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especially the Ist and 2nd verses. ." by the practice of klanlshness. on these we base our estimate and the eye of scrutiny beholds l. lightening the burden of life for him and constantly succoring him with new strength and refre:. educational. nd cl can li ness in 1if e and cha racter.~. the mind and the soul. Make it a special poj nt in life to know the nature of a klansmarr's business or prof'esaion and then hold him and his interest well in mind and never let an opportunity pass to turn trade or patronage to him and thus you will help him to sueceec .imate test of God's just and unerring judgment . We seek to know our own and each other's moral weakness and constantly endeavor to strengthen these to the end that in the practice of klanishness we develop and maintain that quality of character that will stand the 'ult. Employing klansmen in preference to others wheneve·r possible.t-\TIONAL KLANISIINESS: This calls for the constant and earnest exercise of thjs great principle in the realm of one's business or professional life. is no common man. political..fne:nt worn nor by the posrtion field 'In th~ :5UCH..hing. or the instrument in~ the moral degeneration of another klansman. for J1C.\"UI permit himself to be the means of... Trading.. thereby adding to his material wellbeing. our highest and best interest not only in this Ii f e but in th e great life to come. man's heart and a klansrnan's soul. Th is practice enforces 'I'emperance (in thought.. financial or ecclesiastical spheres of the world's society.. in word and in indulgences) and al! of its an icd vi rtues.. by it we assist each other to conform our Jives to the stand . and thereby ai ms at the ideal of (]ccency a. NokIa nsman \. The practice of social klanishness enforces an affeet~onat~ and manly regard for the personal and bathed in the penetrating light of the I~iery Cross and he stands before us our equal in that he possesses a klans .onal reputation and ~oo{l name of a klansrnan and that of . like yourself. and thus we make secure. Qr in the wrecking or contributing to the wrecking of the soul of his fellow in the world to come. honorably 00'" ing any and all things that will assist a klansrnan to earn an honest dollar. This principle enforces an appreciative valuation ot each other~ prompting sincere. (4) VOC.encouragement. No klansman will throw aside his qualities of a gentleman and give himself over to debaucherv. dealing with and patronizing klansmen in preference to all others . 1'0 poll ute the morals of a klansman is to commit a grave offense against our Order.. ard given in the Scriptural Charter of the Klan-the 12th ~ chapter of Romans. but we look well to the inner Qualities of the heart. and of him we shall not be ashamed before men but will g-Jadly acknowledge his fellowship before the world. When you meet a klansman be glad to greet him and act the part. (3) ~10RAL K1JAN]SlINr~SS: This has to do with the attainment and the preservation of decency. Boosting each other's business interest or professional ability. courteous conduct and free social intercourse among klansmen. How sacred a thing is a man's or a woman's good name! And thricely so is that of a klansman and his loved ones.a klans man's fatnOy and will not permit such to be alanderousl y assailed without resentment. for ·we know who he is --a MAN who values HONOR more than life.

