of intern): I am pleased to offer you an internship as (title of position) for a period of (length of internship not to exceed one year), (name of division), (name of department), (location). Your internship becomes effective on (starting date) and ends (ending date). You will report to (name, title, department and location of supervisor). This appointment, effective (start date) and ending (date) carries with it a standard probationary period of six months/one year. This offer is contingent upon your graduation from // program at //college/university. You must provide me with copies of your transcripts and your diploma/degree as soon as you receive them from your college/university. Your salary will be $//,/// per annum, representing Step 1, Pay Range // of the Collective Agreement or Excluded Pay Schedule. In addition, you will be eligible for a northern allowance of $/,/// per annum. In accordance with the Collective Agreement or Excluded Handbook, 1.92% will be deducted from you pay bweekly. This deduction will cover the five (5) Mandatory Leave Without Pay Days that you are required to take. Please see your Human Resource Practitioner for more details on Mandatory Leave. The Government of the Northwest Territories, recognizing the health hazards associated with tobacco smoke for smokers and non-smokers alike, does not permit the smoking of tobacco in any form by its employees in the work place. It is important that you contact the Compensation Administrator at (867) ///-//// as soon as possible to make arrangements for the completion of your pay documentation if this has not already been done. You can assist in this matter by completing the attached Employee Information Request form and bringing this form along with copies of your own and dependent’s birth certificates and marriage certificate (if applicable) for presentation at your documentation appointment. Salary is paid bi-weekly and your cheque is computer processed, therefore it is important that we complete documentation as soon as possible to meet payroll deadlines. …/2

Sincerely. If you agree with the above conditions. you will be required to complete an exit interview at the end of your internship. Name Staffing Practitioner Attachments ACCEPTANCE OF APPOINTMENTS I accept the offer of internship on the terms and conditions outlined. Congratulations on your internship. please contact me at (867) ///-////. Feedback obtained from the exit interview will be used to make improvements to the internship program. Should you have any questions concerning this job offer.Page 2 (Name of Intern) – job offer As an intern. ________________________________ Signature __________________________ Date cc: Compensation Administrator. The original of this letter and job description are attached for your records. please indicate your acceptance by signing the second copy of this letter and return it to my office. Hiring Department CHRS .

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