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temperature etc.  Pressure sensors and strain gauges.INTRODUCTION Remote data acquisition is collecting information about a system or a process from a remote place.  Weather and hydrological sensors. It is used in the following applications with acquisition systems:  Temperature sensors. This system is designed using PCs and other processor-based input/output modules. current. Collection of data from distributed processes can be done in three ways. and the implications it would have on the dependent processes/systems. 1) Wired Systems 2) Radio Modem (Point to Point) 3) Cellular Modem (GSM technology).  Laboratory analytical instruments. . The system that enables supervision of remote processes for data collection is termed as remote data acquisition or remote data collection system. The data thus collected is used to study various parameters such as voltage.  Current & Voltage sensors.  Flow and speed sensors.

Security and supervision is a major concern in such industries. which are distributed.MOTIVATION In big industries such as water management. This Relay gets activated whenever the electrical parameters exceed the predefined values. environmental control systems data acquisition and controlling is very essential as the numbers of machines are more. electric power. The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like Voltage. which requires more man power and man hour. This project is also designed to protect the electrical circuitry by operating an Electromagnetic Relay. This system automatically sends the real time electrical parameters periodically (based on time settings) in the form of SMS and also if any unauthorized person crosses the boundary limits then the IR sensor will send you the appropriate message to owner’s mobile. The Relay can be used to operate a Circuit Breaker to switch off the main electrical supply. PROBLEM DEFINITION . Current and temperature and send these real time values over GSM network using GSM Modem/phone. manufacturing systems.

Security is also one of the major requirements of big industries because of inefficiencies of security guards. Manual supervision of these distributed machines consumes more time and is not feasible. Sensing different electrical parameters (voltage. it’s not possible to achieve expectable security. Producing SENSOR alertsADC messages and alert indication using buzzers. Secure SENSOR real time data transmission. frequency. There are number of parameters for example. pressure etc. voltage. there are number of machines installed and are distributed. There is security issues associated with real time parameter transmission.In big industries. Then service engineer should check every parameter to find out a fault. CURRENT SENSOR GSM MODEM 6. temperature). If any parameters are altered then the machine does not operate as expected and it may result in damage of circuitry. MICRO CONTROLLER ADC BUZZER IR PROBABLE METHOD OF IMPLEMENTATION SENSORS . OBJECTIVES LCD 1. ADC LED INDICATOR 5. POWER SUPPLY 2. current. 3. temperature. RELAY VOLTAGE 4. Controlling the electrical appliances. results in wastage of time. Forwarding the electrical parameters over GSM network. energy and diagnosis of the fault is also difficult. Display those parameters. Fencing Security. current. TEMPERATURE 7.

GSM MODEM PERSONAL COMPUTER EXPECTED RESULTS 1. . To obtain the electrical parameters from Sensors.

Sensors. Jae-gu Song. ESTIMATION OF PROJECT COST Estimated cost of the over all project will be around Rs. “Design on SCADA Test-bed Device.Patel. VOL. October.” International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous and Security Engineering. REFERENCES 1. Cables. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION. 2008. Seoksoo Kim. Savas Sahin. Microcontroller-Based Experimental Setup and Experiments for SCADA Education .2. Vol. GSM Modem. PROJECT SCHEDULE . Buzzer. To provide fencing security around the control unit. AUGUST 2010. and Yalcin Isler. Sungmo Jung. 3. Pritimoy Sanyal ” Securing SCADA System” Information Management & Computer Security Journal Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Page: 398 – 414 Year: 2008 3. To establish wireless communication between control unit and the Human Interface Unit. Connectors. PCB Boards. 53. No. Relays. 4. 3.5000 which includes the ICs. NO. Sandip C. 2. 3. Mehmet Olmez.

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Description of Work Synopsis Submission Circuit Design Code Development Monitoring and controlling Establishing wireless communication Final Report Proposed Time Duration in Weeks 2nd week ( Feb) 3 weeks (Feb and March) 3 weeks (March and April) 1 week (April) 2 week (April) 1week (May) .SL.

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