to compile a comprehensive report that outlines the most common problems students have across the commonwealth. We would then be able to present these results to central


University Faculty Senate/Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education

The University Faculty Senate (UFS) is the representative body of the faculty of The Pennsylvania State University. UFS has the jurisdiction to modify all academic policies of the University and create new policies when needed. In addition, the Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (ACUE) works with University Faculty Senate to create policies and procedures to carry out University Faculty Senate's policies. These two bodies make changes every year that affect every student, in every college, at every campus. An integral understanding of the way these bodies work, as well as relationships with the people who lead them, is imperative in assuring the interests of commonwealth students are represented when major policy changes occur. As academic affairs director, Ferrera is a member ACUE and has been a vocal advocate for commonwealth interests. When a roadblock came up in the implementation of online registration for minors, Ferrera spoke out and assured that the online system came to fruition. Additionally Ferrera has had the opportunity to work with many faculty senators through ACUE, the University Advisory Council, and other University committees. Through these engagements, Ferrera has established working relationships with key administrators and faculty members who play large roles in the shaping of academic policy at this University. This will assure that under the Ferrera/Pytlewski administration your voice is heard when any major changes regarding academic policy are made with in this University.

Relationships that Matter

Assuring CCSG can execute its goals

University Park Undergraduate Association

The University Park Undergraduate Association is the student government body that represents undergraduate students at the University Park campus. Many Central Staffers sit on committees with UPUA members and work with them on various initiatives. Ferrera and Pytlewski have seen positive outcomes emerge from UPUA and CCSG working together and plan to continue to foster a strong relationship with UPUA. Ferrera and Pytlewski have both worked with UPUA leaders in the past and are committed to working towards common goals with UPUA in the future.
5 Ferrera/Pytlewski

CCSG Central Staff is the main link between campus student leaders and central administrators at University Park. Central Staff is composed of current University Park students, all of whom previously attended a Commonwealth Campus. Although Central Staffers no longer reside at a Commonwealth Campus, they are all passionate about the campus from which they came and are dedicated to bettering the Commonwealth Campus System. The Central Staff is comprised of an Executive Board, Committee Directors and Associate Directors, Caucus Directors and Department Directors. Ferrera and Pytlewski see Central Staff as a team to dedicated to enhancing the student experience at the Commonwealth Campuses. As a team, Ferrera and Pytlewski will work to create a collegial environment where all staff members ideas and inputs are welcome and accepted. The Central Staff team will have one mission; to work as a cohesive unit to execute YOUR goals.

Central Staff
Leaders, working for YOU

The Committees
The committees have long been the primary outlet for focused discussions on designated topics that effects us all. The committees have also always been the prime outlet for legislation that fosters change in our University. Additionally, the committee directors represent the Commonwealth students perspectives through their service on many University committees, boards, and councils. These committees, and the administrators the directors work with on these committees, are the means through which much of the legislation council passes become implemented. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes in the need to keep the five standing committees; Academic Affairs, Student Life, Student Affairs, Governmental Affairs, and THON. With strong student advocates leading these committees, Ferrera and Pytlewski are confident the committees will remain as strong as ever.
6 Ferrera/Pytlewski

Academic Affairs
Advocating for YOUR academic rights

Academics is the cornerstone of the Pennsylvania State University. The University is known worldwide for its academic excellence and is ranked in the top 1% of universities globally and in the top 10 nationally in terms of research dollars. Penn State currently offers 306* unique degree programs, 131* of which are offered at a Commonwealth campus. Academics is the prime reason that most students come to Penn State and the Commonwealth campus system clearly plays an integral role in Penn State's academic excellence. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket is dedicated to upholding the academic excellence of the University, as well as advocating for students academic rights. The academic affairs team will be responsible for continuing on initiatives from the current administration as well as creating new academic initiatives. The academic team will also be responsible for acting upon any recommendations that arise from the student needs survey.
*These numbers account for similar degrees offered by multiple colleges, i.e. "business" is offered by five different colleges

Academic Advising
Academic advising has long been a tenuous issue in our University. With a myriad of degree programs, many with specific entrance to major requirements, it can be hard for students to figure out which degree best fits their career goals, and how to complete that degree in a timely matter. Academic advisors are the prime resource available to students to navigate through their university career. For years, unfortunate stories of students failing to get into their major or failing to graduate on time because of inadequate advising have been voiced in student government. This past year academic affairs director Paul Ferrera and associate director Claryssa Burroughs decided to take action on this matter. Working with the university's head advisors and the office of the VP for commonwealth campuses, the academic affairs team came to the conclusion that the best way to address individual problems with advising on campuses would to be to establish Advising Councils on each campus.

