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M.A. / M.Sc. / M.Com. (Previous/Final) M. Phil and Professional Examination 2012



1. The requisite amount of fee payable by a candidate shall be deposited in the college affiliated to this
University for onward transmission to the University. The application form and fee, if sent directly to
this office shall not be entertained under any circumstances.
2. Candidates appearing in uncleared paper (s) of M.A. M.Sc. (Maths) and M.Com. Previous alongwith the
Final Examination are required to fill in only one application form. Such candidates's are required to pay
the fee in addition to the fee prescribed for the M.A. M.Sc. (Maths) and M.Com. Final Examination.
3. Every candidate shall affix one miniature size (bust) of his/her recent photograph duly attested by the
forwarding officer concerned on the application form. Students are not required to fill in admission cards.
4. The application form must be accompained with the following
(i) Prescribed fee (as mentioned below)
(ii) Photo copy of Certificates and Mark-sheet(s) of the qualifiying examination showing
to have passed, duly attested by the Principal of the college or Head of the deptt.
(iii) Enrolment form and Migration Certificate (if not already enrolled in this University)
(iv) The following fee is prescribed for the examination.

Fee Payble For P.G. Courses & Professional Courses (2011-12)

S.No Class / Course Reg Ex NC
1 M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com (Prev.) 750 940 1130
2 M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com (Final)
Addl./ord-169-E(i) 0-215/238/0-250
970 1130 1250
3 M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com (Final)
(With due paper(s) of prev./ord-169-E(ii)
1190 1380 1510
4 M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com (Final)
(With due paper(s) of Final only)
-- 770 970
5 M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com (Final)
(With due paper(s) of Prev. only)
-- 770 970
6 M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com Under ord. 169-D -- 1920 2050
7 P.G.D.C.A. 970 1160 --
8 M.Sc.-Computer Sc./M.Sc.-IT/M.Sc. Bio-
Tech./M.Sc. Remote Sensing/ M.Sc-
Communication MCM / MCA Pt.I
1160 1280
9 M.Sc.-Computer Sc./M.Sc.-IT/M.Sc. Bio-
Tech./M.Sc. Remote Sensing/ M.Sc-
Communication / MCM / MCA Pt.I
(Final) Additional/ ord. 169E (i) ord.
215/ord-238/Ord. 250
1470 1660
10 M.Sc.-Computer Sc./M.Sc.-IT/M.Sc. Bio-
Tech./M.Sc. Remote Sensing/ M.Sc-
Comm./ MCM / MCA (Final) (With
due paper(s) of Prev. / Ord. 169E (ii)
1800 1980
11 M.Sc.-Computer Sc./M.Sc.-IT/M.Sc. Bio-
Tech./M.Sc. Remote Sensing/ M.Sc-
Communication / MCM / MCA
(Final)/ due paper(s) of Final only

12 M.Sc.-Computer Sc./M.Sc.-IT/M.Sc. Bio-
Tech./M.Sc. Remote Sensing/ M.Sc-
Communication / MCM / MCA (Final)
due paper(s) of Previous Only

13 M.Sc.-Computer Sc./M.Sc.-IT/M.Sc. Bio-
Tech./M.Sc. Remote Sensing/ M.Sc-
Communication/ MCM / MCA
(Prev.Final) Ord. 169-D)

