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Melee Weapons .••. _. . 2 , Archery Bows __ . . _.. . . . . .._.•• 4 Crossbows ... ~. . . . . . . . . . • . .5 Exotic Weapons 5 Light Handguns _.. 10 Medium Handguns .....•.... 10 Heavy Handguns .....•. '...•. ~ 14 Very Heavy Handguns 16 SMGs _ _. , .. ,.,17 Medium SMGs . _.....••.... 18 Heavy SMGs •...••....••••. 20 Shotguns 21 Assault Rifles •....... .••.. _27 Sniper Rifles ....•... , 29 Other Rifles _.•.•.. 30 Machineguns 32 Heavy Weapons .....•.•.... 34 ;Borg Weapons .........•... 37 Hand Grenades 39 Launched Grenades .•..•.•.. 41 M,jnes & Explosives •••..... _.. 42 Ammunition ...•.....•••.•. 43 Special Ammo .....•.. ~.•.. 46 RecoU & "the Heavy Guns •.•.. 48
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Basic Melee Weapons
These are the standard muscle-powered devices that have been in use since medieval days. All basic melee weapons gain the melee damage bonus based on Body Type .. All edged melee weapons (knife, sword, axe, etc.l gain AP ability vs. soft armor.

ICyberpunk 2020]






106 106 206+2 206+3 15EB 3061206 306






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N C 106/3(+POISOM








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10612 lOEB 106+2






~1 N
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("Acts as AP vs. soft armors, damages

them 2SP/hitl



.Bagonet:l!iurvival Knifi!: 50eb
NA NA NA NA MEL 0 J C 106AP Analogous to the KCB-70, M9 Bayonet, or other survival knives, this weapon has many features including a sharpening stone (in the scabbard), screwdriver, wire cutter, compass (on the pommel), bottle opener, and saw blade. The pommel can be unscrewed to open the hollow handle, which is waterproof to 12 meters. Inside is a 3m fishing line with 2 hooks, 10 strike-all water-resistant matches, and a small packet of blade oil. The weapon can also be attached to any rifle or SMG with a standard bayonet lug. [Neo Tribes] _

206 NA NA The entrenching tool is one of the stand-by pieces of equipment that since civilization began. The modern verslon is a combination shoveJ, a package the size of a large book. this tool a nomad can dig Entrenching tools can also be used as fairly vicious weapons if nothing e-tool gets AP ability vs. hard armors as well. [Nee Tribes]

Ent.renching MEL Ole

Tool: 5Deb
NA NA armies of the world have carried (in one form or another) axe and saw. It is made of metal alloys, and collapses into a latrine, chop down a tree, or saw through an obstacle. else is available. Note: Because of its pick-like nature, the


P STUN (TASER) 8 1 ST NA MEL 0 J P GAS EFFECT 6 1 ST NA BASI!=:-JYPE Mel 0 J P 206+3 NA NA R NA The melee weapon for the police officer of th e 21 st centu ry, this state-o f-th e-a rt nightstick is manufactured fro m industrial strength ceramics. In addition to its solid hitting power, the ENS is equipped with two hidden extras, idea! for suprising the creeps on the street The business end of the weapon incorporates a taser or hidden mace-sprayer, while the side handle holds the trigger mechanism. Just right for those punks who won't lie down! The taser is rechargeable from any standard wall socket, while new mace canisters can be bought for Seb a six-pack [Protect & Serve]

Nightstick: MEL 0

BDeb J


NA NA VR NA Designed and manufactured in lsrael, the ChainKnife has seen a great deal of use with Massad agents. Shaped somewhat like a survival knife, tilis is a battery-powered (2 hours) hand-held combat saw which can chew through armor like cheesecloth (S? x 1/2, soft armors are reduced 2 SP/hit)! lChromebook 2J

IMI IUChainknit'e99: 1i!Oeb MEL 0 J P 206+1




Keo:Iachi M.a3 ~: 860eb MEL 0 L R 406 NA NA NA T Combining elements of the popular Kendachi mono-line with a powered handle, the Powersword vibrates its molecular crystal blade 2000 times per minute. Combined with a microscopically serrated edge, this weapon literally chews its way through anything it encounters, including armor (soft.armor SP x 1/4, hard armor SP x 112), metal, flesh and bone. The blade activates when the handle is gripped, but takes 1 combat turn to warm up. Although the current model is quite heavy (3kg) and fragile (breaks on a fumble, shatters on a parry check of 5 or less on 1 D 10), Kendachi is currently testing a new model for release in 2022.


Kendachi Mono-Two: 650f7DOl!b MEL +1 J/N P/R 2D6/4D6 NA NA VR NA An improved version of the original Kendachi mono blade, favored by corporate samurai everywhere. A thicker blade cross section reinforced with Orbital crystal strengthens the weapon against parries (shatters on a 2 or less on 1010) and bad cuts (no breaking on a fumblel. For an additional SOeb, you can have a miniscule laser implanted in the hilt; while it has no effect on combat, the laser refracts with the crystalline blade, giving it the flaring neon glow of a movie "liqht saber." Blade tints include red, blue, white, green, violet, orange and rainbow. Sold only in traditional two blade sets. [Chromebook 11 Kl!ndachi MonoKatana®: 600l!b MEL +1 N R 406 NA NA VR NA Sword length version of monoblade. Resembles a high-tech katana with a milky, nearly transparent blade. Also available in a naginata form for 100ebextra. [Cyberpunk 20201 Kl!ndachi Monoknif'e®: i!OOeb NA MEL +1 P P 206 NA NA VR An incredibly sharp, mono-sectional crystal blade. Produced in the Japanese "tanto" style. Note: Unless stated otherwise,soft armors are xl/3 SP and hard armors are x2/3 SP vs, all monoweapons. [Cyberpunk 2020)

l(endachi MDIlD!iWDrd Cane: ~55eb NA MEL +1 L P 306 NA NA VR The element of surprise is yours with the monoblade hidden within this rich, synthetic mahogany-finished walking cane. Twist the handle to the left, and a lock will release the 55cm blade. .I'iQtg: This weapon will shatter with a 4- on 1 D 10 if fumbled or parrying. Otherwise it is consistent with all other rules governing monoweapons (see CP2020J. rsolo of Fortune 21
Kendachi Monowhip: 350eb 1-3M NA ST NA MEL 0 J P 206 Following in the tradition of the popular cyberweapon, Kendachi's Monowhip houses a spool of monofilament wire in an ergonomically designed handle. The wire has a small weight at one end for balance and swing, and can be extended up to 4m in length or reeled in at the push of a switch. The Monowhip can therefore be used as a garrote, cutter; or razor-sharp grapple. The monomolecular wire will cut through almost any organic material as well as most plastics, doing 206 damage (double damage on a critical success). [Chromebook 21 Mystic Technologies Spring Knifi!: li!5eb MEL 0 P C 106 NA NA ST NAl5M On first inspection this knife appears to be the standard survival variety, but in fact its blade can be released and launched via a high-powered spring. The blade has a range of 5m and inflicts 1D6 points of damage. The knife takes 2 rounds to reload.
[Chromebook 2)

Mystic Technologies l\IunchakuIBlade: i!OOeb CONCEALMENT/AccURAcy/DAMAGE PERNUNCHAKU& SWORD. AS Mystic Tech continues to amaze with its innovative melee weapon systems. This weapon is 60cm long staff with an extendible blade at one end. The blade is 30cm long and inflicts 106+ 1 points of damage (2D6+ 1 if used 2-handecD.When a release button is pressed the staff splits and forms a pair of nunchaku. Note: You cannot use the nunchaku function if the blade is extendedl rso/o of Fortune 2) Nomad Smartwhip: 600eb MEL 0 J C 1D6+2+STR NA NA ST 1-3M The smartwhip was first seen in combat at a demonstration held by members of the Blood Tribes in 201.5.This is a device that uses myomer technology and neural interface to create a very dangerous weapon derived from a bullwhip. Parts of the weapon can be made to flex or be rigid on command (and if the tip becomes rigid while traveling 100 kph, it really hurts when it hits you). Note: you must have interface plugs and Machine Link to use this weapon. [NeoTribesl



PM-1 Battleglove: 9DOeb -2 N P 306/206 NA NA VR NA This is a large gauntlet covering the hand and forearm. It does 306 in crush damage, 206 punch damage, and has three spaces which can be used to store any standard cyberarm option. [Cyberpunk 2020]


§lamDance,lnc. §pilwnblade: 450eb MEL 0/+1 J P 106+B00/1 06+4 NA NA ST THROWN With the Spawnblade, SlamOance, Inc. puts the "combat" look back into the combat knife! To the naked eye, the Spawnblade ust looks much like any combat knife that has been balanced for throwing (106+BOD modifier damage). The differences manfest only in combat: Once the safety is disabled, the Spawnblade's memory-metal blade has the ability to "fan out" its cutting edqes. On any combat hit that does more than 4 points of damage (including BOD bonuses to damage, but before BTM) and ets past your opponent's armor, the Spawnblade can be triggered. The blade spreads into a razor-sharp 50° spatula-inside (our opponent's body! This does an additional 106+3 (armor won't help). Once opened, the Spawn blade can only be safely -emoved with a Medtech roll of 20; any other means of removal will cause the victim another 10612 damage. The Spawnblade comes with a safety sheath in a choice of designer colors. [Chromebook 2J Utility SwordlMachete: 60eb ~EL 0 L C 106+3 NA NA NA NA lhese are used by almost all the nomad tribes as an agricultural tool, utility knife, and last-ditch defensive weapon. The utility sword can differ in style and appearance from a "trench-knife" style to a "machete" style. Many of the tribes have adopted spe:ific styles or knives, like the Aldecaldo's machete, as a badge of tribal alliance. lNeoTribesl


These are bmNS t:hat are drawn, held, and fired with a straight pull, rather t:han being crussbmNs. There are quite a fi!w bows fium difl'erent companies available; t:he bows below are simply representat::i\l1! of the diff'E!rent types. Unless nDb!di, all damage is treated as a Knife fur AP purposes [assuming the use of" broadhead arnnNsJ-


!\rasaka Arms Half-Dow: lDDeb -1 L P 306 12 1 VR 100M \ recurve short bow that can be taken apart into two halves. Made out of scanner-resistant composites. ISola of Fortune 21 Eagle1:ech "Bearcat:" §elf' Dow: 500eb ;X +1 N P 606 12 1 VR 150M \ recurve made out of maximum-strength composites, with all the power of a normal 60-kilo bow. It can be taken apart into two ialves. Please note that the pull of this bow remains at 60 kilos at all times, not stepped down by pulleys! Characters holding his bow will have to start making Strength Feat skill rolls after one combat round of holding it ISola of Fortune 21


;agletech "'Tigen:a'e' Compound Bow: 5DOeb +1 N P 606 12 1 VR 150M \ professional's compound bow, pulling 60 kilos (stepped down to 30). Comes complete with computerized sight and gyro-stalWzation. ISola of Fortune 21 :agletech "'Tomcat" Compound Bow: 150eb 0 N C 406 12 1 VR 150M " more expensive, gyro-stabilized compound bow with a 40-kilo pull (stepped down to 20 kilos). Silent and deadly. [Cyberpunk !020, Solo of Fortune 21


;:agletel:h ··Wildcat" Sport Bow: 35eb :'X 0 N E 306 12 1 VR "simple 20~kilo pull recurve bow, cheap and popular. [So/a of Fortune 21


the central mini-gun tracks the tarqet.. This bow is quite large. When a target moves across the sensors 3600 field of fire. body-plating breastplate.from that of a small rodent up to a large vehicle. allowing the operator to enter at will.however. Manual cocking with two cyberarms or by a full 'borg raises the ROF to 1. or to deactivate specific units. but damage is not halved. breastplate.S. !Solo of Fortune 2J Eaglet:ech "Handbow" Crossbow: EX -1 J E 106+2 This is a hand-held crossbow with a 7-kilo pull. if desired. The APEX unit is self powered. It all the option spaces in the arm).. all damage is 'treat:ed as a Knif'e fur AP purposes (assuming t:he use O'f broadhead arrows). cocked and fired by the user. The weapon is usually hand-made and found in pistol form. adjustsfor movement and fires. ut:ilizing iI winch or ot:her device 'to drag the st. with a battery life of . Arbeles't" Crossbow: 500eb EX 0 N P 506 12 112 VR 150M A 60-kllo pull bow. [Sofo of Fortune 75eb 12 1 VR 25M can be installed in a cyberarm with autoloader for 300eb (the installation uses 2] Eaglet:ech 06!icorpion" Crossbow: 1500eb EX 0 N P 706 6 112 VR 200M A 120-kilo pull bow. FMJI. A hand-held controller allows the operator to activate the APEX from as far away as 1000 meters.NaVYtthe APEX Point Defense System is a movable light machinegun. Unless no'ted. but then the bow can only be cocked by full 'borg conversions and people with two cyberarms (or a cyberarm and a cyberlegl and spinal bracing (MBL. Most Corporate aerodyne pads and rooftops are defended by larger and more expensive versions of the APEX. Sofo of Fortune 21 Nomad Hand Crossbow: 100eb 1 ST 20M 1 EX 0 N R 106+ 1AP This weapon is sometimes used by nomads to flatten tires and distract drivers. the user uses his own st:rength to pull back 'the s'tring] Dr cocked mechanically. the controller can also be used to activate individual APEX units by location (each one is assigned a number and frequency). This winch can be removed. [Cyberpunk 2020. Sensors can be set for a speeffictarget size. otherwise he is knocked over. capable of defending a secure area by itself.Crossbows are eit:her cocked by 'the user (t:hat is. but the basic frame can be strapped to the forearm. allowing it to be carried to new locations easily!The upper part of the APEX dome houses four computer-controlled motion sensors with an effective range of 200 meters. Characters with a cyberarm and internal bracing (muscle and bone lace. HVY X N P 206+4 (9MMLO 400 40 ST 200M Based on the Phalanx automated weapons systems of the U. with 50% more bulk than an assault rifle. FMJl can reload manually. ISolo of Fortune 21 Eagle1:ech "!it:ryker" Crossbow: E!E!Oeb EX -1 N C 306+3 12 1 VR 50M A 20-kjlo pull plastic and bimetal sport crossbow. and fired by a string trigger tied to a finger. or under the direction of a remote operator. And it only weighs 20kg. The weapon is AP. Weo Tribes] APEX Mobile Point Oerensl! !iystem: 10. raising the ROF to 1. This bow is huge. Eaglel:ech .OOOeb. this little beauty puts maximum point defense control. cocked by a power winch. cocked by using a built-in winch. in the hands of even the smallest business or homeowner. easily the size of a Barret-Arasaka 20mm! Anyone hit with a quarrel from this bow has to succeed at an Acrobatics roll of 20+ to remain standing after the impact.ring back into position.

before you laugh.6m wide x 1. Control Device:. A human entangled by these strands win be effectively immobilized. This prevents unauthorized pulsers from disarming the guns. and to fire in any arc from 10 to 360 and any range from 400m to 2m. Space] Dgnatech Industries EX 0 P E Hand Tassr: SOeb STuN 12 1 VR 1M a roeep Enertex AKM Power Squirt: ISeb P -2 J C DRUGS 50 See CP2020 1 VR10M A squirtgun. and can be free-standing or mounted in a structure. The pulser is about the size of a pen. Price covers gun. The gun's to-hit roll is.. Increased Hearing Range. [Proted & Serve] S1 25M . 2 ST 40M for details. Arasaka WXA Computer . assumes a semi-solid form and spreads into incredibly strong tendrils of polymer. or soft armors of SP 15+. before firing. The following cyberaudio options make the BOD check 1 level more difficult: Amplified.See eP2020 The most common taser weapon in space.rpunk 20. It can be programmed to key on motion or heat. These strands wrap around anything' that they come into contact with. The APEX has an SOP of 20.. Arasaka Restraint 'P -1 J 'P Caster: i!D'Deb TANGLE (15MW 4 1 Advances made by Arasaka in reactive polymers have made a popular weapon from generations of sci ence-f cti on stories a reality. and an SP rating of 5. A recoil buffing system keeps the guns from shifting much when fired free-standing.7m tall) producing ultrasound waves in a conical pattern 15m deep and 25m wide. This oversized pistol fires a low velocity capsule of reactive polymer which." the WXA is a belt-fed. will protect the target All soft armors will be damaged 2 SP instead of 1. signalling the operator through the remote control. It operates in all light conditions. To determine hits. but the manual recommends bolting them down as a safety measure. Level Damper.. but its computer is integral. The guns are not designed to detach from the base.. ±J50 75 35 15 %To Hit 10 20 30 40 ron Arasilka "!\Iiluseator'1' Riot . The polymer dissolves in around 20 minutes (plus or minus 1d 10 minutes) or can be removed with a solvent Polymer shells cost 60eb for a case of 20.imed Weapon: 3DDDeb A Hvy 0 N R 606+2 (7. or be stunned unconscious for 1D 1 minutes. percentage for each target in range. [Chromebook 11 Range. [Cybe. All targets within the pattern must make a 25+ BOD check to avoid disorientation.62MM) sao 20 VR 400M 0 0 - One of the security manufacturing department's "lethal deterrent systems. The following' cyberaudio options make you immune to the effects: Sound Editing. lCorpbook 11 AVante P. . doing 2D6 spread over 2 random body areas first round. The internal drum magazine holds 400 rounds of 9mm Long Caseless ammunition (the same as used in the innovative Militech High Power. the hand taser must be touched to bare skin in order to deliver its charge. 106 to 1 area second round. computer aimed and fired machinegun..!iTHEET ""EAPDN:!i i!Di!D 50 hours {this may be extended by linking a solar panel to the unitl. 660eb EX 0 J P VARIES 41ST 4M This hand-held flamer provides destruction at your fingertips. The WXA weighs 50 kilos. plastic.15 SAWI.201 - Kendachi Dragon:. It is subject to all to-hit modifiers.. Creates a 4m flame. The ignition must be activated 1 combat round.. Target must be in area of effect for a minimun of 2 combat rounds before making BOD check. aimed and triggered. Targets must make a Stun Save at -2.. An automatic shut-off will disable the weapon in the event of a jam.21 If successful: Debiliitation(-4 to all actions for 106 rounds) If failed by 1-3 points: Incapacitation (REF and MA reduced to 1 for 1D6 rounds) If failed by 4+ points: Serious Incapacitation (unconscious for 1D6 minutes) . IgDOeb EX 0 N P SPECIAL 10 1 ST 15M The latest in Iarqe-scale crowd control: a field generator (0. The WXA requires an external power source. 10 + 1D1 O.. The tangles may be broken if target is moving at half speed or less.. Add 10% to hit percenta. REF & COOL are still halved for 1D 10 minutes . WXAs can be pmgrammed to recognize Iriendlies if the friendlies are wearing small IFF radio pulsers. and a solvent spray costs an additional 1Deb (10 uses).. [Chromebook 11 . [Cyberpunk 20. poison . U35 Needlegun: i!OOeb 'P 0 'P P DRUGs(NEEOle) 15 lightweight. is the size of a squad automatic weapon mounted on a small crate. or to be hand operated. a powered squirtgun.. compressed-air powered. headaches and nausea. requiring a Very Difficult roll against Body Type (or against the strength of a linear frame or other cybemeticsl. upon contact with the atmosphere..20] Can be doped with drugs. remote monitor and 500 rounds of disintegrating belt ammo (cased or caselessi. WXAs can be remotely monitored. then roll 1D 10 for number of hits on each. Special headsets or earplugs reduce the BO~ check difficulty by 1 level. If the save is made. rChromebook. and broadcasts a code which can be set by the gun's owner. Only hard armor. yes.

If hit. REF & COOL are still halved for 106+1 minutes. [Cyberpunk 2020J Militech Electronics Taser IITM: 100eb EX 0 P C STUN 4 2 VR 1M The newest in personal protection for the non-violent person. See CP2020 for details. See CP2020 for details. It is also used for harassing drivers and shooting tires. too. and ideal for slicing your cheese. What's more. and watch your pursuit go to pieces. About the size of a small hand flashlight.. Recent discoveries in flywheel technology have been utilized in creating a close range weapon that is as effective as a shotgun but no louder than an electric toothbrush. New cylinders cost 30eb. it is a heavier killing design that will not return. 4cm fragments traveling well in excess of 1200 feet per second! The internal power cell can spin the flywheel up to eighteen minutes before replacement (cost per cell: 7ebl. When triggered.but damage is not halved. a quick jolt to a metal cyberarm could short the whole thing out (20% chance unless shielded) and make it useless. firing a set of wired darts. but no recharge cost. concealment is lowered to l. each doing 10612 damage.. The sliver gun uses a squeeze cocking action to activate the four-inch flywheel. [Cyberpunk 2020] Militech Electronics Taser: 60eb P -1 J C STUN 10 1 5T 10M Zap. The ultimate trap element. string it at ankle level.000 volt charge to a touched target. This tittle friend is capable of delivering a 15. it comes back" version of the boomerang. The weapon is AP..!!iTREET 1/VEA. Kendachi's monomolecular wires are capped with synthetic bulbs at either end for safe handling. Damage drops to 206 over 25m. and watch intruders lose their footing! Available in varying lengths. [Cyberpunk 2020J Nomad Boomerang: i!Oeb EX -1 L P 206 1 1 VR 30M This is not the "look.. Weo Tribes) . providing the user has access to an air compressor. this taser fires wire-trailing darts up to 5m away. and the weapon is ineffective over 50m. The damage can be metered in 06 increments. The new Taser llno. [Neo Tribes] Nomad Pneumatic Bolt liun: 3S0eb EX -1 N R 3D6AP (BOLT) 41ST 25M This is an air weapon based on pre-collapse paintball weapons. Notes: The weapon produces 206 fragmentslhit. paint. [Chromebook 21 Taser: 100eb P STUN 12 1 ST 5M A standard defensive weapon for JAB security men in the construction shacks. The sliver gun is also available in an accessory cyberarm version (Price 550eb. Wombat·' Airpist:ol: i!OOeb P -1 J C DRUGS 20 2 UR 40M Paintball gun from hell. [Solo of Fortune 21 Nelspm . treat as a Knife for armor penetration. With the collapsible stock extended. Can fire acid. See taser rules in CP2020 for more details. One arm of the weapon is cut short and sharpened to split open the target (preferably a head). the victim must make a Stun Save at -1 or be stunned for 206 minutes. [Chromebook 2) Malorian Arms Sliver Gun: 37Seb.PDN!ii E!Di2!D Kendachi Monowire: 60eblMeter String it at neck level. It has four rotating barrels and fires a much larger bolt than a crossbow. Arrows are 5eb each. It also comes with a preconfigured mount that can accommodate most scopes and laser sights. rarely seen. brought to you by the people at Militech-because we care about your safety. Note: Monowire does 306 cutting damage. See CP2020 for further rules. poison. [Deep SpaceJ P Mitsubishi 0 J Mystic Technologies Arrow Gun: 1000eb RIF +1 J (U C 306 1 1 5T 70M Includes a waterproof case (SP1Ol with slots for eight 35cm aluminum arrows with carboglass broadhead blades (treat as Knife for AP damagel. drugs. [Chmmebook 1) Milit:ech EJectronicsLaserCannon: BOOOeb RIF 0 N R 1-506 10 2 UR 200M Milspec laser cannon. P 0 J P VARIES (5UVERS) 7 2 UR 40M Quiet and deadly describes Eran Malour's revolutionary new personal defense weapon. Reach out and say hello to that perp with the modern answer to crime. Should the save be made. the wheel presses against a polyceramic block creating a multitude of sharp. HC=1 06+2). ~: Target must make a Stun Save with an additional -1 to avoid its effects. Air is supplied by a cylinder that doubles as a stock There is enough propellant to fire eight bolts. armor is x1l3. Note: This weapon gains the BOD Type melee bonus when thrown. The darts will penetrate up to 5SP of soft armor.