In the beginning of March 2012, Ferrera met with all the campus academic officers, and at this meeting all campuses were charged to create a campus advising council by the start of the fall 2012 semester. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes this is a great step forward for advising, but it's not the end of CCSG's work. Under the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket the academic affairs team will be responsible for assuring these councils are set up on all campuses and will be tasked with providing central support to campus councils. Changing the culture of advising at Penn State is a marathon, not a sprint, and the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket is committed to continuing the momentum of the Khoury/Cortes administration.

Sometimes this information is very abridged and does not provide students with enough insight to make an informed decision about whether or not to take the course. In addition, every professor teaches differently and every student learns differently. Some students learn best from lectures while some learn best from group activities and discussions. Right now, the only resource students have to decide what professor to choose is the word of fellow students and the website For students to learn best, it is imperative to help students select a course that is taught by a professor that will help them learn best. Additionally, this would benefit professors because they would be teaching students who fit their teaching style. The Ferrera/Pytlewski tickets plans to work with the University Faculty Senate, the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Office of the Registrar, and individual campuses and colleges to create a system that will be of mutual benefit to all involved.

Improvements to Course Information System

When students register for classes, they have very limited resources when it comes choosing a course and a professor that is right for them. The only information students can access regarding the material covered in the course is the information given University Bulletin website.


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Over the years, the student affairs committee has shifted its focus to the three fees assessed to students and the services these fees provide. The fees; student activity fee, facility fee, and information technology fee; are paid each year by students and go directly to services that benefit students. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes in the current focus of the Student Affairs committee and is committed to fostering open discussions on how the allocation of these fees can be improved. Students currently have varying input on how the three fees are allocated (diagramed below) and the Student Affairs directors will be responsible for carrying out initiatives to increase student input on the fees.

Facility Fee Guidelines

Under the Raouda/Khoury administration, Mike Alexander and Arthur Smith passed legislation to create a board that would review facility fee allocation guidelines. The board was to be structured much like the SAF Board and would first be tasked with setting standard guidelines for facility fee allocation. Unfortunately, this board never came to fruition. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes this board is one way to increase student input on fee allocation. Ferrera and Pytlewski would commit to an open discussion with fellow student leaders and University administrators on the best way to move this board forward.
Significant Student Input

Student Affairs
Improving YOUR out-ofclass experience

Little Student Input

IT Fee

Facilty Fee


Career Services
Career Services is an integral, yet sometimes overlooked, service the University provides students. Just last year, Penn State was ranked #1 in corporate recruiting by the Wall Street Journal. Penn State recently hired a new senior director of career services, who is a former Altoona student. Ferrera has been working with the new senior director since October and he has discussing ways to enhance career services on the campuses. Additionally, Ferrera was appointed by the senior director to serve on the career services advisory board; a board comprised of students alumni and recruiters for major corporations. Penn State has amazing resources for internship and career placement and the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket is dedicated to enhancing the availability of these resources across the Commonwealth system.
9 Ferrera/Pytlewski

3 2 1

The main role of the Governmental Affairs committee is to advocate for the students of the commonwealth on all political mattersmost importantly, state appropriations. However, with a 19% appropriation cut for the 20112012 academic year and a proposed 30% appropriation cut for the 20122013 academic year, the task at hand for the Governmental Affairs committee is becoming more and more difficult.

The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket would select Governmental Affairs directors who have an in-depth knowledge of the Universitys budget model and how state appropriates effect this model and tuition prices. The directors would be responsible for fostering an on-going, working relationship with the Universitys Governmental Affairs office and their efforts would culminate with the planning of Capital Day.