14 D-Pharma Part I & II 1280 -- --
15 D-Pharma Part II (With due paper(s)) 1920 -- --
16 M.B.A. (day time) part-I 1020 1160 --
17 M.B.A. (day time) part-II 1160 1280 --
18 M.B.A. (day time) part-II with due
paper(s) of part-I
1350 1470 --
19 D.C.W.A./ Diploma in Sales & Marketing
& other Diploma/ Certificate Course
770 910
20 M.Ed. & M.Ed. (Elementary Pt. I & II) 1020 1160 --
21 Diploma in Labour Law/ Criminology 830 1000 --
22 L.L.M. Part- I,II 770 910 --
23 L.L.M. Part- II (With due paper(s)) 1020 1160 --
24 M.Phil 1310 -- --
25 M.Sc. (Prev) Food and Nutrition / Micro
Biology / Pharmaceutical Chemistry /
Applied Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry /
Envrionmental Studies
1160 1280 --
26 M.Sc. (Final) Food and Nutrition / Micro
Biology / Pharmaceutical Chemistry /
Applied Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry /
Envrionmental Studies
1350 1470 --
27 M.Sc. (Final) Food and Nutrition / Micro
Biology / Pharmaceutical Chemistry /
Applied Chemistry / Bio-Chemistry /
Envrionmental Studies (With due
papers of prev. / ord. 169-E(ii)
1730 1850 --
28 P.G. Diploma in Heritage Tourism and
Hotel Mangement / Dietetics and
Institutional Food Services /
Instrument-ation and Laboratory
Technology and all other PG Diploma
770 910 --
29 B.Ed. / B.P. Ed./ B.P. Ed (one year) 770 910 --
30 B.Ed. Secondary Iyear (TwoYear) 770 910
31 B.Ed. Secondaray IIyear (Two Year) 770 1160
32 LLB I, II, III year 830 1000
33 LLB I, II, III year (with due papers) 1000 1130
34 B.Sc. B.Ed. Pt. I 550 910
35 B.Sc. B.Ed. Pt. II 650 910
36 B.Sc. B.Ed. Pt. III 770 910
37 B.Sc. B.Ed. Pt. IV 800 1160

Note : In addition to Exam. Fees Rs. 100 per candidate is to be charged towards Development
Fee from Regular / Ex / Non-Collegiate vide letter no. 5716-824 dated 2.08.2005.

Exam. Fees for Courses (Semester Scheme)

S.No. Courses Reg. Ex. Dev. Fee
38 M.B.A. (E.P.) Semester-I 650 770 50
39 M.B.A. (E.P.) Semester II 650 770 50
40 M.B.A. (E.P.) Semester III 650 770 50
41 M.B.A. (E.P.) Semester IV 650 770 50
42 M.B.A. (E.P.) Semester V 650 770 50
43 M.B.A. (E.P.) Semester VI 650 770 50
44 M.B.A, M.B.A. (E&FBM) Semester- I 650 770 50
45 M.B.A, M.B.A. (E&FBM) Semester II 650 770 50
46 M.B.A, M.B.A. (E&FBM) Semester-III 650 770 50
47 M.B.A, M.B.A. (E&FBM) Semester-IV 650 770 50
48 M.B.A (Bus. Eco.) Semester I 650 770 50
49 M.B.A (Bus. Eco.) Semester II 650 770 50
50 M.B.A (Bus. Eco.) Semester III 650 770 50
51 M.B.A (Bus. Eco.) Semester IV 650 770 50
52 M.A. Semester I, II, III, IV (For Each
650 770 50
53 M.Sc./ M.Sc.Comp.Sc (LE), M.C.A (LE.) &
MCA Semester I, II, III, IV, V & VI
(For Each Semester)
760 900 50
54 MJ(M.C.) Semester I, II, III, IV (For Each
650 770 50
i - i - i - i - . .. . l^i i ~ i ili ln si aa, ln^i i ii r | n --- -i- i l-nn in r
ra, ln --- l i nil - si ln^i aa, l^i i ~ i ili -i in
ri | r i ~ iii i ~ lnln ri ni|
z zz z. .. . For Due Paper(s) Rs. 680/- examination fee will be charged extra. It will be applicable
for all Semesters where due paper(s) / scheme is applicable.
No candidate who is not enrolled in the University will be allowed to appear at any examination
of the University. Those who are not yet enrolled, should therefore, submit their enrolment
application from (blank form enclosed) duly filled in together with the Original marksheet and
Original Migration Certificate, forwarded by the Principal of the college concerned of the
University from which they appeared last with the application form for admission to the
Note : Candidates should note very cerefully that if they fail to get themselves enrolled on account of
non submission of enrolment application fee and/or migration certificate (if required) and/or
original documents in support of passing the qualifiying examination alongwith the application
form of the examination. They may get themselves enrolled upto 30
September without late fee
and after on payment of late fee of Rs. 50/- upto 31st December 2011 and after 31
Dec. on
payment of special late fee of Rs. 100/- failing which they will not be permitted to take the
examination in any case.


Candidate who have obtained Graduation Degree are eligible to appear at the Post Graduate
(Previos) Exam. 2012.


