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Hispanic Pulse
May 25, 2007 Hispanic Police Officers Association


Hispanic Police
First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Director Robert Parker in Officer's Association
identifying true leaders within our ranks. His recent appointments clearly show
the direction the Miami-Dade Police Department needs to take in order to 1470 N.W. 107th Avenue
mirror the demographics of our community, and these appointments are a clear Suite P
Bill Hernandez reflection in accomplishing that goal. That being said, I would like to Doral, Florida 33172
congratulate our new leaders.
Assistant Director Oscar Vigoa Chief Sheila Thomas Email:
Chief Victor Ramirez Major Greg Terp
Chief Frank Vecin Commander Robert Sitko
Major Alex Casas The Hispanic Pulse
Major Arturo Loynaz We are on the Web:
Major Carlos M. Garcia
Major Veronica Ferguson
Additionally, I would like to congratulate those individuals, who took time out of their busy We are available 24
schedules, studied hard for the promotional process, and accomplished their goal. For that I
commend the following HPOA members on their promotion:
Major Richard Amion 1st Lieutenant Saima Plasencia HPOA HOTLINE
Captain Delma Noel Pratt 1st Lieutenant Gustavo Duarte
Captain Darin Rock
(786) 924-0100
Captain Jose A. Fernandez
Captain Ronald Rebozo Association Attorney's
Captain Margo Wright
Captain Carl Wright Mark Seiden
Lieutenant Carlos Espinosa Master SergeantPamila Johnson
Lieutenant Richard Mestre Sergeant Pete Taylor Tim Martin
Lieutenant William Hellman Sergeant Javier Rodriguez
Lieutenant Mike Kirkland Sergeant Ronell Middleton Toby Soto
Lieutenant Ricardo Rodriguez Sergeant Yolanda Lombrage
Lieutenant Glenn Lester Sergeant Monica Diaz Joel Kaplan
Lieutenant Denise Bernhard Sergeant Daniel Santana
Lieutenant John E. McLaughlin Sergeant Warren Williams
Larry Ploucha
Lieutenant Jorge Carreno Sergeant James Johns
Lieutenant Alain Sanchez Sergeant Eddie Valdes
Lieutenant Gadyaces Serralta Sergeant Waell Farraj Al Milian
Lieutenant Lisa Villa Sergeant Helly Caraballo
In speaking of individuals who have accomplished their goals, I want to congratulate Antonio Next meeting:
Palau on his recent retirement. Retired Lieutenant Palau was honored at our last meeting and was Monday, June 25, 2007
given an Honorary Medallion from the association for honorably serving the HPOA for more than at 7:30pm, at the
twenty five years. Congratulations!!!!!!! Doral Park Country Club
If anyone of our members is retiring anytime in the near future, we want to hear from you and located at
honor you in the same way. Please e-mail me at with your information. 5001 NW 104 Court
Message From The President (Continuation)
Last month Assistant Director Naim Erched spoke at our SECRETARY
meeting. He mentioned several issues the Department will face
in the coming years. He states that those issues can only be
A Degree of Wisdom
resolved with commitment and foresight. Therefore, it is up to us
to mentor our members. We need to guide them, teach them, and The Miami-Dade County’s Tuition Refund
help them get promoted. The HPOA has dedicated itself for Program was adopted by the Board of County
years in helping our members get promoted. Now I ask you, Eric Garcia Commissioners on August 27, 1963 to
those who have benefited from the HPOA to reach out to encourage County employees to improve their
someone and mentor them through the promotional process. effectiveness by obtaining additional training and education. In
my opinion police officers have one of the most dangerous jobs
Don’t stop there. Mentor those individuals who just got in the world. To do it well requires guts, brains, maturity and
promoted. Look at the list of names I have provided and reach heart. Two years of college, four years, even 10, will not in itself
out to them. I know it is no easy to give up your spare time to turn anyone into a gifted police officer. But that doesn’t mean a
assist someone, but think how you felt when you first got college education is of minimal value in policing.
promoted. Wouldn’t it have been great to have a mentor who you
Good police work demands good to excellent reading,
could call and get advice from or answer a simple question? I am
writing, decision making and speaking skills. Math is essential
sure you would have appreciated their assistance. Now it’s time for accident investigations; ability to work with the latest
for you to be that mentor. technology is necessary, too. But college is also good for an
We are still accepting applications for this year’s HPOA officer in another sense; it helps to enlarge his or her perspective,
Scholarship. In fact, the Honorable Mayor Carlos Alvarez counteracting the depression and isolation that tends to darken
(retired HPOA member) has provided an additional $5,000 of and shrink an officer’s world into us versus them. College also
helps people map the vastness of their own ignorance, inspiring a
discretionary funds to assist our members’ children with
desire to learn more, or at least a certain humility. It helps to
additional scholarship. I sincerely thank Mayor Alvarez, Denis cultivate flexibility and versatility.
Morales, and the mayor’s staff for all of their hard work and
commitment to the HPOA. Deadline for this year’s scholarship is Police officers need a degree of wisdom that college alone
Saturday, June 30, 2007. You can simply apply by downloading can’t provide. But college can help both individual officers and
the application from our website and go to police organizations such as the HPOA flourish. I strongly urge
the documents page. There you will find the application. If you all of you to take advantage of the County’s tuition refund
have any questions, please feel free to contact me at program and if anything else it’s five percent more that you’re
making and a requirement if you are considering going up the
ranks. Please visit the following site for more information on the
For those of you who have been asking about our new office Tuition Refund Program,
space, it is moving along very well. With the help of Joe tuition_refund.asp or contact Veva Dennis at the Training Bureau.
Gonzalez, Eric Garcia, Arnold Palmer and his son, Rene Avila,
On May 29th the HPOA will be hosting an Internet Safety
Rene Bello, Amy Alvarez and I, the office was moved from our presentation which will be presented by the Sexual Crimes
old location to our new one. Eric has had the locks changed to Bureau, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit. The presentation
Medco locks and we are now in the process of demolition. With will inform parents on Internet Safety, computers, chat rooms,
a little help and good fortune, we should be moving in sometime and social networking sites such as Myspace. I strongly urge all
in the late summer. Though I will keep you informed. members, along with their spouses, to attend and learn how to
keep the children and teens in your life safer both on and offline.
Domino Tournament So take advantage of what your organization is offering for the
This was one of our best tournaments ever. We raised nearly safety of your children
$10,000 for Pat Pedraja and we had the pleasure of having Pat
and Willy help us throughout the entire event. Over 120 people
showed up, contributed, danced, and won incredible prizes. I
would also like to congratulate our Domino Tournament winners. President Secretary
Bill Hernandez Eric Garcia
First Place Tony Carvajal and Rene Bello
Second place Ariel Rodriguez and Enrique Perez
First Vice- President Treasurer
Third Place Jose Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Iglesias
Hiram Rodriguez Arnold Palmer
Lastly, I want to remind our members that La Liga Contra
Cancer Telethon is Sunday, June 3, 2007. For those of you who Second Vice-President Sergeant At Arms
have volunteered to help with security, I want to personally Jose R. Gonzalez Alex Alfonso
thank you for you time and commitment.