this sublime duty was voluntarily assumed by you and to. a clerk for instance. it is our mark of distinction as an institution and as individual members thereof. a fair man. and you wil! readily see what you have Iost in the past by the common method. but to attain the lofty ideal to which we aspire it must be The practice of klentsbness is FUNDA M'ENTA . dentists. fidence or betray that trust. if consummated. self a cowardly weakling or a treacherous scallawag. The e~emp liflcation pi th is gl'ea ~ princ ip 1~ t nforces honesty In all transactions. man has implicit confidence and 'reposes a sacred trust in you.ransactions. come across a person you MUST train yourself accordingly. his advancement hinges on his ability to produce business. In this you will doubtless often be required to make some sacrifice of time or of conveniences and possibly some impulse of personal friendship 0'1' of old acquaintanceship. of fraternal practice you have followed...lers and ANY and ALL other vocations of men.. Be a big the purchase or sale of real estate scan your list of known klansmen and if there be one who is In that line of business (though you may not be so in .. greatness of it in its ultimate range will overwhelm you. Do not allow yourself to impose on a klansman's generositv. an honest man in all your dealings with all men and most especially with klansmen. You rnust not tell this person why you insist on him seeing this part. Think serF'ouslY and soberly along this line of the application of this great principle and the. carpenters.called fraternity of the multitude of so-called fraternal Orders! How disgusting to a soul unselfish and sincere! For an example: If you shoulo. It is presumed th-e. to be true • . dl~ . to hold his position must make good. A klans .icular real estate rnan. Deal fairly and Justly with klansmen at any and all thnes and in any and all things. other than that he is worthy and deals honorably" He is a klaus .TI with us. barbers.and be hapPl and. shop. see to it that you prove not yourself on e wh 0 wiJl tli nch at D U'I'Y OT sh ow him . therefore do nothing that would impair that con . Remember. j\ pply this method in regard to klansrnen who ate doctors...tu. lawyers. taxi cab owners. wrong or deceive a klansman.t~e 01 JOY towards dissipating the sorrow. man and you can safely recommend him. remember it is an obligation of honor. Again. merchants. If possible le-tthe employer know that you d-eal with his firm on account of this particular man being employed by him . automobile dea. grouch and gloom of this hfe and making the world brighter and better by your having lived in ittinterested .. or they might get credit for the business done. therefore deal with those firms or persons ~-ho employ klnnsmen in their business and have your deal ings with your Fellow klansmen in person therein employed that he.. insurance men.. or other employee of a.. If you borrow from a klansman be not slow to repay. Oh. To cheat. is a profit to be made jn the transaction. then do your part in endeavoring to turn the profit to a klansrnan.. opticians. in plighted word or in trade or business t. how miserably meaningless is the so . t his great work you have been solemnly dedicated and your life has been sacredly consecrated. fher-etJ ji)u ~jH ado {~. tim at ely acquainted with him) UT ge this person to see you:r particular real estate man. would be a bad breach of klanishness for which you would suffer.

Justice and Truth.. Vote not politice. 'I'o keep our government forever free from the alien touch of foreign alliances and influences. now SO"" the seed and 'proper ly cultivate it and a pleasi n go ha rvest is you rs: ot hcrwise bram ble~:r and we€d~ and pernicious plants will infest it and thrive and you shall hn "\~e misera hl y \vasted your investment. :lnd COD1C out conqueror from every con te. lofty heights ~'heTe the genial breezes o·~ reciprocal fraternal fellowship forever wafts their Inestimable blessings and the sun of Divine approbation is always bright.{of Ch rist.ion of this great p rlnciple PATRIOTIC KLANISHNESS! An unswerving allegiance to the prf nciples of a pure Americanism as represented by the flug of our great nation.. Put forth your hands and sow the goodly sc(~d of klanish fidelity and you shall reap abundantly: withhold your hand and you shan perish. C·et out of the boggy swam. my fellow Wang". In other words. witb which you nre surrounded.iable and loft y ideal ~ you 1i.p.:t~ T1cvo t jon ~0 () U r -st:rn d:t n I 1. for it holds treasures :for you.fe against Self and wi fish inclinations and having this day contributed somethin g~ though ever' RO srnal l. men. wort h "rhile to others by \f(lU and wor th \\othile to ·YO U by others. true Americanism unadulterated. you ha ve bought the field. By this practice Our Order is one with a great specific purpose..done. and 4 . its governm ent. "Bear ve one another's burdens and so ful fill the la ~. and how good one feels when he J13S done itt \Vhat delectable experiences come to . a dogged devotedness to GUT country.remrth enal}li n. but patr iotlsm." J Agal n the four-fold 1S as follows: (1) appl ieat. Real.oj In in the consciousness of having maintained his honor in the bitter battle of li. namely: Liberty..ft YO\lr8~1 f above the noxious atmosphere of sel fish ~sordid gain and place yourself on the. therefore. Exercise your rights and prerogatives as a civil ~citjzen for the 'best interest of vour state and community and for the general public ~eal ~ the making of just and equitable laws and the rig'ht~ous enforcement of same. By your vote as a citizen select only men of pure patriotic irnnulsss to serve in positions of public trust. not a mere piece of ani mal dri Itwood ~and he is unvie lding in his devotion to that purpose and the hedrock principle of that pu rpose "is the practice of klanishness..