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Surface Systems

Cameron Surface Wellhead and Christmas Tree Systems package innovative solutions that add value and reduce operating expenses. For example, the FastLock Connector replaces standard flanged connections and reduces makeup time. The CAMFORGE Connection System provides a fast, safe and economical connection for the wellhead housing to the surface conductor pipe without welding. Each Cameron system begins with a Cameron wellhead. Next, Cameron offers a choice of popular gate valves, including the rugged FLS. Cameron Willis production chokes and a full line of Saf-T-Gard actuators completes the Christmas tree assembly. Additional benefits come from Cameron’s CAMSERV Aftermarket Services Program that provides a full range of installation, maintenance and repair services any time, anywhere in the world.

Surface Systems have been developed to meet the needs of the industry. P. Cameron offers a full range of surface wellhead and Christmas tree systems for land and offshore applications.O. In addition. Cameron Surface Wellhead and Christmas Tree Systems • • • • • • • • • • • Low Pressure Flanged and Independent Screwed Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Coil Tubing Geothermal API Flanged Conventional Compact (Multi-Bowl) Conductor Sharing Wellheads (CSW) SpoolTree Systems Dry Completion Unit (DCU) Adjustable HP/HT Large Bore Compact Wellhead and Solid Block Christmas Tree Assembly Conventional Wellhead and Solid Block Christmas Tree Assembly © CAMERON.CAMERONDIV.000 psi. Each system incorporates quality Cameron components including surface wellheads. actuators. FAX: 713. all casing and tubing programs are provided from low pressure 2000 psi up to high pressure 30. Wellheads can be provided in either conventional spool or compact. 77251-1212.939. Trims range from carbon steel through stainless steels to nickel-based clad. WWW.31 Surface Systems Cameron has earned a reputation as the worldwide leader in supplying Surface Systems. Depending upon service. BOX 1212. low temperature to high pressure. Christmas trees are provided with single unit stacked. chokes and safety controls. chokes and controls.2620.2211. or solid block valves complete with Cameron Willis actuators.COM . supported by the industry’s largest network of sales. service and manufacturing facilities — making Cameron the single source supplier for Surface Systems. All systems can be provided with trims to meet extreme well service conditions from low pressure. HOUSTON TX. Christmas trees.939. high temperature (HP/HT) with various produced fluids. TEL: 713. elastomeric and metal-to-metal sealing are available.