[Solo of Fortune 21 Pursuit !iecurit:y. The ammo is blister-packed and can be found on the wire spin-racks at discount stores. it fits in any purse or jacket pocket Comes in 6 designer colors. creating additional effect equal to Stench Bomb (see entry). Capable of being loaded with any drug. [Chromebook 2] Pursuit: !iecurity. it makes for easy reloading. this handy-dandy little device delivers a solid dose of any paralyzing or sleep-inducing drug that the wielder chooses.45 caliber plastic cartridge.45 LVD) 2 2 VR 50M For the Solo needing a non-lethal alternative. and even some ballistic cloth armors (penetration of soft armor up to 5SP is possible). See the Gas rules in CP2020 for details. The net materiel is easily cut by any blade the target has in hand. shaped like a bicycle pump.ntroduces its Slang-range mantrap" A spiderweb-like nylon net is deployed by four weights fired in a conical pattern. Delivers up to 4 doses of non-lethal gas (purchaser's choice) to a target 2m away. this weapon is still popular with children and people who wish to remain silent The ammunition is usually a small stone. a MA. soft beanbag up to 3m away at 300fps. -2 at 1-2m.S. delivers a small. [Chromebook 21 WIRE NET WITASER CHARGING: +100EB TO BASIC COST A carbosteel wire net attached to an integral taser unit (Use Taser rules in CP2020J Wire net can only be cut by mono-edge weapons and chain-blades. which electronically detonates the weapon's propellant and fires its payload of pellets. ~: This weapon is unsafe to fire with any regular ammunition (90% chance of misfire. Any area hit that is not armored will be numbed unless a Very Difficult BOD check is made (Endurance skill applies). Projectiles are sold four to a package and have an expiration date for use. The Burst looks like a small flashlight It is triggered by unlocking its built-in safety mechanism and thumbing the switch. For 5-10 eb more. 5kunker™: 70eb EX -1 P E VARIES (GAS) 4 1 VR 2M Armament for the non-violent person. [Pro ted & Servel -- .!iTHEET ""-'EA. Designed to rapidly lose their destructive power. The projectile is a pronged copper-jacketed capacitor capable of storing a charge of up to 70. At 15cm long and 3cm around. The stundart ammunition itself consists of a special low velocity (400 fps) . these pellets are ineffective beyond 3m (-1 accuracy at 0-1 m. Incorporat:ed !itundart Pistol: 10geb P -1 J C SruN (. StreetTech has recently re-packaged this design for public consumption. the net's nylon strands have been replaced with pieces of Detcord. failure of both checks means entanglement-ll2 REF. Any target struck must make a Very Difficult BOD check {plus Resist Drugs skill>to avoid its effects. [Chromebook 7) Pursuit: Security. Reloads cost from 10-20 eb per dose. lNeo Tribes] Pet:rochem Drug-A. Only slightly larger than a touch taser. Accuracy and range for carbosteel net and Det-Web are +0125m. Notes: i A man-sized target must make 25+ BOD and REF checks.PDN5 aDi!!D Nomad !iling: lOeb 11206 1 1 VR EX 0 P P 20M One of the oldest weapons in mankind's arsenal. This weapon is an over-and-under doublebarrel break-open configuration. it is capable of fitting into most pockets and purses. Compressed air cartridges (good for up to 5 shots) are extra. Incapacitation is instantaneous and lasts up to one hour. fur. Incorporat:ed Beanbag 6un: 100eb P -2 J E SruN 1 1 ST 3M This compact weapon.Thug TM: lS0eb EX 0 P C CHEMICAL 5 1 VR NA The latest thing to hit the streets of 2020. 206+1 damage to shooter's arm). Note: This weapon gains the BOD Type melee bonus when used. [Chromebook 21 - St:. Oetweb does 40 points of AP damage to every body location. the Drug-a-Thug"" is perfect for those who wish to be discretely armed. One target only. Compact. but enough to discourage any allies he/she may have. A single failure means target will escape in 10-(800 or REF>minutes (whichever is sooner).I. the gas can be mixed with odoriferous chemicals. producing Burst models with designer key rings for the up-and-coming executive wanting that hidden defense (40eb each). The device will not penetrate armor. the stundart gun is an excellent choice. When triggered. Originally designed as an emergency hideout weapon for police officers. FEN Dz-55 DET-WEB:450EB/ONE-USENET Designed as new anti-'borg projectile.000 volts (-1 to Stun Savel! The dart-like projections allow the round to deliver its charge through heavy clothing. Incorporated Webgun: i!SOeb RIF +1 N C ENTANGLE 1 1 ST 30M P. -3 at 2-3ml.reettech "Bur§t:"': 33eb SHT VAR P E 206+1<28GAJ 1 1 VR 3M The latest in self-defense weapons from StreetTech.

ver: 40Deb p 0 J P 106 10 2 VR 20M Flashlight sized microwave projector. This version has a higher shot capacity and a better range. requiring a 15+ REF roll to keep from dropping the small part. Then the 009's high capacitance liquid metal batteries release an electrical charge along the path. Security model !Mk. success is unconciousness 206x30 min. the damage is permanentl. resulting in an artificial "lightning bolt.3x 19mm projectile via compressed air. PEOPLE-Point Blank: Death Save at -3. Gas Capsule: Throws 2m diameter gas cloud on impact Effects depend on gas type. this can be avoided by taking 20 sec. 1O-shot guncamera.p Siove: 90eb EX 0 P C STUN 6 1 ST 1M An electrified mesh glove with effects equal to a taser. See CP2020 for rules governing microwavers. See entry for details. [Chromebook 21 Tech~ronica M40 ""Pulse Rifle"': 3SDOeb RJF 0 N R EMP EFFECT 6 112 . If the limb is shielded. which ionizes the air when fired. Avajlable in two versions: Solo model has 5 round magazine. This gives you double the number of shots (and +5m to the microwaver range). 250eb. lChromebook 11 ST SOM This stubby. The Airhammer fires a 5. JellSluggs: 2D6+2. Medium: Stun Save at -3." The resulting damage is half real and half stun. Medium: Automatic breakdown for 1 06/2hrs if unshielded. 1D6 min. powered by an armband battery pack. any adjacent nonlimb cyberware is affected as if hit by a Microwaver with a +2 on the effects table. [Chromebook 21 Tech~ronica Black-Za. "Combat" setting uses 1 unit. Close: Stun Save at -5. Any cyberlimb hit will be shorted out for 1D6+3 x 10 sec (if a critical hit is rolled. EOUIPMENT/CYBERWARE-Point Blank: Automatic permanent breakdown if unshielded. Extreme: 30% chance breakdown for 1D lOx 10 sec if unshielded. laser sight. failure is uncon. no modifiers are applied. 06x 10 min. "Combat" is the normal setting. Treat as rubber bullets. [Chromebook 21 AMMO LIST: Kendachl Frag Aechette: 1D6+2 explosive ceramic darts. Hip Power Pack.5 unit. Even if hit in a flesh part. smartgun rig. Nannal Aechette: 1D6+2AP (soft armor xl /4). (Cyberpunk 20201 Techl:ronica£!O Micro'Wa. . the gun's effects. Close: Automatic permanent breakdown if unshielded. failure is unconscious for 1D6x 10 sec. 400eb (!iecurit:y mudel) p +1 J VAR SPECIAL (5.\Ier: 500eb P 0 J P 106 15 2 VR 25M Enhanced version of the Techtronica 15 microwaver. See entry for details. Practice: 1D6-1. Uses plastic slug. The Airhammer's air reservoir holds 15 units of fire. high performance is not necessary. Long: 70% chance breakdown for 2D 10 min if unshielded. beam propagation effects. 206 min. for only 4kg of weight. and damage is +3. (Chromebook 21 Tsunami Arms "Airhammer"· Air Pistol: 3£!Seb (!iulu model). "Target" setting uses 0. failure is uncon. The Black-Zap can be used with either a grab or a punch attack. "Target" setting gives 112 damage. On 'Overload': the weapon's reliability drops to UR. Tsunami Arms Underbarrel Capilci~or La!ierslMicrowilvers: 9S0eb15DOeb UNDER-BARREL CAPLASER: RIF +2 * R 306 2 2 UR 25M UNDER-BARREL MICROWAVER: EX 0 • P t 06+SPECIAl 4 2 ST 20M Advanced weapons from the geniuses at Tsunami Arms. Non-grounded armor gives no protection vs. Combat. The Volt Pistol is comparable in size to a medium SMG and is powered by a removable power pack (25eb for fresh packs). which is controlled by 3 settings: Target. See CP2020 for details. Special plastic shatters against walls or hard armors.STREET ""EAPDN§ i!!!Di!!!D Tech~ronica IS Micro'Wa.3MW 517 2 ST 50M An unusual design by Tsunami for the Crystal Palace security force. [Chromebook 21 Techt:ronica Model 009 Vult: Pist:ol: 95Deb P +1 J R 306 (ELECTRICITy) 6 1 ST 25M Inside the sleek metallic frame of the Volt Pistol is a low-intensity laser projector. and Overload. rifle-shaped weapon (using liquid metal storage cells) is fully insulated against its own multi-band. failure is uncon. 50% chance if shielded. They are designed to fit under Medium SMGs to Rifles.2) has 7-round magazine. Long: Stun Save at -1. "Overload" uses 3 units. these capacitor weapons negate the need for bulky power units by using advanced superconducting packs instead. Extreme: Stun Save. there is still a 20% chance of shorting. Replacing the reservoir is a 10 sec operation.

lEurosourceJ ludgetArms C-13: 7Seb ~1 P E 106 (SMW .38 caseless automatic. Available smaqe. [Corpbook 11 . 'ointing it at the target.!!iTHEET lIVEAPDN!!i ~Dii!!D - JrbanTech "Lance" ivy +2 P C Mini-Missile: 406(HEAT) IDDeb 1 1 UR 300M ~eed an effective defense against tough attackers. 81 Debl. low caliber pistol with good reliability. all weapons 2 use caseless 50M ammo • W§A AUl:oistol: 40Deb J C 206+3 (10MM) VR andard issue sidearm far all Arasaka troops. 10 2 often used by boosters and other street trash. but don't want to tote around a cannon? If so. The weapon is armed by breaking the case. The missile inflicts 406 damage to the target. light duty autopisto! used as a holdout 8 2 5T SaM and "lady's gun~ [Cyberpunk 20201 UR 50M lai Lung l:ybermag 15: SOeb ~1 P C 1D6+1 (6MW heap Hong Kong knockoff. A sma rtgun type is also ava ila ble for those with the Iink (WA+S. li! Police Pistol: +3 J P 106+1 (6MM) 6 2 4SDeb YR 50M criminals. 10 2 VR SaM in . SP is halved. Use INT as the base To Hit stat instead of REF (this letermines that you've pointed it correctly). Solo of Fortune) ie o Arms X-i!i!: 5D-1SDeb J E 10+1 (6MW 10 2 5T in 13 designer 50M colors. [Cyberpunk 2020J lederat:ed Arms Impact. the lance is for you.22) sn-shot. High-rankers also use this gun. 10 2 5T 50M rsolo of Fortunel Dwa Manufact:uring Type . (Note: This is a HEAT warhead.22 caseless load (106 [Solo of Fortune] ederated ubiquitous 'Polymer-one-shot" cheap plastic pistol. clicking the activation button.: 60eb +1 J E 106 (.38) expensive . 25-50ebl. Also comes I!derat:ed Arms X-3D: 3Seb +1 J E 206 (.lPacitic - Unless otherwise .. it has a 50% chance to correct and make a second To Hit roll with a 0 WA lSolo of Fortune 2) L!it:ra §tyle-6: ~1 P Ibiquitous Unless otherwise 7Seb E 1D6 (SMW not:ed. It's desiqned to stop or intimidate an incredibly relia bl e revolver. and pushing it away from the firer. The UrbanTech lance > a personal mini-missle weapon. all weapons 6 2 UR use caseless SOM ammD~ (and cheap) Spanish polymer one-shot firing 5mm fragmenting plastic rounds. damage is IOU If the Lance misses. The Lance's engine will kick in a safe distance from the launcher and seek the target (minimum snqe: 10m). RimJ This . as well as executives who want to pack a little punch.andard handgun for Japanese policewomen. 206 in a 1m diameter. rasaka a tiM 15 not:ed. [Cyberpunk 2020. It consists of a single missile with breakaway protective case.

From the M 1911 a 1 . a tough. used as a standard 12 2 state militia sidearm ST 50M in the U. lEurosourcel 18 2 VR pistol with integral underbarrel 50M (-INTEGRAL LASER SIGHT) laser sight.45 auto. and improving.l The Enforcement 10 is the standard sidearm for Petrochem's security guards. though. {Solo of Fortune] . Not available out- For over a century.S. which fires 9mm caseless rounds. The Alpha-Omega is a semiauto. This pistol is in use in the UK. soldiers. Belgium and Italy.PDN§ E!DE!O BudgetA. and naval!OOeb i P 0 J E 206+3 (10MM) Another Oai Lung cheapie. It may also be ordered with a Nikon COT sight system <Solo of Fortune) for an additional 3900eb. high-caliber C-41: 600eb E 206+1(. the gun jams permanently. Made to security specifications. sleek in design. allowing eight shots. 600eb cilmouflaged~ +SSOeb smartchipped P +1 J C 206+3 (10MM) 14 2 VR 50M This is Colt Firearms latest addition to its venerable line of automatic pistols. much used in the EuroTh eater.mas1:. France.l The plastic is truly inferior. employing an integral lasersight and 3 round burst/full-auto firing mode. built for the Street 12 (Cyberpunk 2 2020] 4i!Seb 3 UR 50M ST 50M The 3-Spot machine-/autopistol is designed for law enforcement duties in the more dangerous parts of Europe. Standard models come in matte black. heavy frame which helps to absorb the recoil of the potent 10mm round. the Enforcement 10 is targeted toward the military and law enforcement markets. The magazine holds 24 rounds.rms p +1 J Ten shot. (Sortex"" is also used by Arasaka. {Paotic Rim] firepower 50M ST that a civilian can legally own in Mainland China. [Cyberpunk 2020] Fashion Gun 9: 3540eb POP E 206+1 (9MM) 7 2 UR 25M Lightweight pistol. and will not wear off. Uses I:I:MMC Goaxing Xiuxi CM-3: i!50 YY [7Seb) P 0 J C 206+ 1 (9MM) 8 2 The civilian market pistol which is the maximum side China. common to many of the Poser set. highdensity ceramic composite developed for use in firearms manufacture. you get what you pay for. and inappropriate to the job it was used for. Militech and Glock Firearms. Colt has strived for excellence. lCorpbook 31 Oai Lung !it:ree1:. firing a full magazine load within 7 combat actions cause the gun to jam automatically. The receiver and slide are fashioned from Sortex'". [Chromebook 1) I:olt: Alpha-Omega Competition P +2 J C 206+2 OR 206+3 Pist:ol: SOOeb 10 2 VR 50M [olt: Enfurcement: 10 !iidearm: 550eb basic. It is corrosion and dirt-resistant and extremely reliable. the pistol with each pull of its trigger unleashes a three-round burst of 1Omm caseless slugs. it can be fitted with a 35-round "snail" clip <concealment rating goes up to "I: when the snail clip is loaded). the Enforcement 10 is built on a solid. For an extra fee. Colt Rrearms has been producing. At this point.. The pistol comes with a barrel compensator and shooter's interface as standard factory options. (In game terms. As its name suggests. fRough Guide UKJ FN Browning P +1 J "3-!ipot:" Machine C 206+3 (10MW Pistol: 24 Federa1:ed AI"III!i X-9mm: 300eb P 0 J E 206+1 (9MM) A sturdy Solo's gun. the matte black Sortex"" receiver and slide can be made in one of several camouflage patterns. Emptying the magazine will cause the barrel shroud to melt and slough off the weapon like hot cheese. . Like the . it is built for combat. The patterns are part of the sortex=.410 pistol with good reliability. blued metallic and marine stainless finishes. but for assault ops [Chromebook 11 Beretta M97P: 4BOeb P +2* J P 206+1 (SMM) The latest development of the 92: an advanced plasticased ammo. It has a 15-shot magazine.§TREET ""EA.45 ACCP or 10mm caseless. Set for purely accurate fire suppression.45 Colt to the present Alpha-Omega. It has a ten round magazine in the shooter's choice of . double-action pistol. 10 3 VR 50M [Solo of Fortunel BudgetArms Laser-Niner: 67Seb P +1* J/L P 206+1 (SMM) 15/35 3120 ST 50M ("INTEGRAL LASER SIGHT) A quality auto/machine pistol. the definitive semiautomatic pistol.

the USAF Special Ops unitl. [Cyberpunk 2020. [[)eep Space] Nomad . Since 2005.S. Only seen in the Orbital habitats. military machine. Uses cased ammo. Each shotgun-like shell has 6 f1echettes with a halfmeter spread at medium range. [Chromebook 11 lilock P Hammer M-l1 Bolt: Pist:ol: 3i!Oeb P +2 J P 106+2 (9MM BOLT) 10 2 5T 30M The most common bolter in use.The G-TPistolis manufactured by Taurus Brasiliade Brasilto their exactingstandardsand is imported by De Santos Ltd. Two versions of thisweapon are available: the 9mm semiautomatic. the Bat People. It uses a standard box magazine. Issued mainly to rear-area officers and MPs due to its lack of body armor-penetrating ability. reloading takes one round. this pistol has been made famous by that notorious nomad gang. see below. solid pistol with a proven record. (EurotourJ Mili1:ech Arms Avenger: i!50eb P 0 JE 206+1 (9MM) 10 2 VR 50M A well made autopistol with good range and accuracy. These pistols are also popular as back-up weapons. fSolo of Fortune 21 Kang Tao Type g7: 35eb P +1 J E 206+1 (9MM) 2 SOM 10 UR Famous 9mm Beretta copy. due to the 9mm bolt's high penetration. Glock has taken their 10mm Glock-20. roll (11206)+2 to see how many hit per shot Each hit does 10613 (armor is xll2) damage at all ranges.and for many years illegallysmuggled into the southwestern United States. especiallyfor EVATs (EVATroops.w 15 2 5T SOM SELECTIVE-EIRE VERSION: 300-400E8 SMG -1 J C 206+1 (9M. but a smartgun Variant is available. Uses cased ammo. Uses cased ammo. plus any drug or poison added. It's a good.w 20/30 113 VR SOM Glock Int introduces the latest in the further development of their famous line of semi-auto pistols. the Militech Avenger 9mm pistol has been the standard sidearm of the U. gas porting on the barrel for excellent controllability.Rechettes do 11206 (armor is x1 12) damage. given it a selective single shot or three-round burst capability. Common polymer one-shot in South America. Each round has 10 flechettes with a one meter spread at Medium range (roll hit locations as per a shotgun). Armor is x1/4.A choice of fifteen or thirty round magazinesis available. An extended 15-round mag is also available (35eb. Corpbook 2. the M-11 has better recoil control than most flechetle weapons.S. ~: This pistol can also use the standard 20-round pistol magazine. and thirty 10mm cartridges per magazine. [[)eep Space] 1M.Dealers' prioes vary. This is the weapon that Mossad agents have come to be known by. and the machine pistol version with a selective fire capability. damage x112. The idea was to create the potential for a great deal of damage with low penetration/recoil for use in enclosed environments. Home/Braves Mili1:ech Black Widow Flechette Pist:ol: 400eb P +1 J P VARIES (FLECHETTE) 10 2 5T 30M The 'WidoW' was designed under contract with the U. First designed for the Massad.lioncz. raises concealment to J). making it slightly more concealable and compact (P). Ammo feeds from a somewhat bulky to-round dip. !Deep Space) Milit:ech !!iilver !!ihadow Flechette Pist:ol: 300eb P 0 J P VARIES (FlECHEITe> 8 2 5T 30M The civilian ancestor of the famous "Black Widow· developed for the USAF.357MAG) 8 2 VR SOM Based on the Colt M 1911. The weapon comes with a lasersight only. plus any drugs added. fSolo of Fortune) LeRoi Maxi-IO: 150eb P -1 J E 206+3 (10MW 10 2 UR SOM A French automatic with an undeserved street reputation. liamad: 575eb P 0 (+1") P E 206+3 (10MW 7 2 VR SOM (·w/LASERSIGHT) This stubby 10mm pistol gets its name ("DwarF) from its small size. [Chromebook 1J - Thirty Machine Pistol: 705eb +2 J C 206+3 (10M.Taurus Pist:ol: i!OO-i!75eb P 0 J E 206+1 (9M. built largely on its macho chunky styling and clever marketing. the Gamad was only released onto the foreign market in the last three years.357 Magnum Aut:oloader: 300eb P 0 J C 206+3 (. a professional's gun. Standard hot loads do 306+1 damage. !NeoTribesl . this pistol is sturdy and user-friendly.w 15/30 2110 ST 50M Standard officer-issueweapon in the Pan-Americas.Air Force as a standard space sidearm.

