School of Maphysics

The Art of Communication
by Dr. Barbara Condron


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School of Maphysics

.Charisma I dedicate this book to those who want a place for new beginnings.

that is genius. and spoke not what men. -.. -. and it shall be the universal sense. for the inmost in due time becomes the outmost. A man should learn to detect and watch the gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within.and our first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpets of the Last Judgement. and Milton is that they set at naught books and traditions.. Plato. Familiar as the voice of the mind is to each. the highest merit we ascribe to Moses.“To believe your own thought.” Ralph Waldo Emerson in Self Reliance 6 School of Maphysics . more the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men. but what they thought. Speak your latent conviction.

John F. Actually. A charismatic person can take the thought of another individual and give it permanent life. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were noted for their charismatic personalities. charisma describes the qualities of a person who focuses his attention within. bear the charismatic stamp as do those of Shakespeare. Their essence seems to shine. I dream of things that never were and say why not?” Shaw’s writings. They seem to have tapped a limitless source of power in transmitting their ideas. Twain or Wordsworth. Robert Kennedy did this with a now famous quote created by playwright George Bernard Shaw: “Some people see things as they are and ask why. all the great . Emerson. then directs this outward to others. drawing you deep within their thoughts. Charisma is the quality of such a person. These people command respect.Throughout your lifetime The Art of Communication Charisma you have probably encountered many who possess a magnetism. They are people who have something to say. although not noted for the previous quote. Their words and actions are repeatedly recalled by every type of individual from historians and politicians to construction workers. never fearing that no one will listen. The word itself often seems to imply an illusively mystical concept difficult to define.

was nominated as director and writer of one film and won supporting actor in 2005 for yet another. sometimes called the Gable of his generation.Five-time nomineee Cate Blanchett won an Academy Award (2009) portraying four-time Oscar winner Katharine Hepburn in “The Aviator” (2009). 2 School of Maphysics . it is discipline driving talent. Charisma is more than celebrity. Gable won his Oscar for “It Happened One Night” while George Clooney.

Their ideal and purpose was focused on the entertainment of the viewer. Tyrone Power and Rudolph Valentino all drew toward themselves those of like minds. men and women have attained a certain quality of presentation – a way of projecting themselves to others. it takes practice. Throughout history. their audiences grew to love them for what they were on the screen and what they perceived them to be in real life. and this respect of self demanded respect from others. Greta Garbo. Each one of these individuals commanded respect. It takes time. This manner of presentation at times may seem an innate or a natural ability. Since the development of the motion picture. They represented universal symbols that people could relate to and through. although repeatedly questioned by many. actors have become a magnetic attraction for their viewers. it takes patience. Each individual or group recognized the mental concern and determination which vibrated throughout his being. What was their secret? Each held an ideal and purpose for what they projected to others. and each individual he met was receptive to this quality of thought. Leaders from all stations in life understand the origin of charisma. and Elizabeth the First. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Clic Seri 3 . He projected a concern for each individual in their own right. With Kennedy. maintains the “mystery” of charisma.authors in history. the appeal was limitless from the silent majority to the powerful minority. They possessed a technique of drawing the reader into their pattern of thought until the reader’s thoughts merged as one with their own. Through this medium. The actors. within their chosen roles. Clark Gable. but more often is something which is fostered within the individual’s mind. So did Katharine Hepburn. By no means is charisma limited to the male sex. portrayed all types of people.

illustrates Self and its vehicle of intelligence. awaiting quality is development. the Mind. used in the School of Metaphysics since 1973.charismatic within each individual. 4 School of Maphysics . The This diagram of the expression of individual consciousness.

When this is realized the innate equality within each individual is recognized. Worth does not make you superior or inferior to anyone else. being centered. like or at least similar interests. Each is at his own stage of development being the sum total of his understood experiences. it does not make you special. The charismatic quality is within each individual waiting for development. a respect. An ideal and purpose being clearly formulated within mind will awaken a like ideal and purpose in the minds of those one touches. This communication could not be severed. The communication flow was unhampered. How did it work? There is really no special dispensation. Each individual is equal to the next regardless of age. It was instantaneous. or they find themselves no longer in the spotlight at all! Each individual.Each of these individuals displayed a warmth and sincerity in connection with their ideal and purpose. Clic Seri 5 . allowed his total being to be focused outward to contact other minds – minds with like thoughts. and a realization that you are a complete and total individual having worth. Yet at the very essence of each individual is Light. directed and infallible. That worth in itself does not make you different. background. Each mind touched by these charismatic people gained the stimulus of additional information through the attitude projected. experience. With this attitude of concern and caring. the listener became receptive to the information being projected by this person who so obviously understood the significance of what he was saying as well as his manner of presentation.a love. like attitudes. This ability to hold the attention and interest of the audience shows the charisma that each actor or actress is able to project to the viewer. not only in voice but through each movement of the body. What does it take? -. Those in the spotlight display charisma. Each is a manifestation of the imagination and creative power of our Creator.

a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institute. 6 School of Maphysics . This is accomplished through practice with ten essential life skills described in the books Master Living and How to Raise an Indigo Child. rather than a mysterious and inexplicable act of an unidentified source. It is in keeping with the purpose of the seven-chakra system and resonates with the Six Emotional Doorways to Love connecting the outer Self with the inner outer Self. The School of Metaphysics. builds upon those systems to advance learning opportunities for those ready to explore the frontier of Mind. For example. Precise mental actions produce specific results giving our physical experiences a deeper meaning. form the trinity of consciousness comprising the individualized Mind of each individual. The developed. It demonstrates clearly that spiritual change . The diagram shown here was first used during the POWERS of TEN teaching offered from 2005-2009 at over two dozen colleges and universities in the U.is the product of a sequence of events in thought. This diagram evolves the learning curve into a learning spiral made possible by the transfiguration of Self through life experiences.S.transfiguration . What has previously been unconscious in the minds of humankind. It was developed to illustrate the thought form sequence of harmonizing the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. These two parts of mind. the previously-accepted usage for the word “knowing” fell into the information sector of the diagram as it reflected an intellectual activity focused in the brain.The Learning Spiral for Intuitive Man Learning curves are often used in modern educational systems to classify and measure student aptitude. the mental action producing the learning shift from understanding to wisdom. can now surface in the waking level of awareness. mind-focused use of “knowing” describes an intuitive grasp of truth. along with Superconscious Mind.

the love is inclusive in his projection. communication can be a beautiful tool for expressing your thoughts. different levels of understanding can be found. This requires a realization of what is within. This entails taking the horizontal knowledge and applying it in the physical realm so wisdom can be gained. Love holds such charisma and magnetism that even a stubborn person can be melted. How do you use this? How do you learn to communicate with whomever you choose whenever you choose? Of all the keys to charisma. However.We are all children of God and that binds each together. growth for the progression of Self is dependent on a vertical growth. love is the most powerful. however. One can become a brilliant individual within the conscious mind. When this is recognized within Self. is the true essence of Light and love. if you are persistent with one who seems stubborn. This is the meeting of the minds. The love is immersed in the thought until both become one. With this attitude manifested within. at the root of each individual. we each assume individual expressions of this Light according to our understanding. a harmonizing of each division of mind to work as one. Love is the magnetic force which holds all creation together. They are not two separate things. With wisdom the vertical growth increases. this is also recognized within others. However. word. as our United States forefathers knew. that all men are created equal. This intensification of learning will broaden the individual’s spectrum of knowledge at his command. This wisdom brings recognition. take one person whose ideal and purpose is bathed in love. the merging of thoughts. Within each soul’s progression. This attitude is sent out to the other person through thoughts. the love factor within your Clic Seri 7 . For instance. Being emanations of Light. storing volumes of information within the brain cells to be utilized at command. When this person transmits his thought to another. horizontally. and action.

Martin Luther King. Nobel Lecture given December 11. Jr. Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality.” –Dr.“When I speak of love I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response which is little more than emotional bosh. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life. 1964 8 School of Maphysics .

a like ideal and purpose. A mental concern not of worry. If we are truly equal. If you present yourself with irritation. If each person is an individual unto himself. Within this circle. “I love you” is that mental concern projected from yourself to another. with no one inferior or superior. Possessiveness itself is not love. for you truly cannot possess anyone. Each. There is the love of a mother for her child. If you present yourself with anger. thinks and feels. your parents. a compassion. your employees? Think of all the individuals you come into contact with during one day’s time. “I love you just because you are. I have said that love is that magnetic attraction which holds all of creation together. the final words which are passed from person to person are. that of giving and caring for the new individual. Consider. you will influence those individuals with anger. for what that person expresses. a caring between two individuals sharing common interests. no possessiveness? Each individual is truly important in his own right. There is the love of a child for his parents. then how can we ever possess another human being? In the School of Metaphysics. guidance and example.ideal and purpose will soon erode the seemingly defensive barrier the listener has placed around himself. There is the love between a man and a woman. what would your friends do if you weren’t there? Your wife or husband. many faces. no limitations. “Just because you are” means just because you exist. then wouldn’t it make sense that love has no restrictions. a consistent taking in the form of knowledge. What does that mean? Love in itself has many meanings.” Let’s take a look at that. a maturing aspect which can imply limitless freedom or restriction through possessiveness. Let’s look at love for a moment. we end each class with what is called a Circle of Love. you will project Clic Seri 9 . an empathy. you touch in some way through your presentation of self. but a caring. There is the love of friendship. your employer.