4. Non-collegiate (Private) candidates are allowed to offer only such subject(s) or paper(s) for the
examination as are given in the enclosed list of papers. (Where there are no practicals.)

Note :
(i) Candidates are allowed as Non-Collegiate (Private) candidates to appear at the M.A./M.Sc.
(Mathematics) M.Com. Examination in the following subject, provided that they fulfil other
conditions as required under the rules.

1. English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Philosophy, History Economics, Political Science, Hindi, Sociology,
Sindhi, Public Administration.
2. M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics only.
3. M.Com. Accountancy and Business Statistics, Business Administration, Economic
Administration & Financial Management.

5. (a) The candidates, who have passed their qualifying examination from the University other than this
University situated in Rajasthan or any other University are required to submit a declaration from
the University to the effect that the university had no-objection in his/her passing the
examination while living in Rajasthan.


6. (Ord. 215 for M.A. Ord. 238 for M.Sc. (Maths) and ord. 250 for M.Com.)
A candidate who has passed M.A/M.Sc. (Maths)/ M.Com. Examination of the University may
also appear in additional optional subject/paper(s) prescribed for examination and not taken by
him/her earlier, subject to provisions laid down in the Ordinances mentioned above, provided
he/she is not registered for any other examination of the University in the same year. Such
candidates will be examined according to the Course prescribed in the Subject/paper(s) for
respective examination of 2011.

7. 169 (E)
(1) A Candidate who has passed any examination of the Bachelor's Degree
(Pass / Honours) Course in Arts / Science / Agriculture / Commece or of the Degree Course or of
the M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. course of the University and desires to improve his performance may be
permitted to re-appear at the same examination in the same subject(s) paper(s) in the immediately
following year on the following conditions.
(i) He shall not re-join a college for the purpose.
(ii) He shall, as a rule, be examined according to the scheme & syllabus in force.
(iii) He shall re-apear in all theory papers as well as the practical/Viva (Wherever
A candidate who had offered dissertation (where prescribed) shall submit a fresh
dissertation on a new subject or offer a paper in lieu there of.
(iv) His result shall be released only if he obtains more marks in the aggregate than those
obtained by him in his previous attempt and thus improves his performance. In case the
performance of the candidate does not improve, his earlier performance will stand.
(v) He shall not be included in the Merit List.
(vi) Only one chance shall be given to a candidate for improvement of performance under
this Ordinance.

(2) A candidate who has passed his M.A./M.Sc./M.Com (Previous/Final) Examination and desired to
improve his performance by reappearing in any one or two theory paper(s) only of his choice
shall be permitted to do so only in the immediately following year according to the syllabus in
force, provided that he must have secured atleast 36 marks in each of the remaining
papers/practicals./dissertation/ Viva, he shall submit, alongwith his application form his original
marks-sheet of the Examination concerned. The Marks obtained by him in each such paper shall
be taken into account provided that they are more than his/her previous score and his/her result
shall be revised accordingly. Such a candidate will not be included in the Merit List.

(3) A candidate who desire to reappear at the examination under the above provisions must submit
his application on the prescribed form with the prescribed examination fee and other fee by the
last date fixed for the purpose duly forwarded/countersigned by the same office who had
forwarded it at his last appearance at examination.

(4) A candidate who improves his performance shall submit to the University his original marks-
sheet of the preceding examination and also the Degree (in case of improvement of division at
the final Year Examination) along with marks fee of Rs. 50/- within 3 months from the date of
declaration of his result for issuing a fresh marks-sheet and a fresh degree. If the degree is
already in the custody of the University, he shall intimate this fact to the University.

Note : A candidate who reappears at the Part I/First Year examination to improve his performance in
only the optional subject (s) prescribed for the Examination will also be eligible to reappear
simultaneously in such qualifying subject (s) as are yet to be cleared by him.
8. Candidates are not permitted to appear at two main Examination of the University in one and
same year, (Ord. 168 A)
9 . For detailed information with regard to eligibility and other condition as item number 8 to
11 the candidates are advised to consult relevant ordinance. In case they are found inligible
according to the provisions of the aforesaid ordinances, they will not be permited to appear
at the examination and their application form will be rejected. No excuse about the
ingorance of any rule will be accepted.
10. Non collegiate candidates shall not be allowed to appear at the M.A./M.Sc. (Previous/Final)
Examination. Wherever practical examinations are involved.
11. The examinations centres will be at the following places :
(i) For M.A. / (M.Sc. (Maths) and M.Com.
Ajmer. Beawar, Gangapur, Bhilwara, Jalore, Deedwana, Pali, Falna, Jaisalmer, Tonk,
Barmer, Kishangarh, Nagaur, Bijainagar, Kekri Kuchaman City, Kukar & Sanchore (Only
for Regular).
Note : Centre once opted shall not be allowed to be changed subsequently in any case.