~ you to enter the stressful ~trugRle of the alien wor kl. toward blessing some one's lif'e by making that some one more successful and happy and also to be able to repose in the sweet ccnsciousness of having done something more toward shaping your own Jife to con forrn tv a la\P. bitterly oppose '~~·¥l1nl1V in any and every form and degree. How e-asy it is with one so determined to form the holy habit of the practice of klanishness. anti get you to the mountain top where you can catch the vision of the larjrer life that wil 1 im pa rt to vou r sou] au per-h Ulna n st.\1 (1ST be mad e wnrt h while . I1 kla nsma n is a man with :1 d efin ite purpose. its ideals and j ts Inatitutions. in liIe. You have invested of your t irne and rnonev to become one of us and one ~~ith US now be sensible enough to make good that Investment. you shalt have failed to preserve your honor in the faithful practice of a self-protective principle. that Liberty's effulgent torch be not dimmed.

Recognize the (ii5tinct·ion between the races or munkind as th c y have be-en decreed by na tu rc ~ and rH"t. and thereby facilibate his efforts in perfecting the work he has to do for the glory of the Invisible Empire in its development and government. ITh-1P}=Rli\I_J I~LAN1Sf-I Nl:SS: This 13 the principle applied toward our grcDt fl'atern.s interests. If you have honest criticisms to make take them to the proper officer to hea r ~d ise uss an{l cons ider them-the Exalted Cyclops of a klan" the Grand DraJton of your Realm" or the Imperial Wizard of the J rogant their breed nggresslv.lvencss of the wh ite race from the foul t oneh of a lower stock .aU things and aU things saved bless him. AC·Y first. make good your a11egian ce to it by practi c in g its prece pts exem P 1i-fY'-i ng its J) ri nci ples. to harmonize your soul with its sacred purposes aru] princi·ples. its traditions and eivilization.. Give -due respect at all times. and keeping its civilizution pure by prcserving it from the contaminating intermixture of alien races and their Influences. mandates. meeti ng prompt! y wit il{! ut reserve your E·VERY obligation to it (both personal and financial). put you rse If in ncco rrl wit hits In iss ion a nrl idea Is. Be t heref 0 re eon . his official decrees.. He is laboring constantly and unsel fishly for approximating the common 'ideal of 'klansmen. last and all ihe time .A_NISl-I. faithfully obeyiriz its constitution an~~ const it utional authority. but he who lets his country die lets all tllings die and all things dying ell rse h im. Racial intcg rity-c-abstaining from and preventing carnal physical contact with or by colored races: thereby. edicts..l~SS~ Standing by and protecting the sancti ty of the horne. Your respect .. SUPRE~i.'~ displace the corrupt poHticl:1n. and J ts manifold (2) with the blood of our governrncnt and civilIzation. "H e who sa ves his country saves . maintain \V flIT}·..j its EVET{Y .ity. He in his official capacity represents the entire Order. rulings and inatructions means much for you . it means a constant. of a klansman. structive 3n(1 not destructive or obstructive in your erlttclsrna.eness of 'Colored races who seek to mix DQ not in ANY MANNER WRONG our institntilJn by slandering it (though ever so mildly) or by discussing its seeming Imperfections or the mistakes of its offleers at any time or place where any person o·r the alien world may chance to hear. enforcing its la \VS and con forming willingly to its requi rernen ts. keeping secure from pollution from in Ie rior blood the precious bJoo~1 of the cuucasiun rnce. and maintain a klanish regard for the person and au th ori ty 0 f its e hief o~ricer ~the Imperial Wizard..NESS: Delng in all things true and loyal to the caueasiun race. unfailing loyalty to the institution. regu 1ati on s an d usages .interest.fOT him. Faithfully protect our politics and society from the haughty ambitions and ar(3)~ DOMESTIC KLANIS}IN. and faithfully warn him of any approaching danger thereto .. a consp-icuous characteristic of a klansman handed down by our fathers )8]1 A klansK Order" . Guard \VE:LI. Keep caucasian blQodl societ y ~ poll ti-cs an d civil izrrt ion J) U lrE! (4). R~\Ci}-\L KL.with de.~ervc un to death the peculiar distinct.. his fa-rnU y and its every interest and wellbeing. every phase and feature of the whole institution centers in hi rn. YOUR country and YOU-R race..pendab~e patriotic statesmen.

