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Khen-teed ripe guaranteed to delight your fmily and fends!
Clams Casino • Marland Crab Fondue • Flounder au Gratin • Angostura Baked Bluefish • Catfish Golden Nuggets •
Swordfish Delmonico • Shrimp Tempura • Rock Lo
bster Newburg • French Fried Oysters • Pear Salmon Paprikash •
Coquille St. Jacques • Paella • Orange Shark Kabobs· Red Snapper Italiano • and many, many more!
Edited by
New York, New York
Pr|n:ed |n Canada[Cover Pr|n:ed |n USA
Fabulous Cookbook Series
Prepared Under the Editorial Direction of
Malvina G. Vogel
Illustrated by Arthur Friedman
Designed by lrva Mandelbaum
Cover photo: Rock Lobster Bouillabaisse
Courtesy of South Afican Ro(k Lobster Service Corporation
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Lois Westlund, Egg Beaters Cholesterol-fee Egg Substitute, California Avocado Commission, Charcoal
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mann's and Best Foods Mayonnaise, Roxie Howlet, Diamond Walnut Kitchen, Skippy Peanut Butter,
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Bli nn is a former ·assistant food edi tor of LOOK magazi ne and is the author of a
number of books , i ncl udi ng The Shangri-la Cookbook. Whi l e she is busy worki ng on
her first novel and screenpl ay, Bl i nn stil l manages t o serve as a frequent contributor of
i ndepth i nterviews , profil es and entertai nment features to newspapers and magazines
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A graduate of the State Uni versity of Iowa , Bl i nn took graduate work in home
economics at the Uni versity of Wisconsi n and taught home economi cs i n Iowa,
Virgini a and New York. Now based in Los Angel es , she is marri ed to a nati onal l y
known newspaper syndicate edi tor , writer and management consul tant , and they
have two teenage chi l dren .
American homemakers have avai lable to them a weal th of fish and seafood. Al l too
often, however , cooks shy away from preparing succul ent fish or seafood creations,
sometimes from lack of knowledge, sometimes from lack of experience . Yet fish and
seafood, the di eter's del i ght , make wondrous meal s , for they are nutritious and amaz­
ingl y adaptable, with virtuall y hundreds of varieties , fresh and frozen , available year
round from sea or l ake .
Fish can be prepared in myriad of ways: pan-fri ed in butter, flavored with a squeeze
of l emon, poached i n an aromatic court boui l l on, steamed i n the Oriental manner,
sauced i n a casserole , or stuffed and baked. No matter whi ch you choose, you are
certai n to wi n the highest accolades . Al l it takes is a l ittle knowledge and a little time,
and you can become as expert with fish and/ or seafood as you probably are with fowl
and meat.
Herbs and condi ments do wonders to fish, turni ng the most banal i nto a gourmet's
del ight . Remember , fish tastes best when cooked at its freshest . That's why the
greatest treat for trenchermen (women, too) is cooking fish within mi nutes after the
Getting t o know more about the various kinds of fish avai lable i s easy. Enlist the
hel p of your fri endly fish man or butcher. (I ncreasi ng supplies of fresh or frozen fish
and seafood are becomi ng available i n supermarkets as more and more cholesterol­
conscious Americans switch from steak and chops to fish and fowl . )
Remember never t o overcook fish. Fish i s done when i t flakes easi l y with a fork. If
usi ng frozen, thawed fish, reduce cooking ti me sl ightly. Cooking seafood i s fun
whether you are creating shore di nners in your ki tchen or in your own backyard. Be
sure, too, to try some of the recipes for simpl e or el aborate sauces. Good eating!
Ways To Cook Fish ....................... 7
Baked Sea Bass, Portuguese Style ..... o .. o .... 8
Black Sea Bass with White Wine Sauce ... o ..... 8
Baked Striped Bass with Rice Stuffing ...... o ... 9
Sea Bass Almandine .... o ................ o o   9
Chinese "Red" Fish ................... o .. o  10
Steamed Bass with Julienne Vegetables ... o . o .. 10
Angostura Baked Bluefish . o .. ø .. o . o o .... o .. 1 1
Bohemian Carp in Black Sauce .... o ... o o . o o o  1 1
Bagged, Stuffed 'n' Baked Bluefish .... o + ..... 1 2
Sablefish, California Style .. o ........ o ..... o  1 2
Chinese Catfish Almandine with
Mandarine Almond Cream Sauce .. o ....... 13
Pan-Fried Mississippi Channel Catfish with
Hush Puppies .....o .. o ...... o .... o ... o  14
Catfish Golden Nuggets with
Cream & Pickle Sauce . o .... o ... o ... o .... 15
Clams Casino . e o .. o o .... o ... o o .o ..o . o . o o  16
Fried Chesapeake Bay Soft-Shell Clams . o ..... 16
Quick Manhattan Clam Chowder o ........... 1 6
Fish & Chips in Beer BattEr o ........ o e ...... 17
Tarragon Baked Cod o o .. « .. o . o ..... « ..... 18
Mario's Quick Cod Supper ......o .. o . e . o . o . 18
Crab Croquettes . « o o ..« .. o .... o o .. o ...... 19
Maryland Crab Fondue ... ø ........ « .o « o o .. 19
Maryland Deviled Crab Cakes .e ..... o .« ...« o   20
Savory Seafood i n Scallop Shells ........ e o . « . 20
FISH (General)
Avocado Fish Kai .. e ..... « « ....... o o « o ... 21
Fish Fillets with Aromatic Stuffing
& Creamy Mustard Sauce . . . . . ........... 21
Medium White Sauce .... o ....... o ....... o  21
Baked Fish with Tom a toes ø ........ o . o ..... 22
English Fish & Potato Pie ... o ..o ........... 22
Baked Stuffed Fish Louisiana o ...... o . o ..... 23
FISH (General) (cont.)
Barbecued Lean White Fish . o ... o o ø ...... o . o  23
Fish Fillets with Zesty Cheese Sauce . o ..... o .. 24
Fish Marinade & Jerky o . o o ......... o . o . o . o  24
Foil-Baked Fish with Mayonnaise ......... o .. 25
Hibachi Fillets .... o . o o e ........... = ...... 26
New England Fish Chowder o ...... o ..... o .. 26
Quick Wheat Germ Fish Rolls .. o o o . o ..o .. o . o  27
Steamed Fish . o .... o .o ...... o .... o ...... 27
Flounder au Gratin ...... o . o o ........ o o . o . 28
Flounder Skillet. o o o o o .... o o o . o o ......... o  28
Low-Sodium Rice-Stuffed Fish Rolls .... o o ..o . 29
Stir-Fry Flounder ........ o .. o . o o o .. o . o .. o  29
Creole-Stle Flounder Roll-Ups, Microwaved o .. 30
Pan-Fried Fillet of Flounder o ... o o o o o .. o o .... 30
GrouperChowder o ø o . o . o o o o o . ø . o o .o ..... 31
Haddock Stew Supreme . o .... o . o . o o . o o . o .. 31
Baked Halibut with Herbed Dressing
& Egg-Mustard Sauce .. o o ...o ......o . o .. 32
Grapefruit-Sesame Baked Halibut . o ... o o . o o o . 32
Barbecued Halibut Steaks ... o .... o ..o ...... 33
Fran's Fish & Chips o ......ø ......... o . o o . o  33
Fruited Halibut & Rice with
Sparkling Fruit Sauce .... o .... o .......o . 34
Halibut Fillets with Mushrooms
Cooked in Clay o o . o o o o . o o . o o o o ..... o o o . 35
HalibutTempura o ... o o ......... o .. o . « .o . o  35
Halibut in Vegetable Wine Sauce .....o o .... o . 36
Halibut-Vegetable Bake . « ... o .. o .. o .... o .. 36
Italian Marinated Fish . o ...... o .......... o . 37
Lemon Good Fish 'n' Zucchini Broil .... o ..... o  37
Boiled Maine Lobster - . e .. o o . o . o o .... o . o .. 38
Dilled Broiled Lobster ........ o ........... o  38
Marinated Rock Lobster ..... « ...... o ... o o . 38
Rock Lobster Bouillabaisse .. o « .... o ........ 39
Rock Lobster Newburg o ....... o . ø ..... o ... 39
Charcoal Grilled Spanish Mackerel .. o o .. o .. o . 40
Monk Fish, Microwaved . o .... o ....... e ... o  40
Smoked Mullet, Barbecue Style .............. 40
Moules Marinere (Mussels, Marine Style) ... ø ... 41
Mussels in Garlic Butter .................ø .. 41
French Fred Oysters ø , .............. ....... 42
Helen's Williamsburg Scalloped Oysters ........ 42
Oyster Hominy Stew .... ø ... ø ............. 43
Oyster Loaf ............................. 43
Cold Salmon Vegetable Platter with
Tarragon Marinade .....ø ............... 4
Olive Salmon Quiche ..... ø ø .... ø ......... 4
Broiled Salmon Proven�ale ................. 45
Fresh Vegetable Salmon ................... 45
Pear Salmon Paprikash ..... ø ...........ø .. 46
Poached Salmon with Shrmp Sauce .......... 46
Salmon Dandy in Aspic ................. ø .. 4 7
Salmon Tarragon .................. e .. + .. 47
Salmon with Pesta Sauce ...ø ..........ø ø .ø  48
California Sand Dabs .........e ..........ø 48
Baked Scallops ø ..................ø ... ø .. 49
Coquilles St. Jacques . ø ..... ø .......æ ..... 49
Coquilles St. Jacques Parisienne ....e ........ 50
Deep-Fried Sallops � ..
..ø ... ø . ø .......... 51
Poached Scallops ... ø ....ø ø ø ø ........ ø ... 51
Scallops Tarragon ........................ 52
Skewered Scallops ........... ............. 52
Deviled Srod Deluxe ..... , ..... : ......... 53
Scro Meal in a Dish ............. e ø .e ..e .. 53
Phil's Bouillabaise Superb e ................ 5
Seafood Marinara ø ....................æ .. 5
Oyster-Stuffed Fillets of Sole ........ ø ....... 55
Surf & Turf Kabobs .. e .. ø .. ø ø ø ..... ø .. ø ... 55
Chicken-Rock Lobster Kabobs .............. 56
Paella ...................ø ø ............ 56
Majestic Stuffed Baked Shad ... « ...........ø 57
Orange Shark Kabobs ...................ø . 57
Charcoal-Broiled Shrimp .............. ø ø .. 58
Shrimp Creole with Rice-Wheat Germ Ring ..ø .. 58
Embassy Shrimp ............... ø ..... ø ø .. 59
Shrimp Tempura . o o . ø ø . o ø .........o ... o . 59
Country-Style Shrimp Pilau . ø . ø ....... ø . ø ø .. 60
Stir-Fried Shrimp on the Grill ................ 60
Indonesian Shrimp with Green Pepper ........ 61
Cheesy Oven-Fried Smelts .. ø .......... ø ... 62
Escabeche ............................. 62
Limed Snapper ..... + ............ ø .... ø ø . 63
Red Snapper Fillets, Microwaved ..ø ......... 63
Red Snapper Italiano ..... « ............... 64
  Spot a Ia Proven�ale ... ø ..... ø ............ 64
Broiled Fillets of Sole Portuguese ....... ø ..... 65
Fillet of Sole Piquant ...................... 65
Fillet of Sole with Grapes & Mushrooms ø .. ø ..ø  65
Fish Roll-Ups ........................... 66
Paupiettes of Sole Proven�ale ............... 66
Orange-Glazed Rex Sole .... ø ....e ..ø .. ø ... 67
Oyster-Stuffed Fillets of Sole with
Oyster Sauce ø ........ø ............e ... 67
Sole Turbans with Florentine Stuffing ...... ø .. 68
Sole Veronique .........ø . ø .ø ............ 69
Walnut-Stuffed Sole with Mornay Sauce ... ø ø .. 69
Dilled Calamari . e ...........æ .·........... 70
Squid, Italian Style .. ø ø ... ø .....·æ ......... 70
Charcoal Broiled Swordfish Steaks
with Almond Butter .........ø ø ...ø ...... 71
Swordfish Delmonico ....ø ø .. ø ..... ø .. ø ... 71
Tilefish with Orange-Grape Sauce ..... e .. e ... 72
Lemony Grilled Trout, Barbecued .......ø e ... 72
Barbecued Brook Trout .... ¤ .. ø ........ ø ... 73
Pickled Fish Salad with Sour Cream Dressing .... 73
Oven-Fred Rainbow Trout ...... ø ..... ø .... 74
Trout Almandine .........ø .ø ø .......e .e . 74
Fresh Tuna, Mediterranean Style .... ø . e .. ø ... 75
Tuna Souffle ... ø .....ø ......... ø . e .. ø ø . e  75
Dieters' Turbot Delight, Microwaved ........ø . 76
Cape Whiting Elegante ....... ø .... ø ø ...... 76
Cocktail Sauce ø ................ o ...... ø . 77
Dill Pickle Sauce ø ........ ø .... ø ø ......... 77
Herbed Pear Sauce for Fish æ ø ......o ........ 77
Cucumber Sauce . ø .. o ø ...ø .............. 78
Fish Sauce Angostura ...ø .......... ø ...... 78
Quick Herbed Hollandaise Sauce ... o ø ... ø ... 78
Lemon Butter with Variations ...... o ... ø .... 79
Nippy Cheese Sauce .. ø ø .. o ...ø .. o .... ø ... 79
Maitre d'Hotel Butter .o ... o .... o .ø ......... 80
Sauce Verte ... o ....... o . o .. ø .....o .. ø .. 80
Tartar Sauce ø . ø o .. ø . o .. o .......o o .... ø .. 80
Zippy Horseradish Sauce ø ...... o . a .. o .ø ... 80
Ways1O Cook F¡sh
BROILING: Assumi ng the heat source is about 4 i nches from the fish, place fish, skin­
side up, first . Allow 5 mi nutes per inch per side . Baste during cooking wi th melted fat or
oil .
POACHING: Fumet or stock should be si mmeri ng but not boi l i ng. Wrapping fish i n
cheesecl oth keeps it from flaki ng apart duri ng cooki ng or transferri ng.
BAKING: Place cleaned, dressed fish in a greased baki ng dish. Brush wi th butter, oil or
sauce to keep it moist . Bake in preheated 350° F. oven unti l fish flakes easi l y with a fork.
PLANKING: Oi l a pl ank or board carefully and heat it slowly i n the oven . Arrange fish
on warmed pl ank. Brush with butter or margari ne and bake i n preheated 350° F. oven .
PAN-FRYING: Dip clean , dressed small fish or fish servings i nto mi l k or beaten egg and
then i nto seasoned or pl ai n bread crumbs , cornmeal or flour . Heat li i nch of oil in pan.
Pl ace coated fish i n hot oi l i n a si ngl e l ayer . Turn once, mi dway through cooki ng . .
STEAMING: Use a steam cooker or a deep pot with a tight cover . The pot shoul d be
deep enough to hold a wire basket or rack to keep the fish above the l i qui d. Pour about
2 i nches of water i nto the pot and bring i t to a boi l . Pl ace fish above water on the rack or
i n the basket. Cover tightly an�steam.
OVEN-FRYING: Place fish i n a wel l -greased, shallow baki ng di sh. Pour aJittle melted
butter or margari ne over the fish. Bake i n preheated 500° F. oven.
DEEP-FRYING: Bread fish as in pan-fryi ng. Place a single layer of fi sh in a wire frying
basket. Pour oil deep i nto fryer or deep-fry pan, keeping oil l evel not more than half ful l .
Heat oil to 375° F. Lower basket contai ni ng fish gently i nto deep fryer to prevent excess
bubbl i ng. Fry 3 to 5 mi nutes, or unti l fish is golden brqwn and floats .
Baked Sea Bass, Poruguese Stle
cut I|nchth|ck
I teaspoonsa|t
2 tab|espoons0our
2 med|um on|ons, s||ced
Y cupo||veo||
¸ cupwh|tew|nev|neqar
3 c|ovesqar||c, m| ncedor mashed
I teaspoonoreqano| eaves
Serves 4 to 6
I teaspoonpreparedye||ow mustard
{ teaspoon powdered sallron,
( opt|ona|)
1 tabIespoon|resh pars|ey, m| nced, or
2 tab|espoonsdr|edpars|ey
Y teaspoonqroundcor|ander
Itab|espoonlresh|emon] u|ce
Y cupdrywh|tew|neorwater
1 . Sprinkle fish with sal t; dust lightly with fl our. Arrange fish in a shal l ow 8 x 1 2-i nch
baki ng di sh.
2. Saute oni ons in ol i ve oi l in ski l l et unti l l i mp; place over fish.
3. Combi ne wi ne vi negar , garlic, oregano, mustard , saffron , parsl ey, coriander and
l emon j uice; mi x wel l and pour over fish.
4. Pour wi ne around fish; bake, uncovered, in preheated 350° F. oven about 45
mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easily when tested wi th a fork.
NOTE: Pollock or halibut steaks can be substituted for sea bass.
6b|ackseabass0|ets, each
we|qh|nqabout6 ouoces
¸ cupbutter
1 cupdry wh|te w|ne
1 . Pat fil lets dry wi th paper towel s .
Serves 6
2 cupsc|am]u|ce
I cupcream
2 teaspoons0our
I tabIespoooco|dwater
2. Melt butter i n 1 3 x 9 x 2-i nch baki ng pan ; dip fish in butter and arrange in pan ski n­
side down . Pour wi ne over fish.
3. Bake in preheated 350° F. oven 10 mi nutes , or unti l fish flakes, basti ng frequently
with pan jui ces.
4. Transfer fish t o heated servi ng pl atter; keep warm.
5. Strai n broth i nto saucepan ; add cl am j uice and boi l lO mi nutes .
. 6. Add cream; boi l rapi dl y to reduce l i qui d, about 7 mi nutes .
7. Combi ne flour and water; whisk i nto hot mixture and cook unti l thickened . Serve
wine sauce on si de .
NOTE: Use red salmon or bluefish in lieu of black sea bass.
BakedStped Basswith Rice Stufng
1 c|eanedstr|pedbass or b|ue-
0sh, we|qh|nq2¦pounds
1 teaspoonsa|t
Serves 4
1 teaspoonpapr|ka(opt|ona| )
4teaspoonsm| ncedpars|ey
1 tab|espoon |emon ]u|ce orw|ne
v|neqar ¦ teaspoonpepper
R|ce Stumnq 2teaspoonscapers, dra|ned
6tab|espoonsmarqar| ne, me|ted
1. Wash and dry fish; split and cl ean cavity.
2. Season i nside and out with sal t and pepper.
3. Stuff l oosely with Ri ce Stuffi ng; cl ose openi ng with skewers or stri ng.
4. Place stuffed fish on baki ng pan ; dust outsi de with paprika.
5. Bake in preheated 425° F. oven 30 to 40 mi nutes , or unti l fish fl akes easi l y wi th fork.
6. While fish bakes , blend parsley, l emon juice, capers and margari ne; di vi de i nto 4
equal portions and serve in smal l cups wi th fish, or spread on each i ndi vi dual
portion at servi ng ti me .
Makes 2 cups
2 cupshotcookedr|ce 4teaspoonsm|ncedch|ves
2tab|espoons marqar|ne 1 cubeorenve|opeveqetab|e
2 teaspoons| nstanton|on0akes bou|||on
1 teaspoonor|q|na|worcestersh|resauce
Combine all i ngredi ents and toss lightly. (If boui l l on cube used, dissolve i n small amount
of boi l i ng water. )
NOTE: For baking larger fish, allow slightly longer ti me. For a 5-pound fish, allow 1
hour, or until fish test done. If desired, fish can be basted with butter and lemon juice as
it cooks, in which case, omi t paprika.
Sea Bass Amondine
2 poundsseabass0||ets
Iresh |emon]u|ce
6 tab|espoons butter
Serves 4
¦ cup s||veredb|anched a|monds
pep pertotaste
1. Dip fi l l ets in lemon j uice, then in flour ; saute i n butter unti l del i catel y browned on
both si des.
2. Remove to heated pl atter.
3. Add al monds to pan and brown very quickl y; add salt and pepper to taste, a dash of
l emon j uice and parsley.
4. Pour almond mixture over hot fi l l ets ; serve at once.

