Design-Build services-Tenly Mis Metals Signage & National Park Service Land Site Restoration

Page of Pages 1 6. Type of Market Open X Set Aside Open with Sub-Contracting Set Aside 149

2. Contract Number

3. Solicitation Number

4. Type of Solicitation Sealed Bid (IFB) X Sealed Proposals (RFP) Sole Source
Human Care Agreements

5. Date Issued

DCPL-2012-R-0003 7. Issued By: D. C. Public Library Office of the Chief Proucurement Officer 901 G Street, NW - Room 434 Washington, DC 20001
NOTE: In sealed bid solicitations "offer" and offeror" means "bid" and "bidder"

Emergency 3/30/2012 8. Address Offer/Award to:

9. Sealed offers in original and bid counter located at

copies for furnishing the supplies or services in the Schedule will be received at the place specified in Item 8, or if hand carried to the until
2:00 p.m. (Hour)

901 G Street, NW - Room 434 - Wash., DC 20001

local time


CAUTION: Late Submissions, Modifications and Withdrawals: See 19 DCMR chapter 43 as applicable. All offers are subject to all terms & conditions contained in this solicitation.

10. For Information Contact (X) X X X X X X X X

A. Name

(Area Code)

Delorise P. Ragins Description PART I - THE SCHEDULE Solicitation/Contract Form Supplies or Services and Price/Cost Specifications/Work Statement Packaging and Marking Inspection and Acceptance Deliveries or Performance Contract Administration Data Special Contract Requirements

Section A B C D E F G H

C. E-mail Address B. Telephone (Ext) (Number) 727-5517 202 11. Table of Contents (X) Section Description Page No. Page No. PART II - CONTRACT CLAUSES 1 Contract Clauses X I 40-46 PART III - LIST OF DOCUMENTS, EXHIBITS AND OTHER ATTACHMENTS 2 3-8 X List of Attachments J 47-88 PART IV - REPRESENTATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS 9 10 Representations, certifications and other K 11 X statements of offerors 89-136 12-15 X L Instructions, conditions & notices to offerors 137-144 16-39 X Evaluation factors for award 145-148 M

12. In compliance with the above, the undersigned agrees, if this offer is accepted within 90 calendar days from the date for receipt of offers specified above, to furnish any or all items upon which prices are offered at the price set opposite each item, delivered at the designated point(s), within the time specified herein. 10 Calendar days % 20 Calendar days % 30 Calendar days % ____ Calendar days % 13. Discount for Prompt Payment 

Amendment Number
14. Acknowledgement of Amendments (The offeror acknowledges receipt of amendments to the SOLICITATION):


Amendment Number


16. Name and Title of Person Authorized to Sign Offer/Contract 15A. Name and Address of Offeror
(Area Code)

15B. Telephone (Number)


15 C. Check if remittance address is different from above - Refer to Section G 20. Amount

17. Signature

18. Offer Date

19. Accepted as to Items Numbered 21. Accounting and Appropriation

22. Name of Contracting Officer (Type or Print)

23. Signature of Contracting Officer (District of Columbia)

24. Award Date

Government of the District of Columbia

D. C. Public Library
Sol. First Page Offer Award Form - DCOCP-209-V2206

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