one’s own needs are fulfilled through serving others. “Aphrodite” by Boticelli 10 School of Maphysics . Storge is the love between family members.Eros is love based upon sexual attractiveness. Agape is the highest form of love Philia is a sense of brotherly love beyond bloodlines. when the personal self is transcended.

yet unpremeditated remarks will often spur this reaction in another. is a negative force which drains the positive expression of your personality. This is merely one illustration of how your attitude is projected to others. put on two different colors of socks. when you desire. you overslept. With both of you projecting love. For instance. by practicing loving your Self. He also stresses the inclusion of your enemies within this love. then you can begin to place these where you desire.that: If you present yourself with resentment you will project that. If you will be honest with yourself. Then when you finally made it to your car to drive to work. Often our intention is not to inflict a hurt upon another person. The eleventh commandment given by Jesus in the New Testament is to love your neighbor. drastically changing your attitude? Careless remarks are an indication that our thoughts are not controlled. you realized you were almost out of gas which made you lose ten more minutes. however. the anger within yourself reflected outward to you coworkers. that love will also find a home in the listener. if there is a realization of your thoughts. So if you project yourself with love in whatever you’re doing. can you project the charisma you are earnestly seeking? If you are to truly feel the essence of love or charisma. By the time you walked in the office. your mental and emotional processes. Clic Seri 11 . Granted. how many times has a friend’s unseemingly purposeless remark affected you. The love planted and cultivated in the listener will soon become a part of him and he in turn will begin projecting love. you are not responsible for another’s perception of your word or action. you are your own worst enemy. ran out of toothpaste. The first moments of the day seemed to set a pattern for the remainder of the day simply because you chose not to control your attitude. the geometric progression will spread this attitude proportionately. How then. you must begin with yourself. They were influenced by the irritability you projected. in itself. How many times have you gotten up on the wrong side of the bed? Perhaps. This.

It expressed the sentiment of the Christian “love ye one another” as taught through other religions.. Since then my studies of Holy scriptures have encouraged me to perceive a progression of the whole Self through what I think of as. a poster distributed by Integral Yoga International. #2 The Silver Rule 12 School of Maphysics ...While attending the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions. The Rules for Eternal Life We are One in the Spirit – Indigenous Peoples around the world #1 The Brass Rule that you would not wish – Kung Fu Tze (Confucius) Do not harm to others to befall yourself. I was gifted a copy of “The Golden Rule around the World”.

as you would have them Nazareth. who became the Christ do unto you.–Jesus Do unto others Golden Rule #3 The of I AM another Your Self – Mayan greeting #4 The Platinum Rule Clic Seri 13 .

“ A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.” –Hippocrates 14 School of Maphysics . and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.

are the cause of all effects. This works in all areas of life. you will see the mental origin of the physical experience. For many. Take your thoughts back in time and space. view the illness as it began. It is a thing. created that illness. and as it finally ended. If you will be honest with yourself in looking at that illness. becoming grosser and denser until what was once an idea becomes a physical reality. and the individual being mind must accept the responsibility of its creations. the people and circumstances prior to that illness. those who are contented and those who are miserable. and each thought you have will gather energy from its refined beginning. as it progressed. Clic Seri 15 . this is a difficult concept to grasp. Review your actions. Many would prefer to think that their thoughts are uncontrollable. Keeping this in mind. Thought is a noun. Review your attitude toward self and toward others. Thoughts. within those who are healthy and those who are ill. being things. A sure way to discover the power of your thought is to retrace your attitudes to the last illness you experienced. that their mind indeed has a “mind” of its own.Your thoughts are things. that their intelligent direction is not responsible for the creations of their mind. Thought is a creation of mind. within those who succeed and those who fail. reviewing your thoughts at that time. Your attitudes prior to the illness.

. although this is slight.We see that emotionally there is a great deal of dependency that this one does fight. the fabric. We see that it is manifesting at the present time period in there not being complete rejuvenation of the cellular tissue here therefore within each life cycle there is deterioration that is noted in the construction. and energy and thought in pursuing knowledge and understanding of this one’s soul and this one’s inner urgings toward that which will cause wisdom in this one.. rejection and loneliness..From an Intuitive Health Analysis “ . begin investing this one’s time. We see that it affects more the interaction in the cardiovascular system. this one has great affection and is outwardly very affectionate when she wants to be. This would greatly help in the rejuvenation of tissue here.” (11-08-97-BGC-03) 16 School of Maphysics . This is the guiding light that will bring this one out of the turmoil and rebellion. We see that this is in the very early stages but we see that because of the way the energy is utilized there is significant eroding that is occurring here.. and into the ideals that this one holds dear. the resilience of this muscle. Deep rhythmic breathing would be very helpful for this one in causing there to be a slowing down of the heartbeat and the breath. We see that this one can be equally harsh in her rejection and we see that this is a particular emotional burden for this one of constantly experiencing this kind of pushing and pulling. Would suggest that this one cease fighting her own inner urge and begin exploring it. Within the physical system we see that there is a kind of weakening of the heart muscle particularly in the area of the ventricles. We would suggest that this one learn ways to use the mind and the physical breath to strengthen these two systems. a kind of tearing and conflict emotionally. We see that at the present time period it does somewhat affect the blood pressure. . although. the interaction between the heart and the lungs. We see that it does make this one reticent to become open and giving and loving with others.

With seemingly no purpose for Self to continue. and this desire triggered the action of the illness. At this time. This created a situation within the wife of not understanding the cause or effect of the situation. husband. culminating in the physical manifestation of a heart attack. however. The husband likewise was discontented with Self and the responsibility imposed upon him by the wife. kept all attitudes of condemnation within. Finally.” (Matthew 23:9). This question of use and misuse is of the utmost importance. the tension expressed itself through the attitude of failure to Self. readily accepted into his attitudes. and feelings of failure. and offers more to the case of controlling thoughts. He reflected his dissatisfaction upon the marriage and family. and family. misery. realizing that thoughts are indeed things. he sought acceptance and comfort in a different type of love. With the knowledge of how to control your thoughts comes responsibility. this lady did not die. the intention is of the utmost importance. your Father points your intelligence toward your ideals. The master of thought should always remember to “Call no man your father upon the earth. Her life seemed to have little purpose other than the centering around her husband. She did not understand her repressed thoughts were creating an internal conflict which she felt was entirely beyond her control.For instance. for one is your Father who is in heaven. This requires the realization of the conscious mind and the ego. The effects of thinking – the joy. In search of greater peace within. all stress. The wife upon discovering his behavior. hope. hence. there was the desire to withdraw from the physical existence. being discontented within Self. I knew a woman who was discontented with Self. anxiety. Clic Seri 17 . she used the illness to inflict guilt upon the husband which he. there was not the need for the physical body. or that part which functions in the physical. Controlling the outer mind and placing the mental attention at all times upon the Superconscious Mind. for when one is in control.

Son of God. seeing his true Father conscious and subconscious minds to attune that attention to the Superconscious Mind. man will become the 18 School of Maphysics . by harmonizing the In the coming evolutionary age.

That which walks. seeing his true Father by harmonizing the conscious and subconscious minds to attune that attention to the Superconscious Mind. place or thing can bless or hurt until it receives attention from your mind. conditions. As children of God we remain unaware of our source. people. development and experience: – It is the cause. No person. There is nothing in the world that can cause you harm or limit your potential until it entraps your mind. for they are not the causes. Each individual is in a growing understanding of balance and harmony. and all sorts of mental imaginings.” The father of anything is the source of that thing. They are effects. This is the freedom rightfully ours as children of God. In the coming evolutionary age.despair. The constant rehearsal of placing the power of creation without. faith – are things. having not yet entered into the sonship ascribing the power of creation to things. Clic Seri 19 . It is the progenitor of all form. talks and breathes within you is God. Your intending mind is the only sovereign agent in your life: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me. blinding us momentarily from our true origin and the spiritual potential present within the Self. strains the emotions to become depressed in sadness. Allow them to be as they are. You cannot be separated from it. fear. man will become the Son of God.

What we are is the result of what we have thought. If one speaks or acts with an impure thought. is made up of our thoughts. like a shadow that never leaves. suffering follows one. happiness follows one. is built by our thoughts. If one speaks or acts with a pure thought. like the wheel of the cart follows the foot of the ox. is built by our thoughts. –The Twin Verses from the Dhammapada 20 School of Maphysics . is made up of our thoughts.What we are is the result of what we have thought.