Visit your Legislator Day

Visit your legislator day is an idea that was pioneered this past year by Director Ben Clark and Associate Director Kelsey Kman. The idea was to have Penn State students meet

Governmental Affairs
YOUR voice to key policy makers

The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket has an intricate knowledge of the University budget, state appropriations, and the model of higher education in Pennsylvania as a whole. Ferrera is currently serving a two-year term on the Pennsylvania State Board of Education; an experience that has given him a unique look into higher education in the state and allows him to advocate for Penn State in a different way.

the legislator who represents his/her home district at the legislators home office over winter break. Legislators are typically much less busy at their home offices; provided a great forum for students to advocate for Penn State. Unfortunately, the event was not well attended. In spite of this, the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes in the value of the event and plans to assure its success next year.


The student life committee has made great strides over the past years under the leadership of Justin Cortes and Jeffrey Pytlewski. In just its second year of existence, the committee has become focused on issues that effect the lives of students every day. In the past, the committee has focused on issues such as: Student Transition Services Diversity Strengthening Student Clubs Judicial Affairs Drug and Alcohol Use No Place for Hate

Student Life
Adding value to YOUR education

The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket is confident that these subjects, as well as additional topics that arise from the campuses, should be the prime focus of the committees discussions.

Student Transition Services

Under the Raouda/Khoury administration, the Student Life committee created and passed a five-year strategic plan for the implementation of a transition student mentorship program. This year, VP Cortes and Student Life Director Pytlewski have forged relationships with the Smeal College of business, the Eberly College of Science and the College of Agricultural Sciences. The Smeal College of Business plans to be the first college to enact this program in the fall 2012 semester, with the College of Agricultural Sciences being the second in spring 2013. The Student Life team will be responsible for aiding these colleges in launching their programs, as well as working with other University Park Colleges to create additional mentorship programs. Additionally the Student Life team, as well as the administration, will focus closely on monitoring Smeals transition leadership program in order to highlight its successes and look at ways the program could be improved for future years and future colleges. The transition student mentor hip program was a staple of that Raouda/Khoury administration, was refined and implemented under the Khoury/Cortes administration, and would be a major focus of the Ferrera/Pytlewski administration.

The Student Life committee under the Ferrera/Pytlewski administration will continue to keep one of its strongest focuses on the Diversity Summit, which occurs annually. The Diversity Summit is a conference that is held yearly by the Council of Commonwealth Student
11 Ferrera/Pytlewski

Governments that encompasses such things as diversity relating to culture, ethnicity, and gender. The best part of the Diversity Summit is that it is open to all students at every commonwealth campus, not just student leaders. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket will pledge to keep the Summit efficient and effective, and will incorporate and focus on diversity breakouts and more interactive activities.

Judicial Affairs
The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket plans to discontinue the judicial affairs coordinator position that was present during the Khoury/Cortes administration. The breakouts held by the judicial affairs coordinator this past year were poorly attended and more fruitful discussion occurred when the coordinator discussed issues with the Student Life group as a whole. Thus, the responsibility for judicial affairs matters will fall back to the directors of Student Life. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes this will create a better forum for important judicial affairs issues to be discussed.

No Place for Hate

The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket firmly believes in the expansion and implementation of "No Place For Hate" for all of the Penn State campuses. The "No Place For Hate" program is a prestigious title dealt to college campuses that administer 3 programs reflecting the "No Place For Hate" mission. Along with the events, the campus that wishes to be called a "No Place For Hate" campus must register through the anti-defamation league website. Also, the campus is responsible for reporting such events and the attendance. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes that "No Place For Hate" is an amazing program and an opportunity that showcases diversity awareness across all of Penn State and beyond. We are devoted to increasing the number of "No Place For Hate" programs across all of the 19 commonwealth campuses and will push for implementation in its entirety.