Chinese "Red" Fish
mu||etorother sma|| 0sh
I tab|espooncornstarch
I eqqwh|te
3 tab|espoonswater
peanut o||
2 mushrooms, s||vered
Serves 2
4 sca| ||ons, s||vered
2 tab|espoonssoysauce
% cupdrywh|tew|ne
Staran|sepowder (ava||ab|e
| nOr|enta||ood shops)
qround c|oves
1 . Dust fish with cornstarch; dip in egg white beaten wi th 1 tabl espoon col d water.
2. Heat peanut oi l to sizzl i ng i n wok or ski l l et; drop i n fish, lower heat and fry on both
sides until cooked through, 8 to 10 mi nutes .
3. Meanwhile, combi ne remai ni ng i ngredi ents in smal l saucepan; bri ng to a si mmer
and heat 5 mi nutes . Pour over hot fish and serve .
NOTE: Fish gets it "red" name because it is cooked in soy sauce.
I ¸tab|espoonssoysauce
I teaspoonq|nqerroot, qrated
Serves 4
2 sea bass, about I ¦poundseach,
¦cup] u||enne-cutcarrots
¦ cup] u||enne-cutzucch|n|
4 cups|ettuce orCh|nesecabbaqe,
1. Combine soy sauce, vi negar and ginger; brush outsi de and i nsi de cavity of fish with
soy mixture .
2. Put fish on a heatproof pl atter; place on steamer rack.
3. Cover and steam over boi l i ng water 8 to 10 mi nutes, or until fish flakes easi l y when
tested wi th a fork.
4. Meanwhil e, cook carrots and zucchi ni in smal l amount of boi l i ng water unti l bright
and tender-crisp.
5. Sl i de cooked fish gently onto bed of l ettuce; pour l i qui d that has accumul ated on
platter over fish.
6. Garnish with carrot and zucchi ni strips .
NOTE: If desired, use one large fish (requires slightly longer steami ng time) .
ÆgosturaBaked Bluefsh
I c|eaned, sca|ed who|eb|ue0sh,
I med|umzucch|n|, cubed
I cup mushrooms, d|ced
2 on|ons,pee|edands||ced
I qreenpepper, cut| nstr|ps
I tab|espoonpars|ey, m|nced
Serves 6
I teaspoonsa|t
% teaspoonpepper
] u|ceoII |emon
2 tab|espoonsbutter
4 o||ves,s||ced(Iorqarn|sh)
1 . Wash fish; place in a wel l-oil ed, foil-l i ned baki ng dish.
2. Stuff fish with cut vegetabl es and parsley; secure with toothpicks .
3. Spri nkle fish with sal t , pepper and l emon j uice .
4. Bake in preheated 425° F. oven 35 to 40 mi nutes .
5. Remove fish to heated platter; keep warm.
6. Add butter and Angostura to pan j uices, stirring until wel l-bl ended; pour over fish
and garnish with ol ives.
Bohemian CaQin Black Sauce
I cupv|neqar
¦ cupchoppedcarrots
¦ cupchopped ce|ery
I on|on, chopped
I tab|espoonpars|ey
2 bay|eaves
Serves 8 to 10
4 spr|qs thyme
¦ pound prunes, p|tted
% poundye||owra|s|ns
% poundb|ancheda| monds
% cupdarkcornsyrup
% cupbrownsuqar
¸ pound van|||awaIerssoaked| n
a| |tt|ewater
sa|tor|emon]u|ce totastc
1. Cl ean carp careful l y under runni ng water; drai n and cut i nto l arge pieces .
2. Place carp in l arge mi xi ng bowl ; add 3 cups water, vi negar, and chopped
vegetables .
3. Tie together in a cheesecl oth bag a bouquet garni of l emon ri nd, parsley, al lspice,
bay leaves, thyme and cl oves ; add to bowl and l et stand overni ght in cool pl ace.
4. Next day, remove fish from bowl ; transfer remai ni ng i ngredients i n bowl to stockpot
and si mmer unti l vegetabl es are tender .
5. Combi ne prunes, raisi ns and al monds in large saucepan wi th 1 quart water; strai n
vegetable mixture i nto prune mixture, mi xi ng vegetabl e l i quid wel l wi th prune juice.
6. Add corn syrup, brown sugar and wafers . (The gravy wi l l be thi ck. )
7. Add sal t or l emon j uice to taste.
8. Add carp; cook over very l ow heat 15 to 20 mi nutes , stirri ng from the bottom so
gravy wi l l not burn. (The l onger it cooks , the darker i t becomes . )
Bagged, Stufed 'n' Baked Bluefsh
Serves 8 to 10
per,we|qh|nq4 pounds,dressed,
1 tab|espoon0our
Y cupme|ted
¸ cupm|ncedon|on
% cupm|ncedbeshpars|ey
I cupshreddedcarrots
watercress(|or qarn|sh)
1. Wipe off fish with damp cl oth; set aside.
2. Shake fl our i nto empty brown- i n-bag; place i n pan .
3. Spri nkl e fish i nsi de and out wi th salt and pepper .
4. Combi ne 14 cup butter, stuffi ng, oni on, parsl ey and carrots ; stuff cavity and secure
openi ng with wooden toothpicks, or bind with soft stri ng.
5. Place stuffed fish i n brown- i n-bag; brush with remai ni ng butter and spri nkl e outside
with paprika.
6. Cl ose bag loosely with twist tie about 2 i nches from fish. (Bag should fit l oosel y over
food. ) Puncture six l -i nch sl its i n top of bag wi th pari ng knife. (These al l ow air and
water vapors to escape from bag. )
7. Cook i n preheated 350° F. oven 1 hour .
8. Remove pan from oven; al l ow to sit and cool several mi nutes .
9. To remove fish, sl it top of bag with pari ng knife or scissors . (Steam escapes when
bag is split, so use care not to burn yourself . )
1 0. Remove fish to servi ng platter; garnish wi th watercress.
NOTE: It is important to follow directions to the letter for cooking in brown- in- bag. Make
certain roasting pan is at least 2 inches deep (large enough to hold juices if bag should
leak) . Also, pan should be large enough so that no part of bag extends over sides during
cooking. A terrific way to cook fish as it eli mi nates basting, and fish comes out juicy and
Sablefish, Califoria Style
2 poundssab|e0sh
¸ cupveqetab|eo||
¸ teaspoon sa|t
Y teaspoonredpepper
1. Cut fish i nto servi ng pieces .
Serves 8
% cupbesh |emon]u|ce
I c|oveqar||c, crushed
¸ teaspoonpowderedcum|n
2. Combine remai ni ng i ngredients and pour over fish; mari nate 1 hour, turni ng once
or twice.
3. Broil on one si de 4 to 5 mi nutes , OI unti l fi sh flakes easil y.
4. Spri nkl e wi th chopped parsl ey.
NOTE: Use carp, pollock or swordfish in lieu of sable/ish.
Chinese Catsh Amondine wth
Mandarin Amond Cream Sauce
4 c|eanedcat0sh. eachwe|qh|nq
2 eqqs,beaten
Ican( I I ounces;mandar|n
I ¸cups0nedrybreadcrumbs
Serves 4
I teaspoonsa|t
¸ teaspoon |emon r|nd, 0ne|y
X cup me|tedbutter
Mandar|nA| mondCream Sauce
1. Thaw catfi sh, if frozen .
2. Combi ne i n a shal l ow dish, eggs and 2 tabl espoons l i qui d from orange secti ons,
reservi ng frui t for sauce .
3. Combine in another shal l ow di sh, bread crumbs, sal t and l emon ri nd.
4. Dip catfi sh i nto egg mi xture, then roll in crumb mi xture; pl ace on wire rack to dry
sl ightly.
5. Pour butter in 10 x 1 5- i nch baki ng di sh: place catfi sh i n dish, turni ng over to coat
both si des with butter.
6. Bake , uncovered, i n preheated 350° F. oven 35 to 40 mi nutes. Serve wi th
Mandarin Al mond Cream Sauce .
Makes about 11/ cups
Y cupa|monds, s||ced(|or qarn|sh;
¸ cup butteror marqar|ne,
sect|ons, p|us¸ cup|ru|t, d|ced
I tab|espooncornstarch
1 tab|espoonheshoranqe]u|ce
% teaspoon|emon r|nd, 0ne|yqrated
dash qround wh|te pepper
Y cupda|rysourcream
1. Cook al monds i n butter i n skillet until golden brown; remove from skillet and set
2. Combi ne orange l i quid ( addi ng water if necessary to make amount) and cornstarch;
add t o butter i n skil l et .
tir in orange sections , fresh orange j uice, l emon ri nd, sal t and pepper; cook over
low heat unti l mixture thi ckens, stirri ng constantly.
4. Remove from heat; cool sl i ghtly.
5. Stir i n sour cream; bl end wel l .
6. Spoon sauce over fish; garni sh wi th al monds .
NOTE: Caloric and wonderful!

3 pounds c|eaned channe| cat0sh
¦ cup0our
I ¦teaspoonssa|t
% teaspoonIresh|yqround
¸ cupye||owcornmea|
Serves 6
3 tab|espoonsbutterorshorten|nq
I tab|espoonchoppedch|ves
I |emon, s||ced(opt|ona| qarn|sh)
1. If catfish is purchased, have i t cl eaned and ski nned.
2. If you are cl eani ng fish yoursel f, handle it cauti ousl y so you are not hurt by pai nful
sti ngers . (A safe way is to wear canvas work gl oves to grasp fish by the head . )
a . Turn fish on i ts back.
b. Sl i t throat to back ski n but not completely through i t.
c. Bend head backward and pul l down t o peel off ski n as you woul d t o turn a
glove insi de out . Spl i t and remove entrai ls .
d. If preferred, do not remove head. Wipe fish wi th damp cl oth; set aside .
3. Sift together flour, salt and pepper i nto l ong flat di sh or onto piece of waxed paper;
bl end in cornmeal . Rol l fish in flour-cornmeal mixture .
4. Heat butter in fryi ng pan ; brown fish quickl y, 4 mi nutes on each si de , or unti l fish
flakes easily wi th a fork . (Do not overcook. )
5. Garni sh with chives and l emon sl ices , if desi red.
6. Serve pi pi ng hot , accompani ed by Hush Puppi es .
NOTE: Channel catfish or blue catfish is considered the best of all fresh-water fish. Meat
i s firm, flaky, highly nutritious and delicate. There i s no better eating!
2 cupsye||owcornmea|
3 tab|espoonsm|ncedon|on
I tab|espoon0our
I teaspoonbak|nqpowder
Makes 2 dozen
I teaspoonbak|nqsoda
I teaspoonsa|t
I |arqeeqq, we|| beaten
I¦ cupsbutterm||k
Mix together cornmeal , oni on, fl our, baki ng powder, soda and salt .
Combi ne egg- and buttermi l k.
Make a wel l in center of dry i ngredi ents ; add l i qui d mixture al l at once and mix wi th
wooden spoon unti l wel l bl ended .
With lightly fl oured hands, form mixture i nto smal l cakes , usi ng 1 tabl espoon batter
for each cake .
Deep-fry in hot sizzl i ng oi l , cooki ng onl y as many cakes at one ti me as wi l l float,
uncrowded, in one l ayer, in fat ; fry 3 or 4 mi nutes, or unti l golden .
Turn cakes with tongs or fork as they rise i n hot fat duri ng cooki ng. ( Do not pi erce. )
Remove cakes from fat with sl otted spoon; drai n on absorbent paper towel s before
servi ng pi pi ng hot .
Catfish Golden Nuggets
with Cream & Pickle Sauce
Serves 6
2 poundscat0sh 0||ets, |tesh
ot|tozen (thawed;
% teaspoon |emon pepper
2 eqqs, beaten
1% cupsbutterm| | k
1 cup a||·putpose0out
1 �teaspoonsseasonedsa|t
1 teaspoon bak| nqpowdet
% cup pecans ota|monds, chopped
cotn o||
Cteam & P|ck|e Sauce
1 . Cut fi sh i nto llz x ll4- i nch pi eces; set asi de .
2. Sift together fl our , cornmeal , seasoned sal t , baki ng powder and l emon pepper i n
large mi xi ng bowl 
3. Add eggs and buttermi l k; bl end unti l smooth . Sti r in nuts .
4. Dip fish i nto batter, l etti ng excess batter dri p off ; place on waxed paper .
5. Heat oi l i n ski l l et to 375° F. ; ease fi sh i nto hot oi l a few pi eces at a ti me, and fry 3 to
5 mi nutes, or unti l gol den and done .
6. Drai n on absorbent paper; serve wi th Cream & Pi ckl e Sauce .
Cream& P¡ckleSauce
1 cup da|tysourcream
} cupre||sh sandw|ch spread
2 tab|espoonssweet p|ck|e re||sh
2 tab|espoonson| on, m| nced
1 tab|espoonpats|ey, m| nced
Makes 2 CUQ5
1 tab| espoon|emon] u|ce
1 teaspoon dr|edd|||weed
�teaspooncream· sty|eprepared
3to4 dashesTabascosauce
Combi ne al l i ngredi ents; chi l l 30 mi nutes to bl end fl avors .
Makes 12 appetizers or
4 luncheon servings
I2cherrystonec|ams|n she||
I to2dropsor|q| na| worcester-
I to2 dropsTabascosauce
3 str|pspart|a||ycookedbacon,
cut |n quarters
1. Open shells , letting cl am remai n i n one half ; discard other half.
2. Arrange cl ams in shal l ow baki ng pan; on each cl am put Worcestershire, Tabasco,
bacon and bread crumbs .
3. Broil 4 i nches from heat source until edges of cl ams curl and bacon is done.
% cup on|on0akes
¸ teaspoon| nstant m|nced qar||c
¦ cupwater
2 tab|espoonsbutterormarqar|ne
Serves 6
I can( I pound I2ounces)tomatoes,
broken up
I can ( I pound)who|epotatoes,
I can ( I0¸ ounces)m|ncedc|ams
I bott|e(8ounces)c|am]u|ce
I bay|eaI
I teaspoonthyme|eaves
¦ teaspoon sa|t
Y teaspoon qround b|ack pepper
I¸ tab|espoonspars|ey0akes
1. Rehydrate oni on flakes and mi nced garlic in water 10 mi nutes .
2. Mel t butter in large saucepan; add oni on and garlic, and saute 5 mi nutes.
3. Add tomatoes, potatoes, cl ams, cl am j uice , bay l eaf , thyme , salt and black pepper;
bring to a boil .
4. Reduce heat, cover, and si mmer 20 mi nutes ; spri nkl e with parsley flakes j ust before
4cupspancakem|x (anytype)
Serves 6
Iat orcorno||Ior by|nq
cockta| | ortartarsauce
1. Put pancake mix i nto l arge shall ow bowl ; add cl ams, a few at a time, and toss lightly
until well coated.
2. Drop clams i nto wire basket and shake off excess breadi ng; fry in deep fat at 375° F.
until golden brown, 11/ to 2 mi nutes . Drai n on paper towel .
3. Repeat process until al l clams are cooked.
4. Salt lightly and serve with cocktai l or tartar sauce.
NOTE: Clams can be fried in 1 to 2 inches hot fat or oil in large fry pan.
F¡sh& Ch¡ps¡nBeerUaHer
I ¸pounds cod||||ets
Y cup|resh |emon] u|ce
¸ | arqewh|te on|on, pee|ed
and m|nced
Serves 4
ma|tv|neqar( opt|ona|)
1 . Cut fish into servi ng pi eces and place i n flat bowl.
6 med|umpotatoes
¸ cup0our
I teaspoon papr|ka
2. Spri nkle fish with lemon j ui ce, oni on , salt and pepper to taste; mari nate 1 hour .
3. Wash and peel potatoes; cut i nto strips and rinse in cold water . Drai n well.
4. Fry potatoes i n deep oi l heated to 375° F. unti l nearl y tender; drai n and spread on
paper towels .
5. Sift together flour, 1 teaspoon salt , black pepper to taste and cayenne to taste i nto
flat dish; dust fish i n flour .
6. Dip fish i nto beer batter and fry unti l golden brown and crisp. (If doi ng quantity
recipe, watch oil carefully. Periodically skim off cooked brown specks . Keep
temperature at 375° F. )
7 . Refry potatoes until golden brown; drai n.
8. Serve fish and chips together wi th malt vi negar , if desi red.
: cup0our
¸ teaspoonsa|t
2 eqqs, separated
¸ cupbeer
1 . Sift together flour and salt i nto small mi xi ng bowl ; make a well in center.
2. Beat egg yolks lightly wi th beer; pour i nto well.
3. Gradually stir i n flour from sides of well wi th wooden spoon unti l smooth.
4. Stir in melted butter; allow batter to sit about 30 mi nutes.
5. When ready t o use, whisk egg whites unti l stiff but not dry; fold i n gently but
4 s||ces cod0||ets
¸ teaspoon papr|ka
% cupchopped m||d on|on
I sma||c|oveqar|| c, pressed
Serves 4
3 tomatoes, chopped0ne
% teaspoontarraqon
{ teaspoonwh|tepepper
% cup |resh |emon]u|ce
hotcookedr|ce( opt|ona|)
1 . Brush 2 tabl espoons melted butter on al l sides of cod fil l ets ; arrange in one l ayer i n a
baking dish; sprinkl e with paprika .
2. Saute onion and garlic in remaining butter unti l onion softens ; add tomatoes,
tarragon , white pepper and l emon juice; stir and simmer several minutes .
3. Pour sauce over fish; bake, uncovered, in preheated 350 ° F. oven 30 mi nutes , or
until fish flakes easily.
4. Serve with hot cooked rice, if desired.
Mar¡o's Qu¡ckCodSupper
I poundbozeo cod
I tab|espoonbutteror marqar|ne
2 sma||ye||owon|ons, pee|ed
¸ cupCheddarcheese, qrated
I can (6¦ounces)m|ncedc|ams,
Serves 4
I can (4¸ounces)med|um-s|ze
shr| mp, dra| ned
% teaspoonsa|t
choppedbesh d|||(Iorqarn|sh)
1. Remove frozen cod from package; al low to thaw at room temperature, about 15
mi nutes.
2. Cut fish i nto 8 equal pieces with sharp knife; set aside.
3. Melt butter in large skillet or electric fry pan; saute oni on in butter over low heat until
4. Place fish on oni on; cover and steam over l ow heat 6 to 8 minutes .
5. Add cheese, clams and shri mp; cover and steam 1 minut� l onger .
6. Remove cod from pan to heated servi ng pl atter .
7. Season remai ni ng i ngredients in pan with sal t and pepper; stir to bl end cheese.
8. Pour cheese sauce over fish; sprinkl e with fresh dill .
9. Serve alone or with hot cooked rice.
NOTE: Canned shrimp have a less marine taste if rinsed before adding to the skillet.
Serves 4
% cup chopped m||don|on
6 tab|espoonsbutteror marqar|ne
¦ cup0out
I teaspoon|resh |emonor||me] u|ce
I spr|qpars|ey,chopped
¸ teaspoonor|q|na| worcester-
¸ teaspoon D|]on-sty|e mustard
I cup m||k