357 Magnum Revolver: . On the FNFF reliability table. the 351 pistol fires a 9mm rocket round.0Triplex:The sight projects a red dot which marks the point of aim.0. NPA developed this gun to deal with an increase in foreign cybered criminals.o. ISola of Fortune] l\Iomad . Because it frequently kills or cripples non-cyber targets. three rounds without This cartridg. Tends to melt under full autofire (60%). When using this load.5TREET ""EAP'ON5i2. J C VARIES (. with a silent electric trigger..410.the Iii-Star is best known for loading Triplexshells which pack three *0.M Continuing Stolbovoy's tradition of extremely durable and reliable weapons.0E!D 2 VR 50M The . J:::!Qm. ! Pistol: 450eb. particularly on Luna. and a surtounding circle which marks the area into which the three pellets will spread Because of the visuallydistinct style of these sights. Wasserman ~'Tri-!it:ar"Revol\ler: i!75eb P +0.0 buckshot pellets (206 damage each). Also. [Corpbook 31 Surprising POP E 206+3 (1aMW 4 2 5T 25M Four-shot.. The 351 is a commonly used military firearm.357 Magnum cartridge is ideally suited for matched rifle and pistol use. fNeoTribesJ P 0 J E 206+1 (9MM) 12 2 UR SaM Polymer one-shot blaster copy from a 20th century movie called Star Trek Wars. the St-2 is a handgun built with a composite slide and receiver and a patented action that virtually cleans itself of dust and grit Uses cased ammo. Officer version comes with smartgun system installed IWA+4. A good holdout gun. !Pacific Rim) .eblasersiqhtwhich is specially made for frl-Stars packing the #0.oading Pistol: 4i!5eb P 0 J C 206+3 (10MW 12 2 VR 5aM A lighter pistol common among IEC executives who want something a little easier to handle and with a greater magazine capacity than the hefty P-35. but is rarely seen Earth-side. 820eb). A smartgun system is available for those with the link IWA+4. Although it is capable of firing shotshells (206/1 06+211 06) and slugs (306+ 1). On request from patrol officers. "Magazines" for this weapon are usually two threeround "half-moon" carriers that can be easily loaded and removed Reloading' takes one round if using half-moons. See Ammunition section for further info. treat each shot as a "3-round burst. Range is 3x that of a normal pistol in vacuum. standard hot loads do 306+1 damage.ingType·44 Pistol: 5i2!Oeb P +2 J P 206+1 (9MW 16 3/16 VR 50M The standard eutopistol for Japan's SOF soldiers. Towa Manufartur.S. ICorpbook 1l Stolbovoy §t .0. Stolbovoy weapons jam only ona roll of 1. Uses cased ammo. ISolo of FOrtune] Stranger: 15-50eb 206+1 (9MW 10 2/10 UR SOM Ten-shot pistol with full auto capacity. Muzzle loaded (1 round per combat turn). [[Jeep Space] Tuwa Manufacturing Type-13 Police Pistol: SODeb N P +2 J P 206+300MW 12 2 VR 50M The standard autoplstol for Japanese patrol." rolling 10612 to see how many buckshot hit and then rolling each hit randomly. NPA began developing a non-lethal rubber bullet (see Chromebook 2) around 2018. One of the most reliable of the polymer one-shots. cops.double-action revolver-style handgun which fires . all Stolbovoy weapons are Common in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. 850eb smartchipped i P a J C/R 206+3 (lOMw 14 2 VR So. the Iri-Star has seen a great deal of use in media entertainment IChromebook 21 Stein &.shotgun ammo. Pist:ol: 4i!Deb P 0 J C/P 2D6+1 (9MM GYRo) 82 UR 50M Developed as a lightweight gyrojet weapon along the lines of the earlier Mark II models of the 20th century. the gun is feared by NPA officers as a "Blackrnark Maker.357MAG) 6 Sci Fi Starrior 4: 60eb SUM S&Wdesigned this special-load revolver as a "compact yet practical multi-munitions delivery system" What this means in plain English is that the Tri-Staris a big. 8DOeb}..tpacific Rjm] .Stein & Wassermanalso markets a 1o. pepperbox design. 3 round burst Of full-autofire standard. [So/a of FOrtunel Teen Dreem: 36eb P -1' J E Texas Arms Model-351 Gyrojet. and Rare in the U.41OGN 6 2 5T !it:ernmeyerP-41 Aut:ol. J C 206+3 (.eis somewhat downloaded so adolescents can handle it.i!50eb P 0.

there is a 10% chance of explo- lai Lung Magnum: 60eb . [Solo of Fortune! :spinDza One §hot:: 7Seb . -1 J E 306 <'50 SHORT) 1 1 UR SOM )ne shot. H&K P-1 a. but who worries that children might hurt themselves with an accidental discharge. the "Lis being generous.. not amage. Ergonomic design. A battery (good for 50 shots) is 1Oeb. the Malorian Arms heavy flechette pistol is second to none 1 flechette handgun technology. and one of the best. [Chromebook 1) - . IMI's Gideon. shots and price: roll 106 and add this to 14 to determine the shots per magazine.. or have the safety chip in a wrist socket Disposable magazines are 14eb. The Express is a racegun. S&W M2009 and the Walther 915.2MM En 24 3 VR SM Designed with the professional competitor in mind. The large magazine capacity makes this weapon a favorite with firepower freaks everywhere. Militech's A226. Weapon is rated "Heavy" for its size. The weapon comes chipped from the factory. Unless otherwise noted. Note: iense metallic bolt has double the AP effect (armor is Xl/4. The battery is loaded into the back of the gun. rounds to come out of our munitions lab all combine with a Zeiss-Nikon COT scope to become one of the most accurate handguns on the market today. this semiautomatic pistol packs a serious wallop in handgun-sized package. and easy to get hold of. safeI interlocked and encoded to the owner. 5. User must wear a special "safety-cnlpped" Iristband. it has a 60% of injuring the firer. costs 12Seb). Tends to explode (60% chance. 4mm dart at over 1700 feet per second. Perfect for the competitor who doesn't want to be slowed down by his sidearm. There are three adjustable weights under the barrel in front Overall length of the gun is 36cm. most stable.. the Express is a S.5THEE"'-""'EAPDl'\J§ ii2!Dii2!D Tsunami Express Racegun: S3DOeb P +3 L P 20S+3 (S. and add (the same number you rolled on your 1DS) x 10 to 240eb to determine the price in Eurodollars. firing caseless 9mm ammo. so use by anyone else is impossible. Because of the barrel compensator's design. and its design reflects that: lots of satin-polished chrome steel." Oaewoo OP17. a custom barrel compensator. this gun cannot be fitted with a suppressor. semi-automatic. 206+1 damage) on a misfire or jam. real wood grips. heavy caliber. Note: If gun jams/fumbles. ahead of the slide. but if someone changes the grip (dropping the WA to +2. dOing 206+1 to he firer's arm. The following are some of the most widely-sold modern wondernines: Constitution "Bronco.2mm ammo costs 50eb per box of 50. This feature is a definite plus to anyone need19 a strong home defense weapon.. What else do you want? ~: uon: 206 damage to firer's arm. [Solo of Fortune 21 Wondernine!i: Price Varies P +1 J E 20S+H9MW VARIES 2 VR SOM All 21st-century "wondernines" are pretty much the same: relatively accurate. The rechargeable liquid propellant reservoir can fire over two hundred rounds before needing a refill 30ebl. computer-controlled tolerances. Using a liquefied gas combustion system. all wondernines have the same stats except for name. all Wl!apons use caseless ammo . [Solo of Fortune 2! - . [Cyberpunk 20201 SOM On a fumble/jam. it can be done. 1251pi checkering on the grips and frontstrap. The wood grips feature a wrist support and ergonomic design. Eludget:A. 1 J E 30S+1 t3S7MAGl 10 2 UR SOM \utomag copy commonly used by cheap hoods. but damage is norman. Eran Malour has specifi:ally designed his new flecheUe gun with the "enhanced" customer in mind. under the partial slide. [Solo of Fortune! Walorian Arms Heavy Flechette Pist:ol: S9Seb I +1 J C 10S+1 (4MW 25 2 ST SOM king a single 150 grain. In game terms. -1 J E 30S (11MW 2 8 UR t's cheap. ~: The Express isn't really designed to be concealable. It's powerful. COT scope is attached to the frame..rms AU'to~: 3SDeb .2mm electrothermal design that gives the ammo capacity of a Minor class gun with the muzzle velocity and hitting power of the Major calibers. the magazine is in the pistol grip. not a combat monster. It blows up sometimes.

If smartchipped. but (because it's built into the frame beneath the barrel of the automatic and ahead of the trigg. the Mark II is ergonomically and technically advanced. increasing the ROF to 3). Unlike the traditional revolver. the banana clip is normally used by SWAT. The Citygun is packed \<\lithmodem features. £New for this Volumefl ST 50M StlE!in &. The standard issue sidearm in many Euro-corp guard forces. When all six trounds in the cylinder have been fired.Scm barrel with a ported compensator. which fires the tround's propellant The barrel of the gun is positioned in-line with the trigger (and thus the firers hand). rack the slider again to load the last six trounds. one presses a recessed release switch beneath the laser sight and pulls the cap off the front of the gun. the shaft is surrounded by another 2 loads (12 rounds). one simply drops out the empty cassette and slaps in a fresh assembly) the revolver's barrel is somewhat snubby. product from the United Germanies. 'R" (revolver) mode or ''A" (automatic) mode can be selected at the flip of a thumb-switch. magazine capacity. plus one up the spout. reducing recoil and making the gun easier to fire.44 MAG) 6 2 P +1 J/L * 206+2 (.45 ACP autoloader. These trounds load into the Cityhunter's internal cylinder. entry teams. allowing each tround. The automatic's long slide ends in a compensator. If the gun is dropped on a hard surface. and military special-cps units. It sports a 16. This handgun is popular with many police units for its "staying power'<that is to say. feeding into the upper portion of the gun. a octagonal barrel which has an underbarrel universal scope-mount. reliable.C. an adjustable trigger. Patrol officers commonly carry five twelve-round magazines of 11mm AP. and t'Nin lriple-porting on the barrel which serves as a sophisticated muzzle compensator (the compensator aids in quick recovery for follow-up shots. Although many complain that the choice of brass-cased ammo for both barrels makes the weapon less reliable. the Cityhunter's cylinder does not have enclosed chambers. Durable. and the pistol of choice among IEC executives.338 Nova cartridges. The most striking feature is the weapon's layout~the cylinder has been positioned in front of the trigger group. Another fine E. The Nova design strays from revolver conventions in several ways: the Cityhunter fires 11 mm caseless "trounds" (that is. creating a straight-line barrel-arm sight picture. Stein & Wasserman's "Bl-Power" is now commercially available! Following a previously unheard-of design philosophy.357 Magnum and 10mm Auto. this hybrid handgun mates a double-action . To reload. located directly under the cylinder. Ahead of the cylinder. To fully reload the tube (18 troundsl. each cartridge's bullet is embedded in a triangular propellant block).4S-caliber ammo in a double-column magazine. and capable of placing seven high-velocity slugs in a two-inch pattern as fast as you can pull the trigger.:' concealability for anyone with a BOD of less than 8. with excellent stopping power. Reliability dropps to ST Reliabillity also drops one level for every 24 rounds fired without cleaning. thus doing away with clumsy reloading of individual rounds.44 Magnum wheelgun into one package makes this handcannon "I. the Bi-Power rarely malfunctions. They are open on the outer surface. Note: The tolerances are a little too tight. this process can be activated though the chipping. Corpbook 1l . making it an ideal mid-range load. [Cyberpunk 2020.STREET 1IVIEAPDNS i2!Di2!D Must:ang P +1 Arms ·'Mark II": 42SIE!b J/L C 306 (11MMl 12/20 3 VR 50M The Mark 11is a powerful autoloader machined to very close tolerances.338 Nova: This rimmed. brass-cased cartridge is calculated to fire between . when those six trounds have been fired. Using the latest computer-aided design techniques. pre-loaded. The Cityhunter can be classified as a revolver=alrnost. the Cityhunter has an integral laser sigh~ mounted along the centerline of the tubular portion of the gun. plastic shrink-wrapped Ammo Cassettes are available off the shelf for 7eb each. The Bl-Power's worst problem is its size-packing a . to drop down into the breach. each Mark II comes with a 20-round "banana" mag. reliable.45 ACP) 10 2 BSOlE!b UR UR 50M 50M After a long wait. Within the breach is an electrical igniter. a company with a long-time fascination with futuristic revolvers.45 auto with an 22cm barrel and a . set above and in front of the trigger.C. WasslE!rman Bi-PowlE!r Handcannon: P +0 J/L P 406 (. Rather than employing a traditional cylinder. one racks the slider (located on the exterior of the tube) back one index to move the next six rounds into the cylinder. the Citygun is indisputably the most advanced wheelgun on the market today. The sturdy grip holds 13 rounds of . but its most unusual feature is the magazine: Although a standard 12-round clip is available. However. and disposable Ammo Cassettes are available for Seb each. ammo extra). if the weapon goes more than one day without cleaning in a "dirty" environment. Reliability drops to 5T. To aid in aiming. and giving the gun an almost autopistollook! Nova also includes two spare ammo cassettes with every Citygun. IChlOmebook 11 Nova P Nova P ModlE!l 757 Cityhunl:lE!r: 4BOlE!b +2 J P 306 (11MMl 18 2 An unusual double-action design from Nova Arms. Ammo is available for lSeb (per box of 50 roundsl. sporting a nonreflective matte black finish. as the cylinder revolves.44 Magnum revolver to a . iSoto of Fortune 21 St:lE!rnmlE!YlE!r P-35: P 0 J C 400lE!b 3D6 (11MM) 8 2 VR 50M Rugged. which is completely enclosed within the tubular body of the gun. [Sofa of Fortune 21 ModlE!l 33B []tygun: 460lE!b +1 J P 306 <'338) 7 3 VR 50M The double-action Citygun is Nova Arms' attempt to bring the revolver up to date. One can then load new trounds into the tube-Nova manufactures a speedloader for this gun to facilitate this (2Seb each. Note on . it uses Nova's patented NAmmo Cassettes" These are disposable cylinders composed of superstrong composite ceramics preloaded with seven .

all weapons use caseles!iammo~ '154 Magnum Disposable: IDDeb -2 P R 4D6+3 (.te: placed in this catagory due to its power. and capable of being laser-sighted or smartchipped.. and penetrating damage is doubled since it is effectively a larg. the Super Chief is a double-action revolver finished in stainless steel and hambered for the .. Being a revolver. :iQ. this weapon has also proven itself as a real manstopper when the situation warants. (Chromebook 11 ederated Arms 454 DA '''SuperChie'f'': 375eb 0 J P 406+3 (. 7d6 at Long range.. but it still has a solid knock-down capability vs. [Cyberpunk 2020] .l. with steel-reinforced ceramic construction. the Raimei fires a slightly larger 10mm bullet. Home/Bravel J· olt AMY Model i!OOD: 5DDeb 0 J C 406+ 1 (t2MW 8 - 50M esigned by Constitution Arms to take advantage of advances in the field of ordnance technol'ogy. heavier personal 1DOeb smartchipped. By special order only..ANDEiUN5 rsunami Arms "Raimei" Ramjet p. but a ower range to avoid damaging incidentals.VERV .aimejcomes standard with a Maboroshi smartgun link or Zeiss-Nikon COT. Eran Malour developed thts radical new design to the personal specificaions of famous rocker Johnny Silverhand. It's also a very popular Nomad weapon.e hoHow-point round. A pull tab opens the over/under barrels and activates the Jermanently-sealed battery. Famed for its reliability (and rarity). #11 0 J E 406+ 1 (12MW 8 1 ST 5aM esigned as an alternate to the 1998 U. Vol. Armor . and 7d6+1 at Extreme range. VR saM 5 2 classy heavy revolver from Ameritech Arms. no matter how - . to prevent unauthorized use..454 Casull. Unterface Magazine. Army sidearm trials. fProtect & Serve] > ons'ti1:ution Arms Multi . ~: The 10mm Ramjet does Sd6 at Close range. Unterface Magazine.. -rmalite 44. The . [Cyberpunk security chipping.HEAVV H. in size. This workhorse as served for over twenty years. the AMT 2000 served well in the Central American Wars.. Engineered for rapid target reacquiition. martchipped models give the user direct control over selection. Each round costs 30 eb.ol:5i!5eb A 0 J P VARIES (l2MW 5 1 VR SaM riginally conceived with handgun hunters in mind..the newer. one loaded clip is included in the cost of the gun. LSo/o of Fortune 21 Unless othenNise no'ted. ose on the heels of our successful Ramjet Rifle is the Raimei [Thunderclap) pistol. this revolver is designed to offer :he user a choice between lethal and non-lethal response to a situation.454) 2 1 VR 4aM rile deadliest of the polymer holdouts. 1. "I wanted something that would drop a cyberpsycho'ed fan at 100 paces. it uses cased ammo.S.: 45Deb 1 VR 5aM jaw the standard officer's sidearm for the US Army. Made from reinforced carbon fiber composites. this design allows for faster acceleration to full speed. Uses electrically-fired caseless ammo. eld officers and vehicle crews are being given a choice of issue sidearms-either the AMT 2000 or the quicker and more accu'ate Alpha-Omega in 1Omm.P is x3. a cutdown big-game cartridge specifically designed for large animals. Designed for urban combat aga. A big sucoess with peole who like the challenge of handgun hunting. and round information is provided directly to the user (requires ime Square Marquee). see the Ammunition section for further details. it is a Ught Pistol. 3i!OOeb fur COYvariant: r' +2 L P VAR(10MM RAMJET) 6 2 VRlaOM oUowing. mmunit:ionPis1:.inst d A suits and 'borgs. non-reloadable. 6d6+3 at Medium.454) !. The standard model is equipped with a rapid selector switch to select between rounds before firing) and a readout display under the rear sight. # 11 F> > \merit:ech Magnum: IDDDeb +1 J R 406+3 (. which informs the user of the round selected.454) 5 1 VR alarian Arms 3516: 45i!5eb ~1 J R 606 (14MW 6 1 VR 5aM he most powerful personal handgun on the market today. A solid contender.. Vo/. As of 2019.

(Chromebook 1l MiUtech . The SAS and SBS versions of this pistol have been further modified to allow "double-tapping" of a target (ROF 2) 450eb P +1/-1 J/L P 506AP (.41) 6 2 VR 80M NOVAARMS"EASTWOOD"44 pLASMAnC'"MAGNUM: 1499EB .ion. "Price was no object:' Matorian's design employs a rare. electrothermal technology has breathed new life into the aging wheelgun. 70Deb smar'tchipped P +1 J P 406+1<12MW 12 1(2) VR SOM The Royal Enfield Ordanance Spitfire battle pistol is a high quality long-slide counter-balanced military pistol designed to replace the aging Browning automatic. Koch MPK~9:5i!Deb SMG +1 J C 2D6+1 (9MM> 35 25 ST 150M A light composite submachinegun with high quality sights.. better autofrre.477) 4 1 50M VR Now. solid Orbital titanium frame.l OO-shot hip packs: 100eb each.: 16Deb SMG +1 J E 106 <'22) 30 10/30 UR 100M Thirty-shot SMG with full-auto capacity. the Enfield factory has managed to produce a smartchipped high-capacity 12mm pistol of unrivalled accuracy for its class.44 lever-action rifle. smartgun linkl. Always the most reliable of weapons designs. May melt under full autofire (10%).454) 6 2 VR 100M Rogal Enfield Ordnance !ipitlire lE!mm Battle Pist.44) 6 2 VR 80M NOVAARMS "ARNO" . with a folding arm brace for support ~: Ace and Conceal drop unless firer has the brace deployed.. ISo/a of Fortune] Federat. the revolver MUST use cased ammunition (as rimmed cases are needed to hold the cartridges in a revolver's cylinder). interface plugs. Honest {Cyberpunk 2020] Heckler &. Plasmatic?' Electrothermal Ammunition (cased ammo) is available exclusively from Nova Arms: 75eb for 50 rounds." explains the enigmatic singer. thanks to the wizardry of electrothermal weapon enhancement! Nova Arms now offers you Plasrnatic" revolvers-complete with electrical firing system and grip-housed power cells.357) 6 2 VR 60M NOVAARMS "BRONSON". Now. CSolo of Fortune 2J NOVAARMS"STALLONE"357 PLASMATiC MAGNUM:999EB . P +1 J P 406 C. fSolo of Fortunel Nomad .ssault. custom Oyna-porting® and a direct cyber interlink that locks the user's cyberarm in place as the weapon fires (required: cyberarm of Average Body Type. By special order only. features larger clip. it is based on the classic large-frame Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers.41 PLASMATIC™ MAGNUM1199E8 P +1 J P 506 <. The industry mainstay. 24-shot grip batteries sold separately. no melting. nearly an express rifle in design! A 4-chamber.ed. [Rough Guide UKJ Unless o1:hel""'lo'llise nut. Federated Arms Tech-A. P +1 J P 606 (. the revolver once again earns the title of Most Powerful. or a cyberarm.ic™ Revolvers By its very nature.44) 6 1 VR 50M Usually carried by Nomads using the .ol: 550eb.ed Arms Tech~Assault II: 40Deb SMG +1 J C 106+1 (6MM) 50 25 ST 150M An updated version of the venerable Tech Assault I. all weapons use caseless ammunit. Using composite plastics and ceramics.!!iiTREET 'lllfEAPDN§ iE!DiE!D metalled up he was.. {Cyberpunk 2020J . lNeoTribesl Nova Arms Plasmat. Used by many Eurosolos. Moisture-proofing and insulation extra. pepperboxstyle gun. SOeb each.44 Magnum Revolver: ::I7Seb P 0 J P 406 C.477 Boomer Bust. . Uses cased ammo.454 PLASMATICN MAGNUM: 1799EB P +1 J P 606+3 (. a close-in support weapon that can stop a cyberpsycho cold.

but the weapon's high rate of fire often causes severe overheating problems. the ammunition is efficient. the weapon fires a subsonic. Conceal: L. Early models of this weapon gained the reputation of being fussy about ammo. 11S0eb smartchipped SMG +1 l P 106+2 (7MM) 40 20 ST 150M Setsuko-Arasaka (a division of the parent company) now produces their Police/Military/Security SMG in the United States at their new. [Chromebook 11 §uranam Machine Pistol: 37Seb SMG +0 J/l C 106+4 (. operating from a rechargeable battery in the magazine. found worldwide. It is made of carbon plastics. there is a 75% chance it willi cook off all the rounds in the weapon. For 200eb more. In its basic form.A. For further compactness a smaller magazine can be fitted (15 rounds) and the barrel shroud removed. all plastic. and due to the small ammo size.22cal caseless (Srnrn) has never been taken seriously as a defensive round until now. Arasaj(a WMA "Minami 10": 5DOeb 5MG 0 J E 206+3 (10MW 40 20 VR 200M The standard Arasaka Security weapon. caseless 7mm bullet paired with a built-in Sonex suppressor. causing 2D6 damage to the firer's arm.5TREET 1IVE. [Chromebook 11 §etsuko~Arasaka '''PM§'' §ub~Machine Gun: 9Soeb. The Mini-Gat is a 5mm five barrel gatling gun capable of emptying its helical magazine in under five seconds flat! Don't be satisfied with some machine pistol's dinky thirty-round clip when a Mini-Gat carries one hundred and twenty rounds! It's electronically fired. These problems were due to subcontractors substituting inferior or non-spec parts. The Suranam is a common choice for cyberarm weapon installation. Thanks to a small explosive charge which causes high bullet expansion. and rumors surfaced that the weapon interface caused peripheral vision hallucinations. Beretta Euroarms has set new standards in weapon technology with their M-24 submachine gun. Using the time-proven M-12 SMG as the basis for this new weapon. The choice for many security Solos. armor is halved. new for 2020. has a folding wire stock. the Beretta is somewhat inaccurate. The latest version. [Cyberpunk 20201 _ - Unless othel"lNisl! noted. [Cyberpunk 2020. !Rough Guide UKJ Beretta M-i!!4 Advanced §ubmachine Gun: 9Soeb. it produces no unsightly bulge in your designer suit when you're out escorting your employer. with a rotary electric clip and adjustable trigger. it comes in an integrally silenced model: Acc: -1. li!!Soeb smartchipped SMG +2 l P 206+1 (9MMl 50 25 VR 200M The new standard-issue SMG for Interpol.PDN5 ~Di2!D - Milit:ech Mini-Gat Machine Carbine: 1i9Seb SMG 0 l P 106 C22/5MW 120 40 ST 150M The .Miniauto 9: 47Seb SMG +1 J E 206+1 (SMMl 30 35 VR 150M Uzi's entry into the 21 st century. all weapons use caseless ammunition. large magazine capacity. but with the addition of either a laser or smart-rig it becomes ideal for its chosen role." or mini-submachinegun fires the. A good all-around weapon. they incorporate features such as an integral smart link. V7-caliber explosive caseless cartridge. [Chromebook 1] - . [50/0 of Fortune 21 Uzi . The new PMS has been put through exhaustive testing to overcome all earlier problems. and a recoil compensator. Corpbook 11 Beretta 1010 Machine Pistol: 47Seb SMG -2 J C 206+3 (10MM) 30 15 5T 100M This model is a highly compact machine pistol designed for undercover security work and protection duties. Compact and thin. the referee can decide). automated Night City plant Designed for low-profile corporate security and paramilitary forces where discretion is valued over raw firepower. Warning: If weapon jams/fumbles. the magazine can hold a very large number of rounds. is the PM-24S. This has the effect of lowering concealability to a large pocket: rating P (how large a pocket.177) 25/50 UR 150M 50 This Korean-made "minisub.

