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Gregory McKenna XXX XXXX XXXX Drive Beverly Hills, California 9021-X

Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office Attention: Mr. Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney 210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000 Los Angeles, California 90012-3210

March 17, 2012

RE: Case Number 12-0083: Complaint filed against the Beverly Hills City Council and BHPD officers for unlawfully neglecting an Italian Mafia domestic terrorism conspiracy in Beverly Hills.

Dear Mr. Cooley, The purpose of this letter is to follow-up with my complaint filed on January 9, 2012 against the Beverly Hills City Council and Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) and to inform you of the wrongful neglect committed by deputy attorneys in your office. If you recall, my complaint was directed against Beverly Hills City Councilmembers and BHPD officers for criminally neglecting an Italian Mafia domestic terrorism conspiracy despite knowledge of the crimes and a duty to report them to your office for immediate prosecution. The letter included actual knowledge of the City Councilmembers and BHPD officials criminal acts and requested

an investigation and prosecution. After calling the Public Integrity Division on February 15, 2012 and speaking with deputy attorney David Demerjian, however, he proceeded to lie to avoid my phone call, play dumb and say the police have no duty to report crimes or enforce the laws despite knowledge of serious crimes and injuries being committed, and hang up the phone to intentionally further the Councilmembers criminal statute violations (e.g., California Syndicalism Act violations, Terrorism Act 2000 violations, accessory after the fact, criminal negligence, misprision of treason, misconduct in office, and others). In response to Demerjians feigned ignorance and criminal neglect, on February 17, 2012, an appeal was made to bureau director Janice Maurizi who proceeded to conceal Demerjians criminal misconduct by lying and wrongfully alleging your office doesnt accept complaints from citizens. According to Maurizi, despite the Los Angeles District Attorneys (LADA) office having a public integrity division designed to help citizens against corrupted elected officials, there is no division in the LADA office that accepts complaints, evidence and knowledge of crimes from citizens. Accordingly, because Demerjian and Maurizi maliciously neglected the crimes despite their duty to uphold the laws and report them to a judge for immediate prosecution, they wrongfully acted to conceal the crimes and furthered their commission. As a direct result of the criminal neglect committed by Demerjian and Maurizi who acted on behalf of your political office, a Notice of Intention will be filed the week of March 19, 2012 against all members of the Beverly Hills City Council and the City Manager for the BHPDs acts of misprision of treason, criminal neglect, misconduct in office and other criminal acts. The City Councilmembers will be removed from office to ensure enforcement of the laws, including the criminal acts or omissions committed by members of your office. A Notice of Intention will also be filed against your office if you agree with Demerjian and Maurizis decision to allow the

crimes to continue. If you do not agree with their decision and do not want to be included in the impeachment proceedings, however, please report the crimes to a judge for immediate prosecution and notify me immediately. I look forward to resolving this matter as quickly as possible. In the meantime, thank you for your attention to this matter.


Gregory McKenna bc: GM

P.S. Each document was published on the Intranet to expose the criminal acts committed by members of your office and for immediate political action.