2cans(7ouaceseach) crabmeat
I eqq,beaten
|| nebreadcrumbs
1 . Saute onion in 4 tablespoons butter for 5 mi nutes ; bl end in fl our and seasoni ngs .
2. Add milk and cook unti l thick, stirri ng constantl y.
3. Remove from heat; stir in l emon j uice , parsley and crab meat; season to taste wi th
sal t. Chi l l .
4. Shape into croquettes with hands ; dip croquettes i nto egg, then i n crumbs .
5. Fry slowly in remai ni ng butter unti l br"wned on both si des .
6. Serve pi pi ng hot wi th l emon wedges .
NOTE: Other flaked cooked fish (tuna or salmon) can be substituted for crab. Makes a
delicious offering for supper mai n dish!
Makes 4 cups
I pooodMary|and crab meat
I packaqe (8 oonces)cream
I packaqe(6ounces) Gruyere
¸ copm||k
1. Remove all cartilage from crab meat .
% teaspooo |emoo aod pepper
pepper totaste
% cup drysherry
I |oaIlrenchbread, cot|nto I
to I¸-|nchcobes
2. Combine cheeses , mi l k, seasoni ngs and sherry i n fondue pot, set on low; stir until
blended and smooth.
3. Add crab meat; heat, stirri ng occasi onal l y, until hot and bubbl y, 5 to 10 mi nutes.
4. Spear cubes of bread wi th a fondue fork and swirl wi th a figure-eight moti on to
coat. (If fondue thickens whi l e standi ng, stir in a l i ttle additi onal mi l k or sherry. )
NOTE: This i s a great ice- breaker for timid quest! If you do not have a fondue pot,
mixture may be made in a double boiler and either served from that or transferred to a
chafing dish.
Marland Devled Crab Cakes
I poundb|uecrab meat,0aked
¸ cup m|ncedon|on
¸ cupm|ncedqreenpepper
2 tab|espoons�arqar|ne
I tab|espoondry mustard
I teaspoon or|q|na| worcester·
¸ teaspoon1abascosauce
} teaspoonsa|t
Serves 4
1 . Pick over crab meat careful l y; set aside .
¦ teaspoonpepper
dash o|cayennepepper (opt|ona| ;
¸ cup0our
1 % cups ||qhtcream
2 eqqyo|ks, beaten
¸ cup|resh bread crumbs
¸ teaspoonpapr|ka
I tab|espoonbutter, me|ted
corn o||
2. Saute onion and green pepper i n margari ne until tender; stir i n mustard, Wor-
cestershire , Tabasco, sal t, pepper and cayenne .
3. Stir in fl our; gradual ly bl end in cream.
4. Heat mi xture to a boi l , stirri ng constantl y; boi l 1 mi nute.
5. Stir in crab meat .
6. Add a l ittle hot sauce mi xture to egg yol ks ; return to pan and heat unti l thi ckened ,
stirri ng constantl y .
7 . Chi l l crab meat mixture .
8. Combi ne bread crumbs , paprika and mel ted butter in bowl . Shape crab meat
mi xtre i nto 8 crab cakes ; dip i nto crumb mixture.
9. Cook cakes in 1 i nch hot oi l over moderate heat unti l gol den brown on both sides .
NOTE: If desired, crab mixture may be spooned into 4 crab shells or ramekins; crumb
mixture sprinkled over top, and baked in preheated 350° F. oven 20 minutes, or until
hot and bubbly . Place under br9iler to brown crumb mixture if desired.  
2cans(6 ounceseach)crabmeat
4 tab|espoonsbutter
¸ cup m||k
¦ cup heavycream
Serves 5 to 6
I teaspoonscrapedon|on
¸ teaspoonAnqosturaaromat|c
b|tters (more, ||des|red)
1 teaspoondrymustard
I teaspooa catsup
¸ teaspoonsa|t
dashpepper I tab|espoonqreenpepper, m|nced
I tab|espoonce|ery, m| nced breadcrumbs
1 . Pick over crab meat; remove and discard cartilage . Set crab meat aside.
2. Mel t 2 tabl espoons butter in saucepan; bl end in fl our, stirri ng constantly.
3. Gradual l y add mi l k and cream; stir over medi um heat to desired thi ckness .
4. Saute green pepper and cel ery in remai ni ng butter; add to white sauce, al ong with
oni on, crab meat, Angostura and remai ni ng seasoni ngs .
5. Fil l scal l op shel l s wi th mixtures , spri nkl e wi th bread crumbs and dot wi th addi ti onal
butter. Run under broi l er to brown .
Fish FWets with Aromatic Stufg
Õ Creamy Mustard Sauce
Serves 4 îO6
% cup onion, chopped
Y cup celery, thinly sliced
3 tablespoons butter
2% cups bread crumbs
Y teaspoon Angostura aromatic
% teaspoon sage
Y cup walnuts, chopped
4large fsh fllets
pepper to taste
Creamy Mustard Sauce
1. Cook onion and celery in 2 tablespoons butter about 10 minutes; pour over bread
2. Add lj4 teaspoon salt, Angostura, sage, and walnuts; mix lightly.
3. Season fillets lightly with additional S(lt and pepper to taste; spread with stuffi ng.
4. Roll .fillets and fasten with toothpicks.
5. Place fish in shal l ow greased pan; pour 2 to 3 tablespoons water into pan. Dot fillets
with remaining butter.
6. Bake i n preheated 375° F. oven 45 mi nutes . Serve wi th Creamy Mustard Sauce.
Creamy Mustard Sauce
1 teaspoon prepared mustard ¸ teaspoon Angostura aromatic
1 teaspoon fesh lemon juice bitters
1 cup medium white sauce, heated
Stir prepared mustard, lemon j uice and Angostura into cream sauce .
4tablespoons butter or
4tablespoons four
Medium White Sauce
Makes 2 cups
2 cups milk
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1. Melt butter in ski l l et; blend in flour until smooth, stirri ng.
2. Add milk gradually; cook until thick and smooth, stirring.
3. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
Avocado Fish Ki
Serves 8
3 ripe California avocados Y teaspoon crushed' red pepper
'3 tablespoons fesh lemon juice % teaspoon thyme
2 tablespoons minced parsley I cleaned whole fsh, weighing
1% teaspoons salt about 5 pounds, baked (page 7)
4teaspoons minced onion parsley sprigs (for garnish)
lemon slices (for garnish)
1. Cut avocados l engthwise i nto halves; remove seeds and skin; sieve or mash frui t.
2. Mi x i n lemon juice, parsley and seasonings.
3. Spread avocado mixture over warm fish, ski nned, if desired; garnish with pars.ey
sprigs and l emon.
Baked Fish with Tomatoes
I pound0sh ||||ets, |resh
I¦ pounds r|petomatoes,
% teaspoonsa|t
Serves 4
1 . Pl ace fish in 1 2 x 8 x 2-i nch baki ng pan .
¸ teaspoonon|onpowder
¦ teaspoon thyme|eaves, crushed
{ teaspoonqroundb|ackpepper
) cupso|tbread crumbs
2tab|espoonsbutter, me|ted
2. Combi ne tomatoes , sal t, oni on powder, thyme and bl ack pepper; spoon over fis h.
3. Combi ne bread crumbs and butter; spri nkl e over fi sh and tomatoes .
4. Bake in preheated 350° F. oven 20 mi nutes , or unti l fish fl akes easi l y when tested
with a fork.
5. 1urn oven to broi l ; pl ace baki ng pan 4 i nches from heat and broil unti l top of fish is
browned, about 1 mi nute. Serve pi pi ng hot .
English Fish & Potato Pie
Serves 6 to 8
2 med|umpotatoes, pee|ed
3 tab|espoons butterormarqar|ne
I ¸cupsbrocco||0owerettes
) cupcau||0ower0owerettes
¦ cupon|on, chopped
I¦ cups m||k
I¦pounds 0rm-0eshed0sh
0||ets(0ounder,so|eorperch) ,
cut|n I-|nchp|eces
I tab|espoon or|q|na| worcester·
sh|re sauce
6 tab|espoons0our I teaspoonsa|t
1 . Cook potatoes i n boi l i ng salted water unti l tender, about 30 mi nutes; drai n and set
aside to cool .
2. Thi nl y sl i ce potatoes; l i ne bottom and si des of greased 9-i nch pi e pan wi th sl i ces.
3. Bake i n preheated 450° F. oven until potatoes are browned and crisp, 30 t o 40
mi nutes .
4. Remove from oven; set aside to cool . Meanwhi l e, mel t butter in l arge ski l l et; add
broccol i , caul iflower and oni on, sauteei ng unti l barel y tender , 4 mi nutes .
5. Add fl our; cook and stir 2 mi nutes .
6. Add mi l k; cook and stir unti l thickened, 2 mi nutes .
7 . Add fish, Worcestershire and sal t; cook and stir gentl y until fish is cooked, about 5
mi nutes .
8. Heat potato-l i ned pi e pan in 450° F. oven unti l hot ; spoon fish mixture i nto it and
spri nkl e top wi th paprika . Serve at once .
I¸ cupsch|ckenbroth
I bay|eal
¸ teaspoonTabascosauce
¸cupuncooked, |onq-qra|nr|ce
¸ cupbutteror marqar|ne
¸ cupchoppedon|on
Serves 4
¦ cupchoppedce|ery
I tab|espoonchoppedpars|ey
2 teaspoonscapers
I who|e c|eaned 0sh, we|qh|nq
2¸ to3 pounds
2 tab|espoons| emon] u|ce
1 . Combine chicken broth, bay l eaf and 14 teaspoon Tabasco in saucepan ; bri ng to a
boi l .
2. Add rice and cook accordi ng to package di recti ons ; discard bay l eaf .
3. Me�t 14 cup butter in saucepan ; saute oni on, celery and parsl ey until soft .
4. Add capers and remai ni ng Tabasco; mi x wel l .
5. Combi ne vegetabl es and rice .
6. Wash fish; pat-dry.
7. Place fish in buttered baki ng dish; stuff wi th rice mixture .
8. Mel t remai ni ng butter; stir in l emon j uice . Spoon l emon-butter over' fish. Bake i n
preheated 450° F. oven 25 to 35 mi nutes, or until fish fl akes easi l y when tested
with a fork. Baste fish often as it bakes .
NOTE: Suggested fish to use: striped bass, sea trout, bluefish_ haddock, mackerel, red
snapper, carp, freshwater bass or whitefish.
4pounds 0rmwh|te0sh 0||ets.
ha||but,rock0sh, ||nqcod, q|ant
¸ cupsoysauce
I cupdrywh|tew|ne
2¸ tab|espoons |resh |emon) u|ce
2 c|ovesqar||c, pressed
1 . Cut fi l l ets i nto 1 x 2 x l -i nch pi eces .
Serves 8
I teaspoonqroundq|nqer
¸ cupcorn o||
2 tab|espoonschopped|resh
5 tab|espoonschopped|resh
I pound|resh mushrooms, s||ced
¸ cupbutterormarqar|ne
2. Combine soy sauce, wi ne, lemon j uice, garlic, ginger and corn oi l ; pour over fish
pieces and let mari nate 4 hours .
3. Pour off and reserve marinade. Spri nkl e fish generousl y wi th rosemary and parsley.
4. Skewer careful l y or sl i p i nsi de a hi nged wire broil er; place over l ow coals and cook
unti l fish flakes easi l y when tested wi th a fork, about 1 0 to 15 mi nutes , basti ng often
with mari nade.
5. Meanwhi l e, saute mushrooms in butter; add remai ni ng mari nade and heat through.
Pour over broi l ed fish.
NOTE: Great for summer dining! If desired, prepare a packet of fresh vegetables with
lemon butter, wrap in alumi num foil, and cook over grill while fish grills.
bozenb|ed||sh0| | ets
2 teaspoonsbesh|ysqueezed
I tab|espoonbutteror marqar|ne
I teaspoon0our
Serves 2
¸ cup m||k
¸ cupAmer|canprocessedcheese,
I tab|espoonqreenon|on, s||ced
qratedpee|o|¸ |resh |emon
|emonwedqes (opt|ona|qarn|sh)
pars|ey (opt|ona|qarn|sh)
1 . Sprinkle frozen fish fi l l ets with l emon j uice; bake according to package directi ons .
2. Meanwhi l e, to make sauce, · mel t butter in smal l saucepan; remove from heat and
stir i n flour .
3. Gradual l y add mi l k; cook over medi um heat, stirri ng until thickened .
4. Add cheese, green oni on and l emon peel , stirri ng unti l cheese mel ts .
5. Serve over fish; garni sh wi th l emon wedges and parsley, if desi red.
F¡shMar¡nade& ðerky
3 pounds 0sh 0||ets, pre|erab|y
{ cupter|yak| sauce
{ cup||qu|dsmoke0avor|nq
6 cupsTabascosauce
1 . Cut fish i nto strips l/2 i nch thick by 2 i nches wi de ; cut across muscl e grai n for more
tender product .
2. Lightly salt fish on both si des ; usi ng 7 to 9 teaspoons tabl e or pi ckl i ng sal t for each 3
pounds of fish.
3. Combi ne remai ni ng i ngredi ents in mi xi ng bowl .
4. Put half the fish in self-seal i ng pl astic bag, add half the mari nade, the remai ni ng fish,
and the remai ni ng mari nade; rol l bag back and forth t o ensure mari nade coveri ng
5. Squeeze out ai r ; seal bag and refrigerate 1 2 hours .
6. Place fish strips on racks for drying in oven or dehydrator . Dehydrators shoul d be
set at 140° F. ; ovens at 1 60° F. wi th oven door left open 2 i nches .
7. Let fish dry; drying takes 8 to 1 2 hours, dependi ng upon thi ckness and moistness of
fish. Fish jerky shoul d be firm, dry and tough. (Overcooked j erky is crunchy. Jerky
keeps about 2 months wrapped in waxed paper and stored in cool , dry pl ace. )
NOTE: Good day to · use leftover catch! A fine, economical food to take along for
backpacking or hiking.

Serves 6

I c|oveqar||c, pee|edandm|nced
I teaspoonsa|t
I teaspoonoreqano, crushed
¸ teaspoon bas| | , crushed
¸ teaspoonthyme| eaves
dash b|ackpepper
¸ cupcorno||
¦ cupon|on, chopped
I ¸teaspoons |emon pee| , qrated
3tab|espoons|resh |emon]u|ce
I c|eanedwho|e 0sh, we|qh|nq
4 to 5 pounds, headandback0n
1 . Mix together garl i c, sal t , oregano, basi l , th
me and pepper .
2. Stir in oi l , oni on, l emon peel and j uice .
3. Tear off 1 sheet of 18- i nch heav
-duty al umi num foil twice l ength of fish pl us 3
i nches ; place foil in baki ng pan with hal f the pi ece extendi ng over one end of pan .
4. Place fish on foi l ; pour mari nade over fish .
5. Bri ng extendi ng half of foil over fish and seal 3 si des wi th doubl e folds ; refrigerate 1
6. Bake in preheated 375° F. oven about 45 mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easi l y wi th
7. Serve with cold Ma
onnaise on the si de .
Makes about 11/ cups
I ¸cupso||veo||orother
4 teaspoonshotwater(opt|ona| )
1 . Combi ne in smal l bowl egg yolks , sal t , mustard, red pepper and 1 teaspoon l emon
j uice; beat wi th wi re whisk or electric mi xer at medi um speed unti l thi ck and pal e .
2. Add about 1/4 cup oi l , drop by drop, beati ng wel l after each addi ti on; add another
1/4 cup oi l , a few drops at a ti me, beati ng wel l each ti me.
3. Beat in remai ni ng l emon j uice and water .
4. Sl owl y beat in remai ni ng oi l unti l mixture is thi ck and smooth. Store covered i n
refrigerator , 7 to 10 da
s .
6 sma||0sh 0||ets, |reshor
¸ cupme|tedbutteror
I teaspoonsa|t
( teaspoonpapr|ka
Serves 6
¸ cup sn|ppedbeshpars|ey
I on|on, pee|ed andth|n|ys||ced
I |arqetomato, cut| ns|xths
I to2 tab|espoonsbesh|emon
1 . Thaw frozen fi l l ets, brush l ightl y with melted butter; spri nkle with salt , paprika and
14 cup parsley.
2. Lay one thi n sl i ce of oni on i n center of each fi l l et ; rol l up.
3. Secure 3 rol l - ups and tomato wedges with 2 l ong sl ender wooden skewers that have
been soaked i n water. (Leave room between each rol l - up. )
4. Combi ne remai ni ng butter , parsley and l emon j ui ce; pl ace kabobs on wel l -greased
gri l l , basti ng with butter sauce as they cook.
5. Cook 5 mi nutes on each si de , or unti l fish flakes easi l y when tested with a fork.
¸ cup on|on0akes
2 tab|espoons corn o||
2 cupss||cedpotatoes
¸ cup m|xedveqetab|e0akes
2 teaspoonssa|t
Serves 6 to 8
¸ teaspoonqroundb|ackpepper
2 cupsm||k
2 tab|espoons0our
2 sma||bay|eaves
2 pounds|rozen 0sh0||ets,
¸ teaspoonqar||cpowder I ¸teaspoonspars|ey0akes
1 . Rehydrate oni on flakes in l/ cup water for 10 mi nutes .
2. Heat oil i n large saucepan ; add oni on and saute 5 mi nutes .
3. Remove from heat and add remai ni ng water , potatoes, vegetable flakes, sal t , garlic
powder and black pepper ; bri ng to a boi l .
4. Reduce heat, cover, and si mmer 1 5 mi nutes , or unti l potatoes are al most tender.
5. Combi ne mi l k and fl our ; sl owl y stir i nto potato mixture, al ong with bay l eaves and
fish; si mmer, do not boi l , 15 mi nutes, or until fish flakes when tested with a fork.
6. Remove bay l eaves; spri nkle with parsley flakes and paprika .
7. Taste to correct seasoni ng before servi ng in soup bowl s .
I pound0sh 0||etsorsteaks,
oronedressed0sh, we|qh|nq
3 pounds
Serves 4
2 cupswater
I teaspoon sa|t
1 . Bri ng water to a boi l in 1 0- i nch ski l l et or fish poacher wi th tight-fitti ng cover.
2. Spri nkl e fish wi th sal t .
3. Place on greased rack i n pan so that fi sh does not touch water , cover pan tightly and
steam unti l fish fl akes easi l y when tested with a fork. (Fi l l ets take 3 t o 4 mi nutes;
steaks , 6 to 8 mi nutes ; dressed fish, 20 to 25 mi nutes . )
I pound besh orbozen 0sh
% cupce|ery, m|nced
¸ cupqreenon|on, m| nced
Serves 4
4 ouncescookedsma| | shr| mp
¸ cuppars|ey, m| nced
I ¸teaspoons0nesherbes,
¸ teaspoonpepper
I eqq 2tab|espoonsbutterormarqar|ne
Icuprequ|arwheatqerm I tab|espoonwater
4 |emonwedqes
1 . Defrost fish if frozen ; cut i nto 4 servfngs and spri nkl e l i ghtl y wi th sal t and pepper .
2. Saute celery and oni on in 2 tablespoons butter unti l cel ery is tender crisp, about 3
mi nutes; remove from heat .
3. Stir in l4 cup wheat germ, shri mp and wi ne; set asi de.
4. Combi ne remai ni ng wheat germ, parsley, fi nes herbes , 1/4 teaspoon sal t and ls
teaspoon pepper i n shal l ow contai ner; mix wel l .
5. Beat together egg and water ; di p fish i nto egg mixture, then i nto seasoned wheat
germ, turni ng to coat evenl y.
6. Spoon shri mp mixture onto center of each pi ece of fish; overlap ends to encl ose
fil l i ng and place, seam-si de down, in l ightl y greased baki ng di sh. Dot with addi ti onal
7. Bake i n preheated 400° F. oven 20 mi nutes, or unti l thoroughl y heated. Serve wi th
l emon wedges .
NOTE: If fish pieces are too small to roll, cut into 8 equal pieces and place 2 pieces
together with filling between.
Serves 4
% cup grated Parmesan or % cup fne dry bread crumbs
Romano cheese I pound founder or sole fllets
% cup real mayonnaise
1. Combine cheese and crumbs on piece of waxed paper or in shal l ow pan.
2. Brush all sides of fillets with mayonnaise; coat with crumb mixture.
3. Arange in single layer in shallow baking pan ; bake in preheated 375° F. oven 20 to
25 minutes, or until golden and fish flakes easil y.
MICROWAVE DIRECTIONS: Place in oblong glass baking dish; cover with waxed
paper. Microwave on high 6 to 7 mi nutes, or until fish flakes easily.
% cup I0%corn oil margarine
1 tablespoon dill weed
2 cups thinly sliced potatoes
I cup sliced onion
I package (9 ounces) frozen
green beans
Serves 4
I pound founder fllets
% cup water
% cup lemon juice
% teaspoon salt
white pepper to taste
lemon slices (for garnish)
1. Melt all margari ne except 1 tablespoon in skil let ; stir in dill weed.
2. Layer potatoes, oni ons and green beans in ski l l et; top with fl ounder.
3. Sprinkle top with water, l emon juice, salt and white pepper; dot with remai ni ng
4. Cover , reduce heat , and simmer until potatoes are done , about 20 mi nutes . (Do
not overcook. )
5. Garnish with l emon slices.
NOTE: This unique skillet dinner cooks in less than 30 mi nutes.
Lw·Sod¡umH¡ce·StuHed F¡shHolls
I cup cooked r|ce
% cup cooked carrots, chopped
2 tab|espoons d|||or pars|ey,
5 tab|espoonssweetbutteror
unsa|tedmarqar|ne me|ted
Serves 6
6 0ounder0sh||||ets
I ¸tab|espoons0our
¸ cup|resh |emon] u|ce
1 % cupsbeshoranqe] u|ce
1 teaspoonAnqosturaaromat|c
1 . Combi ne rice , carrots , di l l and 1 tabl espoon melted butter; di vi de mixture i nto 6
equal porti ons and spread on each fi l l et .
2. Rol l up fillets and fasten each wi th a toothpick; brush wi th 2 tabl espoons butter .
3. Bake in a preheated 350° F. oven 20 to 25 mi nutes, or· unti l fi sh fl akes easi l y.
4. Stir remai ni ng butter i nto fl our; gradual ly stir in l emon j ui ce, orange j uice and
5. Cook mixture over low heat , stirri ng constantl y, unti l sauce bubbl es and thickens.
6. Spoon sauce over cooked fish rolls ; garni sh with watercress .
Stir-Fr Flounder
I packaqe( I pound)|rozen0ounder
0||ets, thawed
% cupsoysauce
I teaspooncornstarch
I teaspoon suqar
1 . Cut fl ounder into 2-i nch strips .
Serves 4
¸ cup corno||
I ¸cupsce|ery, d|aqona||ys||ced
I cup mushrooms, s||ced
% cupsca|||ons, s||ced
s||vered |emon pee| ( |orqarn| sh)
% cupsa|tedtoasteda| monds (|orqarn|sh)
2. In bowl , combi ne soy sauce , sherry, cornstarch, sugar and garl i c powder .
3. Add fish, stirri ng gentl y to blend; let stand 15 mi nutes .
4. I n wok or heavy ski l l et , heat oi l .
5. Add marinated fish mixture, celery, mushrooms and scal l i ons; cook over high heat,
stirri ng gently until fi sh is cooked and vegetabl es are fork- tender, about 5 mi nutes .
6. Serve over cooked rice; garni sh with lemon slivers and al monds .
I can ( I pound)who|etomatoes,
¦ copchoppedon|on
¦ copd|cedqreenpepper
Serves 4
% teaspoonsa|t
I tab|espoonor|q|na| worcester-
I pound0ounderorso|e0||ets
1 . In shal l ow microwave-proof baki ng pan, combi ne tomatoes, oni on , green pepper,
salt and 1 teaspoon Worcestershire .
2. Cover with pl astic wrap, turni ng back one corner to vent ; mi crowave on HI GH until
sauce i s hot, about 5 mi nutes .
3. Meanwhi l e, cut fillets, if needed, into about 3 x 4-i nch pi eces; brush one si de with
remai ni ng Worcestershire .
4. Turn fi l l ets over and rol l from the narrow end; secure with toothpicks .
5. Place rol l -ups over tomato mixture i n baki ng pan; spoon some of the sauce over
6. Cover with pl astic wrap, turni ng back one corner to vent; microwave on HI GH unti l
fish flakes easi l y when tested wi th a fork, about 6 mi nutes , turni ng pan halfway
around after 3 mi nutes .
7. Let stand, covered, for 5 mi nutes before servi ng.
Pan-Fred FUiet of Flounder
% copye||ow cornmea|
% teaspooosa|t
% teaspooopapr|ka
Y teaspooo pepper
I pound0||etoI0oonder
Serves 4
% copsk| m m||k
2 tab|espooosI00%corno||mar§ar|oe
2 tab|espoooscoro o||
1. Combine cornmeal , salt, paprika and pepper i n shal l ow di sh.
2. Dry fillets with paper towel .
3. Dip each fillet i n skim mi lk, then coat evenl y wi th cornmeal mixture; set aside.
4. Melt margarine in large skil l et; mix in corn oil .
5. Fry fillets, ski n-side last , on medi um heat unti l golden brown on both sides and fish
flakes easily, about 3 mi nutes on each side.
6. Serve piping hot with l emon wedges; garnish with parsley.
NOTE: If desired, substitute 12 cup fine dry bread crumbs for cornmeal.
Grouper Chowder
¦ cop d|cedsa|tpork (aboot
2 cops)
2 oo|oos, s||ced
2 pooodsgrooper, booed aod
3 copswater
I bott|e (8 oooces)c|amjo|ce
Serves 8
2 potatoes, pee|ed aod d|ced
(aboot2 cops)
% teaspooo sa|t
I teaspooo or|g|oa| Worcester-
dash cayeooepepper
I teaspooo 0oor
1. Cook salt pork i n large pot unti l crisp; remove and reserve.
2. Add onions to pot; cook until tender but not brown .
3. Add grouper, water, cl am j uice, potatoes, sal t, Worcestershire and cayenne;
simmer 30 mi nutes unti l fish and potatoes are tender. Break up fish.
4. Bl end fl our with smal l amount of cream unti l smooth; add to remai ni ng cream, then
stir i nto fi sh mixture.
5. Heat and serve piping hot with crusty bread or rolls to dip i nto chowder.
Serves 10 îO12
2 pooodshaddockh||ets, hesh
3 cups choppedoo|oos
4 c|ovesgar||c, m|oced
3 tab|espoooso||veo||
2 caos( I6oooceseach)p|om
tomatoes, choppedw|thj o|ce
I qoarthsh stockorc|amj o|ce
% coptomatopaste
I¦tab|espooos choppedpars|ey
I ¦tab|espooosrosemary
I teaspooo oregaoo
X teaspooo thyme
3 |argebay|eaves
I pooodcookedshr| mp, deve|oed
X copHed|omWh|te5aoce(page2I )
3tab|espooos dry sherry
I package ( I0oooces)hozeo
||ma beaos
I package( I0oooces)hozeocoro
1. Allow haddock to stand, unwrapped, at room temperature 20 mi nutes if frozen ; cut
semi -frozen block or fresh fil l ets i nto l -i nch pieces and set aside.
2. Saute onions and garlic in oi l until tender, stir in tomatoes with juice, fish stock,
tomato paste, parsley, rosemary, oregano, thyme and bay leaves .
3. In food processor, puree shri mp, Medi um White Sauce and sherry; blend into soup.
4. Stir in l ima beans, corn and haddock; si mmer 20 mi nutes.
5. Salt and pepper to taste; serve pi pi ng hot .
NOTE: One can (1 03/4 ounces) cream of shrimp soup may be substituted for cooked
shrimp and white sauce.
Baked Halibut with Herbed Dressing
& Egg�Mustard Sauce
{ cuppars|ey, chopped
I teaspoonsa|t
% teaspoonb|ackpepper
% teaspoonsaqe
¸ teaspoon rosemary
¸ cupbutterormarqar| ne
¸cupon|on, chopped
Serves 4 to 6
} cupce|ery, chopped
2 tab|espoonsv|neqar
2 tab|espoonswater
I th|ck ha||butsteak, cut about
I ¸|nches, we|qh|nq about
2 pounds
2 s||ces |eanbacon
1 . Combi ne bread crumbs, parsl ey, sal t , pepper, sage and rosemary; set asi de .
2. Mel t butter; add oni on and cel ery, sauteei ng unti l tender.
3. Add vi ne¡ar and water; heat. Pour l i qui d over bread crumbs and toss l i ghtl y .
4. Place mixture in bottom of greased baki ng di sh ; pl ace hal i but on dressi ng and top
with bacon .
5. Bake, uncovered, i n preheated 350° F. oven , 40 mi nutes , or unti l fish flakes wi th a
fork. Serve wi th Egg- Mustard Sauce .
3 tab|espoonsbutterormarqar|ne
% teaspoonsa|t
dash red pepper
I ¸cups m||k
1 . Melt butter; bl end i n fl our.
I tab|espoonprepared mustard
2 hard·cookedeqqs, d|ced
2. Gradual l y add mi l k, sal t , red pepper and mustard ; cook, stirri ng often , unti l sauce
thickens .
3. Fold i n eggs . Serve hot .
Grape&it-Sesame Baked Halibut
Serves 2
2 ha||butsteaks, we|qh|nqabout ¸ cupso|t bread crumbs
¸ poundeach 3 tab|espooasme|tedbutter
¸ teaspoon sa|t 2 tab|espoonssesameseeds
dash|resh|yqroundb|ackpepper { teaspoon