armor xl/4. special rimmed-case. Safety note: IMI's special grenades do not have a safety distance! Once primed by firing. lChromebook 11 Milit. three-round bursts. blued. + 1OOeb for scope. marine stainless and camouflage finishes. 1a-Gauge shells can also be loaded when using a special sleeve. silenceable weapon. The grenade launchers barrel is much shorter than most 25mm greande launchers. The ARS is available with full and collapsible stocks. When the silencer is used firing is still audible.The gun feeds from twin magazines. an assault rifle does as well. [Chromebook 11 Milit. allowing different types of ammo to be loaded.ech 10 !iubmachine Gun: 4SSeb 5T 200M SMG +1 J E 206+3 (10MW OR 2D6+2 (. Submachineguns are rare in military service. where it is rarely seen without its optional silencer. silver. And Militech doesn't forget the fashion conscious. and subtracts 1 from Acc. only when aiming). but the sound is greatly reduced and carries less. They are available in several different configurations. a semi-bullpup configured weapon using a rotary bolt system similar to the proven M-95/G-ll operating system. This weapon uses the new 10mm caseless f1echette round containing six steel penetrators capable of defeating any ballistic cloth body armor in present use. Typically used by airborne noncoms and by special ops troops who need a powerful. in honor of the original Sten gun. [Corpbook 31 "!it:en": E!ODeb approx. Ammo selection is via thumb-operated lever. they will detonate as soon as they hit an object Stand back! [Solo of Fortune 2] Malorian Arms §ub-Flechette Sun: 7gSeb SMG +2 J C 106x1 06 10/30 3135 VR 200M Malarian Arms has beaten the competition to the punch with their new fiechette submachinegun. gaining popularity among law enforcement agencies and corporate armies.357 Magnum (206+3) and 12mm Caseless (406+1). [Corpbook 2. CRoll106 to determine number of penetrators that hit per round. with a choice of eight designer colors (red. laser designators (+ 1l. this weapon system is of high quality and fine machining. and fully automatically at a punishing rate. The Viper is a weapon seemingly designed for specialoperations units. but they range from very reliable to almost-certain-to-blow-off-a-shooters-hands.ech Viper !iubmachinegun: 600eb 200M 5MG 0 J P 206+3 (10MW 40 30 VR The standard issue submachinegun for Lazarus troops. blue. and a pleasure to shoot. gray!. the Gamdaii is easily modified for left or right-handed use.RIES 30 3/30 ST/UR 50-100M This is a generiC Nomad term for any homemade/modified submachine gun. The ARS fires single shots. All penetrators from a single round hit in the same Body Area) Equipped from the factory with three-round burst/full-auto capability.45 ACP. Available in two calibers: 10mm PlasticCase and the venerable . Factory accessories include sound suppressor. +50eb for silencer.and thirty-round capacities. black. It is a new system for the young company. it is fashioned mostly from the advanced ceramic Sortex'". Their high firepower is matched by low range. Intended to supplant current assault weapons for Mossad units. but can be bought in the same varieties as standard 25mm mini-grenades). 650eb camouflaged. and may be chambered for any ammunition from . gold. at better ranges.ang Arms AR!i-SI: !iubmachinegun: 600eb. through 9mm Parabellum (206+1l. tE!OOeb smartchipped SMG +1 J C 206+3 (10MM) 40 3/40 VR 100M MMs current model submachinegun. Koch MP-2013: 4S0eb 5MG +1 J C 206+3 (10MM) 35 32 5T 200M Heckler & Koch's updating of the MP-5K classic. Note: Uses cased ammo. The grenades have a range of 1 aOm.45 ACP) 30 20 The Militech Ten uses composite plastics and the most modern computer machining techniques to create a submachinegun that is light. The stats given are for a typical example. scope mounts. Stens are also known in streetpunk culture as zipper-guns. low-velocity rounds must be used (these greandes cost 50% more than normal shells. + 1OOeb for laser designator. 5MG -2 L E VA. Home/Brave] Must.22 Long Rifle (106). and is usually found in said units.STREET ""EAPDlNS i2!Di2!D Heckler 5. The silencer is an extra 150eb. like the Enforcement 10. green. [Cyberpunk 20201 IMI ··Gamdaii": gSOeb 5MG +2 N E 206+3 (10MW 35x2 25 VR 200M HVY 0 (25MM/10GN 1 1 5T 100M A dual-feed 1Omm caseless SMG mated to a single-shot 25mm grenade launcher. and with a variety of accessories including detachable scopes (+2 to single shots. with compound plastics and integral silencing. Ammunition magazines come in ten. and it is impossible to load normal 25mm mini-grenades into the Gamadii's grenade launcher. and is available in matte black. Each penetrator does 106 damage. to . accurate. and an integral compensator. grenade launcher and interchangeable caliber kits allowing a wide choice of firepower. and silencers (Awareness roll to hear). !Neo Tribes] . Like most IMI weapons. carno.

an assault carbine. [Rough Guide UKl Ingram MAl: 14: 6S0eb SMG -2 L E 406+1 (12MW 40 10 ST 200M Updated MAC-1 0. H&K produced a caseless 12mm laser. CC. [Cyberpunk 2020. Uses cased ammo. with composite body and cylindrical-feeding magazine. GIGN and Corporate strike teams like Dieter Kaufmann's Taktischekampf Einheit 0. [Jnterfoce Issue 3. Available with collapsible or fixed stocks. 1i!OOeb !imartchipped SMG ~1 J C/R 206+3 (10MM) 35 30 VR 100M The last item in Stolbovoy's line of basic weapons. the SAS.MMI:Tuzi-7: soon (1i!5eb) SMG ~2 J P 306 <11 MM) 100M 30 15 ST The heavy submachine gun used by the army (and favored by cheap hoodsl for fighting in confined spaces. After detailed discussion with such units as GSG-9. Serni-auto/full auto switch standard. all weapons use cil!ieles!i ammunit:ion. Uncommon outside of Europe. the StSsubmachinegun also incorporates the company's unique designs. lCorpbook 31 Unless otherwise not:ed. Slightly longer than the MPS. Comes with iron sights. over-under weapon system carried by urban-deployed IPC troops. [Cyberpunk 2020] Heckler &. fiQtg: On the FNFF reliability table. Capable of firing in single shot from a closed bolt for accuracy or in three-round burst or full auto from open bolt for firepower. Koch MPK-i!Oi!O SM6: 7S0eb SMG +2* L P 406+H12MM) 60 30 ST 200M (*LASER SIGHT) The Heckler & Koch Mashinenpistole-Kurz (MPK>2020 is a descendant of the MPS and the G3 assault rifle. and is one of the finest submachineguns around. Vol. Koch MPK-11: 700eb SMG 0 L C 406+1 (12MW 30 200M 20 ST Possibly the most used Solo's gun in existence. Corp book 11 . standard SMG. The gun also has mountings for an optical sight for use in the single shot mode. special forces units in Europe were looking for a replacement for their main short-range assault weapons. Its 60-round magazine is deemed large enough for an initial attack without having to worry about reloading. and Rare in the U. [Cyberpunk 20201 !it:ernmeger SM6-i!1: SOOeb SMG -1(0) L E 306 (11MW 30 3/15 VR 200M Sternmeyer's best entry in the anti-terrorist category. 11 Heckler &. Unlike other open bolt designs. this weapon is now a mainstay of anti-terrorist and special forces units in the EuroTheater. including a bullpup configuration. When fired single shot from closed bolt the WA rises to O.S. The standard issue SMG for IEC security guards and IEC Army noncoms.or smartchipped assault carbine. the Sternmeyer does not have a fixed firing pin. such as the Minami. A heavy duty SMG with a collapsible stock and rugged construction for use in adverse conditions. with wide use on C-SWAT teams and PsychoSquads. the MPK-l1 can be modified into three different designs. About five years ago. Also. !Pacific Rim) I:hadran Arms Cit:y Reaper: 9S0eb SMG 0 l P 306 (11MM) 40 20 VR 200M SHT ~1 406 (12GA) 10 3 ST 50M A dual-barrel. Stolbovoy weapons jam only on a roll of 1.lGreat Britain. Available only in China. but can be fitted with a variety of aiming systems.!i !iubmachinegun: 600eb. all Stolbovoy weapons are Common in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. and it will accept a grenade launcher mount. A tough and versatile weapon at a good price.5THEET ""EAPDN5 i:!Oi!!D Stolbovoy St. the MPK 2020 is compact enough to be carried in a thigh or long shoulder holster.

and can load buckshot and slugs (and although it was not designed for this. armor is xl/2. The Jackhammer was a revolutionary weapon in many ways-advanced materials technology. aU weapons Arasakil WCAA "Rap. and optional smartehipping. These improvements are complemented by a wide range of ammunition types.aCorp Warhammer™ Assaul~ SHT -1 N P VARIES(12GA MAG) Shot:gun: 700eb 16 1/3 VR 75M Pancor was a small company built on one excellent product: the Pancor A!isaul~ SHT -1 N C 4D6 (12GA/#00) Shot: 12": 900eb 20 2/10 ST use cased alDmo . damage vs. plus hydro-shock recoil compensation (mounted in the stock) that enables accurate autofire. Also known as "the Poser Haser. or (if you want to be really gross) you can fire all four at once! ()'ou must have a cyberarm or a BOD of 11+ to do this. Equipped with a forty-round saddle drum magazine. one of the techs from Paneor (who had been deployed to SouthAm with other Meta personnell reapplied for a patent The patent was approved. giving the weapon impressive tactical versatility.5m radius per shelll. lowlifes and hitmen. lNeoTribesl . and can be reloaded in the field. which is considered a collector's item. generally used for security work and marketed pacitating baton rounds and gas shells. the military was not interested. Medium. Luigi Franchi P. 45cmlong. When the Collapse came. lEurosourcel Luigi Franchi "King Buck. Corpbook 11 CCMMCDi~15: 600VY (150eb) SHT -2 N P 4D6 (12GAI#OQ) 15 2/10 ST 50M The assault shotgun favored by the PlA and Public Security for quelling riots" Full-auto preferred. It has four seperate barrels and chambers. The Warhammer sports a larger mag capacity. and barrel stabilization were just some of its features. Beloved of all sorts of hoodlums. an HE round (4D6/0. who see the smartchipped version as a perfect anti-cyberpsycho system.16:9BOeb SHT +1 L R 406 (12GA/#OOl 20 2/10 ST SOM as a "restraint rifle" since it can also fire inca- A short and stubby autoshotgun.~: Damages are at PB/Close. and a Dual-Purpose penetrator slug (4D6+2AP. When Meta Corporation was formed in 2012. it can also fire Militech Mini-Grenades). the use of this weapon has come to the attention of many Max-Tac units. However." Mul~i-M. Used by Arasaka worldwide. [Protect & Servel Enfield~Ubichi Last:Cham:e: 6. was released in 2016. [Pacific Rim] I:onsti~mion Arms Hurricane Assault: Weapon: 1000eb SHT 0 N P 4D6 <12GA/#0Q) 40 4120 ST 10M Available only to military police A I'2-Gauge Magnum that utilizes a dual reciprocating barrel action to minimize heat problems.agnum: BOOeb SHT ~1 N P 606/506/406 (10GA/#OOl 4 2/4 VR 50M The Italian-made King Buck is a four-barreled pepperbox-style shogun. rotary action. 50M Another good reason to avoid the Boys in Black A high-powered auto-shotgun with lethal firepower. damage vs. [Chromebook 21 Me1:. special-cps units. and th e Wa rha m mer. A huge.Unless D'~henNise no~ed. more efficient cerametal barrel. unarmored is xl." [Cyberpunk 2020. than a shell and a spring-loaded firing mechanism. Eurotheater police only. Designed initially for urban police units requiring an extreme-force weapon against street violence and crowd control. or suffer 2D6 to the Torso) This magnum shotgun fires 1O-Gauge 3~ Magnum shells.oeb containing little more IEurosourcel SHT 0 J C 406 (12GAI#OQ) UR 25M A dangerous and depressingly popular variation on the polymer one-shot a fiberglass tube. an improved versio n of th e Jackhammer. and they can be fired one at a time. in China.. Pancor was one of the companies destroyed by it The weapon (except for a few hundred owned by police. made for hunting big game. unsual and exceptionally heavy weapon (7 kilos).5l Rounds cost 112/3eb per shell. Unfortunately. Common rounds include #00 Buckshot (406+3 magnum damage). and Long. and survivalists) disappeared.

interchangeable barrels with different lengths. Notes: Due to "whippet" styling-stockless and short barreled. It may be bought with a factory smartgun rig for SOOebextra. The barrel. The Raider is not available in camo finishes. [Corpbook 31 SHT SHT !it:ernmE!YlE!r !it:akE!Dut to: 450lE!b -2 L R 406 (12GAI#00) 10 2 ST 50M A light duty stakeout shotgun.ilitarian shotgun comes from the Night City-based firm Mustang Arms. The beam is also adjustable for different loads and barrel chokes. It also has an integral laser-diffraction scanner which draws a circle of bright red light equivalent to the pattern size at the impact point For slug use. combat shotguns are common sights in 2020.It was designed to fill the void left by the lack of easily controllable auto-shotguns. Corpbook 11 Tsunami Arms ··Ragnarok'" Clos@ Assault: WlE!apon: 4S00lE!b 0 N R 606 (12GA1#00 EAE) 40 2120 ST 70M "Better than the Best. the weapon is -1 to 12m. SOeb for the extended magazine. -3 to 25m. The Crusher is a handy weapon in 20ga. chokes and sights. The M-12 is a development of the first combat automatic shotgun. ratings are for stock folded. and optical sights for use with slugs and special loads. and paratroops expecting to do urban combat lCorpbook 2} - SHT Milit:lE!ch CrushlE!r !i!ili: 4S0E!b 12125M -1/-3 J C 306/106+2 (20GA. slugs. receiver and magazine are steel. and ineffective beyond that The damages correspond to the two ranges. An advantage of the Raider is that the folding stock model can be concealed under a long coat (Conceal. and the entire weapon is only 66cm in length. [Chromebook 11 Mustang Arms Clo§E!-Cont:rol i!O: 350lE!b -1 N P 306 (20GA/#4) 15 2 ST 50M This ut. ICybetpunk 2020. The batteries are set on the stock. the C-C 20 is designed as a reliable antipersonnel weapon which won't devastate an enclosed area. no folding stockJ.STREET ""EAPDN§ ~D~D Milit:ary M-li! CloSE! Assault WlE!apon: 9S0lE!b SHT 0 N P VARIES (12GAMAG) 20 3/10 VR 50M "Close Assault Weapon" is a military euphemism for shotgun. and in a stainless marine version. This has been designed for the 2021 SOF arms trials. the Olin/H&K CAWS of last century. [Pacific Rim1 SHT . Load options available include basic #00 Buck (406). the laser may be tightened down to a narrow beam (+ 1 WN.I#4) ST 6 2 This pistol-sized shotgun was developed during the second Central American Conflict for close combat and roomsweeping duties. but this reduces the shotgun's ROFto 1 for that round. [5010 of Fortune 21 SHT Mustang Arms "Raider" Riot !ihnt:gun: 400lE!b 0 UN C 406 (12GAI#00) 5/9 2 ST 50M The Raider is a standard design semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun. but it does have one innovation: The magazine can load one shell at a time from the bottom of the receiver like a conventional shotgun. 2Seb per magazine. Its clear plastic box magazine holds 15 rounds. Options include extra magazines. 2m diameter explosion area). May be ordered in either twelve or ten gauge (six-round capacity. A hard-working weapon for the hard-working corporate MP. but not very accurate.and uses a proprietary system of gas porting and spring compensation to reduce recoil. It uses special Electrothermal Ammo Enhancement. up to five can be mounted. 50eb per barrel. and Conceal. or f1echette shells. The gun fires single shots. laser designators. so a soldier armed with an M-12 is a "Oally-Gunner. used by city police departments and IEC security forces. Its differences include a larger. semi-auto shotgun with an eight-round detachable box magazine and folding stock. The tubes are somewhat awkward to carry. Formerly outlawed by the now-extinct Geneva Convention. a four-round magazine extension (not usable with replaceable mags). the grenade doesn't detonate. combined with a dual reciprocating-barrel action and hydroshock recoil compensation (see Constitution Arms Hurricane). Composed of lightweight composite materials. It feeds from a five-round tube magazine and operates on blowback. Second Acc. IChromebook 11 SHT SHT Milit:ech Military/PolicE! 5hot:gun: 300lE!b 50M 0/-1 NIL C 406 (12GA. but the Tokyo C-SWAT already has a couple. Corp security troops. or full-automatic. The Raider uses an old-fashioned tube magazine. it will still do 106 if it hits a target directly. This weapon is common among Solos. otherwise he gets his rounds in predetermined orderl. With its box-type magazine and 2Scm barrel." is the famous tag line of Tsunami Arms advertising. or the entire tube can be ditched and replaced in a matter of seconds. Note: 10 gauge ammo does 506 damage. The Close-Control 20 is a semiauto 20-Gauge bullpup. U. Oue to the great variety of rounds being used in combat shotguns and the M-12's selector switch.I#0Q) 8 2 ST A gas-operated. loading buckshot.rotary cassette magazine and a new selector switch (thefirer can choose which kind of round he wants to shoot.When the HE shell is fired roll 101 0: On a 1-2. but they are valuable in a crisis. but it does come with an optional folding stock (-1WAl. the stock and forearm are matte black Sortex. three-round bursts. a jacketed twelve-gauge slug for armor piercing (406+2AP) and a twelve-gauge HE load (206. anti-riot baton rounds.'rHome/Brave} Milit:ech Bulldog Compact: A!isault 5hnt:gun: 1000lE!b 0 L P VARIES (12GAJ 21 3/10 ST 50M Selective-fireweapon utilizing a twenty-one round banana magazine. the old epithet NOial-A-Gun"has been resurrected and applied to the M-12. This ultimate meat-grinder is their latest contribution to the Edge.





the M-9 has become a common sight in the Third World and on the streets.§THEET ""EAPDft. and can take 5-. The M-18 is a bul. 1B A!i..llistic qualities are similar to the early Soviet 5. The new lineis Colt's bid to regain its stature as a military weapons supplier. 700eb . Ba. This can be replaced with scopes and laser designators.ed Arms Light Assault: 15: 40Deb. Standard issue weapon for Arasaka soldiers.5MW 40 2125 The first assault rifle using a caseless cartridge buill entirely in the Hindu-Chinese Confederation. ~: This gun normally uses special hollow-nosed ammo (armor SP x2.56MM) 35 3/30 VR 400M The M-l 8 is Colt Firearms' latest full-sized assault weapon. Pulytechnic M~9 Assault Rifle: 3DOeb 5T 200M RIF 0/-1 NIL P 406+2 (5. ![Chromebook 11 FN.62MM) 30 3/30 VR 400M The standard NATO/EC assault weapon for battlefietd work. the M-18 lis fashioned from matte black Sortex.62MM) 35 1125 ST 40QM An assault rifle along the lines of the Militech Renin M-20. +750eb smartchipped. this weapon's lineage is dearly Kalashnikov. The first is the lack of interfacing for the shooter . [Corpbook 11 CCMMC. later.This weapon is designed for military forces in the Third Worl. Unterfoce Issue 3. 11 Colt M. Bullpup design. The LA-15 comes already rigged with . Camouflage f nishes are available as well. damage that penetrates is x t.sault: Weapon: 750eb RIF +1 N C 506 (S. The M-l 8 comes stock with a quick-acquisition optical sight (+ 1 to basic WA. Like the other weapons in the line. 15. AL Heavy Assault: Ri. caseless market pioneered by H&K's G-11/12 and Sternrneyer's M-95A As with all Federated products. and fully automatically. [Cyberpunk 2020] Federat.. all weapons use caseless ammu. threeround bursts. Armed Forces abandoned the . Like all Arasaka weapons. 9: SOD YY (1i!5ebJ RIF 0 N P 606+2 (7. The hollow-nose ammo is 45eb per box of 100 rounds. Because of the large numbers of these guns exported out of the Hong Kong trade zone. this is a durable light rifle.JinhuaM . Designed to use the 5.45mm used in the AK-74 assault rifle.smartchipped RIF O· N C 506+30MM) 30 3125 VR 400M Federated's bid for the plastic-frame. and. and is onlyava Hable in the Pacific Rim.56MW 60 20 VR 400M avy -2 VARIES (25MMJ 6 2 ST 200M A dual-barrel. Uses cased ammo. this is the standard rifle of the PLA Available only in China. distributed throughout the remains of the Soviet Bloc.S.. Second is the old-fashioned configuration in an age where bullpups are the style. sight are standard options on the weapon.fl·e: 600eb R RtF -1/-2 NIL C 606+20. collapsing stock... AKR .lpup-configuration weapon chambered for the common 5. standard ball ammo would do 406 damage.d who don't fit their soldiers with chips and plugs. with good accuracy and a low price. but with bigger bullets and not as reliable.5mm caseJess(Chinese).2x optical.l5E!DE!D Unless otherwise noted.. Militech weapons systems. it is tough. Side-folding stock and a 1.Jungle Reaper: 1.S).45MM) 30 1130 5T 40QM A plastic and carbon-fiber update of the AKM.56MW 15/30 3130 VR 400M A typical bullpup assault rifle. and the third item in their new full-spectrum personal weapons line. over-under weapon system carried by IPe field troopers.45 Auto and the M-16 for Beretta.550eb RIF +1 N P 506 (5 . 850eb camouflaged.. It has an integral optical sight. It fires single shots..or 3D-round magazines. only when aiming). reliable and comes chipped for smartgun use. FN. [Cyberpunk 20201 Arasaka WAA Bullpup Assault Weapun: 8DOeb RIF +1 N C 506 (5. Identifiable by the gold flower on the stock. Vol. and their very tow cost. and the bulwark of this line is the M-18 rifle.. Two things are readily apparent when you first pick up this weapon. ICorpbook 31 Darra . Colt has been hurting since the U.56mm round. i!D Medium Assault:SDDeb RIF 0 N C 506 (5. [Pacific Rim] Chadran Arms .. bullpup-configured.

the 6. you can expect the LA-15 to give Oarra Polytechnic's M-9 a run for se money in the Third World arena. -Weapon is optimized for 3-rnd.Armes M-i!OIi!!: 140Ueb IF +2 N P 5D6+3 (6. but is easily rebarreled for 62x39mm Soviet (506+3). based on bullpup designs of late 1990s.Smm French Short (606+1)_ Adaptability may be a selling point for lis rifle. [Chromebook II i€lbricB de .62mm NATO (606+2). Good reliability. is +1 when firing in that mode. Acc. burst.Sx4Smm caseless. adaptable sighting systems. Equipped with a Knopfler & Konig 2x laser reflex scope standard.5MW 30 1/4 VR 400M rgentine assault rifle. With its urability. and inexpensive price tag. or 7.62MM) 35 3125 ST 400M . the buill-in optical sight is a welcome back-up when the weapon is used by non-chipped troops. ISola of Fortunel ~lashnikDV A-BD Heavy Assault: Rifle: 550eb IF -1 N E 6D6+2 (7. 7. easily rechambered for other common round 'pes. This weapon is chambered for a proprietary Argentine cartridge.§THEET 1IVE~DN!i E!DE!D nartqun interface plugs.

