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Date Time/Duration Class No.

of Students Proficiency Level Theme Topic Background Knowledge Language Focus Learning Outcomes

: 20th October 2011 : 11.10 a.m-12.10 a.m (60minutes) : 4 Jaya : 36 pupils : Mixed proficiency : Literature : The Rabbit and The Turtle : Pupils have no background knowledge about this story : Adjective : By the end of Year 4, pupils should be able to: 3.9 Read and enjoy simple poems and stories and responds to them by talking about the people and moral values in the story/poem; and relate it to ones life 3.9.2 Read and give details about the people and animals in the story

Learning Objectives

: By the end of lesson, pupils should be able to: -Underline the adjective(s) among the words given -Match the sentences parts correctly

Educational Emphasis Moral Values

: Multiple Intelligences : Pupils are taught to be patient in everything they do

STAGE/ DURATION Set Induction (5 min)

CONTENT/ SKILLS Speaking Listening



-Teacher enters into class and greets pupils. -Teacher tells pupils that they are

-To stimulate pupils interest towards the lesson.

Whole class Individual

going to read a story. -Teacher asks pupils to guess what story they are going to learn. - Teacher writes the blanks on the whiteboard and asks pupils to select alphabet in order to complete the blanks. -Teacher asks pupils to give some examples about the story.

Pre-Stage (10 mins)

Reading Writing

-Teacher distributes the Handout A and asks pupils to read silently. -Teacher gives pupils 7 minutes to

- To check pupils comprehension.

Whole class Individual

read. -Teacher goes through the story with pupils and asks pupils any vocabularies that pupils dont know.

AVA - Handout A

While-Stage (10 mins)

Individual Activity

-Teacher gives instructions on how the next activity is going to be carried out. - Teacher distributes Worksheet A to the pupils. -Pupils are required to recognize and underline the adjective. -Teacher gives pupils 5 minutes to complete Worksheet A. -Teacher monitors the pupils while they are working. - Teacher checks the answers together with the pupils.

- To improve their thinking skills.

Post-Stage (15 mins)

Pair activity

- Teacher asks pupils to sit in pair. - Teacher gives instructions on how to do the activity. - Teacher instructs the pupils to discuss in pair about the characteristic of each character. -The pupils are required to write their answer in Worksheet B. - Teacher distributes Worksheet B to each pair. - Teacher gives each group 8 minutes to finish the task. - Teacher monitors pupils progress while they are doing the task. - Teacher checks the answer together with the pupils.

- To encourage pupils to work with their peers.

AVA - Worksheet B

Closure (5 mins)

Listening Speaking

-Teacher asks pupils about what they have learnt today in class. -Teacher explains the moral value that

-To check pupils understanding of the lesson.

Whole class

can be learn from the short stories The Rabbit and The Turtle