thyme, crumb|ed
6 heshqrape|ru|tsect|ons
1 . Place hal i but steaks in buttered shal l ow baki ng dish; spri nkl e wi th sal t and pepper .
2. Mix bread crumbs wi th 1 tabl espoon melted butter, sesame seeds and thyme;
spri nkl e over hal i but. Drizzle with 1 tabl espoon butter.
3. Bake i n preheated 450° F. oven 1 5 mi nutes per i nch of thi ckness .
. 4. Top with grapefrui t secti ons and brush wi th remai ni ng butter ; return to oven for 5
mi nutes, or until fish fl akes easi l y when tested wi th a fork.
2pouads ha||butsteaks, |resh
{ cupoa|oa, chopped
Serves 6
I caa (8 ouaces)tomatosauce
2tab|espooas|resh |emoa]u|ce
I tab|espooasuqar
I tab|espooaor|q|aa|worcester-
I c|oveqar||c,pee|edaadm| aced
2tab|espooasbutter, me|ted % teaspooa|resh|yqrouadpepper
1 . If steaks are frozen , thaw and cut i nto servi ng pi eces .
2. Cook oni on, green pepper and garlic in butter until tender .
3. Add remai ni ng i ngredi ents; si mmer 5 mi nutes, stirri ng occasi onal l y. Cool .
4. Place steak pieces i n si ngl e l ayer in shal l ow baki ng pan ; pour sauce over fish and l et
stand 30 mi nutes, turni ng once .
5. Remove fish, reservi ng sauce for basti ng.
6. When coals are ready, place fish in wel l -greased, hi nged wire gri l ls .
7. Cook on barbecue gri l l 4 i nches from source of heat for 8 mi nutes .
8. Baste with remai ni ng sauce, turn, and cook for 7 to 10 mi nutes l onger, or unti l fish
flakes easi l y when tested wi th a fork.
Fran'sF¡shÕ h¡
I_ pouads0||etoIha||but,
I tab|espoonIresh |emoa)u|ce
I_ cups0our
I teaspooasa|t
Serves 4 to 6
I teaspooapapr|ka
I cupbeer
3 |arqebak|aqpotatoes
I teaspooacoarsesa|t
1 . Cut fish i nto medi um-size pieces (2 pieces per servi ng) ; spri nkl e wi th lemon j uice .
2. Combine 1 cup flour, sal t, pepper, paprika and beer in mi xi ng bowl ; beat wi th wire
whisk until smooth. Set aside.
3. Peel potatoes and cut i nto slices , then i nto strips . Place potato strips in bowl of ice
water for 5 mi nutes; drai n and dry on paper towel s .
4. Heat oil to 375° F. ; fry potatoes i n wire basket in deep fat until tender, but not
browned. Drai n on paper towels .
5. Dredge fish in remai ni ng fl our, then di p i n batter.
6. Fry fish quickl y i n same oi l ; remove from oi l .
7. Increase heat until oi l regai ns a temperature of 375° F. ; l ower fish i nto basket i n hot
oil and conti nue cooki ng 3 to 4 mi nutes, or until batter is crisp and gol den .
8. Drai n fish well on paper towel ; keep warm i n preheated 300° F. oven .
9. Return chips to oil , fry 3 to 4 mi nutes until tender, crisp and gol den-brown.
10. Drai n and spri nkl e wi th coarse sal t. Serve wi th vi negar .
NOTE: Sounds fussy, but it really isn't. The English claim this favorite "hand" food tastes
best wrapped and served in newspaper!
Frited Halibut & Rice
with Sparkling Frit Sauce
% cup chopped on|on
5 tab|espoonsbutter
% teaspooncurrypowder
IY cupsr|ce
3 cupsch|cken broth
Serves 6
I can ( I3¦ounces)p|neapp|e
chunks, undra|ned
¦ cuptoasteds||vereda|monds
2 tab|espoonsm| ncedpars|ey
I ¸tab|espoons| emon]u|ce
1 . Defrost hal ibut if frozen.
2. Saute oni on i n 3 tablespoons butter ; add curry powder and cook 1 mi nute .
3. Add rice and chicken broth; bri ng to a boil and stir . Cover and si mmer 20 mi nutes ,
or unti l l i qui d is absorbed.
4. Drai n pi neappl e, reservi ng 1/ cup pi neappl e chunks and syrup for Sparkl i ng Frui t
Sauce; dice remai ni ng pi neappl e and add to rice al ong with al monds and parsl ey.
5. Spoon rice i nto baki ng dish; top with hal i but steaks .
6. Melt remai ni ng butter with lemon j uice; pour over hal ibut . Spri nkl e wi th sal t and
7 . Bake in preheated 375° F. oven 20 mi nutes , or unti l hal i but is fork-tender.
8. Spoon Sparkl i ng Fruit Sauce over hal i but ; serve remai ni ng sauce on the side.
Icaa( I I ounces)mandar|n
1. Drai n orange secti ons , reservi ng syrup.
I tab|espooncornstarch
I teaspoonsuqar
2. Combi ne cornstarch, sugar and dash salt with reserved syrups from pi neappl e and
mandarin oranges ; cook, stirri ng constantly, unti l thickened and smooth.
3. Add reserved pi neappl e and orange segments . Heat gentl y.
Serves 4
I poundbutteror marqar|ne, I on|on, pee|edandchopped
me|ted I tab|espooobesh |emon]u|ce
I poundha||but0||ets I tab|espoon tomatopur
% poundbacon s||ces I cupdrywh|tew|ne
I poundmushrooms, s||ced sa|ttotaste
¸ poundtomatoes,s||ced peppertotaste
1 . Soak top and bottom of medi um-size cl ay cooker in water 1 0 to 1 5 mi nutes .
2. Place melted butter in bottom of pot; add a layer of half the fi sh.
3. Top with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes; spri nkl e wi th oni ons.
4. Top with l ayer of remai ni ng fish.
5. Combine lemon j uice, tomato puree, wi ne , salt and pepper to taste; pour over fish.
6. Place clay cooker i n center of a col d oven ; set temperature at 425° F. and bake 40
mi nutes, or until fish flakes easi l y when tested with fork.
7. Garni sh with parsley. Serve at once .
NOTE: A very succulent way to prepare halibut. A joy to dieters too!
¦ cupa||-purpose0our
¦ cupcornstarch
¸ teaspoon sa|t
( teaspoonwh|tepepper
I eqq
Serves 6 to 8
veqetab| eo||
I cup|cewater
2pounds ha||but0|| ets, cut|n
I X I X ¸-| nchp|eces
1 . Combi ne flour, cornstarch, sal t and white pepper .
2. Beat together egg, 14 cup oi l and ice water; add egg mixture al l at once to dry
i ngredi ents , beati ng with rotary beater unti l mi xed. (Do not overmi x.
Batter wi l l be
l umpy. )
3. Set bowl of batter i nsi de larger bowl filled wi th ice water.
4. Dip hal i but i nto batter; deep-fry i n oi l heated to 375° F. for 3 mi nutes, or unti l
golden brown .
5. Drai n wel l on paper towels ; serve i mmediatel y.
6. If desired, serve wi th soy sauce or l emon and sal t .
NOTE: This Japanese dish makes a delightful main fish or appetizer. Works best made
with fresh halibut.

¦ cup0our
Serves 4 to 6
I c|oveqat||c, ctushed
I |atqeon|on, chopped
I cattot, qtated
2 sta|ks ce|ety, chopped
I |atqetomato, chopped
( cupwatet
% cupdtywh|tew|ne
1 . Defrost hal i but if frozen .
2. Combi ne flour, sal t, pepper and parsle
; dredge fish with fl our mixture .
3. Heat olive oi l in ski l let ; add hal i but and fr
unti l gol den brown on both sides .
Remove from ski l l et and set asi de .
4. Add garlic, oni on , carrot and cel er
to ski l l et ; saute 1 0 to 1 5 mi nutes, unti l tender .
5. Add tomato and water; si mmer 10 mi nutes .
6. Remove sauce from heat and pour i nto bl ender ; bl end unti l pureed . Stir in wi ne.
7. Return sauce to ski l l et ; pl ace hal i but steaks in sauce . Cover and si mmer 5 mi nutes .
1 .
2 .
3 .
  2 poundsha||but steaksot
2 r|petomatoes, d|ced
I sma||zucch| n| , d|ced
Serves 6
% cupon|on, m|nced
% cup qreenpeppet, m|oced
2 tab|espoonspats|ey, minced
I c|oveqat||c, pressed
2 tab|espoonsbesh |emon]o|ce
I tab|espoono||veo||
Season halibut to taste with sal t and pepper ; arrange in one l a
er i n greased shal l ow
baki ng di sh.
Combi ne tomatoes, zucchi ni , oni on, green pepper , parsle
, garlic, li teaspoon sal t
and Ifs teaspoon pepper; spoon over fish.
Drizzle l emon j uice and oi l over top.
Cover, usi ng foil if baki ng di sh has no cover; bake in preheated 350° F. oven 25 to
30 mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easi l
with a fork.
Serve pi pi ng hot .    
she||ed, deve|nedshr| mp
I on|on, pee|edands||ced
2 tab|espoonspats|ey, m|nced
I bay|ea|, ctushed
Serves 6
{ teaspoontosematy
{ teaspoon oteqano
]u|ceo|2 |emons
I ¸cupsdtywh|tew|ne
1 . Place fil l ets in shal l ow pan ; add oni on , parsl ey, bay l eaf , rosemary, oregano, l emon
j uice and wi ne . Season to taste wi th sal t and pepper .
2. Cover and bri ng to a boi l .
3. Turn heat low and si mmer sl owl y 6 mi nutes , or until fish fl akes wi th fork, or unti l
shrimp is opaque .
4. Cool and refrigerate overni ght.
5. Lift fish out and pl ace i n servi ng di sh; top wi th strai ned mari nade . Serve as col d
entree or antipasto.
2 tab|espoonssa|ado||
|tesh |emon
¦ teaspoon on|onsa|t
¸ to} poundha||but, sa|mon
(I |nchth|ck) , cut|nto
2 setv|nq·s|zep|eces
Serves 2
I med|um unpee|edzucch| n| ,
shtedded, patbo||edand
% cupCheddatcheese, shtedded
I teaspoon D|]on-sty|emustatd
  I teaspoonbuttetot matqat|ne
|emon wedqes(lotqatn|sh)
1. Combi ne oil , l emon j ui ce and oni on sal t i n shal l ow di sh; add fi sh steaks and
mari nate 1 hour , turni ng once .
2. Place fish on broi ler pan 4 to 5 i nches from heat; broil 3 to 4 mi nutes per si de,
brushi ng occasi onal l y wi th remai ni ng mari nade.
3. Meanwhi l e, combi ne cooked zucchi ni , cheese, mustard and lemon peel ; spoon
over fish and dot wi th butter .
4. Broil 3 mi nutes l onger, or unti l fish flakes easi l y with fork and cheese mel ts .
5. Spri nkl e with additi onal cheese, if desi red; garni sh wi th l emon wedges .


sa|t (2 tab|espoons sa|t pet
I quattwatet)
Serves 2
2 ||veMa|ne|obstets, we|qh|nq
1 to I¸ poundseach
me|tedbuttetottea| mayonna|se
1 . Fi l l large pot with suffici ent water to cover lobsters ; add sal t and bri ng to rapid boi l .
2. Grasp l obsters firml y just behi nd the claws and pl unge headfirst i nto boi l i ng water;
al l ow water to boi l agai n after putti ng i n each l obster.
3. Lower heat , cover pot , and si mmer 1 5 mi nutes for 1 - pound l obsters, 20 mi nutes for
1 1z to 2-pound l obsters , 40 mi nutes for very large l obsters .
4. Remove from pot, spl i t lobsters, and serve hot wi th melted butter. or chi l l and serve
col d with mayonnai se .
I |arqeot2 sma||bo||ed
Serves 2
I teaspoon|resh d|| | , chopped
I tab|espoon |emon or||me] u|ce
1 . Broil l obster, shel l -si de up, 4 i nches from heat for 5 mi nutes .
2. Turn and broi l , flesh-si de up, for 15 mi nutes for smal l l obsters , 18 mi nutes for large.
3. Sprinkle flesh with di l l and l emon j uice.
4. Broi l 2 to 3 mi nutes l onger.
1 .
3packaqes(8ounceseach) |rozen
• bo|||nqsa|tedwatet
3 med|um on|ons, pee|ed and
I |emon, cut|nto th|n s||ces
¸ cuppars|ey, chopped
Serves 6
I teaspoonsa|t
% teaspoonwh|tepepper
% teaspoonTabascosauce
2 bay|eaves
Parboil frozen rock l obster tai l s by droppi ng into boi l i ng salted water.
When water reboils , drain i mmediatel y and drench wi th col d water .
With scissors, remove underside membrane and pul l out meat in one pi ece; cut tai l s
i nto halves l engthwi se.
Combi ne rock l obster meat with oni ons, l emon, parsl ey, sal t , pepper, Tabasco and
bay leaves; toss ,
ddi ng enough ol ive oi l to cover mixture .
Cover and mari nate 6 to 8 hours in refrigerator.
Serve on sal ad greens drizzled with smal l amount of mari nade; serve col d wi th thi n
sl i ces of pumperni ckel bread.
Rock Lobster Bouillabaisse
I cup choppedce|ery
I on|on, chopped
I c|oveqar||c, chopped
¦ cupo||veo||
I bay|ea|
I bott|e( 8ounces)c|am]u|ce
Serves 6
I cup dty wh|tew|ne
¦ cupchoppedpats|ey
I ¸pounds0sh 0||ets. so| e,
cod, tedsnappetotha||but,
I poundhozenSouthA|t|can
1 . Saute cel ery, oni on and garl i c in hot oil in ski l l et unti l tender , but not brown .
2. Add thyme, bay l eaf , tomatoes, cl am j ui ce, wi ne and parsl ey; cover and si mmer 1
mi nute.
3. Add fish.
4. Cut each frozen rock l obster tai l i nto 3 pi eces crosswise through hard shel ls ; add
shel ls and meat to stew; si mmer 10 mi nutes l onger .
5. Season to taste wi th sal t and pepper .
6. Remove bay l eaf and serve i n l arge bowl s wi th sl i ced French bread .
NOTE: Delicious and quick to fix!
Rock Lobster Newburg
2packaqes(8ounceseach) |rozen
¸ cupce|ery, s||ced
¦ cupbuttetot matqar|ne
¸ cup0our
2cups (I p|nt)ha||·and·ha||
Serves 6
¦ cupshetty
I teaspoonAnqostutaatomat|cb|ttets
sa|t totaste
peppet totaste
6 s||ces btead
1 . Drop frozen rock l obster tails i nto boi l i ng sal ted water.
2. When water reboils, boi l 2 mi nutes, then drai n and drench wi th col d water.
3. Wi t h scissors , remove undersi de membrane and pul l out meat i n one pi ece; cut i nto
1/z- i nch crosswise sl i ces .
4. Saute cel ery i n butter unti l soft ; sti r i n fl our .
5. Gradual l y stir in hal f- and- hal f, sherry, mayonnai se and Angostura; cook over low
heat , stirri ng constantl y unti l thi ck.
6. Stir in rock l obster sl i ces; add sal t and pepper to taste. Reheat onl y unti l bubbly.
7. Tri m crusts from bread, spread wi th butter, and toast unti l gol den brown ; cut' i nto
triangl es and spoon Newburg over toast .
3 poundsdtessedSpan|sh
mackete| , Itesh or|tozen
¸ cuphesh |emon]u|ce
Serves 6
I teaspoonsa|t
I teaspoon dr|ed oteqano|eaves,
¦ cupo||veo|| % teaspoonqat||csa|t
1 . Thaw frozen fish.
2. Combi ne l emon j uice, ol ive oi l , salt , oregano, garlic salt and pepper for sauce.
3. Make 4 to 5 shal l ow sl its on both sides of each fi sh; brush i nsi de and out wi th sauce.
4. Place fish on wel l -greased , hi nged wire gri l l s ; cook about 4 i nches from moderatel y
hot coal s 5 to 8 mi nutes .
5. Baste with sauce; turn and cook 5 to 8 mi nutes l onger, or unti l fish flakes easily
when tested with a fork.
Serves 4
Ipoundmonk0sh hesh |emonor||me] u|ce
seasonedsa|t(opt|ona| ) (opt|ona| )
1 . Ri nse and cut monk fish i nto l -i nch pieces .
2. Place in 1 - quart microwave-proof casserole; cover and microwave on HI GH 3 to
31z mi nutes , stirri ng once . Let stand, covered, 3 mi nutes .
3. Serve pl ai n or seasoned to taste with seasoned sal t , l emon j uice and parsley.
NOTE: Monk fish looks unattractive before cooking, but turns i nto a delicious- tasting,
white- colored fish when

ooked properl
. A boon to dieters!
6dtessed mu||et, we|qh|nqabout
I cupsa|t
Serves 6
4 quattswater
¦ cupcotn
| |
1 . Remove heads of fish; make a cut al ong l ength of backbone to al l ow fish to l i e flat i n
one piece duri ng cooki ng. Place fi sh i n shal l ow gl ass baki ng di sh.
2. Combi ne sal t and water; pour over fi sh and refrigerate 30 mi nutes .
3. Remove fish from sal t water; rinse in col d water and pat dry with paper towel s .
4. Soak 2 handfuls hickory chips in water whi l e bui l di ng charcoal fire; when coals are
glowing and covered with grey ash, add a few hi ckory chips , �haki ng first to remove
excess water.
w  t 
5. Brush gri l l and fish with oil ; open fish and pl ace, ski n-si de down, over coals .
6. Cover and smoke 1 to 1 i! hours, or until fish flakes easi l y and has a pl easant
smoked flavor, addi ng hickory chi ps to fi re as needed for steady smoke .
NOTE: Perch, pompano and northern pike can be used in lieu of mullet.
Moules Mariniere
5 to6 pounds musse|s
2 cupss||cedon|ons
2tab|espoons m|ncedpats|ey
Serves 3 to 4
1 cup m| aced|eeks, wh|te patt