Enhancing THON, For the Kids

Year after year, THON continues to break records. THON is simply the most amazing display of selflessness shown by Penn State students. The commonwealth campuses continue to play an integral role in THON contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars and reaching out to families in need across the state. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket, with the help of the THON directors, will be passionate and dedicated to providing support to all campuses THON organizations to better their efforts For The Kids!


Sharing ideas, strengthening bonds

The Caucus system is one that ultimately brings issues relating to multiple campuses to light. The time reserved for caucus breakouts during council weekends is a time in which the Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes should contain deep and insightful thought with conversations pertinent to the campus issues at hand. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket believes that the dual caucus systemGeography Caucuses and Commonality Caucusesis the most effective and efficient way to successfully speak about and eventually combat campus problems. The dual caucus system is an avenue to discuss all of the issues outside the scope of committee discussions, and to separate them into their own categories based on topic and campus proximity. The Caucus Directors main responsibility is to start and facilitate an intuitive discussion and atmosphere in which commonwealth leaders can share information about campus events, issues, or simply general news. The information shared in the Caucus breakouts is a great way for central staff and campus leaders to learn and therefore provide feedback to assist one another in the best way possible.

Geography Caucuses
The Geography Caucus system is designed to bring together campus leaders from campuses located within close proximity to one another. These campus leaders, along with the Caucus director, will discuss matters of interest, possible legislation, and campus/caucus events pertinent to their specific campuses. The purpose of this discussion is to strengthen the social and academic bonds between the campuses located close to one another and to bring about topics that may also relate to another campus in the room. Therefore, with two or more campuses sharing the same issue at hand, discussion and problem solving are at their finest. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket assures that the Geography Caucus breakouts will continue on in their legacy of producing pertinent discussion that will go a long way in successfully aiding all campuses.

Caucus Distribution
Northwest Altoona Erie DuBios Shenago Northeast Hazleton Wilkes-Barre Worthington Scranton Central Berks Harrisburg Lehigh Valley Schuylkill Southwest Beaver Fayette Greater Allegheny New Kensington Southeast Abington Brandywine Mont Alto York



Commonality Caucuses
The changes that the Raouda/Khoury administration made to the Commonalities system have proven extremely successful over the past two years. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket strongly believes in the continuation of this system and its success. The Commonalities main focus is to provide all students with a group discussion pertinent to the relatable issues. With the breakout discussing one common issue, the students have the ability to insert their input from their campus while simultaneously learning from others' inputs and providing vital feedback. In addition to having one topic to speak about, the Commonalities director also has the ability to bring in guest speakers that may specialize in the specific area of which they are discussing. The Ferrera/Pytlewski ticket is dedicated to seeing more Penn State administrator and faculty guest speakers in commonalities discussions. We encourage all students to provide input into the decision of the guest speaker in order to facilitate a more information discussion.

Closing Message
I hope you have had the opportunity to get a sense of the direction in which we would like to take CCSG. If you have any questions about the ideas we presented, please dont hesitate to call or send us an email (Paul,, We are two students whose University careers have been unequivocally changed through our work in this organization. We always tell people that being involved in student government has been almost, if not more, educational than our academics. As students who have received so much from this University, we feel the need to give back. As student leaders, we always hear the question, Why do you do it? What do you get out of it? Our answer is and will forever be, I think what I do makes a difference.

Forever and always for the Commonwealth,

Paul A. Ferrera Presidential Candidate

Jeffrey S. Pytlewski Vice-Presidential Candidate





Printing / Paper Office supplies Postage General travel (President & VP) / Executive Board Central Staff Retreat Office Council Meetings Meeting / Rooms / Equipment Microphones, Supplies Uniforms Committee Budgets THON Governmental Affairs Student Life Caucuses Northwest Northeast Central Southwest Southeast Programing After Council Activity Summer Leadership Conference Executive Discretionary Fund Council on Campus Location

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Paul A. Ferrera EDUCATION The Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business B.S. Finance GPA: 3.61 Deans List: four out of five semesters University Park, PA Class of 2013