C-SRL. BOX 1212. Both wellheads are compatible with most Cameron tubing spool and hanger configurations. CD-2T. HT-2.COM . CD-2T-CL hangers IC™ Conventional Wellhead System The Cameron IC Conventional Wellhead System is the preferred wellhead for the conditions noted in the chart below. IC-2 slip and seal assemblies Tubing Spools and Hangers: Standard spool: HT. CD-2T. Working Pressure: Up to 10. Completion systems range from low pressure. IC-2-L Casing Hangers: IC-1. All Cameron completion equipment meets or exceeds API 6A specifications. SB-5. IC-1P. T-CL. S-11. Although the wellheads are not interchangeable. Cameron slip-type hangers are divided into two groups: SB and IC. IC-2-BP Casing Head Spools: IC-2. 77251-1212. Cameron also offers a complete line of Christmas trees for working pressures up to 30. 0ºF -17ºC -20ºF -29ºC 0 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Hang-Off Capacity (%of Pipe Body Yield) (Operating conditions vertified by API 6 A. It incorporates dual landing shoulders for maximum casing support. C-SRL. the S Wellhead may be used in place of the IC wellhead for these applications as well. S-3 Casing Hangers: SB-3.CAMERONDIV. conventional equipment to systems for severe service and geothermal applications.000 psi. S™ Conventional Wellhead System The Cameron S Conventional Wellhead System offers the industry’s highest capacity conventional spool-type wellhead and is designed for use with all well depths and all types of completions. S-3 Casing Head Spools: S.O. and the subsequent casing head spools and hangers. SB-6 slip and seal assemblies Tubing Spools and Hangers: Standard spool: HT. Both the S and IC wellheads consist of the lower casing head housing and hanger. CD-2T-CL hangers S Conventional Wellhead System IC Conventional Wellhead System Casing Hanger Selection Chart 250ºF 121ºC A P I T E M P E R T U R E R A N G E 180º 82ºC 150ºF 65ºC SB-5 SB-3 How to Select a Wellhead System The first step in determining which Cameron wellhead to use is to determine the casing hanger that best suits the application. 100ºF 38ºC U T S P 50ºF 10ºC IC-1 IC-1-P IC-2 SB-6 Completion Systems Cameron offers a variety of tubing spools and hangers for all types of completions: single. C-SRL-CL hangers MTBS spool: MTBS hanger CD-2 spool: CD-2. Appendix F testing) © CAMERON. HOUSTON TX. T.2620. each serving different applications. IC-2-BP. S-11. FAX: 713.2211.000 psi (excluding tubing spool) Operating Temperatures: –20˚ F to +250˚ F (–29˚ C to +121˚ C) Hang-Off Capacity: Up to 80% of pipe body yield Casing Head Housings: S. WWW.939. HT-2. Although components are not interchangeable.939. This wellhead is the preferred wellhead for the conditions noted in the chart below: Working Pressure: Up to 15. T. dual and high pressure.000 psi (excluding tubing spool) Operating Temperatures: –20˚ F to +150˚ F (–29˚ C to +65˚ C) Hang-Off Capacity: Up to 50% pipe body yield Casing Head Housings: IC-2. the S wellhead may be used in place of the IC wellhead for all applications.32 Conventional Wellhead Systems Cameron conventional wellhead systems provide the flexibility. compatibility and interchangability required for a wide range of applications. 17th Edition. C-SRL-CL hangers MTBS spool: MTBS hanger CD-2 spool: CD-2. TEL: 713. T-CL. Each hanger profile is unique and is generally compatible with only a limited number of casing head/spool bowls. P.

77251-1212. FAX: 713.33 Compact and Multi-Bowl Wellheads Standard Snapring Modular Compact (SSMC™) Wellhead The SSMC Wellhead is a total system designed to accommodate a variety of standard casing programs and working pressures.2620.000 psi Temperature Range: –20˚ F to +250˚ F (–29˚ C to +121˚ C) 0˚ F to +350˚ F (–18˚ C to +177˚ C) Side Outlets: Line pipe threaded. WWW. dual Tubing Hanger Neck Seal: Straight radial lip (SRL) Wellhead Seals Cameron wellheads offer a selection in sealing technology which increases versatility and ensures that the wellhead is adaptable for any production environment.CAMERONDIV. studded Top Connection: FastLock or FlangeLock Annulus Seals: LS or Metal-End-Cap (MEC) Tubing Hangers: Interchangeable single. CAMFORGE. dual and tensioned Tubing Hanger Neck Seal: Straight radial lip (SRL) MBS™ Multi-Bowl Wellhead System The Cameron MBS Multi-Bowl Wellhead System is a compact. multi-bowl wellhead which can be used as an alternative to conventional wellhead systems in platform applications. BOX 1212. studded Top Connection: FastLock or FlangeLock Annulus Seals: JS Tubing Hangers: Interchangeable single. All elastomer seals are available in premium elastomer materials developed by Cameron Elastomer Technology specifically for oilfield applications.939. HOUSTON TX. Sizes: 11" through 13-5/8" Working Pressures: 10. studded Lock Screws: Two sets of Type N Top Connection: Flanged Casing Hangers: Mandrel Annulus Seals: Energized with plastic packing or lockscrew Tubing Hangers: Mandrel Tubing Hanger Neck Seal: Elastomer/Metal Metal Seal Split Compact Wellhead The Metal Seal Split Compact Wellhead is a metal sealing compact wellhead which features a split design. SlipLock Side Outlets: Line pipe threaded. slip-on weld with O-ring. SSMC Compact Wellhead Metal Seal Split Compact Wellhead MBS Multi-Bowl Wellhead © CAMERON.939.000 psi Temperature Range: –20˚ F to +350˚ F (–29˚ C to +177˚ C) Side Outlets: Line pipe threaded. Sizes: 7-1/16" through 20-3/4" Working Pressures: Up to 10.2211.000 psi Temperature Range: –20˚ F to +250˚ F (–29˚ C to +121˚ C) Casing Connections: Casing box thread. Sizes: 11" through 20-3/4" Working Pressures: Up to 15. Available seals include metal-to-metal seals in primary sealing applications and either LS elastomer seals or Cameron’s exclusive Metal End-Cap™ (MEC) seal in the annulus. TEL: 713. while using a minimum number of interchangeable components.O. P.COM .