2cupsdtywh|te w|ne
|ta||an ot |tenchbtead
1 . Use only mussel s with tightl y cl osed shel l s . Make certai n mussel s have been wel l
scrubbed under col d runni ng water .
2. Saute oni ons , celery, parsl ey and l eeks in butter ; add wi ne and si mmer 5 mi nutes .
3. Add mussel s ; cover and cook over hi gh heat 10 mi nutes , or unti l mussel s open ,
shaki ng or stirri ng occasi onal l y so mussel s change thei r l evel and cook evenl y .
4. Serve mussel s i n large shal l ow soup pl ates , wi th some of strai ned broth over each
porti on . ( I f mussel s have been wel l scrubbed to begi n wi th , vegetabl es can be served
as wel l . )
5. Serve with hunks of bread for di ppi ng i nto broth .
icious, simp
e and inexpensi ve!
Mussels in Garlic Butter
} cup sweetbuttet, so|tened
]u|ceo|� |emon
qtatedpee|o|I |emon
% cup m|nced|tesh pats|ey
4 c|ovesqat||c, ctushed
Serves 4
3 tab|espoonsm| ncedsha||ots
4 dozen musse|s, we||sctubbed,
1 . Combi ne butter wi th l emon j uice , l emon peel , parsley, garl i c and shal l ots ; season to
taste wi th pepper and nutmeg.
2. Combi ne butter- herb mixture i n food processor fitted wi th steel bl ade; process unti l
wel l bl ended.
3. Arrange mussels , in thei r shel l hal ves , in shal l ow i ndi vi dual baki ng di shes ; spread
each mussel wi th some butter- herb mi xture; run ·under hot broi l er 2 to 3 mi nutes ,
watchi ng careful l y. If preferred, bake in preheated 425° F. oven 10 mi nutes, or
until bubbly.
Serves 4
I to2copspaocake m|x coroo||
I p|otshockedoysters, dra|oed sa|t
cockta| |ortartarsaoce
1 . Put dry pancake mi x into large shal l ow mi xi ng bowl ; add oysters, a few at a ti me,
tossi ng lightly wi th both hands unti l wel l coated.
2. Shake off excess breadi ng in wire basket ; deep-fry, a few at a ti me, in fat heated to
375° F. for 1 1/ to 2 mi nutes, or until gol den . Drai n on paper towels.
3. Repeat unti l al l oysters are cooked.
4. Sal t lightly and serve wi th cocktai l or tartar sauce as first course or mai n course .
NOTE: Equal results may be obtained by frying oysters in l - inch hot fat or oil in large
frying pan. Keep turning oysters until browned on all sides. French fried oysters are the
basis for the New Orleans' culinary favorite "po'r boys, " made with loaf of Italian or
French bread. Heat bread and slice in half lengthwise. Remove excess bread from both
halves, creating two "boat" shapes. Fill each boat with layers of French fried oysters,
thinly sliced tomatoes, sliced dill pickles, lettuce and mayonnaise. Put "boat" together.
Simply delicious eating!
Scalloped Oster
§ cop botter or margar|oe
§ cop0oor
I §teaspooospapr|ka
§ teaspooo sa|t
% teaspooohesh|ygroood
Serves 6 to 8
I sma||oo|oo, m|oced
§ greeopepper, m|oced
§ c|ovegar||c, m|oced
I teaspooo|emoojo|ce
I tab|espoooor|g|oa| Worcester-
sh|re saoce

dashcayeooe I qoartoystersw|th||qoor
1 . Melt butter i n saucepan; add flour, cooking and stirring unti l light brown.
2. Stir in paprika, sal t, pepper and cayenne.
3. Add oni on, green pepper and garlic; cook over l ow heat 5 mi nutes, stirri ng.
4. Remove from heat and add l emon j uice, Worcestershire and oysters (whi ch have
been picked over and heated i n own l i quor) .
5. Pour i nto greased l lz- quart casserole; bake in preheated 400° F. oven 30 mi nutes,
or until bubbly.
NOTE: Wonderful for entree or side dish to go wi th holiday. bird (in lieu of stuffing) . Can
be made in individual ramekins, in which case reduce cooking time to 20 minutes.
I |oalFreochbread
I teaspooo prepared mostard
I c|ove gar||c, m|oced
¦ cop me|ted botter
Serves 6
I p|otoysters, p|os) o|ces
I �op grated m||dcheese
I tab|espooochoppedoo|oo
|emoos||ces (opt|ooa| )
1 . Sl ice off top of French bread: scoop out center. l eavi ng l - i nch-thi ck shel l .
2. Combi ne mustard and garlic with melted butter: brush over i nsi de of bread.
3. Si mmer oysters in their own j uices unti l edges begin to curl ; combi ne with cheese
and oni on.
4. Fi l l cavity in loaf with oyster-cheese mixture ; repl ace top.
5. Use a sharp knife to sl i ce part way through bread at 1 to 2-i nch i ntervals .
6. Wrap loaf i n foil and bake i n preheated 350° F. oven 30 mi nutes .
7 . Unwrap and serve, wi th accompani ment of l emon slices, if desired .
I qoartshockedoysters,
hesh orhozeo
oysterl|qoor, p|oseoooghwater
to make 3 cops

¦ copd|cedbacoo
§ copchoppedgreeo pepper
§ copchoppedoo|oo
% cop m|ocedce|ery
¦ copbotteror margar|oe,
¦ cop0oor
Serves 6
I teaspooosa|t
% teaspooowh|tepepper
I ch|ckeo boo|||oo cobe, cromb|ed
2 tab|espooostoastedsesame
seeds, croshed
I tab|espooo drywh|tew|oe
heated aoddra|oed
chopped ch|ves orpars|ey(lor
hard crostyro||s
1 . Thaw oysters if frozen ; drai n, reservi ng l i quor.
2. Saute bacon unti l brown ; add green pepper, oni on and cel ery, sauteei ng unti l
vegetables soften .
3. Mel t margarine i n separate pan ; stir i n fl our, salt and white pepper. Cook over low
heat , stirri ng constantly.
4. Add reserved oyster liquor ; cook until sauce is slightly thi ckened, sti rri ng constantl y.
5. Add crumbled boui l l on cube, sauteed vegetabl es, oysters and sesame seeds ; cook
unti l edges of oysters begi n to curl and stew is pi pi ng hot .
6. Stir i n wi ne.
7 . Measure l/ cup heated homi ny i nto each of 6 soup bowls ; fil l with stew.
8. Garni sh with chives and serve wi th hard, crusty rolls .
NOTE: Oysters are usually available live in shell, fresh- shucked, frozen or canned. Most
oysters available to consumers are shucked, washed, drained, then sealed in glass or
metal containers, packed in crushed ice. Fresh- shucked oysters should be plump, and
oyster liquid or liquor clear or slightly opalescent, free from shell fragment. Usual color
of fresh oysters varies from cream, gray, brownish, pale yellow or a combination of
Olive Salmon Quiche
Serves 6
2 tab|espoonsp| mento·stu0ed
2eqqs o||ves, m|nced
1 tab|espoon|tesh |emon] u|ce
dta|nedand0aked �teaspoonsa|t
{ teaspoonwh|tepeppet
1 . Beat together cream and eggs : add sal mon , oni on , ol i ves, l emon j uice, sal t and
pepper .
2. Pour sal mon-cream mi xture i nto pi e shel l . /
3. Bake in preheated 375° F. oven 30 to 35 mi nutes, or unti l knife i nserted in center
comes out cl ean .
4. Let stand a few mi nutes before cutti ng.
NOTE: Great with crisp green salad and your favorite libation!
Cold Salmon Vegetable Platter
wth Taragon Marinade
Serves 2 to 3
3 new potatoes, cookedand I |atqetomato, s||ced
cut|n ha|| �cucumbet, s||ced
2 tab|espoonswh|teon|on, 2 hatd·cookedeqqs, pee|ed
m|nced andha|ved
Tattaqon Mat|nade ch|||ed|ettuceotothet|ea[
I can (7}ounces)sa| mon, qteens
dta|nedandchunked I tab|espoonpats|ey, m|nced
1 . Spri nkl e warm potato hal ves with oni on : pour Tarragon Mari nade over al l .
2. Cover and refrigerate several hours .
3. Drai n , reservi ng mari nade .
4. Arrange sal mon , tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs on l ettuce- l i ned pl atter: spri nkl e
parsl ey on potatoes and green oni on on sal mon .
5. Serve wi th reserved mari nade .
Tawagon MaHnade
Makes about l/2 CUQ
{ cup o||veo||
2 tab|espoonstattaqonw| ne
2 tab|espoons|tesh |emon] u|ce
I c|oveqat||c, ptessed
I teaspoonsa|t
�teaspoonsuqat(opt|ona| )
{ teaspoondty mustatd
{ teaspoondt|ed|ea|tattaqon,
Combi ne al l i ngredi ents in screw-top jar wi th ti ght-fitti ng l i d ; shake wel l .
6 sa| moosteaks
3 tab|espoooschopped m||d oo|oo
I sma||c|ove gar||c, pressed
2 tab|espooosbotter
I cao (4 oooces) s||ced moshrooms,
Serves 6
¦ teaspooo thyme
2 tab|espooos0oor
I cao ( I 6oooces)stewedtomatoes
� copdrywh|tew|oe
2 tab|espooos m| ocedlresh pars|ey
th|o |emoo s||ces (lorgaro|sh)
1 . Season sal mon steaks generousl y with ' sal t and whi te pepper.
2. Broil lightly; keep warm.
3. Meanwhile. saute oni on and garlic in butter unti l golden; stir in mushrooms , thyme
and fl our.
4. Blend i n tomatoes and wi ne; cook over l ow heat until sl i ghtl y thi ckened , about 5
mi nutes .
5. Stir in parsley; taste to correct seasoni ngs .
6. Spoon hot sauce over hot sal mon steaks ; garni sh with l emon sl i ces and addi ti onal
parsl ey if desired .
7 . Serve with hot cooked rice.
NOTE: Low in calories and tasty. Poached white fish (cod or haddock) can be used in
lieu of salmon.
I pooodhesh orhozeo sa| moo
4 tab|espoooscoroo||
I� copsheshbrocco||0owerets
I cophesh moshrooms, s||ced
� cop greeopeppers||ces,
Serves 2 to 3
I cop greeo oo|oo, s||ced
2 tab|espooosdrysherry
� teaspooolresh |emoopee| ,
% teaspooo sa|t
hotcookedwh|te orbrowo r|ce
1 . Skin and bone sal mon; cut into l - i nch cubes and set asi de.
2. Heat 2 tablespoons oi l in ski l l et ; saute broccol i , mushrooms, green pepper, cel ery
and garlic over high heat unti l cri sp-tender, stirri ng constantly.
3. Remove vegetables from ski llet wi th sl otted spoon .
4. Add remai ni ng oi l ; saute sal mon unti l barel y cooked. Do not overstir.
5. Drai n off excess oil .
6. Return sauteed vegetabl es to ski l l et, al ong wi th green oni on ; spri nkle wi th sherry,
l emon peel , salt and pepper. Heat thoroughl y.
7. Serve at once al one over hot cooked white or brown rice.
NOTE: Tasty and low in calories.
2 |teshCa| | |om| aBarÍ | el l pears
4 sa|moosteaks, we| qh| oq I ¸ to
2 pouods
I cupdtywh|tew|oe
Serves 4
X cupbuttetotmatqat|oe
m| oced|teshpats|ey(|otqato|sh;
|emoos| |cesotwedqes(|otqato| shì
1 . Cut pears l engthwi se i nto hal ves : remove cores wi t h smal l mel on bal l er or 1/-
teaspoon measuri ng spoon . Set asi de .
2. Mari nate sal mon i n wi ne 1 5 mi nutes : turn and mari nat e 1 5 mi nutes l onger .
3. Dry steaks , reservi ng mari nade , and shake wi t h fl our : coat both si des wi th sal t and
pepper: spri nkl e wi th papri ka .
4. Heat butter i n ski l l et : add steaks and brown qui ckl y on bot h si des . Add reserved
wi ne mari nade .
5. Arrange pears around sal mon i n ski l l et : si mmer , covered , about 1 0 mi nutes, or unti l
fi sh fl akes and pears are t ender but not soft .
6. Spri nkl e wi th parsl ey and garni sh wi th l emon to serve .
ËOucNeÓÑuÎmOHwth ÕNMmgÑuuce
Serves 4
2 cupswatet ¸ cup ha||-aod-ha| |
I teaspooosa| t 2 tab|espooosbuttet
6 peppetcotos, btu|sed X pouodsma||cookedsht| mp,
2 spt|qspats|ey pee|ed aoddeve| oed
4 sa| moosteaks, we| qh| oq ¸ teaspooodt|edd| ||weed
6 to8 ouoces each I teaspooot|osed, choppedcapets
p| ochsuqat
¸ cupdtywh|te vetmouth peppettotaste
1 . Boi l water i n l arge ski l l et wi th sal t, peppercorns and parsl ey ; ease i n sal mon steaks
and cover . When water begi ns to reboi l , adjust heat to l ow; poach fi sh 5 mi nutes .
2. Remove from heat and pour off al l but 12 cup l i qui d ; add sugar and vermout h .
Baste fi sh wi th mi xture; l et stand , covered , 5 mi nutes .
3. Remove sal mon steaks to heated servi ng pl atter .
4. Remove parsl ey spri gs and peppercorns from remai ni ng l i qui d and di scard . Return
l i qui d to heat and bri ng to a boi l .
5. Spoon 1 to 2 tabl espoons hot l i qui d i nt o hal f-and- half to heat it up: pour mi xtUre
back i nto ski l l et . Heat , beat i ng wi th wi re whi sk , unti l i t reduces to about hal f .
6. Beat in butter , bi t by bi t . Adjust heat to medium.
7 . Wash and pat-dry shri mp: add shri mp to sauce, al ong wi th di l l weed and capers .
8. Season to taste wi th sal t and pepper .
9. Remove from heat; l et stand , covered , about 5 mi nutes , unti l shri mp are heated .
10. Spoon sauce over sal mon steaks ; serve i mmedi atel y wi th a garni of fresh cooked
vegetabl es .
Salmon Dandy in Apic
2 ot 3 |tesh Ca|||oto| a
8att|ett peats
I cao (1 pouodìsa|moo
2 packaqes( 3 ouoceseachì
|emoo-0avotqe| at|o
Serves 6 to 8
{ cupv|neqat
2 tab| espooosm| nced|teshch|ves
�teaspooo sa|t
{ teaspoon wh|tepepper
I cup bo| || oqwatet 3 ot4 dev||ed eqqs
1 . Core and shred pears to measure 2 cups ; set asi de .
2. Drai n sal mon , reservi ng l i qui d . Remove and di scard sal mon ski n and bones:
coarsel y crumbl e fi sh .
3. Di ssol ve gel ati n in boi l i ng water : add reserved sal mon l i qui d1 vi negar , chi ves , sal t
and pepper.
4. Add i ce or i ce water to sal mon l i qui d mi xture to measure 1 quart .
5. Combi ne l i qui d wi th pears and sal mon : pour i nto 1 1/- quart fi sh or pl ai n mol d . Chi l l
unti l firm.
6. Unmold onto pl atter; arrange eggs around mol d and garni sh wi th watercress .
NOTE: Makes a lovely cold mai n dish buffet offering, particularly for hot weather di ni ng.
Salmon Taragon
4|tesh othozensa| mon steaks
2 cupswatet
¦ cupwh|tew|nev|neqat
�teaspoondt|edtattaqon |eaves
I tab|espoon m|ncedpats|ey
Serves 4
I tab|espoonon|on, m|nced
watetctess( |otqatn|sh)
da|tysoutcteam ( opt|ona| )
d| | | weed(opt|ona| )
m|nced|tesh pats|ey(opt|ona|)
1 . Pl ace sal mon i n l arge ski l l et ; add water, wi ne vi negar , tarragon, mi nced parsl ey,
peppercorns and oni on .
2. Si mmer 1 5 mi nutes , uncovered part of the ti me, unti l fi sh fl akes easi l y wi th a fork.
3. Careful l y l i ft out sal mon and pl ace on platter; garni sh wi th watercress and l emon
slices .
4. Serve hot or col d, pl ai n or wi th dai ry sour cream spi ked wi th di l l weed or mi nced
fresh parsl ey.
1 cup|teshbas|||eaves
�cupp|oe outs
1 cupPatmesaocheese,
Serves 8
8 sa|moo|| ||ets
3 c|ovesqat||c, pee|ed
X teaspooosa|t
6 tab|espoooso||veot
1 . Combi ne basi l , pi ne nuts , cheese, garl i c , sal t and ol i ve oi l i n bl ender: bl end briefl y .
2. Broi l sal mon about 4 i nches from heat 6 to 8 mi nutes per si de. dependi ng on
thi ckness .
3. Serve on heated platter; pass Pesto Sauce to spoon over broi l ed sal mon .
Serves 4
2 pouodsc|eaoedsaod dabs
beateoeqqyo|kot m||k
seasooedbteadctumbsot wh|tepeppettotaste
chopped pars|ey(|otqato|sh;
1 . Di p sand dabs in beaten egg yol k or mi l k: rol l i n seasoned bread crumbs .
2. Li ne shal l ow pan wi th buttered al umi num foi l : pl ace sand dabs on foi l .
3. Preheat broi l er; broi l about 3 mi nutes on each si de . Or bake i n preheated 375° F.
oven 1 2 t o 1 5 mi nutes . Or pan-fry 3 mi nutes on each si de i n smal l amount of
4. Season with sal t and pepper t o taste .
5. Serve garni shed wi th chopped parsl ey and l emon wedges .
NOTE: If desired, use prepared seasoned fish coating mix to coat sand dabs before
broiling, baki ng or pan-fryi ng.
Serves 3 to 4
% pouodsca||ops
% cuppats|ey, chopped
4 touodctackets, crushed
l c|oveqat||c, ptessed ( opt|ooa| ì
1 . Mi x scal l ops wi th parsl ey and crackers .
2 teaspooos me|tedbutter
2. Saute garl i c i n butter 1 mi nute : aqd to scal l op mi xt ure .
3. Spri nkl e wi th sal t and pepper to taste .
4. Place mi xt ure in smal l shal l ow casserol e : bake in preheated 350° F. oven 25
mi nutes .
NOTE: Yummy tasting!
Serves 6 (about 3/4 cup each) or ' o appeti zers
l { poundssca||ops, |tesh ot
l cupdry white w|oe
l sma||on|
n, pee|edaod
6 spt|qspats|ey
{ bay|ea|
l teaspoonsa|t
l can ( 2Y to3 ounces; s||ced
1 . Defrost scal l ops i f frozen .
6 tab|espooosbuttetot matqat| oe
% cupa||·putpose0our
l cupha||·aod·ha||
2 teaspooos|tesh |emon]u|ce
% teaspooo papt|ka
X cupGtuyetecheese, qtated
l eqq, beateo
Y cuptequ|atwheatqetm
2. Combi ne scal l ops . wi ne. oni on . parsl ey; bay leaf and salt i n medi um-si ze saucepan :
bring to a boil .
3 . ¸ Reduce heat and si mmer 5 to 7 mi nutes .
4. Drai n scal l ops . reservi ng l i qui d : sl i ce scal l ops and set asi de.
5. Remove onion, parsley and bay l eaf from si mmered l i qui d .
6. Drai n mushrooms. reservi ng broth : add broth to scal l op l i qui d. addi ng water. if
nece�sary. to make 2 cups .
7.   Mel t 4 tabl espoons butter in l arge saucepan : sti r in fl our . Add scal l op l i quid and hal f­
and- half : bri ng to a boi l .
8. Reduce heat and si mmer unti l sauce thickens. about 1 mi nute .
9. Stir in scal l ops. mushrooms. l emon j ui ce and papri ka : add cheese. sti rri ng unti l
10. Add egg sl owl y: si mmer 1 mi nute l onger . 1 '
1 1 . Fi l l scal l op shel l s or shal l ow rameki ns wi th scal l op mi xture .
1 2. Mel t remai ni ng butter: add wheat germ. mi xi ng wel l .
13. Spri nkl e wheat germ mi xture over scal l ops .
14. Place shel l s on broi l er pan : broi l unti l l i ghtl y browned . Serve pi pi ng hot .

