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Syllabus Design BA in ELT – 7th Semester Tutor: Carlos Raúl López Reatiga Student: Raquel Arenas Cázares December 2008 Materials Design Course Course Description This is an active and dynamic course especially designed for BA in ELT students. Through this course students will develop important abilities and skills that will help them design their own materials for their lessons. The course is given online and the use of technology is mandatory since they will have to design a variety of materials to be used with different technology appliances. The course will cover 21 hours of instruction and participation is a must. Students will have time enough to plan their own schedule for working on the different assignments. Each week they will have to dedicate 3 hours to different conferences and assignments to carry out the activities. Instructor: Raquel Arenas Cázares 667-160-0375 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am- 2 pm Course Goals and Objectives • To be able to design creative materials • To be able to use technology for educational purposes • To be able to plan lessons using a wide variety of materials Topics or activities to be covered for each class meeting The course will cover 20 hours which will be divided in 7 different activities to be carried out in 7 weeks. Each week there will be a different activity. The 7 different topics will be: • Authentic materials and realia • Digital stories • Power point presentations • Making a pronunciation video • Puppets in the language classroom • Songs and music


Materials Design is given in the 7th semester of the BA. This subject plays an important role in the BA program since Ss will be able to apply all the knowledge acquired during the first 3 years of instruction. Course Expectations During this course late work is given a lower grade. It is mandatory to turn in all the assignments on time. Since there won’t be any F2F session, participation includes turn in assignments/homework as they are required and quality/relevant participation in conferences that show students’ understanding and knowledge. Attendance will be graded with students’ participation in conferences and assignments. Attendance can be affected by tardiness in conferences. Students are expected to be autonomous learners. This must be reflected in their participation in conferences and quality homework/assignments. Learning Outcomes After taking this course students will feel more self-confident when designing their own materials. They will have the knowledge and ability they need to make decisions towards the use of materials. They will have certain experience using technology. They will have the ability to design a course syllabus without using a specific textbook. Teaching /learning methods The teacher in this course will play the role of guide and facilitator. Students will work independently and most of the knowledge will be constructed by them, through research and collaborative work. Student-student and teacher- student interaction will be done online so using the proper netiquette is mandatory. This is a learner-centered course. Materials to use in every lesson • Computer / Internet access (for every lesson) • Authentic materials and realia (for 1 activity) • Puppets (for 1 activity) Detailed course calendar (course outline and schedule) Week 1 – Course introduction Do research on the use of authentic materials and realia. Conference 1 – Discuss benefits and drawbacks on the use of authentic materials and realia. Plan a short lesson. Share experience. Week 2 – Digital stories. Why should we bring digital stories to the language classroom? Conference 2 – Persuade your e-mates to use digital stories in the classroom. Share some websites by posting them in the link sharing space. Here is an example of one you can analyze. Week 3 – Power point presentation. Conference 3 – Design an educational power point presentation to be used with your students. Plan a lesson, teach it and share the experience. Post lesson plan and power point presentation. Week 4 – Making a pronunciation video – Conference 4 – Choose an English sound your students have difficulty with and create an educational video to teach them how to pronounce it. Send it to your tutor and e-mates. Post in the conference the advantages and

disadvantages of using videos for teaching pronunciation.

Sample video:

Week 5 – Puppets in the language classroom – Conference 5 – Make research and explain why we should use puppets in the language classroom. Cite your sources. Plan a short lesson, teach the class and send the evidence to your tutor and e-mates (pictures, video, or recording) Week 6 – Songs and music – Read the following article about using songs and music in the language classroom. Make a summary and post it in conference 6. Post in conference a list of activities you can use with music and songs. Discuss them with e-mates. Week 7 – Animations – Visit the following website analyze it and create your own educational video. Think of a grammar aspect, vocabulary, pronunciation or skill you would like your students to improve and create a fun animation to help them overcome that problem. Send the animation to your e-mates and tutor and post in the conference how you would use it with your students.

Course requirements • To be in the 7th semester of the BA in ELT • To be able to use a computer and internet • To have the willingness of using technology for educational purposes Evaluation specifics Attendance to conferences (on time) Participation in conferences (relevant) Final Assignments 14% 56% 30% Deadline February 28

In each conference you can obtain up to 10 points (2 for attending on time and 8 for relevant participation) Grading Final Assignments Write a 1000 words essay reflecting the process of the course, the learning outcomes and the benefits you have found on designing your own materials. This essay is 15% of your grade. Make a power point presentation highlighting the relevant information about your essay. Use your creativity to make it fun and engaging. This power point presentation is 15% of your grade. Extra credit If you missed a conference but you do not want to miss your points think of a different way of using technology for teaching a lesson (something we did not use throughout the course), design your materials, and send them to your tutor and e-mates. You can use iPod, DVD’s, tapes, or another resource available in the net. Explain how you would use those materials. Explanation and materials should be relevant in order to obtain 10 points.