Sizes: 9" through 20-3/4" Working Pressures: Up to 10.2620.CAMERONDIV. SPARs and DDCVs where casing will be suspended at the mudline. JB threaded Annulus Seals: LS or Metal-End-Cap (MEC) Tubing Hangers: Interchangeable single. Sizes: 11" and 13-5/8" Working Pressures: Up to 15.2211.000 psi Temperature Range: –20˚ F to +250˚ F (–29˚ C to + 121˚ C) 0˚ F to +350˚ F (–18˚ C to +177˚ C) Side Outlets: Line pipe threaded. CAMFORGE or SlipLock SpoolTree™ Wellhead System The Cameron SpoolTree Wellhead System incorporates a unique design that allows maximum production flexibility while reducing costs and improving safety. TEL: 713. SpoolTree and Adjustable Wellheads Conductor Sharing Wellhead (CSW™) The Cameron CSW system provides compact wellhead technology for drilling two or more wells through one conductor. dual or tensioned Tubing Hanger Neck Seal: S or straight radial lip (SRL) Adjustable Wellhead System The Cameron Adjustable Wellhead System is designed for deepwater completions such as TLPs. Single T.939. P.000 psi Temperature Range: –20˚ F to +250˚ F (–29˚ C to +121˚ C) 0˚ F to +350˚ F (–18˚ C to +177˚ C) Side Outlets: Line pipe threaded. Double P Top Connection: Flanged. All systems are designed with fire-resistant sealing and connection technology for maximum safety.34 Conductor Sharing. 6FB and 6FC capability Secondary Seals: Metal-End-Cap (MEC) or metal-to-metal Top Connection: FastLock Bottom Connection: Buttweld.O. Systems are available for both single and dual protective casing risers. Sizes: 7-1/16" through 20-3/4" Working Pressures: Up to 10. FlangeLock Annulus Seals: LS or Metal-End-Cap (MEC) Tubing Hangers: Single spool type I I I I I I I I I I I I CSW Wellhead SpoolTree Wellhead Adjustable Wellhead System © CAMERON. FAX: 713. studded Top Connection: Flanged. BOX 1212. Workover operations are optimized with minimal equipment handling. FastLock. 77251-1212.000 psi Temperature Range: –20˚ F to +350˚ F (–29˚ C to + 177˚ C) with API 6FA. WWW. studded Secondary Seals: Single P. Double T. HOUSTON TX.COM .939. NX Bushing.

