"SPLASH DOWN FALLS" Written by Ryan Budds (708) 228-7392

EXT. WATERPARK ENTRANCE - DAY It’s a scorching summer day in the Land of Ooo. Our heroes FINN and JAKE saunter into a water park sweating and punching the sky with excitement. FINN Jake, are you as pumped as I am to ride the new ride this year? JAKE Pumped? Dude, I’m about to explode with the giddies. He tenses up, inflating his body to a throbbing tightness while holding his breath. He exhales, collapsing back to normal size. FINN Splash Down Falls. What a great name for a ride. JAKE It’s got everything! Splashing. Falling. Down. I’m gonna ride it ‘til I’m prune as June. FINN I’m already getting there. Finn holds up a finger to Jake, showing how pruney it is. FINN (CONT’D) Man it’s hot! JAKE Brother, I can’t wait to feel that ice cold water quench this heat. FINN Whoa! There it is! Finn points to a large mountain in the distance with tons of insane loops and chutes careening all over it. Squeals of excitement are heard from the people riding the awesome new log ride. FINN (CONT’D) I’m gonna ride it fifty times. JAKE I’m gonna ride it fifty-one times.


FINN I’m going to eat more cotton candy cakes than you. JAKE No way! Wait, they have cotton candy cakes here? FINN Sure do. The princess has a booth set up somewhere. They keep walking. EXT. FOOD COURT - DAY Booths, tables, and shacks line up in rows in the waterpark’s food court section. Sixties surf music plays on speakers in the park. Finn and Jake stumble upon CHOOSE GOOSE, looking as goofy as ever, in a booth. FINN Choose Goose! JAKE Choose Goose!

CHOOSE GOOSE Hello, chums! Try my plums! The guys, still sweating, stare awkwardly at the plums. JAKE Uh, I dunno Choose Goose. It’s a little steamy for plums. FINN Yeah, I’m thirsty, actually. CHOOSE GOOSE No need to gasp, you just had to ask! I don’t mind if you want to be choosy. You can have plums or a nice plum smoothie! He hits the button on a blender and pours it into a cup. Finn and Jake are frozen and wide eyed. JAKE (whispering) Just walk away dude. Finn nods and they both back up slowly, and then scamper off.


EXT. FOOD COURT - MOMENTS LATER Our heroes continue walking through the food court area. JAKE Come on man, are we gonna ride this ride or what? FINN We will! I just want to say ‘what’s up’ to PB. JAKE You and your ‘what’s ups.’ Finn blushes and glares at Jake. JAKE (CONT’D) Why don’t you just sing her one of the ballads you wrote about her? Finn’s face drops. FINN I...don’t know what you’re talking about. JAKE Come on dude. Everyone can hear you in the shower. Me, Beemo. Finn pulls his hat tight around his face. FINN (muttering) I’m never washing again. JAKE That’s the spirit! Finn and Jake approach TREETRUNKS who is in her own booth selling her famous pies. FINN Treetrunks! Treetrunks! TREETRUNKS Boys! Oh thank goodness. You’re right on time, I need your help! JAKE What is it Treetrunks? Someone messin’ with your booth? JAKE


TREETRUNKS Someone is messing with my apples! They keep wandering off by themselves. Look there goes one! An APPLE is shown seemingly moving on its own, close to the ground, shuffling off somewhere. FINN Don’t worry, we’re on it Double T! Finn and Jake run over, flipping, jumping and spinning to confront the apple, stopping in front of it. FINN (CONT’D) Apple, I command you to stop in the name of our good pal Treetrunks! The apple stops. JAKE That was easy. An ANT pokes his head out from under the apple. He’s holding it up with his body. ANT Come on fellas, I’m just helping my friend move. The guys looks confused. Then, a worm pops out of the side of the apple. WORM Yeah, guys. Sorry to bother you. My family and I just can’t take this heat. Another three apples paired with worms and ants pipe up from a few feet away, in a shaded area. WORM WIFE Honey, is there a problem? WORM (to the heroes) Is there? Finn looks sympathetic. FINN No, of course not. Ya’ll move on, and ya’ll find a nice cool spot to live.


WORM Thanks partner! The worm and ant move on. Finn and Jake go back to Treetrunks. TREETRUNKS Did you find my apples? JAKE Sorry Treetrunks, but those apples just won’t do. They’re too cute. TREETRUNKS Oh dear. Well thanks anyway boys. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (O.S.) Finn! Finn’s face lights up. FINN PB? He spins around and finds her cotton candy cake booth. He runs over towards her while Jake slams one of Treetrunks’s pies into his entire face before following him. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM sits behind a stranded table with no customers or lines of any kind. She looks glum. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM There you are. Would you two care for a cotton candy cake? PEPPERMINT BUTLER stands next to the princess, covered in ingredients, nodding his head in hopefulness. He’s wearing a weird brown toupee. JAKE Sorry Princess. I just ate a whole pie. Nice new locks, Butler. Jake’s tongue swirls his whole face trying to get the last remnants of pie. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM How about you, Finn? How about one, two, or ten pies? FINN Sorry PB. We’re about to ride Splash Down Falls, and I don’t want to yak.


PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (huffing and sitting) Darn. Peppermint Butler follows suit by slamming his red fist on the table in forced frustration. His toupee slides slightly, but he quickly straightens it. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM (CONT’D) This is not going as planned. Everyone’s in line for that new ride and no one wants my wares! The guys turn and notice the food court is desolate. A tumbleweed rolls by, followed by Treetrunks chasing it and giggling. FINN Sorry Princess. I’ll be sure to spread the word. JAKE Come on dude! Splashing awaits! Jake morphs into a pogo stick and jumps under Finn’s legs. They pounce off together, leaving the princess looking doubtful. Finn glances back at her as they leave. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - DAY The guys end their bouncing at the entrance to the ride. JAKE This is it! Splash Down Falls! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jake claps his hands and bounces from one foot to the other, back in his normal body size. FINN We’ll be on that ride in exactly-He reads the wait time sign. FINN (CONT’D) Five and half hours!? JAKE Five and half hours!?

The sign displays the time and they realize they are at the back of an extremely long line leading up the mountain. JAKE Man! What’s the hold up?


An impish green bloated blob wearing thick glasses turns to him. BLOB It’s the newest ride at the park! People are dying to ride it. He’s dripping green stuff all over their shoes. FINN Buddy, you are juicing everywhere. BLOB I’m sorry. It’s just so hot. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - LATER Jake and Finn are completely saturated with sweat. Jake has tried to make a canopy with his body to shield the sun, but he’s still hot. Finn removes his hat and wrings out his long golden hair into a nearby bush. BUSH Thanks for the drink! FINN Gross. (turning to Jake) Jake, this stinks. It’s been almost ten minutes and we haven’t even budged! JAKE It’s been three hours. You passed out for a while. I held you like a baby! FINN This is napkins. I’m not waiting, I’ve gotta see what’s going on! He starts to trudge through the packed line. BLOB Hey no cuts! FINN No butts, and no coconuts. I know the rules. I’m not cutting, just seeing what’s going on at the front of this mess. I’ll be back, you have my word.


He kneels and fist-pounds with the blob. It leaves a residue on Finn’s fist. He quickly wipes it on Jake’s tail before scooting off again. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - LATER Finn sidesteps through the twisting line, weaving in and out of people waiting. Lots of glares come his way. FINN Sorry! Whoops, got your foot. Yikes. Didn’t mean to--oh Glob. He finally trips over a metal wheel and falls on his face. It’s the wheel to a wheelchair carrying LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS, who hovers above the seat, not even using it. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Finn! Watch it, okay? You almost scuffed ma ride. She’s sweating, along with everyone else. The lightning blot on her head pulsates while she pants/talks. FINN LSP? What happened? (gritting teeth) Who did this to you? LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS It’s not what it looks like, Finn. She pulls him in close. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS (CONT’D) (whispering) I’m just using this to try and get to the front of the line. Finn shakes his head in disapproval. FINN Oh LSP, that’s cruel. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - CONTINUOUS Jake is stretching through the line using just the top half of his body, following Finn. He stops when he comes across LADY RAINICORN.


JAKE Lady! My main squeeze. Say, honey, you think I can maybe cut in front of you for this ride? LADY RAINICORN (translated) Sorry Jake. That would be dishonorable. JAKE Aw, you’re such a good lady, Lady. Alright, see ya later. He kisses her on the cheek and everyone around them awes. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - CONTINUOUS Finn is still talking to LSP. FINN Well, good luck LSP. See you later. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS I wanna ride this thing now! Where are you going? Take me with you. Come on, give me a push. (yelling) Make way everybody! My friend Finn is going to escort me to the frunna the line! FINN I can’t do it, LSP. I wont. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Well, then you won’t mind if I start telling erry-one that you and Marceline held hands for a full hour last week. FINN What!? No! Don’t say that! She’ll kill me. And it didn’t happen! LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean I can’t say it, Finn. Finn looks furious. Suddenly, Jake’s upper half slides in between them.


