International Journal of Molecular Happiness 2011



J.D.G. Mantillaa,c, F.A. Ramire


, A. Meleroa,d,**

(a) Department of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Saarland University, Campus A4.1, D-66123 Saarbruecken, Germany (b) Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Campus E1.4, 66123 Saarbr cken, Germany (c) Montag Pola Institute for Latin American Studies and Ethics, Campus-Mensa Saarbr cken, Germany (d) Spanish Therapy Group in Cultural Affairs and Spainology, Campus-Mensa Saarbr cken, Germany **Corresponding Author

KEYWORDS: Mojito, iced water, Ethanol, antidepressive, solid-state drink INTRODUCTION: Mojito(MJ) is an Et-OH H2O mixture commounly ingested in tropical countries of the western hemispheres as a happiness enhancer, dancing coadjuvant, social binder and antidepressive (Yankee 2004, Orishas 2005, Lopez and Combo 2000 and Ñato 2009). Some authors have also reported foreign language skills improvements upon small doses of MJ, although the effect dramatically declines if the recommended threshold dose is overpassed (Biling 2011). MJ is normally delivered in a fluid state at low temperatures with crystallized water at nocturnal hours. The development of MJ has stagnated during the past decades although new methods to improve its delivery hours, transportation and stability are nowadays available. In this work we present an innovative Ice-Free Semisolid-State Mojito (IF-SSMJ) that has several technical advantages compared to traditional MJ. MATERIALS AND METHODS All reagents and biologicals were purchased from Bio-Cora, Symply-gen, Rewe-Pharm, Netto-Lab, Lidl-Tech and Aldi-Synthesis, except Clinopodium douglasii sp, that was kindly provided by a local distributor. All chemicals were of highest available quality and were used as received. IF-Semisolid-State Mojito was made as previously reported (Some Guys 2007 and Some Others 2008) with minor modifications in excipients, temperatures and equipment that we prefer not to mention in detail to avoid replication. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: Spontaneous planning, alcoholic driven, cylindrical factorial design with slice optimization. Regular statistical tools like statistical pan, statistical spoons and statistical mixer. IF-SSMJ was prepared by nano-baking methods, and freeze-thaw procedures as reported by (Agentcoxt al. 2007). IF-SSMJ was stored at a temperature between 2-8°C until conduction of the characterization experiments. Organoleptic properties of IF-SSMJ were evaluated by double-blind clinical studies among 50 healthy individuals, male and female, of ages varying between 22 and 65 years Published On line: 11 October 2011

D.jpeg and .wmv files will be available for download after monday using facebook technology.8 7200 mins 20000 mins even more 09:30-5:00 * 32 or more ** Yes ++++ *** 8.6 **** *Can be served at day and night ** Typical human dose *** Measured in J. 1968) RESULTS IF-Solid-state mojito overcame traditional mojito in all the observed variables (table 1) Table 1 Response Variable for the two evaluated preparations. Degrees **** Log-normalized-data representing a broader spectrum (non nocturnal subjects) of individuals DISCUSSION: In the kitchen. what can have a big impact in public health and happiness. Highlly homogeneous. This oral solid form can be consumed at every time of the day. NOW! HURRY UP! Yummy!!! CONCLUSION: we have developed a revolutionary form of MJ. even at higher concentrations of Et-OH.International Journal of Molecular Happiness 2011 and disparate nationalities among all over the globe. Published On line: 11 October 2011 . SUPPORTING DATA: . with incredible stability that can be prepared without crystallized water that uses to be very expensive (Specially in Germany) and hard to transport. Variable MJ IF-SSMJ Stability at room temperature Stability at 4`C Energy store capacity (Kcal/g) Hours of consumption Units produced per batch Possibility of transportation Antidepresive Effect Social Binder function 20 mins 120 mins More than expected 20:30-5:00 1 No ++ 4. These studies led to slight changes in the original composition until a final improved formulation could be released for human consume (Cruz et al. following the method described by (Arguiñano 2011). IF-SSMJ can be administered alone or in combination with fluid MJ to increase the desired effects.

NOTE: Edulcorated semi-solid formulation of animal proteins and carbohydrates is also available for volunteers whose personal convictions. followed by an unusual lost of shyness has been observed (data prudently not shown). 2008 and Papichulo 2007). In some cases (frequency>15%) .International Journal of Molecular Happiness 2011 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: To DAAD for Financial support of this project. confirming the tendency reported by ( Aranxxxa 2007). significant deformations in perception of the reality. (Reggpok et al. To Ernest Hemingway for transforming a girly drink in a Tough guys drink and for giving MJ its deserved place in Universal Literature. Published On line: 11 October 2011 . ADDITIONAL DECLARATIONS: IF-SSMJ is not recommended for subjects under 216 months of age or for subjects with pregnancy symptoms (Specially female). emotional status or adverse reactions discourage alcohol consumption. Dancing skills self-perception could be highly altered and modified by the consumption of MJ in the fluid or solid state.

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