12. Candidates have the option of using English or Hindi Medium for answering question papers at the
examination. They should mention the medium which they want to use for the purpose.
Note : Candidates are not allowed to use any other medium for answering papers. Any candidate using a
medium other than English or Hindi for answering a question paper would make his appearance
in examination in that paper liable to be cancelled.

13. The Date of University Examination of 2012 will be announced later on.
14. No candidate shall be permitted to withdraw his application form and ask for refund of his/her fees after
the same has been received in the University office. However in the case of candidate whose application
form is rejected by the university due to any reason, the examination fee only excluding application
form fee. registration, late fee, if any and compulsory deduction or Rs. 10/- shall be refunded after
deducting the M.O. Commission at his/her home address.
15. Candidates should wait for the result of their application upto the end of February 2012. No enquiries
from them before that date will be attended to. In case nothing is heard from the University Office by
February, 2012 they should enquire about the same immediately.
16. While writing to this office about their application form, Candidates must give their full address. the
name of examination alongwith the faculty (Arts or commerce) Subject and the centre opted for the
examination failing which the communication will not be attended to.
17. (i) M.A./M.Com & M.A./M.Sc. (Maths) Previous & Final Examination of 2012 will be conducted as per
scheme and syllabus contained in 2012 edition of the syllabus.
18. Candidates who have passed the B.Com. Degree exam. of the University or of any other University shall
be permitted to appear at the M.Com. Previous examination in any group but those candidates who
have passed the (i) B.A./B.Sc. Degree examination obtaining atleast 48% Marks in the aggregate or (ii)
M.A. degree in Economic of this University or any other University shall be eligible for the M.Com.
Examination in Economic Administration & Financial Management Group only and they are not
eligible to appear in M.Com. ABST Group and M.Com. Bus. Admn. Group.
19. The request for the change of Faculty/Paper(s) Examination centre will not be entertained after
the receipt of the application form in the University office in any circumstances.
20. Candidates should carefully note that photo which they want to affix on the application form should be
signed by the same officer only who certifies their residence certificates.
21. Those candidates who belong to Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe should write S.C. S.T. OBC or SBC
as the case may be, at the space provided in the application form.
22. Candidates who have been enrolled in this University should mention their Correct Enrolment No. on
the application form, which their result of the concerned examination will be withheld by the University.
Those candidates, who have migrated from the University after enrolment in the University and now
desire to appear at any examination of the University should attach their migration certificate of the
University from where they have passed the last qualifying examination. They will be required to submit
the Fresh Enrolment form and its fee again. They should mention their enrolment number of this
University at the space provided for this purpose in the application form.
23. Candidates who have not receive their Permission Letter at least a fortnight before the date of
commencement of examination should immediately contact the university to enquire about the same. In
many cases the Permission Letter do not reach the address intime due to postal delay.
24. Candidates should carefully note that after receipt of Permission Letter, they should check whether they
have received all original documents sent along with the application form. In case they do not receive
their document (s). they should write to this office within a fortnight after which no such request will be
25. No candidate is supposed to offer a paper which is not in accordance with the scheme prescribed for that
examination and included in the list of paper enclosed with application form and in case he does, so no
cognizance of it will be taken if it has inadvertently appeared in the Permission letter Issued to the
26. For any anomaly in the papers, candidate has to refer and get cleared/completed the same before
commencement of examination.
27. The Syllabus, if needed for ensuing examination of 2012 can be purchased from M/s Alka Publications,
Purani Mandi, Ajmer 0145 2426301, Ajmer.
28. Candidates appearing in M.Phil. examination are requested to see ord. 123 V and syllabus of concerned

Controller of Examinations
Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University,