JAKE Hey! Finn, you find anything out yet? LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Stay out of this Jake! Or you’ll be holding hands with somebody in no time. Jake looks baffled. He quickly spins around LSP a few times, sealing her mouth and securing her to the wheelchair. She struggles, trying to break free, to no avail. JAKE I love ya Lumpy Space Princess, but it’s too hot today. We’ve gotta ride this ride! Come on Finn, let’s keep trekking. FINN You still got our spot? JAKE ‘course I do! CUT TO: EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - CONTINUOUS Jake’s feet are planted in their same spot. The green blob has curled up on his feet and is snoring, blowing green slime on every exhale. CUT TO: EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - CONTINUOUS Back at the line, Jake chuckles. JAKE Hehe, that tickles. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - DAY Jake and Finn keep making their way through the line until they eventually come to a giant brown-clothed wall. FINN Here’s the problem. Someone put a stinky old wall in the middle of the line.


The wall inhales, then exhales with a huge sneeze. FINN (CONT’D) Glob bless you, wall. Jake examines the wall then stretches upwards. JAKE Finn, I don’t think it’s a wall. He stretches higher and higher and around to the front of the wall to find the face of a gigantic giant staring back at him. JAKE (CONT’D) Hey there big guy. GIANT (meanly) What do you want? The Giant sprays hot breath all over Jake. JAKE Blah. Your breath is hotter than these rays! Whatcha doin’? GIANT Waiting to ride Splash Down Falls. I want to ride it right now! He stomps a foot sending Finn and several other creatures in the line below rattling into the air. JAKE Hmm, I dunno. I think you’re too big. GIANT (embarrassed) No I’m not! I’m not too big! The sign says you have to be this high to ride. He lifts his foot again, about four feet off the ground. Finn and the others cringe, waiting for another stomp. GIANT (CONT’D) And I’m this tall! He puts his flat hand over his head, showing his height, which is at least four stories high.


JAKE I see. (down to Finn) Finn? Little help? He stretches an arm down towards his buddy and makes stairs with the same arm for Finn to ascend. Finn joins Jake in front of the giant’s face. FINN I think Jake’s right, my man. You’re too jumbo. GIANT (aggravated) Gesh. Geez! What’s a guy like me supposed to do for thrills? Jake and Finn ponder his question. FINN Well what else gets you going? GIANT Oh, I don’t know. JAKE Sure ya do! What gets that blood pumping? There’s a long pause while the giant thinks. GIANT Well, I like to be... Another pause. JAKE You like to be... GIANT I like to be... FINN Spit it out! GIANT Tickled! I like to be tickled. He grins, immensely. FINN Oh! Why didn’t you say so? Come here you big goon.


Finn and Jake begin tickling the giant under his chin. Jake stretches to both his armpits. He begins cackling like crazy. FINN (CONT’D) Come on! Everybody tickle this guy! All the people in the line below start tickling his feet. The giant sways back and forth in hilarity and finally can’t take it anymore. He collapses out of the line and on his back, gasping for air. GIANT Oh my. Golly. That was the best tickling I’ve been part of in quite some time. FINN Glad we could help, guy. GIANT See you all later, have fun on the ride! He stomps off still giggling. The crowd around Finn and Jake cheers. FINN Well that takes care of the holdup! JAKE I dunno, Finn. Something tells me that giant was only half the problem with this line. They keep moving. EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - DAY They’re getting closer to the front, but something’s different about the decor of the theme park and ride as they move on. Everything’s...colder looking. FINN Jake, how are these ice sculptures staying cold? It’s a million degrees outside. JAKE Beats me.


FINN Me too. (then) Wait a minute! FINN (CONT’D) Ice King! JAKE Ice King! (slapping his head) Sorry, I was late on that one. Finn starts running and Jake stretches after him. The people they’re passing in line are frozen in protest. They finally reach the very front of the ride, which has been completely frozen over and has penguins sliding down it on their stomachs. Everything is frosty. JAKE (CONT’D) Oh no! The ride is arctic! FINN Not for long. (shouting) Ice King! Show yourself! You’re about to be defrosted. Jake lowers his gaze to an evil stare, searching left to right. ICE KING (O.S.) There you two are. Took ya long enough. ICE KING sits on an icy lifeguard’s stand in sunglasses and a red tank top and white and red striped shorts. A gross line of suntan lotion is smeared on his huge nose. He’s holding a pair of binoculars that hang around his neck. ICE KING (CONT’D) I could see you coming as soon as that giant got out of the way. Yeesh, he almost ruined the ride for everybody. GUNTER waddles up to the lifeguard stand. Gunter, guys to (to You can ICE KING (CONT’D) why don’t you bring the the top of the slope? the heroes) each go down one time. (MORE)

