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An Analysis on the Indonesian Translation of Race: Social Concept, Biological Idea by Nazara Labiba

The translator mostly used literal translation method. Its a slightly advance method from wordto word translation, because literal translation method changes the structure of words. Take this sentence as example: Race, in the common understanding, draws upon differences not only of skin color and physical attributes but also language, nationality, and religion. Ras, dalam pengertian umum, didasarkan bukan hanya pada perbedaan warna kulit dan ciri-ciri fisik, tetapi juga pada perbedaan bahasa, kebangsaan, dan agama. As we can see here, the translator chose the basic equivalents in target language, but there are changes of structures in this sentence, this kind of thing must be done because the grammatical differences between the SL structures and TL structures. This method can be used if a translator wanted to be faithful to the text. And from her translation here, I can see her trying to be faithful when she delivered the author message into TL. In certain part of the text, the author used scale of generality and difficulty, like this kind of sentence: Biological anthropologists have intensively studied and described biological variations that exist in the human species. Antropolog biologi telah mempelajari secara mendalam dan menjelaskan variasi biologis yang ada pada spesies manusia. The SL is using an educated scale, the word like biological and anthropologists are widely used in educational area. The translator successfully delivered the SL into TL without losing this particular scale. We can sense the educated scale on the TL the same as we can sense it on the SL. She also used faithful method of translation in certain sentences. Usually, after the faithful words, she would add some kind of description about that word, inside a bracket. This can be seen in these particular sentences: A second explanation is called gene flow. Penjelasan kedua adalah gene flow (aliran/pemindahan gen,tr.)

After the Civil War people from these two populations were able to marry in some states, Setelah Civil War (Perang Saudara, tr.), orang-orang dari kedua populasi tersebut dapat menikah di beberapa Negara bagian

The third process genetic drift a phenomenon that occurs from one generation to another Proses ketiga disebut genetic drift (hanyutan genetik), fenomena yang terjadi dari generasi ke generasi From the examples above, the translator used faithful translation method and then added up some descriptions. She used this kind of method because she was confused whether to translate those words or not, because those words are common terms in SL. So, she finally concluded to insert the description as well, to aid the reader understand better throughout the texts.