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MESSAGE FROM that taxable values even if you sell that residence and
purchase a new one. For the consumer, it sounds great.
THE SERGEANT The problem is that it is not good for government
AT ARMS funded agencies.
The county is funded through various revenues
The last meeting was held on April streams. The largest one is called the “General Fund”.
Alex Alfonso 30, 2007 at the Doral Park. During the It is funded primarily through taxes that are collected
meeting Morgan Stanley conducted a very informative from the Unincorporated Municipal Service Area
presentation regarding retirement and various (UMSA, aka unincorporated Miami-Dade County) and
investment plans. A large amount of our members were Countywide (all municipalities within Miami-Dade
in attendance seeking guidance and advice. County). The Department consequently is 85%
General funded. In essence, the lower the amount of
We are still searching for volunteers. One of the revenues that come in each year, the smaller the
major complaints that we have heard over and over General Fund becomes.
again, is that members have a hard time getting
information about organization events and news. We The first thing that we must acknowledge is that
have come long way updating our website, primarily “this is not a test”. The prospects of budget reductions
through the efforts of Bill and Eric, but sometimes that are more than likely, but the degree and intensity of
is not enough. We are asking for members, ideally two the cuts are what remains to be seen. In a best case
from each locations of assignment within the scenario is that the impacts will likely reduce overtime,
department, to volunteer to become HPOA District operating and capital expenditures. Simply that means
Representatives. These representatives would be less GSA supplies, less toys (computers, distinctive
required to attend monthly meetings and disseminate polo shirts, wireless air cards, new furniture) and yes,
pertinent information back to the rest of the members unfortunately less overtime.
of their respective assignments. It is our hope that this However we must be vigilant. The more progressive
would encourage member participation and make this the tax roll-back the more amount of revenues that will
organization better for all of us. Any one interested not be collected or be available. If that trend continues,
may contact Alex Alfonso at, Eric additional reductions will be sure to follow and we
Garcia at, and Bill Hernandez at may all need to prepare to tighten our belts. Hopefully Remember with out you we have this will not be the case. Historically, public safety is
no organization. generally the last to receive such severe reductions and
County, you can cut what ever you want, but don’t in many cases usually end up in a state where no
touch my budget!!! growth occurs until financial climates improve.

Over the last few weeks, all of the elements within Despite all of these looming challenges, we must
the county have been asked to review their FY 07-08 continue to do what we do best and that is to serve and
budget submissions and assess the impacts of the protect. What can you do? Be calm, watch what
pending tax reform legislation by the governor, the happens during the legislative special sessions and be
house and the senate. more informed.

But what does this all mean? How will we be Below are few links to websites about the reforms
impacted? Will we still be employed? and how other smaller local governments are
attempting to address these financial challenges:
For those of you who don’t know, there are three
major proposals being discussed on capital hill by the Florida Property Tax Reform Committee
governor, Christ, the House, and the Senate. Each
proposal would provide tax relief to all property National Center for Policy Analysis
owners in Florida. One of the proposals deals with a
“Tax-roll back”. If this was to come to fruition, our 236
taxable property values would be reverted back to what Florida House of Representatives
it was between 2000-2005. In addition, there is
another proposal that would provide for unlimited tegory=WebSite&File=property_tax_reform.htm
portability of the assessed taxable value of you Florida Counties Association
homestead residence that would allow you to maintain

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Doral, Florida 33172 MIAMI, FL.