Application: Replaces standard flanged connection FastLock Connector FlangeLock Connector CAMFORGE Wellhead Housing SlipLock Wellhead Housing FastClamp Connector © CAMERON. The CAMFORGE and SlipLock systems are used primarily to attach wellhead housings to surface casing.2620. RX Up to 15.CAMERONDIV. safe and economical. FlangeLock and FastClamp connections are fast make-up connectors used as end connections for wellhead spools. compact wellheads Seal Type: Elastomer (P seal) or metal-to-metal (CANH™ seal) Sizes: Wide range of sizes Working Pressures: Up to 10. Problems associated with welding are avoided because the CAMFORGE connection is made using hydraulic pressure to expand the surface casing and housing. WWW. Application: Surface conductor-to-casing head housing connection Compatibility: S and IC conventional wellheads. CAMFORGE™ Connection System The CAMFORGE Connection System incorporates a weldless bottom connection that makes installation fast.2211.939. faster make-up times and improved safety over conventional clamps. FAX: 713.35 Wellhead Connection Systems Cameron offers several connection systems which feature reduced make-up time and increased safety. TEL: 713. P.000 psi FastClamp™ Connector The FastClamp Connector was developed as an alternative to the conventional clamp assemblies and fits standard clamp hub profiles using conventional API ring gaskets. Compatibility: Gasket Type: Working Pressures: Trim: Fits reduced diameter proprietary hubs and standard API hubs CF.COM .O. housings and BOPs.000 psi Fire-tested to API 6FB Part I and II and thermal cycled per API 6A Appendix F. Application: Replaces standard clamp connections Compatibility: Fits all standard clamp hub profiles Gasket Type: Conventional API ring gaskets Working Pressures: Up to 15. Meets NACE and API specifications for H2S service.939. Production losses created by shutting in adjacent wells due to welding are eliminated. Application: Surface conductor-to-casing head housing connection Compatibility: S and IC wellheads. This allows for a smaller overall completion connection while providing maximum flexibility for drilling and workover operations.000 psi FastLock™ Connector The FastLock Connector is designed to replace flanged connections for wellheads and reduce make-up time. compact wellheads Seal Type: Metal-to-metal Sizes: Wide range of sizes Working Pressures: Up to 10. Application: Alternative to production FastLock Connector Compatibility: Bolts directly to FastLock hub Gasket Type: CF Working Pressures: Up to 6500 psi Trim: Fire-tested to API 6FB Part I and II and thermal cycled per API 6A Appendix F. SlipLock™ Connection System The SlipLock Connection System uses a simple slip-type mechanism to replace conventional casing threads or slip-on preparations which require field welding.000 psi FlangeLock™ Connector The FlangeLock Connector has been designed as an alternative to the production version of the FastLock Connector and can be bolted directly to the Fastlock Connector hubs. BOX 1212. 77251-1212. HOUSTON TX. Meets NACE and API specifications for H2S service. BX. The connector features reduced make-up torque. The FastLock.

FLS FLS M215 FLS Working Pressure (psi) Conductor Sharing Wellhead and Block Valve Platform Tree with Block Valve Single Unit Valve Stacked Tree Platform Dual Block Valves © CAMERON. Solid block valves provide a more compact design and improved fire-resistance with fewer potential leak paths.000 10. HOUSTON TX. All Cameron gate valves are available with a full range of Cameron Willis actuators. WWW. Selection of a valve for a specific application depends on a number of factors including bore size and working pressure. Large bore and high pressure valves are available for use in varying service conditions including high temperature applications.CAMERONDIV.000 5.2211. chokes and controls providing a single source of supply. P. along with single gate valves. FLS Actuated Bore Size (in) FLS 4 1/16 3 1/16 2 9/16 2 1/16 1 13/16 0 0 2. FL.000 15. FAX: 713. single gate valve Christmas trees provide flexibility in configuration and easy replacement. 77251-1212.000 M.2620.939. drilling and subsea production manifolds. formation fracturing operations. Standard and customized configurations of solid block valves are available for use in Christmas tree applications. However.939.O.36 API Gate Valves Cameron offers a full range of gate valves for surface and subsea applications.COM . Gate Valve Application Guide 11 9 7 1/16 6 3/8 5 1/8 FLS-R .000 20. The reliability of Cameron gate valves makes them essential components for both subsea and surface applications.000 3. BOX 1212. TEL: 713.

