ABAP Sales order and MM flows and imp points.

Sales order Flow VA01 � Create Sales Order VA02 � Change Sales Order VA03 � Display Sales Order VL01N � Create Outbound Delivery VL02N � Post Goods issue VF01 � Create Billing VA14L � Sales documents blocked for delivery V23 � Sales documents blocked for billing Tables VBAK � VBAP � VBEP � LIKP � LIPS of sales order: Sales Document: Header Data Sales Document: Item Data Sales Document: Schedule Line Data SD Document: Delivery Header Data � SD document: Delivery: Item data

VBRK � Billing Document: Header Data VBRP � Billing Document: Item Data STO ME27 � Create PO (STO) VL10B � O/b delivery VL02N � Post Goods issue MIGO � Goods receipt VF01 � Create Billing MB5B � Stock Reports on posting date FD33 � Customer Credit Mgt Delete po = me22n Purchase Order Tables: EKKO � Purchasing Document Header EKPO � Purchasing Document Item Vendor Evaluation ME61: vendor evaluation lists (elbk, elbp, elbm, elbn) ME65 � Vendor Evaluation Ranking Tables: ELBK � Vendor Evaluation: Header Data ELBP � Main Criterion for Vendor Evaluation LFM1 � Vendor master record purchasing organization data MM Flow ME51N, ME52N, ME53N � Purchase Requisition ME41, ME42, ME43 � Request for Quotation (RFQ) ME21N, ME22N, ME23N � Purchase Order MIGO � Goods Receipt



MIRO � Invoice ? Create Quatation:VA21 ? ME4L List of PO Documents (RFQ). ? ME2N List of PO Documents (PO ). ? MB51/MB59 List of Mat.Doc (GR). ? MIR5 List of Inv.Doc (INV). Check the MM flow In ME2n or ME2l Or MM Process: For Purchase Order � Material ME21N - Create Purchase Order. MIGO - Good Receipt against purchase order J1IEX - Capture Excise Invoice MIRO - Invoice verification. For Stock Transfer order: ME21N - Create Stock Transfer Order MIGO - Good issue against STO. MIGO - Good receipt against STO. J1IEX - Capture Excise Invoice and post MIRO - Post Vendor Invoice For Service Order ME21N - Create Service PO ML81N - Create Service Entry Sheet against Service PO. MIRO - Create Invoice verification against Service Entry sheet. For Subcontracting ME21N - Create Subcontracting PO. Also enter material, which is providing to vendor. MIGO - Good receipt against PO. J1IEX - Capture Excise Invoice MIRO - Invoice verification document TSTCT: Find transaction codes and texts use this table Customer Block /unblock sales area: VD05, XD05 (lfa1, knvv, lfm1, kna1, cdhdr) Ranking lists of Vendor: ME65 (ekko, ekpo) Manual check deposit: FF68 (febko, febep, febcl) BAPI_CUSTOMER_CHANGEFROMDATA2 (lock the customer) (sm12 unlock the customer) The Object-Oriented ABAP is available in three flavors: � Business Object Repository (BOR) The BOR is accessible via transaction SWO1 � Global Classes The Global Classes are accessible via ABAP Class Builder (Transaction SE24). � Local Classes The Local Classes are ABAP programs, accessible via SE38 and related Transactions. Collective Deletion of P.O. Even if you delete these POs these PO Numbers can not be used further .For deletion of POs enmass use the T Code MEMASSPO and select the field MASSEKKO-LOEKZ and enter the PO Numbers you want to delete and execute and save.

author By Dhananjaya Reddy.c.v