Coquilles St.Jacques Parsienne
I can( I0} ounces)condensed
I cudrywh|tew|ne
} cupwater
2 tab|espoons m|ncedsha||ots
I sta|k ce|ery, cut|nth|rds
2 spr|qs pars|ey
I bay|ea|
5 peppercorns
Serves 8
¸ teasp

o sa|t
¦ teaspoonthyme, crushed
2 poundsbaysca||ops
} pound|resh mushrooms, s||ced
� cup0our
} cupm||k
2 eqqyo|ks, beaten
� cup heavycream
1 . Combi ne chicken broth, wi ne, water, shal l ots , celery, parsley, bay l eaf, pep­
percorns, salt and thyme i n l arge saucep

n; bri ng to a boi l .
2. Reduce heat and l et si mmer, uncovered, 1 5 mi nutes ; strai n . .
3. Return l
qui d to saucepan; add scal l o
s and mushrooms . Cover and si mmer 5
mi nutes .
4. Remove scal l ops and mushrooms ; set a�ide.
5. Quickly boi l remai ni ng l i qui d unti l reduced to 1 cup.
6. Mel t margarine i n medi ut size saucepan ; bl end i n fl our and cook over low heat
until mixture i s smooth and bubbly.
7. Remove from heat; gradual l y stir in mi l k and reduced l i quid.
8. Return to heat and bri ng mixture to a boi l , stirri ng constantl y; boi l 1 mi nute .
Remove from heat .
9. Combine beaten egg yol ks and heavy cream; gradual l y stir in 1/4 cup hot sauce.
1 0. Quickly stir egg-cream mixture back i nto remai ni ng hot sauce; return to heat 30
seconds , stirri ng constantly.
1 1 . Remove excess l i qui d from scal l ops and mushrooms ; pour sauce over scal l ops and
mushrooms, stirri
g together gentl y.
1 2. Spoon mixture i nto 8 scal l op shel ls O shal l ow greased baki ng di shes ; spri nkl e wi th
1 3. Place shel ls on broil er rack; broil 7 i nches from heat until sauce is bubbl y and top is
l i ghtly browned, about 5 mi nutes .
2packaqes( 1 0 ounceseach)
} teaspon sa|t
¸teaspoon pepper
} cup||our
Serves 4
2 eqqs
4 tab|espoonswater
1 cup||n
catsup (opt|ona|)
tartarsauce(opt|ona| )
1 . Thaw and drai n scal l ops .
2. Combi ne thyme , sal t and pepper wi th fl our.
3. Beat eggs unti l bubbl y ; add water.
' 4. Rol l scal l ops in seasoned fl our , di p in egg mi xture , then coat wel l wi th bread
crumbs .
5. Heat oi l to a depth of 3 i nches i n deep ski l l et or electric ski l l et to 370° F. , or unti l a
l -i nch bread cube browns in 60 seconds .

6. , Fry scal l ops unti l golden brown on al l si des , about 3 mi nutes .
7. Drai n wel l on absorbent paper . Serve wi th l emon sl i ces, catsup or tartar sauce .
NOTE: Great as first Ol main course!
¸ cupdtywh|tew|ne
I sma||on|on, pee|edand
Serves 1 to 2
1 . Combi ne water, wi ne, oni on and herbs ; bri ng to a boi l .
2. Add scal l ops; cook unti l firm and white.
3. Sprinkl e wi th l emon jui ce; serve at once.
NOTE: If desired, p(t scallops in small buttered casserole, top with buttered -bread
crumbs, and run under broiler a few seconds until crumbs are golden brown. Delicious!
Must use only fresh scallops.

¸ tab|espoonbuttet
3 |atqe c|oves|tesh qat||c,
¸ teaspoon qat|icsa|t
¸teaspoontattaqon, ctushed
Serves 2
¸ teaspoonqtoundpeppet
¦ cupdtywh|tew|ne
¸ pond|teshsca||ops
1 teaspooocotnstatch
¸ cupda|tysoutcteam
1 . Melt butter i n smal l saucepan . Add garl ic, garl i c sal t, tarragon , pepper and wi ne; stir
wel l and bri ng to a boi l .
2. Add scal lops ; saute 3 mi nutes .
3. Thi cken sauce wi th cornstarch; reduce heat .
4. When mixture stops boi l i ng, stir in sour cream.
5. Serve i n smal l bowl s .
NOTE: Al�o great as an appetizer!
I poundsca||ops
I2 mushtooms
I 2chettytomatoes
2 sma||zucch|n| , cut|nto
Serves 6
I teaspoon ot|q|na|wotcestet-

sh|te sauce
2 teaspoonsh
{ teaspoon
I tab|espoonsoysauce
% copme|tedbuttet I tab|espoonpats|e
, chopped
3cupshotcookedt|ce(opt|ona| )
1 . Alternate scal l ops, mushrooms and tomatoes on 6 skewers ; add zucchi ni piece to _ 
end of each kabob:
2. Combi ne remai ni ng i ngredi ents ; brush over kabobs .
3. Gri l l 3 i nches from coal s , brushi ng wi th remai ni ng sauce unti l done . Or oven-gril l ,
turni ng once .
4. Serve on a bed of hot steami ng rice, if desired
NOTE: Fine for dieters!
I ¸to2 pounds|resh scro
  % cupm|ncedqreen pe
% cupm|ncedon|on
I tab|espoonpreparedye||ow
I teaspoon or|q|na| worcester-
Serves 4
{ teasponTabascosauce
% poundbutterormarqar| ne,
p| usadd|t|ona|dots
2 cups0ne, so0breadcrumbs

2 tab|espoonsbesh|yqrated
Parmesan orRomanocheese

L Wipe fish with damp cl oth; cut i nto 4 servi ngs .
2. Combine green pepper , oni on , mustard, Worcestershire, Tabasco anc lemon j uice.
'. Mel t butter; stir in bread crumbs . Add to vegetable mixture, blendi ng wel l ; set aside .
4. Season fish liberal l y with salt and pepper; dot cut si de wi th addi ti onal butter .
5. Place fish, cut-side up, on foi l - l i ned broiler rack about 4 i nches from heat; broil 5
mi nutes. Turn fish; top evenl y with vegetable-bread mixture . Broil 5 to 7 mi nutes ..
l onger, or unti l fish flakes easi l y when tested with fork.
Sprinkle with cheese; broil l mi nute l onger.

2 poundsscrod0||ets
I cup 0ne-qradeo||veo||
qratedr|ndo|I |emon
2 |arqe|emons
¸ cuppars|ey,chopped
I |arqec|veqar||c, pee|ed
I teaspoondr|edbas||or2 tab|e-
I teaspoon sa|t
Serves 4 to 6
{ teaspoonbesh|yqroundb|ack
I |arqeon|on, pee|ed andm|nced
I ¸poundsredpotatoes, th|n|y
} cupParmesancheese, lresh|y
1. Place fillets i n shal l ow di sh that can be used to mari nate , saute , bake and serve.
  2. Combine olive oil , lemon ri nd, l emon j uice, parsley, garlic, basi l , sal t and pepper;
mix wel l .
3. Marinate fish in olive oi l - terb mixture 1 hour at room temperature, · turni ng fillets
4. Remove fish from mari nade; set asi de.
5. Cobk oni on and potatoes in same di sh over medi um- hi gh heat 20 mi nutes, or until
potatoes pre tender .
6. Spri nkl e 1/ cup cheese on top of potatoes ; place fi l l ets on top of potatoes ; sprinkle
rem�i ni ng cheese on top of fi l l ets.

7. Bake, uncovered, in preheated .00° F. oven, al l owi ng 10 mi nutes per inch of fish
thickness .
8. Sprinkle on garnish of freshl y chopped basil or parsley, if desired; serve at once.
Serves 6 to 8
� cup o||veo||
3 oo|oos, chopped
2 carrots, chpped
2 sta|ks ce|ery, chopped
1 qreeopepper, chopped
3 c|ovesqar|| c, crushed
1 teaspooooreqaoo
� cupchoppedpats|ey
1 cao ( 20 uoces)|ta| | aop|um
1 p|ntc|am]u|ce
] u|ceo|1 |emoo
p|ochsa||too, soaked| o2 tab|e·
spoonshotwatet 10 m| outes
1 cupdryshertyotSauteroe
2 ] umbo|obstetta||s,cut| o
|arqechuoks, she||saoda| |
1 % pouods]umboqteen shr| mp,
1 pound sca||ops, t|osedanddra|ned
1 % pouods0sh0||ets. bass,
ha||butorsoappet, cut|nto
2 dozeo||tt|eoeckc|amsor
musse|s, we||s¸ctubbed
sout douqh bread
1 . Heat oi l in l arge pot or Dutch oven ; add chopped vegetabl es, garl i c, oregano and
parsley. Saute unti l vegetabl es are tender . '.
2. Stir i n tomatoes , cl am j uice, l emon j uice and saffron- i n-water; bri ng to a boi l .
3. Lower heat and si mmer 1 0 mi nutes .
4. Add wi ne, sal t , pepper, shel lfi sh and fi l l ets ; cover pot and conti nue to si mmer,
stirri ng often , for 1 5 mi nutes, or unti l cl ams open .
5. Taste to correct seasoni ngs ; serve in l arge soup bowl s wi th sour dough bread .
NOTE: This classic French soup from Marseilles is delightfully filling. yet low i n calories.
For an i nteresting touch. add a small piece of orange peel during cooking.
Serves 4 to 6
2 pounds|resh 0sh orsea|ood
(choose one ora comb|nat|on
o|ha||but, sword||sh, corb|na,
bass, soapper, orpee|ed, deve|ned
rawshr| mp, |obsterorsca||ops)
2 tab|espoooso||veo||
I med|umon|on, pee|edand
2 or3 c|oves qar||c,ptessed
% teaspooosa|t
1 tab|espoooso|tbreadcrumbs
I sma||tomato, pee|edandchopped
¸ to ¸ cuppars|ey, m| nced
% cupdrysherry
¸ cupwater
2 cups hotcookedt|ce( opt|ooa| ;
1 . Saute fi sh or shellfisi n ol i ve oi l over medi um heat, j ust unti l del i catel y browned .
2. As soon as fi sh has started to brown , add oni on, garl i c, sal t and bread crumbs ; cook
1 mi nute .
3. Add tomato and parsl ey; l ower heat and si mmer 3 mi nutes .
4. Add sherry and water; si mmer, uncovered , 3 mi nutes l onger.
5. Serve al one or spoon over hot cooked rice .
NOTE: Delicious!

SuH& TuHKbobs
Serves 6
3 packaqes (8 ounceseach) |rozen
I ¸ poundsdarkorwh|terawbone-
|essturkey, cut|nto I-|nchcubes
2 qreenpeppers, cut|nto I -|nch
24 who|e mushrooms
I can ( I 0} ounces) condensed
¦ cupwater
¦ cupveqetab|eo||
I tab|espoon suqar
¦ cupv|neqar
I sm ||on|on, pee|edandqrated
I c|ove qar||c, mashed
I tab|espoonch|||powder
corn, roasted| nshucks
1 . Cut each rock l obster tai l , while frozen, · i nto 3 pi eces, shell and al l .
2. Thread rock l obster and turkey pi eces , green peppers and mushrooms on skewers.
3. Combi ne remai ni ng i ngredi ents ; pl ace skewers in shal l ow pan and brush heavi l y
wi th sauce . Let stand 1 hour .
4. Pl ace kabobs 6 i nches above grey coals ; broil 5 to 6 mi nutes on each si de, brushi ng
occasi onal l y wi th sauce unti l brown and crusty.
5. Serve at once with corn roasted in thei r shucks .
Oster·StuHed F¡lletsofSole
2 str|psbacon

I sma||on|on, m|nced
I can 8 ounces;water-pack¸ed
2 cupsso|tbreadcrumbs
2 tab|espoons|resh |emon]u|ce
Serves 6
1 . Fry bacon and oni on until oni on is tender .
I eqq
2 tab|espoonsm|ncedpars|ey
¸ teaspoonsa|t

6 0||etso|so| e, we|qh|nq
about I}to2 pounds
2. Drai n and chop oysters, reservi ng l4 cup l i qui d for sauce; combi ne oysters wi th
remai ni ng i ngredi ents except fi l l ets .
  3. Separate mixture i nto 6 parts ; place each part on a fi l l et and rol l up tightly. Fasten
ends with toothpicks .
4. Place rolled fillets i n buttered baki ng di sh; cover and bake in preheated 375° F.
oven 45 mi nutes, or until fish flakes easi l y.
2 tab|espoonsbutterormarqar|ne
2 tab|espoons0our
1 . Melt butter i n saucepan; add flour and stir .
% cupoysterreserved||qu|d
2. When mixture starts to bubbl e , add cream and oyster l i qui d, l i ttle by l ittl e, stirri ng
constantly until it becomes a smooth, thick sauce.
3. Pour over fi llets and serve.
Serves 6
6 sk|n|essandbone|essch|cken pepper totaste
breast ha|ves I cuppeachpreserves
6 (4 ounceseach) |rozen South \ ¸ cupchutney, chopped
A|r|canrock|obsterta||s I tab|espoonsoy sauce
I sma||nave|oranqe, cut|nto I tab|espoonw|nev|neqar
6 wedqes choppedsca|||ons (|orqarn|sh)
�a|ttotaste p|neapp|e s||ces (|orqarn|sh)
1 . Cut each chicken breast i nto 4 pi eces ; cut each rock l obster tai l crosswise through
shel l i nto 4 pi eces .
A • 
� Alternatel y spear chi cken pieces, l obster sl i ces and orange wedges on heatproof
skewers; spri nkl e kabobs on all si des with salt and pepper to taste.
3. Mix remai ni ng i ngredi ents. in a powl ; stir unti l wel l bl ended .
4. Pl ace kabobs 6 i nches above gray coal s ; gri l l S mi nutes .
S. Brush with sauce; turn and gri l l S mi nutes . Repeat and grill 2 mi nutes .
6. Serve kabobs garni shed with chopped scal l i ons and pi neappl e sl i ces , gri l l ed over
coals on a square of foi l after brushi ng with sauce .
7 . Heat remai ni ng sauce ; spoon over kabobs or serve as a di p.
Serves 4 to 6
Y cup 0ne-qradeo||veo||
I |a

qeye||owon|on, pee|edand
3 c|ovesqar||c, pee|edand

I |ar
e qreenpepper, chopped
I poundpork|o|n, cubed, or
sma|| chops
I to2 Span|sh-sty|echor|zo

I c|eanedbro||er-|ryer ch|cken
I poundqreenshr|mp,c|eaned
¸ poundc|ams|nshe||
¸ poundch|cken||vers(opt|ona|)
¸ poundsqu|d, c|eaned,tr| mmed
ands||ced(opt|ona| )
I can (8 ounces) tomatosauce
2 cupsch|ckenbrothorwater
I¸ cupsconvertedr|ce
Y teaspoonsa0on
sa|t totaste
cut|ntop|eces I can ( 4 ounces)p|m|entos, s||ced
qe( I0ounces)|rozenpeas,thawed
1 . Heat olive oil in pael l a pan. or large heavy ski l l et .
2. Add oni on , garlic and green pepper; cook unti l oni on is transparent .
3. Add pork and chorizo; cook until browned .
4. Add chicken, shri mp, cl ams , chicken l i vers and squi d; cook unti l shri mp begi n to
turn pi nk.
S. Stir in tomato sauce, broth and rice; add saffron and sal t to taste .
6. Arrange pimi ento strips over pael l a; si mmer about 25 mi nutes . Remove from heat ;
add thawed peas . Cover and let stand 10 mi nutes before servi ng.
NOTE: A fabulotus version of the. classic Spanish meal- i n- one. Chori�o gives the dish it
characteristic smokey flavor. Smoked turkey can be substituted, if desired, to make truly
Ufish- and-fowl treat!
I dressedshad, we|qh|nq3 pounds
¸ poundshadorherr|nqroe
% poundcrab•meat
Serves 6
2 tab|espoons marqar|

e orbutter
1 med|umon|on, th|n|ys||c

4 str|ps bacon
1 . Wash and dry fish thoroughl y; pl ce i n shal l ow, foi l - l i ned baki ng pa� . Open fish .
2. Mash roe; spread over bottom part of fi sh.
3. Remove carti lage from crab meat; spread over roe .
4. Spri nkl e with sal t and pepper; dot wi th margari ne .
5. Cl ose fish over stuffi ng; spri nkl e top of fish l i ghtl y wi th sal t and pepper .
6. Pl ace oni on slices, then bacon stri ps on top of fi sh; l oosel y cover wi th foi l .
7. Bake in preheate,d 350° F. oven 45 to 50 mi nutes, or until fish fl akes easi l y when
tested with a fork. (Be careful not to overcook. )
qratedpee|o|% |reshoranqe
% cup|resh squeezedoranqe]u|ce
¦ cupcorn o||
¦ cup m|ncedon|on
¦teaspoondr|edrosemary| eaves,
¦ teaspoondr|edthyme|eaves,
Serves 4
¦ teaspoonsa|t
I poundsharkorha||butsteak,
cut|n I -|nch p|eces, or
I poundsca||ops
Ioranqe, unpee|edandcut|n
I2 wedqes
I2 med|um-s|ze|resh mushrooms
hotcookedbrown r|ce (opt|ona| )
1 . Combi ne orange peel and j ui ce, oi l , oni on, rosemary, thyme and salt in shal l ow
di sh . .
2. Add fish, marinate 1 hour , stirri ng occasi onal ly. Or mari nate in tightl y seal ed pl astic
bag, turni ng occasi Cnal ly.
3. Arrange orange wedges, fish and mushrooms al ternatel y on 4 skewers . Pl ace on
broi l er pan ; broil 4 i nches from heat 12 to 14 mi nutes , turni ng and b�ushing
occasi onal l y with remai ni ng mari nade .
. 4. Serve al one or wi th hot cooked brown rice .
I cup o||ve orcorn o||
¸ cuphesh |emon]u|ce
1 tab|espoon or|q|na|worcester-
% teaspoonhesh|yqroundb|ack
Serves 4
¸ teaspoonqar||csa|t
2 pounds]umboqreenshr| mp,
1 . Combi ne oi l , lemon j uice, Worcestershire, pepper and garlic salt ; mari nate shri mp
i n sauce at l east 1 hour.
2. Gri l l on wire rack dver coal s 5 mi nutes per si de, or unti l shrimp turn pink. ( Do not
overcook. )
3. Serve with cocktai l sauce for dunki ng.
_ NOTE: Fine as appetizer or mai n course.
ShHmpCreolewthHce·WeatGem Rng
¸ cupon|on, chopped
% cupqreenpepper, d|ced
¸ cupce|ery, th|n|ys||ced
Serves 6 to 8
I c|oveqar||c, pee|edandm|nced
2 tab|espoonsb
tteror marqar|ne
2¦cups( I8 ounce can) tomato
I can(8ounces) tomatosau�e
I tab|espoonsuqar
I teaspoonsa|t
¸ teaspoonmar]oram|eaves,
I tab|espooncornstarch
2 tab|espoons water
I ¸pounds med|um-s|zeshr| mp
1 . Saute oni on, pepper, ce!'ery and garl i c i n butter over low heat unti l tender but not
brown, about 1 5 mi nutes .
2. Stir i n tomato j uice and sauce, sugar , sal t and marj oram; heat thoroughl y.
3. Combi ne cornstarch and water ; stir i nto tomato mixture and cook 3 to 5 mi nutes
;until thickened.
4. Stir in shrimp; heat mixture to servi ng temperature .
5. Fil l center of Ri ce-Wheat Germ Ri ng with shri mp and sauce; pour remai ni ng sauce
over ring. Serve i mmediately.
6 cupshotcookedr|ce §cuprequ|arwheatqerm
1 . Mix rice and wheat germ together ; pack i nto wel l -greased 6-cup ring mol d.
2. Unmold on serving pl ate .
Serves 4
I cup |rozenpancakebatter
¦ cupbeer
I med|um-s|ze qreen orredpepper,
2 cupsheshmushroomha|ves
2 cupscau||0owerettes
I |arqesweetpotato, cut|nto
soysauce(opt|ona| )
1 . Thaw pancake batter accordi ng to package di recti ons .
2. Combi ne batter and be�r; di p shri mp and vegetabl es in batter .
3. Fry in deep fat , heated to 375° F. , unti l shri mp and vegetabl es are gol den brown.
4 . Drai n on paper towel s ; serve at once with soy sauce, if desi red.
¦ cupchoppedqreenon|on
2 tab|espoonsm|nced pars|e
¸ cup|reez
-dr|ed mushrooms
2 tab|espoonsbutter or m
I poundcooked, she||edand
deve|nedshr| mpor2 cans(4¸
Serves 4 t o 6
ounceseach) c|eanedshr| mp, deve|ned
I can( I 0} ounces)Cheddarcheese
2 to3 med|um-s|ze Ca|||orn|a
|emon] u|ce
d|cedroasteda| monds
¸ cupcoqnac
4to6 serv|nqshotcookedand
1 . Saute green oni on, parsl ey 'and mushrooms i n butter unti l tender ; sti r i r shri mp and
soup. Cook over l ow heat 10 mi nutes , stirri ng now and then.
2. Meanwhi l e, peel and hal ve avocados; spri nkl e with l emon j uice .
3. Fi l l avocado shel l s with shri mp mixture; spri nkl e wi th al monds .
4. Heacognac; set aflame and pour over shri mp.