flash suppressor and a Zeiss 12x scope with computer-enhanced laser sighting. and is equipped with a silencer. and oorrosive environments.5MM FA 40 2 VR U!ie caseless 600M ammo. ISola of Fortune. With dual magazines it is possible to carry mixed ammo types. [Pacific Rim] 1500Eb 5T 400M SDF since 1999. The rifle comes with three velocity settings. which can be selected either manually or by neural interface for smartchipped versions. The magazines are high-impact plastic and disposable. all Stolbovoy weapons jam only on a roll of 1.56MM) 35 3/30 The Type 99 has been the standard assault rifle for the Japanese (+1WA Long/Ext range) standard. Smartgun system (raises WA to +4). Each magazine holds 45 rounds. including heat cold. The liquid propellant (a derivative of ESA shuttle fuel) is injected into the breech under computer control.56mm round. troops are quoted as saying. lubricant contamination. The modular sight system allows quick changing from telescopic to powered optical to laser sights without tools.rg Combat: Weapon: 4i!OOeb RIF +2 N P 506 (S.S. most reliable assault rifles in the world.IEC is the only corporation using this weapon in significant numbers. dampness. the heavy-barreled. This is an advanced weapon firing a caseless 5. Note: On the FNFF reliability table. all Stolbovoy weapons are Common in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. With a loaded weight of 3. Armed Forces and EC Defense Forces.56MMl 90 3/30 VR 400M Highly reliable. Nit never breaks!" Comes with iron sights. the entire box slides into the receiver over the barrel. sand and grit.8kg. *5MARTCHIPPED Designed for urban-deployed corporate enforcement teams. liquid-propellant. mud. well-made plastic composite assault rifle. [Rough Guide UK! §t:ernmeyer M-9SA4 ((:6-138) Assault: Weapon: 6!1S-7S0eb RIF +1 N R 506 (5. and ranqefindinqi. Stolbovoy has created a weapon that can operate reliably under the most adverse conditions. Smartgun rig (raises WA to +3) and bipod Unless ot:herwise nDt:edp all weapons Ara!iaka W§§A !iniper !iyst:em: i!!400eb RIF +5* N P 606 (3. lSolo of Fortune 21 . modular sight system. The basic rifle comes with a 4x optical sight A telescopic sight and laser sight are available at 150eb each. Because of the high recoil on full velocity. [Pacific Riml 2SxSOmm Mini-Grenade launcher. the St-5 was designed to withstand the rugged environmental conditions in the Soviet Union. Home/Bravel §t:olbovoy RIF -1 !it:-S Assault: Rifle: 9DOeb. but can be scoped. but instead of merely storing ammo. a hydro-pneumatic recoil damper was built into the rifle. sturdy bullpup weapon. and a whole lot more (+2 to Awareness.STREET ""EAPDNS i:!!Di:!!D Royal Enfield Ordnance Liquid Propellant: A!!iisault: Rifle LPA1: lBOOeb RIF +1 N R VARIES . night vision. improved heat dispersal system and true magazines instead of the old disposablebox pour-in system. it is now entering limited test service with the BCF. Designed as a multi-role small arms weapon system. The LPA 1 is laid out in the traditional bullpup configuration with the liquid propellant stored in a self-sealing armored cassette in the butt The twin helical magazines are situated on either side of the receiver. Using innovative design and special lubricants. In long and short barreled versions. lBOOeb smartchipped N C/R 506 (5. Uses cased ammo. and Rare in the U.5MMl O 2x45 1/3/20 VR 500M The LPA 1 is a twin-magazine.56MM) 100 3/45 VR 400M HVY 0 VARIES (25MW 4 2 5T 150M Latest assault rifle of the SDF.lGreat Britain. semi-auto Arasaka WSSA has a 40-round helical mag of saboted 3.Smm Frag-Rechettes (see Kendachi Frag Hechettes). The LPA 1 can use most ammo options and can support rifle-fired grenades with a small muzzle modification. and bipod Towa Manufacturing Type-g9 A!!iisault: Rifle: RIF +1 N P 506 (5.45MM) 30 1/30 VR 400M A light. Refinements to the M-95A1CG-13A series for improved military applications and release as the A4/13B model include a tougher body. this is becoming a very popular sniper weapon.S. but it also makes reloading easier and quicker under combat situations. pump-action (+1WA at Long/Ext range) standard features. It has seen limited service in special contingents of the U. The amount injected depends on the velocity setting and range of the target This information comes from the integral Marconi SUSAT cyberoptic sight situated on top of the receiver. and 3) High-full combatl606. It makes for a little more susceptibility to contamination from dirt. variable-velocity assault rifle. Also. The settings are 1) Low-riotl206+1. Corpbook 1. [Corpbook 3l Towa Manufacturing Type-i!O Advanced Infant:. giving the rifle an immense SO-round ammo supply. This system already includes smartchipping. Magazines for the A4 resemble the old G-11 boxes. 2) Medium-urban/406. One of the toughest.

A cyberlinked version is available for 2. 60eb). the shell homes in on the weapon's laser designator. Now most nomads use the 1Smm BMG for anti-vehicle and sniping work. with bipod (+lWA at Long/Ext rangel. It fires accurized . muzzle brake. development of the gyro-rocket system initially proposed by Hughes and Militech in 2008. and an extended magazIne (45~md U-drum. The designator's integral range-finding computer determines such factors as wind speed/direction. There's a wide range of attachments available: Millitech's 25mm MiniGL. Cotpbool: 11 :R-F6: 1100eb +3 N P 606+2 (7.IF liomad 15mm "Long Rifle": 300Deb ur +1 N P 7010 (15MM BMG) S 5T SOOM 1 \Ithough the adoption of the 15mm BMG round (to replace the antique . barrel). rHome/Brave] larrett-Arilsaka Light:-i!D: i!DODeb vy 0 N R 4D 10 (20/SMM APF5D5) 10 1 VR 450M ie c. at 75m or less.50 caliber rounds. bipod and custom furniture. [£urosource] - . this "cannon" fires a depleted uranium shell at supersonic speeds.50 cal) in the mid-1980s was never fully implemented except in Europe).62MM> 5T 500M 10 2 • modern French sniper's rifle. etc. Armor does not stop this extra damage. gyrostabilized shelt. distance to target. Folding stock reduces Conceal from L to J. The most common version includes a scope mount with a lOx optical scope and LowLite.7MM BMG) 10 1 VR 1000M ne of the world's heaviest sniper rifles. the Remington Gyro-Sniper fires a rocket-propelled. All these options are included in the price listed above. id is useless without a scope. solenoid trigger.62MM EAE) 6 1 VR 1200M Redesigned version of the Type 00 sniper rifle. but firing while folded reduces WA to -1. but when emplaced on I hill. Its ammunition is quite expensive: 400eb for a case of 50 shells. The media have aken to calling them Nomad Long Rifles. you must possess a BOD of 9+ to fire this weapon from a standing position. action. there were a number of weapons developed to jump on the 1Smm bandwagon. or even Kentucky Rifles. [Solo of Fortune 2] . Uses cased ammo. and all the tools and equipment were present to manuecture them-so the Aldecaldos did. H&K's British subsidiary has installed the latest in collapsing stocks and auto-stabilizers. and can be disassem)Ied into three component parts (stock. then vectors the shell toward the intended target lowLite and infrared capabilities are built in.. The Collapse brought down nost of these developers. all "Weapons U!!ie caseless ammo. Almost 2 meters long. [Pacific Rim] Unles!!i ol:. the weapon does 3d6+2 and is 0 Acc. cannot be heard without cyberaudio (extended hearing range). this is a development of the old Barrett BMG rifle.yberpsychohunter's favorite. computer-assisted laser scope and sound supressor. they allow combat at a distance-something Nomads prefer. A few years later. Also known as the Type-13 Heavy Sniper ifle to the Japanese PolioelSDF Note: The heavy sub-caliber penetrator damages armor for 2SP per hit [Cyberpunk 2020.. The incredible stopping power (and long range) of the Gyro has earned it the nickname "Zeus' Lightning" among police and Max-Tac snipers. Uses cased ammo for Electrothermal Ammo Enhancement Comes with smartchipping and computerized Sights (add +3 to WAJ.herwi!!ie noted. These weapons are huge and heavy.STREET ~PDN5 £!D~D ilrrett M-90 §niper Rifle: 1500eb IF +3 R 6010 <12. rNeoTribesl Remingt:on 6gro-Sniper Rifle: 1000eb +2 N P 706 API <18MMGYROJET) 6 1 ST 600M A. Armor-Piercing Incendiary (API) ammo does an extra 1d6 damage for 2 combat rounds after hitting. Long-range sniping weapon common to special ops teams. Koch HK77UK: 750eb RIF +1 L P 206+4 (SMM LONG) 30 3/30 VR 250M A new assault carbine in use by private military units worldwide. Note: Suppressor reduces WA to 0. Through the use of advanced sensor technology. used by Japan's SDF and Police SWAT since 2000.making it more accurate than most competitors. ~: because a rocket shell takes time to reach full velocity. !Protect & Serve] RIF - To"WaManufact:uring Tgpe-OO-Kai: 3000eb RIF +3 N R S06+3AP (7.a full-spectrum electronic sight for use with SmartGoggles™(+600eb). Heckler &. the Aldecaldos came across an old factory while salvaging back east Hundreds of eeamples of 15mm BMG weapons had been tested or designed there. Guaranteed j drop a metalhead at 50 meters. flash hider.500eb. an integral suppressor system (+200eb).

Aerospace Force. Both rounds are equipped with an end-of-range self-destruct charge. Uses cased ammo. While the Remington'sAPI round is not a fully efficient armor-piercing round in game terms (the extra 1D6 damage merely affects through the armor). standard hot loads do 306+1 damage. The second round is a standard 25mm high explosive grenade fitted with a small rocket booster and a proximity fuse. practically no moving parts. Rounds must be loaded one at a time. using the compressed gas to eject the rounds from the barrel before their rocket propulsion ignites. no heat emission. lNeoTribesl M-99 RIF .357mag version. Where the Remington uses the space in its 18mm shell for extra fuel and guidance. in addition. The magazine is a standard box type. rHome/BraveJ EVAW: 5DDDeb +5 N R 606AP (12MMROCKET) 30 2 ST 400M HVY 0 206+1 (25MM HE> 10 1 ST 10MMINIMUMRANGE. Army and Marine Corps before the Collapse. It is a lightweight alternativeto the Barrett-Arasaka20mm. differing very little from its predecessors. this is carried by Nomads who are expecting action and use their weapons a great deal. The advantages of the EVAW are low recoil. rHome/Brave. Uke all other shaped-charge. there is an IFF reader in the shell to prevent it from tracking on friendly targets.5kgl.D 10 rounds. the Hughes rifle round uses a shaped charge and is truly armor-piercing.300 Winchester Magnum hunting cartridge.Ammunition costs 20 eb per round.6i!mm Bolt-Artion Rifle: 50 Deb RIF +2 N C 6D6+2 (7. in part due to improved machining and materials technology. Uses cased ammo. Deep Spacel Milit:ech Cyborg Rifle: BODeb RIF +1 N P 706+3 t300MAG) 30 20 5T 500M Made for 'borg fighting. two massive magazines. Grenade rounds cost 50eb. but it's almost as good. Examples include the M-70 sniper rifles used by the U.S. but most non-augmented soldiers will find its bulk taxing (7. rocket rounds cost 125eb. The magazine is a non-detachable tube under the barrel. standard hot loads do 306+1 damage. the Hughes uses a shell almost twice the length for added warhead power. damage penetrating armor is not halved. The weapon is a cumbersome monstrosity with two barrels. this is a time-tested survivor of the 20th century. This weapon is intentionally not capable of full automatic fire. This cartridge is somewhat downloaded. lNeoTribes) Nomad . These modern versions use weatherproof. When fired single-shot (ROF 2) the accuracy is + 1. and a C02 booster tank strapped to the EVA Trooper's belt It fires two kinds of self-propelled rounds. the astronaut troops of the U. Outriders favor it It is similar in all respects. to the . [Chromebook 21 Militech Ninja: 65Deb RIF +1 L C 106 (SMM/.§THEET ""I:APDN§ E!DE!D Hughes Rocket Rifle: 75Deb RIF -1 N R 3010AP (18MMHEAT/GYROJET) 3 1 5T 500M The Hughes rocket rifle is the military monster that motivated Remington to make their Gyro Sniper rifle. A plastic magazine and solenoid' firing pin makes this assault carbine incredibly quiet Perfect for black operations! In gray. it's not as perfect a space weapon as a portable laser.S. and built-in accuracy. 000M EFFECTIVE 2 RANGE The M-99 Extra-Vehicular-Activity Weapon is the signature weapon of the USAF EVATs.22) 30 3/30 VR 250M A highly reliable caseless design with few moving parts and an integral silencer. The weapon may either be fired single-shot or in three-round bursts. this weapon is extremely accurate and well balanced. Uses cased ammo. desiqned around the old .44) 8 2 VR 200M This is carried by those Nomads looking for a little more punch. Uses cased ammo.62MM) 6 1 VR 400M A fourth or fifth-generation copy of original Winchester and Remington designs. reloading takes three rounds. !Solo of Fortunel Nomad .44 Magnum Lever~Artion Rifle: 65Deb RIF +1 L C 406+2 (.357 Magnum Automatic Carbine: 4DDeb RIF 0/+1 L C 206+3 <'357) 30 2/3 VR 100M Based on the same concepts as the Uzi and AK-47 . This cartridge is somewhat downloaded. save caliber. which destroys the round when it goes beyond a set range (usually 10% beyond maximum range at velocity). lNeoTribesl Nomad 7. camoflage or black finishes. rNeoTribesl Nomad _357 Magnum Lever~Artion Carbine: 3DDeb RIF +2 L C 2D6+3 <'357) 9 2 VR 100M Based on a 140-year-oldWinchester design. A massive bullpup weapon. the Cyborg Rifle can be relied on to drop a metalhead at any range. long-wearing plastics and ceramics in their construction. The first round is a 12mm seeking slug that homes in on infrared and radar sensors (it's quite expensive). Admittedly. low gas ejection <standard rounds produce a cloud of smoke in zero-g/zero-pressure atmosphere). Both standard and armor-piercing ammo is available-the latter capable of cutting through all known forms of Body Plating! The rifle is equipped with hydro-pneumatic recoil control.

This results in a onstant increase in the velocity and energy of the shell until it reaches its maximum range. The weapon is :hambered for 7. trnrn caseless (406+11. Carrying sling and bipod are stan- .. caseless ammo-firing bullpup made of lightweight polymers.200 feet per second. Note: 506+3 at Close range. flechette or gyrojet. you're it going to need more than one explosive 13mm bullet to get the toughest pursuer off your tail! To keep costs down. accelerating the round. the "Oneannon" is made from inexpensive materials.i!30eb IF +4 N P VARIES (8. 606+1 t Medium range. and the shell is filled with stable explosive materials. [Chromebook 1) 'sunami Arms Ramjet Rifle: 1. The current personal weapons usually fire 10mm caseless (206+3). damage is 1/2 real. The gun is so poorly made that )f it jams. the Cyborg Assault is the Rolls-Royce of close-in shoulder arms designed to op the heavily enhanced. 5. the original Personal Weapon was designed for vehle crews and rear echelon personnel that did not have the need to carry a full-sized assault weapon. all weapons use leaseless ammunit:ion.5MM RAMJET) 3 VR 800M 9 ne top-secret Japanese weapons design firm once again lives up to its rep with the Ramjet RITle.62mm caseless ammunition and has a 1OO-round drum magazine to feed it. and the ~ledor switch allows the shooter to pick the load type by its number position in the magazine! Uses cased ammo. What makes this rifle special is re bullet which it fires-not a normal slug. 1/2 stun-only. counter-sniper and light anti-armor weapons system. it breaks-and there's a 10% chance the weapon <plodes.omad "Personal WeaponF• Derivat:ives: SDOeb IF/SMG +1 L P 306 (5. Bushman lOW). This jet of hot air ignites the fuel stored in the bullet which blasts out the back. Most of the construction is nylex-based mate~I.7MMI 50 2/3 VR 200M erivative of designs by FN and others (the P90.a remarkable new weapon nlch is well suited to the roles of sniper.only the receiver and barrel being alloys or cerametal. and penetrating damage is doubled since is effectively a large hollow-point round. causing the shooter to bring it to the correct angle.5mm projectiles are small ramjet engines! Fired from the fle at a velocity of 3. assault rifle. Notes: The 13mm shell is a w-velocity HEP (High-Explosive Plastique.62MW 100 35 VR 500M )ne of the few weapons specifically designed for the type of mission so frequently given to the likes of Max-Tac. these 8. For superior accuracy at mg. ranges. the Ramjet Rifle Gomes equipped with a 4x telescopic laser-reflex smartgun interlock. which paints the target with laser and then uses microprocessor-controlled liquid lenses to determine the range and the proper elevation to hit the target t that range by moving the aimpoint. 1/2 stun only-armor has ) effect and is damaged 2 levels. making the Ramjet Rifle a harder itter the further it is from its target. API (AP incendiary) 406+3. 1st round after hit target takes 106 extra. 706 at long range and 706+3 at Extreme range. The gun is a semiautomatic. craterinqi round which does 406+2: damage is 112 real.Wasserman Model F ··Cyborg A!isault:" Veapon §gs1:em: lli50eb IF 0 L P VARIES <13MW 8 1 VR 100M re hot weapon for psycho-squads everywhere. Armor SP is x3. with the magazine 90° off the weapon axis along the top of the weapon. doing 206 to the firer's arm! [Chromebook 21 t:ein &. :onstjt:U1:ion Arms Cgdone §quad §upport Weapon: 1i!OOeb Ivy +1 N P 606+2 (7. [Chromebook 2l - - NE Unless otherwise not:ed. This bullpup carbine fires a wide selection of rounds (see below) and is muzzle-adapted for OCR rifle 'enades as well! The unique eight-shot box magazine with rotary feed can be loaded with all ammo types at once. The followg assortment of ammo is available: HEP (high-explosive cratering) 406+2. or in older versions. and is damaged 2 Ivls. This weapon could be called either a heavy SMG or . This is a collapsed-bull pup ~sign. Weo Tribes] olgmerOne-§hot: Cannon: gOeb IF -2 L C 4D6+2 (13MW 1 1 UR 100M eavy firepower in a disposable package! This plastic blaster from Kang Tao is the ultimate last-chance weapon-after all. Armor does not stop this extra damage! Acid Shell (glass-lined capsule) damage and effects equal to Ne!spot iIIombat." except duration is 4 combat rounds. 1206 extra. oasting an adjustable grip and stock as well as an adjustable bipod and a free-floating heavy barrel. the supersonic bullets have a conical aperture in their nose into which the air is comressed. 2nd round.7mm (306) cased rounds. Steyr TMP. armor SP is 1/2. armor has no feet.

built with plasti-cerimets and composites rather than the old-fashioned steel used in previous models-it only weighs 20 kilograms. but the potential of the Cyclone has been discovered by the police force. H&K decided to build a squad heavy weapon based upo n the G-l1/12 rotati ng bolt system. proven reliability.62mm round makes the Cyclone effective against any human or semihuman target Military sales have been disappointing to CA. The AS model is lighter than its predecessors. The M-60D uses 1~O-round belts of plastic-cased 7.S. a normal soldier can carry and fire an M2 on the move. and is virtually identical to Germany's new medium MG. sold all over the world and still a standard by which such weapons are measured. the Deluge is most often seen mounted upon riot trucks and occasionally on other police vehicles. A double-barreled weapon. massive hitting power. the GA-1112 feeds from an underside-mounted drum. This weapon must be squeeze-cocked to start the motor (one combat roundl. a real improvement over the 36+ kg of former makes. Uses cased ammo. This light machinegun has full interface for the chipped soldier and an integral 2x scope with cyberoptic triangulation and passive IR capability.56MM> 100 40 VR 450M Twin-barrel Belgian military machinegun. its original German feed mechanism llifted from the MG-42) still intact It is the standard medium machinegun of the U. and the huge ammo supply still in stock. Weighing about 15kg ternptyi. and direct-from-motor power feed. The magazine contains 400 sleep darts and a compressed air canister required to fire the weapon. [Solo of Fortunel . The high rate of fire and stopping power of the 7. With a power exo-rnount. is the G~6K2. Because of this potentially non-lethal ability.62mm ammunition. tri-berrelled. rHome/Bravel M-60D Medium Mal:hine 6un: tOOOeb HVY +1 N P 606+2 <7. an integral smartgun rig compensates for the hip-firing position. The ultimate man-portable area-suppression weapon for cyborgs! For an additional 650eb.62MM> 100 20 VR 500M The venerable M-60 soldiers on.50 caliber machinegun still rules the battlefield of heavy machineguns.5x45mm caseless Argentine rifle. it comes with a sling for support. A gunner normally carries eight 1DO-round magazines.000 rounds per minute (cyclicl. with its relatively light ammunition mass. certain internal parts of both guns are interchangeable. Designed as a crowd-control weapon. fProtect & Serve] Const:i1:ut:iunArms Deluge Crowd Control Weilpon: BOOeb HVY 0 N P 1-2PTs+ORUG 400 35 5T 60M The Deluge is essentially a machinegun that fires darts of ballistic polymer at an extreme rate of fire. A magazine sells for 125eb and they are only available in sleep dart format fProtect & Serve] XDuVI!r liA·111~ Autogun: 11tOeb HVY +1 N R 406+4 (12MMLONG) 400 80 5T 400M The GA-1112 is a "man-portable" MG chambered for 12mm Long Caseless ammunition. The caseless 6mm round is accurate out to 900 meters. for 2020. [Chromebook 1J M2A5HB Bruwning . The latest version. [Solo of FortuneJ Heckler &. and so production will continue. This has only two-thirds the cost of metal-cased ammo. keeping the air-cooled machinegun from overheating.STREET 1IVEAPIJIN§ ii2!Di:!D dard.7MM> 100 10 VR 600M The immortal Browning . By scaljng up the basic G-l1 rifle by 50%. The weapon comes with a 1~O-round ammo drum and a 31-inch ceramic-clad heavy barrel. The K & K 2x laser reflex scope remains standard. The plastic casings are made of a heat-absorbing and -resistant material which acts as a thermal sink.utomiltic: i!050eb HVY +1 N P 506 (6MM> 100 30 VR 450M In 2018. and then it can be fired. the desired weapon completed initial testing and was designated the G-6 Squad Automatic Weapon.SOCii.rmes M-~OI2HB !iAW: 1600eb HVY +2 N P 506+3 (6. high-speed autogun for personal use! This alley sweeper has a firing rate of nearly 5. feeding from a fixed ammo drum or belt-linked 400-round hip pack. military. Koch 6-6 Advanced Squad A. it is capable of quelling a riot in a matter of minutes due to the sleep drug that each sliver is impregnated with. you can get a vehicle-mounting kit: swivel-clamp mounting. 1200-round ammo tank. and the 100 grain bullet has a steel core to defeat body armor (standard AP). [Solo of Fortune 21 FN M6-6 ··One-on-One"': lBOOeb HVY +1 N P 506 (5. rHome/BraveJ Milit:ech High Power 15: 1600eb RIF/HVY +2 N P 206+4 (9MMLONG) 180 20/60 ST 200M A three-chambered. HMIi: 2000eb HVY 0 N P 6010 <12.5MM) 100 30 VR 450M A squad automatic version of the well-known 6. rEurosourcel Fabrica de A.

