As the growing industry draws more attention to more tourists visiting Negros, the researcher intends to propose a recreation development. The research presents the suitable solutions to the proposed “Silay City Watersports and Recreation Park” which aims to provide innovative activities to tourists and the locals to further promote tourism and exposure to the local market. By using the descriptive method of research, the researcher has gathered information in various research design instruments. The information were obtained through conducting survey, library research, computer research, interviews,

observation, and site documentation. The results are presented and discussed in Chapter 3. Then, the obtained information that were evaluated are reflected on the answers to the statement of the problem. The answers are illustrated in the last chapter indicating the graphical analysis and solutions: through site analysis, it showed that the site is viable for the proposal; the planning of the site will be clustered; Modern architecture with Asian influences was used as the design character of the building.

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