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Commissioning Program Guideline

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June 8, 2009

documenting. the commissioning process begins at the earliest stages of planning. Validate and report that the completed project meets the design intent and that all contractual obligations of the construction forces have been achieved. professional installation and in depth analysis will enhance the quality of final construction product while promoting an overall reduction in the ongoing operating costs. Enhanced building productivity Extended service life of components. Consistently reliable systems operations. closely monitoring construction to ensure ongoing quality and concludes with guiding the building systems from static completion to dynamic operation. A deficiency in any one system can result in less than optimal performance in other systems. assisting in systems selection. This guideline is intended to provide an understanding of the building commissioning process and define responsibilities of all commissioning participants at the University of Manitoba. Benefits of Commissioning The activities of the students. faculty and staff at the University of Manitoba require functional facilities that contain components. Operational energy savings. Fewer warranty claims and call backs.    To achieve these goals. Reduction of future maintenance activity and costs. Provide documented verification that the performance of the facility and its systems meet the University of Manitoba requirements. equipment and systems that operate as an integrated whole to provide a comfortable and functional environment that will fully support the educational experience.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 2 of 14 University of Manitoba Physical Plant Building Commissioning The philosophy behind commissioning efforts at Physical Plant is that thoughtful design. continuing through the design phase with timely reviews of progress. communicating and correcting deficiencies at an early stage can result in a variety of benefits including:        Reducing construction expenses and potential delays. Identifying. Provide the ability to repeat the process at regular intervals in order to maintain cost effective operations. The fundamental goals of the commissioning process are to:  Enhance communication by identifying and discussing operational goals. . documenting decisions and applying the accumulated knowledge of the participants throughout the project.

Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 3 of 14 Commissioning Program This Commissioning Program provides the details for the implementation of the commissioning process as related to the project. . Testing procedures and assignment of responsibilities shall be clearly presented in the project specifications. rather. Identify the members of the Commissioning Team. Describe the roles and responsibilities of each member of the Commissioning Program Team This plan does not include the details of the required testing procedures. it outlines the scope of responsibilities for development and application of the testing. The objectives of the Commissioning Program Guideline are to:    Outline and describe the commissioning process specific.

.  Preventative maintenance work orders added to PMC System.  Commissioning meetings are scheduled with consultants and/or contractors as required.  Integrated Systems Review Acceptance Phase  Project turnover meeting .  Contractor submits Commissioning Plan.  Project Operation & Maintenance manuals and as-built drawings submitted and reviewed.  Systems are formally accepted and warranty period begins.Construction Management to Facilities Management.  Functional Performance Testing.  Consultant / Contractor performance reviews completed.  Commissioning Performance Forms submitted and reviewed.  Commissioning Equipment Forms submitted and reviewed. Occupancy Phase (Post-Acceptance)  Off-season functional testing is scheduled and performed.  Re-commissioning schedule. Construction Phase  Commissioning scope meeting held.  Shop Drawing submittals are reviewed in parallel by consultants and review team members.  Commissioning specifications are created and incorporated into tender documents.  Finalized Commissioning Plan documents turned over to owner.  Training and orientation of University of Manitoba personnel is scheduled and conducted.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 4 of 14 Commissioning Program Outline Design Phase  Review of design development submittals.  Review of construction tender documents.  Commissioning Installation Forms submitted and reviewed.  21st month of 24 month warranty period site review held with Physical Plant Trades Managers to coordinate any remaining warranty work.

Underground Services 3. Card Access System 9. Grading and Compaction 2.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 5 of 14 Systems to be Commissioned The following is a list of systems that the University of Manitoba considers important for commissioning. Major equipment associated with each system is identified. Architectural Specialties 12. Emergency Generators 9. Sewage Plants . Plumbing 5. Insulation Systems 3. Elevators Mechanical Systems 1. Card Access 8. Concrete Quality 3. Concrete Floor Flatness 4. General Building Systems 1. CCTV Specialty Systems 1. Testing and Balancing Electrical System 1. Commissioning of each system includes all major equipment. Sound / Vibration Isolation 8. Curtain Wall Systems 11. Drainage. Fire Alarm Systems 11. Door Hardware 8. Window Fabrication / Weather Tightness 10. Fire Protection 6. Building Envelope and Roofing 6. Motor Control Centers 3. Emergency Lighting 7. HVAC 7. Voice Data 10. Power Distribution Systems 2. Grounding 5. Site Services / Underground Utilities 2. Fire Stopping Systems 7. Chemical Treatment 4. Building Management Controls Systems 9. Lighting Control Systems 6. Swimming Pools 2. High Voltage Switchgear 4. unless noted otherwise. Finish Carpentry and Millwork 5. The project specific list of equipment to be commissioned will be included in the construction specifications.

