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NURS 2516 Clinical Medications Worksheets

(You will need to make additional copies of these forms)

Generic Name Trade Name Classification Dose Route Time/frequency

clonidine Catapres Antihypertensive 0.2 mg, 0.1 Patch, 1 patch every sat, po bid
mg po
Peak Onset Duration For IV meds, compatibility with IV drips and /or solutions
Po 2-4 hr Po 30-60 min Po 8-12 hr
Patch unknown Patch 2-3 days Patch 7 days
Mechanism of action and indications Nursing Implications (what to focus on)
(Why med ordered) hypertension Contraindications/warnings/interactions
Stimulates alpha-adrenergic receptors in the CNS; which Hypersensitivity
results in decreased sympathetic outflow inhibiting • Epidural--injection site infection, anticoagulant therapy, or
cardioacceleration and vasoconstriction centers bleeding problems
• Prevents pain signal transmission to the CNS by Serious cardiac or cerebrovascular
stimulating alpha-adrenergic receptors in the spinal cord disease
• Renal insufficiency
• Geri: Appear on Beers list due to increased risk of orthostatic
hypotension and adverse CNS effects in geriatric patients (↓
dose recommended)
Common side effects
CNS: drowsiness, depression, dizziness, nervousness,
CV: bradycardia, hypotension (increased with epidural),
GI: dry mouth, constipation, nausea, vomiting,
GU: impotence,
Derm: rash, sweating,
F and E: sodium retention,
Metab: weight gain,
Misc: withdrawal phenomenon,

Interactions with other patient drugs, OTC or herbal Lab value alterations caused by medicine
medicines (ask patient specifically) May cause transient increase in blood glucose levels
○ May cause decreased urinary catecholamine and
Additive sedation with CNS depressants , including alcohol , vanillylmandelic acid (VMA) concentrations; these may
antihistamines , opioid analgesics , and increase on abrupt withdrawal
sedative/hypnotics ○ May cause weakly positive Coombs' test result
• Additive hypotension with other antihypertensives and Be sure to teach the patient the following about this
nitrates medication
take clonidine at the same time each day, even if feeling well. All
routes of clonidine should be gradually discontinued over 2-4 days
to prevent rebound hypertension, Advise patient to avoid driving or
other activities requiring alertness until response to medication is
known, Caution patient to avoid sudden changes in position to
decrease orthostatic hypotension.
Instruct patient on proper application of transdermal system. Do
not cut or trim unit. Transdermal system can remain in place during
bathing or swimming
Nursing Process- Assessment Assessment Evaluation
(Pre-administration assessment) Why would you hold or not give this Check after giving
• Monitor intake and output ratios and daily med? Decrease in blood pressure
weight, and assess for edema daily, especially at BP and pulse is low
beginning of therapy
• Monitor blood pressure and pulse frequently
during initial dosage adjustment and
periodically throughout therapy.