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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Hoda Gaafar Hassan Hammad. Telephone Number: 0147414663-0179713831 Address: Diamond Mall,tower B , 5th,flour, flat 8, 7thregion , 6 0ctober city , Giza, Egypt. E-mail:

Permanent Address: Objective:

Personal Information:

1 Seddki st. Berket El fel Sayeda Zeinab Cairo Eygpt Dental Specialist for Esthetic & Restorative dentistry. Seeking a Placement that requires utilization of aquired professional skills with direct contribution to the profitability & growth of the organization while pounding the opportunity to advance to words higher levels of responsibilities Date of Birth: October 12th 1971 Sex: Female Marital status: Unmarried Religion: Muslim-Suni Citizenship: Egyptian Languages: Fluent Arabic Very good English Very good Frensh Height: 165cm Weight: 68kg Fine Average body Dental Specialist of Restorative Dentistry " Operative dentistry ; Endodontic , Crown & Bridges" .

Work Experience

Misr University for Science Assistant lecturer of dental Biomaterial and operative and Technology: dentistry.Must University. 6 october city- Cairo-Egypt
April 2010-now

King Fahd General Hospital:

April 2004 Marsh 2010

Responsible for Evaluation of the Medical & dental condition of patients specially the medically compromised patients. Making the treatment plan for the cases needing complete mouth rehabilitation Esthetic dentistry "Bleaching Veneers, others, Dental intraoral Surgeries " mild & moderate cases"

Training of Students " dental students and dental assistants" Training of the inturn dentists and the inturn dental assistants. Dental treatment using general anesthesia for handicapped patient, uncooperative children & adults. Infection control & applying the standard international. .Dental specialist for restorative dentistry & esthetic dentistry .Dental surgeries mid and moderate cases .Fixed & Removable Prosthodontic . Periodontic Al Mostakbal Hospital : Jeddah - KSA 1 May to 1 Jun 2009 " part time " Ebla Clinic : Sari st. Jeddah - KSA 1 July to August .2008 1 July to 1 August 2007 "part time " Al Hanan Dental Clinic: Heraa st. Jeddah KSA 1 Jun to 1 July 2007 1Jun to 1July 2006 " part time " Jeddah Dental Center : Makarona st. Jeddah -KSA 1 July to 1 August 2005 " part time " Najd Clinic: Aliskan st.- Jeddah KSA 1 Jun to 1July 2005 1 February to 1 April 2005 " part time" Dental Specialist for Restorative dentistry Complete mouth treatment. Minor and moderate old surgeries. Esthetic dental Treatment. Dental Specialist for Restorative dentistry. Fixed and Removable Prosthodontic. Periodontis & Periodontal surgery. Mild & moderate dental surgeries. Treatment of patient under general anesthesia. Dentist , then Dental Specialist Restorative Esthetic Density Since 2001.

Salamat Clinic:
16 August 2003 to 8 May 2004

Saudi German Hospital:

Riyadh - KSA
15 September 2001 to 25 April 2003

National Institute for Diabetes:

Kasr El Aini- Cairo Egypt
October 1995 to 2001 (unpaid leave)

EL-NIL Badrawi Hospital:

Maada Cairo Egypt
1997-1998(Part time)

Dentist & general practionner.

International Dental Center:

AL-jamaa st. Cairo- Egypt
1996-1997 "part time"

Dentist & general practionner.

Cairo University Hospital:

Cairo Egypt


Summary of Qualification
2006 2001 Part A of MFDS Royal Collage of surgeons of Edinburgh. Uk . Master in Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry -Faculty of Dentistry -Cairo University -Egypt Bachelor of Oral Medicine and Dental Surgery. Faculty of dentistry -Cairo University- Egypt. High School Diploma. Saint Vincent De Paul College - Cairo -Egypt .