TEL: 713. 2000 to 5000 psi WP • M 215 Gate Valves – sizes 1-13/16" to 3 1/16". The M215 gate valves share many of the same features Expanding as the M and have a lower balance stem to reduce Gate operating torque. FLS and FLS-R Gate Valves include inert. In addition.O. P. WWW. These seals assist in low-pressure sealing and protect against intrusion of particle contaminants into the body and seal areas. FLS™ and FLS-R™ Gate Valves Slab-style gates are used in the Cameron FL.COM . slab-style gates may also be used when wireline cutting is required. 2000 to 20.CAMERONDIV. These valves meet or exceed the requirements of API Specifications 6A.37 API Gate Valves Cameron offers both slab-style and expanding-style gate valves in full bore through conduit designs to meet API 6A requirements.000 psi WP FLS Gate Valve with Cameron Willis MHW Saf-T-Gard Wirecutting Actuator M Gate Valve FL and FLS Gate Valve FLS-R Gate Valve © CAMERON.2620. 2000 to 5000 psi WP • FLS Gate Valves – sizes 1-13/16" to 9". This seal is unaffected by line pressure fluctuations and vibration. FAX: 713.939. Slab Gate Common features of the FL.000 psi WP • FLS-R Gate Valves – sizes 4-1/16" to 11". BOX 1212. 77251-1212. FLS and FLS-R forged body gate valves for both manual and actuated applications. The manual FLS-R valve shares many of the the same features as the FLS valve and it incorporates a lower balance stem and a unique ball screw mechanism which provide remarkably low operating torque. 10. • M Gate Valves – sizes 2-1/16" to 4 1/16".939. • FL Gate Valves – sizes 2-1/6" to 4-1/16". The FLS-R valve is used in manually operated. spring-loaded.2211. The FLS valve is used in high pressure. pressure-energized lip seals which are installed between each seat and body. large bore applications requiring actuation. 5000 to 15. HOUSTON TX. The Pow-R-Seal® gate design provides a positive seal against the upstream and downstream seats simultaneously as the handwheel is tightened. The slabstyle gate effects a metal-to-metal seal on the flow stream.000 psi WP M™ and M 215™ Gate Valves Expanding-style gates are used in the Cameron M and M215 cast body manual gate valves. FL™. large bore applications. 6A SSV/USV and 17D.

P. For actuated surface applications. manufacture and installation of large bore gate valves for surface applications. They are designed to API 6A and 17D specifications and are slab gate. BOX 1212. 77251-1212. Cameron offers a family of valves to meet the needs of the large bore market.939.939.CAMERONDIV. Both the FLS and the FLS-R offer the same field proven features. They offer full bore operation. 6-3/8" 15. and 9" 15. WWW. and formation fracturing in various parts of the world. 9" 10. HOUSTON TX. Cameron FLS and FLS-R gate valves have proven themselves time and time again in demanding applications such as high temperature/high pressure. the FLS-R gate valve offers low torque opening and closing due to the unique ball screw mechanism and lower balance stem.000 psi WP FLS-R Gate Valves Large Bore HP/HT Tie-back Wellhead and Block Valve with Actuators Large Bore Wellhead and Single Stacked Gate Valves with Actuators © CAMERON. FAX: 713.O.2211. unlike reduced bore API 6D designs. Cameron has completed an extensive testing program for the large bore gate valve design. TEL: 713. full bore through conduit valves.COM .000 psi WP.38 Large Bore Gate Valves Cameron is the industry leader in the design. including API 6A Appendix F qualification testing. For manual surface applications.2620.000 psi WP. the Cameron FLS valve is paired with the Cameron Willis Saf-T-Gard hydraulic actuator.