5. Serve- with hot cooked rice .
NOTE: Makes a spectac lar luncheon or di nner offering.
/ ´
I pound|resh]umboshr|mp,
¦ cupveqetab|eo||
I can(8ounces)bambooshoots,
tinsed and �ra|ned ¸
% cupch|ckenbroth
Serves 4
¦ cup drysherry
I teaspoonsoysauce
I teaspoonsuqar
¦ cupcooked ham, m|nced
I tab|espoond|st|||edv|neqar
1 . Cut shri mp l engthwise wi thout cutti ng all the way through to butterfl y; press flat  
2. Place wok or ski l l et directly on hot briquets in gri l l ; add oi l , bamboo shoots and
oni on, cooking and stirri ng unti l vegetabl es are tender .
3 . . Add shri mp, chicken broth, sherry, soy sauce and sugar, mi xi ng wel l ; cook until
shrimp turn pi nk.
4. Add ham, stir-fry briefl y.
5. Combi ne vi negar and cornstarch in smal l bowl to form a smo�th paste; add to
shri mp mixture, stirri ng constantl y unti l sauce is thi ckened and cl ear .
6. Serve spooned over hot cooked rice .
Seres 8 îO 10
nndorbacoo, d|ced
I pooodsmokedsaosaqe, cut|ochunks
3 t|bsce|eq, choppedcoarse|y
3 oo|oos,choppedcoarse|y
2 to4 copspee|edshr|mp
I can (I6ouoces)tomatoes,dra|ned
§ar|icsa|torm|ncedhesh §at|ic
I þcupswater
I copr|ce
1 . Render pork or bacon in a heavy cast iron Dutch oven without browning it.
2. Cook sausage. .
: |
3. Add celery and onions; saute until just soft. Remove with a sl otted spoon.
"4. Add shrimp; cook over brisk heat only until firm and wel l col ored, 3 to 4 minutes.
5 . . Remove shri mp. Do not pour off fat, · but boil down liquid until water has
evaporatedø (The grease wi l l begin to "pop. ")
6. Return vegetables, pork, sausage and shrimp to pot; add tomatoes and seasonings
to taste.
7. Stir to break up tomatoes, then add water j ust to cover solids.
8. Sprinkle rice over top; stir gently. (Add a little more water if necessary. ) '
9. AIICw mixture to boil , then cover and keep heat at medium, cooking until rice is
tender, 30 to 40 mi nutes .

Serves 4
Y cupcorno|| I med|umqreenpepperg cut|n]u||enne
¸ cup on|on,0ne|ychopped
2 tab|espoonssca|||ons, 0ne|ychopped
3cupstomato, cubed
2 pounds|resh shr| m, c|eanedand
deve| ned, or 1 pound|rozenc|eaned
shr|mp, thawed
¸ cupb|an
heda|monds, s||vered
1 teaspoonsa|t
¸ teaspoonwh|tepepper
¸ teaspoon qroundthyme
I tab|espooncornstarch
CoconutM|| k
1 . Heat corn oil i n ski l l et over medi um heat .
2. Add oni on and scal li ons ; saute , stirri ng frequently, unti l tender .
3. Add tomato, shri mp, al monds , green pepper , sal t , pepper, basi l and thyme; bring
to boi l .
4. Reduce heat and si mmer, stirri ng occasi on�l l y, 3 mi nutes, o� unti l shri mp begin to
turn pi nk and vegetabl es are tender .
5. Mix cornstarch with 2 tabl espoons of Coconut Mi l k to make a paste; add to
remai ni ng Coconut Mi l k. Stir i nto shri mp mixture.
6. Bring to boi l , stirri ng constantl y; boi l 1 mi nute. (If thicker consistency is de
sired, add
1 tablespoon cornstarch di ssol ved i n 2 tabl espoons shri mp mi xture . Bri ng to boi l ,
stirri'ng constantl y, and boi l 1 mi nute. )
7. Serve over hot cooked rice .
Makes 1  up
Ican(3¸ounces)0akedcoconut 1 % cups m||k ·
1 . Mix coconut and mi l k i n a saucepan; heat over low heat unti l mi xture foams , about
2 mi nutes .
2. Pour i nto a sieve and press out l i qui d.
3 pounds pan·dressedsme|ts or
thersma|| pan·dressed||sh,
¸ cupm||k
% teaspoonsa|t
Serves 6
I ¸cups0avored breadcrumbs
¦ cuphesh|yqrated Parmesan
% cup marqar|ne or butter, me|ted
L Thaw frozen fish; cl ean , wash and dry fish ,
2. Combine mi l k and sal t ; combi ne crumbs and cheese .
3. Dip fish in mi l k; roll in crumbs .
4. Place fish in a si ngl e l ayer in wel l -greased 1 5 x 1 0 X l - i nch baki ng pans ; pour
margari ne over fi sh and spri nkl e l iberall y with paprika .
5. ,ake in preheated 500° F. oven 8 to 10 mi nutes , or until fish flakes easi l y when
tested wi th a fork.
I poundheshorhozensme|ts,
spratsor s|m||arsma||0sh
3to4tab|espoons|resh| | m�
I teaspon sa|t
¸ teaspoon coarse|y qround b|ack
I eqq beatenw|th I tab|espoon
Serves 4
I cup 0our
I cup||nebreadctumbs
¸ cupsa|ado||
I cupwh|tev|neqar
I teaspoon bru|sedwho|ea||sp|ce
I cupth|n|ys||cedon|on
¸ teaspoonwho|epeppercorns,
scanttab| espoon suqar
crusty |ta||an or |rench bead
1 . Wash fish in water , mixed with lime j uice to cover; pat dry wi th paper towels .
Sprinkle with sal t and pepper; lay on paper towel s .
2. Dip fish, one at a ti me, i nto egg-water mi xture; l et excess egg-water mi xture drip off .
3: Mix flour and _bread crumbs together; dredge fi sh in fl our-bread crumb mi xture .
Press down , shake off excess, and return fish to paper towels .
4. Repeat unti l al l fish are coated .
5. Heat half the oi l in large fryi ng pan ; fry hal f the fish until gol den brown on both
si des . Remove from pan and set asi de .
6. Add remai ni ng oi l ; heat before fryi ng remai ni ng fi sh.
7 . Meanwhi l e, combi ne vi negar , 1 cup water , al l spi ce, oni on , peppercorns and sugar
i n smal l saucepan ; si mmer until oni on is tender .
8. Remove from heat; cool sl ightly.
9. Place fri ed fish in gl ass baki ng dish; pour mari nade over fish; cover and refrigerate
overnight .
1 0. Serve as a mai n di sh wi th crusty Ital ian or French bread and green sal ad .
NOTE: If smelt are not available, use whitefish fillets or lake trout, cut i nto l/2- i nch slices.
% cup sca|||ons, chopped
2 tab|espoonsbutter
2 r|petomatoes, chopped
3tab|espoons|resh || me] u|ce
2 tab|espoonsqreen ch||es,
Serves 4
1. Saute scal l i ons in butter until tender.
I tab|espoonpars|ey, chopped
{ teaspoonqar||csa|t
I poundredsnapper0||ets
2. Add remai ni ng i ngredi ents except snapper and l i mewedges; bri ng to a boi l .
3. Reduce heat ; si mmer 1 0 mi nutes .
4. Put snapper in sauce ; spoon sauce over fi sh. Cover and si mmer 1 0 mi nutes, or unti l
fish tests done wi th fork .
5. Serve on heated pl atter surrounded by l i me wedges .
NOTE: A terrific main dish served with bed of brown rice spiked with pi miento!
I pound red snapper0||ets  
I cup herb-seas
2 tab|espoonsdrywh|tew|neor
, Serves 4
X cupbutterormargar|ne
|emon s||ces(|orqarn| sh)
|resh pars|ey, chopped
(opt|ona| qarn|sh)
1 . Place fillts in 2- quart mi crowave-safe baki ng di sh wi th thi cker p�rts to outside , thi n
parts overlappi ng or folded under.
2. Cover fillets with croutons ; spri nkl e wi th white wi ne .
3. Mel t butter in glass measuri ng cup; pour over al l as evenly as possible .
4. Mi crowave, covered wi th waxed paper , on HI GH 8 to 1 0 mi nutes, or until fish flakes
easi l y when tested wi th a fork.
5. Garni sh with lemon sl i ces and chopped parsl ey. ~
NOTE: Salmon fillet can be nicely substituted for red snapper,
HedSnapperîtal¡ano 1
Y cupbutterormarqar|ne
¦ cuppeanuto||
]u|ceo|I |emon
I tab|espoon rosemary
4 redsnapper0||ets,
weiqh|nqabout I pound
Serves 4
I tab|espoon D|]on-sty|e mustard
¦ cup redw|nev|neqar
¸ cuptomato] u|ce
3 to 4dropsTabascosauce
(more, ||des|red)
1 . Heat together butter, peanut oil , l emon j ui ce and rosemary i n ski l l et until boi l i ng.
2. Add fish fi l l ets; cook briefly unti l fish turns opaque on first side .
3. Turn and cook briefly on reverse side .
4. Push fi l l ets to one si de of ski l l et ; add remai ni ng i ngredi ents, stirring to bl end .
5. Return fillets to center of ski l l et; cover, reduce heat , and poach 6 mi nutes , or until
fish tests done when tested with a fork, basti ng often with sauce.
6. Remove fish from pan to heated platter; keep warm.
7. Conti nue cooki ng sauce to reduce sl i ghtly.
8. Spoon sauce over hot fish to serve .
3tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 large potatoes, cut into
%-inch slices
l medium onion, sliced
I green pepper, sliced
salt to . taste
Serves 4
pepper to taste
I cup chopped, peeled tomatoes
3 tablespoons chopped parsley
% teaspoon tarragon leaves
4 anchovy fllets (optional )
4 cleaned and dressed spot,
each weighing 6 ounces
1. Combine butter with olive oil ; pour half the mixture i nto 13 x 9 x 2-i nch baking dish,
reserving the remainder for brushing.
2. Layer potatoes in d
sh  turning to coat both sides with butter-oil mixture.
3. Place onion and pepper slices over potatoes; brush with part of reserved butter-oil
4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Bake in preheated 475° F. oven 10 mi nutes.
5. Spoon tomatoes atop vegetables in dis
; brush with part of reserved oil mixture and
sprinkle wi th parsley and tarragon . Bake 10 mi nutes l onger.
6. Place fish atop tomatoes, putti ng an anchovy fillet i nside each fish, i f desired; brush
with remai ni ng oil mixture .
7. Bake 10 mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easily.
NOTE: Monkfish, rockfish or pollock can be used in lieu of spot.
I¸tab|espoons|emon]u| ce
2 tab|espooasbutter
Serves 4
% cupdry sherry
I teaspoon soysauce
2 spr|qspars|ey, m|aced
1 . Arrange fillets in broi l i ng pan : spri nkl e wi th part of lemon j uice and dot with butter.
2. Broil unti l fish begi n t o brown : remove from oven .

3. Combi ne remai ni ng l emon j uice, sherry, soy sauce, parsl ey and egg yolk; mix well .
4. Spoon over partial ly cooked fish; return to broiler unti l sauce begins t
5. Serve at once .
I¸tab|espoon|emon] u|ce
% cupChab||sw|ne
I ta|espoonsoysauce
I eqqyo|k
Serves 4
I |arqemushro
m, m|aced
I spr|qpars|ey, m|aced
I qreeaoa|oa, |ac|ad|aqtop,

1 . Broil sole with a few squeezes of fresh l emon juice unti l it starts to brown ; remove
from broi ler :
2. Combi ne remai ni ng i ngredients ; pour ' over fish.
;. Broi l until sauce begi ns t o bubbl e .
4. Serve at once .
F¡lletOÍSolew¡thGrapes& Mushrooms
3 pouads||||eto|so|e
2 cupsm||k
% cup butter
1 pounc sliced mushrooms
2cups grapes, preferably fresh
% cup four
Serves 6 lO8
I teaspoon salt
% teaspoon white pepper
% teaspoon celery salt
¸ cup buttered bread crumbs
¸ cup feshly gr�ted
Parmesan cheese
1. Cover sole with milk; cook over low heat 5 minutes.
2. Drai n, reservi ng milk.
3. Melt 1/4 cup butter ; add mushro
ms and saute 5 mi nutes.
4. Mix mushrooms and grapes together; place in casserol e.
5. Place sole over grape-mushroom layer.
6. Melt remai ni ng butter; bl end i n flour. Add reserved milk, stirri ng constantly, over
low heat until thick.
7. Add sal t, white pepper, a
d celery sal t; pour over fish i n casserole. Top with
buttered crumbs and Parmesan cheese.
8. Bake, uncovered, in preheated 400° F. oven 30 mi nutes, or until hot and bubbly.  
Serves 6
2 tab|espoonsbutter`ot marqar|ne I packqe( I 0ounces) |rozen
2 tab|espocns0our choppedsp|nach, cookedand
¸ teaspoo

sa|t we||dra|ned
Y teaspoonpapr|ka 2 tab|espoons qreen on|on, m| nced
I ¦ cupsm||k   I ¸poundsso|e, haddocko

I cup Cheddarcheese, shtedded 0oundet0||ets
qrated pee| and]u|ceo| ¸ |emon 3 cupshotcookedt|ce
1 . Mel t butter i n saucepan : stir i n fl our , sal t and papri ka .
2. Gradual l y add mi lk , stirri ng: cook over medi um heat , sti rri ng constantl y, unti l
thickened .
3. Add lz cup cheese, l emon peel and j uice : stir u ntil cheese melts .
4. Add 1/ cup cheese sauce to spi nach : add green oni on , stirri ng to bl end wel l .
5 Di vi de spi nach mi xture on fi l l ets : rol l up.
6. Pl ace each rol l , seam- si de down , i n shal l ow baki ng di sh: spoon remai ni ng sauce
over rol l -ups .
7 . Bake in preheated 350° F. oven 30 to 35 mi nutes , or until fish flakes easi ly when
tested with ô fork.
8. Top with remai ni ng cheese ; bake until cheese mel ts .
9. Serve rol l -ups on
bed of hot cooked rice: garni sh with l emon sl i ces.
I cup choppedon|on
% cupchoppedce|ety
2 spt|qspats|ey
4tab|espoonsI 00Xcotno||
I can(35ounces)lta||anp|um
Serves 8
I teaspoonsa|t
¸ teaspoonsuqat(opt|ona| )
% teaspoonwh|tepeppet
¸ teaspoontatraqon
2 pounds0||eto|so|e
add|t|ona| pats|ey(opt|n� qarn|sh)
1 . Saute oni on, cel ery and parsl ey i n 3 tabl espoons margari ne i n l arge saucepan unti l
tender .
2. Add tomatoes , sal t, sugar , pepper and tarragon; si mmer 1 hour , stirri ng
occasi onal ly.
3. Meanwhi l e, l ay fi l l ets on flat surface, darker si de up; brush lightly with remai ni ng
margari ne and spri nkl e wi th sal t and pepper .
4. Cut fi l l ets in half l engthwise; rol l up and stand on end i n 8-i nch square baki ng dish.
Brush wi th addi ti onal mel ted margari ne.
5. Bake in preheated 375° F. oven 30 mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easi l y. ]
6. Arrange fish on se'rvi ng pl atter ; spoon on tomato sauce and garni sh with addi ti onal
parsley, if desi red .
2 poundspan·dressed,zk|nned
hesh orhozen
, I teaspoon sa|t
¦ cupsuqar
I tab|espooncornstarch
Serves 6
I ¦cups|reshoranqe]u|

I tab|espoonoranqer|nd, qrated
I tab|espoonhesh |emon]u|ce
1 tab|espoon butteror marqar|ne
s||cedoranqe, avocadoandqreen
seedessqrapes (|or qarn|sh)
1 . Thaw fish if frozen; arrange · i n l i ghtly oiled shal l ow baki ng pan . Spri nkl e evenl y wi th
salt .
2. Mix together sugar and cornstarch in saucepan ; add orange j uice and cook, stirri ng
constantly, until cl ear and thickened.
3. Add orange rind, l emon j ui ce and butter; heat .
4. Brush fish with smal l amount of glaze; broil 3' to 4 i nches from heat for 8 to 10
mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easi l y when tested with a fork.
5. Garni sh platter with orange sl i ces, avocado sl ices and green grapes, as desired;
serve with remai ni ng sauce .
Oyster·StuHedF¡llets ofSole
2 str|psbacon
I sma|| on|on, m|nced
I can (8ounces)water-packed
oysters, dra|nedandchoped
(reserve ||qu|d)
2 cupsso0breadcrumbs
2 tab|espoons|resb |emon]u|ce
Serves 6
1 . Fry bacon and oni on unti l oni on is tender.
I tab|espoonsake
I eqq
2 tab|espoonsm| ncedpars|ey
¸ teaspoonsa|t
6 ||||ets o|so| e, we|qh|nq
aboutI }to2 pounds
2. Drai n and chop oysters , reserving l i qui d for Oyster Sauce; combine ciopped
oysters with remai ni ng i ngredi ents except fi l l ets . _

3. Separat� mixture i nto 6 part�; place each on a fillet and rol l up tightly. Fasten ends
wi th toothpicks .
4. Place rolled fillets i n buttered baki ng dish; cover and bake in preheated 375° F.
oven 45 mi nutes, or until fi sh flakes easi l y.
Oster Sauce
2 tab|espoonsbutteror marqar|ne
2 tab|espoons0our
¸ cupheavycreamorevaporated
% cupoyster||qu|d

1 . Melt butter in saucepan ; add fl our and stir .
2. When mixture starts to bubble, add cream and oyster l i qui d little by l i ttle, stirri ng
constantly until it becomes D smooth, thi ck SDUCC .
3. Pour over fillets and serve .
Serves 6
3 |arqec|eanedso|eor 0ounder l|orent|neStu|0nq
0||ets, eachwe|qh|nq6to8 ¶/teaspoonsa|t
¦ cup me|tedbutterormarqar|ne
1 . Thaw fi l lets if frozen .
2. Prepare Florenti ne Stuffi ng.
3. Divide fi l l ets i nto 6 servi ngs; spri nkl e wi th salt .
4. Place about 3/ cup stuffi ng on each fi l l et; rol l fi l l ets around stuffi ng and secure with
wooden picks or metal skewers.
5. Place turbans in a wel l -greased, shal l ow J l/-quart baki ng dish; drizzl e butter o�er
top of fish.
6. Bake i n preheated 350° F. oven 25 mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easi l y when tested
with a fork.
7. Garnish with pi mi ento strips and serve .
Makes 41/ cups
¸cup m|ncedce|ery
¸ cupme|tedbutter
I packaqe ( I0oaoces) chopped
bozen sp|nach (thawedbutnot
1 box(6¸ ounces) on|on and
1 eqq,beaten ¦ teaspoonthyme
% teaspoonwh|tepepper
1 . Cook celery i n butter unti l tender .
2. Combi ne with other i ngredi ents; mix wel l .
:  ' ¯
Sole Veroniqae
Serves 4
3 tablespoons margarine
2 tablespoons sliced green onions
I pound fllet of sole
I teaspoon salt
Y teaspoon white pepp�r
% cup water
¸ cup dry white wine
3 tablespoons four
}cup light cream
I cup seedless grapes