A 4x telescopic sight is standard.56MM> 100/35 20 VR 400M he M-232 is an early development of the Militech Renegade SAW. the M-232 is the lost common squad support weapon in the U. It takes at least two men to . this weapon weighs 15 kg and comes in two pieces (mortar and base plate). and white phosphorus. rHome/BraveJ ternmeyer M-5A !iquad Automatic Weapon: 1000eb vy -1 N R 606+2 (7. See CP2020 for further details. Some can be given a 1ple shoulder stock for separate use.5MM HYBRID) 200/35 20 ST 400M he SAW commonly used by Lazarus troops. and may be attached to any assault rifle (under the barrel). with belt-style feed. A JOO-round "backpack" is also available. and capable of Iking disintegrating belt ammunition or clips from the Dragon or Mk IV assault weapons. [Chromebook 2J Immercial lirenade Launchers: 150lE!b ry 0 l R VARIES (30-40MM> 1 1 ST 225M ese come from manufacturers worldwide. but very dangerous.ilili1:ech M-i!3i! Squad Msaul"tlAu1:oma1:ic Weapon: 1000eb :IF/HVY +0 N P 506 (5.A fairly standard light-caliber machinegun. because its size ld ammunition weight require a vehicle for transport A single belt of ammunition weighs 20 kg! Uses cased ammo. the weapon weighs 23kg loaded.62mm weapon common to Arasaka and IEC solers. [Corpbook 11 owa Manufacturing TyplE!-BMedium Machine liun: i!SOOeb vy +1 N P 606+2 <7. The M-232 uses either belted rounds fed from a drum or a standard Mk IV clip. of bruise damage to the firing armlshoulder (a critical failure results dropping the gun). It is exclusively a crew-served support weapon. This allows for a long-travel recoilsorption rod. [Pacific Riml Unless othel'lNise noted. one man can operate it. Shells cost SO eb and weigh 1 kg apiece. and cannot be fitted with standard rifle accessories . belt-fed 7.62MM> 100 35 VR SOOM andard support weapon of the GSDF. !Corpbook 2J 'Iili1:ech i!OL Autocannon: 3DDDIE!b vy 0 N R 8010 (20MMI 100 10 VR 500M re Militech 20L is a tripod-mounted lightweight 20mm autocannon. A light and effective weapon.62MM> 200 20 ST 500M fine one from Sternmeyer Waffenfabrik.erate efficiently.50Deb 'Y -2 N R 2010 10 1 ST 50M iuefied napalm sprayer. Back-mounted and bulky. [Cyberpunk 2020] . all weapons use cased ammunition. cased or caseless ammo. The Soviet Union and certain NCE countries produce tilar models. Army. Can be vehicle-mounted. See Maximum Metal for fursr details. but ROF slows to 1 per two combat turns. rHome/Brave] I'(iIi1:ech Renegade !iquad Au1:oma1:ic WlE!apon: 11DDeb IVY 0 N R 606-1 (6. The M-SA is a bipod-mounted. Fires the same belts as the Arasaka WXA Remote Weapon.S. firing 6.Smm Hybrid caseless ammo. [Cyberpunk 2020J E!!Dshiri-Adachi F-i2!53 Flamethrower: 1. The Marine Corps prefers to use either the M-12 CAW or the M-60D tedium machinegun. It comes with integral ipod. IY Dmm Light Mortar: 750eb 0 N P 8010 (60MM) 1 2 VR 1000M/5M BURST RADIUS crew-served mortar. illumination. e round listed is HE. other common rounds include smoke.. A 15+ BOD roll is required to avoid 1-2pts. rHome/Brave] :l11:-Mauser Mi!X Cannon: 3D50eb IY 0 N R 8010 (20MMI 8 1 5T 600M is powerful semi-automatic fires full-size 20mm shells from an over-the-shoulder position.The ammunition is supplied in a 100 round caseless ammo pack.

Once fired. It is also usable as a weapon on its own. is a tripod.from 800m+. It has all but replaced the old 60mm mortar (the new 60mm mortar is coming close to replacing the old 81 mm mortar) as a fire-support weapon. 30eb per round.STREET "'-'EAPDI'\J§ eDeD Light AntiRt. The M-20S is usable as an under-barrel weapon. ignites flammables in tm radius). one concussion and one incendiary round. powered armor. The firer can select which round he wants to fire that combat round. advanced muzzlebrake. Two styles of launcher are sold by Militech. Though equipped with a hydro-pneumatic recoil system. and light vehicles. and are safe to use indoorsl LAW dimentions: 60-70mm long and weighs 2 kg.or vehicle-mounted weapon that spits out grenades at a ferocious rate of fire. 475eb drum model PUMP: HVY -1 L C VARIES (25MMll0GN 4 2 ST 150M DRUM: HVY 0 N P VARI'ES C25MMll0GN 16 2. and all standard gas and smoke loads. A common technique is to use three-shot bursts. between l60-800m. rHome/Brave] LAW: 300EB: HVY -2 'L P 4Dl0AP HEAT 1 VR 100M12M BURST RAOI. but only in single-shot mode. . they are discarded.t::!. ICorpbook 21 Mili1:ech Hotshot LRATGM:i!SDDeb uvy +2 N P 12Dl0AP HEAT 1 1 VR 500M/4 METER BURST RADIUS The Hotshot is a wire-guided light anti-tank missile. lChromebook 21 Mili1:ech "l:owboy"U . Ace is +1 and damag. It fires a variety of specialized and all-purpose rounds from a rotating drum magazine.US 1 HLAW:800EB HVY -2 N P 11Dl0AP HEAT 1 VR 100M/4MBURST RAD. Concussion (3D6/4m dia. to avoid tell-tale heat signature. Grenade Launcher:i!SSeb pump model. 30mm DPU rounds are 100eb each. depleted-uranium 30mm shells to smashcombat 'borgs. S5 Grenade Launcher: 90Deb HVY 0 N P VARIOUS (25MM) 12 3 ST 150M This is a multiple-round. l"Q_ads: ragmentation (3D6/3m radius). Normal 40mm grenade launchers cannot use the high-velocity grenades used in the auto-Gl.. armor xl/3). Flash (SO% chance of -S to REF and Awareness for 3 turnsl5m diad. i. Range 200 meters. gas and shotshe'll rounds are used.. The launcher can be smart-linked. with an 8-round revolving cyllnder. attached to a rifle. The first is a pump-action. but having the same range and effect as the standard 40mm grenade. HLAW dimensions: 8S-lOSmm long and weighs S kg.. The launcher is a tube that boosts the missile onto the battlefield with a recoilless rifle-style blast of compressed air. but can be made laser-guided or even outfitted with simple optical guidance . and load the weapon so that each salvo fires one frag. made out of polymers and composites. similar combos of flash..BD'Oeb These are built as disposable weapons.Each missile costs 1S00eb. Acc is 0 and damage is full. Other than that. it still requires a 15+ BOD roll to avoid 1-3pts of bruise damage to the firing armla critical failure resultsin dropping the weapon). Warning: Do not fire this weapon while standing unlessyou have a linear frame of Beta or greater.or you will be knocked down and the bruise damage doubled! The AM3 comes with a cyberoptic smartgun interlock and a 2·1Ox variable scope w/low-light and thermal-imeqinq options. Militech is currently selling these weapons to Corporate security and police only. The weapon may be fired semi-auto or in three-shot bursts . F Incendiary (412/1D6 for 3 turns. since these high-veloCity rounds are half again the length of a normal 40mm grenade.Qte:: Because of the rocket boost there is a "safe zone" of 160m from the muzzle where the Acc is o and damage is 1/3.i!1i!lirenade Launcher: SDDeb Hvy +1 N P VARIES (40MW 8 2 VR 200M The M-212 launcher is a bulky. These weapons use compressed air or some other recoilless non-backblast system for initial rocket launch. rHome/Brave] Milit:ech AM~ ·~An1:iRMatter Rifl:e": 6000 HVY 0/+1 N R 9Dl0 (30MW 51ST 1600M This 30mm rifle usesrocket-boosted. and has an integral optical sight. rHome/8rovel Militech Mini .eis 112. and shock-absorbing stock and bipod. rHome/Bravel M~i!OS lirenade Launcher:i!5Deb HYy +1 'L P VARIES (40MW 1 1 VR 200M The M-20S is the military's 40mm grenade launcher...IUS 1 MR3i! Automatic Grenade Launcher: i!500eb HVY 0 N R VARIES (40MW 50 20 VR l600M The auto-Gl. but this slows ROF to 1. The Hotshot is typically thermograph-equipped. rifle-sized weapon. It can use normal 40mm grenades. The grenades are 25mm projectiles similar in appearance to large shotgun shells. It is a single-shot breech-loading grenade launcher. semi-automatic grenade launcher designed specially for use in urban situations. shotgun-style . rHome/Brave] M.ank Weapons: 3D'D' .. ST 150M Militech has developed a new grenade projectile sixty percent smaller in sizel25mm x 70mm).t is not notably different from the launchers in existence 4S years ago. light weight and a stubby design make the weapon ideal for the close confines of urban combat Popular with riot cops and the 'borg squad. For riot control.Any combination of loads may be in the magazine..

armor has no effect and is damaged 2 levels.e: 3BDeb 0 N P 506 (30MM ROCKET) 6 3 ST/UR 250M irn our friends in the Eastern bloc comes a new weapon.apon has an integral magazine with 5 power loops and a 5-round projectile pack Power charging for the ammo unit costs 80eb. and 'F (Anti-Personnel Flechettel. sizes are 1m/close. or the Militech 10 SMG. the Racate can also be used in an indirect artillery support role. select an HE round. boosting it to just over BOOm/s (2623fps). rocket projectiles as the oerarrn launcher. If looks are secondary firepower.. then select a flechette round.37Deb +3 N R 5010+10 (EAP) 5 112 ST 1500M is electromagnetic gun uses superconducting technology to launch a 15-gram Mylar-coated Lexan slug at 8000fpsl The . the Cockerill uses low-pressure. shoulder-fired weapon fires the same self-guided. The . . others must use the bipod. VR 750M Conflicts. Weapon weight. but does have an EV of 1. Home/Brave) ry ry ilit:ech Urban Missile Launcher: 90Deb +2 L P 406 (MISSILE) 12 2 POD: ST ST 200M 200M IDERBARREL MISSILE +1 L P 406 (MISSILE) 1 is magazine-fed.. ' ~"' . Rockets are sold in packs of six for 200eb.. oulder-fired Heavily used in the Central American [Cyberpunk 20201 ilit:ech !icorpion -1 N P 16 !iurface-To-Air 7010 1 Missile: 1 lDDDeb VR 500M/6M BURST RADIUS e third generation of the Stinger missile launcher.ckerill cannon is a slightly scaled-down version of the 30mm weapon used in the Scimitar armored vehicle. This weapon's settings allow a shooter to select between the ammo types that have en loaded. The Wrist Racate must be worn over a cyberarm or battleglove.. Only people with sufficient size )D of 8+1 can do so. Notes: A minimum BOD of 11 is required to fire the weapon without a linear frame or ACPA. Rounds for this weapon include AP (armor-piercing. Both -apons can also use 1O-gauge shotgun ammunition.l. {Chromebook 21 ry lJst. The pattern starts 2m in front of the muzzle... rocket-assisted rounds. It is capable of firing six 30mm HE rockets either singularly or in volley. Antipersonnel Flechette 106AP (106+2 hits/shotl. 112 stun. Also available is the MicroMissile Pod.1/2stun-only. Because of the firing system s possible to fire the cannon from the hip-although it is not recommended tWA drops to -1 I. Racat. Anyone in the pattern takes 106+3 hits. Pen 51.-. the shooter could fire a tear gas shell. Effective against rsonnel or structures (506/3m dia. 30eb per round. The APF round treated as a shotgun round with a max range of 100m. 1/2x peneting damage. it is too avy and awkward for a normal arm.. all . 35kg. Mini-grenade munitions: HEP 506 (damage is 112 real. HEP (cratering.. the rocket motor ignites. Pen 61. To offset the mense potential recoil. Using the gun without ! harness requires a min BOD of 12 and a smartgun link. For example. [Rough Guide UKJ . - -berpunk 2020.hout reloading! The weapon automatically rotates the drum to place the specified type of round into the chamber. armor is no effect and loses 2 SP. fire it. The rostabilized mount-harness (no smartchipping needed) has no MA penalty. see CP2020 . a muzzle-loading 1-shot launcher designed to be mounted under any oulder firearm (cost of pod is 200eb+50eb for initial installationl.ates around a forearm fitting. See the MicroMissile entry for rules on using these weapons. The round is fired by a reduced charge. The second design has a large rotary drum with a sixteen-round capacity. uomeboos 21 ry tdnemet.. (Chromebook 11 lJyal Enfield ry +1 N Ordnance i!Smm Cockerill Assault. conucted on a modified Militech 10 frame. [Chromebook 71 ry ry mt:ech RPG-A lirenade Launcher: ISDDeb -2 N R 6010 1 1 rocket-powered-grenade launcher. ---. ~: ROF drops to 1 if the shooter is selecting new ammo types between ngs. It's a "fire and forget" missile..all EMS-OS Railgun: 1'..ovic Wrist.. the Scorpion is a standard heat-seeking active surface-to-air missile with tical memory guidance backups. the "Wrist Racata" This consists of a cylindrical mini-rocket pod that . automatically tracking the target once it is locked on. When ravels 2m from the muzzle. !!STREET ""EAPDN§ i:!Di2!D mcher with a tube magazine holding four rounds. 1/medium. then this is the personal weapon for you. It requires a minimum BOD of 6 to carry and use this weapon due to its size d weight (encumbrance value +2). Backblast is not a probn as each rocket is cold-launched by compressed air until ignition occurs about five meters from the launcher. explosive-tipped.. plus -1 MA and EV of 2... Smoke or Tear Gas (5m dia. Against personnel HEP does 112 real. effects). and 4m/long range. each hit does 106+1 AP. This version is the one normally mated onto Militech's M-31 a 1 Advanced antry Combat Weapon. ~-~~--.. Extra-AP effect is 1/4x armor. Cannon: 740Deb A 5010+10AP (25MM) 12 1 ST 1500M e first in a new range of anti-light vehicle weapons designed to complement/replace the LAW 80 and the Carl Gustav. heat-seeking.r. Igmentation 206+ 1 (5m diamJ.

and 5kg (50). but is more stylized and streamlined. 2kg (20). 112 DAM. magazine weight is 1kg (10). Usted damage is for the steel-jacketed "practice round" <AP>. ACPA pistol BOD min=23!l Weapon weight Skg. 25E8 INCENDIARY: 4/31206 OVER THREE TURNS. The SDF or NPA guys wear light ACPA when they use this gun. and haute chrome are available. The designers have discarded the necked··down casing for a simpler straight casing with about two-thirds the muzzle energy of the original design. ('Borg support gun BOD min=11. Weapon weight is 8kg. the gunner still suffers a formidable shock from shooting. at least an Omega-class linear frame or a full-conversion 'borg with a STR of 15+ is necessary for firing. [Pacific Rim) Tsunami Arms Type-17 Anti-Armor Rifle: 7500eb HVY +1 N R B010AP (20MM AP) 12 1 ST 1200M The Japanese SDF's special anti-ACPA/vehicle rifle. or ACPA. sruro. This still allows for massive damage to armored personnel Qncluding full-conversions and ACPAl.e. Currently. If fired single shot then WA is -1. more similar to a pocket-battleship than to a pocket-knife. Damage for the HE round is 3D 1 explosive with a one-meter dia. The Cyborg-Support configuration resembles an Arwen Riot GL. There are a variety of magazine sizes to fit any style from sidearm to primary weapon. This personal cannon uses cased ammo. see Recoil Rules on page 481.ine change requires at least 4 actions. In six-gun configuration the WA is decreased to -2. When fired full auto WA is -2. and smartgun rig (raises WA to +3>' Although this gun has a special recoil-absorption system. Ammunition costs Seb per shot for "practice rounds" or 20eb per shot for HE. LSafoaf Fortune 21 a . and lower the reliability by one category (to $D. This is a small and very mission-specific weapon. The 15mm Kurz round is based (loosely) on the 15mm round used in the BRG-iS HMG. [Pacific Rim] Tsunami Arms Type-tB Automatic Grenade Launcher: i!OOOeb avy -1 N P VARIES (25MW 30 10 ST 200M This bulky. The weapon does not have burst fire capability. The ACPA "handgun from hell" configuration appears as a BIG sixgun. r. 15EB HE: 506. the only rounds available are a high explosive and a standard ball-type "practice round" This ls a far stretch from the pistol-caliber SMGs of the original nomenclature. ARMOR REDUCED 2 LVLS. Due to the weight and recoil. a minimum BOD of 14 (or the equivalent from a linear frame or full-'borg body) is required to shoot without the bipod and brace. SDF soldiers nicknamed it "The Pitohing Machine~ It has a gyro-balancer and recoil compensation. bazooka-like weapon is connected to a heavy (25 kg) backpack-sized magazine of grenades. magazine weight 1 kg. TwentyT round magazines are 40eb each (empty). This weapon gives full-conversion cyborgs a devastating primary support weapon and ACPA an awesome "handgun:' This is a massive six-shot revolver-type GL. but the gunner will still suffer -1 REF and -1 MA from the weight and bulkiness of this thing. 15EB HEP: 506. though at greatly decreased range. 15E6 Arasaka 66Rage"15mm !iubmachinegun: 4S00eb HVY -1/-2 L P 4D10+3(15MM KURz) 20· 1/10 VR 100M BOD MIN: 15 Arasaka has developed this concept as a primary anti-cyborg/light vehicle weapon system for full-conversions and ACPA The weapon comes standard with a folding foregrip that stows conveniently (for use by full-conversionsl. This configuration has a fixed forend grip and no stock. Arasaka HVY 0 upocket: Tsunami" lirenade l P VARIES (25MW 6 Launcher: 1 i!50eb 1 ST 200M BOO MIN: 11 OR 23 The "Pocket Tsunami" is a revolver-style grenade launcher. (800 min=15. armored vehicles. basic black. 5M RADIUS. [Sofo of Fortune 21 Grenades Types and Damage: These are high-pressure mini-grenades and cannot be used in the Militech Mini-Gl. so you can rain them on your enemy. Due to recoil. computerized sights. See the Recoil Rules on page 4B fur more information. so you can choose your grenade type. The larger fifty-round magazines cost 100eb each. Calling this weapon a submachinegun is not quite the truth. FRAGMENTATION: 306+1. 3M RADIUS. and structures.Pacific Riml These are itll weapons made fur use by the fully cyberlimbed. A magaz. Full Body Conversions. 2M RADIUS. The term "pocket" grenade launcher is also misleading. (112 SP.: en-round magazines cost 20eb each (empty>. it describes the weapon's mission more accurately than its actual size. Supplied with bipod (+1 WA Long/Ext range). There are two configurations. A selection of different finishes including stainless. For those who like to be prepared.t:mt.§THEET ~ON§ ~O~D Tawa Manufacturing Type-g lirenade uvy 0 N P VARJES (40MW B Launcher: 750eb 2 VR 200M It's a grenade launcher with a "revolver" cylinder..

since it was built to be fired ufrom thf' hip:' To aid in aiming.56MM CASELESS "SMG". [So/a of Fortune 21 . The ammo feed. full-length underlug for balance.o0M 50 1. The entire handgun is composed of steel and ultra-strong' hybrid alloys (except for the ergonomc combat-style grips. When fired. most owners supplement the blade-type Sights with at least a laser si. and weighs 15k9. but are volatile when injected together into the ignition chamber. delivering unheard-of wound potential.. and it is not very accurate in the base configuration. flared nuzzles with four compensation ports each. it has no tock. This. allows for relatively controllable iutoflre.l#00) 60M 'his massive weapon is arguably one of the most devastating small arms for dose-range house-to-house combat-a hex-bareled gatling shotgun which fires binary la-gauge shells at 1300 rounds per minute! About one meter in length.". 66 Magnum Revolver: 4000eb 6 . The sound made by the Helix is distinct: a heavy.1000EB -2 J/l P 406 (12GA> 9 2 5T 30M BOD MIN: 12 . you have to make each one count! ISofo of Fortune 21 Walorian 3600 . .ligns the projectiles as it loads them. with mly three shots. the gun's six sarrers are all a respectable 45cm long. While he Hellbringer comes with no fancy electronics.WA is 0 for single shot. Inc.. - - ."mmunition is 5eb per round. 1200EB MG +1 UN P 506(5. +1 J/l P 706+3 (.ghting. a rotor in the feed a. 15 I. {Sofa of Fortune 21 ilamDance. Its prosettles consist of conventional 1a-gauge slugs or packages of shot or flechettes stored in a synthetic canister. and hard armor only counts as 1/25 P and is reduced 1D6+4 levels.5MMl 50 VR 400M BOD MIN: 14 10 OMMHIVEL CASELEssAUTO-GL:2000EB VY +0 N P VARIES (30MM) VR 300M BOD MIN: 12 25 15 Wagnum OpU!i '-'Hellbringer" •.§THEET ""EA.sSAUP' is a heavy. )amage ignores soft armor and redu cesit 2 levels.MG 0/-1 t. Each of the three steel-cased shells iolds one . [Sofa of Fortune 21 r!iunami Arms Helix:.56MM) 50 200M 25 VR BOD MIN: 10 2. metallic scream.6 F +1 N P 7010 04.ght. but each one is I . have long. accepts either a belt feed or a box magazine which contains an ample upply of binary propellant and stores 60 projectiles. The handle and grips can be folded down. engaged by a left-side thumb button. and instead uses two gases which seperately are table. I. Malorian has rescaled the 14mm Caseless cartridge in a weapon too large to be celted a submachine gun. Inc. and too hort to be considered an assault rifle. 3DOoeb 60 43 VR BOD MIN: 15 iHG +0 N P 5D6(10GA. P 606 (14MM) 20 1/3 150M BOD MIN: 11 VR lasically.sAUlTRiFlE": 20001'..666) 3 1 VR 80M BOD MIN. for 40eb.0 that a larqe person could conceal the Hyper~Hammer under a trenchcoat-this is made easier by the use of a special shoulIer rig. this huge weapon holds only three rounds in its solid titanium-steel cylinder.system with adjustable iattem-rnatchinq capability. the rockets blast the hammer around at near-supersonic speed.!!iuper"SMG: 3000eb . The design of the Helix keeps the line of recoil low and n line with the grip to lessen muzz.6 lF +1: N P 6010 (12. there is a top-mounted laser-si.IGGOVERNMENT": 2000EB +0 J P 606 (14MW 13 2 VR 60M BOD MIN: 12 2-GAUGE "PISTOL". The weapon's )inary propellant eliminates the bulk of a stabilizing element in its ammunition."massive double-action revolver. but it will pop Metalgear"" at point-blank range every time. combined with the weapon's recoil operation. spiked knuckle guards and a thumb switch-activated rocket booster built into the back of the hammers lead. HgperMHammer:' i!OOOeb '-\El -2 L R 9Dl0AP 2 1 S1 2M BOD MIN: 18 "his is a dose-combat weapon designed especially for full 'borgs. Magazines are 40eb each . see Recoil lules). and -1 for three-round burst The weapon is lot capable of automatic fire . Most are retrofits of existing weapons. The Helix is constructed of high-tech composites and lightweight alloys. available from SlamOance.666-caliber lead slug which hits harder than most Magnum or Nitro Express hunting rifles! These rounds will put even he toughest armor to shame. The ~yper-Hammer may be used two times before needing to be refueled (with jet fuell.0 VR BOD MIN: 12 4.SMM "A. and the ported barrel has a heavy. you need a pair of cyberarms to fire the thing (or suffer some nasty damage. :entrally located beneath the tubular body of the gun. and the six barrels. It's a break-action design. which are made of neoprene).7MM> 4. ut some are actually custom-built for the 'borqs by weaponsmiths or autolathes...7MM "AS.25001'. all rotating around a central axis. The Helix has an inclined rear pistolgrip as well as a top-mounted fore-handle.PD~!i ieDii:!D ieneric Full 'Borg Small Arrn!i hese are typical examples of the type of weaponry carried by combat-oriented full 'borgs.666 Magnum man-killer. solid-tungsten sledgehammer designed with ~rgonomic combat grips. {Solo of Fortune 21 4MM HANDGUN-MAGNUMOPUS"B.le climb on full auto.

