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Transcendental Meditation is a technique of meditation originally introduced in the West about the year 1958. This type of meditation technique was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and say a short period of meditation. Transcendental Meditation is recommended twice a day for only twenty minutes per session. As with other methods of meditation and practices, is a target of transcendental meditation is enlightenment. The technique claims to be able to improve a person by the person individual efforts. The 7 States The first three states of this technique of meditation are awakening, dream and dream sleep less. These states are usually the countries that can be achieved in many other meditation techniques, not just one. The fourth state is called the transcendental consciousness, which in time can be maintained that the person practising the Transcendental Meditation technique goes on his daily life. This period of operation of the fourth state is the fifth state of Transcendental Meditation, which is called Cosmic Consciousness. The fifth state is part of the Enlightenment who happens to people who practice this form of meditation. The sixth and seventh statements Transcendental Meditation are described as God consciousness and unity of consciousness, which are refined States cosmic consciousness. Transcendental Meditation has several effects on practitioners. When the practitioner is meditation and reached an enlightened state, serotonin and cortisol are regulated by the body and promoting a healthy individual. It also promotes a more relaxed and without person who can better immerse itself. The Other Side Transcendental Meditation is a controversial practice that has attracted many comments of many religions. Some religions based in the Christian faith claim that this form of meditation tapes far the concept of a true God in favor of the notion that man is able to cleanse its sins by itself. Other religions agree with the Yogi which has about this form of meditation because they believe it seeks to simplify and clarify the relationship of man with himself. It was also a controversy about a mental patient practitioner of Transcendental Meditation technique which has stabbed another practitioner. Complaints allege that the school teaches the technique could not be aware of the mental condition of the individual disturbed. The meditation technique in question has acquired a number of disciples, but at the same time,

many other seniors prefer the original yoga and meditation techniques that have been practiced for several centuries.

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