Your attitude at all times becomes important. Clic Seri 21 . it’s not what happens to you. The way to break this trend is to will the mind in a more beneficial direction. tastes. Perched upon a hill. Likewise. The author. farms. the author will mentally carry his thought through the printed word in order to reach others. feels. This is a mental process of creation at its finest. Why is this true? If you will.Emotions are powerful in our lives. like the painter. He will lovingly caress those vibrations with his mind until his entire personality and body pulsate rhythmically with the universe. The will. The chair on which you are sitting was first a mental creation before it became a physical reality. trees. or the intention. consider an artist. To be able to feel and become the things you are describing is an important step in developing charisma. “Call no man on earth your Father. This is charisma in action. He will transfer his perception of what he is seeing onto the canvas. but what you think of what happens to you that makes the difference between happiness and misery. is the steering wheel for all thought.” In other words. they are often compulsive and ruthless in pursuing that course. smiles and perceives the flowing picture as the image within his mind is transferred into descriptive words that will in time be translated back into a descriptive picture by the reader. His thoughts. Your house originated in the thought of an architect. and people. he will sit for hours observing all around him until within his mind he begins to create a picture. Once emotions have been tuned in a certain direction. He will become the vibrations that his eyes are capturing. hears. will become a part of his mental picture. his reality of what he is seeing and perceiving from the outward stimulus of sky. An artist will take his paints and palette to a countryside.

E = MC 2 One of Albert Einstein’s great insights was to realize that matter and energy are really different forms of the same thing. 22 School of Maphysics . and energy into matter. Matter can be turned into energy.

This new avenue within the discoveries in the scientific principles of parapsychology. In the evolution of man’s scientific research. now implying that everything in the world is neither a noun nor verb. its expansion. the world was a thing. molecules. In recent developments. its origin. early thought was that the world was made of particles – a thing. That the innate qualities inexplicable to many. particles of electrons and protons were discovered. that of energy. its manifestation. Clic Seri 23 . or a noun. taking a complete unit such as the physical body and breaking it down into systems.a desire for communication within Self. not tangible but a vibratory message contained within the energy. So the importance of thought as the point of origin for each thing which you see in the physical becomes intrinsically related to the individual. The source of this quality is thought. a desire for a working concept of what thought is. rather everything is a state of being or consciousness. These expressions of energy suddenly changed the world from a noun to a verb. Everything is ultimately thought. the world began to take on a different form. indicate that man indeed is “psychic” by nature. Your thoughts reflect your attitude toward your environment and toward your Self. cells. scientists have again increased their awareness and perspective. What activates this source within each individual is will-. The concept of the world was that everything was matter. are really the innate potentials within us all. Without thought there would be no purpose for existence.Without thought there would be no universe. Then with further developments and research. organs. For instance. and within these were more refined energy sources termed photons. Without thought you would not exist. Energy implied motion of change. Within each atom. So at this time to scientists. an electromagnetic wave of Light.

24 School of Maphysics .

do not entertain such a thought. You are formulating a total picture including the advantages and disadvantages of flying. your friends’ incomplete thought is centered on a fear of the unknown. like your thought. on things which have already been experienced then that is where your thoughts are. The other will allow his attitude to manifest through experience. Each experience is valid to the individual and each is dictated by thought or attitude. You. then that is where your thought is. Your thoughts are causes and create effects of the situations which you encounter.Each thought you have. If you will. If you place your attention on the task at hand. gaining great knowledge through continuous absorption in study and preparation. nevertheless. not controlling your thought’s direction. touching others with no intelligent guidance. it will reach out and touch others in accordance with its quality. is a thing. will run its course rampantly. You also consider time. deciding there is proportionately less danger in flying than driving. take identical twins. on things that might occur. You. Your attention. This fear of things unexperienced stems form not understanding the origin of thought. For instance. logically considering the situation. evaluate statistical evidence of highway fatalities and accident records. whereas. think of it as an object which can be moved as you would move a chair. That’s where you’ve placed your mind and its creations. that of fear. having considered this at length. If your attention is on the future. But you. no matter what you are doing. that is where your thought will be. distance and cost factors. Your friends may fear flying in an airplane. One will excel in school. Whatever your thought is. You are where your attention is. that’s where your attention is. as controller of your mind. If your attention is in the past. Clic Seri 25 . if uncontrolled. Or consider another attitude. can place your attention where you desire. Your mental attitude will dictate how you respond to each experience. and he will likewise learn if the experiences are understood.

A Universal Truth is: You are where your attention is! 26 School of Maphysics .

but what you think of what is happening to you that determines the amount of control you will gain. Within this ideal and purpose. you will project the activity necessary to bring about the completion of that goal. your desired goal. then you will begin to control your mind. When you control your thoughts. saying. for that is where you will be at all times. “ I cannot show it to you just now.” When you can learn to deal with all thoughts of your mind in this manner. “Master. A young man sought the advice of a sage. when in doing so you will miss the learning opportunities of today? For what you do today will determine how much you have learned in the past. or as with the designer you’ll create the chair you’re sitting on. Clic Seri 27 . it comes and goes. and what your direction will be in the future.” “Well. as with the artist you will create a painting. “Then it is no part of you. An old Buddhist parable illustrates this. can you cure me?” The master replied. how much you have grown.Placing the past and future in the proper perspective allows you the freedom to learn as much as possible from the present situation. Why take unnecessary time living in the past or future. Within this mental process of thought controlled by the will. you can formulate the ideal and purpose for what you want. realizing that it is not what is happening to you.” Whereupon the sage answered. When you are in control. Place your attention where you desire. or as with the architect you’ll create a house. I have a terrible temper.” the young man answered. “Show this temper to me. you really can have anything you desire.

the conception of something in its perfected form Purpose . intention the quality of will bringing about alteration 28 School of Maphysics .... determining something as an end to be attained... Activity ..Ideal .

Clic Seri 29 . You will begin to create and control what you are. desires and fears. By utilizing the will. purpose and activity. however. The person with ideal. you will create your loves and hates. there must be the continuing of the mental process of all the necessary people. places and things that will bring about the manifestation of that desire. It takes the triad to be successful. These geniuses reflected the potential within each individual. They showed a knowledge of mind and a utilization of the potential creativity within mind. aspirations and failures. Many are able to create an ideal and purpose for any given situation. who uses the creativity in the mind. Each can foster his own growth in whatever manner or direction is desired. a Frank Lloyd Wright. Many people are great thinkers. many have brilliant ideas about what can be done to benefit situations. or an Einstein. projecting this into the physical through activity. where you are and why you are through your understanding. It entails the use of the will in making a decision as to exactly what you want. becomes a da Vinci. Each individual has this capacity with greater self knowledge and determination of the will. they fail when it comes to the third and equally important aspect of the completion of the creative mind – this being activity. however. when the point is reached that activity be placed with this ideal and purpose. many falter not being able to carry through the action begun in mind.Discovering your ideal and purpose often seems an immense task to many. Within the ideal and purpose are the intentions for what that desire is. Having decided what is desired.

then this one will lose something or this one will experience pain. will tend to rely much more heavily upon the environment for growth than upon herself which would cause the acceleration of growth.. or pain be it mental. (11-08-97-BGC-04) 30 School of Maphysics . until this one is willing to reach for that which is beyond her extension both mentally and physically this one will tend to grow very slowly. She tends to settle for what this one believes is possible rather than to challenge her own imagination. There is much anxiety that this one has built surrounding the idea that if this one does not bend. She is very talented . alter. This one will continue to compromise the real reason why she exists within the physical world. to move beyond what exists. Would suggest that this be done. Therefore. change . We see that this one needs to incorporate into her life her imaginative ideas.From an Intuitive Health Analysis This one tends to compromise. This one has a great capacity for creating and healing and she does not know this now because she has not been willing to transform. This one derives much from interactions with others and is very attentive and very intelligent in her assessment of new ideas or situations. In reality it is a lingering pain of neglecting or sacrificing her own ideals that will be the source of the greatest sorrow in this one’s life. she can cultivate it into genius but it will require this one being far more imaginative. this one has a very moderated life but it is not satisfying to her for it does not really accomplish what she is here to do. uncompromising than this one has tended to be. We see that as a result this one has a very even keel. mold. . when she becomes more familiar she loses this keenness of judgment and it is a bedevilment to her in that it does cause her to become complacent and to begin to compromise rather than to move herself forward and to excel. her ideas to suit the situation or others.. emotional or physical. Not the momentary pain that may arise because of discord or disagreement. willful. However.

but this was not directed or channeled in any direction. then you can project that to others without restrictions and limitations. this attitude often manifests in a detrimental type of love. The commandment “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” could be interpreted as thou shalt love thyself properly. Without control. we forget to love ourselves.On the first encounter. When one is constantly focused out. Without control of the emotions. Emotions can be a beautiful tool if understood and controlled. you must control your attitude towards Self. for when a respect and mental concern for self is cultivated. It seems ironic that often in our search to love others. you are not in control. then these emotions which are uncontrolled. there cannot be utilization of the full potential of the creativity in the subconscious mind. There have been many who have lacked emotional control expressing great creativity. Our attitude towards ourselves is often as complicated as our attitude towards others – sometimes more so. then you will love your neighbor. If the energy is directed there will be an increasing agility with the creativity from within. Clic Seri 31 . however. The emotions are what tie the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. the expression is erratic as the emotions fluctuate. is a realization within each individual of potential and of mind. the process is very simple once the first step is taken. the anger. Should something happen to the object of your affection. this may seem like an immense undertaking for many. This too. loving others but ignoring self. the possessiveness. is the most important beginning to accomplishing anything you desire. So in that first step we come full circle back to love – for love of self. the resentment. Your attitude toward self will be projected toward others at all times. so if indeed you want to cultivate the charisma within yourself. Love truly begins within. the jealousy. Van Gogh is an example of this. If you are centering your energy outward in the environment. will haphazardly rule your attitudes. that which is the real you.