This weapon is best known for its employment by the Detroit PD's C-SWATEnforcer 'borgs. slugs. making it fully compatible with ACPA fire-control systems and rnetalhead neural processors. the CLAW comes chipped from the factory.2 meters in length.5mm bore. 4-gauge shell has a bore diameter of 23. Mili1:arylirenades: aD. a 4-shot micromissile launcher or a small SMG (Concealability Jl. the 4-gauge has been revived as an extra-high-lethal. [Chromebook 21 Hash:. which can be fitted with anyone of the following support weapons: an 8-shot to all targets in a 5 meter radius. Noise-resistant headphones and various editing cyberaudio options allow you to resist the effects. as opposed to the traditional 12-gaug'e's 18.• 806 906+2 50l0AP 7010 012 SP).W: 16DOeb SHG +1 N R VARIES (4GAJ 28 CLAW AMMuNmoN LIST: 14 YR 60M BOD MIN: 11 #000 SLUG: BUCK: •.if the save is made. a whole flock> of ducks or other fowL After the smoke cleared. smoke. The drogue streamers needed to ensure proper impact cut the throwing range in half. Buckshot (#000). non-lethal batons. this Close Assault Weapon is designed for use by Combat 'Borgs and Powered Armor.or sub-sonies causes all within a 6m radius to make a Stun Save at + 1. a 4-gauge gun would be bolted down to the stern of a boat. -5 to Stun Save). and is totally unmanageable by unenhanced troops without a Powered Exo-Mount The CLAW is a multi-role weapons package. Any soft armor attacked is reduced 2SP per round.y encountered in former East Bloc armies and some Third World nations. using shell casings made of a heat-resistant and heat-absorbing plastic which acts as a thermal sink to ensure that the CLAW does not overheat The 4" Magnum. The bullpup CLAW feeds from a large 2a-round box magazine.ity munition. The 4-gauge shotgun shell was a scattergun round used in the early 20th century to hunt ducks-traditionally. a 4-shot pump-action 25mm grenade launcher. a rnini-voder box.§THEET ""EAPDN§ i2!Di2D Uni1:ed Armament:sCLA.. shaped-charge HEAT warheads. Anti-Tank: This grenade does 5D 1OAP HEAT damage to any target directly hit by the grenade.: This grenade carries gas. Essentiall. Flash-Bang. "Beehive" flechette shells.75mm C935-caliber). all housed in an all-weather. Anti-dazzle protection negates the flash effect and makes the REF test unnecessary. consisting of a semiautomatic 4-gauge shotgun with a modular under-barrel support weapon. -30eb avy 0 P P VARIES 1 1 ST THROW See definitions/effects below. In 2020. Anti-dazzle protection negates the flash effect and makes the REF test unnecessary . All people within 5 meters of the blast (15 meters if indoors) must make a Stun Save at -2 to avoid being stunned and deafened for 4 turns (40 sec. and 306 trag mentation damag. popular in the EuroTheater. "Dragon's Breatn" thermite blasts. the effects. Weighing in at 16kg and measuring over 1. the hunters would collect the carcasses floating in the water.. impact-proof polymer/ceramic composite which is stronger than steel. "Slasher" mono-nets. and then the entire boat would be pointed in the general direction of a flock (yes. with IFF and security functions as standard features. .. Cost 40eb. a cartridge-loading Kendachi flame gun. [Solo of Fortune 21 Basic Commercial.>and a Difficulty 20+ REF test to avoid being blinded for 2 turns (20secJ.. All people within 10 meters of the grenade's flash must make a Diffi. Whatever the support weapon is. but more concussive effect (no blinding effect. lEurosourcel .culty 20+ REF test to avoid being blinded for 40 sec. with a 1-second play time and a one-use power source that fuses the unit into a lump. The burst of high decibels mixed with super. Beneath the barrel of the shotgun is an interchangeable underlug.e to any target within 5 meters. Corp &. WhitePhosphorous/lncendlarv: This grenade does 406 damage for 3 turns to all targets within 5 meters. and the fully automatic firing rate is 425 rounds per minute. its magazine loads forward of the CLAWs grip and trigger array and will have its operation slaved to the weapon's computer. !CP2020. and 3DB fragmentation damage to all targets within 6-1 0 meters. and has a radius of 10 meters. Home/BraveJ High Explosive: This grenade does 7DB fragmentation dama. Cl]emical. giving it the capability to fire an even greater array of sub-munitions than other shotguns. Soft armor gives no protection vs. APFSDS rounds. minigrenades.•••••• ••• APFSDS HEAT: •• . and sets files very well. cratering HEP rounds. and gas shells are all available.Other versions have little discernable flash. Normally on!. Sonies: An experimental type. heat-resistant. make a Difficult BOD check or suffer deafness and disorientation (-2 all skill rolls) for 40 seconds. Damage is done by fragments of white phosphorous. flash/bang bombs. but the breech can be locked open to allow special rounds to be singly loaded. or paint.

effect lasts 106 xt a secondsl. It allows slow. Bomb: 60eb EX 0 P P SPECIAL 1 1 UR THROW A fine. One hundred sixty hardened steel pellets create a zone of fragmentation fifteen meters in diameter (damage 206+31.STREET "'-'EAPDI'\J!!i ~Di2!D Biot. Manually or remotely detonated. IChromebook 21 !ipragpaint. Note: Can blind a target for 1-2 minutes if caught in center of "blast. nasal filters. this munition will produce an electromagnetic pulse with a very limited range that will scramble electronics. [Chromebook 1) EMP Grenade: i!DO-400eb EX 0 P R EMP EFFEcr 1 1 URiST THROW Are you a fifty kilo weakling? The metal dweeb next door won't tone down his chip box? Is your action being electromuscled by some bargboy in a bad thousand-yen suit? Put that chipped beef on toast with this "soon to be patented" Veg-o-matic Electromagpulse Grenade.5~ across) using an HOX explosive filler. etc) must make a Very Difficult COOL or BOD roll (GM's choice) or flee the area. and teach any chromedome how to do the Dying Cockroach. This grenade has a rubber edge to allow the user to carom it off objects. (Chromebook 2J !icatter Grenade: 7Deb HVY 0 P C SPECIAL 1 1 VR THROW This grenade closely resembles a standard frag grenade. Electronics/cyberware with hardening/shielding are not effected. ~: All those in area of effect not in protective gear (gas mask. it also makes IR and thermal imaging useless. otherwise. Chips are wiped. A package contains five pellets.raint. Surfaces must be cleaned to remove the odor. After pressing safety button. A person with no cyberwear will still have orientation loss (make a Stun Save at . gossamer-web polymer material dispensed by hand-thrown bomb. it fills a Sm radius with smoke and harmless particles. Effects are similar to a Techtronica 'Pulse Rifle~over a 4-1 am diameter. a Very Difficult REF (use Dodge/Escape skim." [Chromebook 21 . Just pray he/she doesn't have IR in his optics. lay a query line at Night City's Boogie Board for the 'The Great Neese" Note: When detonated.ech-A!ikari Motion Re!it.5" dia. but its blast effect is limited to a 3m diameter (106+3 damage ). Ucensced to Gremyenko of Moscow by DutchArms Ltd. x 0. Because of the way one throws the grenade.chArms Iipz-78 Mini-lirenade: 40eb HVY 0 P P HEiFRAG 1 1 VR THROW A very small hand-thrown grenade (1. or Near Impossible BOD (use Strength Feat skUll roll to get free. Paint comes in 15 vibrant colors. can stand the putrid odor that emits from the bomb after activation.s: i!!!SebJS pellet:§ Just pop one of these on the ground and vanish from your foe's sight Flash powder that explodes on impact Perfect for fleeing boosters or getting an advantage over more powerful adversaries. Few.6" thick) grenade body (+2 to Athletics skilil. [Chromebook 11 Dut.. wipe chip memory. The cloud is not only impenetrable to normal Sight. Unshielded electronics and cyberware are immediately disabled. If you're interested in this or any other electronic marvels. colorful nicknames such as "Frisbee 0' Death" and "Perforation-Puck" are often used to describe this product. 1m radius effect. The cloud lasts for S rounds in calm winds. but clamps down instantly on quick or violent motion. A Stealth roll is permitted to the pellet user to escape the area.1. the EMP grenade does not explode. Because of its size this grenade is very concealable. Internal cyberware comes back on-line in 4 minutes. The cloud covers a 5x5m area and sticks to any surface. Note: Target is temporarily distracted and loses his/her next action. (Chromebook 11 Ninja !imoke Pellet. wait 30-40 minutes for chemical breakdown. but fuses its internal mechanism five seconds after arming. Pressing the same button will allow a six-second delay before detonation occurs. and cyberlimb functions are regained in 10 minutes. steady movements. lirenade: i!Oeb HVY 0 P C SPECIAL 1 ST THROW Good for the 'punk with a sense of humor. [Chromebook 21 . When the grenade discharges. It has a 6-second delay after the pin is pulled. if any. sending paint over a 4m area. IChromebook 1] FEN Dz i!!!i!··!iaucer lirenades": 65eb 1 ST THROW HVY 1 P P HElFMG These hand grenades have a liquid explosive filler in an aerodynamically saucer-shaped (4. The release catalyst COmesin a to-use squirt tube (25eb). any sharp impact wi'll detonate the grenade. !it:ench Bomb: i!Oeb EX 0 P C CHEMICAL 1 1 VR THROW Best weapon to clear a room with. Arming the grenade is achieved by turning the trigger button clockwise.

but at a tenth the cost of a grenade launcher. INCENDIARY: 406 FIRSTTURN. but they're still popular with Euro armies and some U.5 VR 100M Rifle grenades were phased out of the U.e. Armor hit by an HEP round loses 2 points of SP. REDUCEDEXPLOSIVE. rHome/Bravel . NO RADIUS. [Chromebook 2J • CONCUSSION: 306.15EB.A. SAFERFORUSE IN TIGHTCONANES(LIKE ROOMS. rHome/BraveJ Chemical: This round carries smoke or gas and has a 5 meter radius. and covers a 10m radius . 25EB.LJNCHED EiiHEN. SEE CP2020 RULESFORGAS. It packs the same punch. All 25mm grenades cost 30eb. Then target must make a Stun/Shock Save as if it was damaged by the concussion damage that went through. Flechette: This round does 2-12 1D6AP hits to the target Fragmentation: This round does 206+1 damage to all targets in a 5 meter diameter. 306 SECOND TURN.S. and the energy of the bullet striking the grenade propels it The rifle cannot be used to shoot any targets with bullets while the grenade is in place. at least half the damage goes through any armor except hard armors tl. HEP (CRATERING):5D6. The adaptor's bullet trap design allows the shooter to fire conventional ammunition and also launch a pistol grenade up to 100m away. Note: The muzzle fitting for launching grenades can be installed on any paramilitary rifle by a competent tech for about 50eb.§THEET 1NEAPDN§ E!DE!D LA. barrel-shaped (25x50mml projectiles carry warheads with capabilities equal to standard 25mm Mini-Grenades. Militech i!5mm Pistol IirenadE!s These are similar to OCR's rifle-fired grenades. more powerful rounds will have a Long Range of 50m. 3M RADIUS. have an effective range of 100 meters.357. (Chromebook 11 Milit:ech ii!5mm Launched lirenades See individual weapons for further details of weapon-specific loads. 112 STUNONLY. Skinweave has no effect on concussion damage. TEAR GAS-TEARING & -2 REF. any rifle may fire the OCR line of rifle grenades. . splashing a pat of plastic explosive onto the target before detonating.HALLWAYS. 5M RADIUS. See Hand Grenades for effects. Effective range for 25mm grenades is usually 150 meters. and does 406 damage to all other targets within 1 m. but they are designed to be fired from pistol-caliber weapons. 30m. Td. apiece. full medieval armor). OFFENSIVEFRAG: 5D6. It takes one combat action to fit a rifle grenade to the end of a rifle. powered armor. STUN SAVE EACH PERSON. 3M RADIUS. These grenades are fitted on the end of the rifle barrel. These small.-5 TO REF & AWARENESSFOR5 TURNS.E: The CHEMICAL: This round carries gas or smoke. have a Weapon Accuracy of -3. Metalgear11ol. ARMORHAS NO EFFECT AND IS DAMAGED2 SP.20EB. 206 THIRD TURN.!::I. E • • • • • FLASH BOMB: -5 REF & AWA. Army in the mid-50's. This round does 506 damage. DAMAGE IS STUN ONLY. SMOKE OBSCURES VISION. 15EB.20EB.5 ST 150M With the addition of a 22mm muzzle adaptor (200ebl. ARMOR PROTECTS ONLY 1/3 EFFECTIVENESS. VERy MESSY IN CLOSEDAREAS. apiece. AT • DEFENSIVE FRAG: 206+1. SMOKE OR TEAR GAS: 3M RADIUS. FlAMMABLES IN 1 M RADIUS BURN. and 8mm through . 100eb 'for Anti-Tank HYy -1 N P HE/SMOKE 1 0. All rifle grenades use Heavy Weapons skill. HEP: High-Explosive Penetration is actually a squash-head round. HEAT: Shaped-charge does 8010AP damage to the target. half as real. up to half the damage total-that's right.Concussion damage is a Stun/Shock Save. HIGH-EXPLOSIVEFRAGMENTATION. Subtract armor SP Ofallowedl from the damage. high-explosive rifle grenade does 806 damage in a Sm radius. 4M RADIUS. DAMAGE IS 112 REAL.-based Corporate forces.S.DE5 ABE Classic Rifle lirenades: 50eb uvy -3 N P VARIES 1 0.30EB. and are propelled by firing the rifle-the bullet is trapped at the end of the grenade. 1Omm and other.. and cost 50eb. The use of a bullet trap design developed in the 1970's allows the shooter to tire conventional ammunition and also launch a rifle grenade up to 150 meters away! These small finned projectiles carry a warhead capable of doing as much damage as a standard grenade. OCR Rifle lirenades: 50eb. Note: Pistol Grenades cannot be launched by weapons of less power than 8mm.4S-caliber weapons will only have a Long Range of 15m! . Any pistol or submachinegun's barrel can be fitted with a Militech-produced muzzle adaptor (200ebl in the appropriate caliber by a weaponsmith or techie (for about SOebl. armor has no effect and half of the damage is applied as concussion. The concussion damage is not entered on the character sheet as damage paints! Rigid armor prevents any concussion damage from hitting the target. ANTI-TANK 1 0.5 VR 150M HYy 0 N p.

. this fire cannot be avoided.INE§ 5. the flash-bang round acts as a normal flash-bang grenade. tripwire. half is concussion). Illumination: This round is a flare that illuminates everything within 20 meters of the flare.000 kg powered armor suit is much less likely to be knocked downl. - - See the new ExplosiveslDemolitions fur further det.. it takes two combat turns (20 seconds) to cut free of the net Splatshell: One of the most unique riot control weapons to ever come down the pike. Just like shotgun blasts. The flash-bang round has a maximum range of 25 meters. remote signal or motion detector. it explodes automatically.W.ary 4Dmm Launchedlirenades Unless noted. The SplatShell is treated . Referee's discretion as to which types hit whom. The round has a Weapon Accuracy of -2. the SplatShell can spray a 10-meter area with your favorite splatballs . +1 per full 15 SP of armor that the target's wearing. which can be of any type. if it has not impacted something solid (exploding on impact> by that time. timer. and does 206 damage to the target (this is actual bruising tissue damage). rippers or waivers can start cutting immediately). If it hits a person or other target it does 106 damage per round for 6 turns. this is to hit the target If the target is hit. an effective range of 25 meters. High-velocity Auto-GL grenades cost 100eb apiece. A hit has a 50% chance of wrapping the net around a man-sized target. White Phosphorous: This nasty round throws a cloud of burning white phosphorous. it is WA -1. The target also has to make a Stun/Shock Save at -5. it takes 1D6 blunt damage and the grapple catches on 50% of the time (lower the percentage for smooth areas and raise it for target areas full of projecting objects that the hook can catchl. and the line (1eb per 20 meters) trails from the hook. Chromebook 3i . HEDP: This round does 4010AP HEAT damage to the target. EX:PLD§I"E§ !!iiTHEET "'-'EAPD"'§ E!DE!D Milit. and 406 damage to all other targets within one meter. virtually guaranteeing a hit! See CP2020 for splatball effects. rules in Listen Up" You Primitille §crellJlheads Ant. This line of fire is 3 meters wide. sabot (for 30mm/40mm launched grenades). Munitions can be mixed . Home/Brave. rHome/Brave] Bean Bag: This round is a "bean bag" of gel. HEP: A 40mm version of the 25mm HEP. immobilizing the target A Difficulty +25 Strength Feat is necessary to rip free of the net. Available in high-velocity version for auto-GLs. so a 1. The propellant charge <5eb. plus the cost of the Splatballs. It has an effective range of 50 meters. the SplatShell is a submunitions dispenser of a different sort Loading 20 16mm splatball rounds into a special.. but all pattern sizes are doubled (2m at Close range. the target must make a Oifficulty 20+ REF roll to remain standing {the Difficulty drops by 1 per full 100 kg of target weight.. Anti-dazzle protection negates the flash effect and makes the REF test unnecessary. ~: This capture round shoots a small (2m) net that wraps around the target It has a Weapon Accuracy of -5. The grappling hook and line are so heavy that they cut the effective range in half. HE: This round does 706 damage in a 5 meter radius. In addition. or the net can be cut off (the netted target has to make a Difficulty +20 REFtest to get a cutting tool free. targets with scratchers. and any target will be hit with 106+1 splatballs . The grappling hook {25ebJ is loaded into the muzzle of the launcher. It will not detonate until it has traveled 10 meters from the weapon after firing. all 40mm grenade rounds are availability R and cost 50eb apiece. [Cyberpunk 2020.l is breech-loaded into the launcher. etc'>.just like a shotgun blast. Grapnel: This round comes in three parts. All people within 5 meters of the blast (15 meters if indoors) must make a Stun/Shock Save at -2 to avoid being stunned and deafened for 4 turns and a Difficulty 20+ REF test to avoid being blinded for 2 turns. anyone in the cylinder of flechettes takes damage. Available in high-velocity version for auto-Gls. Armor stops this damage as normal. and does 106 damage (from the mass of the net weights striking the target at velocity). but must be selected ahead of time. Cost is 1Deb. Anyone within 10 meters of the explosion takes 406 damage for three turns. Chemical: This round carries gas or smoke and covers a 1O-meter radius with the appropriate chemical. It will not detonate until it has traveled 10 meters from the weapon after firing. Available in high-velocity version for auto-GLs.ails. and armor is reduced by 5 SP. Rechette: This round does 1-3 206AP hits to all targets in a line of fire that extends from a point three meters in front of the firer to a distance of 25 meters. A typical example is the Militech M25AP with a 7m blast radius. does 706 damage <halfgoes through..ipersonnel Mine: 35Deb uvy 0 J P 4D10 (PEN 2) 1 1 VR N/A Can be detonated by direct contact.. Rash-Bang: A time-delay charge of blasting explosive and flash powder.

5 pull-release "trap" detonators for booby traps. can be detonated by timer. PER BOX OF 100 AsSAULT RIFLE. !Home/Brave. 0 P P BOlO/KG 1 1 VR N/A Grey block of plastique. and ignited by a tiny detonator chip imbedded in the card. Militech sells an optional gas-throwing type with no fragments and a similar burst radius. brass-cased loads cost 3x the regular price. While the unit can accept input from almost any type of military sensor. attacking the rear or flank of their targets. place it where desired. [Chromebook 21 Ammunition and Reloads fur Firearms: Prices vary Prices listed are for caseless ammunition. controls and a microcell power unit. the unit contains a small but potent explosive charge. 500 meters of trip wire. treat it as 1/100 of a kilo of Plastique doing 1010 with a 0.. tripwire or signal. [Cyberpunk 2020. !Home/Brave] FEN Dz i!5 "Det Card™'': 1i!Oeb Hvy 0 P P HE 1 1 ST N/A Another nifty new design from those clever folks at Fabrique Europa Nationale. Antitank mines do 6D6 damage (Pen 1) to all other targets in a 2-meter radius.25m blast radius. Available in Trauma Team.i. 200 meters of electrical wire. Simply snap the card in half. Cost 600eb. stabilized with a plastic shell. The effects are similar to a shotgun. VERY HEAVY PISTOL. but P availability). The PDU can be set to fire from a varitety of triggers or any period of time defay up to 72 hours. 250eb per box of 100). concealing it takes another 5 minutes. and it will explode in twenty seconds. There is also a magnetic or chemical glue strip for attaching the PDU to various surfaces. ACID OR DRUG PELLETS. and hundreds of meters of various fusing cords. See Light Antitank Weapons entry for details. it comes with a passive IR motion detector and a tripwire. Claymores can be triggered by tripweire. 50 non-electric). time delay or remote wire. Explosive: 100eblkg. They can be detonated by remote wire or direct contact. PER BOX OF 100 NEEDLEGUN ROUNDS. Just right for noisy B&E jobs. The Det Card?' is a credit-card sized wafer of Plastique.. . demolitions tools (wire cutters. It weighs 30 kg. and contains 100 blasting caps (50 electric. EuroWorldbank. The basic blast raidus for C-6 is Sm.lied to them.. Setting an antitank mine takes S minutes.. and a "rear cone" 6m wide x 6m long joined by a 6m diameter circle. Designed to be sown as perimeter defense or set to discourage pursuit. PER BOX OF 100 PER BOX OF 100 GEB 30EB 50EB 25EB 50EB PISTOL & SMG. Chromebook 3] avy 0 Antitank HVY C 6 'AFlat:fire" Plastic . PER BOX OF 100 PER BOX OF 100 PER BOX OF 100 15EB 30EB 36EB 40EB 40EB AIRGUN PELlETS. etc. 20MM CANNON ROUND. Note that drug loads for Needleguns are also available at 5x basic cost (l. but plasticase ammo can also be used in old guns (same cost as caseless. pliers.STREET "'-'EAPUN5 E!DE!D Mine: 400eb L P G010AP (PEN 6) 1 1 VR N/A Most antj~ank mi~es weigh 15 kg an~ go off when.e. For damage purposes. 5 digital timers. [Cyberpunk 20201 UGHT PISTOL MEDIUM HEAVY PISTOL & SMG. knives. 150+ kilograms of. pressure ~re app. [Cyberpunk 2020.. Home/Brave] Explosives Field Kit: 1S00eb Necessary to work with most explosives. PER BOX OF 100 EACH FLAMETHROWER RELOAD . the typical example IS the M26AT by Militech. & SMG. There are also antivehicle mines that are essentially remote-sensor fired LAWs or HLAWs. and WNS press card formats. [Chromebook 1] Militech Hvy 0 PDU-3 Multi-Purpose P P 206+5 Perimeter 1 Demns. The casing is made of ceramic to produce a fragmetation effect over a Sm diameter. These mines have an hourglass-shapped area of effect: a "front cone" 6m wide x 75m long.. an electrical plunger. Listen Up/Primitive Screwheadsl Claymore Mine: SOOeb HVY 0 L P 4010 1 1 ST N/A Claymores are designed to stop people with a spray of projectiles.:! Unit: 150eb 1 ST N/A The PDU is a 75mm square x 20mm thick box with a sensor.

