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4 theSun | FRIDAY DECEMBER 5 2008

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Husna Yusop and Giam Say Khoon at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday briefs
Show proof of Malaysian link in

‘Too many MPs have used

Mumbai, says Rais
‘Jobs FOREIGN Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said evidence
to be must be furnished through proper procedures to prove
that Malaysians had any connection with the Mumbai
reserved terrorist attack last week.
for locals’ Speaking to reporters in Parliament lobby, he said two

unparliamentary remarks’
pg 6 investigations were currently in progress from government
agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and non-
governmental agencies.
“The accusations of Malaysian involvement in the at-
tack came from the non-governmental agencies. However,
our local and Indian authorities have shown that there is
no link between the attack and Kuala Lumpur or any place
in Malaysia,” he added.
DEPUTY Speaker Datuk anything on anti-ethnic or Padang Serai) had said: “low not unparliamentary per On Tuesday, news reports surfaced that the assailants
Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku anti-race in my research”. moral”, “six-million-dollar se, when they were used used Malaysian addresses to rent houses in Colaba in the
Jaafar says Datuk Tajuddin This was greeted with man” and “traitor” to other together with a certain southern part of the city where they struck with AK-47
Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir applause from the BN MPs, MPs; body language or against rifles and hand grenades, and that a credit card issued in
Salak) need not retract his to which Lim snapped back: » Gobind Singh Deo (DAP- another MP, they become Malaysia was found on a dead terrorist.
unparliamentary remarks “What is meant by those Puchong): “you can’t control unparliamentary.
because too many MPs have claps?”, following which this animal”; “Hopefully, after this, we Only 18 of 2,360 hotels have halal
been using unparliamentary Wan Junaidi asked them » Datuk Bung Moktar Radin hear no more of such words.
words since the beginning not to clap yet as he was not (BN-Kinabatangan): “you are Please follow the example certification
of the current 12th finished. big monkey”; of Kubang Kerian (PAS OUT of 2,360 hotels in the country, only 123 have
parliamentary session. He then said since the » Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu MP Salahuddin Ayub), the applied for halal certification from the Halal Develop-
He made the decision parliament would not like to Gajah): “traitor”; ministers and also Permatang ment Corporation (HDC), Deputy Minister in the Prime
following Lim Kit Siang’s encourage MPs to use words » Salleh Kalbi (BN-Silam): Pauh (PKR MP Opposition Minister’s Department Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim
(DAP- Ipoh Timur) like anti-Malay, anti-Iban “penghasut besar” Leader Datuk Seri Anwar said.
objection, asking the chair or anti-Chinese, he used his » Mahfuz Omar (PAS-Pokok Ibrahim. They use nice, polite Of this, 18 hotels have been certified as halal while
to decide whether the term power under Article 99 to Sena): “old folk disease, grey and proper words when they 31 were in the process of approval. The rest were new
“anti-Malay” which Tajuddin decide that any MP who used hair” speak,” he added. applications, have yet to complete their forms or in
had used against him on Oct such words against another » Sim Tong Him (DAP-Kota Meanwhile, on another the process of renewing their certificates.
30 was unparliamentary and MP is considered making a Melaka): “racist” case, also raised by Lim, She told Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff (PAS-Rantau Pan-
if so, he should retract his racist statement. » Tajuddin: “penghasut”; and Wan Junaidi said Deputy jang) it is not compulsory for hotels to obtain halal
words. “I am of the opinion, » Lim: “you become deputy Higher Education Minister certificates but campaigns were being done by the
Tajuddin had in his debate these anti-ethnic words are minister by chance because Datuk Idris Haron need government through the Malaysian Association of Ho-
labelled Lim as an anti- racist when they were used of your colour”. not be referred to the tels and Malaysian Association of Hotel Operators.
Malay for allegedly “always to address another MP. So, Because of this, Wan privileges committee when She also explained why some hotels refused to
questioning the assistance Pasir Salak has made an Junaidi said, he has decided replying to a question about apply for halal certificates.
provided by the government unparliamentary remark,” he not to ask for a retraction the appointment of new “Some of the five-star hotels feel they have no
to the Malay community”. added. from Tajuddin but wanted Universiti Malaya vice- interest for halal certificates because they have been
Wan Junaidi said he However, he continued, the incident to be a lesson to chancellor. recognised internationally. Some of them refused to
has referred to many cases many other MPs had made all so as not to use offensive “I found no basis to say renovate their kitchen to meet halal requirements.
in other parliaments on similar remarks, giving a and unparliamentary words Idris has misled the House. “Some of the chefs also refused to compromise
words which are considered long list of names. They in the House again. Normally, there is nothing their recipes by using only halal ingredients in their
unparliamentary, “but were: He said although that could prevent an MP to food,” she said.
unfortunately, I could not find » N.Gobalakrishnan (DAP- sometimes the words are comment against another
individual out of the House if 2,807 graduate in Islamic studies
it was relevant to the matter
discussed. since 2000
“It is the purpose of the AT THE DEWAN NEGARA, EDUCATION Minister Datuk Seri
parliamentary privilege, Hishammuddin Hussein said Islamic teaching Institutes
guaranteed by the nationwide have produced 2,807 graduates in various
standing order and federal religious disciplines since 2000. Of the total, 1,775 were
constitution, to give immunity Islamic education graduates, 956 Arabic studies graduates,
to the MPs to speak freely, if 60 Quran graduates and 16 rehabilitation field graduates,
necessary, for public interest. he said in a written reply to a question from Mumtaz Md
“I found no elements of Nawi. To a supplementary question by Datuk Azizah
insult against the former VC Abd Samad, Hishammuddin said the ministry planned to
(Datuk Rafiah Salim) and no sponsor more Islamic studies and Arabic studies students
reason at all for me to refer to local and foreign universities to overcome the present
him to the committee,” he shortage of religious teachers.
said, adding the decision was “Up to 2008, we have 13,471 candidates to attend J-
made after referring to the QAF (Jawi, Quran, Arab and Fardu Ain) courses compared
Hansard and similar cases in with the target of 18,566 people. – Bernama
other countries.