Thus energy acts in the Emotional Level and re-acts in the Physical Level of Consciousness. To do so. Illustrating the movement of intelligence and energy in Mind. Toward this end. Thought seeks to express itself completely. 32 School of Maphysics . It is one of several created for the book The Six Emotional Doorways to Love. thought must mature in each of the inner levels of consciousness in Subconscious Mind. the diagram is the result of decades of experience with Kundalini.The Emotional Level of Consciousness connects the inner Mind with the outer Mind. the power to materialize thought lies in our ability to emote. to manifest its likeness in all forms.

that each experience is caused by his thought. places. placing expectations on the culmination of your achievements on the environment. Then the control and channeling of the emotions can occur for the best way to benefit Self.How many times have you forgotten about Self. for they are the connecting link between the conscious and subconscious minds. This in no way implies that experiencing through the emotions is detrimental to growth. one by one. One must receive the emotions. They should not be suppressed or repressed. the individual. One does not require the attitude of allowing the emotions to control thoughts. or things. If the attitude is manifested within. Many would rather place the blame for their unhappiness on things outside of Self. brings disharmony within. Emotions are a beautiful tool when understood. Many will complain about being discontented or unhappy. If a love of Self is developed. rather than upon Self? This emotional attachment to situations. This in turn will benefit others. but when emotions are received and each situation is viewed as a learning experience there is a greater opportunity for understanding. wisdom and progression. than place the responsibility where it belongs – on Self. then each experience will begin to take on an aura of learning. is as detrimental to growth as allowing them to run their course. as an opportunity for more self knowledge and awareness rather than an opportunity to fluctuate in the emotions. To deny or push aside your emotions. continually striving for an elusive peace within the environment without looking at Self. joy. on people. on the effects rather than the cause. ignoring them as if they do not exist. It is not necessary to become emotionally attached to things outside of Self. fear. create all circumstances and events that determine your happiness or misery. They should be utilized.cause seeing the development clearly and objectively. Uncontrolled emotions hamper growth. then you will project that into your environment without attachments. a centering within. whether love. hate. Each circumstance will be viewed as a chance for growth. working with the origin -. restrictions Clic Seri 33 . This attitude is often manifested because it takes great responsibility to realize that you.

Counseling could be of some benefit to this one in this regard in identifying this pattern of thinking and reaction. and a much greater willingness to respond. For we see that many of these are based upon false assumptions. oftentimes when this one is nearing the fulfilment of this one’s desires.. We see within the emotional system there is a tendency for this one to react to what this one considers to be crisis and we see that this is a primary way that this one motivates the self. (01-02-1996-LJC-01) 34 School of Maphysics . rather than fearing change. Would suggest to this one that as this one changes this way of thinking there will be a much greater sense of security. Would suggest to this one that it would benefit this one to learn how to accurately interpret the experiences of the emotions for we see that. this one becomes afraid then does create some kind of crisis situation that this one can then react to. This does keep this one from identifying the ways this one does create and does near fulfillment of desires.. We see that this one has imaged for a long period of time that in order for this one to achieve what this one considers to be success this one does need to give up what this one wants and what this one is attached to. a much greater sense of flexibility.From an Intuitive Health Analysis We see within this one there is a fear of success. many of these are based upon partial images that have resulted from this one viewing effect rather than understanding cause. . We see that there is a need for this one to understand cause and we do see that although this one does have knowledge of this in this one’s thinking. this one focuses upon effects and how to produce effects rather than understanding cause and initiating from a point of cause. We see that as a result of this there are often times that this one’s emotions are very sensitive and this one does tend to cause this as a way of bringing attention to the needs of the self. Would suggest to this one that there is a need for this one to evaluate ideals that this one has formulated and held on to for a long period of time.

When one is centered around the environment.or limitations on the love you project. there is often a feeling of unworthiness. As such an emotional pattern develops. These people will advise that this attitude is an intensified selfishness. Is it really true that we spontaneously love ourselves? Evidence indicates this is a fallacy. this attitude forces one to return to the familiar feeling of unworthiness. The rational mind breaks down when it is not centered because it cannot feel dignified. When one makes a mistake or does something he considers incorrect. This stems from a set of requirements established for Self according to what is correct and incorrect. but there is one grave error in this estimation of reasoning man. something to be conquered. They believe the true goal of life is the rejection of Self through denial and a channeling of energy into altruistic service to others. Even in the midst of dignifying circumstances. This condemnation of Self-love in favor of the altruistic attitude may be a worthy goal. suspecting all things as threats and enemies. They may even go so far as to say that people must be taught that Self-love is evil. To deny or push aside your emotions. more restrictively.” A sense of sin is a feeling of unworthiness and Self-rejection due to errors experienced. most treat themselves more rigidly. but the fact is. For one who cares for others. ignoring them as if they do not exist. One psychiatrist has concluded that “the sense of sin is the chief reason found in mental illness. Some may say that love of Self is a dangerous attitude of selfishness. stressing that human beings love themselves too much already. it becomes uncontrolled. is as detrimental to growth as allowing them to run their course. more vengefully. guilt is one of the most powerful driving forces.– a sense of unworthiness and Self-rejection due to errors experienced. compulsive and habitual. the individual finds it very easy to feel guilty. When it feels unworthy it expects nothing good. Many may wish to love themselves. Clic Seri 35 . than they do others.

” (01-02-1996-LJC-05) 36 School of Maphysics . Would suggest to this one that there is a need for this one to become familiar with the Self and what this one does want. Any suggestions on how or mental illness? this one can avoid physical “Would suggest to this one that this one creates what this one imagines. Suggestions have been given..During an Intuitive Health Analysis. this question was asked. For this one to create very clearly images and to act on these daily. For we see that in this process this one imagines what this one does not want. Therefore the first step is for this one to change the way of thinking of attempting to avoid what this one does not want..

if one will stop and look at the cause of the guilt beginning to work with this on a constructive manner. Few people are perfect. self-mutilation and suicide prove this to be true. look for the reason behind the guilt. This requires the use of the will. Self hate cultivated within these attitudes illustrate the form of aggression against Self that occurs daily in the lives of men and women. The work must be done individually. This drains the magnetic outpouring so that no charisma can be seen or felt by others. the greater the opportunity for error. Most are aware that mental institutions are filled with extremists who mutilate themselves physically as well as mentally and emotionally. The attitudes of self criticism and self degradation will start to disappear with a constructive. Instead of perpetuating it channel the energy into correcting what is causing the guilt.Many tend to dwell on this feeling. perpetuating it and allowing it to run its course. each growing individual will make many mistakes. The mistakes can be valuable learning tools for each individual. there will be a sense of completion within Self. When errors are seen in their proper perspective they are viewed as experience offering a learning situation to be applied and understood to avoid repeated errors. However. Will power is making more correct decisions than incorrect decisions. in alcoholism or drug addiction. To not respect Self is a crime not only against ourselves and our environment. but against our Creator. The importance always lies in the fact that decisions are made. This builds will power. gaining wisdom of self and environment. These false attitudes of Self are gaining more and more recognition. Self degradation. Clic Seri 37 . The more the will is utilized and decisions are made. positive effort to understand and decrease the amount of mistakes made. The person who hates himself or who is totally discontented in the way he presents himself to others. yet the average man and woman deny their own spiritual and mental mutilation in the invisible ways of self-criticism and self-degradation. If you are prone to guilty feelings.

We learn to love our neighbors as we love ourselves bringing peace into the world. Peace affords the greatest opportunity for growth and learning which leads to personal happiness. we come to know peace. dignity and comfort. Self-direction promotes inner peace and therefore leads to outer peace. Peace is first a state of mind.“Through giving love and respect.” –excerpt from the Universal Peace Covenant 38 School of Maphysics . We hereby commit ourselves to this noble endeavor.

Are your thoughts pleasingly calm and balanced. Clic Seri 39 . You are also the one who must cultivate the desire for control. Our goal as individuals is to bring those actions and reactions closer and closer into harmony until a balance is achieved within Self. How do you love yourself? Begin by becoming detached and objective. contentment and harmony needed for recognizing the value of the total Self. Review yourself as you talk with others expressing yourself through words and actions and most importantly.does not have a proper regard for his own capacities. there can be no respect for others. You are the only one who can control your thought. or do they fluctuate from the extreme emotions of elation and depression? Many tend to conveniently forget that when a strong sense of elation is experienced there must be an equal experience on the opposite end of the spectrum in that of depression. you are responsible for it. through thoughts. No one can take that responsibility for you. Your thoughts are things and each thought you have is a creation of yourself. fear and hate. and the man working within these laws must continually strive for a balance within. therefore. driving the Self farther from the peace. All universal laws function within balance. Love for Self is the foundation of peace of mind and of altruistic service to others. compassions or powers. Without respect for Self. At this point. the individual will fall deeper into prejudice.