15. ICE KING (CONT’D) Two times if you ask nicely and don’t make fun of my shorts.

Gunter goes and takes a hand of Finn and Jake’s and goes to walk them up the hill. FINN No way Ice King! He flings Gunter’s hand away leaving him dangling from Jake’s hand. JAKE Hey Finn! Maybe we should go once. FINN Jake! No way. You’re still standing in a line for a water ride called Splash Down Falls, did you forget? JAKE Oh! Yeah. I did. Sorry. He puts on his mean face again. Ice King hops down from his perch. ICE KING Well, if you won’t accept my offer, then you’ll have to cool off like everybody else. Take this! He points his hand and sprays ice towards Jake, who tosses Gunter towards the ice and bends out of the way. Gunter freezes immediately into a block of ice and slides away. Finn pounces on Gunter’s ice block and into the air towards the Ice King with a kick ready for his face. ICE KING (CONT’D) Fool! The Ice King dodges the kick and a huge fist from Jake. ICE KING (CONT’D) I’ll see you all at the top of the hill for a truly epic battle! He goes to run but then slips horribly and falls on his face. ICE KING (CONT’D) No! Curs-ed flip-flops! The Ice King’s feet are tangled and gnarled in the foam flipflops, the base part of his beach-ready costume. Finn and Jake run over to him, ready for more fighting.


ICE KING (CONT’D) Oh just stop it. I can’t move. I’ve twisted an ankle. Or ankles. It’s over. He rests his face in a pile of snow. FINN Mission accomplished. JAKE I dunno dude. This ride’s still pretty frozen. FINN Dang. Well, I guess we just have to wait it out. It should melt by...tomorrow. Right? Suddenly, the Giant from earlier comes back. GIANT Hey you guys, will you tickle me again? Jake suddenly has a realization. JAKE Sure! You’ve got the hottest breath around, Giant. You’ll get tickled ‘til you’re pickled if you just blow on this water ride for us! GIANT Oh I can do that! He casts his breath over the whole area and everything immediately melts. The ride begins flowing again and an open log cart opens right by Finn and Jake. A park worker who was previously frozen approaches them. PARK WORKER Finn, Jake, we’d be honored for you both to be the first people to ride Splash Down Falls since the Ice King’s takeover. Everyone at the front of the line cheers nearby. JAKE Aw, yeah! Jake goes to get in the log, but Finn stops him.


FINN Nope, sorry Jake. But we’ve gotta wait in line like everybody else. JAKE Aw, man! Really? FINN Come on, you’ve still got our spot saved! JAKE Oh yeah. Jake grabs Finn and they bound right back to their spot at the end of the line, which is moving now. The little green blob is awake now and rubbing his stomach. BLOB You guys were gone a long time. JAKE Yeah, we fixed the ride though. Shouldn’t be long now. BLOB I’m so hungry, but I don’t want to lose my place in line. Others in line express the same sentiments. FINN (thinking, then) I think I’ve got just the thing. Finn quickly pulls BEEMO out of his green backpack and dials Beemo’s stomach while Beemo giggles. FINN (CONT’D) It’s a real tickle-fest up in Ooo today! EXT. SPLASH DOWN FALLS LINE - LATER Princess Bubblegum has her table of cotton candy cakes set up at the front of the line. Everyone in line eats the delicious cakes as they wait to get on the ride. Spirits are high. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Great idea Finn! Location is everything.


FINN No problem Princess. Finn jams a cake into his mouth and chews it hastily. Jake is bloated from too many cakes. PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM Looks like you guys are up next! JAKE Aw dude, I’m gonna yak. FINN Me too! JAKE Yak time! Yak time! FINN

The trademark sword flies across the screen with the words YAK TIME! written across it. A belching noise is heard. FINN (CONT’D) This is going to be the best ride ever. JAKE You said it, buddy. And you know what? I’m glad we waited. It makes it that much better! FINN Yep, doesn’t get much better than Splash Down Falls with your best bro! JAKE You said it. They pass Ice King, who’s confined to his disabled position, halfheartedly tickling the feet of the giant, who lays on his back laughing like crazy. ICE KING This isn’t much of a Spring Break at all. The heroes jump in the log cart, smiling. FINN Here we go! They start to ascend the mountain.


Lumpy Space Princess is eating a cake at the front of the line, hovering over her wheelchair again. She’s taking huge bites when she stops and notices something on her treat. LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS Omi-gawd. There’s a hair in my cake! She pulls out a short, brown, bristly hair from the cake. Everyone in unison smiles and exclaims-ALL Peppermint Butler! Peppermint Butler, in his gross toupee, just blushes as everyone laughs. LSP coughs and hacks onto the ground from her wheelchair. The Ice King is still tickling the giant as Finn and Jake come splashing down from the last drop on the ride, soaking everyone with a huge blast of water. THE END

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