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Spanish Immersion Summer Camp

Using & practicing the language in a meaningful, fun and kid-friendly way!


6 week 6 session program Wednesday July 11, 18, 25 Wednesday August 1, 8, 15 $200 per student

-expose your child to Spanish at a young age Pre-K/Kindergarten & Grades 1-5 -build confidence in speaking with songs & games -engage in hands-on activities with meaningful learning

Little Linguists

Excelling Estudiantes
Grades 6-12
-prepare and practice for high school -build confidence in grammar -improve fluency and continue to speak Spanish -push your conversation to the next level

-continue learning Spanish throughout the summer

Wednesdays in July & August Pre-K & Kindergarten 8:30-9:30am Grades 1-5 9:30-10:30am

Wednesdays in July & August Grades 6-12 11-12am

Camp Sessions are hosted at Oceanport home: 4 Dwayne Street indoor/outdoor program
About the teachers & founders of this summer camp
Kathy Young and Caitlin Rumph have both been teaching middle school Spanish for 8 years. Both are locally recognized Spanish teachers with teacher training and professional development experiences. Kathy has a Masters in teaching Spanish and her Spanish Department was recently recognized by local newspapers. Caitlin has a Bachelors Degree in Spanish and her World Language Department has been recognized by the State of NJ as a Model World Language Program in Fair Haven.

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About our Spanish program

Little Linguists Pre K & K-5 Units of Study
Colors, Numbers and Shapes ~ Los Colores, Los Nmeros y Las Formas Animals of the World ~ Los Animales del Mundo Food and Fruit Smoothies ~ Comida y Batidos de Fruta Parts of the Body ~ Los Partes del Cuerpo My family and My house ~ Mi Familia y Mi Casa About Myself ~ Sobre Mi Mismo

With Little Linguists, we focus on teaching Spanish in fun, meaningful ways with songs, dancing, movements and hands-on activities. Children review food by making their own real fruit smoothies. Little Linguists will use games like Memory, Operation, Connect 4, Simon Says and Battleship to practice and use what they have learned. Kids will engage in exciting and motivating activities.

Curabitur vitae erat

Excelling Estudiantes 6-12 Units of Study

Last Summer ~ Using the Preterite Tense ~ El Verano Pasado Verbs in Action ~ Conjugation Commotion ~ Los Verbos en accin Lets Travel ~ the verb ir + a + infinitives ~ Viajamos! When I was young ~ Using the Imperfect Tense ~ Cuando era nio

A Day in the Life ~ Reflexive Verbs & Routines ~ Un Da en la Vida

Wishing & Wanting ~ Using Subjunctive ~ Esperos y Deseos

To help Excelling Estudiantes, we focus on teaching grammar through movement, puzzles, games and hands-on activities. Excelling Estudiantes will spend their time using the language in a fun and meaningful way. Grammar will become more comprehensible and will help kids feel more confident in the more advanced levels of Spanish. Authentic speaking activities are based on real world language use. Kids will practice speaking by using Skype to speak with native speakers.
*Note: Units of Study are subject to change based on student interest and enrollment. 2



Registration Form
Childs Name: ___________________________________ Grade Entering in September: ______________________ Address: ________________________________________ Parents Names: __________________________________ Home Phone Number: ____________________________ Parent Cell Phone Number: ________________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________ Emergency Contact Information: Name: _________________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________________ Relation to Child: ________________________________

Please Select Class:

o Little Linguists Pre-K & Kindergarten ~ Wednesdays 8:30-9:30 in July/August o Little Linguists Grades 1-5 ~ Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 in July/August o Excelling Estudiantes Grades 6-12 ~ Wednesdays 11-12 in July/August

Please return this registration form with $200 payment to: Caitlin Rumph 4 Dwyane Street Oceanport, NJ 07757
Checks should be made payable to: Caitlin Rumph.

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