. If the target is unarmored. when these rounds hit flesh.on. quickly mushrooming lead. which pushes the bullet down the barrel at incredible velocities . manufactured by lhe Kendachi Corporation.000 feet per second). As an example. but instead of a primer and powder. IT guns employ an electrical pulse and a liquid working. t Special hollow-nosed ammo made of soft. searing the insides of its target Just try not to get in a firefight in a paper factory . they do 1..5x normal damage. [Chromebook 21 Hollowpoints. but if the bullet penetrates its target's armor.However.... fluid. adding a battery pack. and replaces the hammer with an electrode: The result is that the gun's performance is increased by 500/o--both damage and range. insulating the weapon and using high-tech ammunition. and can be bought as AP. fin-stabilized arrows travel at impressive speeds (up to 4.. DP rounds consist of a dense. these rounds treat all armor as having 2x normal SP. Cannot be fired from guns with Electrothermal Enhancement. and are chemically time-delayed to detonate a micro-second after impact Using this design. but it must be primed with around 10. the lead flattens bluntly and does mostly bruising damage . 21 KendachiFragmentatio.n Flechettes: 5x basic a_mmo cost. This is because such bullets have little or no expansio n. Only weapons which used cased ammo can take advantage of ET 5 enhancement (thi's generally means 2Oth-centuryguns).ET ammo costs 2x normal cost. API rounds may ignite any flammables they hit (50% chance). -1'kg to the weapon.. while an ET 5.availability. Dual-Purpose ammo gives you the best ballistics for the best situation. the lead squashes out to cause a massive wound cavity. 25+). When these rounds hit armor. subcaliber penetrator Cafe of tungsten steel wrapped in a sheath of soft. flesh).. guns were called "heaters" That name applies once again. sharp-nosed slugs which cut through most armor with ease. Dual-Purpose rounds leave liUl'e to be desired. modifies it to accept a 100-shot battery (150eb).~: API ammo acts as normal AP ammo (armor SP is halved but so is damage vs. In the old days. This energy pulse causes the liquid to combust. upon impact. and adds 0 . changing its state to plasma. x basic weapon cost. and therefore reduce true da mage. Take your firearms beyond the limitations of the last century with EI'ectrothermal Enhancement By modifying the breech lock. thanks to the remarkable new API rounds. Iever-.~: When DP rounds hit an armored target. the lead sheath strips away while the penetrator continues through to your target However. a flechette may bass directly through the target and leave only a tiny (and ineffective> hole in the body .ET 1N'EAPDN!i ii:!. The classic problem with flechettes is this: Being of very small diameter and traveling at extremely high velocity.. Usually found with Orbital weapons. when these rounds hit flesh.ETguns can also modulate barrel pressure with a throttle. This liquid can be anything from methanol to water. but these slugs pack a surprise: Each bullet is composed of a solid chemical compound which combustsin a reaction to high-pressure impacts. pump-action) . the needle-like projectiles are able to successfully penetrate armor without suffering. giving them superior armor penetration ability. In any situation.!iiTHE. Notes: Kendachi's Fragmentation Flechette ammo is available for any weapon at 5x the cost of regular rounds. Cannot be fired from weapons with Electrotherma'i Enhancement lChromebook 21 . 5 Overcome the laws of physics! The maximum speed a bullet can be accelerated with gunpowder (around 6. or normal ammo to a Body Armor manufacturer's convention. it does an extra 106 damage the first tum.but damage that penetrates is x 1..: x1..5.To overcome this. the lead squashes out to cause a massive wound cavity. and 106/2 damage the second turn. Piercing Rounds: 3x basic ammo cost: AP bullets have a steel jacket or core meant to penetrate various forms of armor. The effects are armor SP x1/2 and penetrating damage x 1/2 as weir. Beware-these rounds are Rare availability and very illegal. becomes incredibly hot. The overall effect is a bullet which. Gone are the days when you might accidentally bring AP bullets to a nudist colony. Weaponsmith skill vs.500 feet per sec. and) and the pressure spike created by a gunpowder gas explosion have alwaysllrnited the capebiiities of firearms technologyuntil now. Kendachi's fragmentation flechettes pack just enough explosive to break themselves apart once they enter the body.Dii:!D Piercing Incendiary: 4x basic ammo cost. they treat soft armor as 1/2 SP and do normal dama.and the enhancement is only useable with semi-auto and manual repeater actions (bolt-. Price is equal to 50% of the weapon's base cost. The procedure can be performed by many arms factories and some gunsmiths <Poor. a firearm's muzzle energy can 'be doubled! (Without blowing apart. consists of a synthetic-cased or caseless cartridge which fires a subcaliber alloy flechene. These saboted.56mm bullet has a muzzle energy of 1330 foot-pounds.56mm has a muzzle energy of 2764 ft-lbsl NQte: IT enhancement insulates the gun against electrical surges. This ammuniti. IChromebook 21 Elertrothermal Ammo Enhancement: 1. toon Electrothermal (Ell ammunition has the same cartridge dimensions as regular cased loads. Purpose Rounds: 4x basic ammo cost. [Chromebook 1 &.ge to flesh. [Chromebook 21 Armor . thereby creating a devastating wound cavity. [Cyberpunk 2020l API-Armor Dual.000 amps. i!5 basic ammo cost. In effect. When these rounds hit armor. controlling the energy in the priming process with a safe time/pressure trace.. quickly-mushrooming lead. They are also injected with a near-microscopic filling of a C6-style plastic explosive. from overpenetratlon. a 5. These cartridges fire metal-jacketed. they treat it as 112 SP but do 1/2 damage to flesh.

Rules as per Cyberpunk 2. 406 for 12-Gauge. Designed in the 1980s for aircraft terrorist control. just as if he had taken a Serious wound.I::!EAI. Gangers Chipper and Grunt are in the area and are hit. Stundart:lmproved product design from Pursuit Security. The concussion damage is not entered on the character sheet as damage points' Rigid armor prevents any concussion damage from hitting the target. leaving him a Stun/Shock Save modifier of -1. Chipper's g. as many are very dangerous if not used at the proper ranges. A Stundart round that can be fired from any shotgun or 2Smm mini-grenade launcher up to 100m. per shell fired. 506 for 10-Gauge. For every thermite shell (over five) fired through a specific shotgun barrel there is a 1 in 10 additive chance of warping and ruining the barrel. using one large. and biotoxin gas rounds cost the military 2Seb apiece (they're unbelievably rare on the civilian market>. It costs lOeb per round. The slug does 306+1 (20-Gauge). ~: 15-20eb per box of 25. Non-Lethal: A non-lethal gel or rubber round that does concussion damage to the target. soft targets (armor SP is x2. but he fails his save and collapses. iDeep Space] Shotgun Ammunition: 15eb per IE! Shen!i ShotsheHs (which. All people within two meters of the blast (5 meters if indoors) must make a Stun/Shock Save and a Difficulty +20 REF test to avoid being stunned for one turn and being blinded for two turns. he fails and falls backwards. All targets. Below that range. knocked down by the kinetic energy. It has an effective range of 25 meters. No damage. HE does 406 damage in a 112m radius. Rare: Cost is 2S-30eb per box of 25. So a barrage of 1a shells wou Id do 406 damage to everything in a S meter radius of the point of irnpa ct. [Chromebook 2. ~: This round carries a gas pellet that effects all targets within 1 to 2 meters of the burst The gas acts like a dose of whatever poison/drug is put into it Tear and nausea gas rounds cost Seb apiece. Home/Brave] APFSDS: Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot is a sub-caliber round. fails to receive any damage. The material burns into the target at over 3. Stingers: 12-Gauge. clutching his bruised torso. Eil. Available only to police and security forces. The round does 806AP. doing 406AP damage (armor and damage is x 1/4>. and soft armor up to 10SP can be penetrated. Rash-Bang: A small time-delay charge of blasting explosive and flash powder. but has to make a + 10 REF roll. but half the damage '(8) goes through. but penetrating damage is x3l. Lights up an area of 30m diam. melting through almost anything. damage is Stun only beyond ·9m. rigid-core bullet instead of shot. it explodes automatically. A solid shotgun round. Damage is 506 under that range.5mm projectile from a 12 or 1Oga shotgun. . Any hard surface of greater than 1asp or 30SDP will cause the round to burst harmlessly. They cannot be called non-lethal. but deadly vs. Chipper is wearing a Medium Armor Jacket and Skinweave. Grunt. his armor jacket would normally subtract 18. damage is Stun only beyond 3m. basic ammOCO!i1: Another solution to firepower in pressurized environments is to employ safety rounds. This damage is healed at 1/3 the normal rate. The flash-bang round has a maximum range of 25 meters.§::/3x basic ammo cost per box of 50 l Many ammunition manufacturers have produced a variety of "Less-Than-Lethal"ammunition. Then the target must make a Stun/Shock Save as if it was damaged by the concussion damage that went through. Anti-dazzle protection negates the flash effect and makes the REF test unnecessary. wearing his heavy rigid armor. Damage is 406 under that range.shells cost15eb per box of 25. powered armor. 506+3 (1O-Gauge) damage at all ranges. roll 406 for damage. MetalgearT><.ear"'. ~. capable of spraying a load of shot into an area. must make a Difficulty 10 REFsave or be knocked down by the impact Example: Patrolman Casey uses his automatic shotgun to spray an area with gel rounds. Concussion damage (otherwise known as bruising) takes the form of a Stun/Shock Save.. hallucinogen and sleep gas rounds cost 10eb apiece. Samty Rounds: 6". HE shells cost 5eb apiece . and has no area effect The round is AP. This makes them less effective against armor.el round does 15 points. If a target is hit by a gel round. safety rounds will break up against even a thin metal hull. Thermite rounds cost 30eb apiece. but any damage that surpasses target SP is passed on to the target at full value.2. just like any other shaped-charge munition.ID: 30-35eb per box of 25: Act as a flash-bang grenade in a shotgun pattern 25m deep by 3m wide (see Flashbang Grenade). any damage that penetrates hard armor is not halved. Subtract armor SP from the damage.e. . Cost: 20eb (per pack of fourl. 406+2 \12Gauge). if it has not impacted something solid (exploding on impacV by that time. This SUb-munition moves at accelerated velocities and easily punches through armor. Inc. except that it fires needles instead of shot. Skinweave has no effect on concussion damage. up to half the damage total-that's right. 306 c for 20-Gauge. Encumbered by his armor. damage is Stun only beyond 3m. Its larger capacitor results in a -2 to Stun saves.0.0. 112 is real. the flash-bang round acts as a small flash-bang grenade. 10-Gauge shells cost 20eb per box of 25. ased) are considered the standard shotgun round.STREET ~PDNS i:!Di:!D Rubber Bune1:.a:r. firing a S. whether affected by the concussion or not. He's not really hurt. Grunt is wearing Metalg. at least half the damage goes through any armor except hard armors (i.000 degrees. but obscures a 3m circle with dense smoke. HE: High Explosive rounds turn the shotgun into a mini-cannon. Aechettes: This round costs 8eb apiece and works like a regular shotgun shotshell.: A shaped-charge shell that does 406AP damage. Thermite: Thermite rounds shoot a narrow spray (112 width of a shotgun pattern) of the burning metal into the target.e. Causes 206+2 and 106/2 per round fire damage if fired as a regular shell. and does 6D6AP damage. full medieval armorl. 112 is stun.

does normal damage.P N!ii iE!DiE!D ARRDW!i: Prices varg Self bows require the Archery skill to fire effectively. Halves all armor SP. 12 quarrels/1 OOeb. these rounds are brass-cased ro. Hvoer·Penetration Round. slightly larger than 12mm caseless bullets. capable of delivering toxins of various types. Acts as a knife for armor penetration. Soft Armor (i. crossbows use quarrelsl. Furthermore. the bullets fired from these cartridges are. The "Arbelest" and "Scorpion" crossbows are exceptions to this. the arrow rotates in flight. drilling a 20mm+ hole through the victim's flesh! Acts as a knife for armor penetration. 12 quarrels/SOeb. you have to reach down/back/out to it and grab the arrow/quarrel before transferring it to your string. a sleep round favoured by many riot units around the world. No. Stun: This arrowhead is a blunt ellipsoid. See Constituion's Multiple-Ammunition Pistol (page 16) entry for further details.e. and thus only has a range of 45m. Furthermore. Consists of a lead slug surrounding a cadmium rod core with a higher than average propellant mass to provide an increase in velocity. Chemically Propelled Capsule Round: Three types of epc are available. whichever does the most damage to the target A box of 50 rounds sells for 60eb. the grenade's not heavy enough to make a difference). A ePD has a range of 45m and inflicts 1d6 damage plus any effects caused by the toxin payload. Spinner: A vicious arrow with a hardened target point that springs into a broadhead inside the victim. Range: Arrows and quarrels lose energy over time more swiftly than bullets. The number of shots listed for each bow aren't held in some sort of magazine. [Protect & Serve] Standard Round: These are general purpose 12mm cased shells with a 50m effective range. Const:it:ut:ion Arms Mult:iple-Purpose li!mm Ammunit:ion fur t:he CA MAP li!mm Pist:ol: PriclE!svarg Being designed for the Multiple-Ammunition Pistol revolver. . since they are used and aimed very differently than crossbows. A box of 50 rounds sells for 40eb. If the round hits a soft target. A box of 50 sells for 20eb. It is also possible that other payloads could be used. in fact. so in order to reload your bow or crossbow. All damage is stun. The three types are a paint round used mostly for training. treat acid capsule as airgun load. Uses principle similar to Dual-Purpose ammunition. while the sleep and acid rounds both sell for 40eb per 50 shells. Chemlca. 12 arrows/SOeb. 12 quarrels/2Seb. causing 4d6+ 1 damage. Kevlar-T. A box of 50 paint shells costs 25eb. An arrow or quarrel shot at Extreme range only does 1/2 damage. but retain their normal ranges (these monsters already throw massive bolts. or the Rifle skill at half value (the "Handbow" can be fired with Pistol skill at half value instead of Archery skiJl). penetrating damage is doubled. Broadhead: An head consisting of two or more razor-sharp blades.!iiTHEET""EA. and an acid round (with a variety of uses. However. to prevent them from being used in other 12mm weapons. Please note that this can become difficult in tight spaces.unds and are thus not compatable with any other 12mm handgun. pg. it will mushroom like a standard round. 12 arrows/40eb. The round has a reduced propellant load. they're in a quiver or other arrow holder. Constitution Arms only sells sleep darts (officialIyl. penetrating damage is tripled. Lt Armor jacket). The round does 4d6+ 1 and is treated as armorpiercing or normal. each designed to release their payloads upon contact with a solid object. Crossbows use either the Archery skill. 12 arrows/20eb. leather. 12 arrows/24eb. but designed for less lethality against unarmored targets. not against human targets. the lead slug is halted. Warhead: A standard 25mm pistol grenade (Chromebook 2. lrrn .uy Propelled Dart Round: This round has a reduced propellant load to accomodate a small dart in its tip. allowing the cadmium rod to penetrate the armor. upon impacting an armored target.. 12 quarrels/30eb. It is considered AP vs. 2 rounds durationl. breaking the capsule within the slug body. [Solo of Fortune 21 Target: The basic arrow/quarrel (bows use arrows. This reduces WA by -2 and halves the effective range of the bow. they suffer the -2 WA penalty.4S) can be fitted onto an arrow and shot from any bow with a 20-kilo or greater pull.

75eb fur Anti-Armor. If the attack roll is greater than the difficulty for the listed range. with no possibility to hit the target (use the Grenade Table on page 89 of Cyberpunk 2020 to determine where the missile wentl. a potential assassin may be hard-pressed to find enough space to make his gyrojet pistol useful! Second. most gyrojets will penetrate the wall of a habitat without too much problem. 150eb grenade round Another lethal toy from the madmen at Urban Technologies! They've come up with an antipersonnel shell <available in 12 or 10gauge. A failed roll means that the micromissile was distracted. you may always fire at him again with your next shotts--even if he's under complete cover! Micromissiles have a minimum range of 10 meters. There is also a 1 in 10 chance that the impact will cause the taser to malfunction and fail to release its charge. They can be programmed to track objects by their specific IR signature (vehicle engines and human body heat are the most common choices). and has a Long Range of 50m. but anti-armor Micromissiles (which treat the target's armor as 1/2SP) are available for a 50% increase in price. can be made. See relavent weapon entries for further details. they spread apart. However. doing 4D6 damage at 1/3x armor SP.. The grenade-launcher version is -2 to WA. 30mm. and they must be aimed at a partially exposed target . £Deep Space] 6grqje1: Ammo: l\Iot:es Gyrojets use a self-propelled rocket shell. Flel:hettes and Bolt:er Ammo: l\Iot:es Flechette weapons trade projectile speed for penetration. both types can be coated with poison or narcotics for added effectiveness. Attacks are resolved in the following manner: The firer makes an attack roll. A box of 50 of these rare rounds costs 80eb. pulling the monowire taut and slicing everything that passes between them in half! The slasher delivers a single attack if it hits. big damage isn't quite as critical. Leg hit wraps the legs.asher: 75eb shot:sheU round. 25mm. they are next to useless at close range. a Head hit will break the neck 50% of the time). or inside very. First. they will halve the SP of any body armor they encounter. The f1echette is thrown by a very low-powered shotgun-type round firing several f1echettes at once. The range is 50m and the explosion causes 2d6 damage in a 1m blast radius. Upon impact. [Chromebook 2] Urban Tel:hnologies !i. but because they are designed to pierce. and 40mm shells) that strings monowire between two specially weighted slugs. you can most reasonably expect to find gyrojets being used only outside habitats. No recoil. Micromissiles normally do 406 damage in a 2m radius. Missiles can be fitted with HEP warheads for 4x normal price (4D6+4 damage. See relavent weapon entries for further details. and explode on impact The missiles are self-guided. there is a 50% chance it will wrap both legs. In space. There are a few problems with gyrojets. this round is an effective anti-personnel weapon as well The impact-activated warhead is formed of an experimental explosive with a far greater explosive yield than existing types. no radius. rChromebook 21 . just like the first. effects equal to S&W Model Fl. which coasts about a meter from the barrel before igniting.The only difference is the length of the monowire-the 12/1a-gauge has a 1m wire. and once locked onto a target they can follow it through one direction change of 90 degrees or less. and struck something or someone else at random. Due to all of these factors. 30mm=2. no mess. as the rocket shell is only spring-powered. similar to a shotgun blast The shotgun version is -3 to WA and has a Long Range of 10m. giving them the ability to track around corners and obstacles (with a 3 in 10 chance of losing the targetl. very large habitats like the Crystal Palace or the Lunar colonies. The shell can attack any target in that area. adding the Missile's +2 accuracyand ignoring cover and line of sight modifiers. all saves against the effects of the weapon are at +2. Also. the round causes 1d6 damage plus the usual taser effects. then the missile has hit its target If the attack fails. A powerful spring launches the shell. then the firer rolls 1D 10: On a 4-10. It takes a good five meters of travel before the round accelerates to killing speeds. where even a small rip is enough to send your enemy scurrying to a patch kit. the Micromissile corrects its path and a second attack roll. while larger shells have longer wires (25mm=2m. In a space habitat. A box of 50 sells for 100eb. 40mm-3m wirel. However. As the slugs travel. due to the low power of the weapon. This shell avoids the problem of the taser's limited range by using a chemical propellant with the taser built into the projectile.PDN§ £!D£!D Chemically Propelled Taser Round: A relative breakthough in taser technology.5m. Explosive Round: Designed for the rapid "lock-plcking" that police so often have to carry out. The round has a 75% chance of wrapping the wire around the target automatically fTorso/Arm hit wraps the arms.§TREET ""E. If the round hits a leg. Bolt throwers are heavier f1echette weapons which throw a single thick bolt Neither of these weapons can deliver enough impact to penetrate a hull (except at Point Blank range for Bolters).A. doing separate damage to each leg and immobilizing the target until he cuts the wire. !Deep Space] Mil:romissiles: 50ebeal:h.if they are fired blindly they will fail to initialize a target and will fly in straight paths like normal projectiles. Also. i!OOeb fur HEP These miniature missiles are explosive-tipped rocket-propelled rounds with heat-seeking guidance and steering vents. any gyrojet round will leave a heat trail that can easily be followed back to the firer by a Thermograph. if your first shot misses your target.

all penalties are based on a number equal to the firer's BOD minus the weapon's BOD Min <referred to as the MD-fac·. critical failure means that the weapon is also dropped..... and is packing a Denby 7710 "Ox-Dropper" revolver <.... Min BOD 7-12.....•......... EXi.5 .... If the players and refs wish...... the firer takes 1 point of damage per point of D-fac to his firing arm..... • Plamya 30mm AGL (ROF 1 or 10) .. and may take 2 points of damage to his hand from shooting the damn thing! Remember. Shotguns ...lmple Weapon (ROF) BOO Min • Pocket Tsunami 25mm HiVel Pistol (ROF 2) Min BOD 23! • 12..'REeD ·LAI\IDTHE HEAVY IiUI\IS 11\1CYBERPUNK i!Cli!CI Recoil in Cyberpunk is determined primarily by the damage delivered by the weapon.... recoil is a one-time calculation-once you've determined a weapon's BOD Min.. " .. •. • Militech Crusher SSG.... Arm Brace..•..•... •........ 0 x 1.454 CasuH ..... Sling. they may use the BOD Min restrictions for all weapons....x 1.0 xl....•... he may fire it at an ROF of 2 rather than 1.....•.. Min BOD 14.. 5[max damage 30/6J x2[handgunl =10. he may fire it without penalty...... .•••. • EMG-85 Railgun (ROF 1/2) .•..•. ....•....... .... and must make a (BOD+Strength Feot+l 01 0) roll vs... Grenade launchers .. • 12....••... ..... Recoil penalties are as follows: If the firer's BOD is < his weapon's BOD Min..•.... ••••••••• 0 ••• .... A Powered Exo-Mount has BOD 18 for recoil purposes only................ • Browning .. he may only fire the weapon at an ROF of 112... • Tsunami 25mm AGL (ROF 1/3/5) .. ... A Cyberarm acts as BOD 12 for pistol recoil purposes only... • HIVE Gatling w/harness (ROF 120)..... Choose your weapons carefully! - < Weapon.. so Sid's ·D-fac· is 2... . when calculated together. • ASP sornrn Autocannon w/harness(ROF 10l ..3 x2..... 506 damage). . including those of less than 10. Min BOD 11-12.50 M2 <ROF 10-20) .~ .. Min BOD 10·11. SuperChief .••..5 etc....••.. 010 weapons ... • MK19 40mm HlVel AGL (ROF 3 or 20> Min BOD 16-18.........477 caliber....•.....••..... Mono-/Bi-/Tripod... no brace" (some SMGs and shotguns) 2-handed & brace" (rifles.. This value is cross-referenced with the size of the weapon.. Min BOD 12. ••• - .0 x3.. with WA reduced by -2 per 1 point of D-fac..-gauge Pistol (ROF 2)..•...... . Min BOD 9.••.. ••• 0. If the character's BOD is ~ his weapon's BOD Min... :Type 06 weapons . ROF 121+ _ "Brace = Stock...•..... all you BOD 6 characters can still fire your Colt-AMT M2000's).. .....•.... ....0 ...... at -4 WA. ...... other SMGs/shotguns) High-pressure/high-velocity grenades (for auto-GLsl EAP (railgunsl ROF 1-3 (serniauto) ROF3-16 ROF 16-30 ROF 3'~60 ROF 61-120 .. ....7mm Gatling w/harness (ROF 100) . : •••••••••••• 0 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Gyro-Mount. Malarian 3516 and ACPA 14mm Pistol (ROF 1) . ... .. Min BOD 16.8 xl. .. . .......... Min BOD 10. All these factors..... MGs.. In order to prevent complications.... Shoulder Strap....•. .....0 Modifiers 0 Mult. Harness....... Min BOD 15. ' . Example: Sid has a BOD of 8. .... if the firer's BOD is the BOD Min. .•...•..0 xo.... .. ' .. if the character's BOD is at least 2 points greater than a semi-auto weapon's BOD Min. 10-gauge ~Pistol·/5D6 (ROF 2) ..... 0 ••••••• 00 •••• ..5 x3. . Any weapon with a BOD Min of 9 or less is assumed to be firable by anyone (don't worry...s . However.... . or Difference Factor).. Base BOD Min : ..•••. • ASP 20mm w/harness (ROF 1Q) ...iply all mods t:oget:her 0 •••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1-handed (handgun) 2-handed.....x1.25 :(Diameter in mrni xO.....•.... .....•... grant a number (called a BODY Minimum) to which the character firing the weapon must compare his BOD stat.. he can fire the gun once every other turn. ...•.... • Minigun (ROf: 100·200) .' ........... ••• 0 ••• .. the (BOD Min x2)' If this roll is failed.... make a note of it somewhere..75 x2..... . _(Max Damage/51 <Max Damage/5) Max SHOT Damage xO.... Min BOD 11....•..... Min BOD 18.x2. . the nature of the ammunition and the rate of fire.

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