sjasticaUy or not at nll. our country. unselfish devotedness as typified by the Fiery Cross.ernitv.. and will endure through the ages to bless mankind. the sacred trust we impose and will appreciate our pecu liar fe llowsh ip~ if a scallawag should develop in your midst eject him speedily from the portal of the Invisible Empire without fear or favor. more potent and . IJc YOlr the incarnation of the principle of constant loyalty to the Order. While it has due "re~oect for the acts of large favors and conspicuous benefits. Allow no alien to enter the klavern in quest of citizenship in the Invisible Empire unless you are confident that he is worthy of the honor we keeps the inner affajr4 or the klan etrictly to bJm. for the betterment of the present.ionshin you sustni n as a klansman. the rc fore. The institution believes in YOU and has reposed a very sacred trust in YOU· be true to the trust committed to your keeping and thereby give to it that sincere.D·UT·Y~ then perform that duty as a klunsman arul not as one of the common herd of mankind. Let the spirit of that immortal Institution and of those great men possess YOU and Jet not its exalted ideals be one whit lowered by any indifference or careless conduct on YOUR part. it especially KLANISHNESS . and thus wi th rca] Incn 1ike you a great insti tu tion can and will be established in the land.R . Maintain forever the social cast and dignity of YOUR institution. Our Order is most worthy of you and you honor yourself by your devotion to "it. for its rou nda ti on is laid in character and it is buil t up with MANHOOD~ Remember always that YOU as a ~llltt'man represent more than you do in any other fraternal relationship. the light of that cross reveals YOU.l!OOS more into minute detail by taking co~jzance of the small thing's ordinarily overlooked bv the wordf-rnf. Under no circumstances suffer any cisms. Do not familiarize our frate:cnjty to anyone of the alien world. for this is your onportunity to achieve somethinz worth while in rightly and gratefully commemorating the heroic achievements of the past.. live up to the peerless dignity of the peculiar 'relnt. :factions or ill feelings to spring up In your klan and never any remarks or conversatlons that favor sedition.. for you are a living commemoration and the perpetuation of the most dauntless organization known to the world and of men who were the greatest heroes of all lristor'y. each other and to the world. Remember IN UNISON we labor wherever we JTIay roam. Be prudent in your conduct and conversations that nothing might be said or done by you at any time or place that will engender prejudica against our Order. oftentimes silence begets respect: never discuss the klan or its affairs freely with anyone except a klansrnan. Always speak of the klan and its work enthu. rt considers no acts small and in~ilmificant that contributes directly or indirectlv to a fellow's welfare or happiness. self and thereby maintains its peculiar prestige as a potent factor. with us is the concentrated extract of '~fraternityn intensified and applied in every coneeivable way" In the application of the meanine of the word as used by us it is more specifie.. that will be peerless in the perfection of its powers to preserve and perpetuate that which we all hold as sacred to our race. and in begetting imperishable honor for yourself and your progeny in the future.