Would suggest to this one that this one can use the imagination more productively by first of all identifying the qualities or characteristics that this one believes to be appealing about these past experiences or people and then in the present creating situations. and it would also aid this one in drawing to the self other people who have similar needs or compatible needs who could aid this one to fulfill her desires.. We see within the emotional system that often times this one’s emotions are stimulated when there is something in the environment that stimulates this one to be aware of what this one believes to have been lost. In this way.From an Intuitive Health Analysis We see within this one there is a sadness that arises when this one recognizes that this one has lost something that is important to this one or when this one recognizes that this one is removed from what this one holds to be important. We see that often times this one experiences this as being out of control and when in the presence of other people does attempt to stifle this or repress this and that this does cause this one to be further out of control. . that this one identify the qualities that this one believes these other people to have that this one wants for herself and then for this one to develop these qualities in herself. Would suggest to this one that verbalizing the thoughts at these times would be of benefit as this would aid this one in the identification process of what this one thinks is missing. circumstances. Would suggest to this one that it is necessary for this one to create desires in the present for there is much that this one is attached to in the past and that this one thinks that this one has lost and will never again return to and this is in essence true. develop them and have these forever. Would suggest to this one that when there are other people who this one is attached to from the past. associations that will bring forth from within the self similar characteristics or qualities. For we see that this one cannot relive the past nor repeat the past and that in order to change the sadness this one does need to create joy and purpose in the present.. whether these people are present in the life or not this one can learn about these qualities. (01-16-1996-LJC-02) 40 School of Maphysics .

personality trait. This is the part of each individual which insists that they are superior or inferior to another. By applying the same steps to Self. When one can recognize these attitudes within Self. It is not easy to recognize this within Self. By viewing yourself objectively. If this can be recognized within. This is the key to success. you have that quality which you criticize in others within yourself. a better thought and action. the beginning of objectivity occurs. Objectivity is not an easy attainment. If you can recognize this. note the traits of others around you. you can begin to understand that aspect within yourself. the individual views self as superior or inferior to the other. it requires control of the conscious or carnal ego.Be observant. An excellent exercise in understanding those difficult aspects of yourself is to observe someone you dislike. For those things which one recognizes as disagreeable within another. Give attention to what you dislike within each individual: a mannerism. To begin viewing your self objectively. By observing. Yet. the ego can become a beautiful Clic Seri 41 . It’s much easier to blame the other person for being disagreeable or unworthy. you will begin to control those attitudes which you view as detrimental to your own growth as well as others. Identify the thoughts in another and you can more easily recognize a remedy. When you observe your attitudes objectively. always relate to a similar quality within Self. you will begin to be objective with Self gaining a useful tool for growth of the total Self. harmonizing the detrimental qualities. you can see your positive points and begin to cultivate those to benefit Self and in turn benefit others. Objectivity allows you to see your faults. will shed light on the cause and effect relationship of these actions. or any manner of expression where hostility is fostered within Self. Thoughts produce the behavior you don’t like. they will be placed in their proper perspective. Chances are. when such attitudes prevail.

“why are we attracted to each other and how can we use the attraction productively?” We see that both of these ones tend to doubt themselves and do have aspirations that they are often times insecure about being able to reach and to accomplish. Therefore. It is these kinds of conditions that they place upon one another that keeps them from giving and from experiencing the love that they are capable of. We see that the source of this originates from different places.. they keep to themselves what is most important and dear to them. Would suggest to these ones that each one individually develop a commitment to give completely and to receive completely without regard to placing conditions upon whether this is equal. These ones can learn from these differences..Crossing of Paths Intuitive Report Insight from a . “to give to each other for learning and growth?” We see that both of these ones are very curious. And for the one of the male. this tends to be more outwardly directed in that this one is more curious about the environment or what is outside of himself. for it would benefit the one of the male to apply the curiosity to himself. for the one of the female this is more self-directed in that this one is curious about herself. whether the other one is doing this. This is all. And it would benefit the one of the female to apply the curiosity to her environment. We see that each one of these ones admires the other and therefore stimulates within the other a belief that they can achieve that to which they aspire.. As a result of this these ones cause there to be hurt because these ones do not give completely. .We see that there is a tendency on both of these ones’ parts to be very private and very secretive about their true thoughts and feelings. whether this is matched between them.. although. (01-29-1997-LJC-04 ) 42 School of Maphysics . “What specific qualities do each of us have.” they say. They say.. do not receive completely and then tend to blame one another for this rather than recognizing that it is their own holding back that is causing the hurt to occur.. but that for both of these ones there is a kind of imagined fear that there is something that can be taken from them by revealing themselves .

many things not understood by each individual. functioning Self will be rapidly progressed. It is a continuous process of change. the more you project this increasing peace to others. as others see you. hatred. there will be greater realization of Self and the completion of the whole. filled with heroes and villains. battles won and lost. the goal is to combine the two into one masterpiece of accepting Self “as is”. it is an achievement. a culminating progression toward the victorious goal of understanding our full potential as a creator. Once you cultivate an attitude of viewing Self as you really are. and another clumsily worded effort. you begin to develop your Self. developing a growing balance. Clic Seri 43 . Each Self experiences continually. We accept both the positive and negative. One of the greatest misconceptions of Self is that the individual is preformed and unchanging. When we begin to merge the poems. we begin to see ourselves for what we actually are. The Self is not a gift. we are often afraid to admit guilt. rather is is an experienced. yet the more understanding gained. There may be many obstacles and misconceptions. The development of Self is a fascinating story. or shame as elements of our personality. earned climb over mountains of rock and through valleys of waters. Most people have a dual perception of Self. It is not a static reality projected from the mind of God. by in realizing that this attitude of inferiority or superiority is merely a mirror for points to be worked on within. never losing sight of the goal.tool for the individual’s growth and understanding. In the development of Self. we often do not credit ourselves with the positive achievements which belong to us. If the tool is used. gaining greater understanding and growing closer to maturity. much like two poems – one completely syncopated and rhymed. In a depressed mood. In our elated moods.

“Narcissus” by Caravaggio 44 School of Maphysics .

the neighbor cannot be loved as one’s Self.” Clic Seri 45 . To some. should mistakes be made. As long as you allow the detrimental attitudes toward Self to envelop you. he disdained those who loved him. they will be viewed objectively as lessons to learn. the mistakes made can be accepted as a process of learning. Proper Self love is of the utmost importance. Narcissus was a hunter renowned for his physical beauty. This is the lesson of Narcissus. which is constantly evolving. When this attitude of learning is made manifest within. In this way. others will recognize the changes.he could not leave his own reflection and so wasted away into death. a warning against the perils of self-consumption and its sins of vanity. When this realization is present. Exceptionally proud.The realization of proper Self love must be an attainment within each individual. one develops a respect and love for Self which will be reflected toward all others. mistakes become valuable tools for Self-growth. this will sound like the antithesis of Self love. If the Self is not loved. In the hands of someone committed to learning. Others will go further realizing the Universal Truth expressed in the thought that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In Greek mythology. With this presentation of Self. you cannot help but express a like attitude toward others. he fell in love with his own reflection in a pool never realizing it was only an image. the realization must be present that inner growth is taking place.just as others had been all along . Captivated by his own beauty . As divine punishment. In order to present Self with confidence and dignity.


School of Maphysics

To find true beauty, we must go deeper than the surface. There are three tales of Narcissus’ fate. Each afford insight into what constitutes the pitfalls of love and – for those with the eyes to see – its components which await the light of understanding from one who seeks wholeness. In the first telling, Narcissus spurns a young virgin who prays to Nemesis to take revenge on him by making him feel unrequited love. When he leans toward a pool of water to drink, he falls in love with his own reflection. He lingers there captivated with what he sees just as countless others have been captivated. Eventually, he realizes he is looking at himself, and having no way to act upon this love, he beats himself until the life force is drained from his body. His soul is sent to the darkest hell and the narcissus flower grows where he died. It is said that Narcissus gazes at his own image in the river Styx to this very day. The second telling, sees Narcissus with a twin sister as his hunting partner. He falls in love with her and when she dies, he pines for her, pretending that the reflection he sees in water is the sister he has lost. The third telling reveals how a young man named Ameinias loved Narcissus and Narcissus spurns him. Narcissus gives Ameinias a sword which he uses to kill himself, but not before praying to Nemesis that Narcissus will one day know the pain of unrequited love. Narcissus sees himself in the pool becoming hopelessly infatuated. Overcome by repentance, he uses his own sword to take his life. At first glance, Narcissus’ story describes the perils of misguided self-love. When we go beyond a superficial understanding of the story, a trinity of love in the breadth of human experience is revealed. In English, the word love is used in diverse ways;– I love my spouse, I love Shakespeare, I love chocolate. The same word is used to convey diverse meanings. In Greek, there are several words that can be used to “reflect” the intent of the communicator.

Clic Seri



School of Maphysics

Eros is love based upon duality or sexual attractiveness.

This is the entire basis of Narcissus’ story,– the love that produces the need to understand what we cause others to experience. This love can be seen strongly in today’s advertising industry which often focuses on attraction (or repulsion) and uses seduction to influence.

Storge is the love between family members. Storge describes love involving
commitment, as displayed in the tale that makes Narcissus a twin, and manifests in today’s world as the unconditional love that says, no matter what you say or do, I’ll love you always and forever.

