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February Breads
EverydaY Honey Whole Wheat ∙ Old Fashion White
Cinnamon Swirl ∙ White Choc. Raspberry Swirl Bread of the Month — Cinnamon Swirl Whole Grain Goodness, Rosemary Garlic, Cracked Pepper Swiss, White Chocolate Cherry Dakota, Apple Berry Cherry, Spinach Feta MONDAY Tuesday -

You’ve never tasted a bread quite like this one. It’s a match made in heaven! Tangy, dried cherries and white chocolate chips swirled together in our premium white bread. Feb. 8- 14 only!!!! Call today to reserve yours.

Wednesday - 9-Grain, Cheddar Garlic, Cinnamon Raisin Mediterranean Olive Thursday - Dakota, Cinnamon Raisin Walnut, Pepperoni Roll, Cinnamon Sunburst, Sourdough (noon), Friday Whole Grain Goodness, Cracked Pepper Swiss, Challa, High 5 Fiber Saturday - Dakota, Spinach Feta, Pepperoni Roll Cinnamon Raisin

King cakes
By order

Your favorite sweet treats
Monday: Cranberry Orange Scones;Blueberry Muffins; Lemon Blueberry Bliss; OCCW & OR Cookies Tuesday: Apple Cinnamon Scones; Mixed Fruit, Blueberry, & Morning Glory Muffins; Cranberry Orange Teacakes; OCCW Cookies Wednesday: Blueberry Scones; Blueberry & Apple Cinnamon Muffins; Lemon Blueberry Bliss; OCCW & OR Cookies Thursday: Apple Cinnamon Scones; Blueberry, Banana Nut, & Morning Glory Muffins; Banana Nut Bread; OCCW Cookies Friday: Cranberry Orange Scones; Mixed Fruit, Blueberry, & Morning Glory Muffins; Cranberry Orange Teacakes; Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies; Chocolate Brownies Saturday: Apple Cinnamon Scones; Mixed Fruit & Blueberry Muffins; OCCW & OR Cookies; Cinnamon Rolls

Great Harvest will make King Cakes for the Mardi Gras season starting on Feb. 7— Feb. 21. King Cakes have a mix of five dried fruits, cinnamon and icing. Due to the specialty nature of these cakes, please order in advance. Thanks. Ph. 601-856-3313

Store Hours: Monday - Friday 7 am - 6 pm, Saturday 7 am - 5 pm

Great Harvest White Chocolate Cherry Bread or Great Harvest White Bread Cream Cheese Icing or Cream Cheese Flavored Spread Strawberry Flavored Cream Cheese Spread Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters Slice ½” slices of bread. Use cookie cutters to cut heart shaped pieces of bread. Spread with flavored cream cheese or icing. Arrange on a party platter for a beautiful treat!

Chocolate Cherry Sundae Delight

Great Harvest White Chocolate Cherry Bread Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Syrup Whipped Cream, Cherries and Chocolate Curls, optional Slice pieces of chocolate cherry bread ¾” thick equal to the number of servings you are making. Wrap the bread in foil and warm in a 350 oven for 10 minutes. When the bread is warm, place one piece per individual serving plate. Top each slice with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Garnish with whipped cream, cherry, and

Great Harvest has the perfect touch for your Valentine’s Day gifts. Bread and cookie kisses are made from your favorite round loaves (White Chocolate Cherry) or bag of cookies. We wrap them in red cello and tie heart printed ribbon and heart-shaped gift tag to the “kiss.” Only $1.00 more per item for the “Kiss Treatment.” Call ahead to order.

Bread & cookie kisses

Community Events...
We love to participate in our community’s special events. If your non-profit is having an event, contact us in person, at the store at least one month in advance. We do bread slicings and gift baskets for qualified events. Our participation is limited, so come in at least 30 days in advance.

chocolate curls.

Chocolate brownie bread
We are pleased to bring a new item to you this month. Some of our Great Harvest colleagues have suggested Chocolate Brownie Bread (a dessert or snack item). Watch for it on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Watch for Irish Soda bread and Chocolate Minties next month and then Hot Cross Buns and Hunny Bunnies in April!

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