vain. spected by an men) that they may take knowle. indeed ~ jt is fi de 1ily iII these sma U thin gs which makes life pleasant af't. titutes the motives of men.Ige of you that you are a citizen of the Invisible Empire... when the end of your initiation shall have been reached In this life and you have been sum . Be its master there and you can conquer it anywhere.. Then. that which marks him as being different from other men is -H. OUR KL. Glory is yours. Rewarrl Is the Medium It shall Not Fail of a Commensurate I' . THE PARAMOUNT distinction -of a Klansman.s yours. HI Have Kept the Faith!" Thus preserving your honor by a F AITHFUL allegiance your lj!e shall not have been lived in . selfish motive as with an inner thought that you might possibly reap a gain by so doing. It:is the constant application that counts--CONSTANrrLY klanish towards klansmen in ALL things honorable. but . YOU are dedicated to the subli Jne mission of conquering it" you must make the fight with in YO U R OWN auennon to tne countress SlHUH acta of benefic.EK the oppor tnrrity and NOT sit down in frat~rnaJ lethargy and wai t until it runs against us.yo·un thrice honorable the true spirit of the great motto: Not For Self But For Others: for selfishness is the archcanker that corr-upts the hearts and the minds and pros . Constant Service-s-Perpetual TIle Practice of Klanishness Glory.E is KLANISll towards his fellow klansmen. and to seek not with a base.. of Service. as you pass through the veil you can say to the world :in tones of truth triumphant.. and may that mark be seen.~NISHNESS prompts 1)S to STUDY the Interest of a klansman and never lose an opportunity to enhance same. moned to take your place as an inhabitant of the Empire Invisible. therefore let no angel. To this exal ted honor our great institution has elected you and it seeks to elevate you to the higher Jife of matchJess manhood. known and devoutly re .ial practices and kind words opportune in every moment of time which go to make up this great life thut we live together. That is the mark of YOUR high all. KLANISIINESS' is your creed and faith.. that is )"~OUR mark of distinction as you move among the great countless multitude of men and by it you will tower above men of alien creed as Saul of G. to SE... ·rHE GLORY O·F A KLANSMAN YOU are a Klansman IS TO SERVE Service i.ibbeah among the men of Is rnel. man or devil break you from its glorious anchorage. and is the conquering curse of creation. Klansmen.

.. .. . .._.: ..r>: '.. ......... .p. _ . . ... . .. s: :"':" } . . .. .r:.......... .... _. .:.. '_' . . . ..: . ..._ :-":-"=" .....:::...._:. .. •• -...:. e. . ~..

and on the Di sma l day of the Woeful week of the Gloomy morith of the Year of the Klan LVIII.. Commonweu lth of Georgia~ United States of America.... communicated and committed to you.-.. minimize 110t the Importance of your sacred mission in life . ObSCS3 L-et this. .Catch the Vision) You are no ordinary man..Sty~ the Imperial Wjzard~ Emperor of the Invisible Emp irc.-. thought is a violation of our Rreat fundamental principle and supreme law and is therefore a crime against the Jnvisihie Empire. signed~ sealed. in the Imper-ial City of Atlanta. pass the great K-duo in the Mystic Realm of Kouruge -and take your place in the greatest Order of Chivalry in ali history. You are a K-.311d discount not your most laudable ach icvcment that is.-to attai n to the high standard of klanish character-s-Matchless Manhood! ' E '-NON SII~BA SE·D ANTIIAR" in tho Au lik of His Maje. in the Jmperial Palace. and will consequently banish a man A "Breach of Klanishness" from rnanently offense.lrj-\~N~S~l'fIAN ! you. this the Third day of the Sixth month of the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and 'Twenty-four. and of the Year of the Reincar nat ion IX.. citizenship than the committing therei n more quickly of any other and per . in the Invisible Empire you will be found worthy to enter therein.. pone OfficiaHy the sacred unf ailing bond" Imperial Wizard . Poader well all these things which i have spoken to YOU as corning from the hidden recesses of a soul un~ selfish communing with its God for the betterment of its fello\vs Oh ~ Klansmen. inscribed. then when the portal shall be opened to admit you to the Peerage of Knighthood.

~~. _.h. ~ . .. . . ~ ~--~.~ '.~ . ... ~ _.. .~ -. ~ .--: .:. - -. .