Philia is the word Greeks use when speaking of brotherly love, a love

seeking to understand relativity beyond bloodlines. This love helps us to see another’s need as Ameinias, the young man, saw Narcissus’ need to understand what he had caused others to experience. In today’s world, this is conditional love which seeks common ground for engagement, be it disaster relief efforts, political action committees, or even the phenomena of fans. The Greeks have a fourth word for love – agape. Agape is the highest form of love. This love lifts us beyond our own needs and desires, beyond narcissism, beyond humanity. In this experience of love, the personal self is transcended, one’s own needs are fulfilled through serving others. Anyone exhibiting charisma knows this level of loving. This is why those who dedicate themselves to public service – Princess Diana of Wales, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Aung San us Kyi of Burma (now Myanmar) – manifest the lessons learned from Narcissus: the attractive power of influence, the commitment in unconditional love, and the compassion of conditional love.

Agape is the recognition of the Great Spirit within every living being. Its highest manifestation is found in the sentiment, “I love you just because you are.” Although people can be born with understandings favoring charisma, present

Clic Seri


“Blue Monday”). Focused attention is singular. it is undivided between the senses. Mind researchers at the College of Metaphysics recognize synesthesia as the super-natural result of applying undivided attention.g. There are five senses associated with the physical body.synesthesia “By the early 21st century. Attention is the sense of the mind.com a condition in which one type of sensory stimulation creates perception in another sense. although a few forms among them were not formally recognized by the American Synesthesia Association.” –from http://www. and spiritual realities are experienced. a nonprofit association dedicated to advancing knowledge of synesthesia and facilitating communication between researchers. The two most common forms of synesthesia are colours associated with graphemes—units (such as single letters or digraphs) of a writing system—and colours associated with days of the week (e. 50 School of Maphysics .. educators. Undivided attention is the gateway into the inner levels of consciousness where mental. and synesthetes.britannica. emotional. more than 60 forms of synesthesia had been reported.

blame. They recall the perfume you wore. Clic Seri 51 . Self acceptance. “Yes!” to these questions. charisma can be cultivated through heightened Self awareness. It begins with the lessons of Narcissus. and who engages you in conversation when you are amiable and leaves you space when it is apparent you want to be alone. Self recognition requires wakeful awareness. or how you hummed a favorite tune the last time you met. how do you want to be treated? You are likely to give a sizable gratuity to the server who makes eye contact – actually seeing you. eager to receive the world and the people around him. by accepting yourself as you truly are. This high level of interaction is the mark of someone who is Self-aware and awake to life. the willingness to acknowledge presence. like in a restaurant. Self determination. This is a measure of one’s ability to receive. who notices when your glass is nearly empty – asking if you would like more before filling it. Think of it this way. Awareness begins by directing the mind’s attention through the senses to what is at hand so you may identify what is present. free from denial. They make you feel special because they value their relationship to you enough to give you their FULL attention. The refining process occurs through conscious attention in three levels: Self recognition. or the color of your tie. Are you the kind of person who notices the music playing in the background at a restaurant? Do you notice landmarks and street signs when traveling in a new area? Do aromas tell you how fresh food is or if clothing needs cleaning? If you answer. People who exhibit charisma remember more than your name. as you appear to others. That is recognition. and Self communication.time choice activates it. frees one to see those aspects of self in need of the refinement. For this reason. when you are in a position to receive service. you understand the first level of conscious attention. and projection.

” and I remember and I forget I see “I hear I do –Chinese Proverb 52 School of Maphysics .and I understand.

think of how a toddler learns about the world. she cries in vexation at the obstacles. No one comes to the child’s aid and she is faced with the problem herself. Self recognition is a statement or affirmation of one’s own worth. this being a clear-cut appreciation of one’s individuality and consequent freedom and responsibility. Pushing. Mother will open the door or distract her attention away to something else and the door is forgotten. The adult steps back. It is the realization that one’s thoughts cause the way he interprets the effects surrounding him. Mind’s attention has been Clic Seri 53 . the time comes when the cry does not produce the desired result. circumvent. When she begins the curious journeys through a house. For instance. The arm pulls. she discovers that what seems easy to adults is difficult for her. the child puts the mind into directive action. Constantly seeking her goal of mobility. Soon. The hand extends to grasp the door’s shiny protrusion. she finds.” When this level of recognition is practiced. or overcome any obstacle in that path. and test her motivation. A core attitude essential to business success is “the customer is always right. Self determination is Self direction. This is the ability to choose and follow a path. Self examination is a slow process. This validation of life’s beauty and wonder arises from Self recognition. however it holds primary significance to personality evolution. It is the ability to hold one’s concept of his own identity as separate and distinct from the surrounding environment. giving and receiving can occur between two people and the second factor of conscious attention – Self determination – arises. stops. At first.People who openly receive life tend to appreciate what life offers. She observes those who open the door easily. eventually determining a sequence of events that each person goes through which results in passage. The hand turns. An adult approaches the door. Each element of the personality depends on the increase of Self knowledge. is of no benefit. There are shut doors which impede her progress. to remove. The door opens.

We see that it would be of benefit for this one to be able to separate herself from other people.From an Intuitive Health Analysis for a child of eight requested by the parents We see that this one needs to learn how to create a kind of self-possession that will serve this one as a focus for her sense of identity and her sense of being able to relate to the external world. (02-22-1994-BGC-03) 54 School of Maphysics . This one has difficulty distinguishing between herself and that which is outside of herself and we see that concentration exercises would be of benefit to her in being able to make this kind of distinction. Would suggest that this one take whatever steps necessary to make this kind of distinction and to recognize that she is not her environment but she is becoming her own person. This one does not distinguish or discriminate between what is her own and what is someone else’s. to separate her thoughts and emotions and activities from that of others for we see that they often encroach upon her and this one becomes confused.

common ground can be found. we hold both in high regard. When we leave a sizable tip to the wait person who gave exceptional service at the restaurant. As long as the individual has a high level of Self respect. Through Self determination. No longer is the producer trying to sell the other something she may or may not want. The ability to appraise one’s own significance opens the door to how one person. we are communicating our own fulfillment by acknowledging the part they played in our satisfaction. The win-win attitude begins to manifest in interactions. Our entire lives are built upon stories of our own making. When we know our relative importance to another. obstacles to overcome. For such a one. No longer does one person lose while another wins. This realization is a triumph in Self determination. When Self knowledge is at the heart of these stories. place or thing is related to another person. The child has discovered the key that will serve her in any situation in life. and sometimes one is the producer. place or thing. Our stories become a blend of Self-and-Other tales. Giving and receiving replaces the strength and weakness focus in competition. Through Self recognition. revealing the depths of friendship and humanity possible for us to experience. we fare well in our lives and dealings with others. do Clic Seri 55 . one identifies need and fulfillment. the inner eye opens to similarities between Self and others. We have received completely. Progress in Self-determination is a process of learning how to open doors. Life is a series of opportunities to affirm that “the customer is always right. When we seek to fulfill another’s needs. We know that importance through Self communication. Self reflection will encourage learning and improvement. setting aside any desire to be somewhere else. Self determination allows you the power to know the difference for it affords the power to learn.engaged in active observation producing an understanding from an experience which had earlier provoked frustration.” Sometimes one is the customer. Esteem grows where ego once ruled. life is more than a series of challenges to be met.

There is also a need for this one to value those experiences more highly. This is all. This is the misconception upon this one’s part for we see that this one’s difficulty to the present period has not been from this line of thinking. (05-10-2003-BGC-01) 56 School of Maphysics .. “What am I fearing about remembering dreams?” That this one would become aware of the need for change before this one is willing to make the change. to cease listening to the inner Self. What can I do to remember my night dreams?” We see that this is one of the inner resources this one does not take advantage of and there would need to be a shift from the dependency upon external resources to an appreciation and respect for the inner as well. This one allows the mind to be cluttered often. the elimination of the clutter would aid greatly in the recalling of the subconscious experiences.. This one’s difficulty to the present point has been produced because this one was reticent to change in the conscious mind and was battling the Self in that regard and this has been a process of shutting out the inner Self. Therefore when this one begins to create the mental conditions necessary in the outer consciousness for there to be attunement to the inner. There is a tendency for this one to become lost in her own thoughts about life and in this to become innattentive. It is the shutting out of the inner Self that has produced the battle. the battle will cease and there will be an entirely new level of experience that this one has not had since childhood. Therefore the ability for conscious attentiveness to the inner subconscious states would require this one to turn the attention inward and to be able to do so with a still mind.During a Creative Mind Analysis. this question was asked.

entraining the two toward the highest achievement possible – the fully present – whole. anywhere. “Loud is its sound. but it is the Tao which is skillful at imparting (to all things what they need) and making them complete. Apply Self determination here and you elevate instinct to the fine art of intuition. the source of creative art intrinsically linked with Self expression.something else. functioning Self. and when one is centered in Truth that applies to anyone. five centuries earlier. Most people want to express themselves and do so by talking. taught. We instinctively know when to act and when to wait. The producer has become a server. The Masters of consciousness describe this well. the shadow of a shade. but what proceeds out of the mouth. Self expression is rooted in Universal Truth. any time. Self communication is the desire for harmony within. Although speaking can inspire the quality in our lives.” says the Tao Te Ching. Win-win. the teachings of Lao Tzu the ancient Chinese mystic philosopher who lived a century before Gautama. “It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man. the Buddha. and the customer has become the one served. Two thousand years ago Jesus.” taught Gautama. charisma makes itself known. we engage Self recognition which frees us to register another’s change in demeanor and mood. and has no name. the Christ.” “Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace. Clic Seri 57 . it is not the source of our good or ill fortune. Take this power for granted and it seems to come and go of its own whim. A semblance great. but never word it said. Communication takes on a majesty that fires the heart and cools the head. The Tao is hidden. this defiles the man. Both have increased through relative experiences.