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE PPL EnergyPlus, LLC Allentown, PA Structuring Intern Summer 2011 Analyzed energy market data to assist in predicting day ahead power prices Created a system to monitor accuracy of past price predictions and compared prediction accuracy to major price input factors in to improve preciseness of predictions Experienced working on a live trading floor with commodities and power traders Wall St. Boot Camp University Park, PA Participant Fall 2011 Selected from among 400 applicants to be part of a 40 member program to educate students on the Wall St. culture including career path and job search skills Attended sessions on investment banking, sales and trading, private wealth management, equity research, consulting and other fields PUBLIC SERVICE Pennsylvania State Board of Education Harrisburg, PA Student Representative July 2011-Present Work with the 21, governor-appointed board members, including university presidents and state legislators, to craft academic standards, gradation requirements and other academic policies for Pennsylvania schools Nominated by Penn State and appointed by the Chairman of the Board to serve a two-year term LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) University Park, PA Director of Academic Affairs June 2011-Present Represent the voices of over 34,000 students at Penn State campuses across the state on academic issues Serve on various University committees, including; Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education, University Advising Council and Shields Resource Advisory Board Consulted by numerous University Vice-Presidents on various issues effecting the University Participate in discussion and decision making on major changes the University makes in academic policy Campus Chair Spring 2010-Spring 2011 Elected by student government leaders from 19 Penn State Commonwealth Campuses to coordinate and run 100+ person meetings Penn State Altoona SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Altoona, PA President Spring 2010-Spring 2011 Led team to national competition and placed in top 10 percent of all teams Conducted business-oriented projects that benefited the community as a member of an international business club with over 42,000 students from 40 different countries Organized and ran weekly executive board and general meetings, coordinated the activities of 40 club members, managed and participated in team projects, served as an ex-officio member of the Penn State Altoona Business Advisory Board Created an interdisciplinary team of students from Human Development and Family Studies and SIFE to development an international project to teach entrepreneurship to women business owners in Rwanda and provide orphaned children sponsorship to attend school Student Activities Fee Board University Park, PA CCSG Representative Spring 2010-Spring 2011 One of only 12 members on a University-wide committee that set policy on the allocation of approximately $8 million HONORS AND AWARDS Regional Champion, SIFE, 2010 and 2011 Jay Richard R. Ellenberger Memorial Scholarship Recipient, 2010 Member, Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society, 2010 Congressional Citizenship Award, Congressman Charlie Dent, 2009 Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America, 2008



Jeffrey S. Pytlewski
Email: EDUCATION: The Pennsylvania State University, The Smeal College of Business Bachelors of Science, Marketing Minor in Information Systems Management GPA: 3.60 Deans List: Spring 2009-Spring 2011

University Park, PA Expected Graduation: May 2013

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Alnoor Asset Management Reading, PA Research Intern May 2011 August 2011 Conducted professional research based on the financial statements of real estate investment trusts, commodities trading, stock trading strategies, and marketing for investment firms Performed academic research based on the analysis of key finance textbook topics

LEADERSHIP/COLLEGE ACTIVITIES: Council of Commonwealth Student Governments University Park, PA Student Life Director June 2011-Present Assist the 19 Penn State commonwealth campuses with student transition services, diversity issues, substance abuse, club coordination, and Greek life Manage a committee of over 30 individuals who work together to find solutions to student life related problems of the commonwealth Participate in four committees including Transition Steering, Student Sustainability Advisory Council, OffCampus Housing, and Link UP and offer advice to improve student transition services, green initiatives, the Off-Campus Housing Fair, and the Diversity Summit Penn State Berks Student Government Association Reading, PA Vice President February 2011 May 2011 Implemented a survey based on student needs in order to identify issues of the campus with 2,771 full and part-time students Assured that general assembly meetings ran in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order Assisted the president with interviewing and selecting new staff members for 10 vacant staff positions Attended the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments and reported information back to the students Public Relations Chairman September 2010 January 2011 Served as the primary advertising agent for the Student Government Association Led a committee of over 10 members who needed assistance with club advertising in order to increase event attendance and awareness Provided media relations for more than 40 organizations on campus and broadcasted their events through posters, flyers, and banners designed to attract new members HONORS: Member, Golden Key International Honour Society Member, Penn State Marketing Association