Create sales order Va01

Here if u check Item category (TAS) / schedule line (CS)

U can also maintain Order Texts In the Sales order (SO) for each third party order item. These are automatically copied into the PO when it is created.

Double Click on Item line , click on Condition tab, here net value is 4000.00

After this click on schedule line Tab

Here the above screen click on Purchase REquestion Button

Here enter the Fixed vendor and Info record number ME11 these info records are come to PO condition tab ,and Purchase organistion of vendor by entering this.. MIGO good receipt is not required

Chick incompletation log and save Note down the sale order number

Now again Go to Change mode of sales order Va02 – Go to schedule line tab note down the purchase Requestion number.

Now create Purchase order by referring the Purchase requestion When a PO is created, the system automatically adopts as the delivery address, the address of the goods receipient from the respective Sales Order(SO). PO : Item category : “S”: Third party

Check and Save Note down the Purchase order number…

Now Go to MIRO Invoice verification by refereeing the Purchase order. Vendor invoice receipt is only possible if a Goods receipt MIGO for a PO.

Here the above screen in basic data tab enter.. Invoice date, amount. And in Payment Tab baseline DT, Payment block: R invoice verification

After the click on simulate button the below screen will appear


Here the above screen click on POST button Now the invoice document is saved, note down the invoicenumber.

Again Go to change mode MIR4 enter invoice number And enter

The above screen click on Follow-on Document Button

Click on Accounting Document

This is Just for checking….

AS soon as the invoice receipt MIRO is recorded in the system, u can initiate the billing of the Customer . The incoming invoice from the vendor updates the billing quantity, so that a customer billing document can only be created once the vendor has entered the invoice. Now create the customer invoice VF01 refering the sales order

If the Billing relevance indicator in Customer is set to F(relevant for order-related billing: status according to IR quantity) the system includes the order in the billing due list only when the vendor invoice has been received and entered into the system. Save.

OR-10, PO-10,GR-9, IR-9 f2-9

Now check the Document flow in sales order view Here customer invoice


Goods Receipt:MIGO Consumption A/c - Dr (This is the cost) GR/IR A/c - Cr Invoice verification: MIRO Vendor - Cr GR/IR - Dr Sale Order billing: F2 Customer - Dr Revenue - Cr