1. Melt 1 tablespoon margari ne i n large skillet; add green onions and saute 1 mi nute.
2. Place sole fi llets in ski llet ; sprinkle with l2 teaspoon salt and pepper.
3. Add water and wine t o skil let; bri ng t o a boil .
4. Cover, reduce heat, and si mmer 10 ri nutes, or until fish flakes easily.
5. Caref\lly remove fish to shal l ow casserole; keep warm.
6. Reduce cooki ng l i qui d in skillet to 3 cup; strai n reduced l i qui d and reserve.
7. Melt remai ni ng margari ne in skil l et; remove from heat and stir in flour and
remai ning salt .
8. Gradual ly stir in reserved cooking l i qui d and cream; bri ng to a boil over low heat,
stirring constantly. Cook 1 mi nute l onger.
9. Drain off any l
qui d whi ch has accumulated i n casserole wi th fish; pour sauce over
fish. Sprinkle grapes over sauce.
10. Bake in preheated 400° F oven 10 to 15 mi nutes, or until bubbly and lightly
� cup chopped mushrooms
2 tablespoons chopped onion
3 tablespoons butter
dash dill weed
¦cup chopped fresh parsley
Serves 6
% cup finely chopp�
California walnuts
6fllets of sole, weighing
a total of 1 % to 2 pounds
Mornay Sauce
1. Saute mushrooms and oni on i n 2 tablespoons butter; add 1/4 teaspoon salt , di l l ,
parsley and wal nuts .
2. Sprinkle sole with salt and pepper.
3. Divide mushroom mixture i nto 6 equal portions ; spoon on each fil l et and rol l up.
4. Place rol l - ups in buttered baki ng dish; mel t remai ni ng butter and brush over fish.
5. Bake in preheated 350° F. oven 1 5 mi nutes, or until fish is cooked through.
6. Serve topped with Mornay Sauce.
2 tablespoons butter
2% tablespoons four
I ¸cups milk
1 . Melt butter; bl end in flour.
% teaspoon salt
dash nutmeg
% cup grated Swiss cheese
2. Stir i n milk, salt and nutmeg; cook, stirri nq frequentl y, until sauce boils and is
thickened. Add cheese and
stir over low heat unti l cheese mel ts .
3 to4po

bo|||ng sa|tedwater
1 tab|espooabutter
I teaspoon 0our
¸ cupda|rysourcream
1 . Thaw squi d if frozen; cl ean .
Serves 6
¸ cup water
I tab|espoon|resh|emon]u|ce
I tab|espoond|||weed
dash suqar
2. Cook mantl es (body of squi d) i n boi l i ng salted water until tender; drai n .
3. Cut mantles i nto squares ; set aside.
4. Mel t butter in ski l let; stir in flour.
5. Combi ne sour cream and water; gradual l y add t o fl our mixture , stirri ng constantly,
until smooth and thickened. Add squi d, l emon j uice , di l l , sal t, pepper and sugar;
heat to serve pi pi ng hot .
NOTE: Great over toast point!
Serves 8 to 10
¸ cupo||veo||
6 c|ovesqar||c, pee|ed and
2 pouads squ| d, c|eaned andcut
|nto2-|nch str|ps
I cupdrywh|tew|ne
I |emon, ha|ved
I can(8ounces)tomatosauce
I pound cookedpasta, |ettucc|ne
1 . Heat olive oi l i n ski l l et ; add garlic and cook unti l gol den.
2. Add squi d; cook 1 mi nute .
3. Add oregano and wi ne ; cook lz mi nute l onger.
4. Squeeze j uice from l emon hal ves over mixture .
5. Add tomato sauce and Tabasco to taste; si mmer 1 mi nute l onger.
6. Serve over hot cooked pasta.
NOTE: If desired, use more garlic! Italians say, "The more the merrier!"
Serves 4 to 6
¸ copbotter ¸ cop drysherry
2pooodsswordl|sh, ha||bot, 2tab|espooos0oor
¸ cop m||k
sea bass or red soapper0||ets
¸ copcr�b meat
% cop s||ced cookedshr|mp
m| ocedpars|ey(lorgaro|sh) peppertotaste
1 . Melt butter in top of doubl e boi l er di rectly on cooki ng surface; add flour sl owl y,
stirri ng constantly.
2. Place top over boil i ng water : add mi l k and conti nue stirri ng unti l sauce thickens .
3. Add cheese, sal t, pepper and sherry, mi xi ng thoroughl y .
4. Place fillets , crab and shri mp in greased baki ng di sh; pour sauce over fish.
5. Cover and bake in preheated 350° F. oven 30 mi nutes, or unti l bubbl y.
6. Garni sh with parsley j ust before servi ng.
¸ cop soysaoce
2c|oves gar||c, pressed
2tab|espoooshesh |emoo) o|ce
¸ coplresh pars|ey, m|oced
I teaspooo oregaoo
¸ coporaogejo|ce
Serves 6
I teaspooo lresh|ygroood
¸ teaspooograted |emoo or
oraoge r|od
1 . Combi ne all ingredi ents except swordfi sh; pour over steaks .n shal l ow glass dish and
mari nate several hours, turni ng'once or twi ce .
2. When charcoal is ready, gri l l steaks , turni ng once and basti ng often duri ng grilli ng,
for 20 mi nutes, or until fish flakes easi l y with a fork. Top with Al mond Butter .
¸ cop sa|tedbotter
¸ copb|aochedwho|ea|moods,
I tab|espooolresh |emoo) o|ce
serves 6
¸ tab|espoooheshpars|ey,m|oced
1 . Mel t l4 cup b�tter over . low heat unti l foami ng and l ight brown ; add chopped
al monds and saute unti l l i ghtly toasted. Cool .
2. Place al mond butter mixture in food processor; add l emon jui ce, lz teaspoon
mi nced parsley and Worcestershire sauce and process 10 seconds .
3. Add remai ni ng butter; process briefly j ust to mi x.
4. Hold at cool room temperature. To serve, dol l op 1 to 2 tabl espoons al mond butter
on fish; spri nkl e wi th sliced al monds and remai ni ng parsley.
2 pooods t||e0sh 0||ets
2 copsbo|||ogwater
2tab|espoooshesh |emoo)o|ce
Serves 6
I teaspooosa|t
Oraoge-Grape 5aoce
1 . Cut fish i nto servi ng-size pieces; place i n wel l -greased 10-inch ski l l et .
2. Add boil ing water, l emon jui ce and salt ; cover and si mmer 8 to 10 mi nutes, or unti l
fish flakes easily when 'tested wi th a fork.
3. Careful l y remove fish to warm platter; serve wi th Orange-Grape Sauce.
Makes about 21z cups
I¸  tab|espooo corostarch
I tab|espooo sogar
% cop oraogejo|ce
I cao ( I I oooces) maodar|ooraoge
sect|oos, dra|oed
I cop seed|essgrapes
¸ copco|dwater 2 teaspooos grated oraoge r|od
1 teaspooolresh|emooj o|ce
1 . Combine cornstarch and sugar i n saucepan; stir i n orange j uice and water.
2. Cook mixture over l ow heat, stirri ng constantl y unti l sauce i s thick and smooth.
3. Stir in orange secti ons , grapes, orange ri nd and l emon juice; heat.

I cobarbecoe saoce (bott|ed

I tao|espooohesh |emoojo|ce
I teaspooo |emoor|od, grated
¸ copce|ery, chopped
¦ copoo|oo, chopped
Serves 4 to 6
ztab|espooospars|ey, m|oced
¸ copmargar|oe
I copdrybreadcrombs
I c|eaoed, dressedtrootor
wh|tehsh, we|gh|og
2 to3 pooods
1 . Combine barbecue sauce, l emon juice and l emon ri nd; mix well .
2. Saute vegetables in margari ne; add crumbs and 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce
• t
m� u�. .
3. Rinse and dry fish. Fi l l cavity with vegetabl e stuffi ng; tightly secure openi ng.
4. To cook outdoors, place fish on greased gri l l S to 7 i nches from hot coals (glowi ng) ;
brush with barbecue sauce mixture. Gri l l 1 0 mi nutes .
5. Turn and brush wi th sauce; gri l l addi ti onal 10 mi nutes, or until fish is fork-tender.
NOTE: To cook indoors, place fish in greased baking pan; brush wi th barbecue sauce
and bake in preheated 425° F. oven 20 to 25 minutes; brushing often with barbecue ·
Serves 4
¦ coppreparedye||owmostard
¦ copch|||saoce  
I teaspooosa|t
I oo|oo, m|oced
4 c|eaoedtroot,we|gh|og8to
1 . Combi ne mustard, chi l i sauce, brown sugar, sal t, oni on and Worcestershire in smal l
saucepan; si mmer 10 mi nutes.
2. Place fish in wel l -greased hi nged wire grill ; brush with sauce.
3. Grill S mi nutes on each side, basti ng occasi onal l y.
2 pooodsweak0sh or spottedsea
trooth||ets, lresh orhozeo
2 teaspooossa|t
2 th|os||ces|emoo
2th|os||cesoo|oo, separated
Serves 6
§ copwater
I tab|espooo m|xed p|ck||ogsp|ce
I teaspooo sogar (opt|ooa|)
I bay|eal
5oor Cream Dress|og
1 . Thaw fi l l ets if frozen . Ski n if necessary and cut i nto servi
ng porti ons .
2. Place fish in shal l ow 2-quart baking di sh; spri nkl e with sal t .
3. Arrange lemon and oni on over fish.
4. Combi ne vinegar, water, pi ckl i ng spice, sugar �nd bay leaf ; pour over fish.
'5. Cover and bake i n preheated 350° F. ov�n 15 mi nutes .
6. Remove from oven; cool fish in mari nade, then chi l l in refrigerator several hours .
7. Drai n marinade, and serve fish .on bed of lettuce or watercress ; top �ith Sour
Cream Dressi ng.
§ copda| ys�o cream I tab|espooolresh |emoojo|ce
2 tab|espoooschoppedr|peo||ves § teaspooo horserad|sh
Combine all i ngredients ; chi l l wel l before serving with fish. ì
I o 
NOTE: Weakfish is a very lean fish (94 calories per 1 00 grams) . Georgians call it
squeteague; North Carolinians prefer to call it gray sea trout. It's also available in Virginia
as sea trout. Weakfish refers to the delicate skin tissue around the mouth that get easily
torn by fishing hooks. This popular commercial and game/ish is a cousin of the well­
known spotted sea trout.
Trout Amondine

2 pouods sea troot0||ets,
heshorhozeo (thawed)
¸ cop0oor
I teaspoooseasooedsa|t
I teaspooopapr|ka
Serves 6
% copbotter or margar|oe,
¸ cops||ceda|moods
2 tab|espooos|emoojo|ce
I teaspooopars|ey, chopped
1 . Cut fish into servi ng porti ons.
2. Combi ne flour, seasoned sal t and paprika; rol l fish in fl our mixture.
3. Place fish, ski n-si de down, in wel l -greased 10 x 1 3-i nch broiler pan; drizzle 2
tablespoons mel ted butter over fish.

4. Broi1 4 i nches from heat 8 to 10 mi nutes, or until fi sh flakes easi l y when tested with
fork. (Do not overcook. )
5. Whi l e fish is broi l i ng, cook al monds i n remai ni ng butter until gol den, stirri ng
6. Remove (l mond butter from heat ; stir in l emon j uice, parsley and Tabasco.
7. Pour sauce over fish; serve pi pi ng hot .
Oen·FHedRainbow Trout
Serves 4
4 who|edressed, hesh orhozeo
ra|obowtroot (thawed)
botteror margar|oe, me|ted
I cao (8oooces) tomaosaoce
2 tab|espooosdrywh|tew|oe
I tab|espooo oo|oo, m|oced
¸ copcoro0ake crombs
3 tab|espooospeaootsorp|oe-
oots, 0oe|ychopped
I tab|espooopars|ey, m|oced
I teaspooocorqpowder
% teaspoooTabascosaoce
8caooed orhozeoaodthawed
1 . Ri nse trout wi th cool water; pat-dry with paper towel s .
2. Dip fish i nto I/4 cup melted butter, then i nto cornflake crumbs mixed wi th peanuts .
3. Place fish i n buttered baki ng dish.
4. Dip potatoes i nto melted butter and crumbs; pl ace i n pan wit trout .
5. Sprinkle leftover butter and crumbs over fish and potatoes .
6. Bake . in preheated 400° F. oven 20 mi nutes, or unti l fish flakes easily when tested
with a fork.
7. Meanwhi l e, combi ne tomato sauce, wi ne, 1 tablespoon butter, oni on , parsl ey,
curry powder and Tabasco in smal l saucepan ; bri ng to a boi l .
  8. Serve sauce wi th hot baked trout.
NOTE: Wonderful for hot- weather dini ng 
Tuna Soume


% cop m|ocedoo|on
3 tab|espooos0oor
¸ teaspooosa|t
¸ teaspooo ce|erysa|t
Serves 4
{ teasp`ooowh|tepepper
o cop m||k
2 eggs, separated
I cao ( 7 oooces) tooaßsh,
)o|ceol¸ |emoo
1 . Melt butter in top of doubl e boiler over direct heat ; add oni on and saute over direct
heat until oron is softened.
2. Bl end in flour and seasoni ngs .
3. Put top over boi l i ng water ; gradual ly add mi l k, stirri ng constantl y, and cook until
4. Beat egg yolks unti l thick and l emon-col ored; add to mixture; al ong wi th tuna and
l emon j uice.
5. · Fold in stiffly �eaten egg whites ; cover and cook over si mmeri ng water about 45
mi nutes, or until firm.
Fresh Tuna, Mediteranean Stle
1 _-pouodlreshtuoasteak

3tab|espooos lresh |emoo)o|ce
2 c|ovesgar||c, m|oced
I oo|oo, s||ced
Serves 4
I cop dry wh|tew|oe
booqoetgaro| . I spr|gpars|ey,
¸ teaspooothyme, �1 bay|eal,
7 b|ack peppercoros, t|ed
sa|tto taste
pepper totaste
I2 to16 r|peor Greek o||ves
(lor garo|sh)

m|ocedpars|ey (lor garo|sh)
1 . I mmerse tuna in boi l i ng salted, water with l emon j uice; si mmer 5 mi nutes.
2. Drai n and rinse steaks under col q water .
3. Heat oil in lar¡e ski l l et or Dutch oven; add tuna and remai ni ng i ngredi ents except
olives and mi nced parsley. Heat to a boi l .
4. Reduce heat and si mmer, uncovered, 10 to 15 mi nutes , or untiL tuna is fork-tender.
5. Remove tuna and vegetabl es with sl otted spoon to warm servi ng pl atter.
6. Reduce pan l i qui ds t o 3/4 cup by boi l i ng rapidl y over hi gh heat .
7. Remove and discard bouquet garni ; season to taste with sal t and pepper.
8. Pour sauce over tuna; garni sh. wi th ol i ves and mi nced parsley.

Dieters' Turbot Delight, Microwaved

Serves 4
I pooodtorbot, so|eorother
m||d wh|te0sh, h||eted
bottet-0avored sa|t
grooodwh|te pepper
choppedlresh pars|ey(lorgaro|sh)
|emoowedges (lor garo|sh)
me|tedbotter(opt|ooal )
1 . Ri nse fillets; pl ace i n shal l ow microwave-safe baki ng di sh.
2. Season to taste with butter-flavored salt and white pepper .
3. Microwave on HI GH 4 to 5 mi nutes . (If fish becomes opaque and hardly separates
i nto flakes i n center , let stand, covered, 4 mi nutes to complete cooki ng. )
4. Garnish with paprika , parsley and l emon wedges; season with smal l amount of
butter, if desired . Eat at once.
NOTE: Great with tossed green salad!
Caµe Witing Elegante
6 cape wh|t|ogh||ets, hozeo
% copo||ve o||
I |arge oo|oo, chopped
2 c|oves gar||c, chopped
I cao ( I6oooces) tomatoes,
I teaspooo sa0roo threads
2 cops oocookedr|ce
1 . Thaw whiti ng fi l l ets ; set asi de .
Serves 6
3 caos ( I3} oooceseach)ch|ckeo
I package ( I0oooces)lrozeopeas
sa|t totaste
I cao ( I I oooces)maodar|o
oraogesect|oos, dra|oed
I jar (4oooces)p|m|eoto,
2. Heat olive oi l in large ski l l et ; saute oni on and garlic until golden.
3. Stir i n tomatoes , saffron and rice; stir over l ow heat 5 mi nutes.
4. Stir in chi cken broth; si mmer 10 mi nutes or unti l rice is half-cooked .
5. Stir in peas and sal t and pepper to taste .
6. Spoon rice and l i qui d i nto greased 2-quart casserol e; set aside .
7. Spri nkl e sal t and pepper on fil l ets ; place, ski n- si de down, on table and top with part
of mandarin oranges and pi mi ento.
8. Rol l up fi l l ets and place on rice i n casserole, pushi ng rolls down i nto rice.
9. Ad�more orange sections and spri nkl e top with remai ni ng pi miento.
10. Cover and bake in preheated 375° F. oven 30 to 35 mi nutes, or until rice is tender,
l i qui d is absorbed, and fish flakes easi l y.
Cocktail Sauce
Makes about 1 1 cups
1 copcatsop
2 tab|espooostarragoov|oegar
1 tab|espo�o¸horserad|sh
1 tab|espooo m| oced oo|oo (opt|ooa|)
¸ teaspooo sa|t
1 tab|espooo m|ocedce|ery
1 teaspooo or|g|oa|Worcester-
sh|re saoce
1 . Pour catsup in l arge mi xi ng bowl ; add remai ni ng i ngredi ents and bl end wel l .
2. Chi l l wel l before servi ng
NOTE: For a variation, substitute chili sa
uce for catup and omit mi nced onion; add
chopped pimiento-stuffed olives .
. Dill Pckle Sauce
Makes about 1/ cup
· 2 tab|espooosm|ocedd|||p|ck|e
2 teaspooospreparedye||owmostard
Mix and bl end all i ngredi ents .
NOTE: Great with baked or broiled fish!
2 teaspooos|emoojo|ce
¸ coprea| mayoooa|se
Herbed Pear Sauce for Fish
1 hesh Ca||loro|a ßart|ettpear
3tab|espoooshesh |emoo or
1 % copswater
1 bay|eal
Y teaspooo thyme
Y teaspooce|eryseed
Y teaspooo gar||csa|t
lew dasheswh|te pepper
% copbotterormargar|oe
I¸ tab|espoooscorostarch
% cop choppedpars|ey
I ¸pooodshesh hshh||ets.
haddock, sa|moo, ha||botor
1 _ Pare, halve, and core pear; cut l engthwise i nto slices . Coat wi th .l emon j uice and set
2. Combi ne water, bay l eaf, sal t, thyme, cel ery seed, garlic sal t and pepper i n
saucepan; bring t o a boi l .
3. Si mmer, covered, 1 0 mi nutes; strai n.
4. Mel t butter in same saucepan; bl end in cornstarch, then stir in hot l i quid. Cook,
stirring; until mixture comes to a boi l and is thickened.
5. Mix in pears, al ong with l emon j uice; heat through.
6. Just before servi ng, add parsley.
7. Serve over hot cooked fish fi l l ets .
Makes scant 3/4 cup
§ copd|cedcocomber
% cop mayoooa|seorsa|ad
% teaspooosa|t
% teaspooopapr|ka
dash wh|te pepper
1 teaspoooIresh|emoo) o|ce
1 . Combine and mix i ngredi ents wel l .
2. · Cover and refrigerate unti l ready t o use.
NOTE: Great on baked or broiled fish!
Makes about % cup
§ op soheoedbotter
2 dashes Aogostoraaromat|c
) o|ceol¸ |emoo
% copb|oecheese, cromb|ed
2 tab|espooosm| ocedhesh ch|ves
1 . Cream butter with fork unti l smooth; work Angostura and l emon j uice i nto butter
unti l spreadabl e.
2. Stir in bl ue cheese and chives .
3. Serve as sauce wi th l ean white fish (South Afri can cape whi ti ng or others) .
Makes about % cup
¸ copbotter
1 ¸ tab|espooos Iresh |emoo) o|ce
% teaspooo dr|edtarragoo, d|||or
geoeroosdash wh|tepepper

or wh|tes
1 tab|espooochoppedhesh
1 . Heat butter with l emon j uice, tarragon and pepper in smal l ;aucepan unti l bubbly .
2. Add sl owly to egg yolks, beati ng constantl y wi th wire whisk.
3. Stir i n parsley .
NOTE: Great with poached salmon!
N¡ppyCheese Sauce
Makes about 1 1/4 cups
§ cop sk|m m||kortomato) o|ce §teaspoooor|g|oa|Worcester-
¸ pooodsharpprocessedAmer|cao sh|re saoce
cheese, cot|o|arged|ces dashTabascosaoce
1 . Put mil k i n top of doubl e boi ler; add remai ni ng i ngredi ents .
2. Cook over boi l i ng water until cheese mel ts, stirri ng constantl y .
NOTE: Great over baked or broiled fish or as accompani ment to sc<lloped tuna or
salmon casserole.
Lemon Butterw¡tVaHat¡ons
Makes 1/ cup
3 tab|espoooslresh |emoojo|ce § copbutter
1 . Cream slightly softened butter; add l emon j uice, a little at a time.
2. Serve on top of fish.
1 . Melt butter; add 1/4 cup ground al monds .
2. Reduce l emon j uice to 1 teaspoon and add to butter-al mond mixture.
3. Serve hot with fish or seafood.
Orawn Butter{ar¡at¡on}
1 . Mel t butter ; al l ow sal t in butter to settle .
2. Pour off oi l i nto smal l hot cups. Great with broil ed or boi l ed l obster!
1. Brown bu.ter .  
2. A�d1/3 teaspoon origi nal Worcestershire sauce, al ong with l emon j uice .
Roast OsterSauce{aHat¡on}
1. Reduce butter to 2 tablespoons .
2. Add 4 drops Tabasco sauce and 2 tablespoons fi nel y grated oni on al ong with l emon
juice; mix

el l . Serve pipi ng hot

ith oysters.
��¯� ��

Tarar Sauce
Makes about 1/4 cup
4tablespoons real mayonnaise
I tablespon chopped sweet
gher in
1 tablespoon chopped stufed
1 tablespoon cream
1. Place mayonnaise i n mixing bowl ; add gherki n and olives, blending wel l .
2. Add enough cream to obtain desired consistency.
3. - Chil l before servi ng.
.  Sauce Vere
Makes 2/ cup
Y cup dairy sour cream I teaspoon fesh lemon juice
Y cup mayonnaise % to ¸ teaspoon salt
2teaspoons chopped green onion % teaspoon dill weed
generous dash Tabasco sauce
Combine ingredients; mix thoroughly.
2. Chill at least 1 hour to bl end flavors .
NOTE: Delicious served with hot or cold salmon.  
Maitre d
Hotel Butter
% cup butter
1 teaspoon salt
Y teaspoon white pepper
1 . Cream butter until fluffy
Makes about 1/ cup
1 tablespoon chopped fesh `
1 % teaspoons fesh lemon juice
2. Add sal t, white pepper and parsley; mix wel l . Work i n l emon juice sl owly.
NOTE: Great with broiled or baked mild whi te fish.
ZIppyHoreradish Sauce
% cup prepared horseradish,
% teaspoon salt ·
Makes about 1 cup
Y, teaspoon white pepper
I tablespoon vinegar
% cup heavy cream, whipped
Combine horseradish, salt, pepper and vi negar. Fold i n whipped cream.
NOTE: Great on baked white fish or salmon!




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