Strange Happenings in Walton County, GA

A Liminal Analytics Case Study Presented by Modern Mythology.Net

Erase from your mind history channel dramatizations. experiences recounted in a shared word between friends. At around midnight the phone rings awakening us both from our sleep. what’s up? It’s been a long time”. translucent tales of strange happenings in Walton County.”Hello?” “Hey man. here are two raw case studies in the form of personal recollections from folks I’ve met while acclimating to the new office. the kind with pictures of the players and cheerleaders. These are stories straight from the mouths of their tellers. Stories act as a well of meaning where we can sink a whisper of some local memory. it’s easy to miss the importance of mundane encounters.graveyards. One evening David and I had been out with some friends. GA) “Growing up. ungarnished. The other night while walking through the alley out back I heard hints of a passionate and unnerving country version of Purple Rain emerging from that bar. All three of us went to school together. and return to the simple act of storytelling that has always been the center of Fortean investigation. structured narratives underlie our common lives. Georgia. as kids it seemed forever away.” “It had been a little over a year since we had last heard from Brandon. I’ve been spending time at Liminal Analytics new Georgia office. We were what most would call pretty tight. proof we’re face to face with the regularity of everyday anomalies here. and went off together on the weekends. The Circle That David Drew (Source: C. meaningful. All three of us kept in touch as much as possible. Barts. I hear David say. We had each others’ back. We encounter them every day. personal recollections gathered while investigating the borderland between real and imagined. In honor of those local memories laying at the base of all expositions of anomaly. inept experts parading through . and about a million ads from local businesses. He and his family eventually moved out of the school district to the other side of the county. family and strangers. There was a pause and then he said “Well hang on one second let me get something to write your number on and I will call you back tomorrow”. but that eventually faded away until communication was almost nonexistent. With the rise of communication technology. television psychics emoting around an asserted haunting. played baseball on the same teams. shadows playing past events. Walton County. David and I went one way and Brandon went another. stories seeping from the walls louder than karaoke at the local bar down the street. As with most friendships at school. Even the most powerful myths existed first as stories. subtle glimpses of a possibility that strange. While it wasn’t that far. coordinated incidents measuring a slow rhythm in time. and I ended up at his house to crash for the night. and I had a mutual friend named Brandon. I hear some papers shuffling on the night stand in between the two beds as David pulls a high school football program from the pile. my best friend David.

” She hangs up the phone and walks in where we are parked on the couch. She looks pale. “Nah. I say. Around mid-morning David and I were just sitting in the living room watching television when the phone rings. He looks at his mom and says. We here bits and pieces of the conversation and hear more than a few times “Oh.” The next morning came on fairly uneventful. we sat there until our bus come. There was Brandon’s name and phone number written on an ad page for the very funeral home where his body would lay in rest. because to me not to believe in the unknown is to not believe in God. now I believe in the Lord too strong to be worried about any of that. The circle that David drew around Brandon’s info also included the exact location. “He just called me last night…” while shuffling pages looking for his number. “You’re not going to believe it. watch…” So we did.” . Bye. All we could do was stare at one another in disbelief. With tears in her eyes she whispers. but early this morning Brandon was shot and killed by his step father…” and tells us of the proposed funeral arrangements. GA) “I believe in the unknown. we’ll let this one pass. He emerges with the football program he’d grabbed the night before when Brandon had called.” He said. draws a circle around it and says. whole time the man just stands there with his back to us. they say that folks born like that can see things. of the funeral home his service was held at. What I find I can’t believe. that’s a ghost. Walton County. but I know he’s there and I can see him working. writes Brandon’s name above it. Suddenly a look of terror overcomes David’s face as the book falls to the floor. I believe in ghosts because my daddy believed in them. Now some people are afraid of ghosts. he used to heal kids with the thrush. out of many in the county. My daddy he said “Now wait. I can’t see him ‘neither. We were sitting there in shock when suddenly David bolts up to his room. My daddy said “That’s a ghost…” And I said “Now how in the world can that be a ghost? That’s a man standing there solid as me. I will call you tomorrow.” Born With A Veil (Source: Preston. writes down a phone number.He flips open a page in the dark. “David what is it?” and his only reply is “Holy crap!” I pick up the book and begin to look for the number myself. we’re going to sit here until his bus come. he was standing with his back turned to us so you couldn’t see his face. “Got it. and he tell me “Look over there…” Pointing to a man standing across the street at the other bus stop. my gosh. This time his mom answers from the other room. One time we was at the bus stop. I tell them. He was born with a veil over his face. they don’t like to talk about them none. You ain’t never gonna see his face.

My daddy he come out and said “Boy. When it drove away. We had an apartment in Atlanta. they threw him out. My sisters had to go get the furniture and all the stuff. and after that he just left the place and wouldn’t go back in. and I hear someone screaming “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!” real loud.” When he was a boy they used to bring kids over with the thrush to see him. now if somebody been there I’d a seen ‘em. http://liminal-analytics. One night I hear something kick at the balcony door and it bust open. Not that strong. it don’t mean no harm. no matter what. Now I tell you I ain’t seen him get on. I run out there on the balcony and I’m looking down all over the alley. it was up on the second floor. We was two stories up. I ain’t seen nothin’ like that since he passed. he blow three times in their mouths and they was supposed to get healed. feel someone pass. He seen something there one time. but I never seen him get on the bus. My daddy say “Now watch…” The lights inside the bus was bright. you know. you see it. and I . still that man never did turn or move. just leave it alone. you know. There was a balcony off the back.” He moved in one place. and they weren’t so peaceful. but you look again and there ain’t nothin’ there.” LIMINAL ANALYTICS: APPLIED RESEARCH COLLABORATIVE Case Studies Series ~:~ Specializing in the unattended. I ain’t messin’ with that. but he was gone when it left. He told me that it used to work back then. he tell them “I ain’t gonna go back.So we did. but I ain’t seen nobody. you know. It’s just a ghost. we sat there until his bus come. They can have the furniture and all the rest. he was gone. They said peoples born with a veil could do things like that. invisible & overlooked. but no stairs coming up to it. but sometimes you see those things out of the corner of your eye.

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