 Attend and participate in commissioning sessions.  Coordinates Owner training and spare material turnover.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 6 of 14 Roles and Responsibilities U of M Project Designer / Facilitator  Notifies Commissioning Advocate and Review Team members when submittals are available for review.  Tracks the review comments so that the “reviewers” are informed as to the status of their comments.  Reviews project submissions.  Periodically witnesses functional testing. Physical Plant Trades  Perform periodic construction reviews and forward deficiencies in writing to Project Coordinator.  Reviews project close out documents.  Attends construction site meetings as required. U of M Project Coordinator  The Project Coordinator provides the Commissioning Advocate with all project documentation.  Assists the Contractor as requested in developing the project specific commissioning documents.  Attend and participate in training sessions.  Sign off completed Commissioning Forms and return to Contractor.  Witnesses Integrated Systems Review Activities.  Review Commissioning Forms where U of M technical input is required.  Ensure all Commissioning Forms have been signed off by responsible parties. U of M Commissioning Advocate  Develops the commissioning specification with Consultants.  Receive all Commissioning Forms and distribute for review or completion.  Distribution of Consultant’s Master Deficiency list.  Receive individual deficiency lists.  Make periodic site visits and submits review comments to Project Coordinator. .  Verify project commissioning is complete and satisfactory.  Assist Consultant and Contractor by providing technical input as required.  Provide technical support as required.  Creates preventative maintenance work orders for inclusion in PMC system. Review Team Members  Review design submissions and provide commentary to Project Designer / Facilitator.  Perform periodic construction inspections and submit deficiencies through Project Coordinator.

 Provide instruction and training of Physical Plant Personnel on all systems.  Maintain Master Deficiency List.  Review Contractor submitted Commissioning Plan.  Review Equipment.  Participate in and record results of Integrated Systems Review testing.  Modify the sample commissioning forms provided in the specification to make them project specific. record and distribute minutes of meetings.  Chair Commissioning Meetings.  Witness functional testing and sign off Commissioning Forms. maintain Commissioning Issues log as part of Commissioning Meeting Minutes.  Provide all coordination required to schedule and complete all commissioning activities. Installation and Performance Commissioning forms and sign off when satisfactorily completed by the Contractor.  Provide input as required to assist in Commissioning Process. Contractors  Prepare Commissioning Plan.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 7 of 14 Consultants (Architect & Engineers)  Provide written responses to design document review comments.  Verify that equipment is supplied and installed per specifications and manufacturers recommendations prior to startup.  Prepare Integrated Systems Review Documentation and verify Integrated Systems Testing.  Perform periodic construction reviews and document deficiencies. .  Perform coordinated substantial performance and life safety inspections.

All systems will be functionally tested to ensure operational performance. General Review of Drawings and Specifications Drawings and specifications are reviewed as the design progresses. Check to ensure devices are present for proper balancing of systems. The specification shall be detailed so that those bidding on the project can clearly understand the requirements of the commissioning process. These factors will determine the level of focus of commissioning program. responsibilities of the parties. The Primary Consultant distributes the comments to the design team members for action. templates for forms and a list of deliverables. The design team responds to the Primary Consultant. Review for concerns regarding maintainability. description of commissioning activities. The specifications provide detail regarding scope of work. Ensure the commissioning requirements are incorporated into the design documents. who provides a written response to the Project Designer / Facilitator for each review comment.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 8 of 14 Commissioning Program Activities Defined Design Development Review The design development review is performed by the Review Team Members and then documented in writing and submitted to the Project Designer / Facilitator. Define PMC system information requirements . Project reviews are intended to:       Ensure that the University of Manitoba standards are included in the construction documents. Determine the training requirement expectations for the project. The Project Designer / Facilitator notifies the Review Team Members at each stage of design development. Commissioning Specification Development The commissioning specifications have been developed by the U of M Building Commissioning Advocate. who forwards the information to the Primary Consultant. The design team shall modify those specifications to be project specific for inclusion in the construction bid documents. Commissioning Objectives Developed The design development will define the performance objectives for the project’s operation. efficiency and functionality.