We see that by realizing that the movement of spirit into matter and matter into spirit is a cyclical nature of the exchange of energies from the etheric to the physical matter. This is not so. at the time of the report. We see that this one is capable of putting together the many different ideas that she has often believed are conflicting. We see that many times this one believes that they are opposing or that they are totally separate. this is a lie that this one perpetuates in her own consciousness that keeps her from making the transition that she is attempting to make. the deepening of the sense of awareness that has been described in detail previously. This would be in this one beginning to image the flow between the spiritual and the material. in fact. and which will lead this one to her own experience of genius. This will greatly aid this one in being able to have a sense of connectedness in regards to what she does create. or sees the ideas as a point of her own identity or as a point to be right or wrong. (08-09-97-BGC-07) 58 School of Maphysics .From a Creative Mind Analysis given for a woman born in China and. As long as this one remains engrossed. then this one limits her capacity to see the wholeness. Would suggest that this one need merely transcend the ideas themselves to see how they fit together. living in the United States You will also relate that which will foster movement in the energy exchange between the ethereal and the material for the cultivation of genius. the completeness of the concepts and of life itself. from the physical matter to the akasha. that they really don’t have much contact with one another.

When you project this value to others. The fixed mode. It may not seem an easy task. the greatest of which is the harmony within. and each will draw others toward you. These three principles can be compared to the astrological forces ruling the zodiac. will draw the three aspects of Self recognition. fixed. Mastery brings the fulfillment of your potential as a creative. this awareness is automatically projected to others. personal evolution. The common mode is the Self communication. it is most rewarding. or Self recognition. Each have reciprocal duties. fostered and perfected. and Self communication together. This creativity. you realize you are controlling your own mind. The action of Self determination drives the continual motivation toward what is desired. one must first imagine it. active and common modes. the catalyst drawing the two together in a workable union. you come to understand them. reasoning being. developing your potential by formulating your ideal and purpose in realizing Self’s value. however. By working with these modes. This is the gateway to Superconscious awareness characteristic of one emanating charisma. To create anything. Self communication demands knowledge of one’s Self: the conscious mind and its value and the subconscious and its value. Once you begin to center your attention on your true Self.Fashioning a life is the highest calling one will ever heed. Others will notice this before you are even aware of your progress. once stimulated. They are equally important. The imagination. each desire harmony and union within. Self determination. is the realization of the presence of the Self that is. Clic Seri 59 . will perpetuate other creations. It does not take long for the changes to manifest when your desire for Self respect is a sincere one.

a change in this. this question was asked. There has been a tendency to be removed or to be distant. particularly those that have meaning to them.. (11-27-2006-BGC-1) 60 School of Maphysics . Therefore. The sharing of whole experiences. which include thought and emotion.. is important and is a good discipline for these ones to practice. a greater willingness for them to share. to give and to receive would cause a change in the interaction between these ones that would be most beneficial.During a Family Profile Intuitive Report. “How can we become closer and more harmonious as a family and also grow as individuals?” Would suggest that there be more willingness to share stories from their lives. for we see that there has been difficulty in this. and to the degree that this is true there has been less of a learning afforded to these ones.

but most of all which reasons. So how do you begin directing your thoughts? Your individual power of concentration will determine your speed and success in realizing your own value and channeling your thought on the course which you desire. There is no longer a need to dictate the avenue and terms of receiving or of giving. Man is truly a reasoning being. A light’s value is gauged by its power. its capacity for a clear focus and the size of the area it illuminates. his thought is that thing which he projects. Concentration is your key to success. has modeled. through word and through action.Mind control? The mind is merely that part of you which expresses. They are the effect of a sustained effort. feels. perceives. Concentration is much like a light. With the thinker’s reasoning capability. All these factors are developed by a practice of concentration. The word man is a derivative of the Sanskrit word “manu” meaning thinker. then you can begin developing the charisma – the total communication from mind to mind. If your thoughts are under control. all Light passes through the Mind and consciousness is illumined. Concentration is the narrowing of the field of attention in a predetermined direction for a time determined by your will. All is forgiven. of an ever-increasing field of focus in which no extraneous subject intrudes. which is the goal you consciously work toward. The human equivalence of these factors determines the value of your thought-machine. Clic Seri 61 . You have the capacity to give and receive on every level of consciousness. This is what every Master Teacher Those whose minds are focused on a complete grasp of Truth find the forces of the Universe coming to their aid. your mind. or choosing.

one loses energy.from Universal Healing Truths by Dr. and recycles energy completely. Condron 247 When the attention is distracted or scattered. Daniel R. 248 When the mind and attention are focused. The loss of energy without replenishing over time produces dis-ease. 62 School of Maphysics . one uses energy fully and retains. conserves.

all beginning with the control of thought. To begin your practice of concentration. The object chosen to focus your attention on is of little importance as long as it is small and simple. This automatically increases your own effectiveness in communicating. one of ten essential mind skills. and be consistent in your practice. however. “What did you say?” Had you been concentrating on what the person was saying your thoughts would have been like their thoughts. and the instrument of knowledge. a watch. in the course of the conversation you allowed extraneous thoughts to intrude. losing the train of thought the other was directing. Those thoughts are the father of your actions. How many times have you been engaged in a conversation with another and had to ask. the thought. they are separate things.Proficiency in concentration is a developed skill. however. The more you control your thoughts. you become the controller of your actions. and consequently a greater amount of reserve. eight to ten minutes. They are intrinsically related. Place the chosen object a few Clic Seri 63 . In this way. Choose a short time span at first. The immediate results of success will be a reduction in the usual wasting of thought energy. So to increase your ability to place your undivided attention where you desire. You. as mind. the greater control you have of Self and environment. Through a practice of concentration. a practice of concentration is very important. You are mind. Your attention becomes focused and the mind. and your thought is a creation of your mind. such as an orange. and physical action begin working as one unit. a pencil or a candle. Then there comes the Self-discovery: a dawning of an appreciation of the difference between the knower or the mind. a greater coordination is achieved between the mind. emotion. choose an object to concentrate upon for a designated period of time each day. and the physical action. the emotions. create your thoughts. A daily practice of concentration will build your rapport with others.

.. One can listen. A person who concentrates can relax and become calm at will. enabling the practice of deep meditation. thereby causing better health mentally. Concentration gives one the capacity to experience great joy in life. Laurel Clark 64 School of Maphysics . for he or she masters the ability to complete projects and goals. for the thoughts and experiences to which we give the greatest attention are those we remember the best.. opening new lines of communication and intimacy with other people.Concentration has countless benefits. When one knows how to concentrate. enabling one to synthesize and bring together related ideas while holding a point of focus for the mind. Concentration is the way to develop a powerful memory. one has more time to accomplish many goals and fulfill many desires. – from Concentration by Dr. One who concentrates is trustworthy. One becomes more insightful. Concentration facilitates creativity. as they emanate a radiant peace and calm which influences their whole environment. Deep concentration is the key to becoming more intuitive and perceptive. emotionally and physically. It is very soothing to be around a person of great concentration. he can still the mind. By knowing how to concentrate. drawing upon the wisdom stored in the soul.

shape. you will begin to realize the quality of thought. cultivating a love for Self. more control over your mind.feet away. With a practice of concentration. Through this growing love and realization that thoughts are things and you create them. Should you have extraneous thoughts do not place your attention there. Then mentally receive the object. you will begin focusing this right on individuals around you. you will find the number of extraneous thoughts decreasing rapidly. substance. begin thinking about the object. knowing this is a mental exercise which should not be a source of tension or a draining of energy. study. releasing tension as you exhale. you will begin to respect yourself in a way not previously recognized. Take a few deep breaths. and through this repeated effort you will improve your memory and earn greater mental power. and surface. This totality will become the focal point of your attention. You will begin directing your mental energy or thought energy into channels desired. When you are totally relaxed. mentally creating the ideal and purpose for each thought. you will begin seeing results in your work. This is the importance of choosing a small and simple object. thereby controlling each word and action. holding your attention on the object chosen. In increased periods of concentration as you progress over weeks of time. Notice its properties color. hence you will realize your concentration is increasing. Allow them to flow through your mind. Clic Seri 65 . size. With increased concentration you will begin evaluating self. see the totality of properties and qualities that form this object. With this new attitude toward Self. Relax. If you are sincere in your practice. and communication. No longer analyze its parts.

and in this there is the opening of the intuitive abilities. This then becomes a kind of magnetism that does both draw her as well as others to her. This could very easily be explored and examined by this one through a deeper thinking. and to examine it in light of experience rather than in light of intellect. We see that there is a need for this one to appreciate this quality and this ability. accept her own charisma. (07-14-2001-BGC-01) 66 School of Maphysics . accept.. and a deeper contemplation. and we see in this there is the quality of love that is very active within this one. of the factors involved that bring about that which this one experiences in the life. We see that there is a tendency however to draw away from the workings of the inner mind in this process and to give a great deal of attention and credit to the outer mind rather than the inner workings. identify. The Reply: This would come most readily from this one being able to We see that this one has a very strong ability to draw people to her... We see that this one has great capacities for utilizing the physical mind and to be able to set goals and accomplish them. .From an Intuition Analysis The Instruction: You will examine the essence of this entity relating those factors necessary for this one separate. and admit this one’s intuitive faculties. and also the ability within this to include other people.

