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1. First step to riches: desire 1. How much money do you want? 2.

What will you do in return for the money 3. I want this money by 25 4. Create a plan and begin! 5. Write out your plan 6. Read the statement twice a day

2. Second step to richest: faith Repeat affirmative messages to the subconscious

Third step to riches: autosuggestion Be positive, and remind yourself about the wonder of life. Make sure you approach life with positivity

Fourth step to riches: specialized knowledge Get knowledged, and surround yourself with intelligent people

Fifth step to riches: imagination Encourage yourself to be creative. Most importantly, don't put too much emphasis on honest and hard work- learn the systems necessary to be successful.

Sixth step to riches: Organized planning Mastermind group! Attributes of leadership: Unwavering courage Self- control Keen sense of justice Definiteness of decision Definiteness of plans The habit of doing more than paid for Pleasing personality Sympathy, empathy, understanding Mastery of details Willingness to assume full responsbility (for his own mistakes, and those of his followers) Cooperation 10 major causes of failure in leadership Inability to organize details Unwillingness to render humble service Expectation of compensation for knowledge of "how" instead of "do" Fear of competition from followers (and fears in general) Lack of imagination

Selfishness Intemperance Disloyalty Emphasis on authority of leadership Emphasis on titles

Seventh step to riches: decision Successful people reach decisions quickly, and change their minds slowly Failures are easily influenced by others Make decisions, but act, don't share with the world

The eight step to riches: persistence Stick to it!

Recap Four steps to success: A definite purpose back by burning desire A definite plan continuously acted upon A tightly guarded mind that deals with all discouraging influences, including friends and family A friendly alliance with person or persons who are committed to success The eight qualities: Definiteness of purpose Desire Self- reliance Definiteness of plans Accurate knowledge Cooperation Will power Habit

The ninth step to riches: The power of the master mind

10. The tenth step to riches: the mystery of sex transmutation (sixth sense)

11. The eleventh step to riches: the subconscious mind Make a conscious effort to think positive thoughts. Don't trick, change your perspective!

The twelfth step to riches: the brain

13. The thirteenth step to riches: the sixth sense This comes after masterty of the other principles. It is your guiding angel: shows you what's worth pursuing and what to be wary of.