. The Commissioning Plan shall include but is not limited to:  General Project Information  Overview and Scope of Project Commissioning  Commissioning Process including Team Responsibilities  Communication Protocols  Commissioning Schedule  Sample Documentation  Testing and Inspection Plans  Functional Test Procedures  Completed Integrated Systems Review Documentation  Construction Checklists  Commissioning Issues Log The Commissioning Advocate. The Primary Consultant is responsible to record and distribute minutes of this meeting. as well as the U of M Project Coordinator and Building Commissioning Advocate. The Consultant shall review the completed forms to ensure compliance with contract documents. samples of which have been provided in the Project Specification. Reviewed Equipment Forms shall be returned to the Contractor for inclusion in the Commissioning Plan. Commissioning Plan The Contractor shall submit a formal Commissioning Plan for review within 90 days of award of contract. shall be modified to be project specific and submitted for review once the equipment has arrived on site. Commissioning Equipment Forms Commissioning Equipment Forms. At this meeting the Contractor shall present a preliminary Commissioning Plan and schedule. Commissioning Site Meetings The Primary Consultant shall coordinate Commissioning Site Meetings at regular intervals. The forms shall be complete in every way prior to review.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 9 of 14 Construction Phase Commissioning Activities Commissioning Scope Meeting The purpose of this meeting shall be to familiarize the involved parties with their commissioning roles and responsibilities. As with all Project Documentation the forms shall be submitted through the Project Coordinator for distribution. The commissioning scope meeting shall be scheduled and chaired by the Primary Consultant within 60 days of award of contract. Project Coordinator and Consultant will review and return the plan with comments or concerns to the Contractor. Representatives from all involved trades and Consultants shall be present. These meeting will serve to discuss and coordinate any commissioning issues which will be recorded by the Primary Consultant in the Commissioning Meeting Minutes.

Functional Performance Testing Functional Performance Testing is the operational testing of individual components to ensure that the equipment and systems are connected. The Consultant shall verify the information submitted is correct and that installation conforms to manufacturer’s recommendations as well as contract documents. The Contractor shall notify the Project Coordinator 14 days prior to starting Functional Performance Testing.. Reviewed O & M Manuals shall be returned to the Contractor prior to Functional Testing for revisions and updates.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 10 of 14 Commissioning Installation Forms Commissioning Installation Forms. shall be modified to be project specific and submitted for review once the equipment has been installed. oil levels. As with all Project Documentation the forms shall be submitted through the Project Coordinator for distribution. sensor calibration. The Consultant and Building Commissioning Advocate will review Functional Performance Testing. The forms shall be complete in every way prior to review. Finalized documents shall be re-submitted by the Contractor at the completion of the Commissioning process. As-Built Drawings shall be reviewed by the Consultant for accuracy and returned to the Contractor as Accepted or for Revisions prior to Functional Testing.g. The Commissioning Advocate will check the installation of equipment and the accompanying forms. The Contractor shall prepare Pre-Functional Checklists for each piece of equipment or system prior to initial operation (e. operational and deficiency free so that the Integrated Systems Review may proceed without unnecessary delays.) The completed checklists shall be submitted with the completed Commissioning Performance Form as part of the completed Commissioning Plan. . The forms shall be complete in every way prior to review. samples of which have been provided in the Project Specification. gauges in place. As with all Project Documentation the forms shall be submitted through the Project Coordinator for distribution. labels affixed. etc. fan belt tension. The forms shall be reviewed by the Consultant and Commissioning Advocate and returned to the Contractor for inclusion in the finalized Commissioning Plan. Operation & Maintenance Manuals and As-Built Drawing Review The Contractor shall submit for review completed O & M Manuals and As-Built Drawings for review 21 days prior to scheduled Functional Testing and Verification. Commissioning Performance Forms Commissioning Performance Forms shall be completed with data recorded during the Functional Performance Testing and submitted for review.