It is something which must be desired and earned through repetition. So. There is no secret mystery. That thought will be a vehicle within itself to carry the creation of your mind to others. anytime. you will begin seeing results. you will find truth in the thought. This is the key to charisma. You will believe in proportion to the amount of truth you discover. and each thought you project to anyone. the quality and property of each thought that you will realize the power within your mind. There is a great responsibility with thought and it is only after carefully observing the source. Charisma begins with you.The more defined your thought on any subject. through practice. the more complete the picture will be in reaching others with your thought. anywhere. and that truth will be the source of your believing. and through desire. Clic Seri 67 . With the time you’ve invested in developing a respect and love for Self. this will be immersed in the ideal and purpose of each thought you create. Concentration is an exercise on Self Love. if you are faithful in your practice of concentration. and isn’t it interesting that you are not focusing your attention on Self at all! If you understand what is presented in this book. will be as tangible as the car which you drive each day. You will begin cultivating your charismatic nature. The believing will only become a knowing through your use of the concepts.

This is all. Even when there is not the faculty for something making sense. There is a great capacity within this one to draw to her that which was not expected in the outer consciousness and these are also areas that would behoove this one to explore and to examine more closely rather than to merely be thankful for and then take for granted.Continuation of report from page 66 We see that this one has a great capacity for healing others that could be built through this. this would be the time to love it. for that which is being draw from the self. factors. as this one would see it. To then receive these deeper into the self to a point where this one could find acceptance and love for that which is being presented to the self. The Reply: It would be advantages as a practice as a conscious intentional performance of this one’s mental capacities to devote the self to unconditional love. To look for the universality instead of the individual characteristics that would spark such a dynamic between herself and others. For we see that there is a very strong connection this has with other people. love that is all inclusive that would open the outer consciousness to that which does reside in a more unconscious fashion within the self. and it is those that this one needs to explore and expand upon. It is the exploration of this that would garner the greatest amount of insight and independent research of the qualities by which this one does experience the inner mind. The Instruction: You will offer suggestions on how to apply the intuitive faculties in the life for soul growth and spiritual development. (07-14-2001-BGC-01) 68 School of Maphysics . This is not true with everyone but it is true with many. It would be helpful for this one to particularly receive into the self those conditions. It is this conscious pursuit of love that has no boundaries. or experiences which at first seem unpleasant and which this one would have a tendency to compartmentalize or judge in some manner in a negative fashion.

reasoning being. the very essence of the thinking. Once you are centered. This transmission will be your charisma for within each thought will be the attitude of “I love you just because you are.Once developed. you will be fulfilling your capacity as man. the continuous progressing and understanding. completely and clearly broadcast. there is nothing that will limit you for there will be a realization of your potential. With this increasing growth and awareness. your thought’s ideal and purpose will be concisely. Realizing this potential and expressing the love within you will project a charisma to all you meet.” Clic Seri 69 .

DREAMTIME: Universal Truth Parables while Down Under Find these and more at the School of Metaphysics online Bookstore www. Prosperity. Who Were those Strangers in My Dream? 1991. Kundalini Rising: Mastering Creative Energies 1994.org 70 School of Maphysics . Spiritual Renaissance Elevating Your Consciousness for the Common Good 1999. Charisma: the Art of Communication 1977. Total Recall: An Introduction to Past Life and Health Readings 1992. Going in CirclesSearch for Satisfying Relationships 1980 When All Else Fails series on success. Psiology: Evolutionary Step in Psychology 1980. Master Living: 10 Essential Life Skills for Health. Your Relationships and Your World 2003. vol. 1 2002. Remembering Atlantis: The History of the World. Every Dream is About the Dreamer 2005. How to Raise an Indigo Child 2002.som. Uncommon Knowledge 1997. creativity 1987. The Work of the Soul: Past Life Recall and Spiritual Enlightenment 1996. What Will I Do Tomorrow: Probing Depression 1978.Other titles by Barbara Condron 1976. Peacemaking: Nine Lessons for Changing Yourself. honesty. The Dreamer’s Dictionary 1996. Success and Peace of Mind 2010. prosperity. health. The Wisdom of Solomon 2004. The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols 2000.

She teaches Mind Linguistics at the College of Metaphysics where she leads research in the Global Lucid Dreaming Experiments through www. She is mastering the Universal Language of Mind.org .About the Author Barbara Condron began writing when she was four. Condron lives on campus with her husband Daniel and Clic Seri 71 . the common language for the human species.dreamschool. She says the secret to writing is the ability to perceive images in one’s mind and then describe them precisely with words. Dr.

Our world is in the midst of change. World Peace begins within ourselves. We affirm that peace is an idea whose time has come. and practiced the idea of peace. To transcend the limits of our own thinking we must acknowledge that peace is more than the cessation of conflict. to be a living example of peace for only in this way can we expect peace to move across the face of the earth. Self-direction promotes inner peace and therefore leads to outer peace. For millennia.The Universal Peace Covenant Peace is the breath of our spirit. and body of each individual. We call upon each individual to create and foster a personal vision for peace. as the great philosophers and leaders before us. Peace affords the greatest opportunity for growth and learning which leads to personal happiness. We must transcend whatever separates us. heart. For peace to move across the face of the earth we must realize. Peace is our birthright. to heal. We call upon each leader. we have contemplated. house of worship or place of labor. Now humanity must desire those things that make for peace. It wells up from within the depths of our being to refresh. We hereby acknowledge this truth that is universal. Yet the capacity to sustain peace eludes us. We learn to love our neighbors as we love ourselves bringing peace into the world. We call upon each family to generate and nurture peace within the home. Peace is first a state of mind. reasoned. We call upon each nation to encourage and support peace among its citizens. We call upon humanity to stand united. We hereby commit ourselves to this noble endeavor. Government and laws cannot heal the heart. Through giving love and respect. We . dignity and comfort. responding to the need for peace. Arising from the spirit peace seeks expression through the mind. that all people desire peace. we come to know peace. to inspire. Its eternal presence exists within us as a memory of where we have come from and as a vision of where we yearn to go. be they in the private home.

Al Rohrer • Paul Blosser • Melanie McManus • Linda Yeingst • Ernie Padilla • Teresa Padilla • Terry Martin • Christine Andrews • Sharka Glet • Jay McCormick • Greg Hoeflicker • Lisa Kinser • John Clark • Patrick Andries • Damian Nordmann • Mari Hamersley • Terryll Nemeth • Paul Madar • Oliver Seger • Lyle Branson • John Harrison • Karen Low • Traci Byington • Shannon Cordes Created in 1997 by faculty & students of the School of Metaphysics Clic Seri 73 . We vow to speak with sagacity. the motion of silence. for well-being. Laurel Clark • Dr. young and old of all cultures from all nations. thus we will come to know that peace is liberty in tranquility. We stand on the threshold of peace-filled understanding. Peace and security are attained by those societies where the individuals work closely to serve the common good of the whole. all of humanity. Peace be with us all ways. Living peaceably begins by thinking peacefully. and to the one receiving. listen with equanimity. Enlightened service to our fellowman brings peace to the one serving. of faith. at the College of Metaphysics Dr. for progress whether within one person or among many. gratitude. of accord. Peaceful coexistence between nations is the reflection of man’s inner tranquility magnified. of service. We come together. every issue a resolution. we hereby commit ourselves in thought and action so we might know the power of peace in our lifetimes. Pam Blosser • Dr. As we stand. both free of prejudice. Peace is built through communication. Peace is achieved by those who fulfill their part of a greater plan. Peace is active. signed this 8th day of October. for growth. It is not made in documents but in the minds and hearts of men and women. The open exchange of ideas is necessary for discovery. and prayer. Barbara Condron • Dr. united in common purpose. May Peace Prevail On Earth. Sheila Benjamin • Dr. both human and divine. We vow to live in peace by embracing truths that apply to us all. Daniel Condron • Dr. 1997.vow to heal ourselves through forgiveness. We vow to stand together as citizens of the Earth knowing that every question has an answer. We commit to causing each and every day to be a fulfillment of our potential.

org about peace initiatives.org about the still mind www. study.org about dream.org .stillmindpresentmomentopenheart. intuitive reports.org www. scholar programs www.Where to go to learn more about School of Metaphysics courses & continuing education programs.healingwall.dreamschool.peacedome. Universal Peace Covenant www. locations. interpretation. bookstore www.som.

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