It is modular and features interchangeable spring and wireline cutting modules for easy conversion from wirecutting to non-wirecutting applications. WWW. The MSVW is an actuator for a surface safety valve. or well gas.39 Saf-T-Gard® Actuators Cameron designs and manufactures a full range of Saf-T-Gard pneumatic piston and diaphragm actuators and hydraulic and wireline cutting actuators. Pneumatic Saf-T-Gard Actuators Cameron pneumatic Saf-T-Gard actuators are available in piston and diaphragm designs. Field-proven performance. The MHW is a wireline cutting version of the MH series piston hydraulic actuator. nitrogen. The MP pneumatic piston actuators are interchangeable and operate with many types of supply: gas. HOUSTON TX. compressed air. They can also be used on other manufacturers’ direct-acting and reverse-acting gate valves. BOX 1212. It is a single piston design which minimizes the amount of fluid required to compress the large power spring. The MH series is available in single and dual piston models and in rising and nonrising stem configurations. Cameron actuators are designed to be interchangeable and offer a wide range of flexibility. These bonnet assemblies are compatible with Cameron hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Hydraulic Saf-T-Gard Actuators Cameron hydraulic Saf-T-Gard MH series of actuators offers an intrinsically safe design that can be used in hazardous areas. 77251-1212.COM . combined with innovative technology.CAMERONDIV.2620. CLOSE OPEN MP13 MH74 MA12 MP Series Pneumatic Piston Actuator MA Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator MH70 NRS Single Piston Hydraulic Actuator MHW Series Wireline Cutting Actuator FLS Gate Valve with FLS Bonnet © CAMERON.939. All Cameron hydraulic actuators are interchangeable with standard bonnet adapters. This series is available in a variety of actuator diameters and configurations to meet a variety of service requirements. FLS and M gate valves provide the interface between the gate valve and actuator. These actuators offer an innovative. Wireline Cutting Actuators Cameron offers two models of hydraulic wireline cutting actuators: the MSVW and the MHW. P. These actuators can be used on the full line of Cameron gate valves in wellhead and pipeline applications. TEL: 713. The MA pneumatic diaphragm actuators’ simple design and operating principle make it inherently trouble-free. The bonnet assembly isolates all of the well bore fluids in the valve body from the actuator. featurerich design that offers the power required to operate safely and reliably.2211. These actuators are designed to meet a wide range of service requirements and are available in single and dual piston versions in a variety of sizes and pressure ranges. Actuator Bonnet Assemblies Actuator bonnet assemblies on Cameron FL.O. allows Cameron actuator bonnets to match specific gate valves metallurgical and elastomeric requirements to extend wear life.939. FAX: 713.

P. Cameron safety control systems are designed to shut in a flow line in the event of abnormal condition. property and the environment. HOUSTON TX. These systems have the most reliable surface safety shutdown system security available to operators for the protection of energy resources. Systems include high and low pressure sensing monitors which ensure high calibration accuracy.CAMERONDIV.2620. 3000 4000 2000 5000 6000 1000 0 psi 100 60 40 20 0 140 160 180 200 psi ICE SERV SSV SURE PRES In Ou t Se rvic e IN PLOT SURE PRES E ESOCLOS TO PULL D HAN P PUM of Se rvic ES e D E T MOD PILO CTOR SELE PLOT SURE PRES PLOT SURE PRES LY OR T SUPP PILO ULAT REG HIGH T PILO LOW T PILO Self-Contained Surface Safety System Surface Safety System with Stand-Mounted Controls MA16 Pilot-Based Surface Safety System © CAMERON. self-contained and pilot-based systems. pressure sensors.939. quick bleeds. Components on Cameron shutdown systems include precisionengineered pilot valves. continuous monitoring of shutdown set points and accurate shutdown set point changes. FAX: 713. Cameron safety shutdown systems are available in a number of configurations including panel-based. In addition.2211. TEL: 713.939. WWW. malfunction or operating irregularity. gas or electricity. Systems are available to operate single or multi-well installations and units may be operated by compressed air. 77251-1212.40 Surface Safety Systems Cameron Saf-T-Gard actuators are part of a complete line of equipment for surface safety systems. these systems help reduce maintenance time and costs because enclosures meet the requirement for operation in hazardous locations without the need to purge boxes. dump valves. emergency shutdown valves and pressure regulators. BOX 1212.O. Solar panels or wind generators are also available as alternative power supplies. inline test valves. probes.COM .