U of M Trades Managers. .Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 11 of 14 Integrated Systems Review Integrated Systems Review is the dynamic testing of systems (rather than individual components) at full operation. fire alarm. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to schedule this work. The systems are run through all of the control system’s sequences of operation and components are verified to be responding as per design. Some of this work will carry on post-occupancy due to varying seasonal and occupancy loads. The Contractor is responsible to schedule Integrated Systems Testing and coordinate the activities of all required trades and vendors to ensure this testing can be successfully accomplished. Systems are tested under various modes. The Consultant team records the information and results from the Integrated Systems Testing and provides a copy to the U of M and the Contractor for inclusion in the Commissioning Plan. varying occupancy cycles. The Contractor shall provide 14 days notice to the Consultant and Owner prior to this testing. and power failure. Not all Integrated Systems Testing will be completed during the construction phase of a project. The Consultant Team develops the Integrated Systems Review procedures for each system in a sequential written form and provides this information to the Project Coordinator and Contractor 60 days after award of contract. high loads. varying outside air temperatures. such low loads. their delegates and the Building Commissioning Advocate may be present during this process and provide technical input where required on behalf of the U of M. This will be done with as little disruption to the occupants as possible by coordinating these efforts through the Project Coordinator in a timely fashion. component failures.

Systems Acceptance Formal systems acceptance will only be granted when all contractual obligations and the described commissioning activities are successfully completed.  Keys / Access.  Turn over spare parts and special tools. The Contractor is responsible to complete training in accordance with all specification sections. Physical Plant Trades Managers. Assistant Director Physical Plant. SubConsultants.  Commissioning status .  Warranty start / finish dates. Primary Consultant.  Master Deficiency List / Commissioning Issues Review. Finalized Commissioning Manual The Contractor shall turn over three copies of the completed Commissioning Plan to the Project Coordinator. and 1 copy to archives. At this time the warranty period shall begin. . The Commissioning Advocate may attend these sessions to monitor overall content and quality.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 12 of 14 Acceptance Phase Turnover Meeting The purpose of this meeting is to officially transfer the responsibility of maintaining the facilities from the Contractors to the University of Manitoba. Training shall be scheduled a minimum of 14 days in advance through the Project Coordinator. The following is a basic agenda for the turnover meeting.  Training status and scheduling of additional sessions.seasonal functional performance testing schedule. This application shall be accompanied by a checklist indicating the status of all project deliverables and commissioning activities. Director Physical Plant. The Project Coordinator will schedule and lead the meeting. Distribution as follows. Training & Orientation Training and Orientation requirements are described in the project specification but are also included in this section because of the importance of complete and professional training to the overall success of any project. Attendees will be the U of M Project Coordinator. U of M Commissioning Advocate. 1 copy to U of M Commissioning Advocate. Mechanical Contractor and Electrical Contractor. 1 copy to Assistant Director Physical Plant for circulation to Physical Plant Trades for review and return to record drawing filing. The Contractor shall apply in writing for formal Systems Acceptance.  Turnover O & M Manuals and As-built drawing status. General Contractor.

. Engineering Services Completed review scores will be summarized by the Project Coordinator and forwarded with recommendations to the Director of Physical Plant.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 13 of 14 Consultant / Contractor Performance Review The Project coordinator shall circulate appropriate review forms to the following for completion and return:  U of M Project Designer / Facilitator  U of M Building Commissioning Advocate  U of M Trades Managers  Director / Assistant Director Physical Plant  Manager.

Re-commissioning The Commissioning Advocate shall prepare the Re-Commissioning Manual complete with blank functional test forms and procedures. cooling and heating. Preventative Maintenance Physical Plant Trades Managers are responsible to review the installation and prepare preventative maintenance work orders in the PMC system. Completed documentation shall be submitted to the Project Coordinator for review by the Consultant and Commissioning Advocate. . to complete the commissioning process. Physical Plant will use this information for Re-commissioning the project every five years. Any warranty related issues shall be forwarded by the Project Coordinator to the Contractor for completion prior to the end of the warranty period. The responsibilities for the process. performance and attendance of involved parties shall remain with the Contractor. Any deficiencies discovered as a result of this testing will be the responsibility of the contractor to address immediately. Twenty One (21) Month Final Walk-Thru and System Review At twenty-one months into the twenty-four month warrantee period. Physical Plant Trades Managers and a representative of the occupancy group to discuss any operational issues and review the performance of each system. the Project Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director Physical Plant. Accepted documentation shall be included in the finalized Commissioning Plan. HVAC systems will require functional testing during the two peak seasons.Commissioning Program Guideline University of Manitoba Physical Plant Page 14 of 14 Occupancy Phase (Post Acceptance) Off Season Integrated Systems Review Integrated Systems Testing not completed during the construction phase of a project will take place during the Occupancy Phase. This will be done with as little disruption to the occupants as possible by coordinating these efforts through the Project Coordinator.